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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  March 3, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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you are going to have to head out of town if you want anything that can be called remotely warm. thanks for joining us at 6:00 i'm shawnette wilson in for dawn tonight. >> i'm chris o'connell. today saw bright sun and snow squalls and now we're talking about bitter cold temperatures and biting wind chills. >> yeah. great way to put it. whether you're enjoying the first friday festivities here in old city and ow out and about in wilmington tonight you'll need your hat, your gloves your scarves. i found my boots today. >> you'll need them. >> let's head over to meteorologist mike masco with roller coder of a forecast. >> whole lot of huddling and cuddling tonight with wind chills down around zero. snow in moorestown continue to push through western burlington county. tracking towards southampton, browns mills and country lake estates over the next 20 minutes and we're watching this band of snow coming in to mount misery around 6:19. go down towards deptford township, berlin will be an area that will see this and again as these snow squalls pass through very quick movers 30 to 40 miles
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an hour movement towards the east. however, it does reduce the visibility down close to zero at times. this could be pretty dangerous he is special physical you're right along the turnpike or getting down towards the atlantic city expressway over the next half an hour to an hour. first the snow then the wind. here the wind gusts coming close to 30 miles an hour at philadelphia international airport. up towards the lehigh valley 20 to 30. what's going to happen is as the cold comes down, we are going to watch our wind chill values plummet. it's ten to 15 on the jersey side of things. five to ten as you get just to the north and west of the city over the lehigh valley. but look at this could be dangerous cold as you get up say around reading up towards jim thorpe zero to five will be the wind chill values for the overnight hours into tomorrow. so plan your night out, blustery and cold theme to this forecast. 32 degrees down to 27 when see you again at 11:00 o'clock on the newscast. and then a bitter saturday wake up at 23 degrees. you thought tonight is cold. wait until you see tomorrow night. we'll talk about that coming up in just a little bit of guys. >> thanks, mike.
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only on fox, the first step towards justice from a 24-year-old man. police say they have got a man in custody after a murder in philadelphia's feltonville neighbor. but investigators had to go very far to catch the man they say pulled the trigger. >> the hunt for the suspect brought police to another country. fox 29's dave schratwieser joins us live from philadelphia police headquarters with the story. dave? >> reporter: chris, as you well know, homicide detectives are always looking for witnesses in murder cases. eothen offer up $20,000 rewards for information in unsolved cases. but tonight, we have the story of witnesses who came forward quickly and help police nab their guy all the way to the dominican republic. >> when shots rang out on the 4900 block of rising sun of a early wednesday morning, police say a long running feud caused 24-year-old ellis nova his life 19-year-old franklin estevez was on the run. >> we had several people
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identify the shooter very quic quickly. >> reporter: police quickly learned estevez purchased a one-way plane ticket to the dominican republic and fled the country. homicide detectives and members of the fbi's gang task force quickly built a case against estevez as the alleged shooter after witnesses cooperated. >> we've been having a lot of issues as far as getting witnesses in, but they came forward very strongly very quickly on this case. >> reporter: before estevez's plane even arrived in the dominican republic local and federal investigators notified immigration authorities. when his plane touched down estevez was immediately arrested and flown back to the united states. hours later he arrived at jfk airport in new york and was arrested by the nypd. >> we are in the process of going to new york right now to bring him down to philadelphia and officially charge him with murder. >> reporter: arrest comes as the homicide unit is taking some heat for the clearance rate. that's the number of arrest detectives make. there were arrests in less than 50% of the homicide cases in
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2016. that's the lowest in 15 years. >> we're working day and night around the clock. >> reporter: city offers $20,000 reward for each unsolved murder. but only 54 witnesses received rewards since 2013 ranging from 500 bucks to 20,000. >> it is not a lot. the money is there for them. we just need them to come forward, do their part, tell us who done these murders and they'll get their money. >> reporter: now, estevez is being trance portered back here to philadelphia at this hour. he will be arraigned on those murder charges as soon as he arrives. he may also be questioned in connection with other crimes. chris? >> all right, dave, thanks. two adults and a child are in the hospital after some life-saving efforts by firefighters in kensington. fire ripped through the row home on the 3300 block of e street this happening just before 11:30 this morning. firefighters pulled the vick tips from the burning house and performed cpr. they were also able to contain
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the flames before they spread to other row homes. all of the victims are in serious condition. no word yet on a cause. right now, police are trying to find the shooter who sent four people to the hospital outside a bar in east mt. airy. cops say a fight started inside in the bullets started flying once everyone got out. fox 29's dave kinchen joins us live at the scene. dave? >> reporter: we can tell you just got off the phone with police. they're still looking for the shooter. meantime, crews boarded up this business here and everyone in this area is trying to figure out how they can find normalcy again. >> crews board up a window at the 765 restaurant in east mt. airy after gunfire pierced the glass and sent four people to the hospital after 2:00 this morning. i thought i heard a pipe hitting something. but it was gunshots. and i just don't want that in my neighborhood. >> my wife said, there was a shooting next door. i said what. >> reporter: nearly two dozen
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people were watching an open mike night at the 7165 restaurant when a fight started inside and then emptied out on to germantown avenue at which point someone grabbed a gun and fired about eight shots. the four victims are all in their mid 20s including a female bartender who police say tried to keep everyone calm. >> we believe all the victims and the shooter were inside the bar prior to the fight and the shooting taking place. >> maybe it was just that type of crowd, young people, young people easy to get offended much that's what happens. >> reporter: suspect and witnesses scattered as police pulled up. beau cops say they followed a car which crashed into a telephone pole and had a gunshot victim inside. officers transported that critically injured victim to the hospital. the other victims were listed in stable condition. >> the thing that shocks me we never had this kind of problem before. i mean as you can see, the area is very diverse area. that's what mt. airy is all about. >> reporter: well we can tell
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you that the suspect got away in a car that was either colored asthma ran or red but that's the only description police have. if you have any information if you were out in this area last night, give investigator as call. they could use some tips. back to you. >> all right, thanks, dave looking for any information they can get. happening not a hack in harrisburg pennsylvania senate democrats say they are in contact with the fbi after a ransom wear cyber attack shut down their computers. ransom wear typically aimed at stealing sensitive information in attempt to be paid for the data's return. officials aren't saying what kind of ransom has been demand demanded. developing now, police have made their first arrest in rash of threats against jewish community centers. there have been close to 100 bomb threats called in to jcc' and synagogues since january. some of them right here in our area. in my corey police arrested and charged 31-year-old juan thompson of st. louis. they say hey was behind at least some of those threats. officials say thompson allegedly
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tried to frame his ex-girlfriend using her name while making those threats. we will draw him out this latest wave of anti semitism and i am confident as we evidence in today's arrest in missouri that we will find and we will prosecute those who have committed these acts of hatred. >> thompson is charged with cyber stalking which could land him in jail for up to five years. he could face additional charges as this investigation continues. broadway star in cherry hill, new jersey, and he's talking to students at a local high school. >> ♪ >> ryan stokes mitchell starred in broadway's original product of rag time. cherry hill east students will be performing the play next we week. only after the school board reverse add decision to cancel the play because of the use of the n word we reported actually on this a month ago. stokes spoke with students about understanding the context of the words when he did the play on broadway even though ugly words are used he says now is an
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important time to have dialogue. >> this is a community that is a great example of people working out problems and working out differences and woring out issues to they have by discussing and talking and meeting in room and fighting it out. >> the play debuts on march 10th. all right. so confession time. our producer really wanted to us sing some village people. not happening. >> no. >> you want to try it. >> no. >> i said young man -- >> no. >> no. o'connell says no. we'll talk about the ymca and why one is banning certain tv channelchannels. >> to text or not to text when it comes to your ex. how relationship experts feel about contacting those old lovers. >> sean? ymca. no. all right. villanova wildcats finish up the regular season way trip to georgetown tomorrow afternoon. coming up in sports hear from head coach jay wright about the rivalry.
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this march score the perfect basket. buy 8 participating products in one transaction and get a fandango movie ticket. up to $10 total value. only at my giant. breaking right now in the city's nicetown section. shots fired at a schoolbus. police telling us four shooters opened fire at a person outside avenue corner store on the 4400 block of north 19th street. that happened this afternoon. police say a 57-year-old man is in the hospital after being shot in the ear. police say the suspect shot more than three dozen bullets. schoolbus with two children on board was also hit. the good news those children and the bus driver not hurt tonight. no arrests have been made. still fun to stay at the
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ymca but just don't talk politics. that's the rule at the y in scranton, pennsylvania ymca now restricting what people there can watch on tv when they work out. and on the banned list, 24 hour cable news. the y says it's about making a safe and sane place. >> i think because this is a safe haven and people want to come here and feel safe and be part of a community and when arguments are being, you know, are taking place over politics and things like that, they don't feel safe. and i just don't think it's the right place for it. >> and the ban does not include all news like fox 29. just the 24 hour cable news channels. >> that's one debate talking about politics. this is better one. to text or not to text? that may be the question on many people's minds after a break up. but is teching an ex something you should ever do. >> no. >> good answer. >> 100% no.
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fox decided to investigate and got some answers from a relationship expert in new york and a few locals weighed in. >> i'm listening. >> reporter: as brad pitt and angelina go through a public divorce brad is texting his ex jennifer an any stop and seek herring comfort during this difficult time inspires the question, is it a good idea to text your ex? >> no. >> reporter: never? >> never. >> reporter: what if your ex texts you. >> press delete. >> is it okay to text your ex. >> without a doubt. want to get back with her, when you want to say you're sorry. when you want to clear some things. >> definitely block. >> whether or not you reach out to your former flame could depend on timing. once you break up how long do you have to wait before you text an ex. >> never. >> a good month. >> reporter: what happens after a month? >> hopefully you can hook up with her again. >> reporter: you're tech to go get back together? >> it's a possibility. it's always a possibility. >> you miss me now, okay, great. >> reporter: what if they want to be friends.
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>> no. >> reporter: never okay. >> not okay new york city. >> reporter: what if your ex texts you. >> that's even better. >> how long do they have to wait. >> a day. [ laughter ] >> reporter: it may just be important to be clear about why you are reaching out. says sex and relationship expert dr. meghan fleming. >> it's an opportunity to say you know what, just because we're not ept mate any more not choosing to be in relationship doesn't mean we're not really good friends. >> when is it a bad idea to reach out to your ex? >> well, i think that we actually have clarity on when if you're trying to get back with your ex i call that bad idea. and if you're in any way attached to the out come having an assumption or hope they're going to reach out to you or respond or get back together, that's also a bad idea. because i don't know when you don't know you definitely want to be okay with the fact that you get no response at all. >> reporter: ah to text or not to text. that is the question. everybody is done it though, right? >> i don't know. no. >> you have a rink on. you're definitely not going to
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say it. >> i think everybody has done it. >> you're asking for trouble. >> he doesn't even want to talk about this. >> i feel like once you do it, then eventually the conversation goes back around to why that person is an ex. so it never ends well. >> no reason. >> he's married. he's not talking. in west chester right now, students rewarded for reading. outrageous way. chesterbrook academy elementary students read more than a hundred 34,000 minutes and got to use ice cream, syrup, jimmies and whipped cream to turn their teachers and principle into human ice cream sundays. school has been doing this for the past ten years all to encourage reading during national reading month. anything to get kids reading. >> if i could do that to my teacher. [ laughter ] >> back to your fox 29 weather authority now. let's take live look at the pocono mountains could be a great skiing weekend. definitely cold enough up there. >> let's get back to meteorologist mike masco for our weather. cold. >> cold. that's a good way to sum this up. a couple of snow showers across town. we've been watching ultimate doppler the last hour and a half. watching these snow bands or
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snow squalls moving across burlington county. northern ocean county right around say brick and toms river lacy township down towards waterford. watching more snow showers now redeveloping it's kind of like an afternoon thunderstorm with these squall lines coming through. allentown down across greenwich up towards lehigh that's going to continue to drift off towards the south and east much this is some great snow making weather up towards the poconos. we're 33 degrees in town with a northwesterly wind coming in at 16. that gust is now at 30 at philadelphia international airport so that's why we have a feels like temperature coming in at 23 degrees. it's 20 in the poconos. 33 in town. 38 the warmest spot i can find on the boards as you get down towards wildwood. to the north and west these are a lot of areas communities to the north and west you'll get into the low teens and single digit readings for your wind chill values. why? because of these winds. 15 to 20 miles an hour sustain sustained. wind chill values as we talk at 6:00 o'clock eight above in mount pocono. 23 in philadelphia. and it feels like 27 in millville. our models here at fox 29s s
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going to model out the wind chills coming down not negative digits as we get up towards the poconos and even lehigh valley, ten, 13 above in reading as you get down towards wilmington and points south and east, around 2. all afternoon long tomorrow, we are going to feel like it's between zero to 21 degrees here in philadelphia. why? because of this jet stream. it's all the way down to the south. get a big mean dip in the jet that allows for all the cold to come out of canada it's a short lived period of cold because look what's going on down to the south near 70 in parts of the southern planes and that's the mild air headed in our direction by next week. for the overnight, eight to 23 degrees. again the winds will add insult to injury making these temperatures feel like it's into say the negative digits or 20 above here in philadelphia. tomorrow 21 to 36 degrees under generous amounts of sunshine your seven day forecast is going to show you a day on sunday that's pretty much a repeat performance what i like about sunday is the winds will relax
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so that 38 will feel like 38 and feel great in the sunshine. double five on monday and then rain showers develop by tuesday back up to 63 degrees and then the temperatures kind of stay around the seasonal norm not seeing 70s on the boards but guys not seeing the 20s in the foreseeable future. update tonight at 10:00. >> all right, mike, thank you. sean brace in with sports. no snow in clearwater, florida. >> none whatsoever. that's for sure. >> slow sports time here in philadelphia but we've got some good stuff for sure coming up. >> all right. >> as he just said the phillies they played another spring training game today. one player is quickly making a name for himself. we'll tell you who it is and the great al michaels said do you believe in miracles? the eagles with a much needed victory from all of philadelphia sports today, yes, eagles winning in march. i'll explain next in sports.
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♪ we didn't know what to lead sports with. so we flipped the coin. what is trial al trying time for all of philadelphia sports the eagles come to our rescue with victory that most experts said would not be possible. have i built up the suspense about coins to up enough? no. let's go to the video. eagles winner of coins to that landed them the number 14 overall pick instead of the 15th in this year's draft coin trip was necessary due at the vikings and colts both finishing 2016 season with dent tal records eight-eight vikings traded their first round pick before last season to the eagles for quarterback sam bradford. thank you eagles and of course the nfl draft is here in philly april 27th let's head down to
6:25 pm
sunny clearwater florida checking on the phillies. phillies and twins and here's jeremy hellickson on the mound for the phil. he look good. two out of his four strike outs in three innings of work. he also gave up a run but phillies fans here's a name to keep in mind. second baseman of the future scott, goes yard here two run bomb to left. he's having a solid spring. however the phils lose four to three. college hardwood talk nova hoops. wildcats wrap up the regular season way trip to georgetown tomorrow at noon. for nova the game is meaning evident any time nova and georgetown get together it gives us a reason to play footage from the biggest upset in champion shim game history 1985 national champion shim game i remember it like yesterday which forever made nova and georgetown rivals and of course here's jay wright on tomorrow's game. >> our guys are fired up to play georgetown, great respect for them. we almost got beat at home always a great down there, great
6:26 pm
rivalry. we'll be ready to may. >> that game right here on fox 29 nova/georgetown see if jay wright and company stay hot as they get ready for the big east tourney tip off at noon only on fox 29. finally folks have some fun winter olympics are next year. i believe locally we have a lock for the cardboard sled competition. >> that looks like fun. >> jenn fred, that's right, jenn fred you know here her of. >> is that jenn fred. >> good day in the morning. >> oh, my gosh. >> going down impressive steep cardboard classic at jack frost mountain. that's impressive. everybody was betting against her she would not make it all the way down. >> that looks awesome. >> that was her. >> professional around here looking good. >> winter olympic next year. we'll see what happens. >> all right. thanks, sean. that does it for here at 6:00 o'clock. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. ♪
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>> is george w taking pot shots at president trump. >> the best humor is when you make fun you have yourself. >> tell that to the president. >> and what this former nfl star is doing to find the monster cops suspect murdered the teen hikers. >> now we are calling on you. this could be a nationwide search. >> then, wild turkey dance of death. >> that is the craziest thing i have ever seen. plus, exclusive. how upset is rosie o'donnell that trump is president? it's worse than we thought. her daughter speaks out. >> how did she react? >> she was depressed. in bed. sleeping all day. and the dude who popped the question on a plane but he didn't see this coming. >> i didn't really even know how to react. like i was


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