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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  March 7, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EST

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>> live from sent city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. hard to believe without the video camera caught daycare worker apparently pushing four-year-old down the stairs. she's under arrest. parents are under duress after seeing those images. i'm lucy noland camera that had gone up nearly one hour earlier caught that tumble down the stairs. fox 29's dave kinchen has been on the story since the moment it broke live now in prime mows, delaware county. dave? >> reporter: lucy, the good news that little girl is okay, police say she injured her leg slightly in the incident, but was back at the daycare today. however, we can tell you will that that worker is no longer on the job. horrifying surveillance video shows a four-year-old girl apparently pushed down the stairs by a worker at child care of the future in upper darby
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last friday. police say the worker is 52-year-old sarah gable of folcroft who was fired and now faces charges of simple assault and child endangerment. >> for mow to see that first hand life just watch it happen it was like really? like why would you even put your hands on child? you don't do that. >> that was very troubling news, and very very disheartening to hear that because these kids, i mean they're so gentle. >> police say the little girl hurt her knee but is otherwise fine and was back at the daycare today. fox 29 went to gable's house and spoke with her husband. >> did you see the video. what do you think of it. >> just talk to the attorney. i have no comment whatsoever. >> reporter: well i did speak to the with the attorney this evening and he would only say he has no comment at this time. back to you, lucy. >> thank you very much, dave. we have breaking news. let's go to new castle, delaware. skyfox over the bluffs apartment where police are now dealing with a third kidnapping case. police say a man approached a woman while she was walking into the building.
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just like in the two other cases we've told you about last month. the guy had something on his face. police say he wassing the woman to an apartment and when someone answered the door, he took off. now in the other cases those women say he kidnapped them, assaulted them and forced them to withdraw money from an atm. self witnesses come forward after a big group of teens stirred up trouble in center city tonight. witnesses tell us a group of about 50 kids mob the fed he can store at 20th and mark during rush hour and trash the place. folks spotted them as far away as 15th and sansom as well. transit police arrested ten people no word from philadelphia police how many arrests they might have made. one officer has minor injuries. big cleanup tonight for the openers of the quack hab physical therapy and fitness sent in northeast philly after a four alarm fire left a lot of damage. skyfox back over the scene tonight on grant avenue. firefighters were still dumping water on hot spots hours after the fire. some type of crews were working
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on the roof of the the sent when the fire started. investigators are trying figure out if there's a connection he here. me dicks took two people to the hospital for minor injuries. on your radar night if you thought we were out of the woods as far as winter weather goes, think again. it's still winter after all. not a bad night to be out in wilmington but on the horizon chance of snow mother nature all over the place this winter. meteorologist kathy orr is here with your first forecast at 11:00. we've got that tiny little thing called philadelphia saint patrick day parade which is actually really big thing sund sunday, and please tell me -- >> it's a huge thing. >> yes. >> we may have have liquid ice crystals, gold. >> otherwise known as snow. >> otherwise known as snow. we'll see. >> take look outside. old city philadelphia looking good. little bit windy out there putting a chill in the air the temperature is 43. today's high 51. winds out of the south so that's good thing. we have a warm front moving through and these are the showers associated with it. so the showers move through. the temperatures rise. and then they will fall.
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right now we're in the 40s in the northeast. mid atlantic some 50s and sick 60ing look at louisville 65. memphis 64. dallas 76. some of this warmth will be moving our way. as we go hour by hour the rain moves into the north and west of philadelphia by the rush so philadelphia south and east not expecting anything in the early morning. you can see allentown 34. doylestown 37. so a cold rain moves out by noon and temperatures rise. by noon at philadelphia it's 55 and dry. by the afternoon into the 60s. with some breaks in the clouds. and then tuesday ends up being a mild day. by wednesday, early in the morning about 4am we see a line of showers and a few thunderstorms moving through but temperatures are warm in the 50s and 60s early wednesday morning. that moves through. temperatures warm back up. the sun comes out. wednesday another nice day. it's not until the latter part of the week that we see the cold coming back. so the rain over the neck 24 to 36 hours mainly in the lehigh valley and the poconos where we
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could see up to half an inch of rain. so overnight tonight, low temperatures will be around four. rain showers especially north and we have during the day tomorrow in philadelphia we could have a few showers but once again, most of it the heavier rain and consistent rain to the north and west afternoon spotty sun. the temperature 63 degrees with winds gusting to 30 miles an hour. now on your seven day forecast from the weather authority, check this out. wednesday sunny and windy. gusty winds thursday 53 degrees. friday some morning wet snow is possible. with morning lows in the 30s and then we dry it out. saturday is just cold and by sunday we're watching a southern storm that could bring snow. keeping app eye out close it comes to philadelphia virginia, washington right now looks like they'll see snow. how much could make it into philadelphia still uncertain. we'll keep an eye on that and for your monday, of course, it's dry and sunny lucy with temperature of 41. >> i'm not going to be sad right yet, because it's still aways
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off and things can change. >> oh a lot can change. >> thank you very much, kathy. >> you bet. heartbreak tonight in southwest philadelphia communi community. a shooter killed one teenaged brother and critically injured the other. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live at concern's hospital of philadelphia where doctors are right now treating the surviving teens. dave? >> reporter: lucy, 15-year-old sigh brie davis is in critical condition with a gunshot wound to the face. while police continue to look for the shooter at this hour. tonight relatives, neighbors and community members gathered at the crime scene to did he noun the violence and pray for this family. >> everyone feels their pain right now. everyone is looking for answers. >> reporter: they hugged, they cried and they railed against gun violence monday night at a street corner vigil to remember 1984 old see before i davis. gunned down as he sat next to his brother in a car here sunday afternoon. >> this got to stop, man. this got to stop. like at the rental of the day, we got these babies to raise.
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>> reporter: mourners brought balloons and lit candles at 81 is the and lions the very spot where davis was killed. his 15 year old brother was rounded just before 2:30 sunday. he was hit by gunfire multiple times. his younger brother was shot in the face. >> at some point he pulls out a gun and while sitting in his vehicle fires several time into their vehicle and takes off. >> family and friends hugged and shed tears. >> they insist the eastwick section is being ignored. >> work with us. work with our children. you closed our schools down. you shut down our rec centers. we don't have to have this happen again. we can give young people a choice. >> reporter: now police do not have a motive at this point. they're still looking for the shooter and dark-colored suv. threat did not recover a weapon at the scene. lucy. >> thank you very much, dave. this week has only just gun and
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two big development developmentn president trumps first 100 days. tonight house republicans unveiled their bill to unravel and replace president trump's signature law the affordable care act. among other things, it killed the requirement that everyone buy health insurance by eliminating the tax penalty for not having coverage. also today president trump took a second crack at a travel ban signing an executive order barring new visas for citizens of six muslim majority country. it comes six weeks after president trump and first evident which rolled out a mid all kinds of controversy. the courts ended up blocking it. >> we've got a homecoming with uniquely philadelphia flavor. tonight an army national guard soldier who happens to be philadelphia police officer as well surprised his family and friend in front of a huge crowd and it transformed wells fargo center into one gig roll bum home celebration. fox 25's o'connell join us from south philly with all kinds of
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happy. hey, chris. >> reporter: hey, lucy. a basketball game wasn't the only thing sixers fans were treated to tonight. here at the wells fargo sent. it was a fantastic night in more ways than one. we were among the thousands here for a very big surpris tonight. army national guard first lieutenant christopher ngo from north philadelphia well he just return after serving in iraq and afghanistan for the past year. his family we're told they were being honored at a game tonight as a salute to military families what they did not know inside that box dad was the surprise. they wheeled him out on center court. he popped out box. hess his fiance' his three children shocked to see them and as you can imagine, he was showered with lots of hugs and kisses. >> it's been really hard and tiring. we're just glad he's back. i'm ready for vacation. >> he can help me with stuff n
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now. >> what did you miss most about him being gone? >> mommy being bored at home. >> i miss daddy! >> i'll take a couple weeks off. we're going to go to guatemala for easter and then i'll return back to work. >> reporter: now, lieutenant ngo who's also a philadelphia police officer here serving in south philadelphia but first things first. he's going to take few week off. one of the first thing he said he wanted to do he's going to have a big family slumber party tonight. and tomorrow he said he's going to check his car battery because it went dead. >> well, yeah. >> since he's been gone. >> mundane things can be very exciting, chris, when you're finally back home. right in exactly. >> thank you. love it so much. coming up they've lost family and friends to drug addiction and some struggled with addiction themselves. now they're all about helping. >> come out here. show little bit of passion and love and hope for that person out here. it goes a long way. >> testing.
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>> ment. >> testing. >> testing. >> testing. >> testing. in university city showing off their craft at the chefs conference at drexel university. some of the areas up and coming chefs got to learn from the pros. this was the final day of
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>> testing. >> testing. >> testing.
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♪ philadelphia mayor jim
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kenney today blasted city supermarket owners. ceo of half dozen shop rite in particular for what he called fair mongering. shop rite jeff brown said he'll have to lay off 300 workers because of slump in sales. the result of that new tax. mayor kenney's response on "good day philadelphia" -- >> jeff brown and some of these other folks are out there -- shop rite. >> jacking up prices beyond what the tax calls for. they started collecting the tax four days before the tax went into effect. they've been stockpiling product from june to january. they're charging the tax on the point of sale which is what it never was intended to do. they're pitting the money in their pock. >> a shop rite spokeswoman call it quote unfortunate that the mayor would single out brown for criticism and called suggestions price gouging unfounded and unfair. ♪ finding pell who are doing good
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throughout our area. this weekend he met up with a group of folks travels around the city of philadelphia. they're giving people struggling with addiction hope and help for goodness sake. here's bill. ♪ no one is happy out here. it's miserable life. they're just stuck. you lose hope. >> reporter: heading out with group never give up as they go into kensington. see if they can save some lives. >> we lit up our trucks or cars with bags, food, row sources we go into the streets and just go out and try to get people off the street and offer them hope. >> reporter: never give sup an organization dedicated to helping people overcome addiction. on this morning i met up with tricia, dana, mike, julie and jerry. each of them has different reason for what they do. from their own personal struggles to loved ones battling drug addiction. >> i have a brother who was struggling and who is still struggling. in and out of prison.
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note. >> reporter: people that most need their help are some of the toughest areas of our city so that's where we went. first to a man outside of a convenience store. his need for food and clothes was obvious but he also was the day's first example of the challenges the group regularly faces. isn't we can't give him because the institutions that would take him, rehab will recuse him because he's no id on him. >> many rehab facilities refuse people without id. one of the many challenges facing those looking for help. >> i think of my brother too. there's a few times where he didn't actively have anything in his system. he was clean. they toll us to go take him to get high or drink and then come back. once he has stuff in his system, then they can treat it more. >> next stop, kensington avenue under the el some of the things we came across were really hard to see. from older gentlemen so under the influence they could barely
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stand. to homeless people who so cold they didn't even want to come out from under a blanket to get the food and clothing that never give up offers it's these painful situations hitting close to home that have motivated never give up to be out there to help as many as they can. >> i'm in recovery. i've been there. that's why i'm here. i have few years under my belt, and because time to give back. >> even if it can be discouraging they also find success stories. does it help you to be out here helping people. >> yes it does. i don't think if i didn't meet this group i don't think i would be sober today. >> reporter: how long will you keep doing this? >> till i can do it no more. ♪ >> reporter: my time with the group wrapped up another example of their work paying off became apparent they received a phone call with good news about the first man they stopped to help. >> we just got a call from -- who said -- on the way back we'll try to stop and fine him. he said he'll get him in even with no id.
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>> they need donations of money or resources to help them continue their mission to be their for people who often have no other options for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ dozen of residents in philadelphia's chinatown came out to learn more about a new project going up. parkway corporation plans on putting up 60 housing units for the communities low income seniors as well as more than 100 condos. the company says the plan also includes retail space that will feature an asian supermarket, a garden and a playground. it's all proposed for the 800 block of vine street. you see it you shoot it. our fresco users are helping to show what's going around you. iain, what's up tonight. >> luce so to night investigators are looking into what started a fire in upper providence township much fresco user jim heck shows us the scene this morning. you can see the flames badly damaging a home on the 400 block of hollow road. it took crews about an hour to contain it no one is hurt and we don't know how that fire start
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started. police in atlantic city are looking for the person who shot and killed a man late last night. fresco user aj near the scene of the homicide on the 100 block of south vermont avenue. the victim 24-year-old kevin copeland was pronounced dead at the scene. no word on possible motive in wynnewood a large group meeting in the jewish community center coming together to talk about solidarity in the aftermath of that recent antisemitic activity in our area. emma sending this in. when you see news happening be sure to take out your phone and shoot it then use the fresco app to send it to our newsroom. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, iain. your health tonight eye opening wake up call. wealth horse organization says pollution kills more than one and a half million children every single year. it says one quarter of all deaths worldwide are due to dirty air and water. second hand smoke inn add jet
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hygiene. young children are vulnerable to pollution. kit start in the womb. the world health organization urging governments worldwide to do more to make the planet cleaner. and safer for children. sean bell? what's up? >> lucy the nfl combine has been all week and it has to be the most overrated thing in all of sports. i'll tell you why you can't pay attention to this whole combine thing and all these can dom stats. that's coming up next in my sports commentary.
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♪ sean bell taking on the nfl combine and why he thinks it's overrated. his commentary in 15 seconds. ♪
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♪ nfl combine the most overrated thing in sports period. it's bunch of guys running around in tights modeling themselves as if it means something. don't get me wrong. there's some value in seeing players up close interviewing them and seeing how they are in person, but gawking at 40 times and show drills has to stop. these players won't be running around in tight in the nfl they'll beware pads and hitting people and getting hit. you can't judge that combine. nfl teams need to do their job. watch the tape. watch these guys play. jerry rice ran a 6.64. tom brad the greatest quarterback of all time looke ld
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like an unathletic geek at his combine. all these guys shoot up the draft board because of great numbers and then they're bust in the league. look at the film. stop making decisions based on geese in tights good can we just watch the guys in tights? >> i'm good. thank you sean bell. model chrissy teigen opening up about her battle with poe postpartum depression she wrote in an essay for glamor magazine about her battle with postpartum since the birth of her daughter luna last year. she's married to singer john legend she's talking about this because she wants people to know postpartum depression can happen to anybody. isn't it is a official adele off the market during a concert in australia over the weekend the mega star confirmed rumors she's hitched to her long time love simon anybody with the last name couldn't neck key. >> last month adele started the rumor more she thanked her husband in her grammy september
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tans speech. adele and her husband met in 2011 and have one son together. no word when that wedding is. >> music going to be bad now? >> one of those people like mary j. blige you need some heartbreak to make great music. >> you need drama. >> i know what you're talking about. >> interesting. >> you know how i feel about this and i love adele. but i ned that heartbreak from her. [ laughter ] >> maybe you can work yourself into her life, sean bell. >> so you know it. >> are you in the parade with us on season day? >> i will not be. >> you won't job. >> i won't be. >> he'll be watch owing fox 29. >> i'll be tourney stuff. i'll be focused in and watching on fox 29. >> of course. isn't speaking of which we're back here at 4am for "good day philadelphia". sue serio and bob kelly have
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happening right any on "good day philadelphia" break ing news, an unlicensed, cabdriver, is shot and robbed we have a live report for you. a third attempted kidnapping of the woman in delaware, what is stopping the attacker this time. shoving a four year-old down the steps and a day care worker accused of harming a child so what happened minutes before that helped catch the suspect. plus... >> look at that present, a solder surprise at a sixers game, happy tears of joy for three kid as they welcomed home, lieutenant dad. >> welcome home dad. we love surprises. surprise. it is only tuesday. >> great to have you


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