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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  March 9, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EST

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live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. see this. because nothing really looks wrong in that video behind me. it's hard to tell. but just two young people are on swings at this local play ground. but they weren't on that playground to play. investigators say they were waiting to pounce. i'm lucy noland. the man who says they beat him up and robbed him is talking. only to fox 29. fox 29's dave schratwieser is at philadelphia police headquarters. dave? >> reporter: lucy, those surveillance cameras were rolling at the stokely playground in port richmond when those two young teens were on the swings moments before that brutal attack on len pell. pell tells us tonight, 30 years in port richmond he's never been
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the victim of a crime before. >> i think it's horrible. >> 67-year-old len pell has lived in port richmond for over 30 years. he's never been the victim of a crime until now. >> bang. you know, snuck me and clocked me with something. stunned me and just kept hitting me and hitting me and hitting me. >> reporter: pell was walking home from neighborhood corner store out thereof nowhere he was violently attacked from behind. he suffered facial injuries and had his wallet stolen. he ended up in the hospital. >> this was all black and blue. my knows was all black and blue. this changed color the next day. the head was all lumped. >> reporter: police say it started with two young suspects seen swinging on the swings at the stokely play ground in port richmond. but seconds later, cameras captured them, brutely attacking pell. >> on the swings like six years old and then they innocent victim passing through like people do they cut through that area and like i said broad daylight. >> sarah visits the playground two or thee times a week with
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her little cousin. >> it's scary he is special will kids around. you don't want them to see it. you don't want anyone to get hurt. >> reporter: sean bradley comes to the playground with his son every time the weather gets nice. >> 1:30 in the afternoon, someone should have saw something. should have should have didn't did something when we were kids somebody put their hands on an old guy we take care of them. >> reporter: investigators still trying to identify those two suspects they got away with $70 in cash. the good news is, police recovered the victim' wallet with i-d and credit cards still in there. they're looking for video tape in the area we'll see what happens still no identification on those suspects. if you know anything you can call east detectives. lucy? >> hopefully somebody will. thank you dave. breaking news we've been following for the past hour. at&t wireless has fixed 911 troublesome customers had through our pennsylvania -- throughout pennsylvania suburbs. customers in bucks, chester, montgomery and delaware counties
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were impacted here. the director of emergency services in delaware county says you might have lingering problems if you need to deal 911 while the problem persists you have alternative numbers on our website that you can go-go to skyfox over north philadelphia street where someone shot a man in the back of the head four times. and left him for dead. police found him along the 300 block of west more land just before 7:00 tonight. did he die a short time later. they don't yet know who he was or why it happened or who pulled the trigger. skyfox also over a mobile home park in morrisville, bucks county. young boy died after police say pick up hit and killed him. witnesses pan wl so upset about what happened, police say they started to attacking the driver. he ended up driving off. called 911 to say what happened and he is cooperating with police. on your radar tonight your fox 29 weather authority tracking snow. we've been talking about it for awhile so this should not come as surprise. it is however tonight very comfortable.
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as we take live look at reading but march snow is about to make an appearance. meteorologist kathy orr is here with what is going on. but it's winter. it's still winter. >> there's another surprise. next week that we'll talk about as well. >> i can heartly well, kathy. i think we might have mike problems. >> while we get that fixed we can talk about a few other things. we'll get back to you in moment, kathy. >> investigators want to know who is behind second bomb threat at a jewish community center in wilmington employees say someone e-mailed the threat overnight to the siegel jcc police evacuated the building found nothing. just last week someone called in bomb threat to the same building as well as two other local jcc jcc's. all right. kathy orr i think we got the problem fixed. this is what happens on life tv. >> actually kind of makes it exciting. you never know what will happen. >> behind me old city philadelphia looking good. it is quiet. it is windy though and temperatures are cooling down pretty steadily it's 57 the high today made it to 64 degrees.
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and that is about 14 degrees above normal for this time of year. it's 57 in philadelphia. allentown 52. 46 degrees in the poconos. so spring skiing conditions at least for the next 24 hours. as we look at ultimate doppler, no clouds all the precipitation to the north. but that's going change with our next weather system moves in tomorrow night about this time. seeing rain moving in from the west. and then that rain changes over to snow with a cold front. so 7am friday morning temperatures in the 30s. borderline for snow it's a wet slushy snow that will be clinging on tree limbs possibly power lines as you head toward the lehigh valley and then it just becomes spotty during afternoon. after the noon hour with temperatures falling. the winds picking up as well so we will be talking about wind chill by late tomorrow and into the weekend as we look at snow amounts you can see not much of anything in south jersey or delaware. half an inch to an inch along the i-95 corridor. then about an inch or two as you head toward the lehigh valley. about two to 3-inches in the poconos where it will be cold
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enough to stick pretty much everywhere. for the rest of us mainly op those the grassy surfaces. wind chill a big story saturday morning. wind chills in the single numbers. and the lehigh val and the poconos below zero the same goes for sunday morning as wind chills will be in the teens and also the single numbers. then we'll jump ahead to next tuesday. little snow on the ground from the event on friday. then we'll go a little bit forward when a coastal low comes close enough to possibly push back additional snow accumulation late newspaper tuesday. we'll keep a careful eye on that coastal storm. that could be an even bigger snowfall. so in the meantime tonight pretty quiet. clear, windy the temperature around 42 degrees. putting a chill in the area but by tomorrow a bonus day the cold air not here just yet. 62, mostly sunny with gusty win. winds gusting to about 30 as you look ahead on your seven day forecast from the weather morning snow showers for friday.
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cold air. saturday 33. for the parade on sunday 36 degrees with partly sunny skies. monday still a chill. watching for the snow potential on tuesday and then wednesday, mostly sunny 38 degrees. it look like it will be colder in march than it was in february. lucy, we'll zen it back over to you. >> amazing thing. all right. strange year. thank you -- it's only kathy. thank you kathy. >> this young hero in the spotlight tonight. quick thinking little boy saved his mom's live. she got to the hospital fast because of him. and tonight burlington county leaders be stowed upon little seven-year-old rocco one big honor. fox 29's dave kinchen was live& in mount holly. dave you got one of my favorite stories tonight. >> reporter: yeah, mine, too i tell you this star the as scary situation but then it turned into a reason for honor celebration and a lesson parents may want to share with their
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kids. this seven-year-old is taking the top honors in burlington county tonight. rocco called 911 when his mother had an asthma attack and was rewarded with this proclamation for his quick action along with his own emergency services t-shirt. >> i was very scared. >> i couldn't breathe. i was in and out of consciousness. it was -- it wasn't pleasant. >> first i thought i needed to call daddy but daddy was at wo work. so, um, then i knew to call 911. >> reporter: 911 what is your emergency? >> um, my mommy can't breathe. >> rocco cep his calm the whole way through. >> is she able to talk to you at all? >> um, she can't really talk that much. she can only say like one or two words. >> reporter: help came quickly his mom is on the mend and on wednesday night rocco met the man on the on the end of that 911 call. >> you did excellent. i mean, you know, young man at
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his age new add address especially calling from cell phone makes it sometimes a little difficult to pinpoint the location. he knew it right off the bat and we were good to go. >> i'm really really happy for him. a bad situation he kept so cool and calm. >> it's one thing as a parent to lose control of, you know, when you're sick or you're very upset or you're crying or whatever but doing it in front of your child and then knowing your child is responsible to help you is even -- it's even harder. isn't. >> reporter: we can tell you rocco says that when he gets older he may want to become a police officer. lucy? >> well imagine that. all right. thank you so much, dave. what would possess three men to grab a newborn from his mom's arms and toss him to the floor? apparently agreed. police say the men kicked in the front door of a home on the 4500 block of north 18th street in the city's logan section overnight. they ordered two teens into the basement, grabbed their phones,& took them.
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police say they then went upstairs, found the woman sleeping with a newborn on her chest. she pleaded with the men but to no a veil and one of the guys to the the baby boy to the floor. baby is okay tonight. police say the men did get away with cash. neighbor tas north philadelphia apartment complex could not believe their eyes. a mother and her toddler plunged from a second story window and police say that woman did it intentionally. jumped along the 2,000 block of diamond street this morning. neighbors say they also saw the woman sitting on that same window ledge with the boy yesterday and thought they had talk her out of hurting herself. >> i wish any mom out there they get help, you know what i mean, suicide is real, pressure is real, too. >> it could be anybody. it could have been a family member. one of my children, anybody so it's like sad. it really is, it's sad. >> two-year-old boy is in critical condition at the hospital. prayers for him. his mom is stable. prosecutors have not filed charges pending a psychological
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evaluation. it's a local business that closed because of financial challenges but it refocused and then it reopen. and now it's serving up cupcake to an entirely different kind of customer. and philly going to the frogs. yup. frogs. this is so
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♪ prosecutors in berks county say an officer was justified when he shot and killed a man in reading last month. police believe that actually police responded to report of threats at a barbecue in readi reading. they say 62-year-old michael stout refused to drop his gun instead pointed it in their direction which is an officer opened fire and he will not face any charges. ♪ our bill apted sop is always finding people committed to improving our city. it's a good gig. and today bill went to local business forced to close after financial challenge but owners refocused, reopened and found a way to better serve not only the community but our fur babies as well for goodness sake.
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in the end it came all came down to money. all came down to the development and business business. small business owner was not as valued in that area. >> reporter: several years i did a story about philly cupcakes and owner john and michael. they opened at 12th and chestnut before it was cop popular the business was success but as the area grew, mass construction killed their foot traffic and ultimately their business closed. >> a number of businesses had to leave that area. basically because the city allowed way too much development to happen in a small area. >> reporter: but now years later, the closin closing of thr business inspired them to refocus and new business now is not only successful but funding the non-profit that they dreamed of from the beginning. >> even though we were, um, frustrated and disgusted with what happened there, and wanted to leave, we decided to regroup, look at our plan b, which was to work with animals. >> reporter: desire to work with animals plus their history as philly cupcake bakery combined and the philly pup cake was born.
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>> we took that passion and we reinvented our business in another place. northern liberties philly pup cake bills itself as a human great dog kitchen with food and treats for dogs made with only healthy ingredients worthy of our dinner table and, yes, i did test it to city it was intact human grade. >> this one called our puppy crispy treat. peanut butter, rice krispies. car rabb in it. >> for the dogs. >> made with dogs inn mind completely all human food. >> it's really good. >> it's good, senate. >> for what it's worth the food does taste good to humans to meet biggest bright spot they're success is also helping to fund a non-profit for dogs who may never get to their store. >> non-profit we start asked called hold your paw. the behind behind hold your paw we provide short-term relief to families and individuals who would otherwise have to give up their animals. >> they want to help the large numbers of the people who surrender their pets to shelters
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not because they don't love them, but because they have some financial challenge. >> we're really hoping that will help to curtail the number of animals going shelters and rescues so that families stay together because basically our pets are our family. >> reporter: michael and john personal commit tom help dogs stay with owners who love them and not end up in the wrong hands was reinforced as i met their recent rescue puppy apricot. >> somebody had done some kind of heck tri cal burn damage to the side of her face. and she almost lost her teeth. >> thankfully now apricot is happy and healthy and philly pup cake could be example to others in our city that the challenges of your business could just be pushing to you something more like a mission for goodness sa sake. i'm bill anderson. >> what great mission. so much people are in that exact problem where they can't afford to keep part of their family. you see it you shoot it our
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fresco users helping us show what is going on around you, iain. >> brush fire under control tonight in camden county. fresco user steven caught firefighters putting out hot spots near south club and cranford roads in pine hill this afternoon. no one was hurt and we don't know yet if there's any property damage. conshohocken locals turning out to learn about the cure searches ultimate hike team 21-mile adventure trail raising awareness and money for childhood cancers the hikes are held throughout the country and fresco user nicole johnson takes to us a shop rite in medford, new jersey, for the unveiling of a special addition cherrios box features supermarket employees who help raise more than million dollars to help fight hunger shop rites across the six states participated in the fundraiser to support local food banks. this story raised the most money. when you see news happening take out your phone and shoot it and use that fresco app to send it to our newsroom. you might get pay, lucy. >> thank you very much iain. if you love frogs or want to
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know more about frogs the academy of natural sciences is the place to go. chorus is the frogs the name of the exhibit featuring 15 species from around the world. >> this exhibit is really about getting people excited about the diversity and the colors and the interesting adaptations that frogs is and how important they actually are around the world in the eco systems. >> frogs are some of the first indicators that show when the environment is damaged. the world could have 5500 species of frogs that's a lot. scieientists are couldn't stanly discovering new ones, reclass feig others. the frog show is in philly until may 14th. you're talking about the big dance. >> i'm talking about big dance i don't want to kiss any frogs. >> you don't have to kiss a frog. you're already a prince. [ laughter ] >> can i just leave? >> i can't i have to talk you about villanova they have lived with that bulls eye all season but one guy who has made sure the cats are still on track. my thoughts on the job jay
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wright has done this season are coming up next.
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tom srendenschek thinking big things about the villanova wildcats and why this team can win it all again much his commentary in 15 seconds. ♪ villanova will start their first game of their third season
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tomorrow at 12 noon against saint john's in new york. jay wright does it that way breaks down his season into three areas. non conference games those are ones before christmas. conference regular season and they now the post season. the big east ncaa tournaments and this year he's done a getting to part three. too often we judge the whole season by what just happens in that third season the post season and it's not fair. even if he fails to win it all den in 2017, the job that jay wright has done this year is better than the job he did last year when the cats wouldn't it all. he has lived with expectations with a clamoring hungry lump night base with hostile fans on the road and a bulls eye aimed right at the villanova v. he's answered it every time. the core guys from last year arcidiacono, ochefu both game he kept this team tunnel vick. play 40 minutes of villanova basketball only worry about the next game and it work. number two in the country favored to make it to another
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final four. who knows how the 2017 run will end? nobody does. sit back and enjoy it. with a guy who single handedly with attitude has the cats prowling again. lucy? >> fantastic. thank you very much, shredder. british top ed shoran is popping the i was tube chart. days after up loading 14 new audio tracks of videos rack up born a billion views. billion with a b. sheeran hit shape of you has 693 million views to date. theen million subscribers he announced his tour is coming to philadelphia this summer. youtube something we all need to get into. you can make big bucks ofay tube. >> that guy is really good. >> i love him. >> he's really good. i love him. the kids love him. >> we got generations. >> wow! >> speak for yourself. >> we're back her
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frost fox 29 studios this is "good day philadlephia." happening right now on good day philadelphia, breaking news, out of south jersey. a car careens out of control, right into a house. and it has been two days since that raging fire at the substation, by peco, but hundreds are still without power right now. we've got a live report in the battle to get the lights back on. >> also ahead on good day philadelphia the owner of the sixers meet with the president. but why they weren't talking basketball. and, a seven year old hero, what he did when his mom had an asthma attack, it may have saved his life and he is getting recognition for that. >> great to have you with us this thursday. good morning, everyone. >> good morning. >> what do we have going on here this


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