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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  March 10, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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winter just won't quit, just hours after enjoying temperatures in the 60's, snow is moving into the region. this storm will make a mess of your commute but it could be just a preview of what is to come. travel nightmare over. >> just a smooth one hour drive i have been having one and a half hours, on average. >> major bridge is back opened , for traffic this morning making thousands of commuters very happy if they can dodge the snow. we are still thinking of spring. thousands of flowers are on display this weekend at the convention center. we will take you inside, where a sneak peak of the 2017 philadelphia flower show. and weapons for wentz. the eagles way no time in signing wide receivers on the first day of free agency but did they get it right?
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our experts break down the moves, plus a special good bye to fan favorite, connor barwin . say good bye. good day, everybody. it is march 10th, 2017. >> yes. >> it is friday, the good news >> it is friday. >> you are wearing green. >> yes. >> we're getting held i for st. patrick's day parade. >> i have disturbing thoughts though, bob, kilt, and the win >> i'm concerned about the wind here. >> will you bewaring the kilt. >> though bring me the kilt. i will tell but that as we move through philadelphia philadelphia police fire pipe and drum core we tried it out and see if i got to gig or not but part of the gig is wearing the kilt. they don't wear anything under their kilts. >> they don't. >> about did you wear anything >> that was scott screaming by the way. >> tmi, right. >> yeah, really. >> we can get too much information on this weather,
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because, 60's yesterday, now the snow is moving in today. >> someone just kind of flipped the switch. >> aren't you glad can bear the blame. >> sue's very smart, she's at home laughing at you. >> scott will talk about this cold weather. >> good morning, sue. sue's watching from the comfort of her home, in the meete owe heat, but it is cold tore day. we have rain around the philadelphia area but look at north and western suburbs, dealing with that snow, and it is sticking on the grassy surfaces. yeah, temperatures have been above average in the 60's yesterday but initially it is not a stick on the main road but it is turning colder and if it snows heavily, we will see it start to stick on those untreated surfaces. so it will get a little slippery. reduced visibility as well. rain though along the i-95 corridor north and western suburbs looking at that snowfall that will continue at lee through midday even into the early afternoon time frame so right now we're watching
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that snow line moving toward philadelphia, by eight or 9:00 y by 10 or 11. pretty much area wide looking at light snow, temperatures will be several degrees above freezing, by the afternoon, and scattered snow squals. inch or so around philadelphia one to three in northern and western suburbs. more than that over the poconos mountains. forty-one high in center city. inch or so of snow. coating down the shore. lehigh valley, bob kelly could see two to 4 inches before all is said and done. >> you are just the life of the party over there all of this snow over the next couple of days. 7:03. good morning, everybody. we have a nasty accident on route 73, this is route 73 in winslow, new jersey. not that far from mr. bill's, do you remember i was there a couple weeks ago for one of my breakfast segments. it is route 73 closed in both directions, here. we're right before you get, to the atlantic city expressway, closed at egg harbor road,
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that is the alternate. that is the deed tore. we're trying to get some details on exactly what is happening there but again, that is that busy stretch heading down toward the shore. here we go, live look, combination of you can see light snow coming through, not sticking to the road surface, just making road wet and then eventually they will start sticking to the grass surfaces but is there an example of the phase one which starts with just the rain and that change to the flurries, and live look here at ben franklin bridge, all right starting to see wet road, and on the flag getting a work out here so that is a sign that the wind is picking up, and here's what it looks like up along i78 just outside of allentown. the heavier rain and obviously the snow has started to stick to the grass surface. turnpike connector bridge is opened, for vehicle traffic. it is opened. alex and thomas back to you. winter is not through with us just yet, it will make you feel better, spring's just 10 days away.
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>> not really because when we take a look what is happening around jenny joyce, it doesn't feel like spring or that is coming, does it, jenny? >> reporter: no, side of spring here in allentown, alex as the snow is still falling up here. it is sticking on the grassy surfaces as we talked b it is not sticking, however, on the pavement. this man stopped, can you talk to us? hi there. >> i saw i snap a photo so how do you feel about this weather , 60's yesterday, snow today. >> it is very odd for this time of the year to have a swing so much but it is good to see a little snow. >> reporter: we have haven't had too much this winter. >> it hasn't been like winter at all. >> reporter: is what your name >> brian. >> reporter: are you on the way to work. brian, thank you so much. i did check allentown area school district is already cancelled, because there is a teacher development day at
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teacher inservice day so these kid, they actually have a true snow day one they don't to have worry about making up, one that was already built into the calendar, so, if they do get a one to 3 inches up here in the allentown area as predict they could have some fun alex and thomas. >> it is not the same when you already have the day off. they want it when they know you are going to school and then you are told you can stay home. >> reporter: yeah, i guess you are right, they are already excited for fun, right. >> you are right, they don't to have make it up. maybe make mini snow men out there jenny, thank you. 7:06. commuting nightmare is over for thousands of drivers. >> this is great news, delaware river bridge is back opened after being closed for two months, our man steve keeley is throughout this morning. steve? >> reporter: yeah, we are telling our viewers, who will get in their vehicles and so are neon signs on both side of the delaware, over in new jersey, and here in pennsylvania, along veterans
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highway, otherwise, known as route 13, pennsylvania turnpikee bridge to new jersey , now opened, and sky fox was over it about a half an hour ago and then giving you a look, traffic is light on the bridge as people got used to this detour since they were abruptly shut down because they found crack on january 20th. if you are used to one way to get to work and didn't hear or didn't think you were sure of what you heard, that it was reopened, didn't take the chance, had the way you were going for weeks now and then maybe people witt get used to this detour fit wasn't out of your way or found it easier or cheaper like brad sattan found a toll freeway to get back and forth, and then remember going back to the old way, that we did find some people happen that i this thing is back opened. >> hopefully they are doing it the right way and not just putting a patch on it and put it together and shut it down, a month from now because is there more issues with it. i necessity i heard it was like april or something it was supposed to be closed still.
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hopefully doing it right way. >> ten years ago when i was an hour ahead of the bridge collapse in minute so the a it collapsed an hour behind me. it was like that started a train wreck for everybody, check bridges and then everybody drift add way. now it takes a paint tore do a little paint to go find this stuff. >> i'm's all for infrastructure bill that trump wants to get passed right now. i don't know how or what that will happen but our country need big, major infrastructure rebuilding all over our country and states and high way. >> reporter: we were told early april at the earliest, for it to be reopened, so here we are, before early april in early march, still, march 10th and back opened, so great news , rarely get good news on road construction project. bad news it is getting coated with precipitation. you can see fur face here we are getting rain, and mixed, some of the early snowflakes falling now as it comes up but
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road are wet here along the delaware, and river and then you dan see our windshield, it will be wipers too it looks like, you'll like this line, it looks like old man winter 2017, must have came in on a septa regional rail line and that is why it is surviving very late. >> ouch. >> steve, always entertaining. >> bell ring i don't know what the septa officials will be saying. we will get an official statement and read it next hour. >> thanks, steve. 7:09. nurses and technicians at delaware county memorial hospital head back to work this morning, after going on strike. there is still no deal but negotiations are continuing. more than 370 workers walk off the job sunday. they claim that the hospital was bought by prospect medical holdings in july, and staffing conditions, deteriorated. olde city residents getting a fascinating glimpse into life in philadelphia, three century ago.
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>> it is a lesson in history that comes after construction crews uncovered a possible who cemetery. >> human bones had already been found last november, at this site, and several, 300 year-old coffins were unearth ed last month but yesterday came the big one, construction crews discovering more than 30 coffins, dating back to colonial philadelphia. >> surprising but i am not really surprised for this neighborhood. there is so much history. who knows what was there prior , probably was a cemetery >> goal, it is to learn something. this is a wonderful opportunity, to really have a window into the earliest citizens of philadelphia, who they were, what their lives were like. >> by law the owner of this site pnc property group is not obligated to do anything special with these remains but what the company has pledged to allow experts at rutgers and mudder me zoom to analyze them and them they will pay to have them reintered at another location. coming up at 7:11. turmoil in south korea where
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protests turned deadly offer the impeachment of its first female president. in a historic ruling a constitutional court unanimous ly voted to formally remove president guen-hye from office. it comes after a scandal that pushed the country in political unrest. >> immediately after that decision you see there, protesters took to the streets , clashing with police. we any at lee two people were killed. ousted leader refused to vacate the presidential palace , and has not officially made a statement. time 7:11. arm twisting continues, in washington as president trump tries to reign in members of his own party to repeal and replace obama care. >> it is an all out charm offensive that includes conn joeling and bowling. bowling might be the answer, for this. >> well, what begs question what was the question.
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but, yeah, you know, i think white house perspective if pizza and bowling works, why not. they certainly tried it last night, inviting lawmakers over it is not clear it will change numbers here on capitol hill. it may be an odd venue for outreach, we had to dig into c span archive to find it but seldom has single lane white house bowling alley played a more central policy role. they invited select members of the congress for pizza and bowling last night, hoping to win them over. vice-president mike pence, even made it clear that they are opened to negotiation. >> i have to tell you this is all part of what i think is a very healthy debate, healthy dialogue. >> number three, and thinks where i think there is confusion all over the map. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan used a power point presentation to make his .3, stage process to repeal and replace obama care that would offer refundable tax credits to help many purchase health insurance. >> this is the closest we will
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ever get to repealing and replacing obama care. >> reporter: but not so fast say some of ryan's fellow republicans, they zoo as a warmed over entitlement. >> god bless speaker but that is not how legislative process is supposed to work. if you have an idea thaw can, toably to the floor, then lets have a debate. >> reporter: democrats of course don't want any part of any of this. >> look, in one likes this bill, hospitals, doctors, governors, conservatives, liberals, non-partisan groups and mess of all the people who will no longer have affordable health care. >> reporter: republicans meantime have a aggressive schedule they are trying to stick too here. vice-president said that they would like to have this done sometime this spring, that is not much time for something that is by its very nature this complicated. thomas and alex. >> we will see if the bowling,
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and pace make a difference, perhaps, add beer to the factor and it might make a difference, we will see. 7:14. lets check with scott to see is this know moving closer to. >> we're still dealing with rain but within this hour do i expect some of the snow to begin in the immediate philadelphia area, but folks are out and about right now, and of course, we are dealing with dropping temperatures. 38 degrees is the air temperature, you factor in that wind in and by 29 right now, in philadelphia, so as we look at ultimate doppler where we have green, parts of the south jersey, parts of the delaware, mainly just light rain and sprinkles but once you move north and west, of the city, that is what we're looking at those flakes, flying right now around abington, king of prussia, pottstown, moving in toward the lehigh valley, and then as we zoom in, gibbstown, allaway looking at sprinkles, and glassboro, delran, and
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moorestown, looking at rain to start but then changing over to that snow. so, bottom line the steady snow across the area is expected between now and through about 11:00 a.m., by the afternoon still dealing with scattered snow squals that can reduce visibility, and by this evening, it turns bitter cold with wind chills, dipping into the single digits now 41 center city the high today. forty-two down the shore. coating there. two to four in the lehigh valley. much colder pattern for upcoming weekend into early next week. there could a brewing nor'easter. we are watching energy early next week transfer to the coast, as phasing, still uncertainties with the track, timing and just amounts of cold air but it looks like a coastal storm nor'easter brewing by tuesday, of next week. what about upcoming parade weather? it will be cold, bundle up, we are looking at temperatures topping out sunday in the 30's , bob kelly, it is going
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to be cold, for that parade, and the seven day forecast shows, temperatures for much of the seven day, yeah, winter making a big come back highs in the 30's. wow. >> a lot going on here not just today but next couple days with the weather. here's a live look, 202, again where we are seeing flakes, begins as snow but quickly, not -- just starting to stick to the grass here but road surface here just wet, so that is start and just enough to kind of make it for yucky morning rush. rain hitting downtown philadelphia, here's a live look at vine street express weighed where road are wet and we are seeing accidents popping up now, northbound on the northe extension just north of the quakertown an accident, new jersey transit said their system wide cross honoring passes here because of the weather conditions in the only this morning but throughout the rest of the day and here's a live look at a closure of route 37 in winslow , new jersey. not fat far from mr. bill's,
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one of the spots i was at for my breakfast segment. route 73 closed both directions at egg harbor road an accident with the fuel spill, egg harbor load, everybody pushed off there right before you get to the expressway. here's an example of the road conditions at i78 outside allentown, again, heavy rain and then snow starting to stick to the grass surfaces, alex and thomas, back over to you. well dallas cowboys set to part ways with quarterback tony romo, he posted a thank you video to fans with bob dylann's the times are changing in the background. >> at one point his wife canda ce said enough with the sad music. >> outpouring support and love from all of you, you know, it has been overwhelming and it doesn't go unnoticed, but, i want to say thank you and we have a lot to think about moving forward but we will see
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what happens. >> so there are rumors texans may be considering picking up romo but these fans are concerned about his pennsylvania injuries, qb's back injury last season gave way to dak prescott who led cowboys to the 13-three record and in the playoffs. who is a cowboys fans in the news room that would have this. >> we have to know is what happening with the competition >> that is in the me a lot of people were sharing that yesterday, end of an era and i don't know how eagles fans should feel about that, i don't feel bad for him but same time glad he is gone. he was good for a while. >> for a while. >> the thing is, i felt bad, when he read that letter, when he got healthy again and they were saying we will stay with dak. he was crying. >> even his wife was saying. >> she was trying to be funny. >> you have to see that. >> killing the mood. >> yes. >> of course, eagles wasted in time in addressing the wide receiver position in free agency, signing alshon jeffery and torey smith.
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jeffery's deal is one year, 14 million-dollar. smith's deal one year, five million-dollar, with options over the next two years. >> those moves coming at a cost. in order to free up cap space the eagles cut defensive end can or barwin. he was leader on the field and made an even bigger impact off of it with community service projects, and connecting with the people of philadelphia, and i think that is why so many people and fans were upset yet. we knew it was coming but it was just like it is connor barwin we're losing connor barwin. >> make the world a better foundation, he's donna macing things him and his wife in the city and he is respected on the field. he didn't to have play, he was cut but it business business but he made such an impact in the community. >> seeing him at so many charity events and take time to take pictures with everybody. he has had a small on his face people are sad. he is such a great person. it is business but you have to think about the person, behind the business, right, and what he meant and he didn't just come here to play but make a
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difference and that means so much. so, as we say good bye to connor barwin we realize it must have been love. >> ♪ >> ♪
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everybody was talking about it , we who connor and we try to think about he is such a great person the pennsylvania four seasons spending his time in philadelphia. how do you say good bye to someone, connor barwin. we know he was big on conserving energy and making sure you are doing what is right for environment. this is what we will do we will dim the lights as we say good bye. >> city of brotherly love we will never forget. >> always going to be an eagle for sure. we are conserving energy for a minute but we are still doing it and it will make a difference so connor, before you go, please come, stop by, say good bye we want to hear from you. good bye to connor where win as an eagle we will wish you the best. >> i like this mood lighting. >> we will be right back.
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so imagine this, a dog friendly concept car from nissan is everything that a pet owner would want, for their pooch. >> all right, loving -- loving >> he is loving this is what he is saying. >> hi loving, good morning to
7:25 am
you. >> hi, loving, right back at you. >> yeah. >> i love this story. i think they should concept cars are just concepts, they are not always made but they should totally make this and put in a nice pretty price tag on it because people will buy it. we spend so much money on dogs , dogs part of the family and new we have a dog contacting, nissan x strahl for dogs, it is a car where dog can go in and out on the ramp. it has a doggie cam so owner can sianni hear the pooch and vice verse a it has a no spill water bowl, a drawer for treats, a pull out shower, and doggie dryer. there is more. special seating where you can clean up the hair. >> it is too much. we love our pets. >> are we go to go buy a car just for our dog. >> some people would. >> i think so. >> do you ever go to the mall and see people with these beautiful strollers and go to see the baby and it is a dog. >> that has happened for sure.
7:26 am
>> i have a friend who got a brand new car and she didn't necessity how to put in to be comfortable. she bought a doggie bed to put in the car. >> it is too much. >> people with the harness put your dogs comfortably driving around, i think people would really go for that. >> i think they should make this and like i said, give it a high price tag people would buy it. this is good idea for families , you go to the beach, you can clean off the kid. it could work. >> treating the kid like dogs now is that what we are doing. >> a drawer with treats, give them some water, pull out shower is just genius. >> we need to go back where we had to roll role down manually window, holding dog bowl in the back with the dog slopping all over us. >> now everything is a luxury. >> i remember when i had a cat , we would take them to the vet we had to be in the back holding on so they don't run anywhere, because they hated going. in toying make that easier. >> some within will buy this.
7:27 am
all right, loving, have a great weekend. >> you too have a great weekend. >> love, talking to lauren. >> it makes sense. >> jen, show us some beautiful flowers and things to make us think of spring because all we see out here is rain and snow. >> i hardly have any flowers to show you. i only have like 90,000 flowers to show you. look at theme. they have done a great job, it is holland, barbies here, her team is big part of the entrance. i like this theme. >> isn't it awesome.
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what a difference a day makes, winter storm today, yesterday was in the 60's, the snow is falling in, allentown, we keep checking in there. where else will it go? how long will it last? are we really getting ready for another storm next week. >> so many questions? as we mentioned we are taking your phone calls, e-mails, direct toward scott, who is hiding right now. people are wondering, scott, yesterday it was beautiful. today, not so much, what is going on here. >> someone flipped the switch. we are looking at allentown area. temperatures made it to 68 degrees in philadelphia under a winter weather advisory in philadelphia until about 2:00 o'clock. it feels like 29 degrees, air
7:31 am
temperature 38. temperatures continuing to fall, and that rain changing over to snow, especially north and west of the philadelphia we will zoom in and show you neighborhood where we are watching abington, king of prussia, media, looking at that snow, pottstown, upper hanover, allentown moving toward easton area right now into parts of the south jersey mainly just the cold rain but temperatures they are dropping and that snow will eventually, move into your area as well. so, we will still have several hours of that snow to get through. 8:00 a.m. you can see snowing in trenton. philadelphia, wilmington, and rain, snow mix pushing into south jersey. by 10:00 o'clock we are looking at flakes down the shore with the changeover by 11:00 a.m. widespread snow. then it tapers. but by afternoon we are still stuck with those snow squals that could reduce visibility. maybe an inch or so around philadelphia as we move down the shore, mainly rain but a coating could happen, and two
7:32 am
to 4 inches for lehigh valley, temperatures there, bob kelly in the 30's for highs today. >> sound good, thank you. my kid sent me a pick saying we have snowy don't think we should get to school. no, pack your bags. we are going to school. that is not enough snow to get a day off from school, all right. there you go. exactly. nice shot right there on the grass. that is about it, out there, live look at the major roadways at pennsylvania turnpike at route 100. pick it up a notch, again. change over to snow, but the snow is wet at the morning. it is an indication of the wind. but, totally different scenario in south jersey, not really seeing flakes just yet just wet road, and heading in toward the walt whitman, an accident north on the extension, north of the quakertown, and live look at winslow, new jersey, route 73, right by uncle bill's there just off of the atlantic city
7:33 am
expressway, all lanes are blocked, an accident and fuel spill so traffic diverted on to egg haror road and good news, turnpike connector bridge is opened and that is a welcomed relief for 40,000 people who have been going on a detour for seven weeks. bridge is opened for business this morning, alex and thomas back to you. >> your kid are always scheming. >> they think i'm in the on to them. i know what is going on. >> they getaway witt 50 percent of the time. >> they are going to school if i have to leave right now pick them up and take them there. >> exactly. >> they know i'm stuck here. >> we keep saying this, 60 yesterday, today what is the temperature, 38. >> it is because it is true. people yesterday were texting me lets go outside, liberty great. >> you look at that forecast that scott presented we have in relief. >> lets check with jenny, they are seeing some snow, especially in allentown where she is. >> reporter: good morning alex
7:34 am
and thomas. you might not see too much snow because we are temporarily under cover and that is because we wanted to talk to calvin here. so how are you dealing with this snow. >> it is okay. not too bad today. it is an inch. not that bad right new. >> reporter: so yesterday, maybe were you in the t-shirt and then saw forecast for snow today did you think no way that will not happen. >> i didn't believe it. i saw it this morning and saw it on the ground but hey what can you do, dog. >> reporter: it is here. >> next week, supposed to be worse, so, you know, you know. >> are the. >> reporter: take the good with the bad. >> what else can you do. >> what else can do you. >> reporter: what are you doing. >> easton pennsylvania, about 25 miles. right down 78. hope it is not bad. >> reporter: so we have been talking because it is starting to stick on the grass surfaces but on the pavement, it is not how are road so far. >> so far they are okay.
7:35 am
like i said i have not been on 78 just yet but every time we check in with bad weather, it has been okay. we have been doing good. >> hopefully they were out salting. thanks calvin. have a save trip, good day. alex and thomas, he is taking good with the bad. we will send it back to you. >> now lets get to something that will remind us that spring's actually coming. >> we're talking tulips, right , jen. >> the thing is, it is always, weather is disgusting, when the flower show happens. they do it so people are just desperate to come inside. check it out, holland, we have valley forge flowers here and we will tell you everything you need to know about the flower show.
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this is the poconos blue mountains. they don't to have make any snow. >> they can pull the plug, which is right, scott, the poconos. >> yes. >> yes. he is hard at work. >> he is like i'm busy, i don't have time for y'all. >> i got another eight minutes , i don't have time for that. >> i love it. >> lets talk about the flower show, because it is back, and this years theme is all about holland and celebrating beauty of the dutch culture from flower fields, and it is going to be beautiful. >> think about holland, of course, you think about tulips , good morning, jen. >> good morning. we are here with barbara king from valley forge flowers and this is your creation. >> isn't it gorgeous. lots of flowers and springtime nothing like theme of holland to make you feel so great this time of the year. >> we see tulips. what you said is so true. you walk in like wow, but then walk under this cool bridge
7:40 am
which, if you can look up these are all flowers and then it is like second or real wow. >> it gives you goose bumps. this is under about 4,000 little hanging mini arrangements, and this is about 15,000 flowers to create these, but when you are feeling like you are under this you are in the garden of holland and springtime flowers like the daffodils, and the tulips, they said there is 30,000, tulips in the ground and another 30 coming in the middle of the week for refurbished so this show will give you delight for senses. it smells incredible. have you been getting those. >> i feel like i'm at a holland spa. >> no. >> we have to talk about the logistics, right. you start planning this. sam from the flower show he comes up with the outline. >> yes. the design. >> he does design of this show and then for about a year a
7:41 am
year, they really do give the viewers that want to get out of the winter weather and come in the spring, what do you guys want to see? well, that is what we work on, for a year. >> you had a guy at your shop that he had to like lay own his back and look like we were looking up, he had to cut each one of the rod. >> that guy was andre, he has blisters all over his hand because we wanted yes, the flowers to be amazing but strings that hang it had to be at right level. just all of the details that go into the bigger, indoor flower show of the world is so impressive and the level of design, it keeps everyone on their toes because we all want to do the best because we know the whole world is watching for the philadelphia flower show. >> it is crazy that you guys can pull it off year after year. i was like holland. it is going to be a couple tulips. this is so amazing. i love color. you are right.
7:42 am
the weather always stinks this time of the year even though you bumped it back. flower show was a week later, but you see it still yucky and you want to see color. >> as soon as you walk in you will be delighted at color. it will give you inspiration for your own garden because this time of the year there is stuff to do. you can get out, clean it up, get rid of the sticks start mulching and then in a few weeks you will have an macing garden inspired by the philadelphia flower show. >> will you stick around for an hour. >> yes. >> we will talk about what we will do now and what we can plan for and great marketplace >> marketplace is incredible. >> yes. >> so it is pretty cool. >> i don't know if you have ever been here but it is awesome. i have never been to the flower show when it is full of people only in the morning with this. >> you are spoiled. >> colorful, exciting, i will not give too much away but bikes hanging from the ceiling it will be a beautiful sneak peak. >> jen's lucky when i went
7:43 am
last year it is pack, it is great to see so many people interested in this but it can be a lot of people, so you get to see folks. >> i learned you cannot pick flowers. >> you were trying that. >> i learned hard way. >> two nights in the county. >> no, it didn't happen. >> you kind of want to they are beautiful. >> it didn't happen. >> great for picture. >> 7:43. >> lets talk about the eagles. we now have weapons for wentz. eagles wasted in time in addressing their biggest need in free agency, wye receivers. now question is did they make it for right choice and was it for right price.
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7:46. good morning, everybody. here we go, live look, hello downingtown, we have got the snow coming in, it is sticking to the grass and, of course, slowing us down, a live look at the 30 bypass, coming at downingtown heading in toward king of prussia, a live look at 95 in delaware county, in flakes, just rain, that is an example of the rain, change over to snow, and through the rest of the rush hour. an accident here route 73, pretty nasty crash, they tried to land a medical helicopter but helicopter could not fly. now is there a fuel spill you can see crews putting down the san, this is on route 73 at egg harbor road just off of the turnpike and that early
7:47 am
morning accident north and southbound lanes of route one in chad forward -- chadds ford as they go down to one lane causing delays in, both directions, along route 202. scottie has your weekend and parade forecast in 15 seconds 7:47 on this friday. ultimate doppler showing a rain/snow mix moving in the philadelphia area mainly rain in south jersey and delaware but north and western suburbs, we are looking at some of that light snow. king of prussia, plymouth meeting, moving toward the abington area. willow grove, north and west, cold enough for that snow but once again starting out as some rain as we move into parts of the south jersey but we have several hours of this
7:48 am
system to get through as we go hour by hour, take a look at the temperatures and forecast 9:00 a.m. 36, light snow by lunchtime still dealing with the snow, and then some afternoon snow squals, a high in philadelphia, 41 degrees. lehigh valley two to 4 inches, highs in the 30's and inch or so before all said and done high around 40 degrees as we move toward wilmington and down the shore a light coating of snow, high temperature in the lower 40's, a chilly weekend, 30's on saturday and sunday, cold for st. patrick's day parade on sunday and more significant possible nor'easter on tuesday of next week. >> thanks so much, scott. carson wentz has some new weapons. the eagles wasted in time in addressing the wide receiver position in free agency. thank goodness. signing alshon jeffery and torey smith, jeffery's deal for one year, 14 million-dollar. he has to prove himself. >> and with options over next two years. but the moves came, at a cost.
7:49 am
in order to free up cap space eagles cut defensiv end can or barwin. he was leader on the field and made an even bigger impact off of it. he has done community service projects, and moved to haiti, did some work to help people, and built solar panels. people in philadelphia were upset yesterday. now we will bring in ejtan sander and garry cobb i guess he was sack physician lamb because of them we have got deals it comes down to it is not personal, gist business. they made a move. everybody knew it was coming. hopefully he will get on with somebody else because he fits a different system. 3/4 system. connor is very talented and as you said about his contributions to the community and things, great guy. very intelligent. great leader. from a personal perspective and leadership, they lose something by getting rid of him. >> he will latch on and to gary's point he is still a good football player when you
7:50 am
have a situation to control money, he is valuable. good piece you did earlier because he you recognize he was more than just a football player in philadelphia. >> it means so much. >> you know about those million-dollar contract. >> yes. >> i wish. >> god willing, god willing. >> lets talk about what we did get alshon jeffery a lot of people are excited about this one. >> rightly so. here's the thing we have not had a big body receiver like this since you know who. >> terrell owens. >> this is a one year, make a case type diel deal to show the world he is worth 17, 18 million. he is motivated. i say this could be, the biggest signing we have seen in philadelphia, since 120. because of the impact. the thing about him is when you look at the guys they have to play, cowboys will be good, giants will be good, they need physical players. they are trying to get tough guys. alshon jeffery is a big tough receiver. >> what was interesting, what
7:51 am
i learned yesterday but rumor was he turned down, playing with the vikings and sam bradford and to play eagles and carson wentz. what do you think of that. >> the dude's on the wentz wagon he is on the wentz wagon , which is right. he didn't turn down more money necessarily he wants 17, 18 million a year. nobody was going to offer him that. >> but he is taking a gamble because if he gets hurt that is a gamble. he believes in himself, carson that is a good situation. >> he didn't turn down more money in the sense of the 17 million-dollar a year deal to play with bradford. what he did was he turned down similar money, longer term. he didn't want to be locked to sam bradford and can you blame him. >> look at you, throwing shade this morning. >> let's talk about torey smith who will bring speed. what can he bring to the receiving core. >> he is a deep threat. it makes the safety, that will help you in your short passing game and in the long game. the guy is a legitimate 4.36
7:52 am
and it will spread the field and allows to you go deep at the same time and opens up areas underneath i'm sure he is excited to have a fresh start because he had bad two years in san francisco. >> he did, out there with everybody. >> chip is tough. >> we know what happened. >> lets talk moving forward can we put jordan matthews trade rumors to rest. >> i don't think he is going anywherey don't know. >> it would be a draft day deal, if so but i don't think so. >> michael kendricks is there other names jason kelce that will go. he will benefit more or from torey smith. >> i like this. >> what about michael kendricks he will have to go. >> probably yeah he will be gone. they are looking for right deal. hopefully they will get something for him at the end they will just say good bye if they can't get anything. >> look at what happened with connor barwin and entire league knew they would cut him and trade him. that is why they cut him.
7:53 am
same thing happened with kendricks. >> what about the green though >> we are getting ready for st. patrick's day parade. >> yes, throw back eagles. >> yes. >> look at you. >> cash those checks. >> are you at parade then does that mean that. >> i will make it a point to check it out. >> you should. >> we will be looking for you now. >> look fog garry cobb. >> i will be there then. >> okay, we got that. >> appreciate it. >> 7:53. we will continue to track this morning's snow, for you, the timing, how much will fall, and are we really expecting another major storm? next week? make it end, scott.
7:54 am
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7:57 am
look at how good you look. >> you guys are matching. >> that is a bright green. >> this is for the gala tonight, lime light, okay. >> yes, head strong foundation , we will be doing it up with steve morrison. >> very nice. >> you are ready to go. >> i'm ready to go. >> let's talk about what this day means for women. there is a lot of things women need to know about hiv. >> we focus so much on men we do not focus enough on women and hiv. remember hiv is leading cause of death, globally in women under the age of 44. so, women need to be aware that hey, you are at risk and victim of assault, sexual assault and all these things need to be brought to the forefront because we focus on men. we need to focus on women. >> more specifically i read that 65 percent of all woman diagnosed with hiv are african-american women too. >> only 55 percent of these
7:58 am
women that have hiv even get continuing care, which is not good. look it has been my experience in my practice, that hiv and aid has become kind of a chronic illness and it has come out of the lime light if you will so people forget that it is risky to have un protected sex, and to not practice safer sex techniques. >> how often do we get tested. >> well well, guidelines are everyone should be tested won unless you are in a high risk categories. there are certain patients that are in high risk there ace prep treatment we use to reduce risk of getting hiv. there is a lot of options out there if you are out there and you are, sexually active and in a high risk category you need to make sure that you proper safe sex and you take care of yourself and be a advocate. >> important for us women to know this. going down the grocery store aisles and shopping we see gluten free here and
7:59 am
gluten free this because some people have to do it because of the health, what is going on but some people doing it because they think this will be so much better for me. >> look, i love when people get excited about get into health and getting into themselves but lets just talk a little bit. number one celiac disease where you have a seer why serious problem. auto immune condition. you consume gluten, you lose weight ways, increase risk of limb foam a you cannot ingest gluten. next, there are 1 percent of the population that has or 6 percent has something called gluten intolerance. it is real. some people just don't deal witt. they get bloating, muscle aches, fatigue so they avoid gluten. what we are find nothing a couple studies that instead of the using wheat, gluten they will get with rice, and protein from instead of gluten they will use rice and that
8:00 am
can contain heavy metals like arsenic and you want to make sure that you avoid that. >> it is interesting, it said it can give you diabetes. >> increased wrist coffin diabetes we think, big harvard study because of decreased fiber and decreased nutrients and higher content of fat and sugar. you have to make it taste good a lot of manufacturers when they do something that is gluten free they will increase , they will ramp up sugar and fat. >> quickly what do we do instead you just to have watch it. >> well, know your body and work with your health care provider to guide you through the shark infested waters of the nutrition. my office, we have a nutritionist, because there is so much stuff out there, that is misinformation and you do not know what is happening. you cannot treat yourself. remember this he or she or treats themselves treats a fuel. >> bingo. >> i do love your nutritionist >> i never met the nutrition is in, maybe i'll get that
8:01 am
luxury next time. >> she tells you to exercise and eat well and all that stuff you don't want to hear. >> look at her she looks fantastic. >> kate, you look great. >> i love you. >> come here. >> oh, my, wow. >> you are a married man. >> wow. >> that means you too, 8:01. it is friday, march 10th, 2017 . snow falling, yesterday son and warmth is now a distant memory. messy morning ahead and when we may be in for more. a traffic nightmare comes to an end, for thousands of commuters, why their ride to work, just got easier. went to bed a happy healthy baby and then woke up paralyzed, but little wyatt is a fighter and how this little
8:02 am
determined boy is standing up to a debilitating disease. talk about child's play... >> arcidiacono, to jenkins, yes. >> creative way one dad chose to relive a villanova big win all to make his daughter happy >> ♪ >> i love it. >> this is jamison, jamming out for next two hours here, because they are getting us ready for, the st. patrick's day parade that will be on sunday. they will be playing there too you will get a sneak peak about how much fun and music we will be listening to bob kelly, right. >> i have my squeeze box, i have my violin and my live ban jo to join you whenever i need you. >> and his bagpipes. >> you have to hear him blow,
8:03 am
all that hot air will come out this morning. >> i love it. >> it was interesting because we thought it would snow on st. patrick's day parade. we are glad it is not going to did you we are dealing witt today. >> absolutely rain in olde city, changing over to some snow. take a look at bus stop buddy, ready for the wintry mix, yes, what happened to the 60's? they are out of here, and they are out for quite sometime. it it is also national pack your lunch day. bus stop buddy is ready for both things. live look outside our studios, umbrellas are up, it is damp, dreary, we are dealing with that rain changing over to wet snow, aid awareness few flakes mixing this but it feels like upper 20's. cold air moving in along with that moisture. mainly a light rain interior parts of the south jersey, northern sections of delaware but as we zoom in and take aid awareness tore you can see some of the snow, north and west, toward suburbs there king of prussia, media, delaware county looking at some of the snow and then once
8:04 am
again a reign/snow mix along will continue to pushing toward the south and also thee : visibility is greatly reduced where we have snow down to a half mile in pottstown and reading, down to a quarter of a mile in allentown and temperatures today upper 30's, lower 40's and a inch or so in philadelphia perhaps a coating down the shore and bob kelly, two to 4 inches in the lehigh valley. >> they have been getting hit hard in the lehigh valley. that is where it all went down early this morning when they started and progress has been the rain to the snow, and then what do we have here? wow this just popped up here. this is a live look, it is looking like route 309 right here near pennsylvania turnpike an example oven though you don't have the snow on the roadway, road are wet, it looks like we have two cars piled up here, again, grass starting to pick up that snow. live look at i-95 i whim step
8:05 am
aside so you can see snow coming from the side. so the wind is playing a factor, poor visibility, and look here, do you see speed on i-95. friday morning is usually lighter then other four workdays so that is where we will get trouble and not respecting the northeast extension, accident north of the quakertown new jersey turnpike kicked in speed restrictions from exit eight to 11. for the gang in delaware route 13 is closed at saint georges bridge because of an accident. alex, back over to you. >> thanks, bob. i feel like we need to remind folks as we talk about wet they are morning that spring's coming, 10 days away but just does not feel like it >> we will get through it. jenny joyce joining us, 10 day of spring, 10 days not to be loving your job or 10 reasons i should say, hi there jenny. >> reporter: cannot get here soon enough, thomas. live from allentown where it continues to snow, and just met reggie here, just seconds
8:06 am
ago. reggie, can you talk about the road conditions. you have been out here. you have in the been driving since the snow has been falling. >> when i came tonight wasn't that bad. we didn't see many accidents. >> reporter: we have been talking about yesterday was short sleeves and today is snowball fight weather. >> this is something, just lets you know winter is here. it is here. >> reporter: winter is here. >> yes. >> reporter: it is a mean trick by mother nature here. what do you think about all of that, i mean in february, we had a day in the 70's. >> you know, you have to expect that from mother nature expect things from mother nature. >> reporter: she's a tricky one. >> yes, she is. >> reporter: some people say, i was inside, a little while ago and people were saying you really haven't had winter so this is kind of nice. other people saying just just get me to spring already. as you can see a live look here in allentown with snow on the ground. i would say under an inch here
8:07 am
with one to 3 inches predict north and west of the city. i know this is all moving toward the city, where it is a slushy, wet, snowfall, as what is predicted by kathy orr last night and scott was talking about it this morning. you can see as this truck is coming through here and you saw the slush building up on the roadways but nice to hear that the drivers out there this morning say the road really aren't too bad, alex and thomas. >> okay, if they say it is not too bad but it is really coming down it looks like, thanks, jenny. >> just take it slow. they say not too bad. we know there are some slick spots, thanks, jenny. by the way -- >> confessions. >> it is starting to wear on me. >> we have two more hours to go. >> community nightmare is over for thousands of drivers, and i'm sure they are happen think morning. >> delaware river bridge back opened after being closed for nearly two months, our steve keeley is throughout this morning, hey there, steve.
8:08 am
>> reporter: i tell photographers if i'm standing in rough weather nobody will listen to the story i'm doing. i will give you a weather story and bridge story first. you can see the bridge in the background you can see also the need on sign, telling the drivers, that here on veterans highway in bristol that the pa turnpike bridge to new jersey is now opened, and in new jersey the sign would say, west, to pennsylvania, also opened, so, great news. it has been shut down since january 20th. opened suddenly last night just before our 10:00 o'clock newscast. one side first, they tested it with heavy trucks, saw they could hold the weight and then decided to take the reopen long before they planned to re keep it at the earliest next month. so great news, the bad news is , has you can see of the trucks of the on top of it now , take it easy up there because bridge surfaces because they have cold air underneath it as well as on top, they freeze first as they always warn you. we have got as you can see in our shot snow falling here, right now for our first live
8:09 am
shot of the day, and by the way, i will give awe good day weather history. back in 2003, on april 7th, all right, april 7th, 2003, we were covering a snowstorm. i hear you guys making a big deal of it snowing in march. we have had snow in april. >> don't think it is over yet you know it all too well, this is nothing, one to 3 inches. bring it on. >> i can't wait for you to meet this guy. >> cute. >> he went to bed a happy, healthy baby. then woke up paralyzed but little wyatt is a fighter, how this determined boy is standing up to a bee bill tait ing disease. >> jen getting us ready for flower show, hi there, jen. >> people are thinking about time to plant, not time to plant, we will talk about that plus lot marketplace, barbara
8:10 am
's second favorite part behind the flowers. >> shopping. >> we will show you it coming up.
8:11 am
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8:13 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. live look at 309 northbound right here near norristown road. you think you are having a bad start to the day? let this be a example of what mother nature is serving up for breakfast here. we have snow coming down, road are wet but would i rather have 8 inches then this little pain in the neck thing we will be dealing with this morning because folks are still, not respecting the speed restrictions here. northe philadelphia we have snow coming down in the cameras road still wet, watching in all of the construction zones, and there is a live look in saint george s delaware. they don't have anything yet. but they already have a close another of route 13 right here near saint georges bridge. two separate accidents on the extension one northbound at quakertown, other southbound
8:14 am
in allentown they have been dealing with the wintry mix since about 4:00 o'clock this morning, speed restrictions up and down the new jersey turnpike, they have got the salt crews out there and that will start to happen on the pennsylvania and new jersey roadways as well. crews getting out there to salt. not a plowing operation just a salting operation to make sure road remain wet. only one lane opened here on the baltimore pike south of route 202 accident but we have a parade coming in town this weekend, st. patrick's day par ray and we will kick it off here on sunday at 16th and jfk , we will get our irish on around city hall. down market street, ending up at penns landing but judging area and performance area on market smack dab in front of the independent mall. make it a date this coming sunday, philadelphia st. patrick's day parade live, only here, on fox 29 and we will kick it off at 12 noon, scottie has your forecast in
8:15 am
152nd. rain owe snow line, advancing toward, rain changing over to wet snow now in philadelphia. media, abington, willow grove, and looking for light snow and south jersey, and making it mix with rain around salem, allaway and glassboro and delran that ultimately it will change over to all snow. bottom line visability being reduced now around philadelphia, points north and west just be mindful of that. temperatures today upper 30's to lower 40's, maybe an inch or so in philadelphia, perhaps a coating down the shore but highest elevations north and west two to 4 inches and over
8:16 am
that in the poconos. much colder pattern by upcoming weekend into early next week, monday night into tuesday, and watching some energy move around the great lakes and then off the coast, and to develop into a nor'easter. this could be more significant depending on the track, timing and cold air, something that we will have to watch, in the days to come. hey, st. patrick's day, parade weather, it will be combed and blustery, we are looking at temperatures in the 20's and 30's so bundle up for the parade. back over to you alex and thomas. >> thanks, scott. 8:16. imagine one day you have a healthy baby and then next day he wakes up and he is paralyzed. >> that is exactly what happened to a family from south carolina the answer led to treatment right here in philadelphia. >> when wyatt banks was seven month oz old his mother went to get him and net ised he was having trouble breathing. she pick up her youngest of three children but he could not move. he was diagnosed with
8:17 am
transverse my lights, a rare auto immune disease that attacks the spinal cord. wyatt was completely paralyzed from his chest down and could not use his hand. he received therapies in his home state and here in philadelphia, but wyatt was taught how to use a real chair and regained full use of his hand and arms w his body in a harness he supported his weight on the treadmill. when strong enough for braces he even learned how to use a walker. through it all one thing remain the same and that is his smile. you can see his smile right now, right here in the studio. we have four year-old wyatt, will you give us a smile, wyatt. >> i love it, i love it. >> and you are here with your mother, abby and physical therapist, marry. >> yes. >> thanks for being with us. >> good morning thanks for having us. >> is that really how it happened, you put him to sleep and then next day how did you know something was up. >> it was that quick, just matter of hours, he went to sleep, was healthy, woke up
8:18 am
next morning wasn't moving, having trouble breathing. we took him to his pediatrician because we had in idea we thought he just didn't want to move. we didn't realize he could not move. we went to our hospital. got transferred to another hospital where he was diagnosed with transverse my lightes and we had no idea it was possible to be paralyzed in your sleep. his body attacked his spinal cord is what happened, it is and auto immune disease, overnight our world changed. we thought hopes and dreams we had for our child were taken away. we have since learned that was not the case. fear made us think that buoy didn't know what was possible. >> that is keyword you thought , that is pennsylvania tense now. you see how far he has come, it is amazing. >> it is amazing. he is a fighter. he has taught us what matters in life. he is joyful. he doesn't think about what he can't do. he wants to celebrate what he can do and he just goes
8:19 am
forward. >> that smile alone you are killing me here. as a mom, parent your world was spinning, how did you know the next step and next process where to go. >> we didn't. our hospital, you know, we left the hospital with a child and that was most difficult thing for me as a parent toys walk out of the hospital with a child who wasn't better and we didn't know what the future was like. shriners was a answer to pray ers. we didn't know what the next step looked like. we left acute care and came straight to shriners in philadelphia for in patient rehab and it was there that we learned more about his condition. when you have a child with the disability first thing you hear is all of the things he can't do and that is what you sianni shriners let you know all of the things that are possible that lets see what we can do if we can't do it like somebody else lets figure out how to do it different and that is what we have done with shriners. >> we are seeing amazing pictures here.
8:20 am
you have been surfing, playing hockey, i mean did you think this was possible when he first walk in the doors. >> so there recovery for this is quite unknown. it is, it could go either way they may in the recover at all or they maintain all their function back. it is just focusing on seven months old, get back to what typical seven month-old is doing and then there were so many milestones he never learned because he became paralyzed at such a young age. training him how to do that with his new body, the nervous system is set up what is physical therapy like, what does it entail. >> basically with a child hoist so little, it is just play. get them motivated to go. but we started little, we started working on getting his core strength back and get him to use his arms. as it came back every year we worked on things like sitting by himself and trying some standing with different braces and get him walking, moving
8:21 am
and more upright something more age appropriate. >> now he can move his arms, right and his hand. >> he will use hand and arms. >> can you wave. >> i love that. >> how far can this go what are the possibility. >> we don't know. we don't set a limit on it. we would love for him not to use the chair but we don't set a limit. we are happy with war we are but we will never stop working toward that full recovery. i truly believe that within day, in wyatt's lifetime there will be a cure for spinal cord injuries and part of my job as a parent and what shriners is doggies making sure his muscles are healthy enough to take advantage of that. if his muscles are not in good shape and 20 years from now there is a cure and his muscles wasted away it would be no good to him. our job toys keep him healthy so when that cure comes he can take advantage of it. >> i'm sure this has been a journey. you wrote a book about this. >> i wrote a book called love
8:22 am
him anyway and basically our story of, a fun, hope, and in hard places and realizing that just because life is different doesn't mean it is not amazing and there aren't good thing in the hard parts of life. god has plus blessed us through this journey. it has been our faith that carried as you long. name of the book comes from we have a 10 year-old, son named jay and when he was six years oldies when wyatt was paralyzed. we came home to tell him that wye had had been paralyzed. we didn't know what to say to him but i didn't want to scar him but i wanted to be honest. we said wyatt could not move. he said is wyatt ever going to get better. will he walk. i said we don't know, baby. at six years old he looked up at us and said well we will love him anyway. that is just it. we will love anyway. no matter what it looks like, or how hard we will just love anyway. >> that is title of the book you are blessing so many parents with your message.
8:23 am
>> wyatt you are melting your hearts. >> yes. can you hand it to them. >> is that your signature there. >> let's try to turn. >> it says wyatt. >> wyatt is sleepy. >> he does the same thing i do when i get tired i rub my eyes >> i have copies for you guys to have. >> do you want to say hi, to everybody here. >> it is like nap time. >> his smile is certainly brightens up this whole studio >> it is nice to meet you. >> he loves coming to philadelphia, is what your favorite food here. wyatt loves soft pretzels, that is his favorite thing. we have used them in therapy to keep going to tell him he can have more pretzels.
8:24 am
>> yes. >> he is exciting bit. >> philly is place to get those pretzels. >> that is for sure. >> thank you so much. >> we appreciate it. >> keep it up, wyatt. >> keep fighting. >> time is 8:24 reliving a big moment how one day chose to recreate villanova's big win all to make his daughter happy
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
hard to forget this moment when villanova beat north carolina in last years national title game. well, one dad decided to recreate the moment for his daughters 11th birthday with legos, here it is. >> jenkins, for the championship, yes. a national championship butter beater, for the title. >> how cool is that. >> jared jacobs it is the dad and it took him 40 hours to finish. all for the love of his daughter. >> that is powerful love right there, i love that.
8:28 am
really cool. >> 8:28. when you say st. patrick's day you can think of the. and, and, we will see.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
it is friday, rain a snow mix, around, it is, umbrella, or the winter gear, and you can see, outside our studios, and, flakes, and big rainfall right now. age, 36 degrees. feels like temperatures in the upper 20's. it is interior parts of the south jersey, and, in pennsylvania, looking at some wintry precipitation, and, move, and cherry hill, looking
8:32 am
at some of that rain/snow mixture as well and temperatures will be even colder, for tonight, and we dip do 20 degrees, bob kelly. >> wow. >> dipping down temperature wise and again, the road conditions, are starting to change here as we move through the morning rush hour at 8:32. live look at the blue route, 476 right near route one, snow getting heavier, visibility getting knocked down, starting to stick to the grass surfaces there. going to the poconos, through go i80 right here near pocono mountain. they are getting welcomed snow up there. heading up there for weekend, and, on your way one northbound on the extension, quakertown other southbound at allentown. bob, we know you are ready for st. patrick's day parade. >> ready freddie, ready to go. i have my good catholic scarves. >> yes. >> the laid that i made this said if i wore it on tv her husband was going to buy her
8:33 am
bruno mars tickets. you better get to ticket master. we know, big tradition,. >> really. >> yeah. >> a lot of hot air. >> but i teamed up with philly 's finest and bravest and they showed me what it takes to become part of the pipe and drum band, lets take a look. most recognized group in the parade, philadelphia's finest and philadelphia's greatest, saving lives and making beautiful music all at the same time. there is no mistaken when philadelphia police and fire pipe and drum bandies passing by. rich avenue in traditional style the band was started in
8:34 am
1996. >> main goalies to inn in philadelphia dop or firemen, who passed away, retired, active we are here, to honor family and thank them for all that they do. >> when they are not thanking the fallen for their service, they are performing at other events like the philadelphia police promotional ceremony recently held at mcgonigle hall, and, of course, the st. patrick's day parade. >> philadelphia police pipes and drum band. >> i was interested in knowing if i had what it takes to be a part of the philadelphia police and fire pipe and drum core. can you teach me how to play. >> yes. >> let's do it. >> ♪ >> right here.
8:35 am
>> and hold your pipes, and then do this. >> you have to have a lot of hot air. >> yes. >> we have a kilt for me. >> wife one for you. but it means you wear nothing under your kilts. so to show we have nothing on our kilt we need attorney your kilt you have to put your underwear on your head to let everybody know that you too are following the rules, and our new member, bob kelly. >> it is an honor to be a member. >> glad to have you. >> i have my celt. i know how to play bagpipe. i say we practice for the parade. what do you say let's do it. >> let's do it. >> from all of us at philadelphia police fire and
8:36 am
drum, happy st. patrick's day. >> ♪ >> that was mine. >> why. >> because they initiation when you want to be part of the group, you go in, put your kilt on and put your underwear on your head and come out and that signifies that you agree to the program. >> be honest, how cold was it. >> mom always said, be sure you have clean underwear on. difficult that day. i'm concerned about the parade wind. i'm not worried about the cold >> we have a high wind warning >> that is because is what going on underneath the kilt. >> yes. of course, parade on sunday, invite you to join us down there philadelphia st. patrick 's day parade, noon to three right here on fox 29. >> i love it. we will see you there. coming up on 8:37.
8:37 am
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♪ >> welcome back, 8:40. band jamison with us all morning long in honor of our st. patrick's day parade weekend. thank you, gentlemen. quick reminder here today light savings thinks weekend so set your clocks ahead one hour on sunday, and most critical reason why don't miss chris wallace and "fox news" sunday g to see you my friend, how are you. >> i'm good, thank you for reminding people of that. they have to do it on saturday
8:41 am
night, you know what, i never can understand why you have to get up at 2:00 in the morning and move your clock forward why can you not do it saturday night. >> that should be your topic for "fox news" sunday, my friend. but obama carries big talker, repeal of obama care. >> it is big topic. real interesting story is that the white house and republican congressional leaders, they are not facing a problem from democrats. they know none of them will support it. their problem is with their republican majority, hard line conservatives feel it doesn't go far enough to tear down, just destroy obama care, they feel it is too much of a tweak and then there is moderates who think it goes too far and result in some people who got coverage under obama care losing it. as a result, the president and the white house staff are really, working, legislatives the old fashion linden johnson ronald reagan way, and they had a bunch over to the white house, bowling alley, and for
8:42 am
pizza and bowling this week. the president has been meeting with members of congress, and having them over for dinner. you know, retail one by one trying to get their votes. >> pizza and bowling i'm sure you will break down the score on "fox news" sunday. i want to talk about wikileaks. any reaction from the white house? >> oh, yeah, i mean they don't know who did it but they are very concerned. they are in a delicate situation where they don't want to confirm, that these documents, these 8,000 files are accurate but you sure get reaction that or the sense by listening to their reaction it is accurate and the problem is that what basically happened is that somebody here and they also are desperately trying to find out who it is was able to get a lot of the files, from the cia, that show how they do espionage and apparently they are so sophisticated through cyber warfare that you're carrying around your phone they are able to turn that into a listening device.
8:43 am
able to take your tv and you think you have turned it off but you really haven't and tv is a listening device. you are having a conversation in your living room and tv is there, sending out your entire conversation as the spies, obviously the concern is if the cia can do it, that whether or not other hackers will do to it invade all of our privacy and also, you know , people that we have been spying on will they then understand vulnerabilities and therefore not have those kind of conversationness front of their tv's and cell phones. >> here's the plan, get up early sunday morning 2:00 a.m. , set your clocks one hou before. >> you can't do it at 3:00. >> that is right. >> 2:00 a.m., get up do that and then be ready for us in the morning and we will have a guy named gary cohn most powerful guy in the white house. national economic advisor. he is like national security advisor of all domestic policies. we will talk about obama care, the budget, all of these
8:44 am
issues, new unemployment, jobs and we will talk to one of these congressman hoist leading opposition to obama re paul and replace jim jordan, of ohio, so you get a real sense of this plan, what is good about it and why some people are concerned bit. >> great line up. lets head out to jen, you have my flower ready for flower show this weekend. >> okay. get your flower on. people are like am i supposed to plant now, wait, can i bring this stuff inside? guru is here, barbara king from valley forge flowers will tell us everything we need to know. >> i don't know about that. >> kardashians, flowers.
8:45 am
8:46 am
this. is. everything. honey bunches of oats. it's crispy sweetened flakes, plus crunchy granola clusters, plus a touch of honey. it's like adding up "awesome", plus "awe-yeah".
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it's the sum of the best of the best in a cereal. honey bunches of oats. live look outside our studio, we are tracking a rain/snow mix, right now. main road are just wet but once again, watch out for some slick spots, out there, temperatures have been dropping, as well, 36 degrees currently in philadelphia but factor in that wind and it feels like upper 20's, yesterday, highs were in the ultimate doppler and that rain snow line, continues to move into parts of the south jersey
8:48 am
, snow now philadelphia, points north and west in the suburbs, looking at that snow and it is continues to move toward pine hill area with that change over. temperatures today upper 30's, lower 40's, maybe an inch in philadelphia, but take a look at future feels like temperatures by 10:00 o'clock tonight feeling like 13 in philadelphia, by tomorrow morning, single digit wind chills. look at that cold weekend forecast, 30's but feels like temperatures, both days in the teens, and 20's, so winter, has returned, and then a more significant system could be brewing for tuesday of next week, guys. >> how can you smile saying that. >> all right. >> always smiles. >> evil smile. >> that is true it is still winter after all. >> we didn't get a taste of it , so far, so i guess it is overdue. >> do we need to taste it we don't like the taste. >> if you want to get away why don't you go to the flower show because it is a way to get away from all this and it starts this weekend. >> make a smile, different
8:49 am
smile i guess you can, jen good morning. >> calgone take me away. we are here with barbara king. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> so we are going to do flower arranging but big question people in the news business my neighbors were mulching already. do we have to wait until mothers day. >> no, so much to do get out there and dot dirty work right now. get rid of the leaves, branches and it is so good, so fresh. >> you can make some really cute, flower arrangements. this is really dutch holland designerrish. >> yes, this is wire that is sold here at philadelphia flower show marketplace, these gorgeous flowers, these are ridiculous. usually it is a size of the dime, these are like on steroid. if you wrap tonight wire it
8:50 am
has that dutch look and that was easy, in a vase. it is not spikey, no, it doesn't cut into the flower stems. here we wrapped it like a bunch; and drop it right down into this and how cool is that bring something home, it is so amazing. you will get spring and smell of spring, inside of your house. they are selling bulbs like i have never seen before here in the marketplace. my friend roxanne has amazing bulbs that are giant. they are precooled. so all you have to do is pop them in a pot or, put them in water, so jewels the bottom of the roots hit the water and six weeks you will have hiason s and tulips and that smell of hiason right now is just great. >> you can put them outside. >> and then they will come back and they are bigger, better. >> here's a vase that i found
8:51 am
here it is called a serpentine vase with all of the flowers and better deal then anywhere else. we will see people walking down the street with bunches of flowers, special vessels that all of the marketplace has on here. >> i'm trying, baby, start with snow outside as we wrap it up, you want to say if the weather forecast doesn't have any snow for 10 days that is good day to start. >> when they say when can we put our plants outside, it is an estimate, so i look at the 10 day forecast and see what it is going to be doing when i put my plants out, looking like freezing temperatures, just wait it is not worth all of the hassle. thank you, thank you, i will be here, i don't think i can do anything else today. >> thank you. >> you you can spend all day, those are beautiful. >> i know. >> can't wait to see the flower show. 8:51.
8:52 am
they say if the bird poops on you it is good luck. >> it is not it is still gross >> so would you actually rub it on your face. why one woman did and said you should too. we will tell you why.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
breaking news out of wilmington, that is where school bus has collided with a
8:56 am
dump truck. >> look at this video. up close the damage to the school bus, there, in the front of it. it happened at d and heel street, this is within the last half an hour. we are working to confirm whether there were students on the bus at the time of the crash. we're getting more information but is there dump truck there. it has significant damage. hopefully, in of the students were on the bus and if they were they are not injured but we will have more information for you. we will be right back.
8:57 am
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>> ♪ >> as you can tell, we are getting ready for the st. patrick's day parade, it will be this sunday, so we're having some fun, here, aren't we. >> little irish fun. >> little irish fun. >> yes. >> we will have that more fun. >> we will have more fun throughout the rest of this hour, but hello, fellas. >> how are you. >> good morning. >> we have banding, dancers going, looking lovely in green >> yes. >> wait a minute. >> thorns in my side is that what you are saying. >> good day it is friday, march 10th, 2017. so glad you are here. i'm holding it down for ladies you have to bring the mens perspective.


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