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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  March 10, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> ♪ >> as you can tell, we are getting ready for the st. patrick's day parade, it will be this sunday, so we're having some fun, here, aren't we. >> little irish fun. >> little irish fun. >> yes. >> we will have that more fun. >> we will have more fun throughout the rest of this hour, but hello, fellas. >> how are you. >> good morning. >> we have banding, dancers going, looking lovely in green >> yes. >> wait a minute. >> thorns in my side is that what you are saying. >> good day it is friday, march 10th, 2017. so glad you are here. i'm holding it down for ladies you have to bring the mens perspective. >> man show, and then, spices
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things up that was bro show, from four to 6:00. >> does your relationship need a love contract? why couples are relying on a special agreement to keep each other happy. also you know they say bird poops on you it goodies luck. still gross though. would you rub your face on it why one woman did and why you should too. king kong returns, new movie kong hits theater but can it hold up to the original >> why do i get the poop chat and you get king kong. >> you got to go to the meet ing. >> you were at the meeting yesterday. >> maybe that is the key. >> can you believe that just yesterday, we were enjoying, 60-degree weather. amazing. now, it is snowing. it just started to snow here at fourth and market. >> finally, yes. >> i'm glad they did because scott williams, alex was downing you if it would ever snow in philadelphia today. >> see how you put me out
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there it was thomas. he is trying to put the blame on me. >> picked up austin from school, went to the playground no jackets required. it was amazing, 60 and sunny yesterday, to snow and 30's today. >> then try to convince through was no school. >> dad, look, we have picture of snow, i sat get your book bag go off to school. >> we are just starting to see snow here jenny has been looking at the snow all morning. what are you seeing now in allentown. >> yeah, good morning, guys. it is still coming down here in allentown and coming down heavily, if you take a look at ground you can see my boots, i would say scott williams we are close to that estimated 3 inches, already and as you can see the snow is still coming down pretty heavily. so live here we are watching the cars come and go we have been talking about how the snow consistency is wet, and looking at the ground there is slush on the ground there, but drivers, that we have talk to in this area say that the road really haven't been bad, it
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seems like people are taking it easy, i also mentioned we were wondering whether or not schools would be closed. allentown school district was already scheduled to be closed to day because of a teacher in service. so these parents didn't to have worry about. that they had child care figured out this was a planned day off and hopefully kid can go throw a couple snowbals here, again, 10 days from spring. we will talk about short sleeve weather yesterday, snow today, mother nature is crazy, a lot of people are saying that but some are still happy because we have not had a significant winter in the way of snowfall, and even cold temperatures. so hey i guess that is something we have to deal with it, alex and thomas at lee today and scott williams has been teasing of what is to come. we coupled see a much more significant storm then. >> he is talking about round two. we are saying maybe hey we can springford. scott's smiling again. not saying much. jenny was my partner in crime
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at newman goretti high school. >> oh, yeah. >> talent show out there. >> amazing talenty posted it on my facebook page. shout out to everyone last night. we did some judging. >> they handed microphone to us and we had to give our instant critique, and i said thanks allow. >> were you simon or more paula. >> i was more paula. >> yes. >> you are great. >> yeah. >> and then is there video of it, we were over there. so how long was it did they have different rent round. >> they had a intermission, this guy was the winner, by the way. he took us back, he had a little funk, jazz, mixture of everything. he wants to be a composer, producer, when he graduates. he was top winner though. >> he won last year too. >> back to back. >> he hade piano and just a an amazing talent. >> isn't it great to ski high school students perform, how good they are. i played the drums, maybe when i was in grade school but nothing like that.
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>> electric guitar. >> yeah. >> we had a bunch of singers, dancers, they had an intermission. when you work the morning show you are like, intermission. >> we have to get this going. >> such an honor to be out here. >> yes. >> i'm glad you guys are here. because i have a question for you. >> okay. >> is shrivelry dead. i mean seriously. we asked this a lot but when it comes to little things that sometimes you men should do it doesn't happen. when it does happen, we get excited. my gosh look at that because it doesn't happen anymore this one designer ivan, she knows this too well. she's eight months pregnant. she said not one man has ever, offered her his seat. so she came up with the creative way to thank the first guy who broke that and she dit. she finally found him. thirty-four year-old ricky barksdale, they is a u.s. army veteran and stunt man, he offered her his seat on the harlem bound train last month. so in return she surprised him with a trophy that is up there it looks like the hulk and it
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is called number one, decent dude engraved on it. she had been carrying around that trophy, in her back for two months. she's eight months pregnant. guys were not offering up their seat can you believe that. this was her second child. both times she tried to do this. so, is this surprising. >> he looks like a hunk, right you get a guy like me. >> giving up his seat, opening up the door women seem so surprised. you are such a gentlemen. it is how you were raised. when was lit sol one came in elderly, pregnant, you had to get up. >> i think that whenever i'm somewhere and there is not enough seats woman comes in, you were raise todd say you get a seat. even opening the door when you get your coffee or doughnut in the morning. sometimes i see people not opening the door for would the man. i think you should. you should hold the door. >> it is a habit now.
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when is there people, i reach my hand out. whenever a guy goes out and do that, i am like wow, thank you , hey. >> if you go first, you go to get the door and reach in and guy hold the top, open it up for you. >> yes. >> because you don't expect that. >> we do that because we are thinking he will not get it or when it comes to giving up the seat, i don't expect it. when i see it, let's recognize it because it doesn't happen often. because i think that is a good point. it is based on how you were raised. is that that we are not reminding our kid that this is what we have been doing. >> when you were younger at lee in my day you were saying thank you, be polite, open your door, give up your seat. >> that is how i was raised. to be polite, open up the door give up your seat. say thank you. we try to instill that in our own children. i cannot speak for folks on the new york subway. >> do you expect a guy to open up the door and if he doesn't do you have a negative feeling >> i don't expect it but i do think it is a nice thing to do
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i think that maybe when it comes to dating there are certain things that are great. for example i will never forget this. when i came to philadelphia here because i'm from the south, i was taught that men are always supposed to walk on the outside walking down the street because if something happens or if water or something like. that but when i have been here i probably no one guy who has done that. when i mentioned it once he said why would i walk on the inside. >> why would i want to get hit first. >> exactly. >> that is the sentiment. >> that is right. >> you are walking down the street, and the guy should walk on the side closer to the street, so theory is if you get hit, the guy is going to take the hit and not the girl. >> because it became such a conversation i looked it up and it is because back in the day they didn't have streets and carriages and horses. so water would splash up and get on the woman. the guy would be on the outside to make sure they wouldn't get on the nice dress and that kind of thing. >> i will dot umbrella thing. >> that i have never had. >> i will hold an umbrella.
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>> well, that is nice. >> i would love the rain to pour on me. >> in the times when i have had an umbrella walking with a guy friend if they are tall, well, everybody is taller then me, let's be honest. you hold it up too high. he can be under. i'm getting wet because rain is coming in. but if i'm walking down the street and next to me i have an umbrella, i look like i'm selfish. i'm over here and i'm dry just in the rain, walking through. >> see now you have rules. that is why you don't do it. there is a height now that we have to protect. >> it is harder because rain coming through. it is not a rule, it is a fact i'm getting wet now. >> carrie is shorter then i am would i duck down a little bit umbrella here and duck down a little bit. >> if you are taking notes at home, open up the door, say thank you, open up the car door and don't pull the chair out, in a restaurant. >> only time i have had that happen when i -- >> pull the chair out so she
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falls. >> fall right out. >> yes. >> when i was a debtent we had particular things, that is a little different but all of the guys, every time we got up , we had to left back our chair and they had to escort us to the bathroom that kind of thing. was intense a lot of things we learned in the etiquette class that he is we didn't know. it is not things that we do. but for that, that is special, special case. >> guys will tell you that is way to a woman's heart, show your respect. >> are you all right in there. >> yes. >> speaking of dating and love , have you have ever heard of a love contract? apparently they are gaining popularity with couples that want to layout expectations for their every involving relationships. it is like opening doors. it it can stipulate like how many times a day you need to be complimented or how often the pairs need to have sex.
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the frequency with which they go on romantic dates. how long will we have date night. bob kelly, you are married. does she have a love contract that you had to sign. >> i can see this being helpful, because you go into it, and whenever you kind of hit the rough spot or you hit a speed bump, you get the paper out, okay, lets see, when we were on good terms we thought it would be nice to have date night, two times a month, have sex, x amount of times. >> i was waiting for you to say that. >> how many years have you been married. >> yes it is a good way, i would like, a good way, to go back and say, let's talk about what we like about it. >> takes away excitement if you talk about how many times we have sex or should do a certain things. it takes away excitement. now you have expectations and rules and putting too much pressure on the relationship especially in the very beginning. we are just starting to date. who are are rules, boundaries, here's how much times we
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should go out. it takes the fun out of the relationship. >> i agree, if it is in the beginning and trying to see if that person goodies for you anyway, my dad used to tell me if the guy doesn't want to do it. >> it is not something in him why are you trying to tell him get you somebody who does that already and you will know if you work together and then that is a thing. base include you are giving them road map to the heart. they don't to have do any work let me check this off the list , let me do this and you have a roadblock because it is like, i need this i need this. >> the contract would be here's the things that we all love to do, together, and here's what we both say that we like about each other and how many times we should do it , and so that when you do hit a rough patch, it is a game plan and road map to remember. >> yes. >> this is when times were good. >> when times were good. >> on page 32 of the documents >> how would you feel, hold on stop we're having a argument, on page 45, line 3c you said on july 8th you were going to
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do this and i haven't seen it yet. >> i will sayty initial that. >> take your significant other and take them to spots thaw enjoy, for example take them to the overpass looking at traffic and say this is what i love doing. >> oh, my god and thinks what your on relationship will be all about. >> people are really weighing in on the earlier topic. tanya says i always expect a man to open up the door and my car door and teach my foster son shrivelry. she doesn't do it. jenny says my husband has always opened the door for me and others. maybe that is why you became their husband. shrivelry didn't dead when a real man is part of the equation. keith says wouldn't you treat your mother with respect. every woman is or will be a mother. listen to the o.j.'s song, alex. that is true. why is he telling me. tell the fellas that. >> yes. >> o.j. advice. >> youngsters out there and see if you do it. >> i like. that. >> lets go to the movies because it will be so cold, and look at this weather, perfect movie going weather.
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>> good movie day. >> good move you i out, kong skull island is reboot of the 1933 film king kong. it is about explore shore flew to an island in the pacific during world war two. here's the reboot. lets take a look. >> ♪ >> is that a monkey. >> my god. >> get the hell out of here. >> this looks good. >> it looks action packed. we are bringing from kevin mccarthey what did you think of kong: skull island. >> good morning to you alex. great to see you bob, thomas as well. thanks for having me on.
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yeah, film itself i will get to that very shortly but last weekend i had an insane honor sitting down with a legendary actor, named cherylly maclean, i am sure you heard of her. glowing up, obviously films she has worked on, she has worked with albert hitchcock, trouble with the harry but she's promoting the film the last word n this movie her character wants to have her obituary written before she dies. this is very strange. when i sat down with her for the new movie, i was interested in knowing why her and warren beatty, brother and sister, they have different rent last names, as actors and wanted to know that was. why did she choose maclean and why did warren beatty choose to go with beatty y did do you that. shirley mccain and your brother warren beatty. how did you decide to go with maclean, always wanted to know that. >> okay, go back to washington
9:16 am
with knowledge. my birth name is shirley maclean beatty. i wanted to honor my mother and do her name and changed the spelling because she was always called mcclean and warren added 1t to beatty because he didn't like people to say beatty. >> interestingly enough, warren beatty's real name is henry warren beatty but because his last name was spelled with only 1t, everyone would call him beaty. that is why he added second t and she went to maclean to honor her mom. that was a very interesting story did you like it? >> that film, i actually, and flying into la missed the screening. i only did interview for that movie. i have not seen her film. >> do you think would you like it. >> i don't know, i cannot, i
9:17 am
will see it this weekend. i will review coming up. >> it is shirley maclean she's a legend. >> you have seen king kong, right. >> this movie is insane. i'm a big fan of the way this movie was shot, direction is very heavily influenced by you can think of copela apocalypse now or oliver stone platoon. this is a vietnam war film that happens to have king kong in the film as well. it opens up in world war two where we're transferred to 1973, right before the end of the vietnam war. huge cast, including samuel l jackson, bri larson, jason mitchell from straight out of compton he playede i e, and also corry hawkins. every single frame is shot very well. axis done very well. problem is the script at times is a little bit thin and i felt that some of the characters were never flushed out but thankfully there is a character played by john c riley, he is amazing.
9:18 am
he is emotional through line in the movie. axis insane. the sound track is phenomenal. but i had to chance to sit down with samuel l jackson. pulp fiction is one of my favorite movies of all time. i said out of the all of the films you have made you have seen special effects over your career what still blows your mind to see on set, and watch this. >> i was always shocked by the guy that they set on fire, that was running around, you know, every time they say cut, they just douse him, okay, juice him backup and they go smear, they light him first before they say background and they say action. i think, they should get paid every time they get hit. each individual and paid for fall. >> that is insane. so that movie is a four out of five, if you much haven't seen get out or logan those are my
9:19 am
25 out of five. >> i took your advice, loved logan. get out, four out of five. >> what? >> i'm sorry. >> i'm never doing your show ever again. >> i loved get out. i thought it was really good. >> thanks. >> i will text you reasons why >> alex and i talk about this. i was so excited. >> it was g he showed me great interviews so i can learn more and i'm still researching the movie. >> i will go see kong i am holding out until it goes to a theater that i can lounge back y got spoiled last week. >> i bet did you. >> thanks so much for having me on. have a great weekend. >> always kevin, love you too. 9:19. jewish family both here and abroad are gearing up for the porum who saved the jews from the persians and takes place tomorrowbut we will celebration today on the show so here to tell us more bit and some of the food that there is, it is a chef at abe
9:20 am
fisher. >> is it good morning, good morning, how are you. >> good to be here. >> all right. so here is our two different, we have check late and smoked sea salt, ape cot, cream cheese and chile powder and our saferry, which we normally serve as abe fisher and pass tram my i and butter nut squash. i brought you two boxes. we come around to all of the tables and thinks our bread service. >> but, tomorrow we will be, serving these as well, because normally we do arulingula. >> what goes into that how do you make it. >> actual dough is flower and butter and eggs, and orange juice and baking powder and then you can fill them with whatever you want. >> um-hmm. >> i grew up eating like the won with cherry, lemon, and my
9:21 am
favorite is apricot so we put cream cheese in there to make it nice i get. >> okay. >> what are these little rolls here. >> those are the arugula and that is pastrami one. >> so that one you are eat being is butter nut squash actually. >> good. >> okay, well, i will try one. >> yes, please. >> so they are triangular shaped, the humantashan because his hat who was evil man in purim was triangle. >> this is abe fisher yes, in philadelphia on sansom street. across from federal doughnuts. >> perfect, thank you. >> can we say happy purim. >> happy purim have a good time, eat, drink and party. >> okay, we love that. >> thank you so much, we appreciate it. >> good stuff. >> very good. we're all eating is
9:22 am
going to talk about. >> kim kardashian, this is good, another. >> no, is there a new season of keeping up with the kardashian and they are not holding back. they have been through so much , as we have been reporting on but there is a new bomb shell, which member of the group is admitting that they are a sex addict. that's why there's oravet dental hygiene chews. oravet cleans teeth and gets to the cause bad breath. ask your vet about oravet chews. serious oral care made simple
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♪ >> ♪ >> i love it. >> so we will keep checking in and have a whole performance in just a little bit but baby news for ceo mark zuckerberg and his wife priscilla. it is their second one, they are expecting another baby girl, and zuckerberg says he wasn't sure they would have
9:26 am
another child since they had trouble conceiving their first daughter maxima and she's a year-old. he is happy that she will have a sister. congratulations to them. >> that is good. >> did they make their daughter after a car, maxima. >> he is what a multi billion air. he will not name anyone after a nissan. >> you can call me maxima if i'm adopted by the zuckerbergs >> aka. >> have you ever had a bird poop on you, random question. >> it is something that you would want to have intentionally would you take that poop and rub it on your face. one woman did this and she says you should too. we will tell you why. >> she has an eye infection. >> exton it. >> pink eye. ♪fast, rhythmic drumming
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> very cool to see. i am serious, we're getting ready. we will be ready for sunday. >> oh, you know t we got jamison, celtic flame, the dancers in the house, irish party here. >> it is an irish party. i love it. is mother nature playing a cruel trick on us? that's what we want to know. yesterday it was amazing, and today, well, there is snow. so, steve keeley has been checking it out. and he's in bridesburg. >> hey, steve. >> reporter: umbrella weather. because this snow is falling
9:31 am
with a vengeance sideways, if you're facing it like greg is, because since i'm in charge, i have my back to the snow. very wise to have umbrella, unless you want to have to look down, then run into things like we've seen. we've seen couple of guys on bikes having tough time. we're in bob kelly's neighborhood, bridesburg/talcony, on the border here, and we thought since it is spring time almost, we would be on tulip street where it meet harbison. and it is very busy out here, and you can hear the sounds of the cars, because the grounds is all wet. but bob kelly you know this billboard here, very well, at 95 at bridge street. you can see how bad visibility is, because we're not too far away from that, that bridge, right beneath it in the shot is the amtrak tracks. the septa tracks, and that billboard, you can't see what it is for, although bob i'm sure you know what it is for, but that's i-95. and we just drove down from bristol on 95 very poor visibility, and again, people are following too closely, and
9:32 am
we want to remind people that after the snowfall, this morning, there is that chance if scott didn't tell you enough, snow squawl possibility. and if i have to remind you what a snow call can do, just six days ago remember you can in schuylkill county, 55 year old man killed just week ago today on a friday because the snow squawls come out of no where. if you've never been in one, it instantly blind you driving, somebody always panicks, jams on the brakes, that start the chain reaction accident. so, amtrak certainly the way to go there as you see the train flying through the snow. no problems for trains. big problems for car drivers. by the way, if you look at weather history, back in 1915, back on april 7th, 19 inches of snow. so we've got whole lot of potential for more snow for few more weeks, as well, and this may just be a warm up for spring training, i guess we can use for the phillies for the big snowfall that may come tuesday.
9:33 am
again that's falling and sticking on the grassy surfaces to the right. but since nobody drives on grassy surfaces, no worries about that. but watch out if you are driving in this morning rush hour, because visibility, very low, just takes one stupid move, staring down at your phone or whatever. we talked to some school bus drivers we met here at the gas station, they say schools are open on time, no problems getting the kids to or from school. but be very careful in case kids like over in new jersey where the schools are open a little later. so no trouble just yet and let's keep it that way, folks. >> that's true, great reminder. >> my aunt rosey grew grew upright thereon tulip street where steve is set up. >> we won't see tulips any time soon with this kind of wetter. >> just respect what mother nature is doing, it is not a plowable snow, it is wet. i would rather have 8 inches of snow than this little half and half kinds of thing. >> i would rather have the 1 inch, 2 inches, ya. i don't like to plow and do all of that stuff, salt. >> i he's like i don't want to deal with the work. >> about to say something.
9:34 am
>> like what? >> no, nothing. >> oh? >> now you'll get me in trouble, aling. >> oh, okay, then we move right along there. >> snow accumulation, all of that stuff. >> just we go through all of this trouble for just this little bit of snow. 8 inches, shut the city down, give the kids the day off. >> well, they already have the day off, a lot of them. >> allentown they have the day off. speaking every kids, look at these kids out there. oh, give them a wave. can we get a shot of the kids? obviously they got their book bags either on their way to school or maybe with a class trip. >> and they're bundled up. some don't have a hoodie on. >> where are your hats? >> so cute. bye, guys, have a great day! >> let's invite them in. there you go. >> there goes one. >> ah, he's weighing at you. >> very cool. >> should we bring them? is do we have time? warm them up, have a little campfire. >> you're going to scare them, bob. >> i know, what? what is this man approaching us for? >> all right, while bob does that, we will talk about bird poop.
9:35 am
>> yes. if a bird poops on you it is supposed to be good luck, right? but still gross. so now imagine take that bird poop and rubbing it on your face? one woman did this and she said everyone should do this. >> philadelphia saint patrick's day parade life at noon only on fox 29. hi
9:36 am
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>> video we showed you earlier, christina school district bus collide wad dump truck at d and healed streets.
9:39 am
you can see the damage, you can still see stuff in the roadway there it was on its way to the school for the deaf. the school bus driver, student on board, and an aid, they all suffered minor injuries. everyone was transported to the hospital. as a precaution. but we are told that despite how this looks, because you can see pretty extensive damage there, that they're all doing just fine. so we're happy to at least say that. but had to have been a scary situation for everyone involved. >> see quite an impact. glad everyone is doing fine as we just reported. we'll talk about the bird poop facial, but this just in, bob? >> i ran outside. everybody give a wave. common. >> i'm the principal of seally playschool, these are fifth graders from seally place in scars dale, new york. >> what, on a fieldtrip? >> on fieldtrip, here for three days, today our last day, toughing out the snow. >> look at this, how do you like philly so far? philadelphia good?
9:40 am
>> yes. >> thanks for coming by. right here at fourth and market. kids out front waving, we brought you all in, okay? >> thank you. >> window to the world, bob, thank youment come back over, bob. >> look, hope they're enjoying their trip. >> good to see you, kids. >> hope they're having a great time. that's a story you can go home and tell your parents, i got on tv. >> fourth and market and this strange guy approached us. >> invited us to come in. then he offered me candy. just kidding. >> so cool about being here on the corner. >> let's talk about this birds poop corner. >> how is this playing out, bob. >> look at you. >> one woman showing the world how she was able to get her clear skin. unique type of facial i'm sure you haven't heard before. she uses birds poop. yes, the woman told her story to refinery 29, and here it is. >> the birds poop comes in this weird little powder that was mixed with rice brand. so she mixes it with water, then she brushes it all over my face.
9:41 am
>> the birds poop smells good. >> it is good. good to know. >> good to hear. >> and then she kind of ex pole ate dollars and massaged my face. it actually feels really good. >> okay, it was done at a salon in new york, according to the owners the practice originate in the japan as a way to calm the skin after application of harsh lead-based make up. experts say the poop 100% safe and sanitizing before application. so don't just go walking down the creep scooping off the side of buildings and stuff, all right? this is stuff that's been sanitizing. >> would you do it? >> i like it better that it is in a powder so i thought literally the liquid like taking bird poop. >> and putting on your face. >> i just don't want it near my nose or mouth. >> it is going into your pores, so it is going into your body. >> not for me. >> i wouldn't do it either. i had a bird poop right here. i really felt like i was in the showers two and a half hours scrubbing, in the fetal position, make it go away. >> but i mean --
9:42 am
>> no, not for me. >> good to have nice clear skin. >> you go and tell us thousand works out for you. >> i'll take the pimple any day -- pimple any day over the bird poop. >> now jen will try out to be a phillies ball girl. >> go! okay, this is no joke. we've never seen this part of the try out before. and it is the most important thing, do you have field the ball. but my man is, seriously, you have to do it later. oh, come on back. we will show you the girls trying out for the phillies ball girls. ♪ [one is the loneliest number that you'll ever do] ♪ nobody likes a dog with bad breath. that's why there's oravet dental hygiene chews. oravet's dual action approach cleans teeth and gets to the underlying cause of bad breath by blocking bacteria to help prevent plaque and tartar. for a cleaner mouth everyone can love. ask your vet about oravet chews.
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serious oral care made simple
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9:45 on this friday, and we are dealing with snow, it is coming down at fourth and market. take a look at those flakes and the tumbling temperatures, as well, 34 degrees in philadelphia, you factor in the winds, it feels like 25 degrees. watch out for those reduced visibility, down to 1 mile in philadelphia, down to half mile north and west. and look at ultimate doppler, track that snow, still rain down the shore, but dealing with it pretty much area wide once you move north and west of philadelphia, interior parts of south jersey, looking at that light to moderate snow. so temperatures upper 30's, low 40's, maybe an inch or so around philadelphia, two to 4 inches for the lehigh valley, and then take a look at future feels-like temperatures in the teens by
9:46 am
tonight. single digits, when you wake up on saturday morning. saturday's high only 33 degrees. sunday, we're looking at 36. feels like temperatures, teens and 20's for the upcoming weekends. cold for the saint patrick's day parade on sunday, as well. temperatures top out in the 30's, but will feel like the teens and 20's for much of the day. now, next week, monday night into tuesday, guys, we are watching a developing coastal storm potential nor'easter, the track, the timing, the potential snowfall totals still uncertain. but, something to watch as we move beyond the upcoming weekend. and you can see temperatures back to winter in the seven day forecast. >> yes, it feels like winter, great picture. from maple spring vinyards, and they are getting pretty decent amount of snow, i mean, looks pretty. nice little covering, there don't you think, scott? >> probably about two, 3 inches maybe. >> i thought it was a pretty picture. thanks for send that in, pretty. no thank to you scott for telling bus this weather. poor guy.
9:47 am
been beating him up all morning. >> just doing my job. >> do you have what it takes to be a phillies ball girl? we will put your skills to the test, in fact, jen is putting her skills to the test. she's live at citizens bank park trying out with the girls. >> reporter: now, alex, do i recall that you played softball in high school? was that you? or did you run track? >> i ran track. >> okay, sorry. this is a lot harder than it looks. so good morning to you. so seven, eight girls will get an invitation to be philadelphia phillies ball girls this year. how many people are trying out? >> we have about 40 trying out now. we have 13 returning from last year. so looking to build a team of 20 or so. >> okay, so people have never seen us do this before, what is she doing right now? >> so we assess couple of different things, half of the try out is softball, what you are seeing right now, assess their fielding, their arm, we want to make sure they're athletic, they'll actually be on the field. make sure they can handle a foul ball basically. but then also make sure they're a giuliani to get out
9:48 am
of the way if they have to. whole other part, get out of the way, not be in the way. >> right. >> then also on the other batting cage assess their hit willing, because the ball girls play charity softball games. so make sure we're putting out good product there, as well. >> they also do like media interview, basically ambassadors? >> yes, community ambassadors, so we do media interview as well, make sure they can handle themselves on camera, think on their feet, see their personality, constantly, even if not on camera, interacting with the fans at the ballpark, different events they go to. so looking for the all around person basically. >> all right. do you think i should get in there? >> yes. you have done it a couple of years. >> i haven't done this part of it, though. this part was scarier a than the other part. okay? because look how fast it is. >> little fast, right. >> we will let jen come in. see how she does. you want to back her up? you can back her up. >> oh, my gosh. ya perfect, you stay in i a
9:49 am
same you're a softball player somewhere, because her shirt says softball. what am i looking? >> get rid of that ball. >> yes, get rid of the ball. >> okay. >> that was good throw, right? okay? go. oh, there go. >> here we go. >> and we like that the glove matches your shirt. >> what do youy? >> i didn't even meet you. ladies! thank you so much. >> no problem, thanks for coming out. >> obviously he took it easy on me, but did i catch the ball. >> true. >> even though my eyes were closed. did you see what did i? >> i actually couldn't see your face. >> just let it go in. please let it go in. >> i love it. nice try. >> see jen on the side lines? that would be a site.thing,- >> we would be in trouble. >> do we have this new keeping up with the kardashian video, trailer for another season that they're having. from kim's paris robbery to scott's playboy ways. the cameras seem to catch it all. >> in paris kim kardashian has been robbed. >> if the elevator does not open in time, i'm --
9:50 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> scott brought a girl here. >> it is never going to work out. >> okay, so seems like they'll touch are lot of interesting topics that have happened in their lives that we've been reporting on. so we'll just have to see when it comes out. 9:50. we're getting ready for the saint patrick's day parade. what more you can expect to see on sunday. but we will have a performance soon. so stick around. >> here we go! >> ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ i lost my sight when i was 14 years old. so i really navigate the world by touch.
9:51 am
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>> they say everyone is irish on saint patrick's day, we're excited about sunday's parade. so everyone is irish sunday, too. >> we have the real deal here, the jamison band. >> how are you doing.
9:54 am
>> doing well. your sounds, i mean there is, when you guys perform, you just don't get down in your seat, you get up, dance, get all sweaty? >> absolutely, definitely a high energy show. we tends to mix-up traditional irish music with pop songs, and country songs, and dance songs, and rap songs, and kind of america it altogether. >> wait, rap, what? >> everything. >> really that is interesting. what can we see this sunday then at the parade? >> pretty much the same thing, mix it up, three more members, electric guitar, plus mandolin, another guy who since, we have fiddle player, base player, drummer, so it is much fuller on sunday. >> we love you guys. because you're friend of the show, from northeast philadelphia, right? >> we, are yes. >> you guys voted best irish bands in america. >> we were, yes, it was about six, seven years ago. >> still, that still holds true in our eyes. >> we take it. >> i love it. so excited then to see you guys play sunday, we will get little bit of you guys in a little bit. first over to bob, so we have some dancing going on, too?
9:55 am
>> i have some dancing going on, set me up with the starter pose here. this here, right foot, there you go. this is about as far as i'm going to go. okay? chris, speak and dance, the owner, you have what, 12 locations in. >> twelve locations in philadelphia and bucks count. >> i that's got to be fun. go down and introduce the line. >> assistant kayla, salve anarchs allison, both help out with class. >> so tell us about the classes, they range in ages from like what's a good age? >> eighteen months. >> eighteen months? >> we have mommy and me classes. >> oh, cool. >> yes. >> so up until what age. >> adults. >> wow. >> twenty adults. >> so this has to be like the superbowl of irish for you, right? >> it is, we have 25 events in the three week saint patty's day periods. >> now the two on the end, you're in school. what's the school think of you taking off from school and dancing on television and other events? >> it is mainly on the weekends. >> oh, that stinks. >> well, they don't mind if we do. >> exactly. so give them a shout out. what school?
9:56 am
>> mast. >> and your favorite teach their? >> the principal, the principal is the favorite teacher? >> so you'll be in the parade sunday. >> yes. >> how many performers will you have with in you your dance group. >> about 70. >> that's going to be great. >> cool. saint patrick's day parade, on sunday, right here in philadelphia. of course you can catch it on fox 29. from noon to 3:00. we have the new parade route get down early. i want to suggest getting down along market around 11:00. and then we hit the airwaves at noon right here on fox 29. you ready to do some performing? >> yes. >> ready to dance? ready? >> bob, are you joining? >> i'm going to. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:57 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:58 am
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>> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." ♪ >> announcer: now, here's wendy! ♪ ♪ >> wendy: thank you for watching.


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