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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  March 10, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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trenton. in the middle the ben franklin parkway and on your right is allentown. snow squalls made it hard to see throughout the morning and well into the afternoon. >> the return of this winter weather is better late than never for skiers the fresh coating of snow and low temperatures and blue mountain needed fresh powder in time for the weekend. skiers love that. but hopefully you didn't put away your winter weather gear just yet. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. the snow is gone for now, but it could be awhile before we see temperatures in the 30s again. let's get right to meteorologist monica cryan for what is in store for the weekend. hi, monica. >> hi. the snow is going to be moving out. but the temperatures are going to stay low. so make sure to keep that winter jacket handy. here we are looking at your ultimate doppler radar. the widespread snow we had earlier through the morning you can see that has moved out now what we're dealing with are some scattered snow squalls. that is the equally as dangerous because it real reduce visibility and short amount of time and catch drivers off guard. here we are looking at more
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expanded version of this and notice there's more back where it came from. back towards western pennsylvania, continuing to push east. so we'll be dealing with snow squalls at least through the evening. temperatures are going to be dropping your visibility at times could be reduced. you can see allentown at a mile and three quarters because of a snow squall pushing through really reducing that visibility here we have some of those pennsylvania snowfall totals. that's where we had highest amounts. you can see in wayne, delaware county, 4.2. chesterbrook 3.7. areas in delaware and into new jersey saw from one to 3-inches. pennsylvania from three to even 5-inches of snowfall. snow squalls for tonight and refreeze possible and guess what? we've got more snow on tuesday. the forecast is coming up. guys. >> i want to hear about that guess what on tuesday monica. weather you're headed to the st. patrick's day parade this weekend or up to the poconos do a little skiing, take the weather authority with you. right there on in your pocket. the weather authority fox 29 app it is available on apple and
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android devices. several people are in the hospital tonight after a schoolbus crashed in wilmington. this video coming from fresco user ronald romeo fire officials say a dump truck crashed into the bus this morning as it was hiding to the delaware school for the deaf. one child and two td adults on the bus were hurt. two people in the dump truck were also injured but we're told everyone is going to be okay. >> developing now delaware county community is feeling very uneasy tonight. police say a masked man attacked a woman at gun point right outside her ho home. >> now investigators want to know if it's connect to do a string of similar attacks across the state line in delaware. fox 29's jeff cole joins us live from the state police barracks in media tonight. jeff? >> reporter: well chris we've talked to the new castle county police there in delaware. we've talked to state police obviously here in pennsylvania based in media. and they are comparing notes, and they are trying to figure out whether those series of attacks over there in delaware have any link to what happened
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here just this week. they are working to make a possible link. tuesday night just past 7:00 at the madison apartment homes on coventry lane ebb glenn mills a 65-year-old woman approached her door. >> there was elderly female that was entering her home. at that time unknown male approached that -- the elderly lady with a handgun. >> reporter: the victim seeing the handgun fought her mask add tack kermit assailant not wan wanting a fight backed off. the property owner sent this letter to residents the next day wanting -- warn of an armed assault. >> what did you think? >> we have little bit of a problem. that's all. >> reporter: this woman is a fisty 88-year-old. she's locking up. >> they didn't say how hurt they are or -- i'm just -- my door is closed. that's it. >> reporter: victim wasn't injured say police but the attack has raised concerns, a masked gunman who struck three times recently in new castle
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county, delaware, has crossed the state line. in two delaware cases, the women were kidnapped, sexually assau assaulted and forced to withdrawal money and hand it over. >> we have been in contact with delaware. however, at this time we cannot say that this is connected with delaware. so ass at this point we don't know that. >> reporter: residents in glenn mills clearing snow friday were concerned but resigned to the ever present threat of crime even in what they call a safe area. >> i'm going to buy some mace and i'm going to carry one much those things that make a really loud noise that you, n they play at -- they use at the games and anybody comes around i'll hold my finger on it. >> reporter: so there you go. people are just going to take their own security precautions it doesn't appear folks that police have a lot to go on. don't seem to have any video. don't really have a drawing and don't certainly at this point seem to be too too sure about a car however they certainly say they are working on leads.
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owners of the property say they're working alongside police as well. live in media, delaware county, jeff cole, fox 29 news. dawn, back to you. >> thank you jeff. torments night investigators in chester county are trying to figure out what sparked a fire that left one person dead. firefighters responded to the 500 block of valley forge road in phoenixville around 9:0 o'clock this morning when crews arrived they fought flames on the third floor. they were able to get it under control quickly. but they found one person dead in the room where the fire sta started. they're not yet identifying the victim tonight as the investigation continues. a man shot while riding in a jeep in east germantown has died. police say a gunman pulled up to the vehicle and shot 25-year-old timothy kenner tuesday night on east haines street. he died the next day. the driver of the jeep wound up crashing into another car after the shooting hurting two people inside that car. the gunman is still on the loose tonight. happening now, prosecutors upping the anti in a gruesome bucks county murder case. they may now seek the death penalty against the woman
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charged in the rape, murder and dismember ship of her 14-year-old adopted daughter. details of grace packer's death stunned this region a couple months ago. today sarah packer back in court for a formal arraignment. bruce gordon just back from doylestown and joins us live now in studio with the latest. bruce? >> reporter: chris, this death penalty decision is not a done deal. but the paper work filed today puts prosecutors in position to seek the ultimate punish many should they get a don conviction in this heinous crime. >> outside snow blanketed the bucks county courthouse on this cold wintry day. inside, prosecutors said the cold-blooded killing of grace packer may, may justify the death penalty fort woman charg charged. in laying out the aggravating circumstances it would justify a death sentence. they claim that packer was killed in the perpetration of a felony and was committed by means of torture. >> if there are certain aggravating factors that exist in a case we have an obligation
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to file notice to preserve that right should we decide to seek it at trial. >> is this the kind of case that screams death penalty. >> obviously the facts are terrible but we're obligated to look at this with a legal perspective. >> reporter: sarah packer is charged with murder in this case specifically prosecutors say she watched her boyfriend jacob sullivan rape and kill the 14-year-old girl helped hide her daughter's body, bought the saw used to dismember that body. then lied to investigators probe what was thought at the time to be a missing person's case. grace packer's death story of abuse and neglect shown a spotlight on gaping holes in pennsylvania's foster care and adoptions oversight. strangers banded together for a memorial service. designed to show her the dignity in death she had failed to receive in life. her biological mother was on hand for the tribute. >> what would you like people to know about your daughter? >> that her memory and her smile
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will never fade away. >> reporter: court documents showed jacob sullivan confessed to being the one who actually killed grace. sarah packer's defense team may hang their hat on that admission when or if these charges make it to trial. >> certainly the allegation in this case are very serious and horrific. but i would point out that what was said from the beginning, we don't believe they'll ever been any evidence my client killed anybody. >> reporter: you heard me say when or if this case goes to trial. defense attorney keith williams suggested a plea bargain is not out of the question if the case does goes to trial he might ask that the proceedings or at least the jury selection be moved out of bucks county. because all of the publicity and certainly the outrage this case has generated. jacob sullivan formal arraignment set for the 31st of this month. dawn? >> bruce, thank you. a northeast philadelphia hotel is being targeted by claims it let sex trafficking happen in its rooms and look the other way. attorney tom klein filed a lawsuit on behalf of a teenaged
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girl who was allegedly enslaved and forced into sex trafficking at the age of 14. the suit alleges that the roosevelt inn provided rooms for human traffic kerrs who exploited girls and regularly saw men enter the room where the teen was kept. it's the first suit filed using the pennsylvania human trafficking law of 2014. which allows for compensation for victims who were trafficked. >> what we seek to do here and what we believe to be the first lawsuit filed under this statute is to send that message that you will be held financially responsible. you need to clean up your hallways. you need to have procedures and policies in place and you need to have personnel who do not look the other way. >> we reached out the hotel but they declined comment on the lawsuit. we are now halfway through president trump's first 100 days in office. the president hosting a bowling and pizza party trying to convince members of his own
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party to support the new gop backed health care bill. fox's joel waldman is in washington with the latest. >> reporter: at a white housework session president trump wrangling together republican house leaders hoping for some sort of compromise on the american health care act. gop backed health care bill unveiled earlier this week. >> we must act now to safe americans from the imploding obama care disaster. >> reporter: while the new measure already painstakingly passed through two house committees after set of all nighters marking up the bill, the president's own republican party remains fractured about how to keep moving the mesh forward. the only common ground seems to be the belief that obama care needs to go. >> it's hurt so many people, small businesses, patients, doctors and nurses and so after seven years of being ready for this moment, pausing, slowing down is isn't an option. >> reporter: republicans main gripe the new repeal and replace
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plan is too similar to obama care. democrats meanwhile say it's geared toward helping the wealthy and insurance companies and not the poor. some senate republicans like rand paul have already blasted the bill warning it could be dead on arrival in the upper chamber with democrats joining the chorus of boos. >> less than 48 hours after it was introduced, it was marked up. no hearings, no witnesses, no ability to read the bill. >> reporter: vice-president mike pence picks up the baton tomorrow heading to kentucky to make his own hard sell on the new gop backed health care bill. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. neighbors in this community got quite the show to say the least when two brothers stripped down and caused a major seen eventually ending with police. >> shouting outside. had our windows open and stepped out on our back porch and low and be hold two naked people in
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the parking lot. >> what police say they admitted doing before they got naked. >> and these men break into a store and head straight for the gun case. how fast they were able to get what they wanted and get out. and every life has a purpo purpose. but sometimes that purpose is even far greater than we could ever imagine. one mother's story coming up. >> and coming up all new at 6:0h school hockey ball that got so out of hand. emergency crews had to pull in.
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♪ folks in doylestown got the best of this snowy day without the worst heavy snow laid perfectly on tree limbs in the borough and by midday the ground was beautifully blanketed it really was beautiful out there. no impact on the streets in doylestown. they were wet but not particularly slick and many told us the weather was easily dealt with especially if you had a nice colorful umbrella like that one. >> i just like -- i just like rainbows, and the sun is not out so why not bring it with me. >> you like this kind of weather? >> i do. i do. i'd rather be on the beach in the bahamas but if -- i can see the prettiness in this. >> good for her. although a beach in bahamas sounds pretty good, too. >> yeah. >> crews can out in force salting sidewalks and shoveling walkways to make sure everyone stayed safe. first evening rush in almost two months drivers can use the delaware river bridge on the turnpike between pennsylvania and new jersey. the bridge reopened late last night and it happened ahead of
5:16 pm
schedule. back in january, crews found a crack in a beam which caused the bridge to drop 2-inches. more than two dozen contractors were called in. traffic is now moving on the bridge as testing will continue as for what exactly caused that crack, experts say they may never know for sure. >> but what a relief for drivers. >> no kidding. christmas day came early for eagles fans. the eagles scored big on the first day of free agency. >> they add add pair of wide receivers al sean jeffrey and tori smith to address the biggest weaknesses in 2016 and fox 29 making a big free agent pick up ourselves welcome ron burke to the fox 29 sports team. he's here to introduce the newest eagles. welcome to the team, ron. >> thanks very much, chris. great to be a part of this great team. yes the eagles introduced a pair of receivers to the lineup. veterans counting on to be difference makers in the offense beginning next season. al sean jeffrey and tori smith both signed yesterday on the
5:17 pm
first day of free agency. jeffrey the most sought of the two. the big wide receiver the eagles lacked for more than a decade. his production dipped the last two seasons as he dealt with injury an suspension. he was asked how much playing with the young quarterback in carson wentz influenced his decision to become an eagle. >> it had a lot to do with it. the sky is limit for the him. i text him i told him my job to help him win mvp which i truly believe. he's a great quarterback. >> he make the snap. he's back, he's looking complete, touchdown ertz. >> i watched carson play from a distance. and you could see that he has that it factor. and obviously he's still young. so he's not perfect, but, um, i know that he has potential to get it done. to be able to play with and also grow with him and help him in other ways i'm looking forward to it. >> receivers cashing on carson
5:18 pm
wentz great oh potential. how the eagles cashed in on relationships to pull off their free agency haul this week you hear about a kids game that the villanova basketball team can relate to. chris. >> i saw that. good stuff, ron. welcome aboard. now on to new york where we are getting a look at an odd discovery by us customs agents they say when one carlos gallant lou upon flu into jfk from the dominican republic last week he was very nervous and appeared to be -- see there busting out of his pants and you can see why. officers say they found more than 10 pounds of cocaine taped around his legs, worth about 164 grand on the street. he now is facing drug smuggling charges. wow! nurses and technicians at delaware county memorial hospital are back at work today after going on strike. more than 370 hospital staffers walk off the job on sunday. now, they couldn't come back any sooner because of temporary workers who had five-day contracts. the staffers claim when the hospital was bought by prospect
5:19 pm
medical holdings in july, staffing conditions deteriorat deteriorated. the company says it will continue contract talks with the union on tuesday. >> ♪ our bill anderson has been talking with a mom who knew her baby had a big purpose but it turned out to be far greater than she could ever imagine. she lost that baby. >> yeah. what happened after she lost him not only lifted up her family it'sly lifting up others, too. for goodness sake. heavily angel set from above as i wait for my family wrap me in love. >> reporter: when you meet autumn martinez it doesn't take long to see that she's upbeat by nature. her house is the one that every neighbor hood has always deck decorated kid friendly and comfortable unfortunately the decorations and smile can't begin to mask what her family recently faced. >> medical diagnosis is bilateral multi cystic displaced kidneys.
5:20 pm
mother term is potter syndrome. and they said said it's not compatible with life after their born. >> reporter: 20 weeks into the pregnancy, of her second child, autumn and her husband were crushed. but still searching for some great purpose for their son little logan's life. >> i said i'm going to find some type of way to make his life have meaning. so the first thing i thought of was organ donation. >> having found a purpose autumn and family gathered for a brief meeting with logan at the hospital to say hello, goodbye and prepare for his organ donation to save others. >> he opened his eyes, he grabbed my finger, kicked me husband, and then just closed his eyes and went to sleep. >> family had found at least some comfort they say they were told that logan needed to be either 36 weeks old or 7 pounds in order to be a donor. when he weighed nearly 8 pounds at 34 weeks, they were relieved until yet another tragedy struck the family. >> the nurse called them and
5:21 pm
they refused to come the requirements actually both. 36 weeks, 7 pounds. and it was hard because that was the purpose. >> reporter: she's committed to making her son's brief life have value. if it wasn't organ donation, then she would find another way. there were many families facing similar struggles so now she helps them. >> i said maybe that's what logan is for to show me about love and being there for people even if you don't even know th them. ♪ >> reporter: the loving art guardian angels in in land facebook page has become a support group for families facing the death of their children autumn and her mother send hand knitted baby hats and blankets to anyone who wants one. >> when i would cry i would hold the blanket remembering looking at the picture that's what he was wearing when i held him for the last time that's what he was in. it brought me comfort. >> reporter: they also send a stuffed elephant because elephants were the theme planned for logan's room and in what
5:22 pm
they believe was a sign on the day of logan's death an elephant helped autumn to cope. >> my husband was outside with my mom, and they happened to be -- a cloud in the sky shaped like an elephant. god is waiting for him. >> autumn and his family are another example of the unbelievable inner strength that people find to overcome pain and serve others for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. >> starting on sunday the days will get a little bit longer and that means less sleep. what doctors say you should do to help your body adjust to the change. and bizarre crime of passion. police say left one man dead. his family left in shock. >> just painful. one of the worst things ever happened to me period. >> what police say the victim's girlfriend poured down the throat of him that eventually killed him. why are you deleting these photos?
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♪ thieves are caught on camera stealing more than two dozen guns from a shop in rockville, maryland. they were in and out in just minutes and you can see two men smashing the glass and grabbing everything and anything they could get their hands on. now, they did set off the alarm
5:26 pm
but police missed them by minutes. investigator sauce they got away with 24 hand guns and seven long guns yesterday morning. those men are still on the run. police say they could face federal charges. a community in chicago is in mourning tonight following a chilling murder. >> authorities say a man died after his girlfriend poured bleach down his throat. amber ellis is devastated after losing her brother darius. prosecutors say he got into an argument with his girlfriend 24-year-old yas mean elder. authorities say she grabbed ellis by his dread locks, pinned him on the floor, then the two struggled over a bottle of bleach. >> the defendant was able to gain control of the bottle the defendant poured the bleach on the victim's face dousing him and causing the bleach to go down his throat. >> after the attack, ellis drove to a friend's house where he collapsed nearby. before he died, he told a friend that elder was the one responsible.
5:27 pm
she's now charged with first degree murder. well big news from pope francis the pontiff says he's open to married men becoming priests to combat the churches to's shortage of clergy. in an interview the pope said the lack of kathy lick priest social security quote an enormous problem and he says he would be open to change. he continued to say men who are already married could ordained but single men who are priests would not be allowed to marry. >> caught on camera. a man walk flood a gas station and goes at two teenagers smacking one right in the face. what employees say happened just minutes before. >> local teenager in the battle of her life has a very special dream. how a group of sorority sisters in delaware is making that wish come true in a big way. monica? >> the snow is moving out. if you've got weekend plans, let's say st. patrick's day parade, i've got that forecast coming right up. make sure to stick around.
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♪ mother nature is sure taking us on wild ride this march. we are only ten days in. check out the snowy scene driving in fairmount park this morning as those large flakes fell coating the grass and kind of the streets. kind of wet right now. >> punxsutawney phil sure was wrong. the snow is making foreseen nick drive in montgomery county. this is video from earlier in gladwyne. just before noon. the snow did not stick to the roads but take look at the
5:31 pm
trees. it looks like a winter wonderland it was really beautiful. >> take live look right now at the ben franklin parkway. look, you don't even see snow. >> i know. >> all the roads are pretty much just wet. some of the spots could freeze overnight. monica cryan with the chilly forecast coming up in she let us in on what could be a jaw dropper of a storm next week. >> jury selection in the eric frein case continue dad in west chester. prosecutors say the 33-year-old lay in wait and killed a pennsylvania state trooper seriously hurting another. this happened outside the state police barracks back in 2014. the first round of potential jurors answered questions about the case and views on the death penalty. the jury is being selected in chester county although the trial will be held in pike county. it begins next month. hunter biden and his estranged wife are hoping to settle their divorce amicably and privately. >> it comes after the son of the former vice-president made headlines for dating his late brother's widow. according to new court filings
5:32 pm
it appears hunter and his estranged wife kathleen want to settle -- want things to be civil despite her claims that hunter squandered the couple's money on drugs, alcohol and prostitutes the couple has been separated since 2015 because what kathleen calls irreconcilable difference. >> disturbing behavior from a stranger who slaps a young teen and it's all caught on camera. it happened if a sunoco gas station in upstate new york. police say a case of road rage. officers say the man was upset with something the teen did earlier and as he and his friends were riding their bikes police say the stranger followed them in his truck into the gas station. the store owner who knows the boy says she's shocked. >> they come here for water when they're thirsty. they come here their parents come here often. and these are good kids. good i mean this type of behavior is completely unzestable regardless of how angry you get or how wrong you think somebody is to react in physical manner like that will result in criminal charge glass
5:33 pm
police arrested 38-year-old joel malik a day after releasing the video. he's charged with endangering the welfare of a child and harassment. let's get back to your fox 29 weather authority. walking around this snow today like these people in center city. you definitely needed an umbrella. you had to have some sort of jacket. wet snow. kind of like -- >> snowman snow. >> like to look at definitely walking around it was messy out there. >> no node for umbrella chris in old city tonight but you will want to keep that warm jacket, hat and gloves handy, because the cold has returned with vengeance. meteorologist monica cryan has the forecast in 15 seconds. snow jal just moved through philadelphia pushed on out but
5:34 pm
did it leave low visible as it moved all through. here we are looking the snow squalls. i'll stop doppler radar. you can get a good look how this will continue to move down towards the south and east. those snow squalls starting back towards our west and they push on down towards the southeast. at times it does cause a blinding snow and we'll be dealing with that at least through the next few hours. and so that's something to be aware of as well as that refreeze through the overnight. so here we are looking at 35 degrees in old city. those temperatures unfortunately feel more like 24 degrees because of that northwesterly wind now we're starting to kick up those wind speeds at 21 miles per hour. so here's a look at your future cast. again, within the next few hours we'll start to see those snow squalls become much more isolated. won't be much of an issue as we head through the overnight. that's wind and that cold that we're dealing with. so by saturday morning look at this. this is start to your weekend we've got nice sunshine in store for a saturday. and all the way through sunday. so you know what we've got in
5:35 pm
store for us the st. patrick's day parade you can watch it here on fox 2912 to 3:00 p.m. on sunday. we've got some sun to start with as people are filing in. starting to line up along the parade route a new one this year the parade kicks off around 12:00 talking temperatures into the upper 20s. make sure to stay bundled because we will be dealing with a bit of a breeze throughout it parade. temperatures at 36 degrees around 3:00 p.m. partly cloudy conditions. expected at least through the rest of the day sunday. now here's the storm chris was talking about. this is storm that is going to be setting up as we head into monday night through tuesday. two storm systems kind of colliding right as they head into the mid atlantic up towards the new england region. and as it does we'll be on the colder side of this. especially through southeast pennsylvania and into new jers jersey. so we are talking snow possibly timing looks like it could set up monday night and into tuesday. tuesday morning through the early afternoon out of here as we head into wednesday. as for the exact timing and the
5:36 pm
exact amount of snow and rain expected, it's going to be kind of too early to tell. but it does look like could it have a big impact as we head into tuesday. make sure to stay with us. we'll keep up to date with the forecast and how it all pans out over the next few days. tonight temperatures into the 20s. here's going to be the new big story to talk about. not the snow. it's the cold. 16 degrees in the suburbs but it's going to feel like single digits. because we're talking gusty winds anywhere from 20 to 25 miles per hour. here's the rest of your seven da forecast. we've got a lot of 30s oh and that board. 36 degrees on sunday. temperatures overnight into the 20s. we've got the parade op sunday. and then we head into monday. still dry. still cold. and here comes that snowstorm possibly on tuesday. guys. >> i thought winter was over. >> yeah. >> all right. thanks, mon any casm. neighbors in this community got quite a show when two brothers stripped down naked and caused a major seen eventually ending with police and handcuffs. what officers say the pair
5:37 pm
admitted doing just before this chaos. any parent can relate to this video. trying to get anything done when your your little ones come barging in. this is hysterical. it happened while he was on life tv. what his this dad is saying about the now viral video. >> coming up all new at 6:00, tonight the curtain rises on a local high school production of rag time. why the show almost didn't go on. ♪
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tonight in your money a new drink trend that's actually good for you. according to industry tracker bottled water bumped soda out of the top spot for drinks sold in the us. the sales based on volume. americans drank an average just over 39 gallons of bottled water last year. that's nearly a gallon more than cash bow 98ed soft drinks but the trend shouldn't come as surprise. sales of bottled water have been growing for years while demand for soda has dropped. well, any parent can tell you
5:41 pm
how hard it is to get any kind of work done with the kids around. >> absolutely. one dad doing an interview with the bbc learned the hard way. and now as you can imagine, yeah, he's gone viral. >> the question is how -- >> what will it mean for the wider region i think one of your children just walked in. shifting -- shifting fans in the region to the relations with north may change? >> i would be surprised if they do. pardon me. >> my apologize. [ laughter ] >> keep watching the mom. that's robert kelly and he's being a good sport about it he posted a link to the video with the words hard to keep a straight face. you see the door reaching shut there. i'm sorry if you have children that is just too funny. >> the only way that interview would have been better -- >> if he took the kids and put
5:42 pm
them on his lap and did the inter interview that would have made north korea trade policy more interesting. >> bring the kids in. >> too funny. starting sunday, the days will get a little longer. but that means less sleep. what doctors say you should do to help your body to adjust to the change. one local teenager in the battle of her life has a really special dream. how a group of sorority sisters in the university of delaware is making that wish come true in a big way. great price on this boneless chicken! yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] great everyday prices and thousands of bonus buy savings. my giant.
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this march score the perfect basket. buy 8 participating products in one transaction and get a fandango movie ticket. up to $10 total value. only at my giant. ♪ dozens of young women put their skills to the test today hoping to become a philadelphia phillies ball girl. the philly staff and current ball girls tested their softball
5:46 pm
talents as well as their knowledge of baseball much the group serves as app ambassadors for the phillies. current ball girls says it is really one of the most rewarding experiences she's ever had. >> we've gotten to interact with so many amazing people. little kids, we've been to hospitals. we've been to nursing homes. you know, aside from being on the field with the fans those are like the other experiences that we've been through that are just simply amazing. >> about seven to ten girls will be selected to join the team. a teenager with a dream. she wanted to be a member of a sorority and it wasn't just any sore roar the she knew exactly which local group she wanted to join u-crew about to witness the sheer power of a dream coming true. ♪ 15-year-old victoria marsh joins her friends from sigma kappa at the university of delaware to raise money to fight childhood cancer. >> victoria is kind of their
5:47 pm
adopted sorority sister. >> thank you. >> i'm excited. they're having fun because they're like me a lot. >> victoria who has down syndrome developed a rare bone cancer called osteo sarcoma in 2014. there is no cure. she's had four operations on her lungs and had part of her ankle amputated. >> it's metastasized so her lung we just keep fightin fighting te nodules that keep appearing we go and we'll take them out and there's more and they keep coming much it's something that we're basically going fight forever. >> the sisters at sigma kappa are helping to ease some of the victoria's struggles with lots of love, fun and friendship. >> even though she's had so many hard ships she's nota phrased anything. she still wants to do it all. she still wants to be the same as us. >> ice skating trip with some of
5:48 pm
the sorority sisters proving victoria is not going to let live pass her by. >> she went out there. we have five girls holding her up shelf made it around the ring. >> victoria loves to sing. karaoke is her absolute favori favorite. the fight song is her motto in life. >> ♪ >> this is my fight song ♪ >> amazing bond between this teenager and the young women of sigma kappa all thanks to the efforts of the be positive foundation. ♪ >> besides funding child who's cancer research and helping families financially, it pairs children with cancer with different organizations on college campuses across the country. >> she makes us feel so special because she loves us so much and like it's so proud to be paired with us. >> how did you feel in your heart when you found out that they picked you? >> i felt happy and i kind of
5:49 pm
loving it. [ laughter ] >> joe mcdonough founded the non-profit after his 14-year-old son andrew died of cancer in july of 2007 much his son's blood type was b positive and he decided then and there he was going to be a positive force. >> college students put these children up on a pedestal and they help them forget cancer to a little while. in return, there's unexpected surprise for the students and that's perspective. >> she definitely makes us realize that our bad days could be a lot worse. >> the match between sigma kappa and victoria really is a match made in heaven. >> what has this meant to your family. >> it's indescribable to be honest with you. like initially for victoria and many of the things that we've done -- sorry, that have been for her end up really helping
5:50 pm
everybody. >> meeting her was honestly like probably more of a blessing for us me at least. >> my dream will be going to college here. >> so impressed by these girls. >> victoria she even wrote letter to fox news that her mom recently found telling about her dream to go to the university of delaware and join sigma kappa that's how we actually found out about this whole story. >> and 2,000 more than 2,000 students will be dancing the day and night away at the university of delaware this sunday my niece is actually going to be one of them. >> cool. >> for more information head to well, quite a scene in indianapolis when two brothers run around naked scaring neighbors then causing all kinds of chaos. the brothers allegedly made death threats to the apartment complex manager, damaged cars and punched a woman in the face. court documents show that the brothers admitted that they took psycho dell lick mushrooms earlier in the day. one witness says they were extremely aggressive.
5:51 pm
>> heard shouting outsider. we had our wip dose open and just stepped out on our back posh and low be be hold there's two naked people in the parking lot. >> the bizarre event ended when an officer tased one of the brothers. police then arrested the pair. in your health, this weeken& we gain more daylight but we lose an hour of sleep. studies have shown that lost hour can have big effect on your health. researchers say they're increase in stroke and heart attack risk in the first few days after moving the clocks forward. there's also a spike in car accidents. so what can you c we do to minimize the impact of losing that hour? well, it's common sense really. experts say try going to bed a little earlier to get some extra z's always good idea to let yourself sleep in on sunday morning. that's good advice. >> i think i will. it's a moment that will live forever in the hearts of villanova fans and now it's been riri crated in the form of legos. how long it took one man to
5:52 pm
recreate nova's buzzer beating championship win.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
hard to forget this moment villanova beat north carolina last year in the national title game well one dad decided to recreate this moment for his daughter's 11th birthday with legos. take a look. >> they give it to jenkins for the championship. national championship. >> that is awesome.
5:56 pm
>> pretty cool. >> lego master jared jacobs says it took him 40 hours to finish. >> i believe it. >> the st. patrick's day parade just a couple of days away now and big part of the tradition well the bagpipes and drums. >> some of philly's finest and bravest showed bob kelly the ropes and explained what it takes to become part of their famed pipe and drums band. ♪ >> they're one of the most recognized groups in the saint st. patrick's day parade. philadelphia's finest and philadelphia's bravest saving lives and making beautiful music all at the same time. when you're at the st. patrick's day parade, there's no mistaking when the philadelphia police and fire pipe and drum band is passing by. >> ♪ rich in tradition and style. the band was started back in 1996. >> our main goal to honor those who died in the line of duty and
5:57 pm
anybody who's a philly cop or fireman or emt that passed a way we're there to honor them and their family and thank them for all they serve. >> when they're not thanking the fallen for their service, they're performing at another events like the philadelphia police promotional ceremony recently held at mcgonagle hall and of course the st. patrick's day parade. >> our first honoree is here. the philadelphia police and fire pipes and drum band. >> i'm not one of the finest or even the bravest, i was interested in knowing if i had what it takes to be a part of the philadelphia police and fire pipe and drum core. >> can you teach me how to play? >> yeah! >> let's do it. >> ♪ >> at first -- >> okay. >> blow in the bag. >> i guess i was got to have a lot of hot air?
5:58 pm
>> ♪ >> you got a kilt for me. >> i think we got one for me. you wear nothing under our kilt. so to show that we have nothing under the kilt when you earn your kilt you have to put your underwear on your head to let everybody know that too are following the rules and are regimen. >> our newest member bob kelly. >> ♪ >> it's an honor to be a member. pleasure to have you. >> i got my kilt. i know how to play the bagpipe. i say we practice for the parade. what do you say. >> let's do it. >> let's do it. from all of us at the philadelphia police and fire pipe and drum happy st. patrick's day. >> ♪
5:59 pm
>> they actually let him wear the kilt. you can catch the st. patrick's day parade live right here on fox 29 on sunday. we will all be down there marching if you can't make it watch on tv noon to 3:00. you can again catch it again with a rebroadcast on st. patrick's day at noon. fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ right now at 6:00-a weather roller coaster. 24 hours we went from spring to blowing snow and white out conditions. now, your weather authority is tracking the cold that won't be going anywhere any time soon.
6:00 pm
and she's on trial for the heinous crimes behind the death of her adopted daughter. today sarah packer back inside a bucks county courtroom. could she get the death penalty ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. talk about wild weather day. drivers heading home are having a much easier go of it in south philadelphia than the drive in this morning. >> same goes for trenton. no problems on the roads right now. for people heading home, the weekend, but that's big change from earlier today. take a look at this time lapsed video that shows just how bad the visibility was at times this morning over a six-hour period the snow didn't stick to roads,& but poor visibility did cause a few crashes. clearly, winter not ready to call it quits just yet. good evening everyone, i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney. your weather authority said it could get messy


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