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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  March 11, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EST

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. right now at 11:00, some snow squalls are still bringing snow to parts of our area tonight. it certainly has been a wild and woolly day weather wise. taking a live look at radar, you can see some of that snow is still moving through and with it it is bringing some frigid temperatures. i'm dawn timmeney. those cold temps will stick around through the weekend. then what may come next week we'll have snow lovers rejoicing. fox 29 meteorologist mo monica cryan is here to break it all down for us. monica? >> i'm sure the skiers aren't too upset to hear we're getting snow into the new work week. we'll break it i wasn't all down coming in just bit. let's wrap this last system up.
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we can see we've got scattered snow showers out there earlier about 12 hours ago this was a complete white out over the doppler radar, and now it's becoming much more isolated as this does start to come to an rental. you can see from evesham into moorestown back into just the northern parts of philadelphia that's where we've got some of that snow and down towards the south of trenton over 295. that's where we have some of those isolated snow showers but again if that northwesterly wind that's usher in that colder air making it feel even colder because those winds are whipping up about 24 miles per hour. really biting at the skin so we're talking temperature of 30 degrees but it feels more like 16. the teens and overnight what we're going to see is that wind chill feeling more like we're in the single digits. because here's the overnight low. 20 degrees in philadelphia. 15 in pottstown. reading coming in about 16 degrees. and then overnight in wildwood we're talking 22 degrees but with that northwesterly whipped
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at 25 miles per hour it can definitely make it feel that much colder so we'll want to bundle up as you head out early tomorrow morning. back the sunglasses we've got nice sunshine in store for us. partly to mostly sunny skies at least to start with on saturday. saturday afternoon and into sunday we may see a little bit more cloud cover. so call for partly cloudy conditions for your st. patrick's day parade in philadelphia. you can watch it on fox 29 but if you are headed to the parade, bundle up we've got temperatures into the 20s in the morning hours as the parade kicks off we'll be into the upper 20s. mid 30s later in the afternoon around 3:00 o'clock that's where we'll top off with a bit of a breeze. making it feel a bit cooler and then tuesday all eyes will really focus in on a system that's going to be pushing through. you can see this coastal storm is going to be really feeding in the moisture but we're on the cold side of this. and so that's going to bring us the chance for snow and there is a lot of moisture we can see high snowfall totals.
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we'll keep up to date here on fox 29. snow. there's no real snow isn't center city. we did traveling around the area today and we saw some strange weather in places.
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yesterday's picture perfect weather just a dream? it was surely a far cry from this scene at tyler state park in newtown bucks county this afternoon. >> last hour, it's been on and off it goes blue and starts snowing it goes blue again and then it starts snowing. so it's been like -- if you don't like the current weather, wait it will change. >> reporter: as if on queue it did. this is how it looked just 20 minutes later. hardware stores aren't sure what to display. yesterday it was brooms and rakes. today out came the shovels and the sleds. >> we were putting the winter stuff away and bringing the spring stuff out. >> reporter: suddenly you're -- >> we're putting it back out and selling it. >> reporter: how were you dressed yesterday. >> short sleeved shirt and shorts. >> reporter: day later kids everywhere woke up hoping school was closed. summer yesterday, winter today. no surprise which most prefer. >> i think summer. >> reporter: you're ready for summer. if you had to choose. >> yes. >> reporter: this wild weather doesn't make it easy for tourists like jim and elizabeth
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gallon win visiting from vermont. >> i have huge suitcase because do i need a winter jacket do i need t-shirts? i don't know. >> what we do know is that in ten days spring is officially here even if it is hard to see that far ahead. >> crazy weather. >> reporter: yes it is crazy weather. we were talking about the st. patrick's day parade it's actually starting here this is is the staging area it is eventually going to make its way and run down market street and as we mentioned if it is just too cold for you on sunday afternoon, you can catch all of the action right here on fox 29. dawn? i'm pulling out my longjohns i'll be marching. >> there you go. >> all right, brad, thank you. you can stay with fox 29 as your weather authority continues to track the upcoming storm. "good day philadelphia" weekend starts at 7am tomorrow morning with the very latest. tonight some neighbors in delaware county are concerned following a violent attack at an apartment complex. state police say a masked man held up a 65-year-old woman at the madison apartment homes off
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coventry lane. that's in glenn mills. it happened tuesday. when a 65-year-old woman was coming home. she fought the masked attacker off and was able to get away. the woman was not injured fortunately. but the attack has raised concerns since a masked gunman has struck three times recently in new castle county, delaware. still not clear however tonight if the cases are related. happening right now, tense moments on the hockey ring during a high school game in montgomery county. two players are now recovering from a massive brawl. the fight also had police involved. fox 29's dave kinchen reports from hatfield. >> reporter: you could say it's bad enough that teen hockey players are fighting on the ice during a key game but what may be worse adults can be heard cheering on the fighting. >> emotional hockey tournament game heats up on the ice in hatfield. ridley hockey club players brawl with central bucks west as ridley trails seven to one. it's the class 2a quarter final follow the flyers cup which means the loser goes home.
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>> seemed like halfway through the second period they stopped playing hockey and started trying to hit people and trying to hurt us as much as they could. >> reporter: cb west mayor sean phillips is recovering from swollen eye and broken knows after taking a pounding. >> i got up. my helmet was off and some other kid was coming at me and starts at my head. next thing i knew obliged all over the place. >> it's high school. it's not nhl. i've never seen it. we've never ever seen that before at a high school level. >> reporter: video of the clash has gone viral on social media. adults can be seen in an altercation in the stands. hatfield police responded and say 2cb west players reported injuries while police investigate sean wants to heal since his team team has another game to play. >> i want to see if i can get back on skates as soon as possible. >> ridley team management called the actions of their players indy fencible and offered an apology to the cb west team.
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it's unclear if the supervising league will take any act in this incident. in hatfield, dave kinchen fox 29 news. all right. thanks, dave. jury selection in the eric frein case continue dad in west chester. prosecutors say the 33-year-old ambushed and killed a pennsylvania state trooper and seriously hurt another. it happened outside the blooming grove barracks back in 2014. the jury is being selected in chester county although the trial will be held in pike county where it all happened. the trial begins next month. it is opening night in cherry hill for a controversial high school showing of ragtime set off a big debate earlier this year on whether or not to use the racial slur in the musical. fox 29's sabina kuriakose is in cherry hill for opening night. sabina? >> reporter: dawn, the show just wrapped up and it was a packed house. cast and crew tackling his controversy head on. >> tonight's production will feature racially charged language. >> reporter: it's not often a high school play can generate
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national headlines or prompt a statement from the cast before a show time. friday's opening night performance of tone 19 i ward winning musical ragtime did both of those things more. centered around the district's decision to keep the n word in the stript script. >> reporter: the superintendent first decided to cut the word out of the production in january. after weeks of community dialogue, ragtime was back on track to be performed fully intact. it's a decision parents and students we spoke with tell us they welcomed along with classroom curriculum the district decide to make students aware of the emotional and historical context of the slur. >> i guess it was basically sensitivity classes for the student body. >> i think it's good informative play that all of us should be a part of. >> reporter: broadway star and
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ragtime of original cast money brian stokes mitchell who visited cherry hill high school east last week recorded a facebook message to students on opening night. >> i especially hope that the conversation continues. >> reporter: and that conversation will certainly continue. dawn, back to you. >> thank you sabina. the annual philadelphia st. patrick's day parade just days away and our bob kelly gives us a look what goes into creating that great irish music. it may be outside but spring is in the area. we are just a day away from the opening of the 2017 philadelphia flower show at the pennsylvania convention center. we were live there this morning for the sneak peek. this year's theme is holland flowering the world which celebrates culture and the flowers of the european country. the amazing show will be open until march
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♪ >> bucks county prosecutors today filed notice in court that they may seek the death penalty in the rape, murder and dismemberment of 14-year-old grace packer. her adoptive mother sarah packer and sarah's boyfriend jacob sullivan charged in the heinous killing. sarah pleaded not guilty at a formal rain many in doylestown today. the bucks county district
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attorney filed notice that since the murder happened during commission of a felony and involved torture they reserve their right to seek the death penalty should sarah packer be convicted of murder. >> there are certain aggravating factors that exist in a case. we have an obligation to file notice to preserve that right should we decide to seek it at trial. >> is this the kind of case that screams death penalty. >> obviously the facts are terrible. but we are obligated to look at this with a legal perspective. >> certainly the allegations in this case are very serious and horrific, but i would point out that what was said from the beginning, we don't believe they'll will ever be any evidence that my client killed any body. >> sarah packer's boyfriend jacob sullivan faces his formal rain many on march 31st. you see it, you shoot it our fresco users are helping us show what's happening in your neighborhood. so, chris, what's going on tonight? >> dawn, several people are hurt after a schoolbus crash in
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wilmington. fresco user ronald romeo shows us the scene at d and south hill streets. fire officials say dump truck crashed into the bus this morning as it was headed to the delaware school for the deaf. one child and two adults on the bus were hurt. two people in the dump truck were also injured. they are all going to be okay. also, in wilmington, preparations for the st. patrick's day parade in full swing there. our fresco user ronald zens this video of the mayor of wilmington he helped paint a green stripe right in the middle of king street to help celebrate the holiday and also mark the route of tomorrow's parade in wilmington. when you see news happening, be sure to take out your phone and shoot it. make sure you use the fresco app and zen it to our newsroom. dawn? >> thank you chris. in your health daylight savings begins this weekend and that means you lose an hour of sleep and according to a new career builder survey you better start getting on a good sleep
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schedule now. the survey found out that one of four workers don't feel they get enough sleep each night the lack of sleep negatively impacts their work work. nearly half of owl workers surveyed said they think that work -- they think about work and it keeps them up at night while doctors recommend eight hours a night less than one in five people say that they reach that goal. saint patrick day parade here in philadelphia is just a couple of days away and a big part of the tradition the bagpipes and drums. some of philly's finest and bravest showed our bob kelly the ropes and explained what it takes to become part of their famed pipe and drums band. ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, the philadelphia... ♪ >> one of the most recognized groups in the st. patrick's day parade. philadelphia finest and philadelphia's bravest saving lives and making beautiful music all at the same time. when you're at the st. patrick's
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day parade there's no mistaking when the philadelphia police fire and pipe and drum band is passing by. rich in tradition and style. the band was started back in 1996. >> our gal main goal is to honor those too died in the line of duty and anybody a philly cop, fireman or medical. emt that passed away retired, active. we're there to pay honor to them and their family and thank them for all they serve. >> when they're not thanking the fallen for their service, they're performing at other another events like the philadelphia police promotional ceremony recently hell at mcgonagle hall and of course the st. patrick's day parade. our first honoree is here. the philadelphia police and fire pipes and drums band. >> i'm not one of the finest or even the bravest. i was interested in knowing if i had what it takes to be a part of the philadelphia police and
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fire pipe and drum core. >> can you teach me how to may? >> yeah! >> let's do it. >> ♪ >> blow in the bag and move your fingers. >> i guess you got to have a lot of hot air. ♪ >> ♪ >> you got a kilt for me. >> i think we got one for you. regimen theme you wear nothing under our kilt. so to show that we have nothing unthe kilt, when you earn your kilt you have to put your underwear on your head that let's everybody know you're following the rules. fellas, our newest member, bob kelly. ♪ [ applause ] >> it's an honor.
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it's an honor to be a member. >> pleasure to have you. i got my kilt, i know how to play the bagpipe. i say we practice for the parade. what do you say. >> let's do it. >> let's do it. from all of us at the philadelphia police and fire pipe and drum, happy st. patrick's day! >> ♪ the philadelphia st. patrick's day parade one of the oldest in the country. you can catch it live right here on fox 29 this sunday march 12th from noon until 3:00 o'clock and then catch it again with a rebroadcast on st. patrick's day at noon. and ron burke is here now with what's ahead in sports. ron? >> dawn there's a common thread
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that could actually eagles free agent additions. i'll explain how the front office relied on the certain area of comfort in deciding where to spend its money.
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♪ ron burke explains the eagles free agency approach. his commentary in 15 seconds. ♪ one thing we know about free agency is it's a guessing game. while it's true the guesses are educated, they're largely
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propped up on home teams that guess work can heff pay a hovy place on the field in the front office and coaching staffs with the eagles did this week is so intriguing. system laced with unknowns they relied on what they do now by alshon jeffrey, torry smith and womack. each player has relationship with someone in the organization. eagles vp of personal nem joe douglas in baltimore front office when the ravens drafted smith and war mack was a star guard at alabama under coach jeff stoutland n an off season were improvement is vital with relatively limited salary cap space howie roseman and company cashed in on relationships. it's result not often seen so earl until free agency when bill money dictates the signings. of course, these relationship don't guarantee victories before a team that senses the urgency of putting the right pieces in
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place right now the eagles are being smart by cutting down on the guess work. dawn? >> all right fingers crossed. could the terminator be poised for a run for the senate politico reports republican insiders say that arnold schwarzenegger is considering a run for the us senate in 2018. but may run as and independent. spokesperson for the former california governor said he wants to use this platform to quote bring some sensibility and company hernia see to washington by fighting for redistricting reform like he did in californ california. theyed the former governor isly keeping his options open. well, we can't say that about the weather, right? we'l& in for a big storm? >> yes, we've got a storm coming our way on tuesday, and i know this winter has been kind of mild. this does look like this will be the snow that kind of keeps winter here. >> all right. >> we'll see what happens. >> all right. thanks monica. that will do it for us at 11:00.
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more entertainment news with tmz and dish nation followed by chasing news and the
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