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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  March 13, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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for commuters with much of the northeast expected to get snow. >> live ultimate doppler radar tracking the system. moving toward us. this could be our biggest snowfall this winter. reminders that march is oftentimes unpredictable and often brings big-time snowstorms. thanks for joining us at 6:00. i'm lucy noland. >> i'm chris o'connell. iain is off tonight. get ready. right now here's what we know. a snow emergency goes into effect in philadelphia at 9:00 o'clock. philadelphia's public be parochial schools closed tomorrow and you can see other closings at the bottom of your screen. >> we have team coverage of the storm preps beginning right now with meteorologist kathy orr. the woman of the moment. what you got, kathy. >> guys, this will be undoubtedly the biggest storm of the season. other storms we pick up 3-inches here. 2-inches there. we're going for about a foot in philadelphia and 24 years ago almost to the date we had the super storm of 1993. it impacted almost every single major city along the east coast and philadelphia got around a
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foot of snow. a very similar storm at least for us in this area. ultimate doppler showing an area of low pressure to the south and another one to the north. these two will be combining forces and building into a major nor'easter for the eastern seaboard. i was already seeing moisture streaming up the east coast. cold enough for snow showers and that will just be the beginning but the main event is all going to come together with major east coast snowstorm overnight there wasn't the day tomorrow. through the big cities. d.c., philadelphia, into new york and also new england. we have a blizzard warning in effect for our northern and western suburbs through the lehigh valley north jersey, poconos and into new york city. a blizzard warning means that we need some whipping winds. wind gusts to about 35 miles an hour or greater producing reduced visible at a quarter mile or less and we need it for duration of time. for three hours or more and we think we'll have that tomorrow morning across the region. as we go hour by hour the snow moves in. pretty much everywhere by
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midnight. we see mixing lifting up as far north as philadelphia. we'll have big impact on how much snow we actually see and then the mixing goes away. we change back to snow and by tomorrow afternoon, we are digging out. so i think right along that i-95 corridor, we're on the line between eight to 12 and 12 to 1. 12 to 16 in that blizzard warning area. and the red zone is the lehigh valley and the poconos. you will be seeing the most 16 to 22-inches of snow. coming up, we'll talk about the wild cards of this storm what could change things and also take look down the shore where we will have some major impacts. i'll see you later. >> talk soon, kathy. crews of course are salting the streets and city official getting their ducks in a row for this storm. >> the big question are people ready for this white out? fox 29's bruce gordon live for us in south philadelphia tonight. bruce, we're a week away from spring. are people ready for the snow? >> reporter: i'm not so sure they are, guys. i got to be honest with you i met i was a lot of skeptics
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among those stocking up on supplies to meet up with the worst predicted storm might have to offer. at the home depot on columbus boulevard employs employees were hard pressed to keep salt and snow shovels in stock. stella has customers racing back to the store to what we hope is one last round of wild winter weather. we found jim cork preparing to load his big snowblower into his suv. he thought he had seen the last of winter. 1200 bucks later, guess again. >> do you think this forecast is for real? >> i don't know. i'm not willing to take the chance. live down in southern chester county i think they're calling for 12 to 18 something like that. >> reporter: you'll be ready for it. >> i'll be ready for it. >> reporter: philadelphia streets department is ready. to clear more than 2200 miles of roadways likely to be buried by mid morning tuesday. 400 vehicles will hit the streets first to salt, later to plow. those include trucks normally used for trash and recycling pick up those will not be
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happening on tuesday. the city is promising to get to even tiny side streets in time. it lab rough go given the heavy rate of snowfall overnight. >> as soon as we do a path the street will probably be covered within the next ten to 15 minutes. he won't even tell we were there. >> reporter: mild winter so far, just a couple of minor storms in our region, the city is in good shape. 50,000 tons of road salt ready for use, this site the largest of seven salt depositors at 63rd and essington is fully loaded. >> monetary helped us. we didn't have to order as much help. also, from the manpower we didn't have to deploy as much. >> didn't have to beat up your equipment. >> the equipment itself is better shape this year than last year. >> reporter: the site of snow shovels sitting next to spring flowers may seem crazy. and with a couple of false alarm forecasts so far this season not everyone is convinc convinced ts prediction isn't just another snow job. >> are you surprised at all about this?
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>> no, because i don't think we'll get nothing. >> reporter: you don't think we'll get anything. >> no. >> yet you're buying a big plow. >> she is. >> you're buying this stuff under protest. >> pretty much. >> reporter: we should tell septa has already put out some scheduled reductions in the light of this big storm. go to we will link to you that information. and remember, that snow emergency in the city means your parked car must be off snow emergency routes by 9:00 o'clock tonight or you'll be ticketed and towed. chris, that is no way to start out a big storm. >> no, it is not. thanks bruce. the snow hasn't even started yet but hundreds of flights have already been canceled here at the philadelphia international airport. many travelers scrambled to flight out today to beat impending storm. fox 29's brad sattin joins us live from the airport tonight. brad, people skipping town. >> reporter: they're trying, chris, for sure it's really interesting in just the last hour we really been monitoring the boards here and we're seeing a lot of cancellations. all ban knee, boston, buffalo,
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burlington, across the northeast already that is starting to happen. a lot of folks obviously trying to get out of town. a lot of folks we talked to today were scheduled to leave tomorrow hoping to leave today. the airport is planning to keep operating but that doesn't mean the flights will be. it looked good on the monitor screen filled with on-time departures this morning. but by early afternoon problems were win site. american with 450 flights canceled system wide today. and it's about to get much worse. more than a thousand nights come gone from this airport on a normal day it's likely that most will not fly tomorrow. >> american airlines tomorrow, tuesday, they have canceled all of their operations in philadelphia until 5:00 p.m. >> reporter: southwest airlines canceling all flights through phl on tuesday and that had passengers scrambling to fly out today. christine was supposed to be flying on vacation to australia tomorrow. how is she feeling? >> panicked.
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[ laughter ] very panicked. >> reporter: but her travel agent spent four hours on the phone and got her rebooked tod today. >> as a result you are smiling. >> i am smiling. >> chester county travel i love them. >> reporter: nancy fox was today. good news you'd think. but would you believe she got e-mail from her airline telling her they rebook her for tomorrow. >> so they rebook you when severing being canceled tomorrow? >> yes. >> reporter: why is she here now with packed bags. >> i couldn't get on the phone to ask them if she can find something better so i figure i might do better in person. >> while it's up to the carriers to decide when to cancel, the airport for its part has more than 400 crew members on stand by for snow removal with the hope of keeping at least one runway open. but if you're flying tomorrow, take nothing for granted. >> it is expected there's going to be widespread flight disruptiondisruptions. not only in philadelphia but many other cities tomorrow. so it's a good idea to make sure you touch base with your carrier and stay in contact with them. >> reporter: many other cities
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is right. you can see on the monitor washington, d.c., water town, wilkes-barre all canceled. according to our count right now at least two dozen cities with cancellations tonight. the airlines are reschedule link starting tomorrow night after 5:00 o'clock. but realistically it could take another 24 or so hours before they're back on schedule. chris and lucy. >> all right, thank you brad. meanwhile in new jersey, governor chris christie declared a state of emergency. he says crews have already gun salting the roads in preparation for the heavy snowfall. fox 29's shawnette wilson live from the boardwalk in ac with more on how the state is preparing. shawnette. >> reporter: lucy, not many people out here at this hour concerned about the storm just yet. it is business as usual here on the boardwalk. plenty of tourists out walking around. taking pictures. enjoying the calm before the storm. even noticed the usual crowd of people going in and out of caesars. the casino here on the boardwa boardwalk. meanwhile, earlier today, the governor governor christie held a press conference to talk about preparations for the storm.
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he says that the state is expecting significant snow accumulations, winds gusting up to 60 miles per hour, freezing temperatures. widespread coastal flooding. and hazardous travel conditions. he is warning people if they can to stay off the roads while crews prepare. >> all of our trucks are ready. our salt is at 75% of its capacity because we have had a pretty slow winter. so we got plenty of salt. i was traveling on route 80 up here. they're already pre salting the roads. we're making our way behind an around a number of different dot trucks already pre salting rout. we're doing all the things that we normal dollar to get ready for a storm. >> reporter: and the governor also says that here in new jersey offices will be closed for state -- for employees. non-essential employees that is. he says search employees should report to work on their regular schedule but, again, so far the key here as we anticipate the storm the governor is urging people to stay off the roads. the big thing of course at this
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hour is preparation. back to you. >> it is good advice there, shawnette. thanks. pennsylvania governor tom wolf also warning residents he says the storm should not be taken lightly and the state is taking a number of steps to make sure residents are safe. >> the state is the commonwealth is activating the pennsylvania emergency management agency to the highest level later tonight and director flynn will talk about that in minute. earlier today, i issued an emergency proclamation to ensure resources can be procured and residents are protected from anything like price gouging. and we got you covered online at and right here extra early tomorrow morning our winter storm coverage begins at 3:30 in the morning. live-saving flight created a special bond between one little boy and the man in the pilot seat. how the relationship is soaring to new heights. eagles had busy day in free
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agency. they watched one chip kelly walk out the door while bringing another one back home. find out who went where later in sports.
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♪ man is fighting for his life tonight following a crash in voorhees, new jersey. police say he was driving on haddonfield berlin road when he drifted off the road. his car flipped several times trapping him inside he was medivacked to cooper university hospital where he's now listed in critical condition. police are not sure why he drifted off the road. breaking news into our fox 29 newsroom. we now know the jury for bill cosby's trial will come from. just ruled during the sex assault case will come from allegheny county. the jury will be sequestered it will be a long run possibly. the trial is set to start by early june. a life-saving night has created a very special bond between one little boy and the man in the pilot seat. >> photojournalist bill rohrer
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shows us why the relationship is soaring to new heights. >> reporter: angel flight pilot bob smith made this trip before. blue bell, pennsylvania, to greenville, south carolina, and back. >> this is what makes it worthwhile. >> reporter: small sign of gratitude for a small act of kindsness. >> bob donates his time and piper saratoga. to bring seven-year-old brayden bateman to yearly oncology appointment. >> we just knew that we had to be here, and we didn't know how that was going to happen. ♪ >> he had a little bit of a phobia there. >> first met brayden five years ago. while he was in treatment for retinal blass tomorrow ma rare eye cancer. >> at one point we were flying to philadelphia every two and a half weeks. and angel flight made that possible even in the middle of winter can was reall really chae for the pilots but they made it happen. >> reporter: bob and angel flight east take on the cost of each flight so patients and parents can hear moments like these. >> definitely he's cancer free.
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♪ >> i think we're relieved. we were -- i'm going cry. hold on. >> reporter: over the years few miles in the air brayden and the pilots have become close. your his favorite pilot. >> i don't know about that. >> reporter: so close brayde was part of bob's big night as he was honored as gin fleet's pile lost year. >> without that i don't know that we would have been able to have him have the best treatment possible to fight his cancer. >> every success story makes me feel glad that i'm doing this. it was just you know a way to give back. everybody will tell you it's a good excusing to flying. roar report a flight a little under four hours all it takes to form a life long friendship. >> give me a high five. >> ouch, that hurt. >> reporter: bill rohrer fox 29 news. >> you moved your hasn't. ouch! >> great family. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority. let's get back to the woman of
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the hour. and the assuming kathy is a little busy these days. >> just slightly much she's got sneakers on you just can't see them right now. >> running back and forth. >> coffee is brewing. >> roller skates, right, or heelys wheeling around here. looking at snow and some rain and these two systems coming together to form a major east coast snowstorm. having had one all year. it's about time. spring is only a week away got to get in. some energy over chicago join forces or phase like we like to say the meteorological world. and that's how the storm will form. already seeing some precipitation moving toward philadelphia but that's not the actual nor'easter. not just yet it has not formed wet. -- yet. the snow will be moving in from the southwest and look at this by midnight most of us seeing snow. temperatures in the 30s to the south and east of philadelphia. 40 down through wildwood where we'll see rain. these temperatures in south jersey borderline some wet heavy
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snow colder than north and west. lighter fluffier snow falling heavily by 7am. that rain/snow line moves into philadelphia mixing with sleet, where you see the yellow and oranges through south jersey and delaware talking about heavy rain. cold air comes back in changes everything over to snow and then it moves out late afternoon by the evening we're digging out. between 8m and 12:00 p.m. the noon hour to the north and west of the city where we have that blizzard warning talking about snow rates of two to 4-inches an hour. inland gusts to 45 miles an hour. have it visibility less than quarter mile. and hazardous travel please be careful out there. the jackpot or the red zone heaviest snow the lehigh valley and the poconos 16 to 22-inches. in our area where we have the blizzard warning 12 to 16. philadelphia right on to line between eight and 12 and 12 to 16 it's going depend how much mixing we see through the philadelphia area. right now cherry hill, philadelphia, mullica hill eight to 12. abington montgomery, radnor, pottstown and west chester you are in the 12 to 16-inch range.
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the wild cards the things we have to watch. the exact track of the storm we have to see how far north that warm air gets because we have to look at how much mixing. how much sleet and rain will be mixing in to keep some of those accumulations down. we know it will happen in south jersey philadelphia we think it's going to happen just little bit to still get around a foot of snow. what about the jersey shore? for more on that we'll send it over to monica. >> bit of a different story for areas in the delaware beaches and jersey shore because they're not expecting as much snow but the wind is going to be the big factor in this storm. for that reason, we have a coastal flood warning that's in effect through tomorrow for the injuries seashore and into the delaware beaches. your high tide that's the key high tide 9:30am tomorrow morning to 10:30am tomorrow morning. those waves 12 to 17 feet. and we have that coastal flood warning all the way through tomorrow morning and into the afternoon. here are the concerns. with that high tide there to be moderate even big flooding
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expected along the shore points and with those wind gusts possibly up to 65 miles per hour beach erosion is going to be big problem. let's take look at those wind gusts as we head into tonight and into early tomorrow morning. you can see around tuesday 4am the winds do start to pick up to 35 miles an hour along the coastline. at their worse we're talking 65 miles an hour loot act that in wildwood down into lewes, delaware, avalon same thing and that's going to be bringing in some of the that flooding and some of that beach erosion that will be we'll be dealing with at least to you tomorrow. the winds pick up dine back down into tuesday afternoon. kathy, really the storm starts to move out. >> we're looking at trenton right now in trenton we are expecting some significant snow about 12 to 16-inches of snow there. and as we take a look at your seven day forecast from the weather authority, your winter storm tuesday. a few snow showers wednesday. thursday and friday pretty chilly sane patrick's day is friday. we slowly ease out of the refrigerator or from the freezer and warm it up into the 40s over
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the course of the weekend. that's your seven day forecast. we'll be back with sports right after this. ♪ (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase?
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6:25 pm
deal in 2013 foles through for 27 touchdowns and two picks for the eagles after that he's been flat out sub par. now back up carson wentz. chase daniels who was the backup asked to be released. >> ♪ that's the fans going nuts ton campus for the villanova wildcats. nova back in the ncaa tournament ready to defend their crown and nova nation is loving it. josh hart and the fellas getting on the bus headed to buffalo trying to beat out that snowstorm. nova trying to become the first team to repeat since the florida gators did it a decade ago. but jay wright won't judge this team based on their final four appearance. >> i think when you're one seed to fans and media it would leak like failure but we're not afraid of failure. we're not afraid of people
6:26 pm
defining us as failures as long as we -- as long as we play hard for each other we're good. >> phillies in spring training the phils taking on the orioles in sarasota your new outfielder michael saunders getting the rbi single right there. bringing home a run and hellickson supposed to be the opening day starter has been awful in spring training. went four innings giving up five earned runs. phils will go on to lose, six to four. three weeks away from opening day. and doesn't look like it will be jeremy hellickson any more. >> sarasota florida sounds nice. >> it does. >> good luck getting out. i'll tell was. >> 74 degrees. nice white right now down there. >> does it for us here at 6:00. school closings come as they do they'll be posted on does we'll see you back here at 10:00 o'clock. get the snow shovels ready. inside edition neck. ♪
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spring break rescue. a cruise ship is coming right at them. he flung me up there just in time. >> then scarlett johansson's spoof of ivanka trump. and apple store ambush of the president's press secretary. >> how do you feel about destroying our country? and worst prank ever? >> the shocking fake murder photo they sent to their family. >> i just thought that it would be really cool. plus, demi lovato, kevin hart, john cena. you've been slimed. and sliced with a knife across the face. now she is marrying the emt who


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