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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  March 13, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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biggest storm of the season. >> it's not just the snow you need to worry about. it's the wind, too. and when will this nor'easter clear out? your news in 30 seconds. new fast play games. oh, you ready for a rush? uh, sure! ♪ i'm pretty excited for you right now. ♪ fast play is the new way to play fast and win instantly from the pennsylvania lottery. pick a game, get your ticket and see if you've won. i won! fast play, please! fast play. play fast. win instantly. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at ten. >> ready or not, here it comes. the snow has started falling on the east coast. you actually may see it out your
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window. here in philadelphia no flakes yet across the ben franklin parkway. as we brace for the major winter storm. this is the monster expected to dump more snow than we've seen at one time all winter long. philadelphia public and parochial schools closed today. actually for tomorrow. other school closings you'll see at the bottom of your screen throughout the next 90 minutes. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm chris o'connell. hopefully you are in for the night. because it is about get wild out there. as this storm takes aim, fox 29 team coverage has your back. meteorologist kathy orr has been hard at work on this very important forecast. kathy, what do you have? >> well, chris, we have new information into the weather center that does change the forecast somewhat. not significant the bull a few tweaks here and there. take look behind me at ultimate doppler. our two storm systems are coming together converging and we're seeing development off the coast of the mid atlantic and that is where our nor'easter our major winter storm is going to form. already seeing snow moving from
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the southwest and this will continue to fill in and block them over the next several hours. now the height of the storm undoubtedly is tomorrow morning. between about 8am and noon and you can see how this area of low pressure moves up the eastern seaboard. a lot of that snow fills in but see those yellows and orange, well, that's rain. so we do have some warmer air that will be mixing into the system and it will be changing the snowfall amounts depending on where you live. so let's take look. we have that blizzard warning in effect to the north and west of philadelphia through the lehigh valley into trenton extending up through north engineers see and of course the poconos where we do think we will see the most snow. we'll call that the red zone. the jackpot zone. so in that blizzard warning area, winds will be sustained we'll see gusts to 35 miles an hour greater for a period of three hours or more. and visibility will be reduced to about a quarter mile or less. we do think we'll see some blizzard conditions north and west of philadelphia during that period of time in the morning during the height of the storm. as we go hour by hour you can
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see how that snow intensifies by about 4:00 a.m. warm air work its way up to the i-95 corridor. the question is, how long does the sleet and rain last? there are some indications that it lingers for about four, maybe five hours before the cold air moves in and changes everything back over to snow and then the storm moves out and we're cleaning out during the mid afternoon and into the evening. so i tweaked the snow amounts somewhat. i just took a few inches down along that i-95 corridor. so instead of eight to 12 i have six to ten still good deal of snow but with more mixing closer to six or 8-inches than 12-inches. but right when you get north and west of the city still talking about ten to 16-inches of snow and that 16 to 24-inch that will come down toward doylestown, into reading new york city allentown and extend up through the poconos as well with lesser accumulation through salem, glassboro and parts of south jersey four to six i do anticipate warm mixing. coming up we'll go county by
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county and show you how much snow to expect where you live and talk more about the coastal impacts which will be significant. we have a lot of wind with this as well. guys. i'll see you laterred in brought cast. >> kathy, tax thanks. physical street department watching kathy's forecast tonight they are loading up the salt trucks mounting their plows at the city's highway yard on wait at a kerr avenue in juniata park getting ready for a long night and day ahead. we've got reporter in pennsylvania and new jersey with emergency declared in both states. live look right now at allento allentown. the lehigh valley expecting more than a foot of snow it by this time tomorrow. fox 29's dave kinchen joins us live from allentown. tracking the conditions. so far so good, dave? >> reporter: so far so good. no snow here yet. that's the key word. we're here at lehigh valley international airport where we're finding people getting in town ahead of the big storm. you could say these are the lucky ones. travelers who flew into lehigh
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valley international airport just hours before the sky was filled with big blizzard like snow clouds. john, just got home from detroit, michigan. >> it was actually snowing out there. they have two to 4-inches and my flight was actually for tomorrow i wanted to come in earlier to beat the snow coming in here. >> reporter: from those going home to those taking care of things near home. >> we have food, water, we're good. >> reporter: we visited residents at the olympic garden apartments with the preps underway. janay is working on his car. >> putting up the windshield wipers and putting up -- scrapers here and getting ready for that. that way i don't have have to dig through deep feet of snow and put the wipers up. >> we noticed charles h. herman contracting company spreading salt around the complex roads. this truck driven by the boss himself in a job residents say is usually well done. >> this company does really well with cleaning and the driveways and streets around here.
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>> reporter: if you're planning to get out of town it's a matter of destination. >> i saw a long line of people going up to atlanta. they're going in the right direction. i look forward to shoveling tomorrow now. >> reporter: what a difference a minute and 14 seconds makes. if you look into that light right there you can see some very light key word light snow falling here in the allentown area. by the way, the roads are also covered by penndot, also, we're told that they've got 37 trucks lehigh county alone about 200 in the greater allentown region that they serve and also be mindful of the declaration that governor tom wolf issued essentially saying don't travel if you don't have to. so crews can clear the roads. back to you. >> snow starting to fly there in allentown. most updated information dave kinchen. meanwhile new jersey bracing for a mixed bag of this winter storm. really all depends where in the garden state you live. kathy forecast a lot of snow for think this region up north. >> folks down the shore bracing
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for what could turn into major flooding and beach erosion. fox 29's shawnette wilson joins us now from hamilton township, new jersey. shawnette. >> reporter: governor christie said during a press conference earlier today that widespread coast cal flood sag going to be a big concern as well as people who may venture out on to the roads tomorrow. most people we talk to tonight say they plan to stay inside and only head out to shovel whatever they get. >> it's ban beautiful winter. it's been a beautiful winter. >> reporter: debra temple makes a light night run to wawa ahead of tonight's storm. already her office is closed for tomorrow. i'm going to be hunkering down and enjoying the scenery. >> reporter: garden state is expected to see significant snow accumulations. gusty winds and treacherous driving conditions. dave coil hopes it doesn't get in the way what he has to do. he and his wife are expecting. >> we are actually going over to the hospital to get you will at a sound to determine gender of baby tomorrow. so we have to be at mt. holly by
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8:00 in the morning. >> reporter: earlier today governor christie assured everyone that emergency crews are prepared. >> all of our trucks are ready. our salt is at 75% of its capacity because we've had a pretty slow winter. so we got plenty of salt. >> reporter: john gillette tee and ken poland might not have school tomorrow but they'll still be out. >> probably shoveling a lot of snow. >> reporter: they're not completely happy about it. >> for the money, yeah, but not for the work, no. >> reporter: for the most part people we talked to don't mind whatever mother nature brings, but say heavy snow this late in the winter isn't a good introduction to spring which arrives in exactly a week. >> well, my flowers that are starting to come up, my bulbs aren't happy about it, but, um, you know, it is what it is. it is what it is. >> reporter: hopefully in a week this will all be behind us in terms of this weather but the state department of transportation is expected to have road conditions posted online tomorrow. just go to fox to check
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them out. chris, of course, if you do plan to head out tomorrow. >> shawnette, thanks for joining us tonight. let's head down the shore. local crews doing what they can to minimize some of that beach erosion and flooding that really could be devastating during a nor'easter on a coastline. bulldozers on the beach in belmar up in monmouth county. crews pushing sand on the beach trying to build up the dunes to protect the storm surge. beach officials are hoping not too much damage will happen there. >> live look at philadelphia international airport where travelers have been scrambling to try to beat the storm. so far airlines have canceled more than 430 flights slated for tomorrow. we have seen cancellations today though as well southwest in fact scratched all of its flights airport says it does have a crew of more than 400 on stand by to get those runways back up and running as soon as possible. if you're flying you know how this all goes. call your airline and check the status of your flight ahead of
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time. >> many airlines are offering their passengers who have reservations the opportunity to change their itinerary without paying that customary fee. >> my flight is an hour and a half late which will miss the connection. i'm trying to get stand by before all hell breaks loose. >> hopefully it doesn't break loose but you know it could take another 24 hours before the storm -- after the storm before airlines get back on schedule. ♪ storm affecting villanova wildcats men basketball team. they moved up their departure to the ncaa tournament for a few hours. the wildcats escaping a winter storm to go to all places buffalo. sean bell will have more. >> philadelphia's streets crews say they are ready for whatever mother nature has in store.
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400 trucks on stand by are already out first salting and later plowing 22 miles of roads. the trucks began loading up late this morning at the city's largest salt depot that's at 63rd and essington. >> biggest challenge is going to be the rate it's coming down. it's expected to come down one to 2-inches an hour. just hampers the visibility of the drivers. as soon as we do a pass the street will be covered within the next ten or 15 minutes. >> salt in great supply and equipment in good condition. city promises crews will clear the smaller side streets event whatly. >> to newark, delaware, now the department of transportation is ready to clear all the roads in the first state. salt trucks are in full force officials say they've been preparing since last week. >> statewide we have about 400 personnel available for snow operations in total we have about 330 snowplows this
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district which is northern new castle county we have about 100 plows and we've already a ranged we're having ten additional plows brought up from sussex county location. >> deldot asking people to stay off the roads but if you do have to drive give the snowplows plenty of room to operate don not try to pass them. and very important here. make sure your phone is charged. this storm the power could go out. it is definitely a possibility with this wet snow. you can always use the fox 29 app to stay on top of things you need right now and it is available on apple and android devices, and don't worry, we are covering the storm from all angles. our reporters will be stationed across the delaware valley telling you everything you need to know. our storm coverage beginning at 3:30 tomorrow morning. powerful video police so desperate to arrest a guy they turned a hose on him. then tragedy. plus, spring break gone wrong. three college girls a jet ski
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hit, a cruise ship. look at the bottom of your screen. what's happening in this video brought congress to a standsti standstill. >> our kathy orr bring ugh the snow totals throughout the entire hour. kathy. >> let's start with the heaviest in pennsylvania and the poconos. 16 to 24. allentown 16 to 22. quakertown, 16 to 20. all snow for you. lansdale 12 to 16. drexel hill six to ten. the same in philadelphia. we'll be back with more details, more timing and more totals coming up. >> all right. you heard kathy. this right here is the start of the storm for us. doesn't look like much from this angle but in allentown the snow is already flying. you could see around 2 feet by this time tomorrow night. keep it right here. ♪
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great price on this boneless chicken! yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ]
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great everyday prices and thousands of bonus buy savings. my giant. man walked to her from behind in the parking lot of the christi christina -- christiana mills apartment complex. we'll have much more on that coming up in just a little bit. police are trying to figure out what killed a 73-year-old woman and they say her death is suspicious. tonight detectives are combing through her house where she was found dead. and it has got neighbors feeling very uneasy. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live at philadelphia police headquarters. dave? >> reporter: lucy, police sources just identified the 73-year-old victim as barbara jones. she's lived in that home on sansom street for years. tonight the medical examiner and
10:16 pm
the crime scene unit return to the home trying to figure out how she died. >> nice neighbor. >> reporter: that's how folks on the 4800 block of sansom street remembered their 73-year-old neighbor and former block captain after she was found dead inside her first floor apartment sunday night. >> pretty decent lady. >> reporter: jeff cole eighty three lives right next door. he came home from work monday evening to find a police car park right out front of his home and crime scene tape on his neighbor's front walkway. >> it's weird, because it's so close. it's like next door. i live right here. >> reporter: only fox 29 was there monday night when crime scene investigators showed up and were led to trash can around the corner from the victim's home. inside they found a jacket, a pair of jeans and other clothing. the victim was found dead on the floor sunday night with a deep laceration to her head. the house was in disarray. a tv was missing. and both doors were left open. >> you don't know if you, f it's a forced entry. you don't know what's going on.
10:17 pm
you don't know. >> as far as i know it's quiet. >> reporter: crime scene investigators returned to her home with detectives to search for evidence. neighbors say this street is busy all the time. there's a car dealership right across the street. collier says he didn't hear anything sunday night but now he's concerned. >> we've never really had any issues with break ins since i've been here. you don't want to be in danger but, you know, i'm a god fearing guy. so i go to work, come home, stay out of trouble, you know, and let god take care of the rest. >> reporter: now family members told police they last saw jones on friday. neighbors say they hadn't seen her since thursday. the medical examiner could rule on the final cause of death sometime tomorrow. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, dave. let's get back to breaking news now out of new castle county, delaware. we have more information that is just come into our newsroom this did happen a couple hours ago a woman says a man walked to her from behind in the parking lot
10:18 pm
christina mill apartment complex. she says the guy forced her into her apartment with some sort of weapon held to her back then took her jewelry. the guy was wearing a mask and the guy had an accent. if this sounds eerily familiar to three other attacks at new castle county apartment complexes over the past several weeks it is. two women were robbed in and assaulted after they were approached at their apartment complexes. a third woman confronted by someone in the apartment but that guy was scared off. if you know anything about any of this, going on, new castle county police very much would like to talk to you. because all of this at this point remains unsolved. we now know where the jury for bill cosby's trial will hail from and it's no short trip. judge has ruled the jury cosby's second assault case will come from allegheny county. that's pittsburgh in case you're wondering. the jury will be sequestered. the trial set to start in early june. two former penn state administrators have struck a plea deal with prosecutors
10:19 pm
they've plead guilty to lesser charges connected with the jerry sandusky case. former athletic director tim curley and one-time university vice-president gary schultz have both plead guilty to misdemeanor nor charge of child endangerme endangerment. penn state's former president graham spanier still faces a felony charge of conspiracy after investigators say he failed to act on a report from a former graduate assistant in 2001. he was not in court but his lawyers were. it appears this case is moving forward. jury selection is set for next week. a planned repeal and replace obama care just hit a wall. congressional budget office late today released the report on the house health care bill. the non-partisan cbo found that 14 million people wooled lose coverage next year under the republicans' health plan. health huhn man services tom price says the analysis does not take into account the entirety of the gop plan and maintains it would cover more people while lowering costs. the cbo did say the health care
10:20 pm
bill would cut the budget deficit by $337 billion over ten years. the trump administration now has until march 20th to provide proof the president's claims that president obama wire tapped his offices before the election. the deadline was today but the justice department asked lawmakers for more time. also, today, white house press secretary sean spicer said the president's tweets about wire tapping were not meant literal literally. and some scary moments on the floor of the senate this afternoon. >> oh, my goodness. >> as senate majority leader mitch mcconnell finish speaking one of the stenographers fainted right in front of him. witnesses say the court reporter hit her head. people rushed to the woman's aid and mcconnell immediately put the chamber into recess. no word on how she's doing tonight. mother kidnapped and cops say her own daughter was in on
10:21 pm
the plot. >> police needed a local family's help. but ruined their car in the process. so who pay. >> and spring break goes wrong. three college girls and a jet ski hit by a cruise ship. and when will all of the snow end? got to beginning first. >> winter wallop bearing down on us. 84 million people up and down the east coast bracing themselves for a major winter storm in d.c., you can see the flakes falling outside the white house there. don't go away. forecast coming up. >> no word when a shark will be involved, though.
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snow is a huge part of the storm obviously but so is the wind. take look at this wind gusts tomorrow. northern and western suburbs through the lehigh val and poconos winds gusting 35 miles an hour. 45 along the i-95 corridor in our suburbs. winds gusting to 55 interior south jersey and winds through millville, cumberland county through atlantic county and the shore gusting to 65 miles an hour. guys, that's close to hurricane force. we'll be back with more snow accumulations coming up later in the broadcast. for now i'll send it back to you. >> see in a few minutes, kathy. thanks. a florida woman is safe after her estranged husband allegedly abducted her. police found alyssa summers with trevor stevens summers in the tampa area. according to police, trevor convinced the couple's
10:25 pm
14-year-old daughter to leave a window open at her mother's house allowing him to get to his estranged wife. witness told police trevor forced alyssa into an suv outside walgreens store, that witness alerted police which ultimately led to officials to that duo. >> she was in the back seat. he was in the front seat of the car. he has been taken to the hospital. he has what appears to be self inflicted 95 wound to his throat area. >> trevor is charged with kidnapping, grand theft auto and violation of a domestic violence inn junk. also in florida, spring break trip for few high schools girls took really a terrifying turn. it was all smiles on the jet ski before the girl got into the water and cape canaveral they flipped over a cruise ship was steaming right towards them. the tugboat pilot saw them and alert add deputy who rushed over in his own boat to put the girls in. they say they tried to get back
10:26 pm
on to the jet ski but kept falling pack in. >> it was surreal. we didn't even -- it was -- it was scary. >> did you think you were going die? >> definitely. i didn't -- i don't know what would have happened if he wouldn't have been there. >> stocks honking and we like turned the jet ski over and logan we got to go. we got to go. i was like, i'm trying. >> authorities say if both the pilot and sheriff office did not act quickly the girl could have ended up under the big ship. talk about a close call. san diego man narrowly escaped death after he woke up as his suv was singing in the water. he woke up just in time to dial 911 for help. lifeguards were able to rescue him from the vehicle. the driver apparently camped out overnight and apparently parked too close to the water when his suv was carried out with the high tide. the vehicle was eventually pulled out of the water by a tow truck. >> police needed help from a local family. but ruined their car in the
10:27 pm
process. so who pays? kathy has more expected snow totals. for your neighborhood. >> you know it chris. let's take a look at new jersey. trenton ten to 16-inches in the blizzard warning. camden six to ten. mt. holly six to ten. medford six to ten. atlantic city two to 4-inches. but whipping winds and coastal flooding. cape may just a trace. but winds will gust to 65 miles an hour. we'll be back with more totals and timing coming up. >> thank you very much, kathy. live in allentown the next 12 hours could bring you a lot of snow. look at that. you can already see it starting fly there right here right now. timing will shape everything you're dealing with. ♪
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>> if you're watching us from allentown tonight. do you have your shovels and snow blowers ready? around 2 feet of snow could be on the ground by this time tomorrow. yeah, we are california dreaming. fox 29's dave kinchen live in allentown. okay. in that one minute and four seconds that you were telling us about your story now it started to show. >> reporter: yeah. we've got some snow coming down
10:31 pm
at a bit faster clip here. take look hyped me. you can see some of the snow falling on the cars right there. so that was a minute 14 seconds earlier where we had a difference between no snow and snow now. 20 minutes later you can see significant snowfall here. we're here at lehigh valley international airport where we've had many people getting here flying into town before the big winter storm does cancellations for arriving dean parting flights have already been posted for tomorrow morning. we saw that coming in here. so you may want to check with your airline before doing any travel and as for the roads we can tell that you penndot officials advice you don't travel unless you have to. we saw one contractor spreading salt in an apartment complex and penndot says they have 37 trucks doing salt and plow operations and lehigh county alone. in the region where this part of penndot takes care of things they've got about 200 trucks across the allentown area and
10:32 pm
state officials want you to be advised of governor tom wolf's proclamation of disaster emergency basically saying don't drive unless you have to. and make sure that the road crews can do their work and keep the roads clear. back to you. >> all right. stay safe out there, dave. thanks. we know is on the radar tonight. it is lots of snow. berks county the snow has already started falling. in reading it's another place that could top the 1 foot mark. kathy orr back with the forecast in just 15 seconds. all right. temperatures in the 30s so we're borderline for snow in many locations. we're seeing our two storms converge and you can see development off the coast of north carolina. that will become our nor'easter so all of this moisture ahead of the storm and already snowing
10:33 pm
fairly heavily in allentown and into the poconos and you can see down along the i-95 corridor all this pushing toward the northeast and it will be filling in into philadelphia within the next hour or so. as we go hour by hour, you can see the snow spreads across the whole region overnight. then at about 5:00 a.m. we get warm air being pulled into the system as the storm is organized and moving toward the north and east. we have heavy snow to the north and west of philadelphia through the lehigh valley. philadelphia borderline. south and east seeing a lot of mixing and even rain. this mix could go on for some hours. four hours maybe five hours and back to snow as the storm pulls away and then it finally skits by about 2:00 in the afternoon but the wind will be whipping blowing and drifting snow travel will be treacherous because of this winter storm. snow rates between 8:00 a.m. and 12 noon in northern western suburb area the blizzard warning area we're seeing about two to . also, winds gusting to 45 miles
10:34 pm
an hour. blowing and drifting snow poor visibility and slow go on area roads. when we look at the totals, we're talking 16 to 24-inches of snow in the poconos. allentown, berks county, and into the northern parts of montgomery and also into the northern part of bucks county. ten to 15 to the north and west of the city. philadelphia and into south jersey northern delaware six to 10-inches we'll be seeing mixing for a period of time and then back to snow and then you can see through interior south jersey four to sick inches where you will be seeing sleet and also rain. lower accumulations as you head down the shore just about a coating to even a couple of inches at best. as we look ahead, with tomorrow's nor'easter we're watching the exact track of the storm as it continues to evolve as we speak. how far north will that warm air get? well, that will determine how much snow we see in philadelphia. north and west there's no issue but the i-95 corridor we could see a little more warmth a little less and that will determine if it's sleet and rain
10:35 pm
mixing in which i do think we'll see that i think we'll see it for three or four hours during that mornin rush before we go back to snow. the other issue is going to be the wind and the shore and for more on that let's send it over to monica. >> shore points aren't expecting as much snow as areas inland in pennsylvania. but there's still a big storm headed your way because of that wind and high tide around high tide when we'll see the strongest of winds and coastal flooding is a concern. which is why we have a warning through the jersey shore and down into the delaware beaches for any potential flooding during that high tied with those gusts possibly reaching 65 miles per hour. here's a look at the coastal concerns moderate flooding and even beach erosion. that's another big one. let's take a look at the speed winds. at the height of it when the high tide and winds kick up winds 65 miles per hour all along the jersey shore and down into lewes, delaware. so kathy, again, we inland will be dealing with the wind but not as strong as the shore points.
10:36 pm
>> it is amazing, indeed. so everywhere being impacted now reading right now seeing some light snow falling and you are in the range of about 16 to 22-inches of snow. so very heavy snow expected. so tonight, the snow begins across the area. many locations it's already begun and by 11:00 o'clock we'll see it spreading eastward. during the day tomorrow, snow heavy at times especially in the morning. along the i-95 corridor, south and east, mixing with sleet and also mixing with some rain and then back to snow. wednesday a few snow showers very windy. the temperature only 29. feeling more like january. still cold for thursday. the snow is not going to go aw away. that's for sure. not in the philadelphia area and into the north and west. friday st. patrick's day it's chilly and then temperatures slowly climb saturday, sunday into next monday. but it feels much more like winter. spring just a week away. >> hard to think about right n now. all right. kathy, "good day philadelphia" has got you covered with all the latest on the storm starting at
10:37 pm
3:30 tomorrow morning that camera shake shows you it is windy out there already. make sure your phone is charge up so you can use the 29 app if the power goes out. >> powerful video so desperate for police to arrest the guy they turn a fire hose on em and it turned deadly. >> the jacket that promises to change your commute forever. >> huh? >> we'll see if you want to wear it, chris. i don't know about that. >> the jacket to change my life. >> something to do about ice ice baby. ♪ fios in the house!
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as we couldn't to monitor the storm already 6,000 flights up and down the east coast have been canceled. check with your carrier before heading to the airport. in your money, family funds heading to atlantic city new jersey. development group caught the former atlantic club casino along border walk it has been closed since 2014. developers plan to spend $135 million to build a family water park. they're also renovating the hotel hope to have 300 rooms ready to rock and roll by this fall. you got your smart phone, right. >> yeah. >> got your smart watch. >> i don't. no? >> no i don't like them. >> time to get your smart jacket. that's the next thing google has planned.
10:41 pm
the company just unveiled south by southwest festival in austin they partnered with levi's to make a denim jack that has special sensors i'm not sure what kind. >> yeah. >> to work with your smart pho phone. and don't even have to get the phone out of your pocket. >> how -- i don't even understand the jacket. >> who knows? the kids these days. >> kids these days. in texas, a war brewing over gas prices and the winners are you if you're in texas. drivers filling up for less than a dollar a gallon. >> one station dropped the pri price. the other matched it. eventually they both ended up going down and down sticking at 79 cents a gallon. the prices nor back up near two dollars a gallon. definitely had people talking, though. >> of course. police need add local family's help but ruined their car in the process. so who is going to pay for it? our kathy orr i guess this is like your super bowl, kathy.
10:42 pm
busy tracking snow for us tonight. >> biggest snow and it's only real storm absolutely. let's take a look at the totals for delaware. we're talking about a lot of snow in your region i'll step out so you can see the numbers. newark, delaware, wilmington six to ten. dover, smyrna two to 4-incheincf snow. lesser to the south of the we'll be right back.
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10:45 pm
snow will fall at a rate of one to 2-inches an hour. tonight, investigation into deadly police involved shooting in orange california continues and camera caught all of it. clearly the video is tough to see. officers pulled the man over for routine traffic stop early this morning police say he drove to parking lottery fused to get out. one point officers say they saw him holding a gas can and lighter because they were worried he'd light himself or something else on fire they whipped out a fire hose to spray out man. it work. but he got in a scuffle with police. officers say he had a knife. what did they do. they shot him. he died at a hospital.
10:46 pm
in south jersey elderly woman has died after she was struck and killed by a bus. police say the 83-year-old was meeting a group in the parking lot in vineland to take a bus to the philadelphia flower show. this all happened this morning at dante and lincoln avenues. the driver apparently didn't see her as she was walk aig cross the parking lot. fox 29 investigators now for many here in philly their car is their lifeline for work, shopping, transporting the kids but a city woman lost her wheels when a bullet pierced her car during a homicide and police had to prior it out. >> then she had to fight over who was going to pay the bill. here's jeff cole. >> reporter: it was around 9:00 on the chilly first night of november when anna rivera walked into her grand parent's juniata home and realized she need add make a trip back outside. >> in front of my house there was no parking i forgot my boots in the car for the next morning. >> reporter: 19-year-old saw
10:47 pm
her chance to move closer. the car her boyfriend's mom kindly let her borough. sherry park 1994 toyota corolla and headed back inside. >> like five minutes later, um, there was gunshots. >> reporter: a man anna doesn't know was wound on the sidewalk. she called 911 and watched from the door as police arrived. >> i just wanted to make sure he was okay. but unfortunately he wasn't. >> reporter: lycombing street was a wash and red and blue flashing lights as oversampled the murder scene with flashlights. also struck by gunfire the car she borrowed. she took a photo of the bullet hole. before together away the car a detective said they needed to take it and the bullet lodged inside for evidence telling her -- >> they was not going to damage the car any way if they couldn't take it out they was going to leave it as is.
10:48 pm
>> reporter: anna broke the news her boyfriend angel mercado cruz and his mom tour miss. >> it could have happened to anyone. like you know what i mean? >> but when the trio went to get doris' car from a police lot three days later, they found this. >> she just a big hole in the car. i was like -- i was like, i just mad because the detective said they that wasn't going to do nothing to the car. doris covered the damage with cardboard and tape to keep the metal from cutting anyone. we still got measurements on the car. this is where the bullet hole. in the trunk they found crowbar. >> this is what they used to rip the hole outpatient. they filed a damage claim within two weeks. they only have liability insurance on the car. estimates between 2200 and $3,000 it took the city until january 20th more than two months to acknowledge the claim
10:49 pm
and request for paper work. >> after the getting the car back the family couldn't drive it because it wouldn't pass inspection with that big hole in the side. it took them about two and a half weeks to gather all the documents the city wanted. but one day after they sent them, they learned their claim had already been denied. the city is not responsibility for the criminal acts of a third party the letter said adding that the police report stated this was a homicide investigation. not only was the claim denied, the file was closed. >> she said she just want help. it had to come to this to call you guys to help us. she just want help they don't got money to buy a new car. >> reporter: why did they call fox 29 investigates? they found online one of our stories from last spring about a woman's parked car that was hit b by bya city trash truck in south philly public works driver even left a note on a city form with the truck's number.
10:50 pm
risk management told the owner private contractor may be responsible but when we got involved, they quickly paid her $1,000 deductible. one day after we called about doris' car, her phone rang, too. the city says, she's getting a thousand dollars. >> i'm very happy my mom getting her car fixed to take my brother and sister to school and go to appointments. >> our call prom add second look and police did excessive damage extracting that bullet. the that one grand is the carrie placement value. a manager can he review claim denials but the adjuster wasn't calling back. so far to arrest in that homicide. jeff cole, fox 29 news. >> sean bell in with sports. hey, sean. chris, eagles made small moves today. i'll update you on who is going where and who they let go plus the flyers in tight game with columbus. desperately needed a win if they
10:51 pm
wanted to stay alive for the place off race. see if they could get it done next in sports. ♪ pass.
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10:53 pm
♪ if the pliers want to make the playoffs they have to get on giddy up right now. six points behind the final wild card spot with 15 games left.
10:54 pm
they lost three out of their last four games ton night they need add within against the blue jacks in the worst way. the second period down by one, claude giroux finds schenn, schenn with the one timer right there. to tie the game up at two a piece. later in the second, still died, travis does it all himself. finds a great spot and gets the goal. flyers take three-two lead in the third period things fell apart for the flyers the power play the blue jackets brandon ben ski with the goal. the flyers go on to lose five to three. to the eagles chase daniels wanted out and today he got his wishes. the eagles released danielle who said he wanted a chance to compete for a starting spot somewhere else and that came right after the eagles agreed to two year $11 million deal with nick foles. foles played with the eagles for three years really slained out post chip kelly now he's replacing daniels as back up qb
10:55 pm
for carson wentz and on the defense side of the ball the eagles led bennie logan without out the deal. he signed a one year deal with the kansas city chiefs. he started in 13 games last season and two and a half sacks. to college hoops villanova left for buffalo to beat the storm snow stuff. villanova trying to become the first team to wip back to back national championships in a decade but jay wright says this season could be a success even if they don't get back to the final four. >> i think when you're one seed to fans and, um, and media it would look like a failure but we're not -- you know, we're nota phrased failure. we're not afraid of people defining us a as failures as long as we play hard for each other. we're good. in the women's bracket two teams from the area making it to the ncaa tournament both teams in the bridge fort bracket unfortunately for them so is connecticut.
10:56 pm
temple will play oregon and penn will take on texas a and m. to the phillies in spring training taking on the orioles in sarasota jeremy hellickson supposed to be the opening day starter he got she would in this one having a bad spring training. he went four innings giving up five runs. they would go on to lose, six to four. tough day forger me hellickson i'm not sure if he'll be the starter opening day now. he's had so much troubles but he's working on things just tuning up. so maybe he turns things around. >> i thought you zednick foles was the quarterback for the eagles. >> nick foles is back. >> that was not a mistake. >> no worries. he's a backup. >> okay. >> no worries. that does it for us at 10:0. you don't go away. we're not done with you yet. lucy noland is standing by with what's coming up at 11:00. lucy. >> i like nick foles. anyhow coming up at 11:00, a tradition you hear it's snowing you head to the store but a lot of you are getting way more than just bread and milk. i got to say i love french toast
10:57 pm
like i like nick foles. hank flynn taking your shopping cart. kathy orr has a big night with the biggest snowfall we've seen this season. your wake upwafted and seven day forecast in the first five minutes.
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live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. the snow is falling tonight if you love winter, you're finally going get big old taste of it. it's part of a system right there all that white is about to move on in. and it's also about to dumb app whole lot of snow over our area. i'm lucy noland. just how much snow you get depends where you live of cour course. some of us may see bound about d crews are ready once the stuff starts falling. school closings we got ton at the bottom of your screen. philadelphia public and parochial schools among those already closed tomorrow. we've got you covered from all angles this storm moves on n our dave kinchen live in allentown. shawnette wilson's in lawrenceville, new jersey. let's start with kathy orr here to time this whole thing out. kathy. >> here we go lucy the storm has begun. we are watching an area of low pressure form off


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