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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  March 14, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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as the snow wraps up, what your weather authority is tracking now. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. snow and ice covering much of our area tonight. as we take a live look at reading that is a storm moves out of here but did it bring quite a mess. our cameras record add time lapse in reading as the snow moved in and then out throughout date total amount of snow there 9-inches. philadelphia international airport is open but airlines have canceled thousands of flights nationwide. you can see it's still windy outside. pocono mountains hit hardest by the snow. but skiers can carve it up with nearly 2 feet of highly anticipated fresh powder. >> in philadelphia, the snow emergency has just been lived as our area digs out. this late winter nor'easter packed a one-two punch of snow and then sleet. thanks for joining us at 5:00 i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. that ice covering roads and trees is bringing down branches on to power lines right now 23,000 people still have no power.
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we've got team coverage. dave kinchen is in allentown. dawn timmeney is down the shore and shawnette wilson is in south injuries z first, though, let's get on over to meteorologist kathy orr. >> whew, what a morning seeing a few lingering snow showers one band moving into new york and new jersey the other one in land cost tune tee that will be moving through our suburbs but this is just some light snow showers and fleur reece. reduced visibility in some spots. allentown down to three quarters of a mile. you can see in lancaster one an quarter miles so to our north and west, some of our visibilities will recent dude as the snow showers move through but there are just on the back side of the storm as it continues to move off the coast of long island. some of the impressive snow totals the poconos 24-inches. that's where the most fell and that's what we expected. nass nazareth 12.5. allen up to 12.3. royersford in montgomery county 7.5-inches of snow. philadelphia international 6-inches of snow and little bit of sleeting to as well. temperatures right now only 19 in the poconos. it's 34 in philadelphia.
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36 in millville. you can tell our storm is pulling away because on the back side of this, we have a northwesterly wind and those winds will continue to gust right now still gusting to 37 in philadelphia. 39 in wilmington. gusting to 37 miles an hour in lancaster. creating wind chills in the 20s and those will go down into the teens late tonight. so a few more snow showers passing through nothing accumulating. winds gusting 30 to 40 miles an hour with wind chills in the teens late tonight and icy concerns as all of that slush freezes as temperatures fall into the teens and 20s over night tonight. we'll talk more about that and our next chance of snow in the seven day forecast. winter is not over yet, guys. >> i know kathy. kathy mentioned lehigh valley saw some of the highest snow totals this morning. you can see the remnants on the ground allentown. right now our cameras caught the snow as it came down in allentown. storm moved out total snow there a foot. if you're heading out driving conditions seem to be improving in allentown with a major roads cleared out but the danger of
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course is when the temperatures starts to drop. let's get out to fox 29's dave kinchen life in allentown with meront conditions there. dave? >> reporter: iain, the big concern certainly is freezing but right now as we a look at the roadways here, they are quite clear and we've seen a dramatic improvement in the roads over the last few hours. but really we found people spe spending this snow day all sorts of ways. alex pina at the man of hour with shovel in hand. showing up just in time to dig out a friend left spinning their wheels. >> as soon as the -- crazy back there. >> reporter: fox 29 cameras were rolling he is a went to work with seems like this all too common throughout the allentown area cars that can't move, one even driving on a busted tire and people spending the snow day doing the grunt work even if it's for a payche paycheck. >> my pastor over the weekend said, today will be a great day
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for day of rest. he was highly mistaken. here we are. we've been going constantly hitting places probably six or seven times now. >> reporter: then there are those using the winter blast for fun on four wheels. still parts of allentown are like a snowy ghost town with businesses closed and knot non-essential driving kept to minimum at the be heft of state officials. >> usually this is a normally busy area. now it's practically zero. you can tell. >> reporter: several actually decided to hoof it many in make shift snow shoes to get a few errands done. >> see if i can get a little bit of provisions and walk back home. >> reporter: meanwhile back with alex and the crew -- [ applause ] >> his friends car is finally free. >> pretty heavy snow. >> yeah, yeah, you got that right for sure. >> reporter: well back life you can see a whole row of businesses here including the starbucks closed up for the day. the allentown school addition
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tribute also had closures today. no school today. so a lot of people having fun but also as you saw there a lot of people doing some work making some money on this snow day. back to you. >> all right, dave, thanks. philadelphia city workers did not get a day off but they did get to sleep in an hour later. employees were called in to work on an hour delay. you can see workers bracing the conditions as they head to do city hall around 10:00 this morning. some guys shoveling around the building had been out since 11:30 last night. the weather made for rough driving conditions and impacted public transportation as well. you can take look at this video our crews shot. you can see a septa bus stuck at 13th and spruce. here's a live look at center city. a number of septa bus routes are still suspended right now. most regional rail lines are operating on a saturday schedule and all trolley lines are ru running but you got to expect delays. down the jersey shore it's not flood -- snow but flooding and beach erosion that's stirring up all the trouble. high surf combined with high
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tides slamming waves into roads. this street in margate looking a little bit like a small pond this morning. in atlantic city firefighters tweeted out that they've been making high water rescues as people tried to drive through all of that standing water. never a good idea. fox 29's dawn timmeney joining us from longport where the winds blowing hard still. dawn. >> reporter: the winds are definitely blowing, lucy. today people were stranded in their cars. they had to be rescued. they couldn't get out of the their homes. the waters had since receded but i can tell you it was not a fun day at the beach for most. >> this is little above normal but this area gets water. >> reporter: brian scott of atlantic city makes his way through the flooded streets with scott checking on family after this march storm left some areas with water right up to their doors. >> had to walk through some water about halfway up to my knee earlier. not too bad. my sister-in-law in house with
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her kids could be again oat out this. >> reporter: they live here on california avenue and were stranded because of the high waters. so was scott haines he's lived here since 1988. and well he's used to the flooding. >> it came up to the bottom of the -- top of our bottom step. so, you know, quite a bit of water here. it was a lot worse during sandy. we were hoping it didn't get to that point. >> reporter: haines says the water came up fast and furious. >> the wind is keeping the back bays full so we're hoping the next tide it's down so it's not as flooded as it was this morning. >> reporter: it was pretty much the same scene in margate. there were plenty of flooded streets and cars underwater. some drivers were luckier than others as they tried to navigate through the streets turned into rivers. >> i didn't realize how bad the street was until i was halfway through and i was unable to back up. car just sung into the water and it's been there for about five hours. at one point there was about two and a half feet of water inside
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the car. >> reporter: frank, finally got his car towed just before 4:00 o'clock. while the flooding was a huge inconvenience for some, it was a day off from school for these kids enjoying some time on the beach. >> we came down to see the waves and play around. >> reporter: i have to till the big concern is high tide and the winds are really kicking up. high tide is at 9:50 tonight. so there is that worry about flooding. we're seeing wind gusts lucy of up to 40 miles per hour i feel like i'm actually going to blow away. that's the latest from longport. back to you in the studio. >> my goodness, dawn. >> shouldn't be laughing but she did look like that. depending how hard your part area of the got hit this could be familiar site. icy storm knocked down a tree just off route 38 in maple shade, new jersey. you can see part of the branches stuck there on wires on west mill road. south jersey residents have been rocked by power outages. >> in fact hundreds of people
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are still in the dark. downed trees on wires blackout originally thousands of folks. fox 29's shawnette wilson joining us from cherry hill. shawnette. >> reporter: lucy and iain, we just learned within the past 30 minutes about a live wire down. we're told it had fire coming from them on west overdrive here in cherry hill. pse&g rushed to that and they expect to be busy trying to restore power through out the night. >> we've been out for almost an hour. >> jim rider is out cleaning off his car but not because he has somewhere to go. >> i have sleep apnea. i was trying to take a nap mine power went out so i got up decided let me clean the car off. >> reporter: wind and heavy snow knocked out power in his neighborhood of beach nut and pioneer lane in willingboro this afternoon. >> i have a generator. i have a generator 3800-amps i can use that if i need it and we've got plenty of food in the house and stuff, you know, and so we're good. the only thing we won't have heat. >> heat is important to christian who says he underestimated the storm. >> it's pretty bad. i thought it was going to be
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worse than what it was, but i mean definitely cold report roar christian says his power is out, too he'll spend the day helping others shovel it. >> started flickering on and off and i checked my phone it was charging any more. >> willingboro police were respond to go all sorts of calls today. at beverly rancocas and jfk way they blocked off this intersection where several businesses closed today. and nearby a tree fell across the road. rider had two trees down around his property but says he's fine. if that's the biggest problem the storm caused for him. >> it's been worse. it's been worse. >> reporter: those people we talked willingboro who were without power tell us that pse&g says they plan to have power on in the next few hours but hopefully bite end of the night. iain, back to you. >> shawnette, thank you. live look at wilmington right now. remember you can always get live weather updates on the fox29.c a woman says a masked man tried to kidnap her at a delaware apartment complex. the fifth attack in just weeks.
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why investigators say that woman is now under arrest. dramatic rescue caught on camera. the hero who called 911 when a car plunged into the water. it looks like fun especially in this weather. why a pennsylvania family was forced to shut down their personal backyard hockey ring. >> before we head off to break here for those who dared to venture out they will walked very car physical. snowy scene bala cynwyd some snow drifts were up to your thighs. ♪ (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles...
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sleet snow emergency in philadelphia has been lifted. as we take live look at the ben franklin parkway. septa says buses are running right now most trains are runninrunning on saturday schedt there are some cancellations. so to find out if yours is on time head to our website at you know snowstorm not only brought down power lines but roofs. west philadelphia here and you can see a porch roof crashed down at 58th and arf. thank goodness no warts of reports of any injuries. delaware county did not end up with as much know but that doesn't mean folks escaped unscathed. >> the slushy wintry mix made get aig round tricky for drivers who braced the slick streets. fox 29's bruce gordon joins us from macdade boulevard in folsom where things look different now, bruce. >> reporter: yeah, in fact it's actually been pretty good afternoon the sun has been peeking out of the clouds occasionally over the last half hour or so. there was brief and light snow flurry mid afternoon, but all in all things looking good. macdade boulevard behind me here. almost dry but no question about
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it, it was a messy morning. the snow totals in delaware county failed to meet predictions but the sleet, there was plenty of that. it made for a messy drive for the few who ventured out by mid morning. >> it would have been better if it was all snow. would have been plowed up a little bit better. >> this is slushy icy mess. >> yeah, slippery and it just gets another coat of ice on top of it. >> i just go nice and slow put it in low gear and it's bearable. >> reporter: plow trucks hit the streets well before dawn and did a pretty good job clearing major thoroughfares like macdade boulevard. ice coated trees crackled in the face of a stiff wind and downed power lines left nearly 2800 delco peco customers without power for a time. for most of the morning it was best to simply hunker down indoors. >> we opted to just grab coffee and chocolate milling. >> there you go. that sounds like a pretty inviting day. >> say bye.
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>> bye-bye. >> give us one more kiss. throw below one more kiss. >> blow one more kiss. >> there we go. >> reporter: shortly afternoo afternoon, the sleet beat feet and it was time for the big dig. everywhere you looke looked shos were creeing under the weight of that heavy slush. some viewed this blizzard as something of a bust. >> it's a piece of cake. the just people in detroit or chicago would laugh at all the dig fuss we make over this. people just need to, you know, get a grip, you know. >> reporter: as usual, the kids showed the most toughness taking to the nearest sledding hill on this raw day for a little thrill seeking. is that good for shredding the icy conditions? >> yes, because it makes you go faster and it's funner. >> reporter: faster and funner. > um-hmm. >> reporter: so tough morning for drivers especially but things looked like they've cleared up at least to certain
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degree. especially on the major roads. kids have had fun as well. fall all not so bad at least not as bad as it could have been lucy out here in delaware coun county. >> isn't in truth. bruce gordon thank you watch. damagindamaging winds with gusts strong as 50 miles an hour in new castle county. that big pine couldn't with stan the force in wilmington the trunk snapped toppled into a home at the mary manor trailer park on second avenue and crushed a couple of trucks. no one is hurt though. and this was just several of trees knock down in the neighbor. storm causing problems up and down the northeast from mountains of north carolina to northern maine here's a look at the conditions in new york right in the heart of times square. just like here at home the main concern tonight are those falling temperatures and icy conditions. this guy playing golf that's a guy after my own heart. fox's kayla joins us live from west chester, new york, with more on the conditions there. kayla. >> reporter: good evening to you iain and lucy. believe it or not this part of
5:18 pm
northern west chester is localing down. this is the wind here is actually a lot slower than it used to be. the snowfall in general we were joking earlier more like snowfall a lot nicer here take a lookout outside we're right in the center of town. you can see a lot of people just staying indoors avoiding this weather at all costs. schools were closed down so that made it easier for parents. also got more than 60 snowplows on the road. you can see one coming bite rye now and this is the beginning we've been out here all day like i said. this is the beginning of the blacktop just starting to show through. let's talk about road conditions. driving conditions earlier was complete white out practically impossible to see one state police officer telling me just about one-tenth of a mile ahead of you that's about as far as you could see a lot people getting stuck out there. those people driving. in terms of the metro north the train lot of people commute in and out of west chester from that was completely shut down until 12 and it is expected to resume around 6:00 o'clock so
5:19 pm
that's going to make few people that actually made it out over to manhattan coming back a little bit easier. but again it's been viced all day. if you can just stay indoors and enjoy that hot chocolate and that hot coffee. for now in west chester county kayla, i'll sent it back to you. >> that is great hot cocoa weather going on right there. as we take live look at old city remember you can always get up to the minute conditions to from your fox 29 weather authority. just right in the palm of your hand. you don't need to step outside and get cold. download the fox 29 weather app and you can find it in the apple and google play stores. happening now, the search for what caused a fire in center city. the severe frigid weather making the fire fight even more difficult for emergency crews. flames broke out inside this abandoned building at 15th and chestnut at 5:15 this morning. firefighters managed to put them out in less than an hour. newark, delawae, turns out a reported kidnapping last night was a hoax. police say this woman 23-year-old brenda aiden told
5:20 pm
police an armed man came up to her from the christina mill apartment complex forc forced nr her apartment and robbed her. well, today police arrested and charged her after they say detectives realized her story was inconsistent. this rescue caught on came camera. the hero who called 911 when that car plunged into the water. a possible treatment for allergies. why some people are now turning to salt for a little relief. first though the fun side of today's storm. children and parents alike taking advantage of the day off for some sledding around kelly drive. do you love sledding? i used to, yeah. >> back in the day. and fine out if your child's schools are delayed or closed head to our website. why are you deleting these photos?
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welcome back. we've been talking about snow accumulation across the region. take look at these numbers. in the poconos 2 feet of snow. bethlehem 13.7. malvern 7-inches. mt. holly, new jersey, five hokesson delaware 4.2-inches of snow. you've been showing us how the storm impacted you today. >> monica is checking out pictures you sent in. >> #fox29snow. and here's what we received. we have absolutely loved it. you can see the sun is actually shining in some areas. causing the snow to melt even though those temperatures are pretty cold out there. and i love these pictures of dogs especially the ones that try and stay indoors as much as possible. and this is from kim holden. look alt this dog this is a husky they live for this stuff. they love the snow. we got a lot of dog dog pictur
5:25 pm
pictures. burmese mountain dog, a husky as well. we want to see your pictures from the snow hash tag it fox 29 snow and follow us on twitter. fox 29 philly. back to you. >> thanks monica. dramatic video of the bay area a man was trapped as his car plunged off the bridge into the water. security guards watched it happen last night called for help right away. first responders jump into the water and pulled out the driver. witnesses think he'd been there for at least ten minutes. they did proa perform cpr we don't know how he's doing or what went wrong. but witnesses say it did not look like he hit the brake at all. a store manager caught on camera assaulting a customer is out of job and apologizing to night. turns out that customer accused of stealing from the beauty supply store. customer took this video inside the charlotte north carolina store. the manager says the woman refused to open her purse to prove she had not stolen anything. then they end up on the ground you can hear other customers yelling for the store manager to get off of her, let her go. now people are boycotting the store saying the manager should
5:26 pm
have handled things a little differently. >> i don't know what -- it just happened. i wasn't crazy. no matter what the reason i feel very sorry to her and to them. >> police have not made any arrests as of yet that. store owner is hoping to meet woman in person so he can apologize face to face. police needed help from local family but ruined their car in the process. so who pays? >> here's life look at ultimate doppler radar. the snow is ate out of here but temperatures are dropping. where you need to be most concerned about the refreeze in just minutes.
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>> what a welcome sight in the poconos. after today's storm dumped 2 feet snow. is it snowing still a little bit. >> may be. >> looks like flakes still falling there. depending on where you live you saw mostly snow or nasty mix of snow and sleet. kathy has all those totals and what is ahead in just a few. unusually quiet night at philadelphia international airport thanks to the nor'easter airlines have delayed or canceled 4,000 flights still a bill bounce see that camera so it's windy. air traffic expected to return to normal slowly tomorrow morning. you know what to do check with your airline if you have plans. >> moorestown mall opened today but the conditions don't look too great. you can see downed wires on route 38 in front of the mall. more than 15,000 customers are still without power in new jersey.
5:30 pm
and a lot of people still digging out tonight in the lehigh valley. >> driving conditions do seem to be improving with major roads clear. fox 29's dave kinchen life in bethlehem tracking those conditions. dave? >> reporter: lucy, big improvements we've seen the last few hours. let me show you the roadway he here. the bethlehem area going into allentown you can see just how clear it is. i also want to show you what has happened in terms of business. nothing at least not much. this whole plaza chris o'connell and i would be very depressed starbucks is closed for the day here. the super cut salad works other businesses closed up this way. the allentown school closed for the day. people digging out, but all in all saying they expected things to be a bit worse up here. about a foot of snow on the ground. don't get me wrong. people are digging out still but they also are able to plan the rest of the week i think a little bit more keenly. so back to you. actually let's check the
5:31 pm
conditions with dawn in longpo longport. >> reporter: thank, dave. the waters from earlier this morning have receded. we saw a lot of flooding. concern now are these strong strong winds and high tied later tonight. you can see the waves are really kicking up here in longport. the surf is rough. it's very very cold here and we are actually seeing wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour. the worry is this could bring more flooding like we did see this morning at high tide which is about 10:50 tonight. people here at the shore i can tell you are used to this. they are bracing for the worst but they are hoping for the best. lucy, i feel like i'm going below away here. these winds are absolutely incredible. i talked to kathy orr later -- earlier today and she said this would be the scene later this afternoon and boy, was she rig right. >> oh, yeah. dawn i was talking to the coast guard they said 40 to 50 knots
5:32 pm
as far as the wind goes and you're living proof it's windy out there. all right. thank you much. back to your fox 29 weather authority. live look outside old city studios. you can see all that snow and slush on the ground as temperatures start to dip. it's going to be to get really slick and we could even see more snow. kathy and monica breaking it all down in 15 seconds. what a day and anything that appears wet out there that's slightly melt asked all going to refreeze. the slush, the roads, it will be quite slick overnight tonight where we see areas that have been untreated. the temperatures 34 degrees just went up a few degrees late this afternoon it feels like it's only 22 with the sustained wind of 24 miles an hour. that's out of the northwest. when we see the northwesterly wind we know that we're on the back side of the storm and the
5:33 pm
storm is pulling away off the coast of new england. a few spotty snow showers left. this one entering into western chester county and we're just going to be seeing it moving through west into limerick possible fool wilmington toward delaware county and montgomery county with a few snowflakes. when we look at those new jersey totals, we expected less snow in jersey because we'll see more mixing and that was the case in florence nearly 6-inches of sn snow. mt. holly 5-inches the same in pennington mercer county. brick township four. west deptford four and berlin township 2-point-inches of snow. looking at temperatures in the 30s in the philadelphia area and most of pennsylvania. but look at this huge dip in temperature. a trough in the jet stream that helped to guide that storm off the coast. temperatures in the 20s in chicago. memphis 37. jackson, mississippi, only 46. so very cold air down to the deep south and it's going take awhile to lift these temperatures back up. as we look hour by hour, we'll see a few lingering snow showers otherwise skies partially
5:34 pm
clearing tonight. and during the day tomorrow with those strong northwesterly winds a few snow showers or snow squalls late in the afternoon with blustery conditions. winds gusting to about 35, even 40 miles an hour tomorrow. so as we take look tomorrow we'll see those winds gusting to 37 in millville even through dover and atlantic city. and during the day tomorrow, the strong winds gusting from 30 in philadelphia to 43 miles an hour through south jersey and delaware. so we have the wind and we have the cold. that means brutally cold wind chills for more on that lessened it outside to monica. she's got more on that our next chance of snow. hi, mon nay. >> hi, kathy it is feeling cold out here i'm on market street right outside of the studio. before we talk about the wind chill let's focus across the street at a bus stop for septage workers trying to clear it out so that people by tomorrow can easily access their bus stops. it will be a big cleanup as we head that was today, and even into tomorrow. i think lot of people are going to be shoveling out that heavy snow. let's talk wind chill.
5:35 pm
we're seeing temperatures overnight dropping into the 20s. so by that 7am tomorrow morning, we could feel more like single departments. people heading back to work tomorrow will need to bundle up. let's talk about the next system that's going arrive friday night and into saturday. could lead off as snow here in the delaware valley but quickly change into rain as we head into saturday. obviously kathy will be keeping track of it as we head through the next few days. back to you. >> thanks very much mon any casm overnight tonight we're just talking about the cold and the wind creating those bitterly cold wind chills temperature overnight 22. wind chills in the teens to the south and east. the single numbers north and west during the day tomorrow, another cold one. temperatures pretty much staying below freezing. so everything staying frozen mostly cloudy with chance of some anterior noon showers or squalls on your seven day forecast from the weather authority, for your thursday, temperatures only in the mid 3 30s. st. patrick's day going above freezing then a warmup into the 40s beginning on saturday look at a chance of rain and wet snow
5:36 pm
showers. otherwise, guys, then we go above freezing but still below average melting going on. we'll zen it back to you. >> all right, kathy, thanks. you need to think about warmer temperatures. southern california showing signs of spring. wild flowers in that area are boasting the best blooms in more than a decade thanks to a lot of rain during the winter months. violin worth millions of dollars stolen decades ago returns to the stage. who played it for the first time time since 1980. >> man accused of kidnapping and beating his egg ranged wife. a woman from philadelphia is now in jail. the victim talking. who stepped in to help save her.
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♪ major concern tonight as we take live look at allentown especially the roads that haven't been fully treated could become dangerous as everything freezes over. got to be wary of all that. >> research boat with weak name against serious on the high seas. boat tee mc boat face being commissioned for his first science mission in antarctica. its name was chosen for another
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♪ people still on the slopes in the pocono mountains tonight after getting a couple of feet fresh powder. just what the mountains needed for a little burst of business before spring. >> moving on over to boston the weather authority says high winds and sleet will stick around through 10:00 o'clock tonight. the mayor says the city is still aunt snow emergency until tomorrow morning. let's get right out to fox's bryan llenas tracking conditions there. bryan. >> reporter: hi, guys. look the snow here has turned into sleet and really rain. we've seen that heavy wet snow all throughout the time here. i'm in fleming hamas mass 30 minutes west of boston here and we've seen about 6-inches of
5:45 pm
snow and all throughout massachusetts it's been about a foot of snow but in the berkshire county area and some other spots, they're thinking maybe up to 2 feet or 3 feet of snow. the concern now, though, is ice and slush. now take look at this much this is the slushy, i'm sure you guys are seeing out there in pennsylvania. and this stuff is going to freeze overnight. and that is why the mayor of boston has actually canceled public schools for tomorrow. just out of caution because they figure buses and schoolbuses on the roads is not good as well as the fact they've got to pick up, you know, kids will be out in the street and they just don't want that. no school tomorrow. but businesses and city offices will be open as of tomorrow. again, with the snow here's a big concern is also power outages. we're talking about some 65,000 people in massachusetts without power. and of course, that is from the heavy wet snow causing power outageoutages those obviously tm limbs falling on power lines they're trying to get power
5:46 pm
through the date and night. people have been staying off the roads they've been listening to the governor charles baker listening to him and saying to stay off the road while they get things cleaned up. 3,000 plows and emergency vehicles getting ready for everything for tomorrow's busy travel morning rush and as well at the airport when airport open up, guys. >> bryan llenas life for us in framing ham, massachusetts. bryan thank you. >> a loft you sending in your pictures using the hashing to fox 29 snow. let's take look at some of tho those. >> monica cryan checking out your pictures. hello, monica. >> had he low guys. a lot of people had off from work and from school. plenty of opportunities to get your phone out and take pictur pictures. let's take look at these sent into us hashing to fakes of fox 29 snow. in fishtown the stairs leading up to the front of her house totally cover. very dangerous. make sure you get to refreeze tonight you brush those off. and here's another picture of dogs. we've gotten so many animal pictures. this is his boy czar from erin
5:47 pm
on twitter. >> a lot of pictures coming in people loving the sunshine after the storm has moved out. now tonight it's going to be cold one, guys. we'll be tracking for it. make sure you send us your pictures hashing to fox 29 snow also follow us on twitter at fox 29 philly. and kathy orr and i also are looking at some of your pictures. we want to see them at monica weather on twitter. back to you guys. >> all right. monica, thank you. fox 29 investigators now for many in philly their cars are their life long. work, shopping, taking the kids all over the place but a city woman lost her wheels when a bullet pierced her car during a homicide and police had to pry it out. >> then she had to fight over who was going to pay the bill. fox's jeff cole has the report. >> reporter: it was around 9:00 on the chilly first night of november when anna rivera walked into her grand parent's juniata home and realized she needed to make a trip back outside. >> in front of my house there was no parking and i forgot my boots in the car. for the next morning. >> reporter: nope-year-old saw
5:48 pm
her chance to move closer. the car her boyfriend's mom kindly let her borrow. sherry parked 1994 toyota corolla and headed back inside. >> like five minutes later, um, there was gunshots. >> reporter: a man nan doesn't know was wounded on the sidewalk. she called 911 and watched from the door as police arrived. >> i just wanted to make sure he was okay but unfortunately he wasn't. >> reporter: lycombing street was a wash in red and blue flashing lights as officers searched the murder scene with flashlights. also, struck by gunfire the car anna borrowed. she took a photo of the bullet hole. before together away the car, a detective said they needed to take it and the bullet lodged inside for evidence telling her -- >> that they was not going to damage the car any way. if they couldn't take it out they were going to leave it as
5:49 pm
is. >> anna broke the news to her boyfriend angel mercado crews cruz and his daughter cruz. >> it could have happened to anyone. like you know what i mean. >> when the trio went to get doris' car from police lot three days later, they found this. >> she just a big hole in the car. i was like, i was like, i was just mad because the detective said they wasn't going to do nothing to the car. >> reporter: doris cover the damage with cardboard and tape to keep the metal from cutting anyone. >> we still got the measurements on the -- from the car. this where the bullet hole was. >> reporter: in the trunk they found a crowbar. >> this is what they used to rip the hole open. >> reporter: police directed the cruz family to file a damage claim with the citi' risk management division they did so within two weeks. they only have liability insurance on the car. damage estimates were between 2200 and $3,000. it took the city until january twenty seventh more than two months to acknowledge the claim
5:50 pm
and request more paper work. after getting the car back from this police lot the family couldn't drive it because it wouldn't pass inspection with that big hole in the side. it took them about two and a half weeks to gather all the documents the city wanted but one day after they sent them, they learned their claim had already been denied. the city is not responsible for the criminal acts of a third party the letter said adding, that the police report state the this was a homicide investigation. not only was the claim denied, the file was closed. >> she says she just want help. hit to come to this to call you guys to help us. but she just wants help. she don't got money to buy a new car. >> reporter: why did they call fox 29 investigates? they found online one of our stories from last spring about a woman's parked car that was hit by a city trash truck in south philly much the public works driver even left a note on a city form with the truck's number.
5:51 pm
risk management told the owner of private contractor made be responsible but when we got involved, they quickly paid her $1,000 deductible. one day after we called about doris' car, her phone rang too. the city says, she's getting a thousand dollars. >> i'm very happy my mom getting her car fixed to take my brother and sister to school. go to employment and stuff like that. >> reporter: the city said our car call a prompted look and police did excessive damage he can tracting that bullet. that one grand is the car's replacement value. a manager can review claim denials but the cruzs say the adjuster wasn't calling back. so far no arrests in that homicide. jeff cole, fox 29 news. to florida now a philadelphia native is sharing her brave story of survival after being kidnapped, bite beaten and stabbed. alyssa summers was held hostage for two days. she says she woke up to her estranged husband standing over
5:52 pm
her in her bedroom saturday morning. police say trevor summers forced her into her car. someone eventually saw the car, called nip 11. alyssa is now back home in and reunited with her family and says she finally feels safe. >> i was just holding out hope the whole time, and as the hours ticked by, i just held on to that hope because i felt the love. i felt like everybody was looking for me. and praying for me. and, um, that just kept every hour got me through. >> trevor summers is if anything facing a number of charge he is including attempted first degree murder. possible treatment for allergies. why some folks are now turning to for relief. (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase?
5:53 pm
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vile lip worth millions finally returned to the stage decades after it was stolen. man stole the violin from famed violinist roman, in 1980. the 18th century instrument came back to life during private concert in manhattan last night. played by the late tow ten berg student meara wang. widow of the thief didn't know the violin was stolen until she had it appraised and then returned it to the family. you feeling the sniffles, the runny eyes. >> yes. >> the misery of allergies. >> yes. apparently we can all find relief in salt. fox's cynthia smoot reports. ♪
5:57 pm
>> reporter: tommy and marie decided to kickback in a beach chair and relax. not outside, inside and it's not sand under their feet, this is himalayan salt. >> i would say i come about three times a month, sometimes four. >> reporter: she keeps coming back to the salt room to help a left 88 her allergies. >> it's improved my condition tremendously. >> reporter: honey cot is breathing easier too. >> i actually asked my allergist about it and he said he's not aware of any clinical studies on it but they have noticed that my sinuses look back. >> kale lee brought her children to a play room covered in salt. she's doing this for a baby daughter mile la to control her coughing. she says mile la's doctor was surprised at her improvement.
5:58 pm
>> he couldn't believe how the inflammation had gone down and said that we could keep coming. that we're going to need to start her because he had seen such a difference. >> reporter: once everyone gets here, and they try it, they're hook. because it does work. >> you'll be looking between 21, 25 pounds. >> reporter: debbie owns the salt. >> grotto. the former nurse says the use of himalayan salt to ease respiratory issues date back to the 1800's and it's growing nationwide. >> year after year after year more salt mines are opening up. because it does work. because what it does it gets into your lungs and breaks down the mucus reduces inflammation. great for your sinuses. we have a lot of allergies and asthma patients here. and it helps them tremendously. >> reporter: besides salt rooms, some choose assault bed chamber. himalayan salt lamps for the home are also becoming popular. >> these emit negative ions very heavier than the' tough ions and
5:59 pm
bond with them and it causes them to drop and that's what cleans the air. >> while some may take this therapy with grain of salt those who keep coming back say, keep an open mind. >> this is really a very easy simple way to help alleviate some of your symptoms. ♪ >> if you can feel better and reduce likelihood of getting pneumonia or bronchitis or sinus infection i think it's worth it. >> interesting. >> definitely be worth it. >> i'm wondering whether cheetos latent in salt would help out. >> would that qualify. >> probably not. [ laughter ] >> fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ right now at 6:00 digging out from a late winter blast. a nasty storm that brought snow, sleet and rain to the area. now the big freeze is on. fox 29's live across the delaware and lehigh valleys as we clean up from this march nor'easter. live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00.
6:00 pm
live in the pocono mountains hardest hit area in our area close to 2 feet of snow. people are very happy. take live look at old city philadelphia. no longer under a snow emergen emergency. but many of the roads remain icy and just going to get worse. >> those streets could stay slippery temperatures expected to stay blow freezing to night. thanks for joining us at 6:00. i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland much this winter storm will be one folks will remember for awhile. delays and closures for tomorrow are already rolling in as far as schools go. so you can see them on fox we are live across the region. >> let's begin tonight with meteorologist kathy orr. what a day indeed and we have a few lingering snow showers out there. passing through. one in western chester county moving into new castle county and this will be sweeping up through charlestown and heading toward pennsbury within the next ten, 15 minutes but nothing of any consequence a few spotty snow showers. snow totals range from 24-inches in the poconos to the lehigh valley p


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