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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  March 15, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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from the fox 29 studios this is "good day now good day g out. the nor'easter has come and gone dumping snow, sleet and rain in its wake. icy roads and freezing temperatures. and, in the dark because of yesterday's storms, and strong winds, thousands of people are without power this morning. when the light are expected to . >> and president trump's tax returns. the white house provides numbers ahead after leak threatening to reveal just how much he earned and what he paid to the government. and a comedy of errors. the viral video that had millions in stitches shares their story about what happened. >> good day everyone, it is wednesday, march 15, 2017. lauren johnson in, how are you guys. >> i'm doing good. that would be me if i was allowed to work from home.
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daddy will be in the operation. do not come in. instant cue. >> that video was so funny, though, right? >> philadelphia schools open this morning but there are some delays? >> a lot every delays, a lot of late openings. and i think we were talking you will be surprised when you step out. it is not going to be easy today. it will be a rough one. >> nasty out there. >> yes, i mean talking winds, also talking feels-like temperatures in the single digits and teens, so weather by the numbers on a scale of one to ten, today we give it a four. so dealing with the left over snow and ice from yesterday. it is kind of crusted over. but as we look at ultimate doppler, most of the area, we dry and quiet. do have some patchy flurries out there, also once again, we have the bitter cold air and definitely that snow pack of ice across the area. it is dry. it is quiet right now in old city. not a lot of folks out and about early at this 4:00 hour. look at the temperatures,
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23 degrees, winds out of the west northwest at 16 miles per hour. but the feels-like temperature of 10 degrees makes it feel bone chilling cold. twenty-two in wilmington, 24 right now in atlantic city. look at the gusts up to 32 miles per hour in the poconos. so giving you a windchill thereof five below. it feels like ten in philadelphia. we have an advisory for blowing and drifting snow. north and western suburbs, also, wind advisory, bob kelly, winds could gust this afternoon up to 45 miles per hour. and look at the high today of only 32 degrees. >> exactly, so anything that is left over is left over in the form of ice. and you mentioned the winds. last night the wind took any of the snow, blew it back on to the road surface, just a fine glaze, leaving us with black ice this morning, and here is a live look, look at this fellow, not good way to start your day. this is northbound 309 right near norristown. and look at the glare on the road surface, that's ice,
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gang. and that's obviously what this fellow slid on and kissing the snow drift here. hopefully we'll be okay there. live look at the 42 freeway, again, depends where you begin and end your trip. same deal as yesterday, again account temps hovering below freezing anything that's out there is either iced over, chunky ice, don't wear your good shoes today, bole ' have to cream over the snow clumps at the intersections, look out in the work zones like i-95, coming down southbound between allegheny and girard, there is no shoulders, no place to put the snow, so there are big chunks of it in the left lane. that's going to come up on you fast. here is mass transit. septa says they expect regular service today on the market frankford, broa broad street subway, still many buses suspended, some on detour. your best bet go to the system status at click on your bus. you'll know exactly what's going on today. same deal with the regional rails. they expect to run a regular
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morning rush hour, and again we will stay on top of. that will over here in moorestown-mt. laurel new jersey church and pleasant valley drive, some downed wires, so watch for some local detours this morning, lauren, back over to you. >> let's start with breaking news out of the city east mt. airy section, crews battling early morning apartment fire, this one happening before 1:00 n avenue. fire crews were able to get the flames under control. thirty minute later, a man transport today einstein hospital. no word yet on his injuries. and people across the tri-state area are digging their way out from yesterday's snowstorm. the major problem this morning, icy roads, and sidewalks, and of course those power outages, steve keeley checking out conditions in burlington county joins us live from norristown with more, hi, steve. >> reporter: lauren, i'm still smiling after listening to your live shots yesterday because your biggest fear was falling down on live tv. so after you see what i'm about to show and say, you're
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not going to want to go out and report after this show today at 6:00 a.m. because you have to dress in layers for two reasons today. number one, it is way colder than it was yesterday. i'm in moorestown, burlington county today. i was in lehigh valley yesterday. and you would think it is colder up there, especially in the middle of a blizzard when you had high winds. but i feel a lot colder today. and i'm wearing more today. now, here the reason to dress in layers for two queens. -- two reasons. one, the windchill. lauren dressing in layers is good for padding when you fall. because if you're going to be out today, there is almost a guarantee that you're going to fall at least once. look at this. we always talk about side roads. i think it is more dangerous if your road has been plowed because we're off new albany road, main drag through moorestown. when you turnoff this road, or if you turn on from a well treated new albany road onto this road, it is a complete
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sheet of ice. this is not even the fine glaze phrase that bob used. this is stock solid ice. maybe an inch or two thick. now, lauren, i'm not afraid of falling on tv because i know i'm not afraid of making a fool out of myself. so what i will do. i'll walk gingerly at first toward the camera, give you a sense, there is a little bumps in it, so you can't get real good slide going. i'm in the going to jump down. but you see this, lauren? do you see this? i'm going uphill. i'm going uphill. this was a plowed road. now, look at that tree with the halo effect behind it. do you see the street lights but everything's iced over. these are the branches that did not fall. in moorestown, of course it has to get hit hardest. we had the most power outages, and we still have, talk about power outages, we still have people without power and because all of these trees are still coated with ice, any time the wind blows, you get
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an ice storm above you, and all every these little particles of ice, you hope little. in center city they've the falling ice signs out again. so you have big sheet of ice. and again it might look like a little kite flying in the air until you see shatter on the ground. but don't be falling under things if it gets -- don't be walking under hinges when it get breezy. looking at the pse&g trucks fly by, still going to all of the downed wire reports, because this is the yard where they keep all of the trucks that you see, the bucket trucks. but this whole parking lot, when these people come into work today on this parking lot that we're showing you in the opposite direction as we get new rounds of snow flurries, it is a complete sheet of ice because you can see all of the reflections in the street lights. it is ice everywhere. so if you drive, and then you get out of your carp, bob says don't wear the good shoes? i almost think you have to wear the flat he is shoes possible and the shoes with the lowest kind of heal range to the ground. because that's the best way to get good footing. but it is a rough day.
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and i think maybe even rougher that yesterday. at least could you walk on the snow yesterday and get some traction. today, when i walked, it was easier it walk on a snow covered yard, because you're not sinking into the snow, because the sleet that fell on ton of the snow is almost like super glue. i didn't sink into the snow at all. i thought safer to walk on the snow than it was to walk on the plowed driveway and sidewalk. so here we go, get being hit. look at this lovely snow flurries liver on tv for us as we look up to the street lights. so i think i filled enough time with enough warnings. and i think lauren you might want to work half day, then call out sick as soon as you're supposed to go out into the field. i don't know what you will be assigned, but you have to walk outside and no matter where you are walking, you may be falling on your keyser. don't put your -- it will hurt extra more. you can get the idea of the
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sheet of ice. i'll try to demonstrate walking on the snow. i can almost guarantee that i won't even leave a foot print in the snow. look at this. see what i mean? here is the super glue effect. i'm not singing into the snow at all. the snow hasn't been touched, it is pristine from yesterday. probably about six to 8 inches, and i'm not going down at all in the snow. that gives awe sense how rock solid the snow is. so if you waited to shovel your sidewalk, you're going to need a jackhammer to do it today. not a shovel. >> steve keeley, it is -- be very careful out there, seriously. yes, it is bad. >> can you see the snow snow blowing sideways. >> i do. >> now you'll get in a snow squawl. very treacherous today. the problem is people think the storms over, everything is fine today, lights back to normal. it is worse today than yesterday, i think. >> all right. we'll soon find out when i head outside. >> look at these weather conditions. tell scott williams to look at a machine tore, scott, look at the snow blowing sideways.
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>> steve keeley thank you so much. crews in south jersey will be out this morning to help restore electricity for thousands of customers who lost power during the snowstorm. almost 7,000 people still in the dark. pse&g working to help people in gloucester, camden, and burlington counties get their power back on. while ac electric says most of their outages are concentrated in gloucester and salem counties. >> well the winds posted continued threat as power lines continued to come down in different part of the region. police manned intersections like this one at beverly rancocas and jfk in willingboro after trees fell right into the road. many customers wondering when the lights will be back on. >> i have a generator, 38:00 a.m. manies, i can use that if i need it, and we have got plenty of food in the house and stuff, and so we're good. the only thing we won't have heat. >> numbers are smaller for peco in chester, delaware, bucks counties, about 150 of their custom remembers still in the damager. and the snowstorm not only brought down power lines, but damaged rooftops of some
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homes, marie williams was inside her house at 58th and arch in west philadelphia, when all of the sudden a big bang, and the house shook. the roof of her porch and her next-door neighbor's had collapsed. both houses were evacuated by the fire department. >> i look out the window, i seen that the roof collapsed. so i looked out the door. i noticed that both roofs collapsed. >> i just was happen that i everybody was okay, my neighbors, my wife and my kids. >> a few miles away in germantown the same story on the 4600 block of fern hill road. once again heavy, wet snow and winds took down the front porches on those two homes. the fire department got everyone out okay. but that damage, as you can see, was pretty substantial. >> the snowstorm also an issue for businesses, this is the liberty gas and car wash on delaware avenue in south philadelphia. the heavy snow and high winds caused a side of the roof to collapse there. luckily, no one was hurt. >> on the hot seat coming up on good day philadelphia, the nation's most powerful marine under fire before congress over a scandal of nude photos
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posted on line. and flag on the play. the dallas cowboys star in trouble offer the field. the video that may mean bench time or possible legal trouble for elliot. >> good morning, everybody, it is 4:12. we go for a ride on the northeast extention, slower than normal speeds everywhere this morning. a lot of the on and off-ramps are still aisles dollars over. let's go outside and say good morning to the ben franklin parkway, as phillies waking up after a dig-out. you'll be surprised at some of the stuff we show you in the jam cams. and scotty's got your forecast when we come right back. #
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>> bitter cold air, much. snow and sleet from yesterday, it has literally just kind of crusted over across the area, add insult to injury right now, few flurries passing through montgomery, moving toward abington, northeast philadelphia, moving toward the moorestown area where you saw steve keeley out there watching some of the blowing and drifting snow. otherwise, the bulk of the system as we look at the last 24 hours, you can see, it kind of race toward the north and the east. wind advisories posted so winds will be gusting throughout the day today, up to 45 miles per hour, winter weather advisory far north and west for that blowing and also that drifting snow. look at the cold air, 11 in the poconos.
4:16 am
elsewhere low 20's, those are the air temperatures. you have to factor in the win, how your body react. how you should dress, dress for 8 degrees right now in wilmington, dress for five below currently in the pocono mountains, be aware of the ice, temperatures this morning, bitter cold, feels like temperatures, during the day, we will be in the teens, single digit north and west, ice and dicey, sidewalks and steps, use caution out there. once again, everything is just kind of frozen over from yesterday. 30 degrees, that's it for the high temperature today with flurries, winds right now, gusting to 35 miles per hour in atlantic city, weaver gusts pretty much area wide this morning, 20 to 30 miles per hour, bye by the afternoon the winds pick up, specially south and west, gusting up to 40, maybe 41 miles per hour, wilmington, by this evening. 44 miles per hour in wildwood. the weather authority seven day forecast showing you cold and blustery for today. we stay chilly into thursday
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as well, 36 degrees, 41 for friday, clipper will kind of move in late in the day, maybe sprinkle, perhaps a flurry north and west. but temperatures moderately graduate toward the 40's moving toward saturday. 46 degrees and then temperatures early next week, a little milder, as we kick offspring, bob kelly, on monday. >> hey, scotty, good morning, everybody, we mention i think you'll really be surprised when you step out this morning, great example from steve keeley. just few moments ago. and you're right, it is almost rather not have my street plowed. because the chunky ice can be your best friend this morning, that will give you some traction. here is a live look at the intersection of 100 in chester county. one hundred and is 13. right here, see the glare? that's just a fine sheet of ice. you at least got little bit of traction when you got the chunky ice here in some of the intersections. but everything out there this morning is iced over. whether it is that fine glaze, or whether it is that chunky
4:18 am
ice. and that's really where we will see some problems. already had a handful of accidents. the sidewalks trying to jump over from the sidewalk into the street to maybe boorda septa bus or new jersey transit bus, will be difficult. and then of course for the folks all the way up in the lehigh valley, they're dealing with the snow, and no place to put it all. live look at the ben franklin bridge right there. you can she little patch there. if it looks wet, it is not wet. it is iced over at 23 degrees, we got little wind coming over the benny there, as well. mass transit, here is the deal. septa said they expect to run regular service on both the market frankford and the broad street lines this morning. they expect to run regular service on all of the regional rail lines, including the cynwyd line and norristown high speed lines, both of those lines were suspended yesterday. as far as the buses, there is about 16 bus routes that are suspended this morning, another handful that are on a detour. your best bet this morning, before you step out and wait
4:19 am
on the wrong corner, or go to the wrong bus stop there, go to the system status and septa.organ it has each bus and route listed and exactly what the status is there. over in mt. laurel, church and pleasant valley road, set of downed wires, detours, as far as philadelphia international airport, just check with the airline, as we heard from the airport yesterday. airport is open. they have all of the runways clear. it is up to the individual airlines and they got to get those planes into philly in order to load you up and get you out of town. lauren, back over to you. >> thank you so much. 4:19. two salem county men in jail accused of shooting two men with the high powered pellet gun. police say the men went on crime spree on valentine day, randomly selecting their victims, in pennsville salem city. surveillance video led to the capture. police say they also shot up a food truck. police are asking anyone who witnessed a brawl last week at the hatfied ice arena to come forward. the scuffle broke out between
4:20 am
the ridley hockey club and central bucks walks. several people shot video of the fights and posted it on line. two central bucks players were injured. >> we're getting a glimpse at president trump's tax documents, white house confirming in 2005 the president paid $38 million in federal income taxes on a reported income of 150 million. it appears an investigative reporter forced the white house's hands in releasing that information after he shared a portion of the return with the cable tv network. mary ann rafferty with more on the story from los angeles. >> president trump's 2,005 tax returns mysteriously appear in the mailbox after investigative journalist. >> came in the mail over the tran some, nothing improper, if you haven't solicited something, getting it over the transit. >> white house then rushed to report that the president paid nearly $40 million in taxes that year avenger at least 150 million. the democratic national committee slammed the white
4:21 am
house response to the tax return, releasing a statement saying, quote, the white house's willingness to release some tax information when it suits them proves donald trump's audit excuse is a sham. the white house released a statement saying in part, quote, you know you're desperate from ratings when you are willing to violate the law to push a story about two pages of tax returns from over a decade ago. many republican analysts have criticized some media outlet for soliciting hackers or government employees for the president's tax returns. >> whether you actually steel and leak that kind of information, if you're an employee, a federal employee, it is a felony and you have journalists asking regular people to commit felonies in order to advance a story. >> but investigative journalist david k johnston believes the president himself sent him the document in the mail. >> long history of leaking material about himself when he thinks it is in his interest. >> all comes after the release of president trump's 1995 tax returns to the new york times during the election, which showed a loss of nearly a
4:22 am
billion dollars. in los angeles, mary ann rafferty, fox news. >> confessions from a dad. the video full of laughs, the dad being interviewed, why he is not blaming his kids this morning about what happened here. but first, sean bell? >> coming up in sports in a minute, find out who villanova will face tomorrow night and why the shortest guy in the tournament may be the biggest problem. that's coming up next in sports
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4:25 am
this is fox 29 sports in one minute. good morning, i'm sean bell. the ncaa tournament started last night and it started off with a bang. mount saint mary's, new orleans, fighting for the right to play villanova on thursday. late in the game the shortest junior robinsonl, getting it hitting this jumper right here to give the lead for good. mount saint mary wins. they'll play nova tomorrow night. >> sixteenth seeds, well, they juste one seeds, never done it before. nova doesn't really have anything to worry about when it comes to round one. after that the pressure really mount up for this team. jay wright talks about dealing with that pressure. >> it is there. you know, it is always a reminder that everybody expects to you do it again. but that's part of the challenge, you know. when people say it is hard to repeat, that's part of why it is hard to repeat. >> to the phillies in spring training, jarrod looked like a boss. look at this, pinpoint accuracy on the change up.
4:26 am
he went five shut out innings. the phillies would win nine-zip. that's sport in a minute. i'm sean bell. and the sixers playing another late gight, this time or call arena to take on the goal end state warriors, looking for the upset. sixers took a lead into half time. then they came out on fire in the third quarter behind a red hot dario, he finished with 25 points, seven rebounds, six assists, the lead would grow to as many as 16 points in the second half. then golden state finally woke up in the fourth. seth curry finished with 23 points. the sixers were down three, with 22nd left. dario at the line made the first free throw, then purposely misses the second, but the sixers can't get the rebound. ya, they lose that one, 106-103. >> here are your winning lottery numbers, good luck to you, we'll be right back.
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>> digging out, the snow has stopped, the temperatures have fallen, we've got a new threat facing our area. and light out. thousands of people in the dark this morning, after yesterday's snowstorm knocks down trees and power lines. all right, get ready to shell out some more money if
4:30 am
you have someone that goes to temple, some say all because of the soda tax. >> oh, oh, good day everybody, it is already a wednesday, we are halfway through this week, many of you still have the kids will be home for at least another two hours. >> the eyes of march. >> how did you make out, okay? >> i made out just fine, overslept a little bit this morning. the snow so thick and heavy though is the big problem. my husband has never failed at getting the driveway out and still not done. >> what is up with him? what do you mean it is not done yet? >> right? how about you? you have a long driveway throughout? >> mine is done. my guys were out there yesterday. >> my guys were there. >> you had to tackle it yesterday. everything kind of crusted over, temperatures well bel likw freezing today, guys. take a look at ultimate doppler, the last 24 hours with the storm. it is kind of raised on off to the north and the east. but as we zoom in across the area, take a look, some areas right now, northeast
4:31 am
philadelphia, also cinnaminson, moving toward, say, moorestown, mt. laurel, where of course we've been tracking steve keeley this morning, in moorestown, looking at some of the snow showers moving through parts of burlington county. look at some of the impressive snowfall totals. the pocono mountains, mount pocono, 2 feet of snow. bethlehem, about 14 inches, we saw combination of snow and sleet in philadelphia that put us at about 7.1 inches. yesterday mt. holly, 5.3, hokessing delaware, 4.2 inches with the storm. so, we're pretty dry in center city, but 23 degrees, look at the feels like temperature every ten, so barely cold air have low 20's to teens across the area as air temperatures, but you factor in the winds, it feels like nine in atlantic city being look at mount pocono feeling like five below zero. so that planner, it stays bitterly cold, talking couple of passing flurries, and high temperature if we can muster up that, bob kelly, of 30 degrees. so everything is going to stay kind of icy, and crunchy for
4:32 am
today. >> exactly, not going anywhere. anything that looks even remotely wet is iced over this morning, i think really going to be surprised when you step out that front door, as i was this morning. we're not dealing with snow, we're dealing with all of the -- anything that was left over or maybe the plow trains may have missed, like some of the turning lanes, some of the patches in some of the intersections, like this guy coming right here, if you got to hit the brakes real hard, or at the last minute, gout to be careful about what your tires are gripping to. because if they're gripping to anything that's ice, there is going to be accidents. we've already had handful this morning. and then south on 95, okay here, at cottman, but when you get into the work zone, between say the betsy ross bridge and girard, where there is no shoulder, and there is no place to put that plowed snow, there are some chinks of ice, definately in the left lane, and you could have some of the run-off. some of the streets that typically would be two lanes, maybe they're only one and a half this morning. so there is going to be delays
4:33 am
specially here in center city, and in the neighborhoods. as far as mass transit, septa says they expect to have a normal rush hour on both the marke frankford and the broad street subway. amtrak running a modified service. everybody else running what they expect to be a normal rush hour. keep in mind, new jersey transit, or dart buses, may and little slower than normal. because they have to navigate any detours in the neighborhoods. same deal with septa. now, there are some routes still suspended, others still on detour. that is going to change hour by hour as the work crews and the streets department gets out there and frees up another street with the snow plows. so just check the system status. go to, click on bus route, all of the info right there. the regional rails, again, they expect to run a regular service schedule this morning, the cynwyd and the norristown high speed lines were suspended yesterday. they're back on track, and we should have normal morning rush hour. delays are going to happen. and it is cold. so bundle up. in case do you have wait for the bus or train over here in
4:34 am
mt. laurel, church road and pleasant valley road, some downed wires, with some local detours, and if you tends to fly out of philadelphia international airport, check with the airline, airports open. it is up to the airlines, as far as the flight status, and a lot of the flights yesterday, were canceled, so, those planes are not here in philly. they call that re-staging. they have to re shuffle the planes all across the country here, so make sure your plane is here when you get there. karen, lauren, back over to you. >> bob, thanks so much. people across the tri-state will spend today digging out from yesterday's snowstorm. major problem this morning. icy roads, and sidewalks, and of course the power outages. steve keeley checking out conditions. he joins us live from moorestown. steve, guess what? i'm trading the snow for the sand today. and headed down to florida. >> oh, good. but before you go, i know do you have do some live shots. so anyhow, look, i'm in the same spot and after the 12 minute live shot you're thinking what else can he say? what possibly different thing
4:35 am
can he do? and yes, i found something else. but here is what bob kelly and scott are talking about. and it is baby steps today. don't feel stupid walking like this. i mean, you're walking like that monster on lost in space if anybody remembers, that just shuffling the feet. just call it the south philly shuffle, and if you want you can do a chubby checker twist. because this is thick ice everywhere. again, here you go, somebody did the job. they plowed the street. and the street is now an ice rink. you could probably get to work with ice skates and skis today better than with shoes. and so i have my man chris fox behind the camera today. and where ever we walk, i'm walking him like you're helping a little old lady across the street. so i'll hold his arm. put him in the position. get him back safely away from me. because i'm going to demonstrate driving conditions in this. so, bob kelly, i know you're
4:36 am
busy, extremely, with all of the maps. scott williams, you might want to take a moment. look, i'll get behind the big fox vehicle here. now, this is a big heavy vehicle. so imagine if you have a little car, and if you're pulling off new albany road. see the truck going pretty fast. thirty-five is the speed limit. if you pull off that road, common to the side road, and you don't stop, because there is nobody there, you're going to end up in a snow bank, up a curb, and damaging your car. and if you don't think it is icy out here, now, i'm starting from a stop, and we're going to see how this driving demo works. there is no other vehicles around, kind of in a parking lot. and so that was 5 miles an hour, now, watch. i don't foe if the wheels are spinning or what. but you're not stopping easily at all. like i say there is has got
4:37 am
all of the modern safety features on it like the anti-lock breaks. now i'll go, turn around the other way, where we were showing you the ice, it will be to chris, if's left. and we're going to go into that parking lot over there, which is probably a lot safer for him and human beings who would be anywhere near me. but see i can't even turn the wheel. you can't even turn. do you see this, this big vehicle; leading all over this thing. i'm turning the wheel completely, and it goes straight first before it starts going into a turning mode. so this little demonstration in this plowed parking lot gives you a sense of even when we always say don't go on non-treated road, it is the treated roads you really have to be the most worried about. because when you see a shine off the street lights, that should give you a sense of how bad it is out here. that tells you how it is, and
4:38 am
i think i will ' ends with that, since i think you get the idea. it is tough out here. so take it easy and, like i said, you could be on a completely dry surface, one moment, and you turnoff, look, if you can see new albany road from here with the two yellow lines, i don't know if you can see that to your right, chris, the road down there, you can see, there is no ice on new albany road. as soon as you hit the side road where the stop sign is, if i was approaching that stop sign at more than 20 miles an hour, and i had to jam on my brakes, i'll not stop until i get into the traffic. that's how you'll see accidents today. so bob doesn't have a lot of accidents to talk about yet. that's because probably not a lot of people driving yet. but when people start driving, if they don't do the smart thing, they're going to be in trouble, then just getting out of your vehicle, look at this, you get out of your vehicle, and that first step is bugs bunny would say watch that, mack, it is a doozy. here is the crusty thing, that's the word they use, so it is a rough ice. so if you fall on that,
4:39 am
lauren, this is not what you want to fall on. >> no! >> it has the sharp edges, that will be extra, extra hurting on your keyser there. >> steve? >> karen, i like your shoe selection for the parade. that's what you want. you want like flats, slippery easy, easy to get into shoes today. and you just want to rub that flat surface of your shoe on the ground. do you not want to walk really heal first and then the ball of your foot down like you normally o guys i know people run, because they have to run, or they feel like they missed out on their work out. i'm sure running stretchers today too even with the best footing possible and the best running shoes possible, there is going to be slick spots on running trails, as well. so no matter what you do today. >> i'll tell my husband, yes. >> yes, watch out. >> steve, thanks, our bosses call and said make him stop and not doing that and your driving privileges have been revoked. thank you very much. >> all right. >> also, crews out in south jersey this morning to help restore electricity for the thousands of people who have lost power during the storm.
4:40 am
almost 7,000 people are still in the dark. pse&g is working to help people in gloucester, camden, and burlington counties get their power back on. well, ac electric says most of their outages are concentrated in gloucester and salem counties. all right, how about this one? take a control. >> suv slams right into a gas station, burst into flames, we will tell you how this all started.
4:41 am
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>> do you see what happened there, enormous fireball? is a nissan xterra slamming into a pump at seattle gas station, there it is, bursting into flames. now the vehicle belonged to ride sharing company employee and had passenger inside at the time. police say the suv hit a honda accord at the intersection just two blocks before. they've -- they're trying to figure out what cause that crash. the driver amazingly not hurt. >> the professor and his family instantly famous after his children interrupted live interview on the bbc telling us he can actually what happened that day. >> this video of professor robert kelly and his family went viral on friday. parents around the world cringe and then laughed and laughed when his daughter interrupted his skype interview followed by her little brother, and then mom comes scrambling and running into the room to save the day. yesterday the professor was
4:44 am
interviewed once again, by the bbc. and this time his family was invited in, as well. >> we didn't anticipate really anything like this at all. all kind of commentary, and feedback, stuff lining that. i had some woman write to me and ask me about was i a psychic, did i see special numbers in the sky and stuff lining. that i mean, we just got this massive wave -- >> well, dad confessed that he usually locks that office door, but that day, he forgot. >> that's so like -- >> when the kids came running? >> we had that yesterday. my husband, all of the kid off from school, maybe your kids were as well, he is on the business call, and that moment the baby needed him, dad, and the more he runs a warn cents chasing him through the house, and making faces like stop him, you know? whatever. then he just seems and all he want is his dad. >> so fun. >> i all right. how about this one? on the hot seat. coming up on good day philadelphia, the nation's most powerful marine under fire before congress over a scandal of nude photos that were posted on line.
4:45 am
4:46 am
4:47 am
>> 4:47. perfect example what we are dealing with here in the neighborhood. this is torresdale avenue. so you typically have a full travel lane, on this side. but look how the snow is kind of taking away some of the lane. right here, all iced up. then look on the opposite side. big old patch of ice, sitting right here, just waiting for you. so, again there is scenario, in the neighborhoods, again,
4:48 am
instead of a full lane, you only have maybe three quarters after lane, and obviously you'll have to roll over on to the yellow line, have folks here, coming the opposite way. trying to avoid the ice. but you're losing that much of the street, you know, that much of the street because of the plowed snow, which is now all iced over. if you did not get a chance to shovel yesterday, at the early part of the storm, it was a rough shovel last night. and forget about it this morning, because it is all iced up. live look at i the 95, steve said it best, rolling along on dry road surface, then all the sudden, bamm, patch of ice comes up. and some of the patches of ice are in the middle of the major roadways, because folks didn't clear their cars off yesterday. and that ice just slid down on to the road surface, as far as mass transit, there is a number of septa bus routes still suspended, or on a detour. your best bet, go to the system status that's going to change throughout the day. it will change for the better once they open up an extra
4:49 am
street. that bus will go back onto it regular route. expect regular service this morning, on all of the regional rail lines, they're going to try to give it their best shot. amtrak is running on modified schedule in the northeast corridor. normal schedules expected on patco, new jersey transit, even the dart buses, the regional rails, again, they're going to shoot for regular normal schedule. downed wires in mt. laurel, a church and pleasant vale, if you intend to fly check with the airline, all of the concellations from yesterday, they got to re stage all of the planes. so, check with the airline before you head down to the airport. >> what's it look like for the rest of the day and the weekend? scotty has the forecast in 15 seconds. >> springs days away, stuck
4:50 am
the next several days. weather by the numbers, scale of one to ten, today everything is kind of iced over from yesterday. there could be some passing buds prepared for the cold, bundle up, but once again, a lot ofandd sleet just really crusted over, it is very hard, so, use caution out quiet across much of the area, however, we are kind of zoom willing in. see passing snow showers, uppere land, lower moore lands, moving toward dollars bustleton area, perhaps towardbe into burlington county right now, moving just outside of the moorestown area, looking at some of the county. we have a wind advisory for much of the region. to 45 miles per hour, also, north and west, we have advisories, tt part of the day, this morning, duend drifting of all of the snow yesterday. they saw about 14 inches, in the lehighin the pocono mountai.
4:51 am
23 degrees right now in philadelphia. factor in the winds. take a lock what you're dealing with, single digit to teens right now for those windchills. so onc are of the ice, with the frigid temperatures, windchills in thoseens, and the icy steps. so, for today, talking about a high right around 30 degrees. there could be some flurries atrom time to time as well. we will talk much more about that forecast, coming up at you. >> all right, scott, thanks so much. the top us marine vowing to prosecute those scandal, some senators, though, not really buying this. general robert nel ee senate ars committee yesterday. told the committee he's personally outraged, marines have been sharing nude photos of female marines on a facebook page. he asked for the personal trust of all female marines past and present. democratic senator cures ton
4:52 am
said that's just not enough. >> where is the accountability for failure? who is being held accountable for doing nothing since 2013? who? which commander? i'm very concerned that this is part of a culture that's resulting in the high levels of sexual assault. >> i don't have a good answer for you. i'm not going to sit here and duck around this thing. i'm not. i'm responsible. i'm the commandant. i own this. >> general nel is her headed to camp lagune today to discuss this issue. did you hear about this storey? ezekial elliot could be in hot water after caught doing what he did at the dallas saint patrick's day parade. video of elliot pulling down a woman's top at the parade. this was on saturday. her breast fully exposed, "tmz" coding, saying, what elliot did this weekend is sexual assault and the nfl should immediately suspends him. so far, elliot has not commented and we've not heard
4:53 am
from the cowboys. >> well, temple university hiking its board rates for the 20172018 school year, more than its normal increase. >> and it says that the new sweetened beverage tax is to blame for all of this. university announcing board rates will rise an additional 4.8% for the school year for next year, on top of what it would normally have for the tax. minute mall meal plan will cost $1,400 next semester inch including the increased costs, says it will rollback the board increase if that tax is repealed. the tax is being used in part to funds early childhood education in the city. how about this one for neiman marcus, struggling to bring shoppers into stores, it reported a loss of more than $117 million last quarter. the canadian company hudson's bay has reportedly expressed interest in buying neiman marcus. hudson's bay also said to be considering a merger with macy. >> bling and you miss this one. watch your screen. first, you see someone holding hands with a little girl, and
4:54 am
then a chase through south philadelphia. stay with us.
4:55 am
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4:56 am
>> take a look at this, showed you before the break, a chase in south philadelphia. it is a dinosaur going after those kids. this is on the streets of south philly. t recommendation, someone obviously in a costume, chasing a little girl, and who ever she was with was
4:57 am
obviously holding her hands. pretty cute. this has been fun. a lot of people have been doing interesting snow videos this season, this is just one of the many that's gone viral. hidden messages, the reason many of your favorite disney princesses are wearing the color blue.
4:58 am
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4:59 am
on good day philadelphia, is it really march?
5:00 am
we say good-bye to the nor'easter and hello to freezing temperatures. scott williams in, when can we expect a warm up? >> plus the numbers are out. part of the president's tax returns were made public late last night, what the white house is saying about donald >> and is your credit score low? soon enough, you may not have to worry. two big changes that could give your credits big boost. >> good day philadelphia at everybody, itts right now. is a wednesday, it is the eyes of march, they always say, be aware of the eyes, i'm karen hepp, thomas drayton will be along. >> good morning, gang. >> good morning, everyone thawet from yesterday? >> no. >> still bitter cold. >> yes. >> today feels even colder than yesterday. >> i agree. >> do we have some smidge of snow that might be moving? >> few flu thinks morning, maybe even more by the afternoon. >> wow. >> we're done with that. well, a lot of schools are on two hour delay. philadelphia schools are ope


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