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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  March 17, 2017 5:00pm-5:53pm EDT

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first place. thanks for joining us at 5:00. i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. the flames broke out just before 8:00 this morning. homes were along sea gull drive in avalon cape may county. fox 29's bruce gordon is live there for us tonight with the very latest. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, chris, some nine hours later, the mop up continues. avalon fire investigators believe this blaze was accidental. they do not think it was deliberately set. but they don't have an official cause just yet. it may well be up to the homeowners insurance investigators to get to the bottom of this and figure out just what happened. hours after the blaze was put under control firefighters from avalon and several neighboring apartment departments were still hosing down hot spots on two neighboring homes where sea gull drive meets pelican. multi-million dollar show places reduced to rubble. long-time residents say they've never seen anything like it around here. >> quite a site, huh?! >> absolutely. i feel for these people.
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quite a loss here. fire is devastating. >> reporter: skyfox was on the scene shortly after the fire was reported around 7:50am. fire officials say only one of these homes was occupied at the time. the darker one on the left. the owners were away down in florida but their adult son, daughter and her seven week old baby were inside. >> they reported that the fire woke them this morning then saw it on the outside of the building as they were getting their families out of the building. there was no fire or smoke inside. >> reporter: around mid afternoon the owners of the second home arrived to retrieve what little could be saved from their place. they did not wish to talk to reporters. >> utilities are located between the homes and investigators spend. day looking for clues as to how the fire was ignited. the home from which family members escaped is outfitted with a sprinkler system. fire officials say it was no match for the blaze. nearby construction worker rescued two family dogs and damon another construction worker stopped by to help out when he saw flames on his way to
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a job site. >> the baby was in a pajamas or whatever and so was the mom. i put them in my work truck to keep them warm until the paramedics came. >> they were extremely panic. very chilly, cold. they're they were upset. >> reporter: the owners of this more heavily damaged home behind me the dark home are due back from florida sometime this evening. it's almost certain that both of these houses will have to be demolished. but the good news, despite all that damage and the early morning timing of this fire, no one was hurt. chris? >> all right. bruce, thanks. chaos inside a broad street line subway station after a huge fight brokes out after school. check out the scene yesterday at the vine street station in center city. it happened around 3:45 in the afternoon. septa police say the students started fighting with snow and it quickly escalated. officers took one person into custody. it's not clear if they're facing any charges. no reports of any injuries. developing right now, a murder mystery in overbrook.
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the victim who had been run over and dragged by a car but that's not how he was killed apparent apparently. someone had already shot him. fox 29's dave kinchen joining us from philadelphia police headquarters where investigators are trying to figure out exactly what happened. dave? >> reporter: there's still a lot of questions tonight for one police still don't have a motive but we can tell you neighbors are sounding off plenty physical tonight. >> just screaming, you know, he was highly upset. just screaming. >> jesus christ, oh, lord, what happened, what happened, what happened, what did i do? >> reporter: victorino row sarrow results hearing the horror coming from the 1,000 block skateth street. screaming man had just driven up the alleyway towards the rear of his house in dodge caravan when police say he thought he ran over a trash bag. cops say it was actually a man who had been shot in the head several times.
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>> based on the trail of blood, the mini van did drag the body about 100 feet north. >> yes, it is very sorry to fine out someone had got murdered and ran over right behind your home. >> reporter: police say gunshots were reported in the area around 10:45 last night. a little while later, investigators say the driver pulled up and made the gruesome discovery. >> it's a shame that it had to happen here. >> reporter: neighbors tell fox 29 they heard gunshots all the time usually coming from people firing into a wooded area nearby. but this has everyone on the block stunned. >> try to be more aware of your surroundings. make sure your home is locked up. >> reporter: the victim did not have any id on him at the time the body was found. the driver is not considered a suspect. we're told by police he will face any charges. back to you. >> dave, thanks. a former pennsylvania state trooper is now charged in the shooting deaths of his pregnant
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wife and newborn baby three years ago. joseph miller arraigned in montgomery county courts on two counts of involuntary manslaughter. he told investigators he was cleaning his gun when it accidentally went off. prosecutors say that gun was actually win just a few inches from his wife's head when it fired. the battle between new jersey and atlantic city continues and tonight first responders are protesting the state's plan to slash public safety resources. police officers and firefighters took to both the boardwalk and city hall in ac to speak out against proposed cuts. new jersey wants to lay off 100 firefighters and 24 police officers as part of a state's plan to take over atlantic city's finances. law enforcement officials say these cuts will make the city less safe for everyone. among the speakers today officer josh vadell who was shot in the hea in the line of duty back in september. >> we all took a note to protect the citizens of the state.
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who would have thought we'd have to protect the citizens from the state. >> we're not going to be able to put out fires. we're not going to get there with time to save everyone that's over do's dosed and we won't be with the defibrillator in time to bring your loved ones back. >> state officials eve overseeing the finances want to make cuts to save money. new jersey wants to slash salaries, increase hours and eliminate some benefits. now to your fox 29 weather authority. as we take a live look at the wilmington on what was our you goablely the nicest day of the week. the sun was shining. no snow falling from the sky. of course, the big question everyone wants to know how is the weekend? >> let's head over to meteorologist mike masco although we're seeing spring it's like i can literally right over the hill there. right? >> it's so close but i'll tell you this is going to be complex weekend. because there's going to be another storm unfortunately that's going to evolve. north and west already winter weather advisory posted for monroe county, lehigh county down towards lancaster county up
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for tomorrow into tomorrow night and believe it or not for accumulatioaccumulateing snow nt of philadelphia. see the precipitation back to the south and west? this is running into a lot of dry air. i don't think it will fall from the sky. at least until after midnight. but the problem child for this weekend up toward the northern plains and midwest. this is an area of low pressure that's going to come sweeping off the great lakes. come into the area as we go into tomorrow afternoon providing us snow and rain mixture, but then things take a turn for the worst as this storm comes off the coast, brings in lot of cold air from northern new england back into the adirondacks and allows for snow to fall across the delaware valley. so look at fox future cast tod today. around 5:00 in the morning we'll watch some snow showers developing far to the north into the west but as we go through the afternoon it's a cold rain. it is nasty all day. north and west you'll get into some wet snow, maybe a little ice and then as that storm goes offshore, watch how the snow starts to build in and then the
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temperatures come crashing dow . i'll show you little bit. guys. >> mike, thank just about two months into president trauma pop and% 100 days sticking to his claims of wire tapping. during a meeting with german chancellor angela merkel mr. trump still claiming president obama ordered wire tapping of trump tower. earlier in the day, president trump and the chancellor held around table discussion during the 2016 campaign merkel was a frequent target of then candidate trump who repeated al accused her of ruining germany by allowing influx of refugees. the two world leaders meeting against the back drop of tense global issues including nato but president trump joking about those wire tapping claims. >> as far as wire tapping, i guess by this past administration at least we have something in common perhaps.
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[ laughter ] >> president trump referring to reports from wikileaks that the u.s. national security agency allegedly tapped merkel's phone. villanova is moving on to the second round of the ncaa tournament. the wildcats beat mount saint mary's last night 76-56 in the first round. >> it wasn't a pretty win. >> no. nova fans -- were biting their nails that first half a game they should have won easily ron burke is here with the wildcats ready for round number two. hey, ron. >> guys, villanova cannot afford to have another uneven performance at 2:40 when it faces wisconsin. eighth seeded badger the only team to make it to the sweet 16 each of the three years. nova didn't take a lead last night until the final minute of the first half against the 16th seeded mountaineers. the cats took over in the second half and performed like the defending national championship
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we're used to seeing. the tournament schedule does not take much time to look back. jay wright was askeed to and explain why his team was so out of character at the start. >> we had a little nerves. i sensed we were a little bit, um, taken back by their speed and quickness, and they did a great -- you got to give them credit they did a great job of holding the ball till late in the possession and then letting their little guards go and create plays and it was working. >> we got to watch film of that. and right now we can't. we got to focus on wisconsin. whatever happened, you know, we got to play better. not dwelling on that. we just got to know, um, what we got to do tomorrow. >> josh hart and company looking ahead to that test against wisconsin tomorrow. the badgers are a team that will be extremely comfortable in that environment like villanova wisconsin has hasn't impressive resume in recent years, guys. >> ron, thanks. septa fares likely going up. how much a bus trip or subway ride will cost you and how you
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can sound off on those fare hikes. >> a local high school production of rag time enters its closing week after almost not being allowed to the show. the national honor cherry hill high school east just received. hockey team comes together to help a janitor at their school. what they did for a man so near and dear to them and one thing he asked for in return. >> and don't throw away your shot to see one of the hottest shows ever. how you can among the first to score tickets to hamilton when it comes to philadelphia. ♪ (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood...
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♪ philadelphia comes together to commemorate the true meaning behind st. patrick's day. the feast day of saint patrick and the arrival of christianity in ire lapped. american and irish flags being raised with pride at the irish memorial at penn's landing earlier today. city leaders, local dignitaries and people of all agents and cultures gathering to remember immigrants who faced religious persecution. >> this structure was erected to remember the lives lost because of ignorance and we do their memory a disservice when we repeat the mistakes of our pressers. >> there was a celebration as well with traditional irish dancing and singing. jenn fred spoke at today's eve event. and former presidential candidate hillary clinton in pennsylvania getting ready to speak in scranton she's the keynote speaker for the society of irish women's annual dinner and no stranger to scranton.
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her dad grew up there and she spent summers at a nearby lake. >> if you rely on septa be prepared to pay little more starting this coming summer. septa announced proposed fare increase across all modes of travel and payment methods. here's a look at some of those changes. weekly transpass would go up a dollar 50. the monthly transpass up five bucks. weekly transpas transpasses up r to 1.75 and cash fare quick trip would up a quarter. septa will hold public hearings on the proposed fare increase starting next month. fill's soda tax is controversial the city is making sure everyone is complying. the city says it's now sending out a team of investigators to make sure businesses that sell sugary drinks are correctly incorporating the tax. investigators have already visited 2700 businesses. evue over the penny and a halfal. the honor comes after the school almost didn't put on the production because it containsd.
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instead students performed that play with the word included and held a public discussion a.llowing the play.nd he lives n >> and even with 1200 black recrts reporter: 92 year d alfred johnson is a proud world war ii veteran. he's a point marine one of first black men drafted into from japane >> okay now what. >> mr. johnson suffers from early stage dementia and recently mistakenly wrote a rent check on an account that didn't have the funds. something he's got no history of doing but it set off an ugly and confusing zero receives events. so they told you they'd take a personal check. >> the office did. >> you accept themhey refused id the rent? land lar the older man from these fees. we're nlindy. they told nouse eviction proceedings were final. they added out of respect for the johnsons they'd wave the additional fees if the johnsons
5:17 pm
pay alfred's march rent which fred told me did he today. >> it's okay if you all write them a bank check for the cost of the march rent. >> march rent. we'll do that. be happy to. >> uh-huh. >> be happy to and do away with all of this. we had no idea. >> johnson cover mr. johnson's financial affairs. all is well that ends well. what about us? what do we do when it's time to step in and help a parent, a grand parent struggling. dr. mike cirigliano says it happened with his mom and it could happen to anyone. >> there's lot of people out there that don't realize how vulnerable older folks are. especially if they're memory is not what it was and they're st starring to develop the signs of dementia. so you got to really be involved, take a look around. mack sure that they're eating. make sure that they're cleaning themselves and if they aren't, then it might be time to get help. dr. mike adds that if your folks are having trouble driving as they get older have them tested and if they can't drive.
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the hardest decisions are sometimes the right ones and the toughest ones to make. i just hope in the future i can help my parents the way that johnsons have. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ a shocking crime caught on camera. a woman is suddenly attacked with a hammer as she stood outside thrift mall on -- strip mall on her cell phone. the question her attacker asked her before coming back with the weapon. plus, a secret happening in your neighborhood. could your teenager be involved in a sex ring? and the decision one starbucks store made to help keep homeless people out that has a whole lot of customers upset. question, and be honest...
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a woman is out on standing on balcony victim surv. >> he asked yes yes. subsequent interviews with him said he had targeted her because
5:21 pm
korean. >> as you heard police say the attacker is $1 million bon from police captung this out of justy dangerous in the way his behavior was much his potentia potentially could have been a very tragic situation. >> the driver has been identified as a ask you-year-old man from michigan. no word on injuries. next, he's going after a dream overcoming obstacles and inspiring others for goodness sake. >> and a california brewery showing off a new beer. why some people aren't too excited to try this pll day l 3. look up tow coming up.
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♪ a man is in the hospital after being stabbed 13 times in center city. according to police, the 37-year-old man got into aoc ths morning at 22nd andor questionit ♪eet every day. sometimes the headlines can be pretty grim. our bill anderson though looks for that light. tonight bill talks to man who is facing serious illness but he's also working towards a dream of
5:24 pm
being in the olympics. >> so with his four legged friend at his side he keeps fighting to reach that goal. here's bill with the story. i don't think there are limits. i think it's taking what your abilities are and figuring out how to best use them. >> reporter: multi time medalist and aspiring olympian training in here today and that's exciting. but his story when you hear brandon holiday's story, that's truly inspiring. i met brandon and his service dog dyson as he work out at sweat fitness in conshohocken. he explained to me that he was always active, a college athlete, then police officer but his diagnosis with lupus and several blood clots led to one of the scarier obstacles any athlete could face. >> ultimately high to get a below the knee amputation and that's really where things really changed during that time. i said okay what's next. >> reporter: what happened next was brief period of depression. but a trip to an event for
5:25 pm
athletes with physical disabilities it turned that all around. >> i got to see other people that had lot of limbs achieve great thing. >> reporter: what was he going to do? pretty much anything put in front of him. ♪ >> i competed in martial arts two years after attending the games. where i wouldn't bronze medal in a tournament then i started doing recreation kayaking through the games won a silver medal in 2012, they announced that spring kayaking was going to be para olympic event. >> reporter: competing gave brandon his next challenge but the reason he's training currently for 2020 is because he unfortunately suffered another medical set back on his previous road to the para olympics. >> while i was down there when i had my tenth heart attack. >> reporter: he's still undeterred. he trained with dyson by his side he's committing to out working his obstacles. >> half hour on the treadmill and then --
5:26 pm
>> wait, way? >> he said and. i was listening closely for an or. >> to compete for olympic spot brandon needs additional equipment and this weekend the people who train alongside brandon are helping their friend raise that money. >> fun laser is thirty four hours. so you can do the whole thing and challenge yourself or jump in and out. it's a suggested $15 donation to join. whatever feels right to you. >> reporter: brandon has face numerous challenge and continues to push forward because he realizes his journey is not just significant to him. >> i may not get to that level of being a podium athlete, but i've given my effort and hopefully that will help others to say, as long as i've done my best, i can't be upset with the end result because i've come this far. >> i'm not betting against you. [ laughter ] >> reporter: he keeps going and his peers continue to support him for goodness sake. i'm bill ant son. ♪
5:27 pm
back to your fox 29 weather authority now. live look at the ben franklin parkway. lots of people probably out and about on this friday night. will the last weekend of winter bring any warmth? meteorologist mike masco break it all down for us in 152nd. well no warmth this weekend. maybe next week end. we'll be talking about snow and rain mixture. nothing going on on ultimate doppler across town f we go down to the south and west there's snow showers breaking out around hagerstown as you get into pittsburgh. most of this is not going to reach the ground initiately because of the dry atmosphere that's on ton of us. but give it some time because we will see the flakes fly after midnight tonight. 44 degrees in town. westerly wind coming in at 13
5:28 pm
and there's in dew point down at 13. so very very dry atmosphere. little bit of a wind kicking up feels like temperature right around 38 degrees. 44 in town. 47 in millville. cooler spots up towards the north and the west. really delightful temperatures around cherry hill, voorhees, down towards glassboro, mullica hill at frick degrees. today got up to close to 50 degrees along 95. so clouds are going 10:00 o'clock, 37. tomorrow morning rain and snow showers are going to mix it up in on our skyline. 36 degrees. daytime highs staying in the 30s to close to 40 for your afternoon. winter weather advisory posted north and west of town. i think they may get activated into montgomery county as you get into buck county. right now berks, lancaster and lehigh county being advised there could be accumulating snow by tomorrow night into sunday morning. here's the storm. initially the precipitation breaking out ahead of an area of low pressure sitting up tour the northern plains see how it's wrapping in moisture and cold air across the northern plains. that system dives out of the midwest by tomorrow increasing
5:29 pm
snow showers to the north from the city points south and east a rain shower mix as early as 6:0. now as that low gets on top of us, we're going to see wet snow breaking out into the higher elevations it's a cold damp rain all afternoon long. daytime highs into the upper 30s to 40 for your afternoon on saturday. but as the system starts to push offshore, it is going to drag in much colder air. colder air will allow for all the rain overhead to switch over to some snow but by as early around 11:00 o'clock we should be talking about snow breaking out north and west of the city and everybody goes over to snow overnight saturday into sunday morning and then this system is just going to linger around early sunday morning. so initially coating to 1 inch we're thinking from philadelphia into south jersey. this would be south of the ac expressway. you get north of the expressway out to, say, 195, route 70, that will be one to 2-inches right along 78, one to 2-inches. north of 78 as you get into i80 and then into northern new jersey and the poconos, two to as much as 5is and this total --
5:30 pm
these totals may actually change as we go through the newscast. we'll talk more about that at 6:00 o'clock. 23 degrees for the overnight hours. mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow afternoon, 42 wet snow north and west. rain showers south and east. and then we switch it all over to snow by saturday night into sunday. it's a windy day as we get the precipitation out of here on sunday. 43 degrees we're breaking out into the 50'ss by next week. guys? >> i like the sound of the 50s. thank you. a secret happening in your neighborhood. could your teenager actually be involved in a sex ring? and the decision one starbucks store made that got a lot of customers upset. and there are real st. patrick's day go with news the world of owe ryan's irish potatoes. >> irish jig there. traditional irish dancing and music to celebrate st. patrick's day of course. more festivities from marty
5:31 pm
magee's. saw bob kelly out there. saw jenn fred out there this morning. prospect park in delaware coun county. >> looks like fun. ♪ why are you deleting these photos? because my teeth are yellow. why don't you use a whitening toothpaste? i'm afraid it's bad for my teeth. try crest 3d white. crest 3d white diamond strong toothpaste and rinse... ...gently whiten... ...and fortify weak spots. use together for 2 times stronger enamel. crest 3d white.
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♪ department store j.c. penney is closing 138 stores including three here in our area. skyfox flew over the affected stores here at king of prussia, philadelphia mills and willow grove park mall. j.c. penney says it needs to be able to compete with online retailers. the cuts represent about 14% of the company's stores. well, do you ever sit in a starbucks with your laptop computer? >> yeah. >> i do. like almost every day. [ laughter ] >> well it's no secret some people hang out they don't actually buy anything. they don't get coffee and that's about to change at least one location. starbucks in west hollywood is actually removing its electric outlets. people who frequent the locations have mixed reaction especially because of large homeless population in los angeles.
5:35 pm
>> it's complicated. you know, people need to plug in their device whether you're homeless or not. at what level are you going to have the place business be destroyed because people aren't buying stuff and people turned off because there's a lot of homeless people. almost like a shelter. it's complicated. >> our sister station in los angeles reached out to that starbucks for a comment but has not heard back. citizens bank issuing an apology after a computer glitch caused delays in posting of direct deposits and other transactions for customers by noon the company reported that the problem had actually been resolved. customers will not incur any overdraft fees because of that problem. add new holiday on the calendar here in philadelphia this summer. we will celebrate kevin hart d day. city council approved a measure to honor the comedian on july 6th. it happens to be his birthday hart is a north philadelphia native who went to george washington high school and
5:36 pm
temple you've. he's currently filming a movie here in philadelphia and may be he's watching right now. >> hometown boy. could what you're wearing be hurting the environment? the clothes some experts say could be causing a major problem. >> and changing a classic. the monopoly pieces that are going away and the new ones that will be replacing them.
5:37 pm
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♪ details are disgusting and alleged sex trafficking ring that ran in part out of northeast philadelphia hotel. 14-year-old girl says is he was enslaved and force to do work there. we first told you about this story last week. now, fox 29 investigates is taking a closer look at sex trafficking in philadelphia. >> our dave schratwieser goes
5:40 pm
behind the scenes of a sex trafficking ring and as you'll find out it could be happening anywhere places you least expect even in your own neighbor. here's dave. >> reporter: it look like any other house on this west philadelphia block. the corner of 51 is the and warren. the place needs a little work. but nothing out of the ordinary. you probably never guess that this used to be ground zero for big sex trafficking ring. ♪ >> you come in and you go upstairs. >> reporter: this guy claims to know all about the house want went on here when it was known across the region as the headquarters for the touch. a marketing plan. with sex trafficking. >> yes. >> do you think that's what it should have been. >> that's what it is. >> is that what they were doing. >> that's what they were doing. >> reporter: according to this former patron, people would come
5:41 pm
from far and wide to theey wasoy arrangan hour. one hundred dollars for an hour. >> it's a supply and demand. the demand is there and as long as the demand is there, the supply is going to keep coming. >> reporter: while the money flowed so did the sex. especially on the weekends when this former patron says the women were basically held hostage. >> the girls come out friday, saturday and sun day working around the clock. >> around the clock. >> seeking the people that are not strong. they're seeking the people that are not able to say no. >> reporter: city and federal investigators say this was the proto typical sex trafficking operation. with young girls being lured in by the promise of a home, clothes, money and in some cases drugs. our former patron says the girls
5:42 pm
were 18, 19 and 20 years old. detective kate gordon of philadelphia's special victims unit says for some women caught up in sex trafficking operatio operations, the starting age can be as young as 12. >> your child could be gone for a few hours and say they're going to friend's house, when in reality that's not at all where they're going. they're actually had a hotel with four other people and this is occurring. >> reporter: detective gordon and officer ashley, are among half dozen svu detectives supervisors who joined forces with federal homeland security investigations, the fbi, the salvation army, the u.s. attorney's office and the district attorney on a new task force charged with cracking down on sex trafficking. >> number one goal is just to recover these girls and get them out of the situation but then also you know to go after the people that are doing this to them. >> reporter: investigators also say they work hard to get young women out of the sex trade and on a better path in life.
5:43 pm
the salvation army plays a vital role. >> they cover everything from housing to basic needs, clothi clothing. immediate care as well as long-term therapy, treatment. >> reporter: investigators say sex trafficking operations are not just confined to the inner city. they can pop up in neighborhoods like this one in northeast philly. >> human trafficking is one of these types of crimes that is truly hidden in plane sight. >> if you're seeing a lot of the differ people coming and going, coming and going, pay attention to your neighbors. pay attention to the cars that are coming and going. >> parents need to be aware of what their children are doing online with mobile devices. >> girls are being recruited at high school ages by their peers. >> reporter: investigators >> if you see someone coming ph. >>ng
5:44 pm
doesn't quite makeom in the suburbs. they're coming from families where their parents are loving. >> reporter: dave schratwieser fox 29 investigates. >> another thing that's happening. airline personnel, hotel personnel, also being trained to look for young women who may be traveling with men into the city with the purposes for sex. >> good idea. investigators say if you see something suspicious, you can contact them anonymously. all the information is on our website fox all right. a group of seniors in seattle getting an introduction to marijuana. see yours from assisted living community given tour of dispensary called the pot shop. there they received a lesson on marijuana including state laws and the differences between smoking and eating pot. the seniors were interested in on their lesson on weed. >> i think so many people where
5:45 pm
we live are broad minded and accepting that helps people who are ill and why not? >> the pot shop says it has held similar tours from other groups as well. new brew in san diego is causing quite the buzz. stone brewing is using water from the city's pure water facility. something nicknamed toilet to tap. the water is recycled from waist eventually the program in san diego will provide a third of of the citi' water. do you think about the environment during your workout or how about when you wear a fleece jacket? according to environmentalists, you should. fox's jodi goldberg spoke to an environmental expert in new york who explained out yoga pants, fleece jackets and more are harming the planet. >> i have two little kids. i'm constantly in leggings and pants like mine. >> we're learning those pants and just about any other peace of clothing that's not natural could be harming our environme environment. >> a lot of the clothes that we
5:46 pm
wear are made of synthetic fibers, um, which are plastic. >> biggest ones polyester and acrylic. >> harry so mow with kit sense campaign for the environment says it's a growing problem. a new fund found our wardrobe and washing machines are to blame. comfy clothes with micro fibers which are shreds of plastic released when we wash them. they travel into our sewage treatment facilities ultimately polluting our shore lines and water ways. >> what you can do is wash those clothes less that are made of the synthetic fibers. washing machines can be fitted with filters. >> environmentalists say the fibers are being consumed by fish couldn't make their way into our diet. the problem is, they're so small and hard to detect but not everyone we spoke with is buying it. >> i think it really doesn't make much sense. >> reporter: with everything else that is really affecting the environment i don't think washout pants is where we'll start. >> if it is polluting the water you say oh, boy, then i look to change it. that's for sure.
5:47 pm
>> reporter: vinyl mental lifts say older jackets with weak fibers shed twice as much as new ones the risk of fiber contamination it's a greener way of keeping plastic bottles of landfills. on long island jodi goldberg, fox5 news. hockey team comes together help a janitor at their school. what they did for the man so near and dear to this team and what one thing he asked for in return. and don't throw away your, one of the hottest shows he have you can be among the first to score tickets to hamilton when it comes to philadelphia. plus they are real st. patrick's day treat. go with us on the world of o ryan's irish potatoes. (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles...
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the boot is getting the boot. along with the wheelbarrow and the thimble. those are monopoly pieces and those are going away after more than 4 million voters weighed in. they'll be replaced with a t rex, a penguin and a rubber ducky. the classic dog battleship race car top hat and cat will all remain. the new version of the monopoly will go on sale in the fall. hockey team from minnesota is coming together off the ice. their goal is to help someone very near and dear to them make it back home. >> our fox's rob olsen reports the man they're helping asked just one thing in return. >> i came as a student and back in the '83. >> reporter: his connection to
5:52 pm
rogs berg college goes back more than 30 years. first as a student. and then a long-time custodian. >> very well. i love osberg. it's a great college place to work. >> in all that time since he left ethiopia he never once got to visit his family. not even to say goodbye. >> it's hard that he wasn't able to go home to see his mom before she passed. >> reporter: it was only few weeks ago when the college men's hockey team in the midst of staying alive in the playoffs heard his mother had died and he never going to visit. >> hockey team, previous who hockey team i get to know them one were you this is a very special team. >> reporter: launched gofundme campaign to zen him home to see his father hoping to reach their goal butt by the end of the season. >> our goal is 3,000 originally and we surpassed that goal in nine hours. >> give you thank for yourself lessness, your service.
5:53 pm
>> oh, my god. >> your care and joy you bring to the ring for the guys. we love you and go see home. if we'll get you home. [ applause ] >> the check they gave him now already at $5,000. the money still coming in. >> enjoy that. >> thank you very much. >> osi is well known around the athletic department has become particularly close with his roster. >> just the joy he brings to everyone. he's the greatest guy. he is more than deserving of this. he deserves more to be honest. >> he admits he can't pay them back. he only asks that they within the national championship. >> thank you. great team. >> have fun. >> thank you. >> so nice to so those guys do that for him. >> now they got to within the national championship. that's a tall order. >> maybe they will. >> that was fox's rob olsen reporting. fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right now.
5:54 pm
right now at 6:00, dramatic video from inside philadelphia subway system. a brawl caught on camera at a market frankford line stop. strong words from septa's police chief. plus, your chance to be in the room where it happens. hamilton broadway's hottest show is coming to philly. ♪ >> how you can get tickets before anyone else. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. shot, killed and dragged. a grizzly murder in philadelphia's overbrook section. tonight police are trying to piece it altogether as they search for the person responsible. good evening, and thanks for joining us at 6:00. i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. this all happened just after midnight on the 1,000 block of north 68th street. fox 29's dave kinchen live at
5:55 pm
philadelphia police headquarters with the latest for us tonight. dave? >> reporter: chris,
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