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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  March 17, 2017 6:00pm-6:29pm EDT

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a brawl caught on camera at a market frankford line stop. strong words from septa's police chief. plus, your chance to be in the room where it happens. hamilton broadway's hottest show is coming to philly. ♪ >> how you can get tickets before anyone else. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. shot, killed and dragged. a grizzly murder in philadelphia's overbrook section. tonight police are trying to piece it altogether as they search for the person responsible. good evening, and thanks for joining us at 6:00. i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. this all happened just after midnight on the 1,000 block of north 68th street. fox 29's dave kinchen live at philadelphia police headquarters with the latest for us tonight. dave? >> reporter: chris,
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investigators have been working on this case for several hours. really since late last night. trying to piece a lot of details together. there are a lot of questions and neighbors quite frankly they have. >> y over right hyped your tragedy took pla alleyway behind hishought he raa trash bag. it was actually a man shot in the head several times. >> he was just screaming of he was highly upset. >> reporter: what was he screaming. >> gee social security us christ, lord, what happened, what happened, what happened? what did i do. >> reporter: trail of blood across snow and ice shows the man had been dragged about 100 feet by the van according to police on scene. homicide detectives believe the gunshot victim was dead before getting run over. neighbors say they heard up to seven gunshots but did not think much about it. >> it happens all the time. usually shoot into the woods. >> reporter: learning someone was killed in such a violent way has truly shaken up the block.
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>> something that doesn't happen around here. pretty quiet neighborhood. >> reporter: again, police say they do not know who the victim is in this case because they did not have any id on him at the time. we're also told that the driver in this case is not likely to face any charges. back to you. dawn? >> all right, thank you, dave. a big break in a deadly hit-and-run crash in pottstown earlier this month. police say they arrested the drive of the pickup truck behind this hit-and-run on shoemaker road back on march 3rd. 28-year-old kevin steele now facing a list of charges including leaving the scene of a fatal accident and evidence tampering. he's accused of running down 2484 old donald prunell as prunell crossed the road. now on to developing story out of center city philadelphia. chaos at a subway station. and septa police say a group of teens get into an all-out brawl much of that scene caught on camera. cell phone video shows a lot of people involved. >> and now police are hoping for the public's help. fox 29's brad sat tip joins us
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now. brad? >> reporter: we're not far from it and the thing is, the police chief is saying these kinds of things these days are happening every single day and they need it to stop. as you mentioned, we're here at broad and 59 just behind suss where the scene played out around thee 30:00 yesterday afternoon as kids were leaving school. these kinds of pictures we normally don't put on tv. we usually blur faces but in this case, the septa police chief is asking us to put it out there because they want to identify the people involved and make some arrests. about 50 people witnessing this scene. six or eight kids, young teenagers described as throwing punches. it started with a snowball fight above ground. them went underground to the subway and this chaotic scene. victims being kicked and punched. police are saying as i mentioned this has been happening every day across the city as students are leaving school. thee 30:00 to follow cory their in the afternoon on subway
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platforms and other places. sometimes they are organized fights he says. other times they're spontaneous. and in this case, some kids were leaving school the spring theory school. they were about to get on the subway when they were attacked and again the septa chief says this needs to stop. >> it's shocking. you know, it's really -- it's really alarming that -- that one young person would do that to another young person. i have to tell you this is becoming a daily event, you know, throughout the city, you know, street corners or outside schools or on the septa system, and we're concerned about the welfare of our children. >> reporter: now despite that chaotic seen the good news is no one was seriously hurt. philadelphia police may have made arrests but septa police looking totter the same. they need your help. if you are -- if you recognize any of the faces in that video. the other point that he wanted to make is that parents need to know where their kids are. chris and dawn? after school. >> absolutely. thank you, brad.
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now to your fox 29 weather authority. live look at allentown on this last friday of winter. >> yay! >> the question is, chris, will spring come when the calendar says so? it sure looks like winter is hanging on. >> let's check in with meteorologist mike masco. give us good news, mike. >> not this weekend. maybe next weekend i can bring you good news. we'll be stuck into a pattern that's going to bring in at least for the next 36 hours winter like conditions. i mean, it is beautiful right now if you can soak up this evening with temperatures into the 40s, do it. because winter weather advisories already posted outside of town as you get ut up towards the lehigh valley and into the poconos this starts tomorrow and goes right into sunday morning. we are watching fringe effects of this storm now moving into southeastern pennsylvania. this is going to continue to push off towards the north now the atmosphere is very dry so i don't think anything is going to fall from the sky until at least after midnight we watch this area of low pressure situated over minneapolis come diving out midwest through the ohio valley
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it sets up shop tomorrow afternoon on top of us allowing for wintry mix across the region i think the highest elevations tomorrow will see the snow and then as this low starts to push off the coast redevelop into a coastal storm, we will start to switch over to all snow. look at fox future cast bringing in the precipitation through the day and then we go all over the snow by saturday night. i have updated snowfall, yikes, accumulation map. we'll talk about that coming up in just little bit. guys. >> we got accumulation maps now. all right. we'll check in a little bit. now for the latest in the bridge gate scandal in new jersey. for the third time, a judge has ruled a special prosecutor will not be appointed to oversee a criminal complaint against governor chris christie. today's decision deals a defeat to the criminal misconduct complaint filed by a former firefighter. william brennan. his complain alleged christie failed to stop a political retaliation plot against the democrat ting mayor who didn't endorse him.
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fire investigators do not believe a huge fire in avalon cape may county was intentionally set but they still do not know the cause of the fire which reported through and gutted two multi million dollar shore houses this morning on the unit block of sea gull drive right by the water. bruce gordon was on the scene and has the very latest for us tonight. >> reporter: many hours after the flames were knocked down, firefighters from avalon and a host of neighbors departments were still soaking down hot spots and flare ups on two neighboring homes where sea gull drive meets pelican. these were multi million dollar show places now reduced to charred ruins. neighbors came running to see for themselves what had caused all the commotion. >> you got over to this house and see all this. >> i saw devastation. i can imagine being the owner of these houses. >> reporter: skyfox was over head not long aft the fire was% reported around 7:50am.
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fire officials say only one of these homes was occupied at the time the dark we are one on the left. the owners of the that home were away down in florida. but their adult son, daughter and her seven week old baby were inside. were wakene by popping news. >> they reported fire outside the window, and of course their main concern was getting their family out of the house. they did that and got everyone out of the house safely. >> reporter: around mid afternoon the owners of the second home arrived to retrieve what little could be saved from their place. they did not wish to talk to reporters. utilities are located between the homes and investigators spent much of the day looking for clues as to what might have touched off the blaze. the home from which family members escaped does have a sprinkler system. fire officials say it was no match for the flames. a nearby construction worker rescued two family dogs and damon earns the another construction worker stopped to off help to the fire victims when he saw flames on his way to job site. >> extremely panicked. very chilly, cold.
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yeah they were upset. >> the baby was in a, you know, pajamas and so was the mom i put them in my work truck to keep them warm until the paramedic came. >> the owners of this heavily damaged home are due back from florida this evening. it's likely both homes will have to be demolish but the good news despite all that damage and the early morning nature of this fire, no one was injured. in avalon, cape may county, bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> it's broadway's hottest ticket. sold out for months. but hamilton coming to philadelphia. how you can be in the room where it all happens and be among the first to score some tickets. >> plus they are a real sane patrick's day go with us into the world of owe ryan's irish poe pate toes. >> thank you dawn. villanova about to playing i don't know matched 16 seed to facing an opponent in that match villanova success in recent years. nova and wisconsin size each other up later in sports. fios in the house!
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>> one of the hottest shows ever to hit broadway coming to philadelphia. hamilton will be part of the 2018-2019 broadway season for the kimmel center. exact dates have not yet been announced but the kimmel center says people who subscribe for the 2017-2018 season will get the first crack on hamilton tickets. next year's shows include the color purple, school of rock and aladdin. when it comes to sane patrick's day so many people can't get through the holiday without one sweet particular treat. of course we're talking about irish potatoe potatoes. >> in philadelphia that means a bock of oh ryan. fox 29's bill rohrer checked out what goes into making these holiday favorites. ♪ >> st. patrick's day means it's time to break out the irish potatoes. >> white box with the green letters that says oh ryan's yes, that's me. >> dave lamb farrelly owns christopher chocolates he moved
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to philadelphia from buffalo and quicklquickly found out irish ps were a must have for st. patrick's day. >> philadelphia saying it's just like mummers it's just like scrapple. once you get to new york, most people don't know what they are. you go down to dover and they don't know what they are. >> reporter: dave name his irish potatoes aft his youngest son ryan. >> i'm daffy. and nobody is going to bio dave's irish potatoes. last name is lamb farrelly. oh lamb farrelly doesn't have that ring to it. >> he starts making company can he nut cream cinnamon treats right before christmas. >> really think they were originally made to honor the potato famine and the irish. i think that some crazy candy maker was rolling coconut cream easter eggs and happened to drop one in a pile of cinnamon he had sitting there. it's an irish potato. i bet i can sell that. >> ♪ >> reporter: however the story goes oh ryan's is the leading seller with over 95,000 pounds this year. >> people come to me and say
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their grand mott used to buy irish potatoes. our irish potatoes and share with them and grandmother is no longer with us. when they eat these, it's in memory of their loved one. >> reporter: eight years ago, dave decided to dip the irish potatoes in dark chocolate. >> let me tell you a irish poe at any time tow covered in sin minute mon and in dark chocolate it's pure heaven. >> down to every last more sell. bill rower are, "fox 29" news. >> we love the oh ryan's around here. that zen us a bunch of them. i got to be honest with it i'm partial to these irish potatoes. look at these from my mom. she sends them in every year. needs the newsroom during the holidays. >> absolutely. carol o'connell. we love you. >> yeah. >> these are the best. i never had an irish potato which is kind of weird because i'm irish until i had your mom mom's. >> they are the best. >> have one in the break. mcdonald's celebrating st. patrick's day today. restaurant on castor and
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aramingo avenues paired with eagles lineman brandon brooks for shamrock shake give away during the shamrock shake season mcdonald's is donating 25 cents from each beverage sale to ronald mcdonald house charities which supports families with sick children. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority now. take a live look at the pocono mountains. there we government ski slope there got some snow there. officially heading into the last weekend of the winter so will it be a good time to head to the poconos? >> i would think so. let's head over t a lot of snoo. got u ap there. us aoo the south and west most of this is going to dry out as it moves up towards the north. look at the poconos looking great. they are going to get natural snow this weekend. 44 degrees. at
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13 degrees. dry up. it's after philadelphia. go north a beautiful day into interior new jersey where temperatures made it to 50 degrees. it's 43 in cherry hill. voorhees at 43. being shared in medford what you should know is that it's a cloudy and chilly night for the rest of tonight. now if you'll stay up very late no rain and snow will develop from west to east and that is going to set up a day where it's damp, it's raw, we have snow mixing in during the course of your day and then we're going to watch actually the snow a come late by saturday night into sunday. winter weather advisories posted to the north and west plea high county northampton berks and lancaster counties we're thinking appreciable amount of snow will actually a accumulate by saturday night. now here's the initial edge of this system. but the focus is this area of low pressure across the northern plays much this is going to dive out of the midwest and set up shop all day tomorrow into tomorrow night. let's map this out on fox future cast. showing us rain and snow developing around 6:00 o'clock
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in the morning all day long. it's a chilly rain as you get north and west. it will mix in with some snow. and as the coastal develops offshore it will drag in a lot of cold air look what happens as we go into the overnight hours of saturday night into sunday. where everybody goes over to plain snow and it will start to accumulate. by the way if you have plans on sunday, looks like first portion of sunday will be a mixture of snow and rain. so just an ugly weekend set up. coating to an inch of snow i'm thinking from philadelphia points south and east right along the atlantic city expressway on south. about an inch. one to 2-inches across central and south jersey as you get up towards into the lehigh valley and then north of 78 this is where i think two to 5-inches now if i have to make changes, going into 10:00 o'clock, i can for see me kind of maybe moving this two to 5-inch amount closer to mercer county northern burlington county northern owing county. i need to look at new data before we donsiest but i think it's good one to 2-inches snow
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across the region. higher amounts to the north and east. they in town. mostly cloudy, snow and rain mixture by dawn tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon is a day to, washington do they call that netflix and chill. 42 degrees. wet snow, normal and west, rain south and east for the easterly win at five to ten. not going to be pretty. here's your seven day forecast. 42, 43 on sunday with morning snow it's a gusty wind all day on sunday. as way get into monday spring is here and into the 50's as we get into next week with lots of sunshine. so we have a very important update i'm sure to the forecast when we join you tonight at 10:00 o'clock. guys? >> all right. thanks so much, mike. ron burke hereittle nervoust night.t liked the nova of o. much difficult testound number . we'll show what concerns the cats about the second round opponents. hear from both sides of the ncaa tournament matchup next in sports.
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defensing champion villanova second round game against wisconsin tomorrow will much too tested teams with success in the ncaa tournament. badgers won yesterday with 12th having tower of the last foretop nats. in it's first round game nova beat mount accept mary's by 20. jay wright thought his team was
6:24 pm
bit nervous early on. they cannot have a slow start tomorrow. >> they're so well balanced with nigel down there and bronson and show walter out there shooting threes the balance of that team it's going to challenge. >> they've been to big games before and they know what it's like to play in these situations. so it's going to be -- it's going to be heck of a game on saturday. i'm excited for it. >> tournament play arkansas seton hall in the closing seconds twin seconds to go. rodriguez fouls. arkansas takes advantage of a flagrant two automatic free throws and the ball. they knock down four in the final seconds and beats seton hall 77-71. phillies play the blue jays in clearwater. we got to see each aaron nola once again. phillies wearing the traditional
6:25 pm
green jerseys to celebrate st. patrick's day. howie cep trick helping out nola in the third. he gets all of this 31 shot phillies with the three-one lead. then in the fourth it's nola giving up an rbi triple to the rails. nola went four and two-thirds four runs, walked four in the phillies lot to the jay. >> i love when they wear the green on st. patrick's day. >> nice break from the usual. >> let's get another look at the weather. cold and 50's. >> crazy. >> cold snow then 50's. there's a light at the end of this tunnel but i want to do show you the snowfall amounts because this storm will be really interesting. i like one to 2-inches on average but the wild card two to 5-inch deal i got to look at new models going in the 10:00 o'clock newscast. if we shift that down it will happen at 10:00 o'clock. really tough storm. i don't like when the storms develop off the coast and explode. that will be the deal with this thing. but 12-inches saturday night into sunday that's what you need
6:26 pm
to know. tomorrow crummy day. no matter how you slice it. >> spring starts -- >> monday. >> monday. >> all right. >> just in time. >> thank you mike. that will do it for us near night at 6:00 o'clock much we'll see you back here at 10:00 o'clock with the new forecast. >> have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪ (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase?
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>> the hiking teens' murder investigation. why are police searching this man's house. >> did they consider you involved in any way? >> and after prince william as bad boy behavior at a
6:30 pm
nightclub, the royal couple's bittersweet visit to paris. almost 20 years after princess diana's death. then the st. patrick's day parade right past trump tower. >> why president trump has not spent a weekend at camp david, the presidential retreat. >> plus, a mom's facebook rant about the condition of her son's school bathroom. >> no damn tissue, no doors, no soap. >> and driving on thin ice. will they make it across the frozen lake in time?


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