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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  March 20, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> fox 2ras scoop first on fox. >> police move swiftly to identify the students in last thursday's big subway brawl. i'm dave schratwieser. i'll have the latest on the investigation. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at ten. new details first on fox tonight about that alarming video of a brawl at a septa
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station. i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney. that brutal attack still has passengers on edge tonight. fox 29's dave schratwieser joining us live from the ben franklin high school in spring garden. dave, you have new information in the investigation only on fox tonight. >> reporter: dawn, septa police were here at ben franklin high school this morning looking for students they believe may have been involved in that big subway brawl last thursday. sources tell me they've identified 11 current or former students and that parents and school officials are helping them make those identifications. >> i'm always worried. i'm always worried. >> michelle headed for her train at the race vine street septa station monday evening still very concerned over last thursday's big brawl caught on camera here at station. >> when i see a pile of them i go back out. have i to. i'm scared. >> you're a minor. they always say we can't do anything to minors but i think something should happen rt. >> reporter: only fox 29 was
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there monday morning when septa police arrived at nearby ben franklin high school as they zeroed in the teenaged students they believe were allegedly involved in the after school melee. it left several students from the spring theory charter school injured. >> i don't know what's going on witness world. it's just scary. >> reporter: fox 29 learned that septa police using their sophisticated surveillance camera network have identified close to a dozen current and former students from ben franklin. they liked to speak with medley. several charter school students were punched, stomped and kicked following a snowball fight outside the station. school district officials say they are cooperating with the septa investigation as they do with all police investigations. but because this incident took place off school property, and after school hours, they refused to comment any further. >> i'm just leary, you know. >> barbara and her friend were headed for their train on monday night at the same station where
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the attack took place. she believes those involved should be punish. >> get a bucket, a broom, a mop, start cleaning out some of the subway stations. have the parents like supervise. >> reporter: septa officials and septa police chief tom nestel refused to comment today citing the on-going investigation. could be criminal charges in this case i'm told by the end of the week. school officials do not say at this point what, if any, action they would take against the students since this happened off school property and outside school hours. dawn? >> all right, dave, thank you. police in chester county have warning tonight after letters like this one wound up in some west town township residents mailboxes. investigators say the letter of inn fracks claims the resident was caught running it a red light on red light cam and must pay a fine. the paper even has a picture of the victim' cars. police say it's all bogus and the scammers are actually taking those photos from people's
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driveways. >> thing got heat to do night in center city at the animal care and control team public meeting act. facing cretismay animals are being treated in shelters many are concerned about overcrowding what is happening witness agency's funding. act has been get and renovation to their hvac system and during the process says they're focused on saving animals lives. >> in new castle, delaware arc town hall in the aftermath avenue deadly delaware prison uprising. the panel include add former chairman of the delaware board of parole. the executive director of the aclu delaware and recently released inmateth you'll remembr lieutenant steven floyd was killed during an inmate standoff at the james t. vaughn correctional center. >> 911 call some first responders will never forget. >> person on the line was a father who's wife was in labor but he wasn't even there. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live from narberth witness incredible story how this baby
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came into the world. shawnette. >> reporter: so dad is a firefighter. mom is actually a nurse, but on this particular day, they both became parents somewhat or patients i should say with the unexpected delivery of their s son. >> summer pallone hands her two week old son to one of four paramedics who helped deliver him. >> narberth ems workers recorded this video of monday' reece union. >> it was march 9th summer went into labor. >> i was actually at work. received a phone call from my wife saying that her water bro broke. >> francis the proud father called 911 and got home just too final for the delivery we talked to them outside their haverford township home where it all happened. >> i was pretty surprised, ama amazed, um, that these guys with that much training are out on the street and, you know, that they did great job.
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they were so professional. i was so happy that my son was being born. report roar two haverford narberth ambulance units responded to the call. >> mom was on the second floor in the hallway laying on the floor. and she was active labor. >> reporter: most of the crews say they delivered babies before and it's a nice change from the calls they usually get. >> heroin and opioid abuse medics and ems people see an awful lot of young people who have died and they're doing cpr and working on those people. it was nice to be part of bringing somebody into this world. >> reporter: the parents had the idea to reunite the guys treating them lunch as a way to say thank you. >> ems responders don't get thanks as well as first responders in general. they don't get the thanks that people, that's correct they deserve. >> reporter: and the pallones have a three-year-old son they say a haverford police officer read him book in another room
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while his big brother was being delivered. as you guessed mom and baby are doing well. >> good to hear, shawnette. thank you. here's live look at the capital building in washington, d.c. tonight. it was a busy day in the nation's capitol. f bit. confirmed that agents are investigating whether president trump's campaign associates coordinate width russia to interfere in the 2016 election. fbi director james comey made that announce many during a rare open hearing held by the house intelligence committee today. both comey and the director of the national security agency mike rogers noted that there's no evidence that the russians actually changed votes in pennsylvania or any other close states. also at the hearing, comey knocked down the president's wire tapping claims. >> director comey was the present statement that obama had his wires tapped in trump tower a true statement? >> with respect to the president's tweets about alleged wire tapping directed at him by the prior administration i have no information that supports
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those tweets. and we have looked carefully inside the fbi. the department of justice has asked me to share with you that the answer is the same for the department of justice and all its components. the department has no information that supports those tweets. >> comey is the latest government official to reject mr. trump's claims. the white house has a different spin on what happened today on capitol hill. >> that's right, iain. rally this evening, president trump had nothing to say about any of comey's testimony today. but this afternoon the white house press secretary insisted investigators aren't going to find any link from the trump campaign to russia. >> it's fine to look into it. at the end of the day they'll come to the same conclusion everybody else has had. >> the fbi director said today the russians believe hillary clinton would win and the hac hacking was designed to damage her presidency. the confirmation process for supreme court nominee neil gorsuch continues tomorrow morning with first round of questioning he's expected to face pointed questions from
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democrats who criticize the federal judge's record as one that favors the wealthy and powerful. but today gorsuch gave opening statements and pledged to be unbiased if he is confirmed. police in berks county are investigating an apparent murder/suicide. state police say 50-year-old carol zimmerman pounded on neighbor's door and said gary shot me right before she died. police later found 61-year-old gary moore dead in his home nearby after police say he shot himself. police say it appears to have been a domestic incident. well a man's trip to mcdonald's drive through in dover, delaware, landed him in jail. police say 21-year-old octave yolo pez hernandez was driving drunk right before he fell asleep in the drive through la lane. it happened over the weekend at the fast food chain on the 900 block of south dupont highway. police arrested him and charged him with his third dui which is a felony charge. crews are out right now in montgomery county where construction is under way at the
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mid-county tolls. if your commute involves this part of the pennsylvania turnpike you may want to give yourself extra time. >> absolutely. it will be like this for at least few weeks as crews update the equipment. fox 29's brad sattin has the details. >> reporter: forget about the fast lanes at the mid-county interchange in montgomery county for the next few weeks, if you're headed north or south on 476 where the blue route meets the northeast he can tension, you'll have to settle for the semi fast 5-mile an hour e-z pass lanes through the toll booths. the express lanes to the left are closed now until apri april 10th because of maintenance work on the overhead equipment. >> our express e-z pass customers are still able to use the traditional e-z pass lanes which are to the right of the express lanes. they should just be aware they approach the interchange there will be slow moving or stopped traffic. >> expect backups especially as e-z pass drivers will converge with those with tickets. it will temporarily bring those e-z pass drivers back in time to the days of jockeying for lane position.
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>> it takes you and that longer to get to e-z pass because everybody is in the cash lanes. >> you kind of get into auto pilot mode and you know, right, if it's all the way to the left i'm going to go all the way to the left or if it's all the way to the right i'm going to go all the way to the right. if you don't realize the ahead of time and you're in that lane, oh, my godness i have to get over, have to maneuver into traffic. >> reporter: turnpike upgrading its electronic tolling equipment as part of two-faze improvement project that will include repairs to the concrete pavement and ramps on 276 east and west. for now if you're headed north or south on 476 at the mid-county plaza, give yourself some extra time. >> the traveling public should definitely take their time allow themselves more time to get to their deaf nation spes cially during the weekday travel time. >> when when phase two is completed in 2018 it will be like having a shiny new county toll plaza. if only our cars look so good. brad sattin fox 29 news.
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happening right now big surprise in fish done town. our chris o'connell is there. >> one of philadelphia's favorite sons dropping a major bombshell. kevin hart shocking fans with a surprise show. i'm chris o'connell. i got the exclusive interview coming up. has got internet terrified and questioning everything. >> watch this a soldier grabbed from behind and no one notices right away. >> kathy the first dave spring coming to close. >> felt like it but not for long. get ready for midweek shocker then temperatures soar into the 70s. i'll show when you. >> plus the water frigid 41 degrees but that didn't stop these heroes in north wildwood. ♪ (vo) what if this didn't
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today is the day. strayer university. let's get it, america. >> happening now big surprise from hometown hero. comedian kevin hart giving fans a huge treat. our chris o'connell spoke with the star tonight. chris? reporter: that is right, iain. kevin hart took to twitter tod today. this afternoon making a surprise announcement saying he's going to be showing up tonight at punch line here in philadelphia and guess who just showed up. right here in the limousine kevin hart just made it inside punch line. outside, lucky fans were here waiting for him. take a look. about 300 tickets were put on sale this afternoon, and they were gobbled up in just a few minutes. tickets were gone to the lucky few who are here to see hart work out some material for upcoming comedy tour. now hart righ now one of the top stars in hollywood shooting movie with bryan cranston.
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philly native went to george washington high school, community college in philadelphia, ever since making it to hollywood always showing the love for philly. it's not the first time hat has been surprising fans. he was at warm daddy last night, helium nightclub last week for fans but tonight was a special treat. >> surprising your fans here in philly or man. quick one. working out. nothing special just a little work out show. >> they're loving you. >> it's a good thing much this is how i build new material i like to do pop up shows periodically. i'm in philadelphia. so why not make the best of it. find a stage to get op do best. >> you're the biggest name in hollywood from what i here. >> i don't think about that. i'm in it for the krav. i love the fact i'm progressing. the projects get bigger and better. >> i get the support of my city. >> is that what you're here to do. >> quickie. [ laughter ] >> thanks, i love ya'll.
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>> reporter: all right. filming a movie and headlining comedy clubs wasn't enough, the city of philadelphia just announced it will be kevin hart day coming up this summer, of course, it be no aptly better than his birthday in july. dawn and iain. >> just had to get that selfie, didn't you chris? >> that's right. [ laughter ] >> i like it. well, dramatic rescue is caught on camera in wilmington, delaware. skyfox over the brandywine river near the market street bridge and tt' rescued a 14-year-old boy who was sitting on a drainage tube. officials say the teenager jumped from the bridge and then swam over there. this happened just before 8:00 o'clock this morning. got news is, that boy is okay. in delaware county, the swarthmore college community is mourning the loss of one of its students. sophomore sam jenkins died yesterday after a skateboard accident on friday. jenkins was from rhode island. in a letter to students faculty described the 19-year-old quote
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as creative joyful, a gentle individual who's infectious enthusiasm anden lasting up packet on our community. bill cos bow sexual assault case his lawyers are asking to pre screen jurors. the defense wants to use pre pre-trial questionnaires to kind of weed out those who have already had a pins about the case.ant to send those questionnaires to at least 1500 possible jurors. cosby set to go on trial in june in montgomery county. the jury will come from the pittsburgh area. jury is expected to be seated by tomorrow in the trial of against former penn state mig the jerry sandusky sex abuse case. graham spanier is accused of two counts of endangering the welfare of children and a single conspiracy charge. those are felonies potential jurors were questioned this morning in harrisburg with more being questioned tomorrow. two former penn state official who's struck plea deals are expected to testify against
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spanier during his trial. a five-year-old bucks county boy who was choked bite family dog has died shown on a gofundme page posted by his family died saturday according to the philadelphia coroner's office. the boy had sedation at chop since the accident on wednesday. the five-year-old was found unconscious face down in the snow outeat side his home in warrington much less think the dog grabbed the boy's scarf and pulled it tight and cut off his air supply. police say they are dealing with some skillful crooks in philadelphia's lawn crest neighborhood. a million dollars in jewelry stolen. the thieves decided to take an unusual approach to this devastating burglary. >> as our bruce gordon reports it's not the first time the store they hit has been target targeted. >> reporter: tiny spikes were meant to keep birds off the roof of the jewelry store but nothing could keep professional burglars off that roof late sunday night to the display of store own are in. diane asked we not show her fa
10:19 pm
face. >> i have no words to say. i feel so so sad about it. >> reporter: philadelphia police believe the crook crookst certainly more than one of them used a ladder behind the shopping center to get to the rooftop. then smashed through that roof skyfox giving i was birds eye view and dropped into the desert cafe neck to the jewelers. from there they broke through the drywall and entered the jewelry store smashed open safe and made off with estimated million dolla loose jewels and jewelry. police say the security alarm was tripped but neither the alarm company nor her husband notified law enforcent over and drove over to check on the place, and it seemed secure. so they thought something was wrong with the alarm system. >> reporter: so it wasn't until morning that you're even alerted? >> correct report roar the alarm was no doubt tripped the when burglars cut the line to the security system. that put a slew of businesses in the shopping center on ice for while. >> you got no phone lines? >> yeah, no business right now. no phone. >> reporter: no phone. you can't even do business beca did.
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>> yeah. >> reporter: almost exactly two months again january 22nd, burglars him kim tan by smash through concrete wall out back making off with jewelry. here the thief in act n response the owners fortified that wall with metal pime, the rook simi d their act to the rooftop. >> brazenness of these crimes, repeat crime in one month, you know, just very alarming. >> reporter: diane told police she and her husband moved their jewelry store here from at adams avenue about year ago because it seemed quieter, safer. now they've been targeted profe. she told me she feels like crawling up in ball but instead, will soldier on. >> i have to stand up because my life is here i told you. >> reporter: your life is in this store? >> yeah. >> reporter: again the search is on for security camera footage that might help police identify the crook or crooks but remember we showed that you footage from january. the guy was covered from head to toe. if the same is true this time it's not clear how much that footage will help.
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in lawn crest, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. mystery solved. the video that finally answers the question, really bugging tom brady. stealing two german shepherds sounds dangerous but a local family insists it happen happened. and do you need a stranger to choose your outfit every morning? amazon says you do. ♪
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>> all right internet is freaking out about this giant chicken tonight a lot of people wondering if it's real.
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it is. the chicken's name is morocco from kosovo identified bite livestock conservancy in north carolina as a member of the br brama chicken breed. it's not jurassic park. it is real. they used to be used for food in the us until the 19 30's. those days are over. it's real. get over it. >> veteran in arizona asking for a policy change after he says he was denied entry no a bar because of a tattoo. u.s. marine corps veteran brandon andres has the number 22 tattooed on his neck. he got it after one of his friends took his own life. andres says 22 is the average number of veterans who commit suicide each day because of post traumatic stress sis or. he says he couldn't believe how the barry acted. >> he said sorry, i can't let you in. and i thought, i absolutely thought he was joking much i never heard of this in 15 years of going to bars. he said that's just a policy they have. >> the bar is planning to hold
10:25 pm
armed forces appreciation day. the business also posted a facebook message apologizing for the incident. investigators are trying to sort out how tom bradi' missing jersey from this year's supper bowl ended up in mexico. fox sports one released this video of a man following the team into the locker room. officials have not identified the man blurred here but you see him walk into the locker room with a bag and then walk out with a bag and something else tucked under his other arm believed to be the jersey. police say they found the jersey in mexico along with another brady jersey now from the 2015 super bowl as well a helmet worn by broncos player during the super bowl. we're seeing new video tonight of the moment as female pole soldier in paris was attacked from behind by a suspected islamic stream mist. this is security video footage of the incident. the man tried to wrestle away the soldier's gun on saturday at an airport. investigators say a bag that the attacker dropped in the video contained a flask of gasoline.
10:26 pm
the attacker was shot and killed wip three minutes during a standoff with authorities. airport security getting little strictor starting tomorrow. the u.s. is temporarily banning laptops, i pads and other electronics in carry on luggage on a handful of foreign airlines this is only for passengers coming to america from eight other countries including turkey, kuwait and saudi arabia. cell phones and medical devices are not included in the ban. next a water 41 degrees but that didn't stop heroes from a safe in north wildwood. >> and kathy orr that water is cold but at least spring is here. >> spring is here for now. a break from the cold but a wednesday shocker as it turns blustery again. we'll talk about that and how cold it will get coming up with the seven day. >> all right, kathy. traffic movement along -- traffic moving along night. this is live look does it drive you crazy when people go slow in the fast lane. >> yes. >> we got good news. ♪
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♪ >> i'm chris o'connell in northern liberties where fans of
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kevin hart were absolutely dumb founded when they saw a tweet this morning saying tickets were on sale for a surprise performance here at the punch line comedy club. kevin hart philadelphia's favorite son just arrived here just moments ago. take look at some of this video. hart arrived here in limousine and literally greeted fans outside the club here about 300 tickets were put on sale this afternoon as hart announce it on twitter a few minutes. those tickets were gone. lot of people showing up here really not even believing he was going to be here tonight. hart making the rounds now trying out new material for new comedy show and he's doing it right here in philly this is the third comedy club he's been at in the last month or so. so fans are the lucky fans that are in there tonight are getting some new fresh material from philadelphia's favorite comedi comedian. live in northern liberties, chris o'connell, fox 29 news. >> very cool, chris.
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thank you. in northern wildwood a dolphin is back to swimming happy until in the ocean thanks to a few good samaritans. people on the beach first saw the dolphin stranded and unable to get back to sea. that's when first responders arrived. you can see firefighters knee deep in the freezing cold water getting the dolphin safely back out into the ocean. if you're heade headed to rh beach this summer the city is banninbanning tents and canapesd portable barbeques. small tents to shade infants will be allowed. lifeguards and first responders to get to those in need easier. torments night two german shepherds are safe and back home. not before a few very scary hours that sent a family oh and fran sick search. jessica and pat say they noticed their two german shepherds kojak and heidi were missing this is about 9:00 o'clock this morning. they say their gate had been opened in way the dogs simply couldn't have done.
10:32 pm
panicking they wrote on their facebook page on the face bock page mayfair unsensored and they quickly got several calls and techs from people who had actually seen the two dogs. those tips led them to a park where they found their family members. >> they were startled. they were frighten. took about three minutes for them to finally come to me. i can grab them on to leashes. not just dogs -- >> they're our family. >> like children. >> jessica and pat definitely believe someone stole the dogs possibly for breeding or fighting. police are investigating but as you can see those dogs are okay and are home safe and sun. ♪ there are plenty of bad news stories in the headlines but our bill anderson always looks for the good and tonight he's talking to local woman helping police. >> now others are joining her cause for goodness sake. here's bill. >> i think people forget there's someone father, father, had you been, brother. they're human.
10:33 pm
>> reporter: most of us aware police officers risk their lives every dye protect us but i recenrecently found out that may officers and local areas don't have some of the tools they may need to not only protect and save our lives but their own. >> i said, what kind of trauma kits do you have? and they were saying, like, the ones they have are in their duty bag in the trunk of their car. i'm thinking, what good are they? like in the trunk of your car. >> reporter: karen is supportive of police butte didn't want to get into the national debate police officers versus mount empty lives. she wanted to do something to safe lives againing trauma kits to police department that is don't have seemed like a good way to do it. >> them having them can save anybody's life. >> exactly. just in january of this year the officer used his trauma kit to save the life of a lady that was assaulted. >> reporter: trauma kits fit inside the front pouch of an officer's uniform or vest and contain search materials to
10:34 pm
treat serious injuries for various reasons. many diss treks don't have them. even though they safe lives. >> if you need a tourniquet at that moment, you are in danger of bleeding out so it's absolutely critical that you have this particular piece of equipment with you in order to save your own life or to save somebody's else. >> karen supplied 12 police departments in chester county and the surrounding area and has plans for several more. it's true that the kits are not often used, but police are still clear that there's a need. >> it's one of those things you don't need until you need it. >> exactly right. >> reporter: because of that, they're greatly appreciative of karen's efforts. >> it may be something you would put on the back burner because there are more pressing needs. they give you a call and say, hey, i have these trauma kits available that we're happy to give you, upping, how many officers do you have and would you like them? it's -- you would say absolutely. take advantage of something like that. >> reporter: the kits are roughly $50 each and karen is personally responsible for raising the funds and buying
10:35 pm
well over a hundred so far with the possibility of hundreds mo more. >> whoever else needs them, of course, they just need to let me know and i'm happy to get them. >> reporter: there's a fop laser coming up in april and karen hopes people will support her simple philosophy. >> if you want to make a difference then you just have to do something. you can't just talk about it all the time. you have to do it. >> reporter: karen just wanted to help so she went out of the her way to find out how she can serve people who regularly serve us for goodness take. i'm bill anderson. wow, very thoughtful. >> it is g for her, karen. keep up the good work. we appreciate it. coming up the hidden cancer hitting millennials without warning sign. >> do you need a stranger to choose your outfit every morning? well, amazon thinks do you.
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>> listen to that music. in honor of what be the classical composer 326th birthday, musicians will play
10:39 pm
life classical music for septa riders. pretty nice. maybe it will help you chill during your commute. the performance will be part of international movement to provide classical movement through free concerts. bach on the subways started seven years ago in new york ci city. we need more of that. need help decide wagon outfit to wear to work? do you? look to amazon. >> topping money news tonight online retail giant is turning into a full fledged fashionista all to help you look your best. amazon has a new feature for prime members iain called outfit compare. let me tell you hoyt works. up load two outfits you're considering wearing and you'll receive a response from a team of fashion experts telling you which one looks better. amazon says only company employees can see your photos. you can complete the images any time. >> um-hmm. >> okay. good luck with that. forbes magazine reveals the annual list of riches people in the world. number one with $86 billion microsoft founder bill gates.
10:40 pm
number two spot with 75.6 billion although now -- warren buffet. wal*mart looking to simplify shopping by adding drones. retail giant filed a pat at the present time to use drones to shuttle products from one department to a inside the store. the goal to save customers >> why? i don't know. dangerous, all right, and what's wrong with -- >> walking down couple aisles. >> i agree. that's your money tonight. >> all right. next, the hidden cancer hitting millennials without even a warning sign. >> and kathy tracking what we're hoping is a great forecast. kathy. >> um-hmm. in that seven day forecast temperatures will be soaring back to the 70s. haven't seen in awhile. i'll show when you coming up. ♪ ♪
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prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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>> driving slow in the left lane could soon cost you in some states. oklahoma -- organize and virginia are setting restrictions for drivers going too slow. lawmakers say it's to enforce the rule to the far left lane is
10:44 pm
for passing only. in your health tonight, disturbing finds in recent study by the american cancer society. young people are developing a cancer that's typically found in people twice their age. >> for many the cancer is in late stages by the time doctors even detect it. our joyce evans talked to one young man who is lucky to be alive. >> i'm so healthy. you know, i eat good. >> reporter: anthony web likes the way it makes him feel. >> i work out every day. >> reporter: he's been at it since his teen years. and he's proud of the way it makes him look. >> i take care of myself. i go to work every day. >> reporter: he gets it all i in. >> healthy 26-year-old. never been sick. broken bone, nothing. >> reporter: all that changed practically overnight. >> internal hemorrhoid. >> minor bleeding. no pain, though. but confusion and fear set in the day anthony found himself suddenly incontinent he rush over to temple university
10:45 pm
hospital. >> as soon as he came in witness complaint of rectal bleeding he was scheduled for a colonscopy. >> now anthony was terrified. >> i was shocked, and the doctors here were shocked because i'm i'm young. 26 you don't debt colonscopies at 26. >> this is the colon upstream from where the tumor was. >> reporter: smooth and normal but colorectal surgeon howard ross shows us why anthony did not have a moment to spare. >> that's the scope was withdrawn or pulled out, very last part of his colon called the rectum this hard irritated lump with central ulcer the cancer. >> it was stage three colon cancer. >> reporter: and he's in the alone. >> it's very unusual. and it's still rare. >> reporter: new research by the american cancer society is raising concern. it found millennials patients in their 20s and 30s increasing in cases of colon and rectal canc
10:46 pm
cancers. doubling their risk for colon cancer quadrupling it for rectal. >> what did ross and his temple colleagues say they sadly do know is that they are now treating more young people, patients half the age that guidelines would even call for their very first screening. most had no family history. >> no warning signs like antho anthony. >> you did wonder fill well. >> dr. ross says several of them had advanced colon and rectal cancers. that have already spread. and they're futures are bleak. >> so you can't really tell how long the lesion has been there. we assume that it takes years for a normal cell photo form into a polyp to turn into a cancer. >> he's only 26 years old. >> correct. >> anthony's case it probably had more accelerated growth pattern. >> i was scared. >> his treatment, aggressive. >> i did continuous chemo. i did continuous radiation and i
10:47 pm
had my first surgery which was the removal of the tumor. i also had temporary ill loss symptom me install. >> reporter: bag for waste. outside his body. that allows everything else to heal. >> reporter: through the pain, fatigue, other sickening side effects and the bag, anthony kept to his regimen. now -- >> i am six weeks now post surgery. >> reporter: no more tumor. no bag. his colon intact. and he's lucky says dr. ross that his gastroenterologist suspected something more than hemorrhoids. >> twenty two his anthony's case if he didn't follow up on this bleeding he would have died. >> all is well so far and i plan on it being like that. >> how long did that take to go away. >> he'll be followed for the rest of his life for the possible of returns loathe local as well as distant but i believe he's cured. >> reporter: testing guidelines are not likely to be changed to include millennials. even though patients between 50 and 55 those for whom their
10:48 pm
first colonoscopy is recommended show a dramatic decline in colon and rectal cancers most because of early detection. joyce evans, fox 29 news. >> boy, was he lucky. >> incredible. dr. howard ross says anyone with rectal bleeding needs -- no matter what their age needs to see their doctor. >> they most likely will need a colonscopy. >> all right. on your radar nought night not a bad first day of spring across the delaware valley as we take a live look at allentown sounds like things will cool off again before spring like weather makes a return. kathy has details in just 15 seconds. it's first evening of spring and, boy, is it comfortable out there in old city philadelphia. temperatures hanging out in the 40s. high today 54.
10:49 pm
winds at north northwest at 8 miles an hour. ultimate doppler we have that north northwesterly wind. clouds an few sprinkles to the west with weak disturbance it's not going to bring anything more than the clouds and a few sprinkles tonight. tomorrow night we have a cold front moving through that will change everything in our weather but for tonight not so bad. 35 in the poconos. 44 in lancaster. 45 degrees in wilmington and in millville. as we look at the northeast, it's pretty cold with 30s and 40s 60s and 70s to the southwest and we will see some of this warmth but it will hold off in the weekend. prevailing winds will be from the north over the next couple of days. as we look over the course of the weekend, 40s yesterday 50s today finally making it to average after a couple of weeks below average the normal high for this time of year is 54 degrees. as we go hour by hour tonight, we have the clouds, we have a few spotty sprinkles overnight and tomorrow morning you may run into a few sprinkles with mostly cloudy skies. by the afternoon, the skies begin to clear. and we will see sunshine before
10:50 pm
sunset. but cooler air moves in tomorrow night and wednesday will be a little bit of a shocker. wind chills wintry wip chill will be back. tonight 39 in the city increasing clouds a few showers with light west wind during the day tomorrow we start off cloudy. increasing sun a day that only gets better. like those kind of days. high temperatures in the upper 50s to around 60 and then wednesday turns blustery the high only 43. with winds gusting to 30 miles an hour it will feel like it's in the 20s. thursday 45. and then we get out of the freezer friday, 56. very pleasant day. saturday 70 degrees. we go 52 for sunday. and then a chance of rain on monday with a high of 52 degrees. i like this right here. if we can just get through wednesday and thursday, guys, friday onward we'll be feeling much more like spring. what do you think, sean? i love it. that's what i think, kathy. the flyers getting ready for the final stretch of the season so why a guy who railly talks
10:51 pm
general manager ron hex stole decides to come out and make a statement. the sixers going into overtime with the magic much see why this was a game that neither fan bases actually want to do win. that's cull com coming up next .
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
i just don't know what's going on with the sixers. they lose when you want them to win and then they win when you want them to lose. they won three out of last four
10:54 pm
games coming in tonight. we need a higher draft pick not pointless wins. the draft class coming in about the best in the decade tonight we should all be rooting for the magic. 76ers had 17-point lead at one point but they blew it. they still had a chance to win this thing in regulation. drives to the rack but gets stripped of the ball. that would send this thing into overtime. in ot the magic terrence ross right here comes off a pick and nails the jumper. sixers lose i said it's a good thing 112-109. to college hoops much still fresh off that stunning loss to wisconsin which was a surprise because everyone expected them to go to at least the sweet 16, right? now the east region is jacked. nova gone. duke gone. jay wright is still trying get over that pain of that loss. >> it is a disappointment, and fans and media are going to criticize us, and rightfully so. we were one seed. you're supposed to advance at
10:55 pm
least to the final four. you have to accept that but then we all have to look at the effort we put in, and the, um, commitment to each other, if that was true, and if it was 100% which it was with this group you got to feel good about yourself. did you everything you could. >> to the flyers they still have a play off shot. the not much of a shot but it's still a shot. they're five points behind the final wild card spots with a four game roadie coming up. first up is winnipeg tomorrow night. today was picture day but picture actually a play off team we don't know yet what. general manager ron hex stole was asked if he felt like this team has been under achieving despite the win last night. >> we were sitting there two-two and shooting them two-one and dominating the game essentially little bit of a microcosm the way our year has gone thus far. last night why don't we score more goals. tough question to answer.
10:56 pm
>> to the phillies today. they announce jeremy hellickson as their starter for opening day for the second year. despite well him having an awful spring training. regardless of all of that, pitching on opening day is an honor. >> last year being my first one you know something i dreamt of and it was, you know, cincinnati was awesome place to do that, so it will be fun against this ye year. >> the only team in the area that is still actually playing post season hoops is villanova's women's team. >> all right. >> good for them. >> wnit. we have something. >> thank you sean. >> that does it for us tonight at 10:00 o'clock. iain page standing by with what's coming up at 11:00. hey, iain. >> dawn, coming up at 11:00 hank flynn goes on the ground with volunteers for the local meals and wheels. proposed budget cuts as people feeling uneasy. what hank saw on the front lines as well as your wake up weather
10:57 pm
and seven day forecast in the first five minutes. don't go anywhere. we're back after this. in our suvs,
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you feel every mountain we've ever conquered. in our sports cars, you feel every podium we've ever climbed. and now, they've come together to create something you've never felt before. introducing the glc coupe. part suv. part sports car. all mercedes-benz.
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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. tonight at 11 new developments in that video that shocked our area where a group of teens just goes wild at a local septa station throwing punches, kicking, now police have their eyes set on group of students and police say may be behind that violent brawl. thanks for joining us, i'm iain page. we've got new details you'll hear only on fox 29. our dave schratwieser is live in spring garden night. dave? >> reporter: iain, septa police showed up here at ben franklin high school this morning expecting to walk out with a few students they believe may have been involved in that big brawl on the subway station last thursday. they left empty handed but they've now identified as many as 11 current and former students here who may have been involved in that brawl. thanks to some help from social media, parents and


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