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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  March 21, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. tonight at 11 new developments in that video that shocked our area where a group of teens just goes wild at a local septa station throwing punches, kicking, now police have their eyes set on group of students and police say may be behind that violent brawl. thanks for joining us, i'm iain page. we've got new details you'll hear only on fox 29. our dave schratwieser is live in spring garden night. dave? >> reporter: iain, septa police showed up here at ben franklin high school this morning expecting to walk out with a few students they believe may have been involved in that big brawl on the subway station last thursday. they left empty handed but they've now identified as many as 11 current and former students here who may have been involved in that brawl.
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thanks to some help from social media, parents and school officials. >> we need to do something. you just can't get away with that. >> reporter: barbara and her friend headed for their train home at the race vine street septa station monday evening still concerned. four days after last thursday's big brawl caught on camera here. >> they always say we can't do anything to minors. but i think something to happen. >> when i see a pile of them i go back out. i have to. >> i'm scared. >> reporter: only fox 29 was there monday morning when septa police visited nearby ben franklin high school. zeroing in on the teenaged students allegedly involved in the after school melee that left several students from the string theory charter school injured. >> i don't know what's going on witness world. it's just scary. >> reporter: fox 29 has learned that septa police using their sophisticated surveillance camera network have identified close to a dozen current and former student from ben frankl franklin. they'd like to speak with them.
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several charter school students were purged, stomped and kicked following a snowball fight outside the station. >> i'm always worried. i'm all worried. >> reporter: michelle made a bee line for her train home monday night at the same station where the attack took place. she hopes authorities take action soon. >> it these start at home i guess. you can't only accomplish so much. >> i think they should have pup initiate many maybe get the parents involved. >> reporter: septa police chief tom nestel refused to comment citing on-going investigation. school officials say they are cooperating fully but they would not comment further. saying that this happened off school property and after school hours. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. weeks after a deadly prison up risin rising rising in delawy thes come to together about reforms at a town howl. include add former chairman of the delaware board of parole, executive director of the aclu delaware and recently released
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inmate. last month lieutenant steven floyd was killed during inmate standoff at the james t. vaughn correctional center. law enforcement and advocates both called for reforms to make prisons safer for both staff and inmates since that tragedy. on your radar night not really a bad first day of spring as we take live look at philadelphia international airport. not bad out there tonight eith either. is that winter wet behind us? meteorologist kathy orr is here. so, kathy, only temperatures in the 70s from here on out, right. >> we wish, iain. the answer to your question as s yes and no. i mean the cold air is gone temporarily but it will make a break come back this week. right now it's 47. today's high 54. finally a day that was average that was normal for this time of year. ultimate doppler has the sprinke moving through late tonight. temperatures basically in the 40s with the exception of the poconos at 35. but still 46 in millville. ac, in wildwood. so not so bad for this time of
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year and this time of night. we do have break from the cold wednesday we are going to see huge drop and dip in the jet stream that means back to wind chills that are more like winter. wind chills in the 20s for swe is this is brief. it lifts back up to the north and we get into a surge of southwesterly winds influenced by a huge area of high pressure that will boost our temperatures back into the 70s iain wasn't kit kidding by the weekend we have to wait a little while. you can see friday and saturday we're in the 40's. yesterday 50. today 54. so definitely the trend is up. as we go hour by hour clouds tonight a few spotty showers. tomorrow morning we start with the clouds but the good news about tomorrow it only gets better and improving day. clouds in the morning then warming temperatures heading towards 60 by the afternoon with sunshine. wed we should have a very beautiful sunset. overnight tonight looking for the clouds a few sprinkles low temperature around 39 degrees in the city. mid 30s for your suburbs.
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we start off witness clouds tomorrow morning. that's exactly what the sky will look like. deep blue bite afternoon. the high temperature near 60. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority, wednesday blustery. just a brief blast of winter. thursday we slowly recover. friday looks good. just like today. mid 50s sun and clouds. saturday a brief warmup up to 70. that's your golf day, iain. >> sunday more clouds at 52 an chance of rain on monday with a high of 52. but not so bad. the first part of the month was a buff average. the second half has been below. hopefully we can land this month at an even keal. what do you say. >> sounds good to me, kathy. all right, thanks. for the first time the fbi confirms agents are vest gag whether president trump campaign associates coordinated with russia to under fear in the 2016 election. fbi director comey made that autopsy nom by a rare hearing by the house intelligence committee today.
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he noted there's no evidence that the russians changed votes in pennsylvania or any other close states. comey also shot down the president's wire tapping claims. >> director comey, was the present statement that obama had his wires tapped in trump tower a true statement? >> with respect to the president's tweets about alleged wire tapping directed at him by the prior administration, i have no information that supports those tweets. and we have looked carefully inside the fbi. the department of justice has asked me to share with you that the answer is the same for the department of justice and all its components. the department has no information that supports those tweets. >> meanwhile the white house has a different take on what happened today. >> we are still at the beginning phase of a look into what kind of surveillance occurred and why. and there's a question about what leaks occurred, why they're happening and again you know just director comb meal i believe one of the big headlines that should come out of today
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when he talks bout unusually high amount of leaks that are comincoming out of this and classified information leaks that should be a question. >> fbi director comey also said today that the russians believed hillary clinton would win and the hacking was designed to damage her presidency. first responders are known for their heroic actions saving lives how often is it they're bringing lives into this world? one montgomery county family now thanking par head dick for doing just that. fox 29's shawnette wilson joins us live from narberth with the story. shawnette. >> reporter: well, iain, the proud parents wanted to thank those paramedics so today they stopped by to provide lunch for them when they reunited those guys with their bundle of joy. >> summer pallone hands over had two week old son to one of four paramedic who helped deliver h him. narberth ems workers recorded this video of monday's reunion.
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>> it was march 9th summer went into labor two weeks earlier than expected. >> i was actually at work. received a phone call from my wife, um, saying that her water broke. >> francis the proud father called 911 and got home just in time for the delivery. >> i was pretty surprised a mazed, um, that these guys with that much training are out on the street and, you know, that they did great job. >> reporter: two ambulance units responded to the call. >> mom was on the second floor in the hallway laying on the floor, and she was active labor. >> reporter: most of the crews say they've delivered babies before and it's a nice change from the calls they usually get. >> with oil all the heroin and opioid abuse medics and ems people see an awful lot of young people who have died and doing cpr and working on those people but it was nice to invite -- be part of bringing somebody into this world. >> reporter: i also found out
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that dad is a firefighter and mom is a nurse. so she said today that that was a very unusual position to be in. iain, because they're so used to caring for other people instead of being the patient pretty mu much. >> all right. little twisted rolls. shawnette, thank you. happening now, kevin hart making some hometown fans laugh big. comedian performed in a pop-up show in fishtown and fans had to act quick if they wanted to get in. our chris o'connell is outside tonight's show and got up close and personal with the hometown star. chris? >> reporter: to be fly on the wall right now inside the punch line comedy club here in northern liberties. as you said philly funny man kevin hart on stage as we speak in a surprise pop-up show that he just announced today via twitter. take look. kevin hart arriving here just a little while ago. here in northern liberties. really one of the hottest names in hollywood right now took to twitter to nouns the show tonight. 300 tickets went on sale. they were gone in a master
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minutes. hart is in town filming movie right now but he's been going to local comedy clubs doing these pop-up shows much he's working on new comedy material fans who are the recipients of this stuff we talked to them of this new material. >> i'm excited. i mean i've been following this dude for long time since he was in the 40-year-old virgin. i never got to see him live before. so it was pretty exciting. >> a guy from philly you get a a chance to see it and you jump on it. >> we heard he's trying out new material we wanted to check that out too. >> surprising your fans here in philly. just a quick one. work out show. >> they're loving you. >> it's a good thing. this is how i build new material i like to do pop up shows periodically i'm in philadelphia so why not make the best of it find the stage to get on and do what i do best. >> reporter: and the next stop for kevin hart, fox 29. he will be on "the q" show tomorrow quincy harris visited the set of his new film
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untouchable you'll see that at noon tomorrow right here on fox 29. iain. >> chris, thanks. get ready for traffic around the tolls. road construction work going on right now that could lead to delay your commute. and also straight ahead. >> hang in salem county meals and wheels >> testing. >> testing. >> testing. >> testing. >> ment. >> testing. >> testing.
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♪ be prepared for delays if your rush hour commute includes the mid-county interchange of the peps turnpike. the express toll lanes at the montgomery county plaza are closed for the next three weeks because of some overhead work. so that means the e-z pass drivers will have to go through the toll booths and converge with the cash drivers. the express lanes to the left will be closed until apri april 10th because of maintenance work on that overhead equipment. philadelphia police are looking for the bold burglars who made off with a million dollars worth of jewels from lawn crest business the crooks both broke in through the roof of adjoining business on the 5500 block of whitaker avenue and smashed through the wall into the jewelers. once they got inside they stole jewels and jewelry worth estimated $1 million. police say the security alarm was tripped but neither the alarm company or the co owner notified law enforcement until he arrived to open up on monday morning. >> he said family -- sent a
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family member over and he drove over to check on the place it seemed secure. so they thought something was wrong with the alarm system. >> reporter: so it wasn't until morning that you're even alerted. >> correct. >> reporter: burglars also hit the same store back in january by breaking through a concrete wall out back. the owner for tide that wall with a metal plate this time the crooks just went to the roof. >> ♪ tonight our hank flynn takes look behind the scenes at a no non-profit feeding need in our area. its leaders, volunteers are worried about its future. the proposed federal budget cuts could lead to to big cuts for the non-profit here's hank. >> reporter: pretty important -- whoa,. >> so my belly. as fast as i eat as fast as it comes right back out. >> keep them coming, though, right. >> thank the lord. >> thank jesus every day. >> reporter: gratitude is the attitude for robert shaw and everyone else i met today delivering meals on wheels in salem county.
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you'd be thankful too if you couldn't get out, couldn't cook and somebody brought you some dinner. >> it's great to actually see somebody. [ laughter ] >> i mean just -- i mean because i'm bedridden. i am, i'm bedridden. i wouldn't be up now if the door didn't go. >> reporter: meals on wheels is crucial as you can see. without it a lot of people wouldn't eat. so there was static last week when president donald trump rolled out a budget blueprint calling for hard cuts to programs benefiting seniors. i emceed the salem meals on wheels 40th anniversary funk last saturday night assemblyman is steamed about it. >> it's lumped were community development block grants much this was a program that doesn't work. i don't know where he lives at. i don't know who he talks to. >> reporter: buzz kelly refers to trump butch director nick mulvaney and 18% cuts to the health and human services department that's where most senior nutrition programs are funded. >> i hope this cut does not
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survive. i don't think it survives but the fact it's even being suggested speaks volumes about the people who think it's not necessary. >> reporter: the thing is meals on wheels funding and its strength is more complex than that. of course it needs money but salem county's program is only 40% government funded. the rest comes from donations, sponsorships and fundraiser fune real work on the ground that's all volunteers. scores of them people like marilyn more timer it. >> all work unget to check on people and some people i might be the only person they see during the day. >> reporter: marilyn even delivered a dozen meals over an hour plus the routes are all planned out to make it easy and quick. at any given point sale salem county meals on wheels is working with 250 to 300 clients people were no other options. >> heck of a program in doubt. >> outstanding program. i had six heart attacks. >> reporter: what. >> i had sick heart attacks. report roar six heart attacks. >> yeah. >> reporter: we're still talking? >> joseph gets his meals
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delivered seven days a week. marilyn and other volunteers are his lifeline. >> outstanding. i can't cook anything. >> reporter: right. >> that saves my life. really saves my life. >> reporter: this is marilyn from meals on wheels. >> you want to cut costs. fine. but remember, the national library and medicine finds that you can feed a meals on wheels client for seven years for the same money it costs for one month in a nursing home on average. no what you're doing before you start chopping. you might cut a well run cost saving program that keeps good people alive. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ you see it you sight our fresco users are helping us show you what's happening around your neighborhood. dawn what's happening tonight. >> well, iain, a heated public meeting in center city for the animal care and control team. acct facing criticism for many who don't like the way animals are being treated in the many
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intake shelter. are concerned about overcrowding what's happening witness agency's funding. act has been under going renovation to its hvac system which has cut kennels in half from 100 to 50. during the process it is still focused on saving animals lives. we reach out to acc for a at the same time but we have not heard back. fresco user sean takes to us feltonville section of the city. first responders on the scene after a car overturned. this happened about noon today on the 100 block of west wyoming avenue. the driver of the car was taken to the hospital. no word on the ex at the present time of the injuries or what exactly caused that accident. and fresco user jacqueline poland shows us a brand new cherrios box which features local shop rite employees. this unat the yardley store. staff helped raise more than a million dollars to help fight hunger. south jersey employees are also on the special edition boxes. stores across six states participated in the fundraiser
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to support local food banks. when you see news happening be sure to take out your phone and shoot it and make sure to use the fresco app to send it to our newsroom. iain? >> dawn, thank you. norway is apparently the happiest country on the globe. according to un agency report it ranks 155 countries based on gross domestic product per person and other facts including a healthy life expectancy. u.s. ranks 14th down a notch from last year. all right. what's coming up in sports. >> villanova wildcats season is over and everyone is calling them a disappointment. i'll tell you why that is the furthest thing from the truth and why this group of guys can't lose much that's coming up next in my sports commentary.
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♪ >> sean bell with his thoughts on the villanova wildcats and mey he thinks this season was a ary in 15 seconds. ♪ perspective. that's what we have to think about when it comes to the villanova wildcats and their season. this team was not a disappointment and should be praised at every turn. i get it. in world of office pools and gambling that's the only thing people are worried about. but the wildcats didn't make it where you wanted them to make it. that's okay. but let me ask you this. how do you call anything associated with josh hart, kris jenkins and darrell reynolds a
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disappointment? they're the winningest group of players to ever come through villanova. they've been to the tournament four straight years. they've never lost back back games oh, yeah, they got that national championship most schools around the country would die for that type of success. jim boeheim a hall of fame coach in all his years of greatness has only one national championship and never had stretch like this before. don't tell me anything associated with these cats are diss appoint they had a heck of a season and a heck of a career. iain? >> good point, sean. special friend spreading message of acceptance on sesame street. newest character named july rah has autism. julia set to make her debut on the show april 10th writer for sesame street says the purpose of her character for kids to be available with people with disabilities and make shoe friends. all right. this is beatles lover's dream. records album covers, photos even blow up dolls went up for
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sale on the fab four in paris on monday items are believed to be the largest collection of beatles art facts in france. a fan began collecting all these things back 1967. he's auctioning it off now because he wants to fun his retirement. >> i don't really get that. why do people get ought these artifacts. whawawa does that do. >> he wants to make some money so he can retire. >> good luck. we'll see fit work for you. more entertainment news on fox 29. >> not believer. >> exactly. >> tmz and dish nation. >> enough to retire. >> chasing news followed by the simpsons. we of course are back here at 4:00 a.m. with "good day philadelphia". sue serio and bob kelly got your weather and covered all morning long. thanks for watching. ♪
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right now on good day it has happened again a robbery ring at a localry jewelry store thieves swipe millions of dollar worth of gems. and tips in that teen brawl, have led police to one of our local high schools. >> there is an investigation, fbi confirms russian connection to the trump campaign. and, talk about a asleep at the wheel how a man with the munchies land behind bars after a trip through the drive through. all right, good day it ises, 2017. whole gang. >> i qu spring. we have a couplr


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