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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  March 21, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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situation? i'm stuck. i'm stuck. >> a local mom in a bad situation. listen to her story and ask what would i do? >> your news in 30 seconds. hog . wow, you were some athlete. back in the day, g. well, you can still go for gold... ahh, million dollar gold rush, the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. with top prizes of a million dollars. see, you still got game, dwayne. i got instant game, gus. instant game. (giggles) keep on scratchin'. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at ten. tonight philadelphia's chief law enforcement is in trouble with the law.
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district attorney seth williams is in indicted. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney lucy is off. the distric district attorney ig long list of charges, including fraud, bribery and corruption. fox 29's has team coverage following these bombshell charges. chris o'connell has been combing the 50 page indictment. >> we start tonight with dave schratwieser whose life outside fbi headquarters in center city. dave. >> reporter: iain, seth williams new attorney tells me tonight he will vigorously defend himself against these charges, and that he vehemently denied ever doing anything to impact a criminal case in his office. having said that, he will be here in federal court tomorrow afternoon to face federal corruption charges. from dinners and cocktails at the press teaches union league to a good cigar from holts on walnut street, seth williams had a taste for the finer things in life. but tuesday, he went from high profile prosecutor to accused
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criminal. >> he engaged in zero receivers corrupt transactions in which sought and accepted bribes in the form of money, expensive vacations, airline tickets, a jaguar xk8 convertible. >> reporter: federal prosecutors accuse williams in one case of taking over $20,000 in gifts from a business owner in exchange for help with security screenng at the airport. and for help for a friend with a criminal case. >> the corrupt stream of payments came in the form of 2000 sand dollars in cash, a $7,000 check which mr. williams deposit flood his personal account. and all inclusive vacatin to pun apunta cana. >> williams asking for a second trip in punta cana. >> i amirly a thankful beggar and don't want to over step my bounds in asking but will gladly call. >> he took airline tickets an
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car for return in friend edge gave him badge from the da's office. >> mr. williams op pointed business owner number two as special adviser to the district attorney's office and gave him a official badge. >> williams stands charged with defrauding a local nursing home and a relative who was being cared for there. >> mr. williams simply took money that did not belong to h him. >> williams has been tight lipped about the probe since his spending came under the microscope. he will appear in federal court on wednesday to face the charg charges. >> it's distressing to imagine a public servant tasked with enforcing the law who could put quid pro quo in front of the law. >> the indictment includes incriminatincriminating tax mesm williams. he face five to 1020 years in jail. federal officials careful to point out tonight this impacts only williams and not the district attorney's office. it is unclear tonight if
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williams plans to resign. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. boy, details are just jaw-dropping and they date back to his first month in office. chris o'connell has been pouring over the indictment. >> reporter: iain you heard in davess peace prosecutors say the da put his perm needs before justice for all. this is the indictment and it reads more like an episode of the lifestyles of the rich and famous. federal prosecutors say da seth williams was giving away favors like candy and getting lots in return. >> mr. williams was willing to compromise his position of public trust in exchange for private financial gain. >> reporter: 50 page indictment outlines in one case how williams tried to help a business owner get a lighter prison sentence for a friend. according to prosecutors williams got a laundry list of bribes from 2010 to 2015 including a $200 louie vuitton tie. a $300 i-pad. a 6,000 dollars trip to punta
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cana with a private beach and butler. da got $3,200 custom sofa along with a watch and $9,000 in cash and checks. the indictment also outlines how williams accepted trips from a another businessman to florida, san diego and las vegas. along with a 1997 jaguar convertible valued at more than four grand. in exchange for favors prosecutors say williams went back even asking for more in one text message saying quote i don't want to be greedy but maybe we can all go to your place in san diego before you sell it. maybe august before they start school. now in addition to criminal charges, williams also fac faces forfeiture that could force him to pay $100,000. more on this story when the district attorney is expected to turn himself in. iain. >> chris, thanks. we went to the da's office. he was not there but we got this statement instead.
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the da is not in the office today because he's spending time with his family. i ask that you respect his privacy and the privacy of the men and women of the office. so all of us can continue to do our jobs without the distraction of additional media attention. the philadelphia bar association is now asking seth williams to resign. philadelphia mayor jim kenney also released a statement reading in part "it is deeply shameful that the city's chief law enforcement officer has been implicated in such a flagrant violation of the law. at a time when our citizens' trust in government is at all all-time low, it is dishearte disheartening to see yet another elected official give the public a reason not to trust us ". >> the electronics ban on some international flights just got bigger. britain is now joining the us in banning certain carry on electronics on planes coming from certain muslim majority countries and tonight we've got a better explanation for the crash crack down. reuter social security reporting that officials are responding to
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a threat. the move comes from reports that militant groups are trying to smuggle explosives in those devices. but intelligence officials are not giving any more specifics. tonight a heart broken family is begging for answers after someone gunned down a 23-year-old man in olney. richard lewis, jr. died at fourth and rows land early this morning shot several times. a memorial now marks the spot. it's just a few blocks from where he lived. his father richard lewis, sr., tells fox 29 he was about to go to school. he says he cease murder's covered all too often on the news but never thought it would hit home. >> another young man, which is my son, lost his life for i don't know what and why. i just wish, you know, we would learn how to, um, remedy situations without killing one another. >> while police continue to search for the killer, the family is preparing for vigil at the murder scene tomorrow night. police identified young teen
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who succumb to injuries from a shooting earlier this month. investigators tell us 13-year-old today zero davis pa they are died sunday after he was shot in his head in hunting park on friday march 10th. medics rushed him to temple university hospital but did he not make it. police are still looking for the shooter. a montgomery county man is accused of storing hundreds of child porn images and videos in computer. andrew liebman of willow grove facing multiple felonies for disseminating child pornography of children. during an undercover internet operation last fall a detective uncovered a computer anonymously sharing files. investigators say on that computer were those hundreds of disturbing sexual images of children. police say the computer was traced to liebman's home. police are trying to figure out why a septa driver was punched in the face it happened at the 69th street station in upper darby early this morning. passenger was arrested. only on fox, a local
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homeowner's desperate situation. >> you want out? >> yes, of course. yes. yes. yes. >> but this chester mom says she's stuck as violence erupts outside her home. bullets even bursting through her windows and tonight she describes what it's like to live through what feels like a hopeless situation. >> she spoke with bruce gordon about the heart-breaking brutality and being stuck in this nightmare. >> reporter: the for sale sign ayesha peterson' front window sits a few feet away from the latest bullet hole to shatter her blinds. she's what you might call a motivated seller. >> you want out? >> yes, of course. yes. yes. yes. yes. >> reporter: back in 2010 peterson was among several dozen first-time home buyers who colted caught a sales pitch at the new wellington heights development knew soccer fade stadium nearby and casino bringing tax revenue better times were promised for this
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embattled city. see sell ya and andrea bought the same sales pitch then noticed the sounds of gunfire over time it got closer, more frequent, now -- >> i have bars on my windows. something that we never thought was going to happen. >> reporter: didn't thin it would be necessary. >> i'm angry. >> here's some right here. >> reporter: she will casings litter peterson's lawn. as for the blinds -- >> this was sunday. >> sunday. >> yes. one of several shots fired into the house that day. >> when i heard the pop i went like this. like and at this point i'm wanting to start to crawl up the steps you know, i'm screaming for my daughter get down so i can get to her because i heard a pop. >> reporter: bullet lodged in the wall after grazing her shoulder. as for nine-year-old amari -- >> my daughter don't want to come here. my daughter at school worrying about her mom. >> reporter: part of peterso
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peterson's wants to sell her home and but all the violence behind her. she cannot feel good about pu putting someone nel her predicament. what would you do if you was in my situation? i'm stuck. i'm stuck. >> reporter: chester officials are vowing to beef up police department staffing but it can't happen fast enough for the women we talked to. all three say they bought their homes with their hard earned money, moved here from neighboring communities knowing of chester fosses violent reputation but believing in their hearts things would get better. they have not. and now all three want out. in chester, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. ♪ >> teenager raped in her high school bathroom. could it happen to your kid. the case about to blow up over who got arrested. and septa wants more of your money. ready to raise fares. we asked is it fair? >> well, it's -- it's -- >> wait 40. the uncomfortable answer may make you cringe.
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why is she smiling? she's accused of having sex with one of her students. kathy? >> a winter blast moves in with a cold front. tonight we're talking about wind chills in the teens. i'll show when you it warms up. the one line you never want to say to serrie. ♪ (vo) love. i got it. i gotcha baby. (vo) it's being there when you're needed most. love is knowing... he's the one. (vo) was meant to be. and love always keeps you safe. we're fine. (vo) love is why we built a car you can trust.
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now and for a long time to come. the all-new subaru impreza sedan and five-door. a car you can love no matter what road you're on. the subaru impreza. more than a car, it's a subaru. parents in one local school district are extremely upset. they found about a change in locker room policy that has one family suing. they claim their son found them
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changing in a student born a female who identifies a as a boy. shawnette, parents tell you tonight that they didn't know anything about the policy until they found out about the lawsu lawsuit. >> reporter: yeah, dawn. so one parent we talk to off camera says it isn't as much about the change in policy but it's the fact that they say the school district allegedly didn't notify parents about it. meanwhile others we talked to agree with the family that filed the lawsuit saying this is violation of privacy. >> i think we should be made aware of these things. i mean, i would have wante wanto know that they were planning on doing this. >> reporter: a change in the locker room policy at boyertown high school has laurie upset. her son is a student there. she says school officials didn't notify her or her son a student born female who identifies as a boy is now allowed to use the boy's locker room. >> i'm not thrilled with it. girl should be in a girl's locker room. boys should be in the boys
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locker room. >> reporter: many parents found it about it today after 11th grade boy and his family filed a lawsuit against the boyertown school district. a lawyer for the 17-year-old says he was changing in the boy' locker room when he noticed the other student up dressed there, too. >> the girl is identifying as a boy but she's still biologically female. >> reporter: kelly is legal counsel representing the family on behalf of alliance defending freedom. she says the school is violating students right to privacy. >> it's common sense that boys and girls shouldn't be forced to shower or take their clothes off in front of a member of the opposite sex in intimate facility. >> reporter: the boy and his family have met with school officials about respecting students privacy but says they've gotten nowhere. >> instead they told our client that he needed to tolerate the situation and act as natural as possible when a girl entered and took her clothes off in his locker room with boys everywhe everywhere. we're asking the court to upheld federal and state law is very clear that every child has right to privacy and school officials have a duty to respect that
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right to privacy. >> matt 11th greater at the school will likely go along it the change but he doesn't like it. >> i wouldn't really feel the most comfortable changing next to a girl and i don't think -- i can almost guarantee a girl would not feel comfortable changing next guy if this was a guy going in girl's locker room. i feel like it would be huge deal. >> reporter: and some parents here also concerned about whether bathrooms here in the district will be next. since that has been a controversial issue across the country meanwhile we contacted the superintendent's office earlier today for statement we are still waiting to hear back from them. iain? >> all right. thanks, shawnette. thieves burst through the wall of a local jewelry store and hit the jackpot. this new surveillance video shows the burglary at the kim tahn jewelers in lawn crest. we told you about it last night. police say the guys initially broke in through the roof of a business next door to get inside. they got away with valuables
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worth a million dollars. getting around parts of center city could be a real pain in the neck tomorrow. >> and you can blame the ellen degeneres show. the show will tape a segment downtown impact areas mainly around the 1600 block of walnut street. the city will close the area from broad to 17th from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. so you'll want to fine another way to get around the city during that time. the city of wilmington is set to refund $800,000 in fines to drivers. it's all part of its right turn on red camera program that's now suspended. the citations were issued from july of last year through this past january. the city says it's already identified all vehicles that were cited during that time and those drivers will be notified by mail. philadelphia putting a stop to special parking spots for electric vehicles. the program in place for ten years now allows electric vehicle owners special curb side parking places but a bill moving through city council puts temporary stop to new ev parking spaces and what only enforce the
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current spots from 6:00 a.m. to sick p.m. the bill moved that was a committee hearing today and is up for final approval next week. skyfox over a shooting in the city's logan second. police say someone shot a 19-year-old man twice this was on the 1300 block of olney avenue. he was hit in the stomach and back around five toll tonight. police took the pick chip to the hospital where he's in critical condition. we do know police have made an arrest. a rape case involving teens at a maryland high school has been drawn into the immigration debate. police say a 14-year-old girl was raped by two immigrant students in school bathroom. >> now immigration and customs enforcement officials say one of the suspects entered the country illegally. 18-year-old sanchez from guatemala and 17-year-old montana of h el salvador are charged. the rape reports comes after a rockville city council woman introduced legislation to make the city a sanctuary city. the school district
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superintendent says it's unfair to make the students immigration status the focus of the case. white house says cases like this are why president trump is pus pushing for strictor immigration policies. >> our primary focus is on teaching and learning but the most important thing we have to do first is keep students safe. and in this horrible situation this young woman was not safe. and for that i am deeply grieved. >> part of the reason that the immigration and crack down such a big deal is because of tragedies like this. >> pta meeting was held tonight to address parent's concerns. it was not open to the meter ya. breaking news in burlington county, n. skyfox over the scene of a shooting this is pemberton it happened at kingly road and bush street right now all we know is that one person is shot. you can see a very active scene still going on. there are evidence markers laid out there. we of course will stay on top of this and bring you an update as soon as we have more informati
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information. local teens throwing punches 20 million people have seen this video. not because of a fight but because of the guy about to stop it. >> a little girl runs for her life from a parent's nightmare. >> ♪ >> plus honey, i'm going to be late. a flight delayed for hours all because of bees. >> ♪ >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. got to new traffic pattern at the mid-county interchange. e see pass express lanes are closed for the next couple of week. you still can use the e-z pass transponder you just can't zip through the express lanes much you have to sit through the regular toll lanes with everyone else that's taking a ticket or paying cash. so give yourself extra time if you using that mid-county interchange. a new project began yesterday along 322 down to one lane
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between route 1 and 95 at times. it's the pain before the game another new project debuted along 202 you'll see the crews out there tomorrow between boot road and route 30. we'll check the jam cams. sue has the hump day forecast starting at 4:00 a.m.
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>> everybody reporterring with your phone, real cowards. ya'll out in the middle of the street. look she's smiling and laughing. >> this could have been another viral facebook video showing senseless violence.
10:24 pm
instead a man intervened every convenience when two teens in atlantic city are about to fig fight. witness sharing this powerful moment on facebook of the man lecturing both the boys in the fight and witnesses stand buying not doing anything. even lebron james giving him prop posting on twitter about the man who stepped in. so he's identified as issue ban ali he'll be honored by the atlantic city council tomorrow. now to chicago where a teacher just outside the city has been fired after a student refused to stand for the pledge of a lee january. student was in vince's drivers he had class at eisenhower high school. the teacher told the student if he continued to sit during the pledge he wouldn't let him take lessons in his car. >> well police say there's nothing to smile about for this teacher from texas. 26-year-old sarah maddon fouks accused of having sex with a 17-year-old student. she turned herself in last nig night. then grinned from ear to ear for her mug shot. she's in jail tonight. the school district has suspended her. officials say she will not be
10:25 pm
back in the classroom. american airlines flight headed to new york from miami was delayed for several hours after a swarm of bees was spotted on the outside. check it out. airline called a bee keeper to get rid of all these bees. once the plane was bee free passengers allowed to board and plane was okay. police departments are warning iphone users don't fall for a prank involving siri. annapolis maryland police are so concerned about it they put out a warning it turns out that pranksters are telling people to ask siri to call 108. don't do it. if do you it, siri will try to connect you with emergency services. teenagers of course can resist they've been jamming 911 lines. 108 is apparently an emergency hotline overseas. septa wants more of your money. is it fair? the cringe worthy answer. >> and a quick return to winter, kathy? >> oh, yeah. quick return. we have a cold front coming through. see those snow showers? it's going to change everything. it's back to blustery for few days. i'll show you in the seven day.
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>> and temp me anything goes sexy parties for swingers. what's really happening? ♪
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>> parents you need to see this video. watch a young girl in florida outsmart an attempted kidnapper. this happened at a wal*mart pa parking lot about 50 miles south of orlando. surveillance video caught the driver of a red car pulling up to the young girl tries to lure her insider. but she ran into the store to get help and the driver took o off. parents say they're being extra cautious now. >> just takes couple of seconds for that to, upping, happen. i guess it's just for us to be very vigilant especially, you know, now a days. keep them close. avoid being out late at night. stuff like that. keep them safe. >> tonight police in in order continue to search for the guy you see in the sketch. fox 29 investigates if you ride septa it's a problem you can't miss.
10:30 pm
canceled trains. >> the authority says it's trying to fix the situation but frustrated passengers are sounding off online and in rail stations and now septa wants a fare hike. our jeff cole asks, is it fair? >> reporter: septa riders are cheap by jowl the deck at jefferson station they shuffle on and off the regional rail many drawn here by the renowned flower show in full bloom at the convention center. in fact, the flower show and st. patrick's day will likely make last week one of the busiest of the year for septa. on this day, heavy ridership and possibly our camera have drawn septa' head of railroads to jefferson. it's not hard to find a happy rider. >> septa has been great. i've been riding it for years, and pretty happy with it. >> reporter: that was last thursday march 16th. two days after the snowstorm. had we spoken with him the day before, one day after winter
10:31 pm
returned, he may have had a far different view. fox 29 investigators has been looking into the number of trains septa has canceled as it struggled recent will major equipment problems. we've done so by simi looking at their social media page. the day after the storm, we count 36 trains out right canceled. 29 foreman power issues. outrage exploded object line michael want to do surprise someone at the airport. you cancel the train. not much of a surprise now. thanks. drew, thanks for canceling 515 when it was already late for a rifle and people were waiting. septa responds citing crews shortages and offers an apology. cold and miserable now. where is the crew? again, septa writes experiencing crew shortages. rose san in a says she's felt the sting of canceled trains. >> they canceled the train and
10:32 pm
the next train is like one hour it's going to be really tough. right, and sometimes they even cancel the lines. so it's hard. i have to find some other way because i have my car park in the parking lot. >> reporter: fox 29 investigates asked to interview a septa official directly involved in regional rail operations. schep at a refused. instead its director of media relations sat down. >> what's your on time record right now? >> right now we're about 90% of on time performance. >> reporter: are you sure you're at 90? >> yup. >> reporter: it's not. according to septa's own recor records, its monthly on time average as of february 2017 about 87%. >> i think your february numbers shows you under 90%, right. >> february numbers? >> yeah. >> you're under 90. >> i'm sorry. >> is that one of the worst on time performances in the rail systems in the country? do you know whether it is or not. >> i don't know if it's in the country but for us it's
10:33 pm
historically it's bad and it looks bad. >> reporter: it was worst month before. under 80% in january. and after a slight up tick in december, it was under 70% in november. fox 29 investigates compiled a daily list of all train cancellations foreman power or crew shortages posted on the authority's twitter page for the last sick months. the grand total about 500 trains dumped, leaving riders in the lurch. septad a mitts 191 of them have occurred since january 1st. matthew mitchell is the vice-president of the delaware valley association of rail passengers, a 600 member ad advocacy group. says septa is short crews so when there are sick calls, trains tumble. >> does it under cut their ridership in some way. >> sure. any kind of negative experience that the passengers have is going to get around, it's going lead to bad word of mouth.
10:34 pm
>> reporter: septa claims it has 196 engineers. the people who operate the trains but needs 213. it hopes to have them by december and says it's training still more to cover retirements. still, in the wake of possibly the toughest year in its histo history, septa now wants its riders to pony up g septa the worst year, last year, you've told me but now we'll ask passengers to pay more with on time record of under 90%. >> right. >> is that fair. >> well, it's -- it's -- well, you know, it is fair in the sense of the fact that this is what is needed to, uh -- it is fair. >> fox 29 investigates has found some of the highest train cancellations came on weekends and around big sporting events. jeff cole, fox 29 news. >> interesting stuff. general comparison of other
10:35 pm
commuter rails show boston's m mbta at 89% for the last 30 da days. >> new york mta also reports 89% on time performance for february. i have to say i had a manpower issue the day of the storm my train was canceled. so -- >> you've been there. >> it's happening, yeah. >> all right. sexy ads for a swingers party now these women want money. >> and the few simple words that will change your entire day. ♪
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>> anything goes halloween party temp me thursdays these sexy ads for club is wide shut a club in tampa that promotes itself as the number one spot for swingers. you may think those women are there to show i was good time. it turns out they're not.
10:39 pm
now those models are suing the club saying it used their pictures without permission. >> by using this models image on eyes wide shut you're essentially tarnishing her brand. and you're doing so without her consent, without her knowledge and most importantly without her being compensated for it. >> the club's owner says the lawsuit is a exam by lawyers to hurt small businesses but legal experts say it doesn't look good for club eyes wide shut and they predict 86 settlement. in your money tonight, new products on the way from apple. the company announced new versions of both i-pad and the iphone. >> apple saying that one of those products even going to help a good cause. apple unveiling new i pad today starting at $329. that is a lot cheaper. it's a lower cost model of popular tablet and it will be available to order later this month. apple also showing off the new designs for iphone seven and seven plus in red. >> i like that. >> part of those proceeds from the sale those phones will go to hiv and aids programs.
10:40 pm
if you're a fan of harry potter and ice cream you will probably be pretty excited about this. yuengling releasing a butter beer ice cream flavor. the company says it was inspired by the popular wizarding beverage in harry potter and there's no alcohol in it. just a sweet treat. >> mcdonald's making a few menu changes but this time it's thinking fresh. the company is replacing frozen beef patties with fresh beef and more than 300 stores and texas mcdonald's says it's a push to expand the fresh never frozen program. why would you want frozen beef in the first place? >> exactly. >> right. it should always be fresh. that's what's in your money tonight. >> it's hank the retracting rhee roof on a new mural at 13th and chancellor. art lives, dice and is reborn as philadelphian you got a front row seat. hang's take coming up. and kathy is working on that forecast. >> yes. we are tracking a cold front moving through. it's a wintry wind. i'll show you how long it's going last.
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president trump was on capitol hill today to make a last minute pitch about health care reform. the president lecture the house republican caucus to pass the american health care act. >> gop leaders scheduled a full vote for thursday on the health care bill. the president warned lawmakers there jobs could be another on the line in next year's election they don't back the bill a lot of conservative republicans are still opposed. democrats who are against it say recent changes to the bill don't go far enough. supreme court nominee neil gorsuch in hot seat during his confirmation hearing. one of the most heated he can changes came when democrat dick durbin expressed his views on women in the workplace. democrats have also portrayed gorsuch as someone who favors big business. ♪ if it's true that art imitates live it's got to be
10:45 pm
true for many incredible murals that grace philadelphia's buildings and walls. doesn't it? >> maybe more than we actually realize. >> in tonight's hang's take hank shows us how our city murals, live, die and every ever reborn. ♪ sometimes if i'm early for work i just read some of them over again. >> reporter: first the living ed mitchell digs love let's the murals along west mark street some best scene from the el platform mimi on 52 and. dinner is on me. i got the blame. under tones of love and need. ed says they're honest almost to him therapeutic. >> if you've got something on your mind like i do sometimes my work or something i don't like some of the stuff you read, it will change your whole mindset. >> reporter: they went up in 2009 the mural the work of steve he is poe powers they're in the prime of their lives then live in the eyes and hearts of anyone who sees them and feels something. >> he create over 50 of these
10:46 pm
murals and really only about six weeks. and some are hidden in brick tops -- rooftops. some are out you can see them on the subway but it's a real messages of love to philadelphia. >> reporter: that's kerry bender with mural arts philadelphia indulging my questions about love letters but really excite excited another me that's been reborn. literally arisen from the ashes. >> halfway through the first installation there was a fire pretty bad fire that burned the restaurant to the ground didn't some damage to the adjacent buildings and destroyed half the mural that we had on the wall. >> artist james burn his mural sanctuary which rises above 13th and chancellor but dives down the wall into the new restaurant there at mason 208 retrackable ceiling reveals the whole peace. >> when it opens you can see this 90-foot mauer. so it's not just a random mural inside a restaurant it's actually a part of the restaurant and in way gives live to the actual restaurant when it
10:47 pm
extends all the way to the ceiling and the sky. >> burns listed wellness and resilience as couple of themes for the work. apropos since he had to do it twice. ♪ >> reporter: so that's living work and newborn or born again work the dying that's east coat hump back on the schuylkill across from the 30th street station. it's in the process of being torn down. to make room for new development after nearly 25 years on the river. if art does imitate live maybe best to appreciate it while it's around even defense it if you feel like it. especially in a city blessed with such tremendous public work. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ the city does have fantastic murals. >> i'll tell was it's a philly thing. great stuff. on your radar tonight, cold temperatures after a comfortable day things are definitely cooling off as we take a live act at trenton it may be spring but it's going feel like winter
10:48 pm
across our area tomorrow. kathy's forecast is just 15 seconds away. a day above average across the delaware valley and temperatures still hanging in there. the temperature 50 degrees in philadelphia. not bad when the normal high is 54 for this time of year. we're watching a cod front. you can see the snow associated with it. we do not see any snow nor rain but we will see colder winds from the northwest blowing in and gusting 35 even 40 miles an hour tomorrow. so it is going to be chilly at the bus top. right now it's 35 in the pocon poconos. 50 in oil philadelphia and wilmington. 46 in wrightstown. atlantic city 48 degrees with partly cloudy sky. this front will pass on through during the nighttime hours and during the day tomorrow. you can see those streamers
10:49 pm
coming off the great lakes. lake enhanced snow showers that's how cold this wind is behind it. for us, it's just a chilly day. the high 39. you combine that wind out of the northwest about 15 to 20 miles an hour gusting even higher and it will make it feel much colder. when we look at the wind chills in the 40s now that's not an issue. but come tomorrow morning, 7am feel like 24 in philadelphia. it will feel like 20 degrees in trenton. it will feel like zero in the poconos and main until our northern and western suburb it will feel like 14 and 19 degre 19 degrees. so needless to say, it is a wintry wind. overnight tonight, low temperatures ranging from the lower 30s in the suburbs to 35 degrees in center city. wind chills in the 20s with a northwesterly wind. during the day tomorrow, the temperature only struggling to make it to 39. mostly sunny, blustery with gu gusts to 35. on your exclusive fox 29 weather authority, seven day forecast, you see the chill on thursday, the morning low 20 degrees. but at least we don't have to deal witness wind.
10:50 pm
friday 56. giving that day a seven. maybe could squeeze to an eight. saturday warming up to 72 degrees. but then another front moves through and knocks the temperature down sunday 53 with rain. monday 55 with some morning showers and still a chance of rain on tuesday. with a high of 54 degrees. so undoubtedly the pick of the weekend it's pretty easy which one would you pick? saturday or sunday? >> yeah, i think that one is pretty obvious. kathy. >> take the sun right. >> exactly. the flyers are trying to heat up their season with 11 games left. they desperately need a win to get into the playoffs. see if they can keep their hopes alive against winnipeg plus we haven't seen a fight in the nba in a long time. punches thrown in the bulls/raptors game. see who swung at who next in sports.
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♪ the flyers barely with shot to make the playoffs if they do get to the playoffs probably going to be swept bite capitols or penguins. not a great position to be in. but still, if you're the flyers you want to make the playoffs because that's always the hope. seven-points back desperately needing two points against the jets in the second period wayne
10:54 pm
simmons behind the net. looking for some room. and finds jordan for the goal. the flyers would take a one to nothing lead. now we go to the second period it's tighter up. jets making moves though blake wheeler right here gets the shot and steve mason just wisps on the stop. the flyers can't get must win game losing three-two. the lightning and the coyotes tee guy in astronaut costume. why? just why? that's hockey for you lightning lose five-three. again with the flyers losing they gain any ground in the play off race. to the phillies today a odubel herrera had bold statements he thinks he can win the batting title this year and he actually might not be that far off. i spoke to matt stairs the phillies new hitting coach earlier in spring training. stairs things odubel has a real shot at this thing. after being a slump at the world baseball classic, he got it going left the twins.
10:55 pm
deep shot in the left inn -- eighth inning. phillies wouldn't pitch of nine to five. nba you never see fights. lopez and bako going at it right here the bulls raptors game. lopez throwing the first punch. throws one and everyone just wrestles around both guys get ejected anyone look at this again. robin lopez throws one first. back at him. both those guys need boxing lessons neither connected but still reminds me of a little '90's basketball. i like it. high school hoops the boys 68 saturday state semi final at temple. archbishop ryan falling to reading only philadelphia team goes left goes down. read log pay richland in the state game saturday. now to tom brady and this ridiculous jersey thing. i cannot believe how far this thing is going.
10:56 pm
fbi has gotten involved. you think they would have better more important to do. they found the jersey and found the surveillance video yo that tracks where the jersey went. look at this. do we need all of this? jersey goes into the locker room. never comes out. then apparently a fake journalist may have tooken the jersey but we don't really know but they did get the jersey ba back. who cares? that's my question. >> hmm. >> somebody cares. >> and they're saying the jersey is worth 500,000. no way, no how. >> like my man ron parker says no way, no how. >> wasn't a helmet or something else taken. >> apparently this guy has taken things and he tries to sell them. get them signed. >> that's too bad. because brady wants it. >> i don't care. >> sentimental. >> all right. what do you think, iain? [ laughter ] >> iain page standing by with what's coming you. >> dawn, ahead at 11:00 when a local woman lost her son to drug
10:57 pm
addiction she was moved to try and help others avoid her pain. how she's giving comfort to people living on the streets for goodness sake. of course your wake up weather and seven day forecast in the first five minutes. remember your mega millions lottery is next.
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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at


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