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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  March 23, 2017 4:00am-4:59am EDT

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right now on good philadelphia, police made several attacks in the london terror attack, after man went on rampage. >> heart breaking deaths. a gut wrenching discovery inside an apartment, a mother finds her twin baby girls not breathe being. now detective are trying to figure out what happened. >> high steaks for healthcare. the replacement for obamacare set for a vote today. but will it pass this morning, we breakdown those numbers. and biden versus biden. why one biden just got a leg up on the former vice president. we'll explain. good day everybody, it is alreada to call it friday eve march 23rd, thank you so much for joining us. so i have two questions for both of you today.
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>> here we go, right out of the gate. >> i have tunnel vision, all i can look forward to is saturday and the weather saturday. can we make quick little run down to the beach or not for good day trip? >> i'll check on that for you. >> that's my question. then for bob kelly. isn't there something on the drivers happening overnight tonight into tomorrow and around this time. >> tonight into tomorrow night they will be cleaning the drains on the drives. >> i'll have you spin that one. we start with sue four or weather for this day? >> we will talk today and then talk about tomorrow and the next day and the next day. we start off with our number of the day. still going with a six because even though it won't be as windy today, it is still a lot cooler than it is supposed to be, temperatures will be ten to 15 degrees below normal. and look at this, 25 degrees, but a windchill of 13 out there, the spring, what spring. one good thing, sunrise now at 6:59 in the morning. so, we've reached a milestone there. sunrise before 7:00, since the time change, anyway,
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windchills are one below zero in mount pocono, reading, 23, 11 in wrightstown, 15 in wildwood. make sure you have that winter coat. we don't have to worry about precipitation today. temperatures, in the 20's, and those windchills in the teens, even though it is not quite as windy, it is still mighty cold out there. 15-mile per hour winds in philadelphia. so we're in the process of calming down today. we will get to hi, well, probably in the 40's today. about 43, maybe 45 degrees, but winds five to 10 miles an hour instead of the gusts of around 30. so, things will continue to improve as we head into the weekends, bob kelly. we will check the forecast for you coming up. >> hey, sue, good morning, everybody, just after 4:00 on a thursday morning. we will make it 4:02, dealing with vehicle fire on the southbound side of the boulevard. and some police activity here north on the boulevard, as you work your way up toward wissahickon. otherwise the ben franklin
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looking good, little windy, windchill will get this morning, make sure the kids got a coat on. make sure you find your coat. we got 25 degrees, so it is definitely cold start to our thursday morning. temperatures have been hot at the e-zpass express lanes. they've been closed for the last couple every days, so all of the e-zpass traffic needs to go through the regular toll lanes. and that's adubado few extra minutes to everybody's trip. that will continue for the next couple of weeks. so far so good, out of the gaeton the first couple of trains on septa's regional rail lines. but if you are using the trains or the buses with the cold temps, be ready to bundle l up in case a wait on the platforms, new project that's been tying us during the week down to one lane on 322 route one down toward i95. mass transit looking good. no problems at philadelphia international airport. karen, back over to you. >> bob, we begin this breaking news this morning. a man is shot multiple times in the leg in north philadelphia. it happened overnight at the intersection every east
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atlantic and route streets. the victim is in stable condition at area frankford. police are is her clinic for a gunman, a house was also struck, by gunfire, but luckily no one inside that home was hit. >> more breaking news, this out of london after the terror attack, just moments ago, british police announce they've arrested seven people in connection with that rampage. the attack left four people dead, dozens more injured. let's get over to jenny joyce with the very latest on the update because this is all breaking new information that is coming in right now. jenny, what do we know? >> reporter: good morning, karen, breaking news as you mentioned, police say that they've searched six addresses, made seven arrests believe to be connected to these attacks. some way somehow at this point, though, police are still saying that this suspect acted alone. it was an attack that killed four people. the suspect was later shot and killed by police.
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investigators say yesterday afternoon a man rammed his car into a crowd of people on a bridge outside of the parliament. then got out and stabbed and killed a police offer. the suspect was was ultimately shot and killed by authorities. police believe he was the only person behind the attack. the man's identity has in the yet been released. although officials think they know who he is, and say islamic extremism is suspected in the attack, british travelers in the state say they are surprised, and upset, because they're not used to news like this. >> shook us, we're not used to it, you know shall there are places used to it like germany, france. >> the thoughts were with my family, avenue brother that works in london, and of course being so far away from home, you have to consider your family. >> the police officer killed in the attack has been identified as 48 year old keith palmer, a 15 year
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veteran. and the new york city police department has ramped up secure any light of the attack deploying critical response teams to the british consolate and other buildings throughout the city, car glenn all right, jenny, so disturbing on so many levels, thank you, getting more information by the time. also, president trump tweeted yesterday that he had spoken with uk prime minister theresa may to offer condolances, the attack comes on one year to the day of those terror attacks that happened in brussels, that killed 32 people and injured more than 300. other news, it is a critical day on capitol hill as republicans try to replace obamacare. the house is scheduled it vote today on the american healthcare act, but it is not certain whether republicans have enough support to pass it. in a count by the associated press at least 26 republicans say they are opposed to that bill, other are leaning that way. that is enough to narrowly defeat that measure, conservative opponents say they were un moved by an
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appeal wednesday from the white house. they say the new legislation still does not go far enough in getting rid of regulations. >> we believe that they need to start over and do a bill that actually reduces premiums. >> i think if the plan needs to be pulled down, which i am pretty sure it will be pulled down today or tomorrow, when it is pulled down, we will continue the debate. >> the white house remains confident that the bill will still pass and say there is no plan b. opponents tell fox news that the trump administration is asking them to pass the bill in the house now, so the senate can fix it later. >> meanwhile, president trump says he feels somewhat vindicated after bombshell announcement by the house intelligence chair who said he has seen evidence of surveillance, but no wiretapping. california republican deaf and, says the trump transition team and possibly president trump himself were seconded to surveillance during the final dates of the obama administration. and the representative says it had nothing to do with russia.
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>> what i've read bothers me and i think it should bother the president himself and his team because i don't -- i think some of it seems to be inapropriate. >> also told president trump while the monitoring may have been legal, it was then wrong to send it to intelligence officials and reports, still there is no evidence that former president obama had mr. trump wiretapped which is what was claimed. >> and developing this morning, police are trying to determine what caused the deaths of twin baby girls in camden county. their mother discovered their lifeless bodies yesterday in their home. our steve keeley is in lindenwald at the police department there with what we know. steve? >> reporter: well, a lot of the twins' family members were either taken or drove over here voluntarily to the lindenwold police headquarters answering all of the questions they could for detectives. and while both police, family and neighbors are all waiting
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for the medical examiner and camden county prosecutor's offers real toy answer the main question right now, how did two twin, seven month old baby girls die together at the same time. >> very shocking, very shocking, very sad, as well, prayers are with their family. >> it is just hurt. because i have a one year old, so it is just very hard to just imagine what she is going through. the crying that she did, only a mother would cry like that. >> she has the babies with her all the time. she takes, as far as i could see, they've always taken good care of the kids. it is like i'm thinking, all right, one baby, i can understand, but both of them? that's horrible. >> well little twin girls pronounced dead at 8:30 yesterday morning, the twins' mother has another child, about four years old, and the courier post reports this morning that the twin's father apparently did not live with the twins and their mother,
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because he asked friends to drive him over here to lindenwold yesterday to find out what he could, as well. so still that main question likely won't get answered, it is less than 24 hours, karen, since this occurred. we know how long sometimes toxicology tests take, in some cases, obviously, that likely won't be the case here. but who knows right now if this is a tragic accident or something else. >> just so, so sad on all account, no matter what. steve, thank you. right now pressure mounting on philadelphia district attorney, seth williams, to resign. he pleaded not guilty yesterday on almost two dozen charges of bribery, fraud and corruption. >> simply because the government makes explosive allegations in a complaint doesn't mean they're going to prove it in a court of law. seth williams categorically denies, categorically denies that he's guilty of any crime. >> his travel is restricted. he surrendered his passport. he will reside in the -- here in the eastern district every pennsylvania unless he gives notice of some other domestic
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travel. >> williams is also charged with defrauding his mother and a local nursing home. he was freed yesterday after posting $50,000 bond. funeral plans have yet to be announced for dallas green, the phillies legend died yesterday at the age of 82. he was the manager of the team when they won their first world series in 1980. green was a baseball liver, part of the game for more than 60 years, 46 of those with the fighting phils, serving as advisor to the team, always thereto shed some knowledge. he was a commanding presence in and out of the lockerroom, one every his long time fiends and fellow phil, david montgomery, talked about what green would have wanted. >> he would want us to move on, because for him, the most important thing for all was the game itself. >> he is survived by his wife, sylvia, his three children and five grandchildren. you may remember, his nine year old granddaughter christina was killed in the tuscon shooting rampage back
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in 2011, which also injured congress woman, gabrielle giffords. >> all right, we want to show you some video that many people are just talking about. there is a man who steps up and steps in and stops a fight. coming up next on good day, how atlantic city honored this local hero. plus, he'll be on our show today. history on the diamond. what team usa baseball team just did that will put them in the record books. morning, bob. >> good morning, getting ready for some baseball. 4:12, good morning, we go for a ride along 202 as you roll through chester county. new project that began this week is out there. let's go outside. open up that front door. put your coat on first. it is cold out. we look live at the ben franklin franklin parkway. i'm check the jam cams. sue has your thursday forecast when we come right back.
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>> just being optimistic about this one, too, sort of like the low, the bottom of where we will be on this day. >> right. it is temperatures definitely go up from here. just for you, karen, the down the shore forecast for saturday, may not be crazy about it, but highs will be in the lower 60s, we may hit 70 in the city. we'll have some southwesterly breezes, clouds, and a shower possible, some of sunday's rain may sneak in on saturday
4:16 am
afternoon. and that's a case for us, too. so that's your forecast for the shore. make your plans accordingly. we're still chilled today with high pressure in control. the thing is the pressure gradient has loose ends up a little bit. so we won't see the high winds that we had yesterday. our cold front has sung very far to the south. but the cold air is still in place. so we'll still get temperatures that are ten to 15 degrees below where they're supposed to be this time of year. it is spring, remember, it happened on monday. monday seems so long ago. so no snow to show you, or rain or anything right now just future cast that takes us into friday we have warmfront scheduled to come through on friday, which will warm us up on saturday, but could be little precipitation, maybe late morning, early afternoon. >> shower could sneak in tomorrow, friday, as we get ready for the weekend.
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>> doesn't look look rain early in the day saturday. these are your temperatures right now, if you have it walk out the door. it is in the 20's, but you factor in these wind speeds, as high as 15 miles an hour, in philadelphia, and a wind gust of 24 miles an hour. and it feels like 13 in the city, windchill of 15 in wildwood, 16 in wilmington, and 23 is what it feels like in reading, one below windchill in mount pocono. so you still need that parka today. it was a windy wednesday. and deceiving high temperature yesterday. because that 53 degrees happened at midnight then temperatures went down from there. we settled upper 30's for the rest of the day. today high of 45, which is still pretty wintery. but it won't be as windy just still need that winter coat. now, 53 on friday. possible stray shower mostly cloudy skies, and cloudy skies on saturday, as well. we should warm up to 70 degrees. that's a lot to look forward to. rain likely on sunday. and then it stays pretty
4:18 am
unsettled head into the middle of next week with at least the possibility of spring shower or two, monday, tuesday, and wednesday, of next week. >> at least on wednesday our temperatures will be double what they are, and then some today. a live look at what we were looking at the schuylkill schuylkill, right near fox street, doing some bridge inspections. so the roosevelt boulevard, watch for delays in near fox street. quiet coming in from south jersey. no problems or delays at all as you work your way. karen mentioned this earlier, so we get all of our requests earlier, they're doing some drain cleaning tonight into about 5:00 tomorrow morning. they'll be closing a stretch of the martin luther king drive from right behind the art museum working on the drains so the mlk drive will be closed to stick with either the schuylkill or the kelly drive and you'll be okay. again, that's on the overnight into this time tomorrow morning. busy weekend, a lot of folks will be watching the fosh cast. garth brooks in town all
4:19 am
weekend long, tomorrow night is the first of four shows. the big one will be saturday. the double bubble. he's doing two concerts in the same day. same spot. 3:00, they're going to then hopefully everyone exits on time, and new crowd coming in at 7:00. hot mess in the parking lot. i've never been to country concert that doesn't have tailgaters, and that everyone leaves at the end of the evening. same deal, only one show at 7:00. so a lot of traffic and change-over down there in south philadelphia through the weekend. mid-county interchange, toll plaza, e-zpass lanes, express lanes are still closed. >> no problems down at philadelphia international airport, back to you. >> her hair set on fire, you
4:20 am
can see, the crews responding there, there is the scene, 47th and chestnut. just around 7:00 last evening, police are questioning at least five girls, between the ages of 13 and 16. the girl that was treated at the hospital has some minor injuries. police are specking to issue warrants soon in last thursday's subway brawl at a septa station, the one over at race and vine. principal jack car at the nearby string theory charter school says three of his students victims of the vicious beating. he says they were targeted because they told a group of teenagers at the station to stop throwing chunks of ice at some of the younger kids. well, those other teens ended up getting punched and kicked and stomped on. police have received tips that many of the attackers are student from nearby ben franklin high school. >> it is very disheartening, the level that people take violence to today. should be a lesson to philadelphia teenagers, if you get involved in this kind of activity they won't rest until they find out who you are. >> all three victims who were
4:21 am
beaten are okay physically, and are back at school. >> working t on the cemetery, jewish cemetery vandalized last month, roughly 175 tombstones were damaged. restoration efforts expected to begin monday. mount carmel one of the oldest cemeteries founded by european jews in philadelphia. and the fight over philadelphia's sweetened drink tax, not dying down. the group held town hall attacher every last night in wynnefield. they want the tax repealed. >> this is about what the citizens want. and what we're hearing from people in the stores, our customers, is that they're tax, in some cases, this is double the price of the grocery they buy. and they're going to the suburbs to buy these groceries. that's why my business is down. and they're upset about that, too, inconvenient for them, worried about their communities. >> well, that's the guy that owns some of the super market
4:22 am
there, says this tax will lead to fewer jobs, but mayor jim kenney has accused the beverage companies and the stores of price gouging, the tax went into effect in january to help pay for universal pre k in the city. >> and new charges for philadelphia mob boss joey merlino, late yesterday afternoon a grand jury any new york city handed down new indictment against him and 45 other defendants arrested in august. kidnapping is now part of the laundry list of charges in the case against the so-called east coast lcn enter price. merlino says he is not guilty. >> former vice president joe biden will be speaking at the opening of the museum of the american revolution. pulitzer prize winning writer david mccullough and also political commontator coke i roberts will be speaking there, opening ceremony will be april 19 at 8:00 a.m. it feels so good to take a hot bath. you just soak it all in. but it is a lot more than just
4:23 am
relaxing. there is a benefit that may have you putting down your fit bit. could a bath make us skinny? first, sean bell. >> coming up in sports in a minute. more bad news for the sixers, and joel embiid. hear the latest on his left knee. that's coming up next in sport.
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>> phillies had to say good-bye to one of their
4:26 am
legends, dallas grown passed away bees fully at the age of 82. gwen was the manager for the phillies first world series championship back in 1980. he was a baseball liver. spent over 60 years in the game, 46 of those with the phillies organization, he will be missed. and dallas would have wanted the guys to play on, and they d yesterday against the yankees, vince had a tough outing, val ass quest went five and two thirds, the phillies go onto lose seven to three. to the 6ers and the thunder, there was no answer for that man. russell westbrook, too big, too strong, too talented. westbrook had his 35th triple double of the season, the sixers got destroyed 122-97. before the game the sixers announce joel embiid will have surgery on his left knee. he had been out over a month with that torn meniscus. >> that's sports in a minute. >> team usa shut out puerto
4:27 am
rico eight to zip to claim it first ever world baseball classic championship. now before this year, team usa had never even made it to the finals. the next world baseball classic is set to be held in 2021. >> coming up at 4:30, ladies, busy people, may be the reason more and more people are waiting later in life to have children. there is a new study that says that may not be such a bad thing. just ask janet jackson. impulse to cough for 12 hours.
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>> police made several arrests on terror attacks. >> fight between two teens goes viral. that will guy in the middle who broke it all up. that still has us talking this morning, we will meet all three of them a little later. >> and here is meeting. hat off. this video that is even the pope laughing. good day everybody, it is already, a thursday, thank you so much for waking up early and joining us, so answered both my questions, thank you, have to take different route in the morning and won't go down to the shore this weekend. >> you okay now? the world better. >> do you have personal questions for bob and sue, we
4:31 am
can get them answered. >> absolutely, twitter, facebook, do it. >> fox 29 goodday. >> we look at that stuff. you know, with the pope story, did you have to hold on to your hat yesterday. >> yes. >> thanks, sue, really good one. >> let's got to the number of the day. it is a six out every ten, and it is not quite as windy as it was, and that's the good news. but it is 25 degrees out there. and to make it worse, the breezes that we do have make it feel like it is in the teens. it feels like 13 out there. sunrise time not until 6:59. other windchills, one below in mountn allentown. sixteen in wilmington. atlantic city, feels like 13 right now. no precipitation. so that's a good thing. and here's some more temperatures. the actual temperatures for you, most of them in the 20's, as we are in philadelphia. and the winds, as well, just making it feel little colder. but it won't be quite as windy today. it will still be chilly.
4:32 am
remember, the normal high is 55 degrees. we're calling for 45 today. and your sunset time, 7:16. but we still do have that weekend warm up in store. and stretch of unsettled weather, as well, all coming up in the seven day forecast, bob kelly? >> sue, good morning, everybody, four # 32:00, another major going on, some construction, live look here, the roosevelt boulevard near thx overpass. some of the left-over bridge inspections from the overnight. here is a live look at i995. not bad at all. as you head out of the northeast philadelphia, headed toward downtown, of course the construction zone there from girard into center city. coming from the suburbs looking good 202, no problems or delays from chester county all the way up through the schuylkill. one again here along valley forge road atwater street. they're doing some work on the northeast extension between q town and the lehigh valley. they'll be out there until about 6:00 or so. and then the e-zpass express lanes, remain closed here at mid-county.
4:33 am
again, by now, i think some folks getting used to it, but turnpike so busy that it is a different crowd of travelers each and every day. but you need to give yourselves some extra time, do you have sit through the actual toll plaza lanes as you work yourself in toward mid-county. and the schuylkill expressway, no problems or delays at all, as you work your way into downtown, just remember, tonight into tomorrow, they'll be closing the martin luther king drive to clean out the drains so you want to use the kelly or the schuylkill this time tomorrow morning. karen, back over to you. >> bob, thank you so much. we do have this breaking news that we begin with right now. we know that a man has been shot multiple times in the phil. it happened overnight, right at the intersection of east atlantic and ruth street. we hospital at area frankford hospital and is list in the stable condition. police are searching for the gunman, but have little information right now. we also struck by gunfire. the good news is that no one
4:34 am
inside struck. and we've got this breaking news from that london terror attack. british police have announced they have arrested seven people in connection with thatte dead and dozens more injured. let's get right to jenny joyce with the latest developments. jenny? >> good morning, karen, well police right now are working to find the suspect associate, while they believe he was the loanarrested more than handful f people who may have had some connection to this man and his mission. yesterday's attack killed four people, and injured roughly 40. investigators say, yesterday afternoon, a man rammed his car into a crowd of people on a bridge outside of the parliament. then got out and stabbed and killed a police officer. the suspect was ultimately shot and killed by authorities. the man's identity has released. although officials think they know who he is, and say, islamic extremism is suspected
4:35 am
in the attack. the uk's prime ministerays thate country is resilient, will carry on as an even stronger nation as police confirm the investigation is moving full speed ahead. >> we have hundreds of officers on this investigation, and they're focusing on the suspect's motivation, preparation, and his associate. i will not comment on this stage on the attacker, but our working assumption is he was inspired by his national terrorism. >> tomorrow morning parliament will meet as normal. we will come together as normal. and londoners and others from around the world who come here to visit this great city will get up and go about their day as normal. they'll board their trains. hell leave their hotels. they will walk these streets. >> police officer killed has been identified as 48 year old keith palmer, a 15 year
4:36 am
veteran. three others were killed, and dozens wounded, including three french teenagers who were in london on a class trip and the new york city police department ramped up security in light of the attack, critical response teams to the british consolate and other buildings throughout the city. >> thank you, and also, overseas, the eiffel tower went dark to honor those victims of that london terror attack. the lights on the iconic tower were dimmed at midnight, paris time. france has been the target in a series of terror attacks recently, including last bastille day, and fairness november of 2015. >> different kind of tragedy in our area. this is in camden county. there is a mother who found her twin baby girls unresponsive in their home. trying to figure out what caused those babies' deaths. steve keel any lindenwold with what we are learning, steve? >> reporter: well, family members of those two, seven month old baby girls, were all here at lindenwold police
4:37 am
headquarters, last night telling detectives everything they possibly could answer, but we're not told anything in return about how these two girls died. the camden county prosecutor's offers so far has only confirmed that the twin, seven month old girls were pronounced dead at nearby virtua hospital in voorhees, at 8:30 yesterday morning. >> just tearful. it is just hurt. because i have a one year old. so it is just very hard just imagine what she is going through, the crying she did, only a mother would cry like that. >> she has the babe which is her all the time. she takes as far as i could see they've always taken good care of the kids. i'm thinking, all right, one baby, yes, i can understands, but both of them? that's horrible. >> very shocking, yes, very shocking, very sad, as well. prayers are with their family. >> well the family friends of the twins' father told the courier post newspapers, that
4:38 am
the father called them yesterday morning asking for a ride to the mother and twins' apartment here in lindenwold and said just on monday they saw the wholeaid everybody seemd finement, healthy, no sickness. now, one of the leading causes ofinnts, less than a year old, is sudden infant death syndrome. but during the research this morning, on my computer, i see that stu risk of sids may be higher when babies sleep with other children. but no study it says has been done to show whether it is safe to let twins sleep together. so still no explanation. we're going to have to wait for an autop but a sids determination is made even after an autopsy, even after all of the forensics, even after all of the doctors and the family members are spoken to, it is a come on, leading cause of death in infant like the third leading cause, but boy, to see it happen together with twins on the same night, that would be something very, very rare. karen? >> yes, very rare.
4:39 am
steve, thank you. >> other news, atlantic city council honoring a man we told but this story yesterday morning, seen in a video that's been shared over and over again. so 26 year old biennale moved to tears honored during >> the 26 year old ali was moved to tears as he was hon orders during the last night. look at that. standing ovation there. >> we have to act like men, so crowd clearing them on. nobody else intervened. but he did. and they talked about character, and consequences, those teens are 15 and 18 years old. they also got some commondations. >> to shake hands, show unity. >> it was cool in front of my friends it, really doesn't mean nothing at all. so i want to thank you again. >> how about that? what a nice powerful impact to change people's lives, just the perceptions.
4:40 am
>> this video has been shared nearly 30 million views, and more than 700 shares, ali the good samaritan and both of those young men involved they'll be on good day coming up a little bit later this morning, we will get to talk with him. we have all heard the saying, there is an app for. that how about just try amazon. what they can now do that has beer lovers what are you doing?
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watching this breath savers protect mint neutralize the plaque acids in my mouth. i can't see anything! that's because it's working so hard. hey, what are you guys doing? karen. we're neutralizing. maybe i want to neutralize.
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now to crazy video out of florida. this is a trapper pulling an alligator out of a stuck. the person who took the video says the gator look about -- lo. the trapper had a little bit of difficulty pulling that animal out at first. the reptile seemed reluctant to corner of the drain. gator not hurt and was later relocated. >> all right, now, to a theft of sorts at the vatican. meltinug when you see what happens here. the cap worn by pope francis, just got ripped off the pontiff's head in saint peters head by little girl. the culprit from atlanta about to be kissed by the holy father sudden, you never know what kids will do. she snatches in a cap off of his head, and she got a laugh from the crowd and also the you know when he was here, he had such a legendary sense of humor, good natured, his holiness says obviouslye' against the little bandit. i mean, we want to show
4:44 am
you the earth like you've never seen it before. mother nature showing us j magny is.
4:45 am
4:46 am
>> planet earth like you have never seen t so this is the highest resolution map yet of earth's magnetic fields. it shows in details in a weak layer in the massive cacoon
4:47 am
around our planet which makes up about 6% of the magnetic field. difficult, obviously, to see from space. so this was the european space agency mapping this animation from three years of satellite pretty and, you know, someone familiar with maps, bob kelly. >> did you see us there, waiving on the roof there waiving. >> sure. >> in tge good morning, we got your cameras, your maps, jam cams, good to go at 4:47, no problems here at king of prussia. looking live along the schuylkill expressway, little windy, hold on to your hat, make sure to wear the jacket this morning, it is definately cold out. look at the temps there, windchl thrown in, there as well, no problems, though, coming up and over the ben franklin bridge. one accident on the big board, valley forge road. police are on the scene. some construction on the northeast extension from quakertown, up through the lehigh valley. honey, i'm going to go sit and eatm for breakfast today, honey sit and eat. they have two locations, one
4:48 am
on fourth street. i'm going to the one at 21st and south. it is our thursday segment. we pick different neighborhood, different favorite spot. that's where we're going today. come on by, have some breakfast, coffee, bring the kids, we'll be out there with the tv cameras between the and 10:00 latter on good day, south and north on 202, watch for this new constructnthat's gy here, between boot road and route 30 basically they're going to replace the overpass that goes over the train tracks there. amtrak, septa, patco, everybody, looking good. no problems on the rails this morning. and so far so good at philadelphia international airport. no problems down at the weatherg like for the rest of the day and the weekend? sue has it in 15 seconds.
4:49 am
>> sews still going to be cold today just not as winnie, will make a big difference. don't put your winter coat away yet. we don't have any precipitation to show you or predict for today. but going to the future cast, paulk about -- talk about tomorrow. early in the morning, see the clouds on the increase, 6:00 a.m. by noon, some widely scattered showers around. this is a warmfront, though, that's coming through tomorrow. that's going to warm us up just in time for saturday. we know we've all been hanging our hats 70 degrees temperatures saturday. record to beat for today, reading, 14, allentown, 13, trenton, 13. we new temperatures would be cold tonight, but it doesn't look like they'll quite be that cold. because those records are the actual temperatures. now, our temperatures are in the 20's, but we factor in these winds speeds, of 15 miles an hour, and it feels like it is in the teens. we even had wind gust of 24 miles an hour, the windchill is in the teens in philadelphia, up in allentown,
4:50 am
down in dover, delaware, feels like 13 in atlantic city. it is a cold one this morning, even though it may not be a record breaker. we did have windy wednesday. but that 53 degrees high temperature came at about midnight early, early in the morning, on wednesday, and then it stayed in the three's, all afternoon. so, today, we're improving to 45 degrees. fifty-three tomorrow with chance of a shower or two. seventy on saturday, it will stay cloudy, some of sunday's rain could sneak in late in the day on saturday. we'll refine that forecast for you. but at less it will be mild. and then we head into a stretch of unsettled weather to the middle of next week, time for spring showers, looks like we will get some, karen. >> oh, okay, all right, thank you, sue, we appreciate it. women we can relax a little bit. we can forget a little bit about our biological clocks, because there is a new study, it is dutch it, says that women, you may want to actually wait in order to have children. you have better patience, it turns out, when you're a
4:51 am
little older. you have more positive attitudes toward parenting, really handling the stress in some of those stages of mother hood better. children born to older mother have few err behavioral, social, issues, obviously risks with wait to go have children, older women have increased chances of complications, miss carriages, and premature births. >> this juan is a great one. if you hate exercising but like the idea of burning calories, we've got some good news for you. you may just want to turn on the significant old. university out of england taking hot bath can give you pretty much the same effect as exercising, i love it. researchers find that a hot bath reduces our blood pressure, gets your metabolism going, and burns calories. a half an hour in a hot tub burns 140 calories, which is the same as a half hour walk. now, in that doesn't burn as calories as more intense exercise, not like a run, but it is basically better than nothing.
4:52 am
so you can just sit there. i wonder if drinking wine in the bath like that one with her champagne if that counteract that. amazon prime customers, can now order beer and wine through their alexa activated echo device in some places. deliveries can show up in two hours. this is only available right now in seattle, columbus, and cincinnati. amazon has been expanding shopping abilities through alexa and many other cities, as well. so we will see. and joe biden, meet joe biden. the former vice president meets his match. awe. four legged.
4:53 am
honey nut cheerios gets their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey and real oats. okay that's still honey. huh, there we go. we're back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy. figures. try new very berry cheerios. the taste of real fruit in every bite. so berry good.
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4:55 am
>> thank you for welcoming us into your house at 4:55, on this thursday morning. and waking up early. we need to show you a event that happened late last night. so you may have missed it. whole lot of red. everyone looking good out there. this is event at the navy yard, ss foundation partnering with the american heart association to host navy yard goes red. it is the second year for this event, obviously the idea to raise money and aware fest for heart disease which of course is the number one killer of women. and runners go. and go. supposed to be making their way down the septa bus 21
4:56 am
route along chestnut street. there they are. we know what they're doing, they're racing the bus, all in preparation for the 2017 run for clean air. that event will be coming up on april 9th. >> and, cuteness alert. former vice president joe biden obviously has gotten very, very popular over the years, many people love and support him. there is one person who is showing her devotion in a very, very cute way. she name her puppy biden. there he is, adorable. so the pooch and her name sake met on capitol hill, mr. biden was in washington to celebrate the anniversary of the affordable care act. the owner of biden the dog told buzz feed she named the pup biden because the former vice president is her favorite elected official. doze up on this one. a little slice of pie. and heaven. where you can get the best pizza in the entire country. and the hint, it is right here in our house, in our city. 4:56. when we come back the latest breaking developments on the terror attack in london.
4:57 am
new details when we come back.
4:58 am
4:59 am
>> from the fox 29 studios this is "good day philadelphia". >> arrest in the london terror attack, man goes on a rampage, killed five people, injuries dozens more. >> the mother's heart break, mother find her twin babies dead inside their contributes. investigators are trying it figure out what happened. >> life support. the gop healthcare bill in
5:00 am
grave condition, as more republicans defect ahead of today's vote. >> we believe they need to start over and do a bill that actually reduces premiums. >> white house says there is no plan b. and elmo, fired? >> you are no longer employed by sesame street workshop. >> huh? what? >> sesame street firing back at proposed budget cut to the art. good day philadelphia at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. >> oh. well, something to take us out that far down moment. it is also national puppy day. so we hope everyone shares their puppies and rufus. i'm with -- >> i know what will happen. >> what? >> let me know what time that segment is on so i make sure austin is not watching. >> oh, the whole 9:00, puppy cam, all of the puppies are on, i think we have five, boys and girls for adoption, but show us the have i furry faces you love in your house, i think also national kitten day. so which ever it is, this is hashtag


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