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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  March 23, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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anger. thanks for joining us at six coliseum iain page. members of the jewish community they are happy someone has been arrested but they're heart broken and still uneasy. fox 29's dawn timmeney joins us with more now from cherry hill outside one of the those centers that was attacked at the katz jcc. dawn. >> reporter: many especially folks at this jcc which was evacuated last month are glad that police have found the source of the bomb threats. but there's also heartbreak and sadness at the person who police say is behind it all. >> it doesn't give me relief that a jew could do this to other jews. >> reporter: reaction is pouring in as news spreads a jewish israeli teenager stands accused of being behind a wave of bomb threats phoned in to jewish community centers and institutions. the katz jewish community center in cherry hill one of the many targets of bomb threats back in february. >> it is an antisemitic act clearly against jewish people and jewish institutions. but this -- anybody who would do
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this and anybody who would wants to target any religious group could me is, um, shocking behavior. >> reporter: police say this teenager who they are not identifying used antennas and advanced satellites to mask the calls which created fear, panic and chaos. even with the arrest, many are not convinced it's the end of it. they worry about copycats. >> i feel very bad that children who go to school like the jcc have to worry in school or parents have to worry if there's bomb threats. i'm scared to death. have i four grandchildren and obviously we're jewish. >> reporter: rabbi erin krupp nick of bethel in cherry hill says the threats inch changed the way they operate. >> i think jewish people are you havely used to feeling that we need to protect ourselves and this is only raced a septor of wariness and we've had to respond accordingly with levels
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of security. >> reporter: katz jcc says it will still remain on heightened alert. >> there is an unrest. there is an uneasiness and because of that, we're going to remain vigilant. >> reporter: police say the row tiff remains unclear teenage suspects father has been arrested and being held for eight days of the investigators suspect he may have known about the threats or even been involved so fares hey denied any involvement. in cherry hill, dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. all right, dawn, thank you. delaware state police have arrested two men accused of being behind eight armed robberies in wilmington and middletown. brandon dixon and darius john's known jail tonight not able to post bond. investigators caught them after an armed robbery at a salon in wilmington last week. police say evidence connected them to seven other armed robberies. more than a dozen teens arrested for two massive brawls at a couple of septa stations. exclusive video here on fox 29 shows several teens in handcuffs
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being led into the police station. some of these teens now nab at school. septa's chief calling eight mob mentality and fox 29's dave kinchen joins us live outside ben franklin high school where some of those are student there. dave? >> reporter: iain, police tell us ten of 11 have been arrested. they're in custody right now. and when police surrounded the ben franklin high school, we're told someone even pull the fire alarm while police were trying to get their students. it's videoed only captured by fox 29. one by one, a group of teens walked into the ppd's ninth district with assault charges waiting for them. it comes after several days search for the young suspects wanted for this brawl at the vase vine station last week one of many cases of teens acting up in mob mentality freaking out commuters. >> these kids need better home training. we need more police protect, and these kids need better guidance than what nair they're getting.
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>> fid day thursday philadelphia and septa police surround ben franklin high school netting most of the teen fighters wanted for attack that hurt three string theory charter of charter school students. cops got a few more suspects in other places including after a chase on foot in north philadelphia. >> this is serious, serious stuff that's occurring with our young kids. >> police now reaching out to parents and it comes just a day after several girls were throwing punch tas septa station in west philadelphia. police say one girl used an aerosol began to light a teen's hair on fire. another accused of going at one of the girls with a knife. she was not hurt. charges are waiting for those attackers, too, after the fight was organized on social media. >> unfortunately, that's very sad and disheartening to hear. >> if you believe that your child isn't going to ever hurt someone, be concerned that they may be hurt. and from three to 7:00, make sure you know where they are and who they're with. >> reporter: now, a new policy. septa police say an officer will
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ride every subway and el run between 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. when kids leave school and often mix it you. >> i think that will be great for the community as far as trying to protect the community, ton give them better way of feeling safe. >> get all of them. >> reporter: i'm looking at new information here. police tell me that the warrant for the 11th suspect has not been approved just yet by the da's office. police say as soon as that's approved they understand that suspect will turn himself in. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. in west philadelphia, these four help wanted for shooting at a cab. police just releasing this surveillance video from the incident last night -- last friday on the 5900 block of market street. they say the men ran up to cab driver, asked for ride then they argued over the price and that's when one of the men shot at the taxi. thankfully no one was hurt. new information tonight about the man police say was behind yesterday's deadly terror attack in london. this we just learn in the last
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hour that another person has succumbed and died because of their injuries. investigators in the uk say a 52-year-old british man carried out wednesday's deadly attack outside particle lamb. isis claims the man who plowed through pedestrians and then stabbed a police officer to death was one of its soldiers. total death toll now stands at five including at tack kerr one of the vick testimonies was man from utah visiting london with his wife for their 25th wedding anniversary. officials say ma is ud stopped a police guard to death outside particle lamb. police shot and killed masud. >> it's still believe this attacker act add it loan and the police have no reason to believe there are eminent further attacks on the public. >> despite those words of assurance, british police say they have arrested several suspects they believe are connected to that attack. and now on to your fox 29 weather authority. we take live look at the pocono mountains on this thursday nig
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night. could this be a good weekend to go skiing. ? let's check in with meteorologist scott williams to fine out. jot. >> it all depends on your location, iain. not only for the weekend but really over the next several days as temperatures are kind of going to be up and down like that roller coaster ride. so just buckle up. 10 degrees below where we should be for today's high. 45 degrees. and that's our current temperature at this 6:07 hour. the feels like temperature 39 when you factor in that west win at about 14 miles an hour. sun will set this evening right about 7:16. as we look at the temperatures yes, there's a chill in the air. 32 freezing right now mount pocono. 41 in wildwood. thankfully not as gusty as the same time yesterday. winds on average about ten to 1. and the feels like temperature once again still chilly coming up we'll talk about that rebou rebounding in temperatures and little bit of a wet pattern. iain? >> all right, scott, thanks. happening right now a big set back for president trump's hell care bill. the american health care act was
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supposeing to up for a vote today. full vote but that now has been delayed. as this comes after president fails to close deal with a group of fellow republicans, while the white house insist that is the house vote will happen tomorrow morning instead. there's still a lot of opposition from both parties. some republicans warn their constituent boss lose coverage under the bill to repeal and replace obama care. democrats remain universally opposed to the gop backed plan. back here at home city leaders are urging lawmakers to vote against the bill. mayor jim kenney along with the health commissioner and others say the new health care act would be bad for people in our city and all across the country. health commissioner dr. thomas farley says seniors and disabled people are among the groups of people who would be impacted most. >> this bill is not about health care. this bill is about cruelty. it hurts the people who deserve our care the most. it's wrong for f it's wrong for pennsylvania and it's wrong for
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the country. >> dr. farley says 24 million people in the country would lose insurance including 220,000 in philadelphia. well president trump and supporters of bill say it offers affordable choices for all americans. pennsylvania senator democrat bob casey says that he'll not vote in favor of president donald trump's supreme court nominee neil gorsuch. casey citing quote serious concerns about the judge's judicial philosophy. republicans are hoping to confirm gorsuch by easter. well the city of philadelphia says that revenue from the controversial beverage tax actually exceeded expectations last month. >> this second round of revenue figures is more good news for the kenney administration in the dueling narah tifts over the impact of so called soda tax. the city estimated february tax collections of about $6.3 million n fact the numbers
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reported today, come in at 6.4 million. a little more than they had hoped for. you'll recall back in january, the expectation 2.3 million that blue that away far surpassed it at $5.9 million huge difference. in overall numbers the city is looking to produce $92 million over the entire year. that money to be spent for expanded pre kindergarten programs to help rebuild parks and rec sents and libraries. of course the beverage industry claims the tax is kill their soda business and taking jobs with it. these numbers suggest, suggest that the drop off in consumption in sweetened beverages while significant has not been quiet as dramatic as some had predicted. the kenney administration accu accuses big soda of using scare tactics in addition to lawsuits to try and kill the tax. they can point to these numbers and let's be clear we're just talking about two months here to say, hey, the sky is not falling. iain? all right, bruce, thank you.
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possible law in new jersey thanks to snooki. what lawmakers want to make sure never happens again. and the best years of our lives. when are they? when experts believe we truly reach our peak. sean? iain i'm pressing the reset button on my ncaa bracket. the sweet 16 is tonight. i'll tell hugh is playing who and who is a stone cold lock to make the elite eight. that's coming up later in sports.
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♪ jersey store star snooki actually influencing legislation in new jersey. yeah you heard that right. so here's the deal. snooki was reportedly paid $32,000 to speak at rutgers commencement back in 2011. that is 2,000 more than noble prize winning author tony morrison was paid. that didn't sit well with lawmakers who passed legislation that would cap payments at $10,000 for speakers at public universities. the bill now heads to the desk
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of governor chris christie. all right. so when are the best years of our life? senior year in high school? your 20s? your 40s? when is it. >> fox's jennifer lahmers spoke to doctor who says we all peak at different ages. >> reporter: could the best years of our lives simply be the years we were best at things? there's research now that shows certain ages we peak at different qualities. it starts as early as seven considered the ideal age to learn new language. >> which is why it's so important to teach your children different languages while they're young, while they're still sponges and absorb all of that information because they're not distracted by the complexities of life. >> reporter: but if our brains are sponges in the second greater by the time we graduate, they have reached their peak potential. as 18-year-olds have been found to perform the best on memory tests. >> we know that your iq points, your intelligence the capacity to be able to increase your
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intelligence peaks at about that age. >> reporter: going to college makes me think that there's a lot more to do in high school i thought i was really smart. come here and it's like -- >> i don't know anything. >> yeah. >> reporter: maybe it's no surprise that over all live happiness attractiveness are said to peak at age 23. happiness declines toward middle age and henry peaks at age 69 and here is where it gets interesting. while men and women are considered to be their most attractive at age 23, when do you think they're happiest with their bodies? i feel like younger when you're child because everybody look the. >> yes. >> 21? >> not even close. after decades of being told to slim down, bulk up, tone up, get a bigger this or smaller that the age at which we are evidence of most satisfied with our bodies 74. >> by that time and we know once you reach your 60s, 65, 70, you really don't give a rat's behind as much as to what people think about the way you look.
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you are much more concerned about having mobility, about staying healthy, about being able to stretch. >> reporter: even though you probably won't have a six pack into your 70's you'll have something better finally beg able to say, who cares? on the upper east side jennifer lahmers, fox5 news. interesting. let's get back to your fox 29 weather authority now we take live look at the ben franklin parkway. beautiful evening out there but get ready for a warmup we can hit 70 degrees by saturday. scott you know i'm ready for that. >> i know you're ready. i know you're ready to golf you probably already have your tee time set. [ laughter ] >> for saturday, iain. saturday will be the better of the two upcoming weekend days because we have some clouds moving in. we also have some rainfall for several days in that seven day forecast. no rainfall right now as we take live look at ultimate doppler across the area. dry and quiet. but off to the west, some thicker clouds a couple of showers. a part of this system will move north and west early tomorrow
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morning and it will be cold enough in the poke mow mountains for little bit of a wintry mix so we're watching those temperatures and once again there could be some sleet, maybe some freezing rain in carbon and monroe counties early on your friday. so friday morning it's a cold start right around freezing along the i-95 corridor. upper 30s down the shore but watch that moisture kind of moving in between, say, nine and 11am you can see the pink that is the mix precipitation there as those temperatures will be right around freeze for sections of pocono mountains. we might see a sprinkle move tour the i-95 corridor but not a lot of moisture with this system. mainly just cloud cover to start and then afternoon sunshine look at those temperatures recovering nicely into the low and perhaps even mid 50s across the i-95 corridor. that will be right around average for this time of year. and then temperatures soar as we head toward your saturday. look at 3:00 o'clock. 73 in trenton. what about 71 doylestown.
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over to pottstown but notice the cooler temperatures down the shore. so it will be milder inland. but yeah only 50 at 3:00 o'clock saturday in atlantic city low 60s perhaps in wildwood. but look at the 70s elsewhere. temperatures right now still chilly about 10 degrees below where we should be. 45 degrees currently in philadelphia. but look at the warmth off to the south and west. 79 memphis. 85 degrees right now in dallas so here's the bottom line for the upcoming weekend mostly cloudy but dry on saturday. 72 degrees. and then 20 degrees colder by sunday. with clouds and some showers even some drizzle and that will set us up for several days of rain. 32 degrees for tonight. so bottoming out around freezing. for tomorrow, morning clouds, afternoon sunshine turning breezy with winds out of the southwest, 53 degrees for the high temperature. the seven day forecast showing there's that 72 on saturday. then rain arrives sunday into monday.
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even tuesday. lingering showers but temperatures thankfully a few degrees above where we should be. back over to us guys. >> scott, thanks a lot of all i can see is 72 saturday. >> 72. that's what we want. ncaa tournament your bracket -- >> still good. i still got north carolina alive. still got kansas alive. >> i'm near the bottom. [ laughter ] >> okay. i need to press the preset button on this entire -- >> maybe we should reset starting now. >> thank you. and that's exactly what we're going to do in sports. okay. i'll tell you who is playing in the sweet 16 and who is my stone cold lock for the elite eight plus the phillies in action tonight and, yeah, things didn't go so well. i'll show you the ugly of this game next in sports.
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phillies still down at spring training. it feels like they've been down there forever. they're 11 days away from opening day and today they took on the twins and we saw the good, the bad and the ugly. but first before the game, they had to honor the late great dallas green. moment of silence before the game. jersey right there supporting the man, great, great guy and look at this. odubel herrera said he can win the batting title. he proves he can today. hits a homer. he went two for three in the game. this the ugly right here. three phils around the ball and it drops. are you kidding me? that's why they're still down at spring training. that's why they're working on their game.
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they went on to lose four-two. with ncaa tournament time and i'm going to be your brack brackettologist. we have four sweet 16 games tonight let's take a look at the west region. first we have gonzaga and west virginia the sags have been so good all year i'll go with them to win this one. they only lost one game all year. arizona and xavier. listen the wildcats have been dominant all year long. running through the pack 12 tournament i don't think anyone can beat them. i have them going all the way to the champion shim game. let's pick arizona right here. let's go back out and look at the midwest region wolf games there tonight. first we have kansas and perdue. kansas has josh jackson the best freshman of the year. he's going to dominate in this one have another 20-point game. i'm going with kansas right here then we have oregon and michig michigan. michigan listen they've gone long way. they put the slippers on and they keep dancing and i think they will continue to dance past
6:26 pm
oregon. that's what i have. guys, and listen my bracket has been ripped up already. so you don't want to make that to vegas but that's what i got. back to you. >> all right, sean. thanks. that's a night bracket we got over there. >> very fancy. >> how is your bracket. >> north carolina still left and kanka still left. villanova didn't hurt me because i had them going out. high duke going to the final four. but i'm still alive. >> wisconsin. >> i didn't pick wisconsin. >> all right. be sure to join us back here at 10:00 tonight. identity theft is a growing problem an indiana woman was florida when police told her what this woman was spending her money on. all i can say is it saturday yet because that's when it's going to be 70 degrees. >> soon enough. >> we'll see you back here tonight at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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♪[ music ] she thought the end was here. >> scared. please help me. >> the college kid on spring break. stranded in the grand canyon for five days. her heartbreaking video diary. >> every time i think about it, i just start crying. >> then nightmare in london. >> the american victims of the terror attack. >> mowed down. her look of horror seen around the round. and trapped on the ferris wheel. they watched the terror attack as it happened. >> what's going through your mind, while all of this commotion is going down on the ground. >>


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