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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  March 23, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. philadelphia cop charged tonight with starving then throwing out his dog and it has emotions spilling over on social media. the cops in jail tonight. i'm lucy noland. cranberry the dog, however is doing just fine now. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live at philadelphia meeks shawnette, this happened before thanksgiving and finally tonight almost four months later charg charges. >> reporter: yeah, justice for cranberry, lucy. spca says they wanted to make sure they had all the evidence they needed and tonight they are thanking the philadelphia police department and internal affairs for doing a thorough invstigation. >> one thing to be corrupt and to be dishonest and the another thing to meticulously plan out starving a dog. >> reporter: jimmy hunt system
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in disbelief over the arrest of 33-year-old michael long, a philadelphia police officer. he was charged thursday with animal cruelty for putting his precious pup in bag and leave it in wissahickon park last november. jim knee is now cranberry's owner a month after a woman walking her dog noticed his bag sticking out a bag jimmy topped her. jimmy is out of town on business but face timed with me tonight to talk about cranberri' case. >> she loves humans. they loves all other dogs. it's another reason we're confused about what happened to her report roar the pennsylvania spca and philadelphia police internal affairs worked together on the investigation. a scan of cranberry's micro chip red them to long an 11 year veteran of the department. adopted her in august after finding her while working his beat. >> during that time, officers viewed some items that suggested that a dog had been living at
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the location, um, went forward with search warrant, um, and at that time of the search warrant we removed some items that further connected cranberry to the suspect. >> reporter: and lucy, not to put you on the spot here, but cranberry's own jimmy hunly wanted to thank us for staying on the story. but especially you. he says for being such a great animal advocate. i want to pass that along to you good what's so nice shawnette jimmy sends me weekly cranberry updates that's a nice thing. shawnette wilson reporting live from philadelphia police headquarters. all right. get ready to see more septa police officers on city transit lines. it is a direct effect of two big brawls at septa stations. and now police arrested more than a dozen teens. only on fox 29 this video of police arresting several teens on a assault charges. phone video captured one of the brawls at the race 59 station last week. most of these kids go to ben franklin high school, and so today officers picked them up
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during class. septa now plans to have officers on every subway and el train between 3:00 and 7:00 p.m. >> if you believe your child isn't ever going to hurt someone be concerned that they may be hurt, and from 3:00 to 7:00 make sure you know where they are and who they're with. >> meanwhile just yesterday police arrested a group of girls for their role in another melee that ended with a girl's hair lit on fire with an aerosol can. prosecutors filed charges in that case as well. the girl thank goodness is going to be okay. on your radar tonight. well it's starting to feel more like spring. i know. i'm kind of like right there with you kathy isn't yeah. >> meteorologist kathy orr here. you know what, that looks awfully pink and white behind you. i have to say. >> when you know we think good thoughts about the forecast. >> yes. >> meteorologists call it? >> what? >> wish calving. >> i like it. >> we're wish calf cast fog 70-degree day it may just happen. take look hind me. ultimate doppler we do have snow that's going into southeastern
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can in a and new york and ski resorts in new england that's a good thing but it will be some freezing rain through the poconos tomorrow morning. so if you're heading up that way maybe for ski weekend just be aware there could be light icing during the morning hours. today's high 45. tomorrow we go 53. 72 saturday. looks like a brilliant day great to be outside and them sunday we knock it down 20 degrees to 52. we always pay the price. it will be in the form of rain. right now 21 in the poconos. these arrows are coming from the south. southerly wind tomorrow will change everything as gusty winds are warmer, much different than we've seen over the past couple of days. we go hour by hour. tomorrow morning temperatures will be in the 30s and some 20s. by about 7am we see the clouds in the lehighly have ally and the poconos. late morning you see that pink icing mainly in the poconos and by the after and in by 3:00 o'clock, we're well into the it 50s with plenty of
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sunshine. great day to be outdoors if you're going friday night you'll need a light sweater but it will be pleasant. it's cold through the northeast and down through the mitt milan. huge ridge of warmth is building through the central part of the country. in kansas city 71. memphis 72. oklahoma city 73 degrees. so that is what's coming our way for saturday. saturday's high temperature 72. sunday down to 52. with some rain showers. obviously saturday is the day to get outside and really get ready for the spring season. 32 overnight in philadelphia. a light southerly wind. tomorrow those winds get a little gusty i the afternoon. think of it a warm wind. southwest ten to 15. gusts to 25. morning clouds. some sun. and good deal of wind late in the day. as we take look at the seven day from the weather authority saturday is definitely the pick of the weekend. the rain arrives sunday. this is a pesky area of low pressure. showers still around monday. but it will be warmer with a temperature of 64. few showers on tuesday.
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and then wednesday and thursday lucy we bump it back up. more sun, 59 on wednesday. next thursday a week from now, we will have enjoyed a 62-degree day and the end of the month actually looks above average. that's the good news. >> quick question. we were kind of a drought condition for little bit. have we busted through that. >> no we're still abnormally dry. >> we need the rain. thank you very much kathy orr. police released this video in their search for killer. investigators are hoping to department if i the man here as they try to figure out who killed 65-year-old winfred harris. the community activist died in her west philly home early last month. harris served as long-time program coordinator and acting executive director of you see green, non-profit organization that plants trees and gardens through on the west philadelph philadelphia. a fourth person has died from yesterday's deadly terror a tuck in london. curt cochran was from utah visiting london with his wife. they were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. cochran was walking along
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london's west minster bridge when investigators say 52-year-old khalid masud drove his car on the sidewalk and started mowing down people. well, cochran died. police shot and killed the suspect outside of particle lamb. isis is claiming he's one of their soldiers. so you wack up to your car, there it is. clear as day sticking out like a sore trauma parking tick but it's just how many tickets were on one car in university city and how long that car had been sitting there. that's catching a lot of people's attention. as fox 29's chris o'connell reports, security could be a big issue here as well, chris? >> reporter: yeah, lucy, abandoned car many thought was a security risk is gone tonight here from university city. it was towed away from this parking spot after four months of being parked here. some ask why it took so long? with a thick coat of dirt covering the windshield and six parking tickets under the wipers the silver kia parked on 30th
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and jfk has become somewhat of a local mystery. >> that car has been there since last year. i mean we talking like prior thanksgiving. >> reporter: although the sipe says loading for 20 minutes, wilson rye vera has been walking by the illegally parked car forget this the last four months. he wonders whose car is it, why is it still here? >> this car has been sitting here. anybody check if there's anything in there. okay. >> reporter: every day you walk by this. >> every day. >> i'd be worried for safety. >> reporter: one weather parking ticket was written way back on december theirth. two others were so old we couldn't tell when they were written. and the tow sticker halfway ripped off. >> somebody has got to explain something. >> homeland security expert turzanski says the abandoned car is more than just illegal parking. it could be a security risk. hidden in plane sight. the car is half a block away from 30th street station, across the street from a bus
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depot, and just feet away from a railroad bridge. even back in january, our own steve keeley tweeted about this car back then it even had five parking tickets. but never towed. >> if you see something, say something. say it to the police. in this case if police don't act, call the fbi. call homeland security. >> reporter: two hours after fox 29 started making phone calls the philadelphia parking authority not only showed up but the philadelphia police bomb squad. technicians came out to the scene and inspected the car and gave it the all clear. and finally, months later, this kia was on its way tompon. >> and philadelphia police always telling everyone you see something, you say something. the philadelphia parking shot authority is now looking into why the car was parked here so long and lucy, who owns it. >> big mystery to solve there,
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still. chris o'connell, thank you. police overseas say they have found the man behind a series of bomb threats against jewis jewih community center throughout the united states. jccs in our area within wield, cherry hill and wilmington received threats of course in recent weeks. in south jersey, a huge turn out tonight for brave woman going through a difficult time. thanks to a caring community of family and friends and even strangers, melissa will be able to pay off her medical bills. fox 29's bruce gordon has more from mer chanville, camden county with the prescription that gave this woman one big smile. >> reporter: melissa her in the breathing mask found herself in the jammed packed bowling alley thursday night. she wouldn't have had it any other way. >> it means so much to me. it definitely does. because i definitely need help this year. report roar no kidding.
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melissa was born with cystic fibrosis. last june while pregnant with her now seven month old son austin she got an infection. needed a double lung transplant contracting pneumonia more than once and has been in out of the hospital ever since. actually just got out wednesday. >> i knew that like for my mental health i needed to come here. to see everyone. >> hospital is depressing places. people are sick in ops so it's good to be around live like normal person for a night. >> reporter: cover charge silent auction, raffle and t-shirt sales will raise thousand of dollars toward melissa's medical expenses. >> it's very very heartbreaking much she is a dear friend, and we wish her the best and we want her health to improve. >> many of the more than 400 attendees barely even know melissa it's what small towns in south jersey all about. >> i want to support her and her family and just do what we can to help. >> reporter: let her know there are people out there who
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care. >> right. >> melissa took precautions. a simple cold could land her back in the hospital this night out was clearly the right prescription. >> it's like have i nine lives. so -- >> nine lives and if the support we saw inside here was any indication, this life has been well lived. separate gofundme page has been set up for melissa and her family go to we will len you to it. in merchantville, camden county i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> we've all heard a glass of red wine a day can be good for you but it turns out it's not just wine. here's hank. it's hank i'm down here under the tracks in kensington a couple of guys across the way are using.& they say they'll clean this railroad track shooting gallery up. i'll tell you why they won't. hang's take coming up.
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threatened a teenaged employee for money and ran away without taking a thing. top night hank is taking on the heroin epidemic. so many users hang out in one part of the kensington so often. city officials have now targeted for clean up but will it ever happen? here's hank. >> under this bridge this is really nothing but a place for people to duck out of site for a few minutes. that's all it takes to get what you need for people to quote unquote get well. ducking underneath this bridge out of sight, out of mind to do what they need to do. >> now the heroin is taking control. >> reporter: angel martinez martinez, yes, two times, gave up control a long time ago. it was fun drinking and doing drugs as a kid in puerto rico he says but those days are over. today the drugs call him, pull
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him down to the tracks. >> it's not like fall. you lose control of your body and everything. you have to use heroin for everything. >> reporter: who's in control now. >> heroin is in control. and coke. cocaine is in control. >> reporter: lost them there. they come and go the users tripping down the embankments looking around and lunching over as they feed their need. >> i got love hate relationship going on. you know, i hate it when i'm not using but when i get sick i love it. >> reporter: uh-huh. >> so there you go. >> that's all theres to it. >> it controls you, you know. it takes you -- you don't want -- you're not a bad person. i'll not a bad person, you know. >> railroad tracks owned by conrail and there's a mess. great heaps of trash, strange furniture and needles lots of needles. it's been reported on plenty. it's been that way for decades. city officials call on conrail
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to address the mess. conrail says it's a philly problem overflowing on to their property. narcotics strike force made several arrests this afternoon just off the tracks at front and end inn streets sometimes political candidate and full-time local activist juan rodriguez says good but there should be more. >> you can't come and hit a corner that's like chopping a leave off a treatment you have got to come and hit these places constantly. you can't raid one time and come a month later you got to hit these places constantly. >> he wondered how a city can fix its drug problem when its district attorney is under federal indictment. >> what do you want to do? arrest a whole bunch of people? fence in the whole area so that you think no one will be able to get down here? >> do you care that. but several different drug counselors told me the tracks ar by product of kensington's decades old heroin dynamic a realtor told me gentrification of ken sing to will push drug activity over a few blocks. how is fencing off the tracks be
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any different. it's a hundred problem balled into one this heroin story and they'll be more stories to come on it. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ >> it's a war with endless battles. all right. you see it, you shoot it our fresco users are helping us show what's going on in your neighborhood. iain what's up tonight. >> lucy a rally outside congressman brian fitzpatrick's office in langhorne today urging him to vote against the american health care act this video from fresco user jacqueline polin demonstrates also praised the republican congressman for recent statements he made about opposing the bill n mt. laurel, new jersey, fresco user nicole johnson was on the scene when a car burst in flames along route 38. you can see firefighters working to get that fire under control. traffic was tied up for a little while while crews put water on that fire. thankfully no one was hurt. a first of its kind event tonight at citizens bank park nearly every distiller in pennsylvania had its spirits at the spirits convention.
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the event featured specialty cocktails, the keystone state best par tenders and heavy hitters from the industry. wise key, jip, rum all of it was on hand as they drank in moderation when you see news happening take out your phone and shoot it and then make sure to you use the fresco app and send it to our newsroom. lucy. >> did somebody mention spirits because of health news it's not just red wine any more. researchers say having a drink of wine or beer each day may help protect person' heart against disease. according to the study in british medical journal scientists say of the nearly 2 million people they studied, yup, 2 million people, the occasional drink was tied to reductions in the risk of heart attack, sudden heart death, heart failure and stroke. the stud' authors say despite these results not drinkers no not feel pressured to pick up a glass for their heart health. so cheers, sean. >> cheers. lucy, law just passed that will ensure that i will never go to an arkansas football game ever
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in my life. hear what the state of arkansas is a allowing at football games that is incredibly dumb. that's coming up next in my sports commentary.
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♪ college football fans in certain state can bring a particular something to a football game that might surprise you. sean bell on what it is in 15 seconds. ♪ bring guns to football games. you heard me right. drunken fans with guns in their hands. arkansas just pass add law that allows people to bring guns in public buildings. which includes football stadiums. there are so many reasons this is dumb. i don't know where to start. this has nothing to do with my
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personal feelings on guns or laws surrounding it. this strictly about letting drunken angry football fans have guns in arenas and stadiums. fights break out at games all the time. fans are liquored, get angry and start swinging at each other. what happens if that same guy has begun in his hands or what happens if that same guy doesn't like a call a ref make or doesn't like what an opposing player does? don't try to tell me alcohol won't be sold to people who carry weapons or those people are trained in responsible. football games and those type of at months fierce leads to stupid things. that's why you will never see me in arkansas covering a game. lucy. >> all right, sean bell. thank you much. hollywood wants for christmas is maybe mariah carey. her hit holiday song all i want for christmas is you, remember that from love actually in it was great. >> one of my all time favorite movies ever the basis of new animated movie this particular song is.
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centered on young girl that must prove she's ready for a dog by pet sitting much the dog she has to look after turns her family's holiday preparations upside do down. so there's the drama. carrie narrates the film it hits theaters this holiday season. >> people is reporting beyonce' your fave sean bell face timed a high school student who has stage four cancer. ebony banks is a huge beyonce' fan. her friends created social media campaign to grab beyonce'' attention and as you can see, it all worked. isn't that nice. >> that's great. >> i love it. >> obviously people live so far away at least at least she can spread kindness. >> spread love and joy. i love that. we're back here at 4am for "good day philadelphia". sue serio, bob kelly have your weather and traffic covered all morning. i madtom the whole newscast without screwing up. >> she's been sick.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: russell wilson and ciara, come on. they go to mr. chow and it's like oh, god the photographers are here. >> how are you guys getting ready for the baby? >> they kind of treat it like, i can't be bothered. >> why go then? harvey: they want to be seen. >> maybe she's pregnant and wants chinese. what's the thing pregnant women eat when they want to have the baby quick? >> maternity salad. >> what's like that at mr. chow? >> kung pao chicken! >> on the set of "empire" the hair and makeup people lodge an official complaint against nia long. taraji is really mad. she said nia was treating the people on the set terribly. nia is upset because she didn't get an official good-bye. harvey: nobody applauded her. >> but you would applaud extra hard. if you hate her and it's her last day -- >> you go, girl, literally, you go, girl. >> we got jason derulo. we talked to him all aut


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