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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  March 24, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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targeting kids for years. the urgent message tonight from investigators. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. we begin with breaking news at 6:00 for you. sky fox live over a fire in croydon, bucks county. this is a one-story manufacturing building along the 2900 block of state road. we're told this is a two alarm fire and you can see the flames and smoke just shooting from that building. no word yet on what started the fire or if there are any injuries. of course, we will stay on top of this and bring you information as soon as we get it. >> also breaking tonight, a major blow for president trump. one of his biggest campaign promises to repeal and replace obama care dead tonight. thanks for joining us at 6:00. i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney. moments before the american health care act was up for a vote, president trump and gop leaders just pulled the bill.
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negotiates between gop leaders and both conservative and moderate republicans continued until the 11 many hour and beyond. the white house and house leaders could not come up with a plan that ultimately satisfied both moderates and couldn't zebb tiffs. here's what house speaker paul ryan had to say right after the bill was pull. >> we came really close today, but we came up short. >> we have opponents in both camps as well so to blame any single group i think would be a huge mistake. >> president trump said late today this may be the best thing that could have happened. >> everybody worked hard. i worked as a team player, and would have loved to have seen it passed but again i think you know i was very clear because it was a speech i made or very few i didn't mention perhap the best thing that could happen is exactly what happened today. because we'll end up with a truly great health care bill in the future after this mess known
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as obama care explodes. >> it is a huge set back for president trump after he had originally demanded that house republicans vote on the legislation today threatening to leave obama care in place. late this afternoon, a jury has found former penn state president graham spanier guilty of child endangerment. prosecutors say he mishandled a report that former assistant if the ball coach jerry sandusky sexually abused a boy in a university shower. the jury did not convict spanier of conspiracy and a second child endangerment charge. two other university leaders involved pleaded guilty to child endanger many charges last week. a long time hockey coach entrusted with the care of children is tonight accused of fold link several of them. the coach is charged in at least three cases from decades ago but prosecutors fear there could be more victims out there. >> our bruce gordon is following the developments of this deeply disturbing case. he's live at the gloucester county justice sent in woodbury for us tonight.
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bruce? >> reporter: chris, the coach in question is well known throughout the local youth hockey community. in fact woman i talked to who remembered him from his days coaching and running clinics in wilmington, delaware, said he was well liked and well respected by the kids. well tox night, he's face 11 counts of sexual contact with a minor. investigators in new jersey and delaware say 55-year-old walter tracy ferinden taught buys ice hockey and then took a piece of their innocence. gloucester county prosecutor sean dalton. >> it's the most reprehensible behavior one could imagine. >> reporter: 1990's through 2010 ferinden coached youth ice hockey and ran clinics while affiliate thaffiliated with theb in wilmington. in new jersey, prosecutors say while running clinics at the holly dell ice arena sewell during the summer of '94 far rin
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den coached a 12-year-old boy. >> his actions are pretty typical of someone who is engaging in this type of criminal behavior. there's a period of grooming of the individual. he identifies someone who he believes he can take advantage of, be friends them, and then engages in this type of behavior. >> reporter: criminal complaint against ferinden said he met the boy at his deptford township apartment, kissed him on the mouth, massaged his body and would rub his private parts against the boy's body. over at holly dell we met frank and ray. both have played ice hockey for years. frank is coached kids. >> you know you start coaching them. you get to know them. they trust you and it's a trust thing. >> if somebody takes advantage of. >> that's horrible. that's horrible. >> i couldn't imagine somebody taking advantage young kids like that. it's a shame. >> reporter: ferinden coached and ran hockey clinics in new jersey, delaware, pennsylvania, new york and even vermont and so law men say this story is just beginning. >> the defendants arrest does not mark the end of this
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investigation. our investigators believe that there may be more victims who have yet to come forward. >> reporter: ferinden list as home address as lansdale, montgomery county, pa, a source tells us he did in fact surrender to authorities here in woodbury this afternoon. if you have allegations to make in this case, go to we will link you to the appropriate authorities in the appropriate state. chris? >> thanks, bruce. also developing right now, of prussia mall. sheree am more walk out of montgomery county court today convicted of abducting a seven week old baby last spring. prosecutors say a more the daughter of long time philadelphia republican party leader renee' a more kidnapped the baby from the mall's food court last march. investigators say a more then brought the infant to an apartment in tredyffrin township. mall security video along with a number of tips led police to find the baby unharmed at a more's apartment. she previously told detectives
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she had suffered a miscarriage and was distraught over the loss. prosecutors say a more later at mid thed to police she had falls positive pregnancy test meaning she was never actually pregnant. sentencing will be scheduled in couple of months. disturbing crime in south jersey. a mom and her young son stabbed to death in their apartment. the husband made the gruesome discovery and now the search is on for whoever did this. fox 29's dave kinchen is live at the scene in maple shade with more, dave. >> so much shock who are in this part of maple shade. so many people with questions in fact this story even raising questions with media over seas. for hours, crime scene investigators looked at practically everything inside and outside of an apartment in maple shade fox meadow complex where police say a mother and her young son were stabbed multiple times and died. neighbors here are simply stunned.
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>> it has been one of those -- it's really happening? but unfortunately wherever there's people there's crime. >> something like that i think is horrible. horrible situation. because the innocent child and the mom. >> reporter: investigators say it was in this unit where 38-year-old nara and her six-year-old son were found de dead. >> it's horrible. to walk out your front door and to see something of this nature. >> reporter: their pictures circulating on indian news media after reports software engineer husband made the discovery of his slain family in a bedroom after originally not finding anyone once he came home last night. >> it's alarming. because my wife, she says every time i go out, lock the door. keep the door lock. even in the daytime. so that's what i do. just to be safe. >> really went off the deep epp. that's all i can say. sorry for both of them. for everybody. >> the couple reportedly moved to the united states a decade ago continuing their engineering
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work. fox 29 cameras found detectives taking away bags of evidence from the scene with many questions still left unanswered. >> it's a little scary, upping, to realize something like that would happen. >> reporter: and we can tell you there were early reports that the motivation here was a hate crime due to the indian decent of the victims but the prosecutor's office made it clear that's not the case. they say they do not have a motive at this time. and again no suspect at this time either. back to you. >> all right, dave, thank you. police are trying to find a killer tonight. they say he gunned down a man as he sat in his living room. someone shot 33-year-old kenneth mosley through a sliding glass door at his girlfriend's home on downs street about 3:00 in the morning. gloucester county prosecutors say mosley was targeted and was shot more than once. police in delaware have a dover man behind bars for number of drugs and weapons charges. cops say they pulled over 25-year-old tyrell clark after he ran through a stop sign in frederica kent county.
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officers say they smelled pot coming from his car. once they searched inside they say they found heroin, cocaine, pot and a gun. he's currently in jail facing a long list of charges. the future of coffee changing. how you could soon be ordering your morning cup of joe. and a shock for new jersey state police. the picture of a fallen officer was spotted on television. they say they saw it and how trooper cullen ended up there in the first place. scott? >> dawn, get ready for roller coaster temperatures for the upcoming weekend. we'll talk about spring and then feeling more like winter. the details with the seven day next. scott with only one week of spring training left the phillies look to get ready for opening day only a play from todays game will have you wondering what is going on down there? highlight to make you laugh coming up in sports. and we continue to follow breaking news right now. skyfox over a fire in croydon right now. this is a live shot where you see flames shooting through the roof of this one-story manufacturing building.
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this is along the 2900 block of state road. we've been on this for while much this is a two alarm fire. no word now what spark this fire. any injuries as that fire still rages and still looks like it is out of control. we'll stay on top of this one and bring you more information as we get it. can a toothpaste do everything well?
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>> we continue to follow breaking news for you. skyfox live over a huge fire in chris don, bucks county. take look. you can see the dark smoke and the flames shooting from this one-story manufacturing building this is along the 2900 block of state road in croydon. it is a two alarm fire. you can see fire crews pouring
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water on to the flames and smoke trying to get it under control nom word how it started. we'll stay on top of this and bring you the very latest information as we get it. >> mystery solved. members of the new jersey state police were stunned when they noticed a picture of a fallen brother in blue in the background of a shot from the show it's always sunny in philadelphia. the state police posted the screen shot on facebook. you see that's trooper sean cullen in the background there. cullen was killed last march when he was hit by car on the job on i-295. well, the state police say it turns out the show reached out to cullen's family and asked permission to use the picture in the post they write, well played it's always sunny in philadelphia. well played. even though lawmakers passed the snooki bill yesterday which would cap college commencement payments at $10,000, rutgers says it won't change its plans this year. the university says it still offering actor and a musician steven vansant $35,000 to speak
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at graduation. rutgers says the money had come from its beverage contract with coca-cola not taxpayer money. the bill came about after snooki was reportedly paid $32,000 to speak at rutgers commencement back in 2011. the bill is now on governor christie' desk. self local district attorneys are calling for mandatory minimum sentences to be put back in place in pennsylvania. district attorneys from montgomery, delaware, chester, bucks and berks counties all speaking in support of state house bill 741 today. that measure is working its way through the legislation it would restore the minimum sentences. back in 2015 the state supreme court found such laws are unconstitutional. but prosecutors say minimum sentencing laws keep their communities safe. in 2015 pennsylvania supreme court struck down some of our mandatories. which have severely hampered law enforcements ability to reduce crime and keep our communities
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safe. and to be able to take and put the worst and most dangerous criminals keep them incarcerated for an appropriate length of time. now critics say the harsher& penalties do not deter crime and say prison reform should be focused on making sure ex-cons can get employment once their released to prevent a return to criminal life. get your morning caffeine fix faster just check your cell phone. star buck says it's making it easier to skip those long lines and use their mobile ordering now you'll get a text alert when your drink is ready. the coffee giant says it's also beefing up the number of employees dedicated to making those mobile orders at its busiest locations. no word if those locations are in our area. the philadelphia fire department and police officers are about to go head to head in a weight loss competition. sunday kicks off the 31st annual battle of the badges. the competition will last 13 weeks. right now both departments are tied at 15 wins each.
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the top individual losers in each department will receive a hundred buck. good for them. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. let's take live look at wedding, pennsylvania this friday evening. and let's get ready for a major warmup this weekend from what i hear. >> we're hoping. scott, let's get over to you and get the details. >> just for one day, dawn and chris. so enjoy your saturday because back door front will drop those temperatures as we move toward your sunday and, yes, we have the rainfall that will move in as well but nice friday is on tap. temperatures made it into the upper 50s. philadelphia is official high 5. that's a couple of degrees above average for a change 55 right now atlantic city. 55 in wilmington. we have 56 degrees currently in at len town. low 40s in the poconos mountains a pretty comfortable friday evening out. for the delaware valley temperatures off to the south and west 76 in louisville, kentucky. seventy six memphis. jackson and dallas.
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that's the milder air that will impact us for tomorrow. it will be mostly cloudy for your saturday. that front arrives late in the evening. a few spotty showers and then take look at sunday, yeah, temperatures only in the um per 40s. we're stuck with the clouds. we're also stuck with drizzle and an easterly wind off of the ocean making it feel pretty damp and dreary. high pressure has been in control. storms well off to the west. this system will continue to advance to the east. but our weather will be impacted by that back door front tomorrow afternoon and evening from north to south. so as we go hour by hour, look at the clock tomorrow afternoon. upper 60s. low 70s in a few locations. cooler down the shore. low 60s. upper 60s at one for doylestown. 71 pottstown. 70 in wilmington. along with dover and then take a look at what happens. this is 6:00 p.m. we're talking temperatures dipping into the poconos into the upper 30s.
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50 degrees in doylestown. upper 50s philadelphia by 6:00 o'clock we're looking at a couple of showers kind of moving in. and then take a look at the clouds and the drizzle with that easterly wind pretty much all day on your sunday and that will start a really a wet stretch across the area as we run the clock through tuesday, maybe a half an inch to an inch of rainfall. so for tonight, not as cold. upper 40s. partly cloudy skies. then as we focus in on that forecast for tomorrow, temperatures take look at this. by 11am low 60s. 70 by 3:00 and then turning cooler with spotty showers in the evening. and then 49 that's it on sunday. it stays unsettled. monday into tuesday. but temperatures mild and then for the lat part of next week back to average. 56 on thursday. and 55 on friday. guys, back over to you. >> all right, so we have to enjoy before 3:00 o'clock. >> tomorrow. >> all right. welcome to sean brace back the newly married sean brace. >> congratulation. >> show the ring. >> hey, hey. >> welcome to the club.
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>> no longer single ladies. >> heartbreaker. >> heartbreaker is right. let's talk sports chris. the phillies they channeled their inner willie heys this afternoon. we have a spring training highlight that will definitely make you laugh. that's for sure. and the madness continues this evening with four marquis games coming up next sports i give you all four winners on the touch screen. we go inside the bracket next.
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all-new it's sesame street live make a new friend! playing liacouras center april 6-9 tickets on sale now! liacourascenter dot com ♪ we want to get you back to breaking news over a fire in croydon, bucks county. skyfox over this one-story manufacturing building along the 2900 block of state road as you
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can see flames and smoke still billowing from this fire. it is now a three alarm fire. no doubt you'll be commuters seeing smoke on 95 right now. no word on what sparked these flames or any injuries of course we are on top of this. we have a reporter on their way up there. we'll get you more information as we can we get it. ♪ all right. with only one more week of spring training left the phillies must now look to fill out their opening day roster. for most part the position battles are settled at the professional level, but this final week of preseason ball is big for the young guys looking to leave their mark as they break camp and head to the minors. phillies and yankees down in tampa florida this afternoon. to the bottom fifth phillies look like mid season four. hellickson tries to pick off aaron hick at first. hicks comes up short. tommy joseph what are you doing it's not a force play you have to tag him. no clue. the phils go owes on to lose
6:25 pm
three- to opening day april 3rd in cincinnati. local high school basketball action class 2a championship constitution taking on so wickly academy. this one went to overtime. constitution down three. look for the steal. no good. stwicle within the state champion shim. >> the madness continues with four games hopefully as good as last night's matchups that's for sure. i'll give you my pick. let's start off with the east bracket. we head up to madison square garden. baylor and south carolina south carolina with impressive victory over duke last round i'm not going with them in this one. i'm going with baylor. i like baylor to score a ton of points and stretch the floor give me baylor over south carolina. nightcap msg wisconsin and florida no villanova. i don't know what to do. actually i do. wisconsin they roll on. you're talking about one of the better teams in the tournament right now as we speak. let's head on up to the south bracket for my money the best matchups of the evening. coming out of the this bracket. look, bottom line is, when it
6:26 pm
comes to march, you know what it's all about. unc they want to get back to the championship game revenge factor from last year that loss to no nova. unc moves on and here were go. the absolute money matchup of the evening, ucla and kentucky. lon so ball i can't get enough of this kid. ucla advances over kentucky. i can't wait for that game this evening. those right there ladies and gentlemen are my picks. head on out to vegas, cash in. back to you. >> ♪ >> we're checking back on breaking news we've been following for you since 6:00 o'clock. skyfox live over a fire in croydon bucks county a one-story manufacturing building. it's along the 2900 block of state road. this huge fire is now up to three alarms. of course we are going to continue to stay on top of this. we have a crew on the scene and we will bring you more information as we get it. that will do it for us here at now at 6:00 o'clock. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00 and 11:00 as we continue to follow this breaking news. can a toothpaste do everything well?
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>> the mother of the missing teen who ran off with her teacher breaks her silence. >> i can't eat. i can't sleep. i'm scared to death. >> and -- mad max trump? then, how to make sure that your gps system will never lead you astray. >> it happened to this college kid. >> turn right at the traffic light. >> we're not going that way. >> and how his buddy saved him from choking to death. >> if he wasn't there, i would be dead. >> and what you need to know if a moment of crisis like this. >> it comes out right away. >> there it goes. >> then, total chaos. the british prime minister's mad dash in heels to escape the


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