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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX  March 26, 2017 9:00am-9:36am EDT

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>> chris: i'm chris wallace. resident trump suffers a majore. what does that mean for the rest of his help it. discuss prospectswhite house chief of sf conservativeplus the house intelligence chair obligation to his, and russia. all right now on and hello agaim fox news in stay. house leaders facing a result, a donald trump, a consummate
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dealmaker in the first big negotiatn a moment we will drovn into whaten of the reince priebus and congressman e house freedom caucus. first, let's bring correspondent kevin corke at the white house. >>what could best be described as political low-hanging fruit, jobs, regulatory reformreat deal more about those issues this week as the white house tries to reassure the presidents rattled base after the setback on health care. the president seemed to look forward in a tweet he had talked about obamacare as you said comment saying that it will ultimately explode and that he would eventually together with just his party and perhaps even others who might want to be involved in all that and try to come up with a plan to repeal and replace for the people.he st
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was the message taken to west virginia by his mike pence. the fight to repeal and replace yet, obam. taxlies. there is se ultimately be child's play m of repeal and replace single vote. >> chris:is how can you blamodg, and every r adjective you can provide.ou. it would be nice to get the democrats on board. but you are right, at the end of the day, i believe that it's time for the party to start governing. i think that's important. i think that democrats can come to the table at what the presidd in the oval just after that comment, he said perhaps it's time for us toking to some moderate democrats as well as come up with a bipartisanon. i do think that there are republicans this weekend that are scrambling. people in the freedom caucus in theth moderate
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next steps are in order to prevent an implosion of obamacare. but the president has also sai s ultimately explode, which it will, we are going to be if democrats come on board with a plan down the road, we will welcome that. >> chris: i that in a second. the president, i don't know if you even know this, has been tweeting this morning. i want to put up the tweet as i see the look in your. he said this morning, democrats are smiling in freedom caucus with the helpd ho conservatives have saved planned parenthood and right on the right wing -- hard-line conservatives inou party. >> chris: i think the president is 100% the dominant rr bull's-eye and that tweet as he normally does. sometimes you have to take the good and phe win.
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we have a two-party system in this, we don't have 12 different parties where you have the super conservatives, the kind of conservatives, the modete in between and everyone fits nicely into one package, we h republice democrat party. the president met with over 120 members of the there was more love shown to outside groups by this wh vice president pence, nick poin. >> chris: i will get to the democrats eg here's the president on politicy said he doesn't want to hurt the soon, possibility. and you look at what fact thate were almost tonthood. the fact that some of these members took that and decided not to move forward with real si think the president is disappointed in the number of people that he thought were loyal to him thator that all being said, i want ngople out there to this presidg
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people don't get leftompatible, and wornd they that, because this is this def m up some votes because is on the. t president th or less a ihink moo now t and get to real reforms in this country health care, immigration, infrastructure, this president is ready sort of -- over with games in the legislature. >> chris: okay. yesterday morning the president tw watch, judge janine on fox news 9:00 p.m. we all loved judge janine on fox news. but we were curious as to why she would call her out. there was the start of her show last. >> my opening statement. paul ryan needs to s a speaker of the house. >> chris: does the president
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want paul ryan to resign as speaker? i will go on record, we do love judge janine, and so does the president. i think it was more coincidenta coincidental. >> chris: come on. about the tweet. i'm just telling the truth. there is no preplanning here. >> chris: why would he say watch her and then that's the first thing out of her mouth? >> reince: if you want to do judge janine a favor, he loves judge >> chris: does he want paul ryan to step down? >> reince: no heheelieves what e oval office on friday, he doesn't blame paul ryan. he thought paul ryan worked onship with paul ryan, thinks that paul ryan is a great speaker of the house. none of that has chaed relationship, the president helping out a friend.: i assumed was judge tweet, yes. >> chris: i want to pick up onhs morning. in a sea increasingly, the mr. an i'm not i'm looking forward to
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>> chris: let's talk aboutwhat'd thatican party way. paul ryan, particularly when it comes to the border adjustment tax and tax reform in general? >> reince: it not at all. moving forward the president's vision online taxes is going to unite not just the republican party, but i think some democrats will come on board as well. we can provide one of of this c, that's impornt president as ahen parties. s between russia andtr ty and und. >> chris: there was also up trump campaign some either. i think it's a big problem and i
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think leak over the place. i've been ng, they came into russian contacts and collusion they are injuring the president, it's wrong, and people should be prosecuted. as to whether or not to the first party of your question conspiracy, there's potentially something very wrong here. than that othert e intelligence committees have answer. credibility and d's community has come back to the allegationsbetter than last tif allegationsbetter than last tif jordan wth ♪ that are massive, maybe a bit magical. n every make and model,pert ins than a minute. th
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>> chris: house republicans had more than enough members to pass the obamacare repeal and replace bill but once again, the house freedom carcass of hard-line conservatives booked its leaders, in this case president trump and speak our mind, to block a major g.o.p. initiative. joining me now, congressman jim jordan of ohio, a founding member of the group. welcome back to's ophthalmic "fox news sunday" ." paul ryan and nancy pelosi agreed on the one thing on friday, both for here is line on the defeat of obamacare repeal
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and replace. here it is. >> obamacare is the law of the land. it will remain the law of the land until it is replaced. we did not have quite the votes to replace this law. we are going to be living with obamacare for the foreseeable future. >> is pretty exciting for us. yesterday our anniversary, to date a victory for the affordable care act. more importantly, for the american people. >> chris: we will be living with obamacare for the foreseeable future. present that on you and your fellow members of the freedom carcass connect >> congressman jordan: in the last segment i think you blamed the freedom carcass, the club for growth. the speaker of the house, and evil sell -- let's get to work. let's get back to work i do what we told the voters we would do. this bill, at 17% of the country approved this bill. maybe the fact that we opposed it, we did that country a favor
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because this bill didn't repeal obamacare. this bill didn't do what we told the american people we would do. let's be responsible, get back to work and do what we told the american people what we were going to accomplish which is repeal obamacare andted health care program. >> chr provisions of medicaid mandates. now in large part away.d the bil he called it premiums would c ue
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of course it aidd with the goal post moves? for 15 months ago, the same bill i what's t to replace no subsidi. no expanded medicaid. let me finish. no expanded medicaid to help those result of a clean repeal s that millions of people who inse coverageresult of the claim repe get rid of subsidies and the expanded medicaid. are going to bring back
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affordablehris: the flaw with tt is that to >> congrou weren'tl and replace. >> congressman jordan: are waswn people we were going to would have left a million without the focus is we want to bring b affordable insurance. the left always defines success by obamacare, signing them up for get back to market-oritte of premiums so that middle-class people will private sector that actually fits their needs, not a one-size-fits-all mandate from wa what our plan would have accomplished. >> chris: the wrap on the
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freedom answer. the president, i thursday? one of the things that yer demanding you wanted essential health benefits removed, and the president heal, mandates on be on coverage, maternity care, mental health coverage. you pocketed that and then you said no, we need more, we need you to remove the protection for people with pre-existing conditions. >> congressman jordan: we were consistent all along. that narrative is just not accurate. we were consistent all along. we want those regulations and mandates placed on that industry that drove up the cost of insurance. >> chris: so you want people who have pre-existing conditions to no longer have protection? >> congressman jordan: we were talking about community, guaranteed issue. we wanted those revisions come in that age band, in those
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groups, we wanted those things remove for the u.s. to bring down premiums. >> chris: if you only enter healthy people, you will have really low premiums. my point is, one of the things that you wanted to remove, the provision that would protect people, that would require insurance companies to ensure. >> congressman jordan: we want to remove the regulations that drive up the cost of insurance for middle-class and working-class. >> chris: whether they had pre-existing conditions or not. >> congressman jordan: the speaker said this in friday, there's money in the bill to set up the high risk bills. >> chris: you've also taken away the pre-existing conditions and you are also taking away -- what's good about you are going to away maternity care? >> congressman jordan: lowering the cost of insurance for every family across the
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country. the election in 2014 and the election in 2016 was about getting rid of this lot that was dripping up the cost of insurance for every family across this country. until you do that, those regulations that drive those costs, you will not solve the problem. this doesn't do it. that's why only 17% of the country approved at the legislation. >> chris: you've still got obamacare. the president offered a huge concession on thursday on the enhanced health benefits. you wouldn't take it, you refused to vote for the bill, and the result, you cut the legs out from under president trump and paul ryan on the first legislative initiative. >> congressman jordan: this is about the american people and what we told them we were going to do. there was no way this legislation was consistent with what the american people sent us or to accomplish. no way it was consistent with what we told them we were going to do. that's why you sought members oppose it, and that's why the
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freedom caucus opposed it in large part. >> chris: final question, what is your play going forward, when it comes to tax reform, trade, immigration, will you still say it's do it our way or we are not going to vote, and as a result, what happens if the president, as you heard reince priebus say, goes for moderate democrats instead? >> congressman jordan: it's do it real simple, do it the way we told the american people. this doesn't do that, so let's do tax reform like we told the p.r. can people we were going to. border, build a wall, like we told them we were going to. we make this job way too complicated. do what we told the people we were going to do. those simple -- the freedom principles. we are happy to get to yesit's t to a compass. >> chris: congressm thank you. i enjoy the back and forth. u. >> chris: up next we will bring in our sunday group toovep campaigns alleged links to
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plus what would you like to ask initiative? go to facebook or twitter,your .
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>> chris: coming up, congressional democrats celebrate president trump's health care defeat. >> today is a great day for our country, a victory for the american people. >> chris: we will ask our sunday panel whether the two parties can work together
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>> moving from an opposition party to a governing party comes with growing pains. we are feeling those growing pains today. >> donald trump may be a great negotiator, but he's an era for bringing this up before you're not ready. >> chris: speaker ryan taking
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his licks and nancy pelosi taking a bow over the defeat of the gop's plan to repeal and replace obamacare. time now for our sunday group, bill kristol from the weekly standard. welcome back. we've missed you. charles lane of "the washington post" ." susan pag usa today and former of the houseth what went wrodi, fferently nextt about speaker>> ryan is a brilly guide. th i the -- together a legislative package. i hope this will be a the president's feet when they realize they can't win and inside. trump's greatest strength was in greatest strength was in the us pass
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welfarethe second round was equy simple, start with the country understanding doing, and then try to do it in washington.fake score from cbo r reconciliation bills, trying hopelessly complicated to the aver and then saying trust us, we will fix it all in second and third phases. profoundly miss design one persn to blame for? >> i think the congressional wat telling him they had the votes.e got a number on this the first big defeat for the drum presidency. kevin henderson tweeted, the congressional g.o.p. has six years to come up with a decent alternative, what were they doing this whole time, and mike
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said this on facebook, why do you think the american people will accept failure of not repealing and replacing obamacare after eight years of telling us they would? bill, how do you answer those questions, and who do you think is responsible for this failure? >> repealing and reforming parts of obamacare, there's plenty of time. i do think going for the huge comprehensive bill on the toughest thing to tackle, barack obama took 15 months to get majorities to get through. it was a little crazy, a lot of low-hanging fruit to get to. they can do some stuff so conservatives won't like and get the democrats on board. why would trump now want to do some easy things to continue that solution in a month? i want the wall now, 2017, not
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2018. i want the defense supplement now. these are three or four things he could do in the next month which would be medium-sized victories for him. days. what you can get in the >> chris: let's talk about the other big and that was the continuing in between russia -- alleged ties -- between russi campaign. also the question of surveillance of the drum was ant to survey all and to this information one of the big developments this week was that nunes rushed to the white houset. >> what i've read me, and i think it should bother president himself and his>> theo investigation allegations of potential the
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russians, or he is going to act as a >> chris: chuck, did nunes make a m white house, briefing the president before he breathed his own committee athe door, this ie investigation? >> on the second part of yoursin independent investigation, both capitol hill. john mccain talked about that this week. for good reason. house whose chairman feels it's his ty development takes place to run and tell him what's going on. whether or not it's a mistake, i guess it depends on what his goal was. if his goal was to remain in good graces with the trump administration, it was probably a very successful venture on his part, but it doesn't seem to me.
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politically i think it obviously >> you to have democratca indepr a special counsel. you don't really anybody in the republican leadership going that way. it seems to meet you need some o really propel an independent investigation. now i think democrats will focus more on the senate intelligence committee that has not had the e intelligencestation is going to continue no we know fromseems is going totrump administr >> chris: i want to give you a thoughtsume that adam schiff,hee chairman of the
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president obama about some on bewhen you have been among the first people wo ould have been deeply shocked, horrifion commission. is just winding up usual >> he did his job as a partisan. >> t about, being a governing party. he is chairman of the committee. he could actually investigate these things. it seems ridiculous for the chairman to say i have no recourse, i'm having a press conference, i'm going to go tell people and scream and yell. he's a chairman, he can actually investigate this. why send it to the white house? >> that's not what your average partisan would do. that's not the standard. thing nunes listening to drum, which
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the media doesn' is that surveillance.dia for wea second, what if it turns out he i think he probably was stunned at all this lynch mob mentality in out the donald j. trump is right and evat's why he went up to see is not least in the point of good governan aout what proves the establishment cycle. he supposed to be the chairman >> they we him and a half hour. don't talk about about a commercial. i'm not talking about up
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this week in london increases fears er we will ask the leade country w. and how president trump's control to
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>> chris: is london dealt with the deadly terror attack outside of parliament this week, leaders of 68 nations met here in washington to assess their strategy to destroy isis. we sat down for an exclusive interview with one of the leaders of the war on terror, the prime minister of iraq, haider al-abadi. >> chris: mr. prime minister, welcome to "fox news sunday." >> prime minister: welcome to you. >> chris: let's start with the terror attack in london, which at the very least appears to be isis-inspired. what are your thoughts about what you're up, and the west can do to prevent these kinds of attacks? >> prime minister: i feel in the moment we are in a very important juncture. we inrom our land
9:35 am
moment. we should ar are two, trying tot last? somebodyast momen them th with the acts. agreement on a middle east? final version of pt there is support iraq
9:36 am
and tt year has talke td hat with you?s how iraq, in syria, how close is isis to defeat? >> prime minister: we finished the job in a very short time. >> chris: by one? within the next few weeks, isis will be gone from iraq? >> prime mthat's where we need e
9:37 am
chairman of the about wanting ta long iraq?have, as nato to maintains >> prime minister: cooperation. iraq. >> chris: if00 troops there, to complete the kind of mission about, to train work done, it could be much 1,?
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>> prime minister: a bitr us. it should be forit's a priorityp on that. do you seeence between president trump's to destroy isis and president obama's? >> prime minister: i can see a very powerful determination to defeat them. >> chris: put more determination than president trump then prime mini: president obama's worked, because the damage they and lant
9:39 am
there is an ally and can do to p has about taking iraq's u.s. for all the money we have spent in your country. >> expression, to th spoils. keep >> chris: one, whawo did you tell the president directly in youres i did. i told president that the oi that. >> chris: did itat the u.s. could take the command
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>> prime minister: of course it upset every citizen. the wealth of the people is not right for any foreign country to take over. >> chris: one of the reasons you came to washington is because you would like continued u.s. support i do try to rebuild iraq after the war, after the e's cuttingsis. foreign aid by 30%. >> prime minister:ighting isis and this is a danger to the we need much more to win piece after winning the war. th is's from all over . >> chris:nt trump talk
9:41 am
about cutting foreign aid. >> prime mthis is something elsn terrorism is a threat to the whole of the world. it was largy modern countries that were ban. after you raised strong objections, iraq was t what do you think of the travel ban in general? political other arab leaders spent as upset about it as you were? >> prime minister: we are allies. of terrorism. it is not acceptable us, especially when you have soldiers, u.s. officerss in ira. i'm workinqiwis. i think that's a major point
9:42 am
that was rectified and i'm very thankful. >> chris: after 14 years in iraq, america wonder what's going to happen to your country this. can you guarantee that enronor even control over some parts of iraq? >> prime minister: iraq is for . they don't accept anybody controlling c thris: put it aros a big role in the shield parts of the >> prime minister: the neighbors play a we want to pretend that -- prevent the bad side. >> chris: finally, ever since we talked saddam hussein, it seems that the dfeof the countre
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pursued different interests. how comfortable are you that std democratic nation? >> prime minis happening. there's a freedom years. this is going difficulties. west support of it.saddam hussein from power. he killed the new iraq. >> chris: mr. per minister, thank you, and safe travel home. >> prime minister: thank you. >> chris: and we will be right back with a final word. you're here to buy a used car,
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and fox news channel. that's it for today. have a great week, and we will see you next "fox news sunday" " mexico musical
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