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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  March 28, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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shut down part of 95 may have had a different plan of attack. we got new information just in from our sources. >> your news is next.
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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at ten. developing right now, in philadelphia's northern liberties neighborhood, the question, is there a sniper on the loose in philadelphia? police are still trying to piece together what happened in shooting last night. i'm dawn timmeney in for lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. luckily no one was hurt in that shooting but where did the bullets come from? dave schratwieser at the scene of the crime tonight in northern liberties. dave? >> reporter: iain, police sources telling me tonight investigators have some grainy surveillance video of a possible suspect and a possible get away car. they're also looking into whether the gunman may have climbed up on the roof at did he
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lila's gentleman's club before he came to his building across the street and opened fire from a window. >> pop, pop, and just pop sound and -- and it echoed and people just running. >> reporter: as police removed two vehicles struck by gunfire from dell lie la's parking lot tuesday night nick dallas was remembering the sound of gunfire he heard right here monday evening. >> first thing i thought was somebody shooting. >> what was going through your mind? >> just get away from it. >> reporter: that gunfire turned out to be shots police believe may have been fired by a sniper from its this fifth floor window across spring garden street into the parking lot at dell lie la's gentleman's club. >> did the bullet come from the window? >> that's the one we're still working on. >> reporter: shots hit why chevy pick up an jeep parked nearby as a female employee from the gentleman's club was approaching the vehicles. she quickly ran back inside. >> at this point we do not know
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if she water intended target of the shooting roar report septa rider as neat at a jackson and keisha jones head forward their train home from work tuesday worried about the gunfire. >> could have got anybody. it's just scary and you just want to go home as quickly as you can. >> i'm in disbelief that somebody was shooting right he here. oh, my god! >> reporter: crime scene investigators check out the window where the gunman may have opened fire from with a high-powered rifle. one shot went right through the pick up front fender and into the engine block. >> sources say investigators are also checking out video from this camera that may show a man climbing these steps to a hatch that leads to the roof here dell lie la's. >> it could have been anybody. it could have missed the mark and got somebody else just walking by. >> a lot of hate going on, you know. >> reporter: now police did recover bullet fragments but no shell casings alt the scene. they have no motive in many shooting at this point that they're working on. they tell me they plan to reinterview witnesses and the
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woman who was targeted tomorrow. coming up at 11:00 we'll have update on the investigation. dawn? >> all right, dave, thank you. new video tonight from bucks county many nursing home evacuated tonight in quakertown. a sprinkler pipe broke fresco user rich roland on the scene of the independence nursing home. more than 100 people had to move to another building because of the flooding. the good news is, it does not appear anyone was hurt. the man who was shot as he tried to rob a laundromat in philadelphia's fair hill section is now under arrest. police say 41-year-old marcus quinones the man in this surveillance video who pulled out 95 and demanded cash at the laundry center on the 2900 block of north fifth street sunday afternoon. the business owner grabbed a gun and shot the suspect. quinones is now facing numerous charges but the business owner will not be charged. search is on for gunman police say bar raide raided him nevelle in north philadelphia. this all started when a 17-year-old boy was shot around 4:00 this afternoon on north
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17th street by west susquehanna avenue. police had to put a school on lock down during the whole ordeal. cops did find the gun but no sign of the guy. that teen is in critical condition. one week after a two-year-old little boy was found dead police make arrest. jew die ya nesmith charged with child endangerment and abuse of a corporation among other offenses. nesmith was jones fear ron's caretaker. last wednesday police found the emaciated toddler laying on bed naked in west oak lane home he was pronounced daddy short time later. investigator it's are waiting on the autopsy results to determine exactly how that little boy di died. a dad confronts the guy who robbed his son and gets shot in the face early this morning police say the 15-year-old son and his 16-year-old friend had just picked up some take out food when the whole chain of events went into motion. a guy approached them along the 6100 blog of market street and asked for change. one of the boys took out some money and the guy pulled out his
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gun and stole $40. the teenager told his dad what happened when he got home. so the father went out to look for the guy who took advantage of his kid and got shot. police are still looking for the shooter. a big pot bust in chester county but police say it wasn't just marran in the house. prosecutors in chester county charged three people who are cuban nationals for running a marijuana operation in north coventry township. as they serve add search warrant they could smell the strong odor of weed. officers say they also found a monkey in the home. that animal is now at a local zoo. police also seized more than 100 pot plants. a bucks county handyman accused of being a serial child molester is facing more charges after a sixth alleged victim comes forward. william thomas is facing 26 additional counts, falls township police say he raped a victim when she was child in the '90's. thomas was you had charged with dozens of crimes involving five other kids. police say he kept a shrine to
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those perverse acts in his trailer. it's a controversy that's been boiling for weeks now inside one local high school and tonight the student at the center of it all took center stage. a trance jent student talking about using the boy's locker room at boyertown high school. >> a lawsuit was filed last week and emotions are still very raw tonight. fox 29's shawnette wilson was a school board meet to go night where all came to a head and she joins us live from boyertown. shawnette. >> reporter: well lawyers for the family of that boy who filed a lawsuit against the school district have since submitted a demand letter to the board urging them to reverse their decision by april 4th. meanwhile, as of right now, the board is in a closed session discussing it after hearing public comment on the issue late night night. >> i completed my transition and changed my legal documents from female to mail. >> reporter: the teen at the center of controversy over locker room use spoke out during a regularly scheduled school board meeting. aiden destefano born a girl but
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identifies as a boy. boyertown high school officials are a allowing him to use boys locker room. >> they made me feel complete and busts guys something i waited for my whole entire life. >> reporter: last week a 70-year-old unnamed student and his family filed a lawsuit against boyertown school district saying he noticed a female student undress while he was changing in the boy's locker room. the teen and his parents have said school officials didn't notify parents and students this was permitted and allegedly told the student to tolerate it. tonight many other parents spoke out in support of students using locker rooms of the sex they identify with but others spoke passionately against it. >> you have compromised the innocence of our children who are now placed in situations that are uncomfortable and transcend common sense locks psychiatric and reason. >> i'd like to ask any father here if he would dare have like a boy change in front of his daughter. i highly doubt it.
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it's the same thing with females. give them an option to change elsewhere. all right? at the end of the day, i'm not going to have my child exposed or, um, unaware of a situation that could have been far better handled. >> aiden's mother spoke out about her child's transition explaining that the family is learning on the internet what being transgender means. >> there i learned about the high suicide rate and the discrimination he may face. i was scared. i did not want to lose my child so i made the decision to support and love him no matter what. >> reporter: i also want to say that the boyertown school district has put message on its website with their response also detailing where they are in this process. i should also tell that you they denied telling the student who filed the lawsuit just to tolerate it. if we get a decision from the board tonight we'll bring it to you as soon as we get it. dawn. >> shawnette, thank you. two of new jersey governor chris christie's former aids are
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set for sentencing tomorrow in the bridge gate scandal. bridget kelly and bill baroni hoping to avoid prison time and their legal teams filed briefs asking for probation and community service. prosecutors however want to sentence of 37 to 48 months in jail. kelly and baroni convicted of couldn't spear seek wire fraud and other charge charges in conn with the traffic tie ups at the george washington bridge in north jersey. in bill cosby bosses sexual assault trial the 79-year-old is now asking montgomery county judge to exclude any evidence of interactions wis women other than the two who will testify against him. this comes after the judge ruled last month that only andrea constand and one on the accuser can testify against cosby. prosecutors try to call more than a dozen women to the stand. all who claim cosby assaulted them because only two accusers can testify. cosby's lawyers are asking for any mention of the other women to be excluded. philadelphia da seth williams is hoping to get new
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lawyer by friday in his bribery case much his lawyer wants off the case because he says williams can't afford to pay him. a judge ruled today the lawyer has to stay on the case until williams finds new representation. williams is accused of taking more than $160,000 in cash and gifts in exchange for favors. ♪ every second counts the race to help cops wounded in an ambush. >> what if this was your son airport security goes way too far for one mom. >> you need to check this out. hello, where does he think he's going with that huge tv? >> kathy, where is the sun? it's coming but you'll have to get another soaking rain as well by the end of the week. >> man has a kangaroo on leash. >> what? what the --ing. >> she said it a kangaroo on the loose in the big city. how did that happen? >> ♪
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it's messy, it's gooey andi. i'm chris o'connell. coming up, new warnings about a popular kids craze coming up. >> all right, chris. we'll see in you a bit. well a mother is upset about the way her son with special needs was treated by tsa agents at dfw airport. jenn for williamson posted this video on facebook. she says her son aaron was
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detained and then they were quote treated like dogs because she requested agents to screen him in other ways per tsa rules. williamson says her son went through the metal detectors just fine but she didn't want him to endure an invasive pat down because he has a sensory processing disorder. the tsa says new procedures have been implemented during the screening process that requires the agency to go through a full body pat down. now the tsa says the officer did nothing wrong but should have explained what would happen during the screening for the child. >> jennifer says her son was traumatized for hours after that pat down. the mom and son talked to inside edition today. >> our understanding -- i don't understand what i can have on me. i've been asking this question. i didn't know what i did wrong. >> my son passed the x-ray scanner without any incident. they said that i was displaying a horrible example to my children by questioning tsa authority. >> tsa says all approved procedures were followed in a
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statement goes on to say the video shows a mail tsa officer explaining the procedure to the passenger who fully cooperates. take a look at this. that is a little boy's hand. it looks like that because of a rattle snake bite. the five-year-old was playing outside in florida over the weekend went to picket up because he thought it was a toy. pictures felt story here. the venice snake bit eli vaughn on the finger and then his whole hand swelled up. that's when his family sprung into action finding an killing the snake calling 911 and then jumping in the ambulance to head to the hospital. >> they kind of prompted me in the ambulance that this could be a really big deal and we had to get him to personality unit and start the anti venom because it can be deadly. >> thankfully that was not the case. anti venom did the trick. ooh sly doing just fine tonight and thinking twice before getting closer to any more snakes. this is the picture of jew die ya nesmith we got from
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philadelphia police we told you earlier she is charged with child endangerment and abuse of a corporation among on the offenses. this is in the death of two-year-old jones fear ron last week. earlier we showed you the wrong picture and we do regret that error. this guy caught on video making off with someone's flat screen tv right in the middle of the day. how you going to miss this guy. >> philly police say he broke into a home on north 19th street in the west oak lane section. he got in by taking off a window air-conditioner then pushed threw the window. police say the guy also stole some credit cards before getting away. the cleanup has just started at the philadelphia cemetery that vandals damaged a month ago. thousands of people from all over have donated money to help with the restoration and security at mt. carmel jewish cemetery. >> this comes after vandals toppled more than 150 headstones. our bruce gordon has the latest from the site in wyssonoming. >> reporter: in a steady rain, thunder booming in the distance we watched and as love and
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community defeated hatred and bigotry one stone monument at a time. >> understandably the community has been really anxious to see this place restored and see the gravestones tended to. >> reporter: late in february, vandals overturned more than 150 gravestones at the 200-year-old mt. carmel jewish cemetery. volunteers came out almost immediately to clean up and try and wright right the toppled stones, but this is work for professionals. and so stone masons under the supervision of monument restoration experts set about the painstaking work of resetting the massive markers. >> any of these that have fallen over oftentimes they went over easier because they were unstable and because you had had subsided. what is involved is basically lifting the major part of the monument placing it out of the way then lifting the base and then resetting it. >> reporter: the work does not come cheap. the jewish federation of greater philadelphia raised $220,000 for
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the cemetery restoration. not all of that money came from the local jewish community. >> a broader wider effort for sure. from all over greater philadelphia but also from all across the country. >> how does that make you feel? amazing such an outpouring of love and generosity. >> reporter: among those touched by the vandalism here, m parkland, florida. who sent to philadelphia a box of hand painted stones for placement on the repaired gravestones much it's ancient jewish tradition. she also sent along this messa message. >> so many people knockdown the tomb stones is the cemetery i wanted to make the whole world feel better so i painted lady bugs and stones. lady bugs are for good luck and the hearts are for just a little bit more love. >> those stones are already being put to good use. >> we now have on the weinstei weinstein's grave some hand painted stones to show as a sign of respect. >> reporter: restoration work
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here is expected to continue for the next couple of weeks. the investigation into who is responsible for the desecration here is going to where we're told. despite a big reward for information. but the public outpouring of the support for this project, well, that already represents a victory over the vandals. in wissonoming, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. in west chester, prosecutors and defense attorneys finished selecting the jury in the trail of err ick frein. he's accused of ambushing an killing a pennsylvania state trooper and seriously hurting another trooper. it happened outside the blooming grove state police barracks in 2014. the jury selected from chester county but the trial will begin on monday in pike county where this happen. armed teens break in and get killed. their get away driver charged with murder. >> who tries to sell their baby on craigslist? police say these two. >> and ambushed and bleeding. cops raced to save their brothers in blue.
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♪ now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. got brand new traffic pattern and look out because we had rough goes this morning here with the fog and the wet roads along 202 between boot road and route 30 the crews were out there over the last couple of days milling the sign sides of the roadway basically they'll turn the shoulder into a travel lane as part of the next part of that project. watch for construction along northeast extension, quakertown down to mid-county and the e-z pass express lanes remain closed at mid-county. if you're traveling that way give yourself extra time. we'll check the jam cams. sue has got your hump day forecast when we meet you right here starting tomorrow morning at 4:00.
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we're now getting look at the moment police rushed two florida cops to the hospital after being shot on the job. used a pick up to race the undercover officers to the hospital in miami last night. police say the plane clothes officers were shot while investigating gang activity. they are both okay. at least one of the officers returned fire. so far no arrests have been made. a massive drug bust in florida has more than $400 million worth of cocaine off the streets. the coast guard intercepted 17 drug boats and seized 16 tons of cocaine in international waters over the past month. the agency released this video that it says shows drug smugglers in the eastern pacif
10:24 pm
pacific. 30 smugglers have been taken into custody. in indiana police say a suspect attacked two police officers with bleach. >> that person is now facing felony battery charge. officers were standing guard while a woman got her front of a home then things took a bad tu turn. police say an argument broke out between other people in the home and someone inside started throwing things out the window. while the officers tried to take someone into custody, both of the officers were doused with bleach in their faces. the officers called for backup to help them get control of the situation. >> just wanted my buddies will to help me out. i was little scared good very scary situation. uniforms can be replaced but those guys can't and their vision cannot obviously be replaced. >> both officers were treated and they're back on the job just a day after it happened. three people at the home were arrested during the confrontation. this is hard to imagine. tennessee couple is accused of trying to sell their own five month old baby on craigslist. investigators say these two
10:25 pm
tried to sell the child for $3,000. undercover agent met with them, paid the thee grand and says the couple just handed the baby right over. that's when the pair was arrested they are facing multiple charges. a new jersey family got quite the scare on a road trip to indiana they just left notre dame university wells fargo center a wild turkey crashed through their wind she'll. the family got minor cuts from all the broken glass but the turkey was kill. police say turkeys can be as hazardous as dear on the roads. ♪ your kids making slime in the bathroom. now, getting burns. >> and kathy, we're sick of the rain. >> i know. i know. well take the sun in tomorrow before the storms roll back in. this storm out west will bring a washout. >> what? uh-uh. a kangaroo on a leash in the city. nah. nah. ♪
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if you're looking frien.
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>> breaking news from boyertown. we told you earlier tonight the school board there was meeting for the first time since families found out that a
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transgender student was allowed to use the boy's locker room to change well the board has just voted to allow that student to continue using the boy' locker room. family upset about the policy filed a lawsuit over the case. shawnette wilson has the breaking update op fox 29 news coming up shortly at 11:00 o'clock. a warning tonight for parents over a popular craft craze involving do it yourself slime. a massachusetts girl recovering from second and third degree burns. doctors say because she was exposed to one of the ingredients in slime. fox 29's chris o'connell joins us live now from immediate yes where his own children are having fun with this stuff. chris? >> reporter: that's right, iain, here it is i got a whole neighborhood of kids that play with this stuff stuff it's fun for them and for parents it's good because ingredients you can find at your local supermarket. but this is the first time we're hearing about dangers involving slime and it's got parents taking notice.
10:30 pm
>> you could call shaina and izzi thomas -- >> see how it's coming off the spoon. >> well, experts in the world of slime. >> just ask their mom. >> it's absolute insanity. that's all they do any more is slime. they literally have their friends coming over after school just to make slime. >> whoa! >> reporter: homemade concoction of glue, food coloring and borax is all the rage in the pre-teen set. >> it's like fun to play with because if you're really stressed out you can like stretch it. >> reporter: type in homemade slime on youtube you get more than a million results. go to pinterest you can find countless recipes for countless hours of fun. >> you can just like play with it haven't fun with it and me and eyes see slimes will have slime wars. >> reporter: new concern after an 11-year-old massachusetts girl suffered blisters second and third degree chemical burns to her hands. it's believed prolonged exposure to borax was to blame.
10:31 pm
>> we've been mixing homemade things since the day of play dough. >> richard demon tee of media says borax a caustic agent could cause damage to your skin and eyes. he says parents have to pay attention to the recipes and supervise your children. >> high concentration of the borax in this homemade slime could cause first, second, even third degree burns on very fair skin or an individual who is sensitive. >> reporter: doctors say you should only use borax in small amounts but if you don't believe the doctor, take the experts advice. >> if you add like the wrong amount, then you could mess it all up. >> follow the directions. [ laughter ] >> reporter: and consumer reports magazine is also now coming out. saying borax should not be used for any unintended purposes including slime, and actually guys some schools are even ba banning slime because believe it or not some kids are selling this in schools.
10:32 pm
>> i know about it all too well. that's what happened to my boys middle school. they had to stop it because all these kids were silt. crazy. >> six dollars or something. >> amazing. >> not surprised. >> i know. all right, chris, thanks. all right now to the latest in washington. president trump signed another executive action today rolling back president obama's former president obama's cheap power plan. the administration says it hopes to restore energy jobs. meanwhile some tense moments at the white house when a reporter asked press secretary sean spicer about the administration's image. >> let me -- >> i'm just reporting -- >> you're asking me question and i'm going to answer it which is the president -- i'm sorry, please stop shaking your head again. >> that journalist april ryan you see her there witness glasses defending her questions on national news show today saying she felt like spicer treated her like road kill. >> also at the white house today, the president of philadelphia's fraternal order of police john mcnesby. mcnesby part of a group of police leaders from all over the country who met with the president. mr. trump toll the group he will back police 100%.
10:33 pm
he also thanked them for their support on election day. ♪ it was raining this morning as rider university looked to be selling its world renowned west minster choir college right down the river. i'm hank and this afternoon my take is skies are a little bit brighter. it rained on what they feared was their last hoorah these kids from west minster choir college who stood in silent protest. >> the silence is golden. deafening. >> then rider university president greg, walked by. good morning, everybody. >> good morning. >> that's when the choir showed their cards. >> ♪ >> they sang the blues very beautifully i might add because rider's board of trustees was meeting and the word was they were to vote on selling choir
10:34 pm
college's beautiful princeton campus. >> the fact that this is even being considered closing of this campus is -- it is unbelievable. ♪ >> reporter: plan to incorporate west minster coral curriculum on to rider' lawrence campus drawing ridicule for months. >> i think under grads can actually advise president and the board. president let me mow calls his hurried into the sale of west minster a study. as my classmates and i can tell uh-uh don't well on your test if you cram the night before. [ laughter ] >> reporter: rider is running runprinceton campus is prime la. it's bid is considerable we're going well but moving slowly and rider had been vague when asked about the potential of a sale. say only a study was being conducted by mid morning things were gloomy. by afternoon the rain was gone
10:35 pm
however the sun came out and we got our audience with the university president and low and be hold he said he wanted to keep west minster right where it is in princeton on its very own campus. >> and ideally we've actually hired an outside firm to help us identify a partner that hopefully will be willing to purchase the campus and keep the programs in princeton. that's our first presence. ♪ >> reporter: he added a second preference would be to find a more suitable place for west minster than rider and then sell the campus. he wouldn't discuss specifics but he did say he's heard the backlash. choir college people say it buys them some time. >> we're very pleased with this decision, and we look forward to working with the president and the board of trustees. >> reporter: so all is good for now. but i wouldn't rest. rider needs money enrollment has been down. west minster needs benefactor university sooner rather than later. i hope it find it.
10:36 pm
i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ armed teens break in and get killed. their get away driver charged with murder. she said she worked for target and left with 40 grand in phones. and spiders everywhere. enough to eat us all in months. try sleeping now.
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today having stinking feet made one kid a big winner. he got cash and theater tickets. winning pair there. experts say the best way to avoid smelly sneakers to wear socks. >> yuk! in your money tonight if you're looking for get away how does puerto rico sound. frontier airlines just announced it will offer flights from as low as $59 from philadelphia to san juan. >> those flights begin in june but act fast if you want to buy them at those price. discounted flights are scheduled of scheduled to operate year round all part of the airlines ultra low cost carriers. expansion in our city. the veep dollars deal is available for travel on most tuesdays and wednesdays from june 13th through august 9th
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but you got to book by tomorrow night if you want to get the deal. >> eighths deal. >> yeah. philadelphia pizza shop owner who uses his business to give back is set to open a new location. rosa's fresh pizza will be opening a new shop in university city come july. rosa's opened its first pizzeria three years ago in center city. it encourages its customers to pay it forward to pay for other people who can't afford to eat. if you are having trouble downing your recommended daily eight glasses of water there's help in the form of a fancy water bottle. the water bottle continually nags you to drink more. it will set you back $55. the hydrate spark is a smart water bottle that sinks with your phone tracking how much you sip from it each day. as you go about your day you'll get pop-up notifications on your phone reminding to you drink. i see you shaking your head already. if you ignore that iain the 24-ounce bottle will actually light you. >> is that right? apparently the retail website kick starter
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can't keep it in start. i guess it's popular. i don't like it but -- >> i just,, what? a kangaroo on a leash for a jog? >> kathy are we finally going see some sun. >> yes we are but not for long with major soaker heading our way just in time for the weeke weekend. ♪ hi
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>> man has a kangaroo on a leash. >> what? what the... >> you probably have the same reaction if you were sitting in your car and saw that. kangaroo on leash. >> this wasn't zoom this was in the middle of detroit. fox's tara asher has more on the story. >> my cousin we were just laughing, oh, man, he's getting this much attention. if he really new all the attention he's getting he's happy. >> darwin is getting so much attention after snap chat video of him hopping down detroit street went viral. >> man has a kangaroo on leash.
10:45 pm
>> what -- what the bleep. >> jew von stacks was hired to bring his animals to a girls birthday party. two-year-old darwin was the grand finale. the kids wanted to see the kangaroo hop. there wasn't any room in the house. so jew van took him outside which had cars stopping in the street and people coming out of their homes to witness a man running with a kangaroo on leash. >> i had the coat on so i was offering the name up. so to anyone else it just looks like hey it's someone having it down the street. >> reporter: plenty of interest. >> some people say is it real? but then he's moving so then they have to say, yeah, he's real. so he is real. after they see that how did you get him? >> reporter: jew von never imagined darwin the detroit kangaroo would soon be trending. >> all these texts and e-mails and people calling me, hey, you know, got all these views. you're on the safe room, baller, all this stuff. all the news stations. i was like, man, let me check it out. >> reporter: some of the
10:46 pm
attention was also negative with some concern jew vo that his kangaroo and other exotic animals illegally. detroit animal control says it is looking into the matter claims it is unlawful to own exotic animals in the city. but jew von showed us his license and claims the animals are legal and properl properly d for. >> that was tara asher in detroit. decks in mount vernon virginia are hoping someone recognizes the lady you see right there. police say she walk into a target. pretended she was an employee. looks like she worked there. somehow she got access to the stock room where she grabbed more than $40,000 worth of i phones. put them in a box and just walked out of the store. >> oklahoma young woman accused of aiding three attempted burglars is now charged in their death. deputes say elizabeth rodriguez drove the attempt add burglars a home they targeted. homeowner possoms shot and killed them when they broke in. the alleged get away driver charged with murder because oklahoma law laos for person
10:47 pm
involved in a crime where someone dies to be charged with the deaths. she was on the run for about a month after investigators say she stole someone's identity to get plastic surgery. >> the 20-year-old finally turned herself in to police in in order tonight she's facing charges. police say thomas used fake id and an illinois woman's social security number to get a credit card approved and police say she then charged more than $11,000 for breast implants, butt injections and lip injections. the victim says she was tipped off when she got a thank you card from the watson clinic in lakeland. the credit card company care credit promised to remove this from the victim's credit report. >> people afraid spiders, you got something to worry budge the population of spiders on earth is now enough to eat all of us in a year. so basically a study finds that spiders are everywhere including living in your home without you even noticing. >> all right. on your radar to tonight did the morning thunderstorms wake up.
10:48 pm
i know they did. took taking a look at west trenton. showers are moving on out. the question is for how long? kathy orr times everything out for us. her forecast coming in just 15 seconds. the good news is, the skies will be slowly clearing. the rain pretty much is out of here. outside we're looking at temperatures that are pretty pleasant. it's 49 degrees still in philadelphia. the high today 54. winds out of the north at 9 miles an hour. and they will be increasing during the overnight. 52 in wilmington. 50 in millville northerly wind in allentown the poconos with temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. ultimate doppler you can see the rain pretty much winding out. we have an area of low pressure off the coast here of ocean county. all of this is following it off to the east. so that means progressively seeing drying conditions.
10:49 pm
case in point the poconos visibility 10 miles but still some fog in allentown one and three quarter mile visible. elsewhere we're looking at pretty decent conditions so that means the fog threat will probably be waning as well. as we go hour by hour with the wind you can see these northerly winds becoming stronger and by six, 7:00 o'clock in the morning we're gusting between 20 and 25 miles an hour. pretty much everywhere with the strongest winds threw the lehigh valley and in the poconos. so tomorrow morning waking up to temperatures in the 40s. with winds gusting to 25 it will put a chill in the air bite afternoon still seeing those northerly winds at about 20 miles an hour everywhere. then all eyes on this. an area of low pressure that will be over the midwest thursday bringing rain by friday into saturday. we'll see at least an inch and a half of rain over philadelphia possibly 2-inches across parts of the region. this moves out it turns brighter for sunday. sunday definitely the better
10:50 pm
half of the weekend. look at our long range models. we compare right now very close for philadelphia forecasting over an inch of rain. tonight, through the region, looking at clearing skies real pleasant night in mild low temperature 46 with that northerly win. winds get gusty during the day tomorrow especially the morning that's when one of the strongest wind. afternoon high going for 62 degrees. temperatures warming pretty quickly. it will be sunny. sunny for thursday with less wind it will feel comfortable your soaker for friday lingering showers saturday. april 1st. and then for the first week of april looking pretty. good highs in the 60s sunday and monday. mostly cloudy another rain threat on tuesday the high 58. and that is a look at the seven day forecast. as the march madness ends, sean. march madness ends but the madness for the eagles begin. owner jeffrey lurie talks once a year and today was that day. hear what he had to say and how he took a shot at chip kelly plus eagles bringing in super
10:51 pm
bowl experience. who is coming to philly and what he brings to this team. that's coming up next in sports.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
eagles have their quarterback. that's clear. now it's all about signing guys and doing things to help carson wentz bring super bowl to philadelphia. the eagles making solid moves today but first we have to go down to the owners meetings in
10:54 pm
phoenix. owner jeffrey lure rear only talks once year. when he does you bet take noti notice. he spoke about the state of this team and he made it clear he's happy how woe roseman is here and in charge and that chip kelly isn't. >> took over a difficult situation after, um, losing, you know a premier player like lesean mccoy, and, um, a situation where the salary cap wasn't particularly promising in terms of what we wanted to accomplish. we didn't have a franchise quarterback. howie put together a blueprint. how we were able to eventually get up to two also using our people to identify an outstanding young player who would be available if this all turns out the way we hope that's the story of the past year. >> basically chip ruined everything and now howie is cleaning it up. eagles bringing in championship swag fresh off winning super
10:55 pm
bowl chris long signed two year deal with the eagles and today is actually his birthday. happy birthday. turning 32 while getting paid. long is basically connor barwin replace many fits the eagles' defense scheme little bit better. the flyers it's about the time to stick a fork in them. they're done. eight-point back the final wild card spot with seven games left. they are toast. they took on the senators trying to keep little bit of hope ali alive. in the third period the flyers down by one. senates goalie just terrible. turnover right here. what are you doing? right the there. to cash in on that mistake. sending this thing into overti overtime. in the shoot out steve mason coming up big. look at mason. had a shoot out goal mason saving the day. the flyers within three-two. six points back with that final wild card spot. the sixers and the nets in the fourth. sixers down by one. the rookie of the year dario saric driving and getting the and one.
10:56 pm
tj mcconnell drives to the hole and air ball covington cleans it up and put the sixers ahead for good. they win ten sick-ten sun. >> to the phillies. nola giving up a two-run shot right right here to melvin upton, jr. nola went one and two-thirds. that's it. giving up seven hits and five runs. phillies will go on to lose ten-four. ba tock jeffrey lurie he said make sure you know i hated the fact that i hired chip kelly. okay? howie -- >> whoa! >> howie, listen he came in and saved everything. chip pedestrian everything up. >> wow! >> what statement. >> under the bus. >> unbelievable. and the 76ers and the flyers won. >> i know right. that's a weird night. celebrate that. >> exactly. >> go out. >> wahoo! >> that will do it for us tonight at 10:00. iain page standing by with what's coming up at 11:00. >> they risk their lives to protect ours but too many vets
10:57 pm
come back with a lack of support and lasting scars. now there's something that's helping them better their lives and their families for goodness sake. of course, your wake up weather and seven day forecast in just the first five minutes. remember, though, your mega millions lottery drawing is next. so good luck. see you in a bit. ♪
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