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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  March 29, 2017 3:30am-3:55am EDT

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♪ live from center city in philadel 11:00. developing to night, police are looking for sniper style shn shut down i-95. thanks for joining us i'm iain dangerously close to one woman and now police are on the hunt for that shooter. our dave the scene of the crime tonight in northern liberties. dave? >> reporter: iain, still no motive and no suspect in this case but police tell me tonight they do grainy surveillance video of a possible suspect and a get away vehicle. >> first thing i thought was somebody is shooting. >> police towed away two vehicles struck by gunfire from delilah's parking spot tuesday night nick was shaking off the
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sound of gunfire he herder right here monday night. >> pop, pop and just pop sound. >> and it echoed, and people just running. >> what was going through your mind? >> just get away from it. >> reporter: that gunfire turned out to be shots police believe may have been fired from this tim floor window by a sniper just across spring garden street into the parking lot at dees. >> did the bullet come from the window? that's the one we're still working on. >> reporter: shots hit white chevy pick up an jeep parked nearby as female employer from the vehicles she quickly ran back inside. >> at this point we do not know if she was the intended target of the shooting. >> it's just scary and you just want to go home as >> investigators check out the window they believe the gunman may have opened fire from with a high-powered rifle. one shot went right through theo the engine block. >> it's a lot of hate going on,
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you know. >> it could ha missed the mark and got somebody else just walking byr: now no one was wounded by the gunfire. police did recover some bullet fragmentings but no shell casings. they do not 93 at this hour whether the gunman acted alone. iain? >> dave, thank you. new video to show you tonight from bucks county. fresco user rich row land on the season of the independence nursing home along park avenue in quakertown. fire officials had to evacuate the building after a sprinkler pipe burst. crews reportedly relocated more than 100 people to another building much the good news though it does not appear anybody was injured. on your radar tonight that rain is finally moving out of here and thankfully for a lot of us looking live at reading to night a lot of our area is drying out after drenching thunderstorms. when will we see the sun. i know were unperson to question. meteorologist kathy orr. >> the biggest problem for the
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morning rush sun glare that's what bob kelly will be talking about. tonight in old city philadelphia looking at drying conditions skies mostly cloudy right now but that will change during the early morning hours. the high today 54. winds out of the norat 8 miles . that's a cool wind for us. with that wind flow trenton frick. wrightstown 45. philadelphia 49 with northerly wind and wilmington it is still 51 degrees. so it side. ultimate doppler shows a few showers right along the coast near blbi moving out to sea. we're seeing drying conditions from west to east in and that will be the trend into the morning. visibilities improve pretty much everywhere. the only place we're seeing reduced visibility in pottstown some fog only a three quarters of a mile visible. elsewhere the tens that's excellent that means drier air is finally working its way in. we go hour by hour with future wind gust you can see by tomorrow morning as you head out the door the kids are by the bus stop, winds will be gusting out of the north from 20 to 25 miles an hour. gusting to 25 in the poconos.
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gusting to 23 miles an hour in millville. so it will be chilly with temperatures in the 40s and gusty winds. by the afternoon we do warm it up. but still seeing those gusts to 20 miles an hour. then all eyes will be on an area of low pressure moving into the midwest by late thursday into friday. this low will redevelop off the coast into a coastal storm. we stay on the warm side. we don't have to worry about snow but it will be a late week soaker. friday it begins it will continue through friday night if you have any plans showers even early saturday. the gfk and european models agreeing an an inch and a half of rain in philadelphia could be more, two, 2.5-inches in our suburb. overnight low temperatures in the 40s. 45 in philadelphia. 41 in allentown. 35 in the poconos. tomorrow going into the 60s we'll be breezy but sunny. and it will be pleasant the high 62. on your 77 day forecast from the weather authority thursday great day, sunny and pleasant with less within the temperature will have more of an impact so will
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the sunshine. friday the rain moves in it doesn't move out till early saturday. sunday 62. monday 61. by tuesday iain chance of more rain mostly cloudy the temperature around 58 degrees. so for your saturday that's april 1st. more april showers across the board but i don't see any 20s or 30s on that seven day. >> thankfully, thank you kathy. >> teenaged boy in critical condition after police say a gunman shot him himself inside a north philadelphia home. police say the shooter opened fire on the 17-year-old this afternoon on new york 17th street. police locked down nearby school during the whole ordeal. police found a gun the guy. a week after a two-year-old boy was found dead police have made an arrest. nesmith charged withenngerment a corporation. officers say nesmith was the care tack kerr and police found
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the toddler lying on bed naked in a west oak lane home. he was pronounced dead a short time later. investigators are waiting on the autopsy results to determine how the boy died. all right. breaking news tonight for local school district. facing a lawsuit for allowing a transgender student to use the boy's locker room. last week we told i was boy was suing boyertown school district complaining their son was changing way female in the list locker room at the high school. the board made a big decision in that case. fox 29's shawnette wilson live in boyertown tonight. shawnette. >> reporter: iain, the board voted six-thee to continue allowing transgender students to use the locker room of the sex they identified with. now as you mentioned tonight the school board heard a lot of public input on this issue. a lot of students and parents spoke in favor of continuing how the school operated on this issue as you can imagine others spoke out against it. the issue arose after the family of a student at the high school says he was undressing in the boys locker room when he notice add girl undressed in the boys
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locker room too. the family filed a lawsuit and last week sent demand letter to the district urging them to reverse the policy by april 4th. tonight many spoke including aiden destefano know who told the board he's a transgender student. aiden spoke about his transition, his overall experiences at the school and being allowed to use the boys locker room. >> that made me feel complete and one of the guys something i've waited for my whole entire lie. >> you have compromised the innocence of our chirp. who are now placed in situations that are uncomfortable and transcend common sense logic and reason. give them an option to change elsewhere. all right. at the end of the day i'm not going to have my child exposed or unaware of situation that could have been far better handled. >> again the board tonight
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voting six-three to continue allowing transgender students to use the locker room of the sex they identify with. now board members would not comment to me on their decision tonight because of the impending lawsuit. the lawsuit however does not name any of the students. also i should say the district has posted a message on its website on their stance on this issue and where they are in the process. iain, back to you. >> shawnette, thank you. >> kids love it but this hoemade slime could do some serious harm because of some of its ingredients. warning comes after a massachusetts girl has second and third degree burns because of the craft project. fox 29's chris o'connell joins us live from media now with a closer look at what parents need to look out for. chris? >> reporter: well, they need to look out for really -- this stuff. if you have kids, 12 or under, you know what this stuff is. it is slime, it's goop, whatever you call it, there's a new warning tonight that parents need to know about. >> call it slime, call it goop,
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the homemade concoction of glue, food coloring and borax is all the rage with the pre-teen set. >> it's absolute insanity. that's all they do any nor is slime. they literally have their friends coming over after school just to make slime. >> reporter: type in homemade slime on youtube, you get more than a million results. go countless of recipes for countless hours of fun. >> you can just like with it and me and eyes see will have climb wars. >> reporter: new concern after 11-year-old massachusetts girl suffered blisters, second and to her hands. it's believed prolonged exposure to borax was to blame. >> family doctor richard demon tee of media says borax a caustic agent could cause your . he says parents have to pay attention to the recipes and supervise your children. >> high concentration of the borax in this homemade slime
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could cause first, second, even third degree burns on very fair skin or an individual who's sensitive. >> reporter: doctors say you should only use borax in small amounts but if you don't believe the doctor, take the experts advice. >> if you add like the wrong amount then you could mess it all up. >> reporter: follow the directions. >> well slime is actually such a big deal even large department stores are having trouble keeping glue in stock and iain i know you know this, schools are banning this stuff because kids are selling it, yes, iain, there is a black-market for this blue slime. >> for slime. incredible stuff, chris. all right. thanks. well they risk their lives to protect ours. but too many veterans come back with a lack of support and lasting scars. >> in iraq, two tours and i got injured on my last tour and i did two and a half years of
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rehab down at walter reed. >> today people came together in a big way to
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restoration crews out in the rain today to begin repairing and restoring those gravestones toppled by vandals at the mt. carmel jewish cemetery. vandals broke into that cemetery in wissonoming last month and toppled more than 150 stones.
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folks from all over the area and the world really donated more than $220,000 to higher stone masons and monument restoration experts. >> when you look around and terrible things are happening and then you take a step back and take a breath and you can see just wonderful people trying to make the world a better pla place. >> six-year-old girl from parkland florida was among those touched by stories of the vandalism. she sent philadelphia a box of hand painted stones to be placed on top of the newly restored gravestones. ♪ every day our bill anderson looks for some light in these dark times. going overseas risking your life and serving your country should earn veterans a level support from all of us. but some find themselves unemployed. today, though, those vets got some help. an opportunity to better themselves and their families for goodness sick. ♪ i s navy.
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>> iraq. two tours and i got injured on my last tour. >> afghanistan and iraq. >> reporter: they serve our country in some circumstances they were willing to sacrifice their lives to protect ours. so makes no sense that when veterans return home so many can't find a job. >> i have been out of work for while. >> reporter: here at the wells fargo center, they're showing their support, appreciation and offering opportunities with a job fare encouraging employers to hire our heroes. >> it's a real challenge. how do you trains late those great military skill sets so that employers can understand it? >> reporter: challenge that nearly 100 employers took on. interviewing veterans offering some jobs on the spot and others immediate feedback. the president the higher our heroes organization told me it's especially important that veterans get face to face meetings. >> help them translate their skills and put them in terms ofd to show leadership on resume.
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>> meeting employers and job seekers was both encouraging and honest al little sad. i met many young recent vets who are still excited about the opportunities waiting for them e military. >> coming back and seeing how everything runs and seeing that it's not going to be that big of a transition after all. >> reporter: some a little older. still optimistic but aware that the job h challenging. >> it's a bit intimidating, because it's like starting back over. square one looking for a job. >> reporter: in one group ofetae tim moth who still need to work and wonder if their years of service still have any value. >> how old are you, sir. >> 63. i have the physical capabilities and, you, i'm skilled in a few areas, um, it's just, you know, it's just difficult. >> reporter: heroes job fair did offer a lot of encouragement and the opportunity for the veterans to get the time they need with
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employers. appreciative of their service and aware their live skills may be more important than just w r. >> it's really hard from a resume perspective to see the tremendous qualities and leadership veterans possess. it's that personal connection that really breaks down barriers for them. >> reporter: end of the day despite obstacles of age, jr. or lack of work experience, veterans true. they deserve a chance because they won't give up. >> for me, i feel like something is going to come through. >> i'm very encouraged. i'm very and i'm happy to be here. >> i'm always encouraged. never frustrated because i know where my faith lies. >> reporter: good luck to you, sir. >> for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. >> ♪ have you filed your taxes yet? you better hurry up. pennsylvania attorney general's office is urging everyone to bes closing in on us.
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one of those common schemes fory phone, text or e-mail and that you owe money. you need to know that thect yoig these metho get a call or e-mail from someone claiming to be the irs, hang up general's office. you see its shoe e show yous happening in your your neighbor much dawn, what's goingain a grg students in cherry hill recognize of noised for success in the steam fields. students from jcc katz early childhood center. the challenges involving science, ngchrt and math. fresco user nick takes us to philadelphia for a program to help immigrants. mayor jim pathways to success for immigrants community forum. the to help skilled immigrants who are unemployed or
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professionald pursue further license. and more than 100 residentse their nursing home tonight in quakertown all because of water. fresco user rich shared this video from the independence he. management moving residents elsewhere because of a flood on that propertyni be sure to pull out your phone and shoot it then make sure to use the fresco app to send it to our newsroom. iain? >> dawn, artists use their creative skills to join the conversatio . the joint show happened tonight in northernd marijuana influencd art from 30 locl right, sean wht coming up in sports. >> iain,eol known. it's not secret lot of people are asking me exactly why peoplt school and it's much that's coming up next in my sports commentary.
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two down out there two down ♪ ♪ [crowd cheers] in itself. our wounded warriors nd to meet the challenges they face every day. a way to support them and their families. can give something back to our heroes. it's how we can say thank you
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is recognized and appreciated what? join us. visit to learn how you can make a difference oour wounded warriors and their families. the uso. until every one comes home.
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♪ lbe and why there's so much hate for thatmentary in 15 seconds. ♪ ♪ duke the most hated school in the country. we can all agree on t people hate coach k. people hate that program. and you know i partially hate those guys too. today is the 25th anniversary biggest play in school history made by the most hated history. christian later hitg shot againo
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zen bk in 1992. later the guy everyone loved a k and nobody liked and well, no one likes them either. they have a bunch of guys that people jt jay jay reddick to grayson allen to tell you the t people hate that school isn't beca. a privileged cocky kids who have and this is coming from a guy who's wife wentrad school and worked for duke several years and guess that. people who live in north carolina actually hatenly out of towners go to to school. coach k is a actually a great guy, he really like. i. i'm sorry the duke hate will never ever stop iain >> the cast of fresh prince of belaire got southern california over the of
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who didn't?th make thisy >> exactly. [ laughter ] >> he did have the live. >> all right. ahead on fox 29 ay tuned for chasing news followed by the simpsons. and we are back here at 4am for "good da and bob kelly have your weather and traffic coverer watc ♪
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right noin day, the defendants convicted in the so-called bridgegate scandal set to learn today. >> classes canceled. the one in a million reasons
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not be having school today. you may not bags. let's all dream.azing deal happy alwayso. >> good day


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