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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  March 29, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the person responsible. thanks for joining us at 5:00 tonight. i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney. this happened back on march 13th although police are just now releasing the video. police say the two minutes after the man is seen carrying a red gas can that's when the two cars were set on fire. fox 29's dave kinchen is live in south philadelphia with the story you will see only on fox. dave? >> reporter: that's right. a man's hard work going into beautiful brand new lincoln that's burned up and police are asking tonight just who did it. i was shocked to find it and shocked that it would hopefully not someone from around this neighbor. >> reporter: joe of cleveland street in south philly still can't believe someone torched his brand new 2017 lincoln mkz just days ago. one of two cars to become a charred victim arson as police look for this man in surveillance video released today. >> turned around the corner said hey, oh, my car i just got the car only two days old you know.
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>> reporter: what's joe said after hearing firefighters rushing to the scene around 2:00 a.m. on march 13th. these pictures show the burned up back end of his car and the devastated front portion of the nissan that was parked behind him. >> it's not something you expect to find sunday night when you went to bed and to come out and see your new car is melted into the street. >> reporter: we showed joe the video lee he'sed by police showing a man in red hoodie carrying a gas can as he walked through the sunoco station on oregon avenue. minutes later, police say the two cars were set on fire. the video shows the suspect running back passed the gas station and tossing the gas can on the roof of a garage. his image captured by another camera as he gets away. >> saw the video. it's unreal. it's really good. i hope they can catch -- see somebody. i didn't rec night the guy myself. >> reporter: joe is driving rent car for now as he and his insurance company deal with the damage car headaches. >> if you have to go through all
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that time and effort and money and insurance and all of that for something that i feel i didn't do to anybody. >> reporter: in addition to the red colored hooded sweat short police say that the suspect was wearing light colored pants and dark colored shoes. if you have any information you can give police a call at 215686 tips. 215686 tips. back to you. >> dave, thanks. we are following breaking news right now. a 32-year-old man has been arrest add accused bring a gun into an upper darby school. dominique jordan arrester at drexel hill middle school. police say a teacher all after finding a bullet in a staff bathroom and during their investigation officers say jordan another mitted the bullet was his. officers also say he was carrying two magazines and a 40 caliber glock in his backpack. jordan is not a school employee but a subcontractor for students with special needs. he was arrested for having a gun on school property and police say he does have a permit to conceal and carry.
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developing now in the bridge gate scandal, two former aids of governor chris christie were both sentenced to prison time for their role in the scheme the judge sentenced bill baroni to two years and co-defendant bridget kell toll 18 months. kelly and baroni convicted in november for a plan to close lanes near the george washington bridge that links new jersey to new york. prosecutors argued the plot was retribution against a democratic mayor who would not endorse new jersey governor chris christie. the governor was not charged in the case. turning now to president trump's first 100 days in offi office. new jersey governor chris christie headed to the white house today to meet with the president and at one point they were campaign rivals now they are coming together to combat the opioid epidemic. fox news correspondent john roberts has more from washingt washington. >> this is a total epidemic. >> reporter: president trump kicking off another busy day at the white house by sitting down with former campaign arrival governor chris christie. the two are teaming up in an effort to begin addressing the
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deadly opioid and drug abuse crisis facing the country. the president who has hint a taking executive action aimed on tracking down on the abuse has tapped christie to take the lead. epidemic something personal for the governor who dedicated his final gubernatorial year to addressing the drug crisis. >> this issue causes enormous pain and destruction to every day families and every state in this country. i'm just so honored that the president would ask me to take on this task. >> reporter: president's listening session with governor christie and on the state leaders coming at the same time we learned the gop effort to repeal and replace obama care is trying to get back on the table. their news coming days after the republican health care bill collapsed on capitol hill. leading to some concerns they may be acting too quickly. >> it's a conversation and we're not trying to jam that down anyone's throat right now. it's on-going discussion. >> reporter: meantime the white house is also facing more questions regarding growing demands for house intelligence
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committee chairman devin nunes to recuse himself from the russian investigation. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle citing fresh allegations congressman nunes aligned himself too closely with the white house. >> i think at the end of the day here we'll get to the truth and we're going to find out who is actually doing real investigation. >> reporter:ly keeping busy today was first lady melania trump here in washington to deliver remarks to the international women of courage awards. where she told the honorees she was humbled and inside to be among them. at the white house, john roberts, fox news. gunshots in washington, d.c. this morning. a capitol police spokeswoman says officers tried to start erratic an aggressive driver near the botanic gardens around 9:30. police say the driver made a u-turn and crashed into a police cruiser. after a short chase, officers stopped the woman. while trying to arrest the driver an officer fired his weapon. no one was hurt and that woman is under arrest. now on to your fox 29 weather authority. as we take a live look at wilmington on wednesday night.
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looks beaut put out there. bright sunny day but the big question is it going to stick around. let's get over to meteorologist kathy orr. >> we're looking at quiet condition right now, guys. you can see nothing here on the radar. just quiet conditions and clear skies. and temperatures are going to stay pretty much on the mild side with really no issues weather wise to talk about. ultimate doppler showing dry conditions and out to the west you can see we have an area of low pressure and it's right about here between wichita and oklahoma city, this is going to be moving toward the delaware valley and as it does, it will be bringing some rain. now overnight tonight we're just talking about conditions that are going to be on the cool side with clear skies, and morning low temperatures are going to be op the chilly side as well. look at this. in philadelphia 37 degrees. that is it. waking up to freezing temperatures into the poconos at 27 degrees. so quiet cool indeed. and we are going to be looking at some big changes into the weekend. one more bonus day and then march will go out for sure, whoops, i lost it like a lamb.
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we'll be looking at a stormy end to the work week and into the weekend. we'll send it back to you. >> all right, kathy, thank you happening now a scare at a school. sky fox over west philadelphia high school. school district officials say smoke started coming out of a student's phone this morning. officials cleared the entire floor of the school just to be safe. police and firefighters were called and checked everything out. nobody was hurt. no word on what kind of phone that was. a scare on the campus of a philadelphia high school when someone reports seeing a gun. saul high school wept into lock down this afternoon. a starter pistol was found and one student was taken into custody. but has not been charged as of now. the lock down was lifted a couple of hours no one was hurt. a nationwide search is on for guy who prosecutors say took money from hurricane sandy victims and then left them high and dry. 42-year-old jamie lynn lawson has been on the run since this past december. police say he took almost a half million dollars from homeowners in monmouth and ocean counties
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and then either didn't do any work at all or less than what he agreed to. he's accused of using the money for personal expenses. police believe he's been in at least different states in the past few months. well in many urban neighborhoods supermarkets are few and far between. >> yeah. so corner stores fill the need or at least that's what they are hoped to do. our bruce gordon just back now from the 700 block of north tenth street. bruce, this story sounds a little too familiar. >> reporter: it should. we hear it all the time. neighbors complaining that the corner store over charges them for products sometimes well passed their sell by date and seems to have little interest in hearing customer complaints. but, hey, some stories, some, take a turn toward a happy en ending. >> let's go. >> whole lot of honking going on at tenth and brown wednesday morning. >> prompted by protesters with a group called the richard allen new generation. they're calling for a boycott of the g and m supermarket.
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these folks say the market is unsanitary. overs customers especially kids. has jacked the price of sodas well beyond the city's new tax and often fails to give receipts making it tough to dispute transactions. >> eye a lot of stuff don't have prices on it. some of the stuff is outdated there shelf it. and you know we just want them to support the community. do right by the community. >> reporter: protesters took to the streets after failing to get a response from the folks in charge at g and in. >> we have numerous times went in to try to talk to the owner about the lady we know short changing the people with the attitude they have towards us. they just ignoring what we trying to say to them. >> store owner louis gomez told us he bought this place five months and renovated it from top to bottom. allowed us inside to take a look for ourselves. >> i believe i run good store and clean store anybody can come in and see the store. everything is clean. >> reporter: we did find one example of a food product on the shelf beyond its sell by date. >> here's some rice.
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expiration february 1st of this year. >> reporter: while his larger sized sodas were clearly marked with beverage tax information his smaller sizes had no price tags at all. >> better signage,. >> i think it's better. i'm going to put the price on teach one. >> reporter: as for the protesters complaints -- are you willing to talk to the neighbors. >> yes, i can talk with the neighbors. they want to talk with me, we can talk about it. >> reporter: moments later state representative curtis thomas he is cored those protesters into the store. arrangement were made for the two sides to meet probably next monday to hash out their differences. >> that's thanks a lot. >> reporter: there are some bigger picture issues here as well. neighbors complain, for example, no employees at the store actually live in their communi community. that's something we hear a lot some folks feel like the store owners are outsider who's set up shop just to make a buck. but not to become part of the community. let's hope some face to face talks can provide some solutions. dawn? >> let's hope so, thanks, bruce. intense moments as a firefighter tries to get these flames under control but what happens to this car moments
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later that is down right scary. and one mom furious her five-year-old suspended from school for playing with a stick. why the school says they had no choice. plus a terrifying field trip for some high school students. what they say they smelled as they got on the bus that landed their bus driver in handcuffs. and it happens to the best of us careful as we are sometimes we leave something hyped in the cab when we go out. so what should we be holding on to kind of nice and tight? the most common things that uber drivers say people in philly forget in their cars. ♪ this
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♪ four people are recovering tonight after a house fire in east mt. airy. firefighters responded to the 800 block of up saul street around 8:00 this morning but no one who had to be treated was seriously hurt. two of the victims were evaluated because of some other health conditions. new jersey police arrested three men and two men in a big drug and weapons bust. investigators say they searched three homes and found loads heroin, pot, guns and knives and $26,000. these arrests come after month long investigation three of the suspects have been released from jail on their own recognizance. camden mayor dana redd she
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will not be seeking re-election. mayor redd served two terms in office. the camden county board of freeholders released a statement thanking mayor redd for her work on behalf of camden residents. may the reason back. philadelphia city controller is calling for a $240,000 reimbursement to the mayor's fund. that fund is a non-life profit it's supposed to be used for tourism, youth programs and people in need. but city controller alan butkovitz former mayor michael nutter along with chairwoman desiree peterkin bell used that money as a slush fund of sorts he says tens of thousands of dollars paid for a trip to rome ahead of the of the pope' visit to philadelphia. hotel rooms in fill. uber rides and a number of other expenses. >> there were 458 uber rides that totaled $8,738 charged to the former chairwoman's american express card that contained no supporting documentation. several other charges associated
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with the former chairwoman appeared highly questionable. >> butkovitz says another questionable purchase the more than $22,000 used to pay for former mayor nutter's farewell party. we have not reached mayor nutter or peterkin bell for comment in the past both have defended the spending saying they did nothing wrong. pennsylvania governor tom wolf made a stop in philadelphia today where he was focused on business development. he visited the center for round table discussion with entrepreneurs and local leaders to talk about the importance of business innovation. the visit is all part of wolf's on-going jobs that pay tour. meanwhile the governor also briefly weighing in on the bribery case against philadelphia district attorney seth williams. >> i think the legal system working but in the meantime he ought to spend his time defending himself and resign from office. >> fellow democrats have also called for seth williams to resign including mayor kenney. williams is accused of accepting more than $160,000 worth of cash
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and gifts in exchange for favors. in fox 29 investigates, the philadelphia water department is repeating its you were message tonight please don't open the city's fire hydrants. >> the warning comes after fox 29 investigators catches on video the bold theft of water. eighths fox 29 investigation. jeff cole is here with a look head at his story coming up tonight at 10:00. >> you know it iain. the water says it is placed on city streets lock fire hydrants to cut down on water theft. has work. fox 29 investigates has found not all the time. you have to know what you are doing to crack open one of these babies. one of these hydrants and we found somebody who sure does. tonight at 10:00, why city officials say this is dangerous even life-threatening. >> that's, upping, that's illegal use that jeep paradises the community, jeopardizes the ability of the fire department potential toll fight a fire.
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misuse of hydrants is never good. >> now there's a reason why this person has cracked open this hydrant. he uses it later and we'll show all of you that tonight. tonight we will speak with the guy who is working over that hydrant and we'll hear more city's water chief about what we found. that's tonight we've got the video as fox 29 investigates. we hope folks dawn folks will take look at this because we know this happens they steal water but this time we actually have it on tape. >> we look forward it to. thank you jeff. philadelphia water department wants you to be on the look out for cards being left on area homes about people's water service. the yellow post cards read, water update. it asks homeowners to contact number on the card. the philadelphia water department says these cards are not from them but are instead a product solicitation from delaware based company. as the debate over sanctuary cities heats up, including here in philadelphia, a bipartisan group of mares is meeting with the secretary of homeland security. fox's doug mckelwa has more from washington. d.c. >> reporter: attorney general
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jeff sessions rekindling the national debate over sanctuary cities threatening to strip funding from cities refusing to enforce federal immigration law. now, mayors from across the country are here in washington. meeting with homeland security chief john kelly looking for some common ground. but many are still saying they won't play ball. >> can't put a legal gun to the head, financial gun to the head of jurisdictions whether it's states or localities and take their money if you don't agree with what they're doing in different area. >> reporter: others are falling in line with administration policies saying compliance with the justice department makes their cities safer and refusing to enforce immigration laws ties the hands of local police when it comes to immigrant criminals. even those mares who support sanctuary cities admit federal laws are being ignored. >> someone who is here in an undocumented status is violating that federal law. no question. >> reporter: still the trump administration shows no signs of backing down. a hard line stance on immigration was one of president trauma's major campaign promises and the white house claims the
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sanctuary policy falls in line with other steps the president is taking to address illegal immigration. >> when cities and states refuse to help enforce immigration laws our nation is less safe. report roar justice department has issued a list of programs that could be refused funding if cities don't comply with the new policy including crime lab technology, law enforcement equipment and victims services. in washington, doug mckelway, fox news. we have sad news to report the son of philadelphia restaurant owner tony luke, jr., has died. he posted his message on his facebook page saying his son tony died suddenly on monday night. funeral services are scheduled for friday evening at the bradley funeral home in marlton, new jersey. a bizarre situation on this street as car goes backwards it's illegal but why police say there's nothing they can do about it. >> and when president trump heads to twitter, he may be using a new device now. what he's using to send out those 140 characters. >> they risk their lives to
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protect ours but too many vets come back with a lack of support and lasting scars. now, there's something that's helping them find better lives and their families for goodness sake. ♪
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pretty scare stuff there. all caught on camera. helmet cam video of sacramento firefighter battling a car fire the firefighter is close to the car when the front left tire explodes. right there but the firefighter keeps going. he is okay. no word on why that car caught on fire in the first place. five-year-old girl suspended from school for playing with a stick. >> the problem school officials say the girl used it to imitate a gun. the north carolina girl was playing on the playground with two other mends every friends she got into trouble. hope county school says the girl posed oh threat to other students every students when they shade a shootin shooting mn that's a violation of school policy but her mom says it's ridiculous schenn wants an apology. >> one minute she's playing with her friends, and the next her teachers are dragging to the principal's office. she's confused. nobody explained anything to her. i just want them to apologize to her and tell her that it's okay.
5:25 pm
you can be five and have an imagination. >> the little girl was back in school yesterday after serving a one-day suspension. the school says it stands behind its decision. >> a rare public appearance first lady melania trump spoke today at an event honoring women at the state department. >> together we must declare that the era of allowing the brutality against women and children is over. while affirming that the time for empowering women around the world is now. >> melania trump says women living in oppression in any part of the world means that women are not equal to men. mrs. trump's remarks came at the international women of courage award ceremony at the departme department. first lady praised all the honorees as being examples of courage and persistence. britain's break from the european union is officially underway. today the head of eu got the official letter from british prime minister theresa may. the exit negotiations are going to take two years l year voters
5:26 pm
approved the referendum nickname brexit to leave the eu britain had been a member of the european union for 44 years. >> a man drives his van backwards along a busy road in hawaii and it's all caught on camera. check it out. another driver captured the dangerous move in honolulu. video shows the man going backwards for about block. no one called 911. police say driving backwards on the road is illegal. but they likely won't be able to do anything about this since they can't see the license plate in the video. a terrifying field trip forced high school students. what they smelled as they got on the bus that landed their driver in handcuffs. and as we get into the heart of allergy season, the five things you may be doing that make the sniffling, sneezing worse. kathy? >> so horrible, isn't it? yeah we are looking ahead to chang cg conditions across the region. we have a storm system that's going to be moving through. right now, you can see it over wichita. that will be moving on east bringing us a soaker toward the
5:27 pm
weekend. i'll have details.
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police make arrest in connection with a death of a three month old baby. investigators say 23-year-old barrett killed his son also named barrett along the 2400 block of north fifth street last monday. police say the child died of head trauma. but he faces murder charges. >> teenager is in custody tonight accused of vandalizing a synagogue in the city's mayfair
5:30 pm
second. police say the 14-year-old threw a rock through the window at temple menorah kenseth high synagogue that incident was reported on monday. police said surveillance video shows two children in the act but they did not release the video to the public because they are juveniles. a rabbi who founded a school in new jersey for students with special needs is now accused of stealing money from its fundraising foundation. 60 year odd rabbi iseman is the director of the school for children with hidden intelligence in lakewood. police say he stole about $430,000 and misappropriated another $200,000. he's facing multiple charges. schoolbus driver in massachusetts arrested accused of getting high right before he was set to drive a busful of students. fox's molina bsau has the story. >> that's the schoolbus driver accused of operating unthe influence of marijuana. 63-year-old was getting ready to
5:31 pm
take a group of 50 students on a school trip today. >> there was weed smell on the bus. >> the smell was so strong students complained to their teacher. we spoke with the senior who was on that schoolbus. >> principal comes on the bus and smells it and we're escorted back in. >> extremely unsteady on his feet, blood shot eyes, unable to communicate properly while speaking, very long drawn out, um, comments. >> all of the kids were forced off of the bus and into the cafeteria. >> he looked like he was out of it. like he acted very strange. >> the junior and high school students were headed to a movie theater. >> it's sad to think that, you know, we're going where english class studying fairy tails going to watch beauty and the beast write a nice paper get a good grade finish off senior year. >> what was your decision? why would you do that? why would
5:32 pm
you ruin your whole life i guess to have a little fun? >> the bus driver told boston newspaper that he was not smoking marijuana. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. as we take live look at the center city skyline. pretty picture there. but rain is on the way again. kathy and scott break it all down in 15 seconds. it was a pretty day across the delaware valley with temperatures ranging from the 50s even into the 60s and out there right now in old city you can see the flag waving in the winds with winds still gusting to about 20 miles an hour. it's 61 in philadelphia the sun doesn't set until 7:22. winds out of the north northwest at 9 miles an hour. elsewhere around the delaware valley 46 with a northerly wind in the poconos 58 in reading. 63 in wilmington.
5:33 pm
how about 62 in millville and dover with wall to wall sunshine today. all eyes on this area of low pressure that's spinning over nebraska and kansas as we zoom in you can see some reds and orange ms. severe weather associated with this area of low pressure and it's going to move eastward. by tomorrow the threat of severe weather will be real between nashville, memphis into birmingham for us it's going to be a big rain event. the biggest storm of the spring season especially when it comes to the rain. for more on this we'll send it over to scott. he's been looking at the details and this is a big one for us, scott. >> it really is, kathy. i mean once the rain gets going especially on friday, it's going last at least through saturday morning. as you mentioned that slow-moving storm system right now out in parts of the midwest will continue to head in our direction. let's go hour by hour and talk about the clouds and also the rainfall so take a look. we've advanced the clock ahead to friday morning. we're looking at some of that moderate to heavy rain kind of moving in from west to east.
5:34 pm
impacting the first part of the day. the morning rush toward lunch time, yeah, look, we're talking about some moderate to heavy rain continuing into the afternoon. this is 4:00 o'clock, 5:00, six, 7:00 o'clock for that evening commute socked in with the clouds and rainfall rates quarter to half annal inch per hour. not really until early on saturday do we finally start to dry out. we run the latest computer model take look. philadelphia the i-95 corridor we could could be looking at 2-inches maybe an inch for atlantic city. inch to an inch and a half north and west. soaking rain impacting the morning commute the afternoon, the evening commute. winds could also gust over 30 miles an hour and once again we look to expect one to 2-inches of rain. kathy? >> um-hmm i guess the good news, scott, we stay on the mild side. marcuming i guess like a lion you could say when the rain moves in. you can see absecon looking quiet looking dry on the way down the shore. it won't be long now. overnight tonight temperatures in the 30s and some 20's.
5:35 pm
27 in the poconos. 33 in allentown. a chilly 37 in philadelphia and trenton waking up to 35 degrees tomorrow. much cooler than it was this morning. so be ready for that. the kids will probably want to wear shorts to school, but put on the fleece or the sweatshirt. the high tomorrow going for 58. a dry and quiet day on the seven day forecast from the weather authority, your soak kearse friday and early saturday we clear it atteste saturday after. next chance of rain will be tuesday. another round of rain. wednesday mostly cloudy the temperature 65. april showers bring may flowers that's what they say, right. >> hopefully. >> thank you kathy. president trump heads to twitter he may be using a new device. what he's now using to sent out those 140 characters. and crayola getting rid of its colors. why people say it may be about time. >> it happens to the best of us careful as we are we sometimes leave something behind in the uber when we get out. so what should we be holding on nice and tight? the most common things that uber drivers say
5:36 pm
people leave in philadelphia.
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441,000 ford escapes, fee evident tas, fusions and transit connects made from 2013 through 15 are being called into the garage because of fire risks. a crack in the coolant circulation could cause overheating. those fee evident tas and fusions and lincoln mkz have faulty door latches that could swing open for no reason. ford says those affecte affectel get instructions for free repairs soon. wells fargo agreed to pay up in a big way to settle a lawsuit over fake account that is were set up by its employees. the bank will pay $110 million in the private cement. last year the company came under fire after investigators discovered its employees opened 2 million accounts for customers without their permission. thousands of employees were fired and the bank's ceo abruptly retired. police say the employees were driven by high-pressure sales tactic. president trump is now on
5:40 pm
the iphone band wagon. the president's director of social media confirms that the president has in fact been using an iphone the past couple of weeks including to tweet. the revelation is noteworthy because president trump once called for boycott of apple because the company refused to unlock the phone of the suspect in the san bernardino shooting. school district of philadelphia taken steps to make sure its students know how to handle their finances. once they graduate. for the fifth year in a rocks the school district has teamed up with citizens bank. april is financial literacy month so all next month the school will offer series of free workshops. they are open to all students and parents as well as community members. >> it doesn't matter whether you're talking about a student loan, getting a credit card, a mortgage or starting a business because you're entrepreneurial you have to understand finance is of that and it's really critical. >> the district expects many as 1200 people to take part in the free workshops much citizens bank conducted a workshop for
5:41 pm
some students at paul robe son high school. new law under consideration in one state. why it may cause some people to think twice before they send a text. >> as we get into the heart of allergies the five things you may be doing that make make your sniffling and sneezing even worse. sean. >> eagles owner jeffrey lurie had a special message for eagles fans. hear what he had to say about the team's chances of winning right now. that's coming up later in sports. horns on their helmets.
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♪ certain text messages could soon be illegal in iowa. sexual harass many bill would make it he will illegal to post sexually graphic picture or video online or via text message without the consent of the person in the picture. it's an issue that experts say happens way too often.
5:45 pm
>> i also think it's something that parents need to have conversations with their children now, um, i know oftentimes i just hear, well i just tell my kids not to do that. and that's a lovely approach, up, i just know that that approach doesn't work as a parent you can tell your kid not to do that. they're probably going to do it. >> the bill would need to clear a committee in the senate by friday to remain eligible for considering this year. >> in your health tonight, the healthiest county in pennsylvania is in our area. nearby chester county takes the top spot in the keystone state. researchers from the robert wood johnson foundation found that people who live in chester county on average live healthier and longer lives. montgomery county ranked second in the state. how about philadelphia county? >> dead last. sixty-seventh. >> wow! it is that time of year again when we're talking about sneezing and sniffling and wheezing, of course, we're tal talking about allergy season and mild winter which is lead to major allergy problems.
5:46 pm
>> what can you do to feel better? fox's dan talks to specialist to fine out. >> reporter: it's a double edged sword. spring is here! >> achoo. >> reporter: and so are your allergies. >> due freakishly warm winter we've had the energy of allergy symptoms started much earlier than normal. >> besides stocking up on tissue american family care offers a five habits to avoid that can make your allergies worse. dust mites, microscopic parasites that are in every bed. >> wake up sleepy head? it's five -- >> when we sweat at night, that sweat feeds them basically. >> here's an eye opener and number four. >> contact lenses. >> absolutely you're trapping those pollens against your eye. that increases irritation. >> next, get those dishes nice and squeaky clean, right? think again. >> bella, you got to do the dishes.
5:47 pm
>> dad, my allergies. >> they found that kids that are eating off plates and bowls that have been hand washed tend to have greater immunity. >> reporter: kids will love this one. don't eat your fruits and veggies. >> now, eat your vegetables. >> dad, my allergies. >> certain things release histamines in the back of the mouth and cause itchiness and irritation, such as tomatoes, mellons and bananas. >> all this reporting is making a guy thirsty. >> dad, your allergies. >> what? >> for every drink you have per week it it increases your allergic rhinitis symptoms by 3%. >> what about martinis. >> as long as it's made with gin instead of vodka you're fine. >> i bet better get a second opinion. >> you can get daily pollen reports on our website. go to to the weather section on brain games and video games may be able to treat depression. university of california davis researchers had students play six specifically designed video games and they found playing a
5:48 pm
brief game actually helped participants feel like they had some control over their depression. the study did not determine video games actually reduced patient's symptoms. doctors in mexico have set a date for a man believed to be the heaviest to go under the knife. the 32-year-old is ready for some gastric bypass surgery after losing nearly 400 pounds. juan pedro franco sal list began his diet over four and a half months ago. he originally weighed about 130. wow. >> cray yellow based in easton, pennsylvania, is drawing up some history. >> the crayon giant has announ announced a decision to retire a color from its classic 24 count box. >> of course any time a company plans to make a change this big, people of course opinions. fox's matt king has a fifty seven of crayola's future plans. >> color pencils break. markers run out. crayons are there for life. >> a quick draw on page julia gathered with fellow scientists
5:49 pm
and co-workers on rainy tuesday evening. mexican restaurant on 14th street owned by a schoolteacher offering paper place mats an cup of crayola brand crayons on every table. >> they were my best friends i had older brothers. >> i'm an arty cher so it has a really big role. >> denise past the time indicate weighting for her mile sketching her dining partner. she spends much of the day cleaning up. >> sometimes become projectiles. >> crayola plans to retire a color from its classic box of 24 for the first time in history. it won't reveal which color until friday. which is also national crayon day. >> no! >> yes. >> no. >> yes. >> do we have to draw i was picture? >> i think they'll get rid of flesh. >> crayola changed flesh to peach in the' execs. >> flesh was kind of biased it was only one tone of flesh i'd like to see them make diverse zero receives flesh. >> whatever conclusions we may draw before then we'll learn friday during a live streamed unveiling in times square which
5:50 pm
color will never crayon again. crayola promised the 24 count box will continue to contain 24. but the company declined which color it's election to do take the discontinued crayons place. >> twenty eight first art supply, right? we all started with, um, crayons of when we're little kids. >> in union scare, matt king, fox news. they risk their lives to protect ours but too many veterans cut back with a lack of support and lasting scars. well now there's something that's helping them better their lives and their families for goodness sake. pennsylvania school district forced to cancel several days of school because of snow. creative way they're making sure students can graduate on time. and it happens to the best of us. i know as careful as we are we sometimes leave something behin3 in the uber. so what should we be holding oh and to nice and tight? the most common things that uber drivers say people in philadelphia forget in their cars.
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>> bob dylan finally set to get noble prize in literature get his award in stock -- while in stock home for a concert. music legend initially said he would not receive the award in person. nobel academy spokesman says through a blog post that dylan has now agreed to collect the prize. singer george michael laid to rest his publicist says a private funeral took place today in north hahn don family and close friends attended the service. the former wham singer found dead in december. he died of natural causes as a
5:55 pm
result of hearty disease an fatty liver. each day our bill anderson looks for some light in a lot of these dark times. going overeasy seas risking your life and serve your country should earn veterans a level support from all of us but some find themselves unpolite employed. >> but now those veterans are getting help an opportunity to better themselves and their familiar for goodness sake. ♪ >> i served in vietnam navy. >> iraq, two tours and i got injured on my last tour. >> afghanistan and iraq. >> reporter: they serve our country and in some circumstances they willing sacrifice their lives to protect ours it makes no sense when veterans home so many can't find a job. >> i have been out of work for while. >> reporter: here at the wells fargo center they're showing their support appreciation and offering opportunities with a job fare encouraging employers to hire our heroes.
5:56 pm
>> a real challenge. how do you translate those great military skill sets so that employers can understand them. >> reporter: challenge that nearly 100 employers took on. interviewing veterans, offering some jobs on the spot and others immediate feedback. the present of the hiring our heroes organization told me it's especially important that veterans get face to face meetings. >> help them translate their skills and put them in terms of civilians understand. it's hard to show leadership on a resume. >> reporter: meeting employers and job seekers was both encouraging and honestly little sad. i met many young recent vets who are still excited about the opportunities waiting for them as they transition out of the military. >> coming back and seeing how everything runs and seeing that it's not going to be that big of a transition after all. >> reporter: some a little older, still optimistic but aware that the job hunt may be challenging. >> it's a bit intimidating because it's like you're starting back over square one. you looking for a job. ♪ >> reporter: in one group of
5:57 pm
older veterans, veterans like timothy, who still need to work and wonder if their years of service still have any value. >> how old are you, sir? >> 63. i have the physical capabilities and, you know, i'm skilled in a few areas, um, it's just, you know, it's just difficult. >> reporter: the hiring our heroes job fair did offer lot of encouragement and the opportunity for the veterans to get the time they need with employers. a appreciative their service and aware that their life skills may be more important than just what appears on their resume. >> it's really hard from a resume perspective to see the tremendous qualities and leadership veterans possess. it's that personal connection that really breaks down barriers for hem. >> reporter: ten of the day despite obstacles of age, jr. or lack of work experience, veterans i spoke to proved it to be true. they deserve a chance. because they won't give up. >> for me, i feel like something is going to come through.
5:58 pm
>> i'm very encouraged. i'm very motivated and i'm happy to be here. >> i'm always encouraged. never frustrated because i know where my faith lies. good luck to you, sir. >> for goodness sake, i'm bill anderson. >> ♪ a special surprise for some elementary school students. the children at saint helen school in newberry, connecticut celebrating the men and women who put their lives on the line like police officers and k9 officers. but the big surprise came when sergeant dan richter greeted his pre-schooler and second grader who he had not seen in months. >> it felt good. >> tell me why. >> because i haven't seen him in a long time. >> it was pretty great. does what's it like to see these guys after few months away? >> i don't know. it's hard to answer that question. can't describe it in one feeli feeling. >> smiles says it all. his fiance' said the school day honoring troops and public
5:59 pm
servants happened to be the same day that richter was coming home so she decided to organize the surprise. fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ right now at 6:00 a developing story. new jersey governor chris christie goes to the white house while two former aids are sent to the big house. plus a story you'll only see on fox. i turned are turned around the corner and said hey, oh, my car. just got the car, it's only two days old. >> a man's car torched at a south philadelphia gas station. the video police hope will help catch the guy responsible. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. we begin tonight with breaking news. police say a man brought a gun into an upper darby school. good evening i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm iain page. the gun was not loaded but police say the suspect was stocked with ammunition. let get out to shawnette wilson live at the upper darby police station.
6:00 pm
shawnette? >> reporter: well, this evening, police are telling us the man is not being cooperative. they don't know why he was strapped with a gun and so much ammunition. nor do they know how long he had been bringing it to the school. so here's a picture of the suspect that police provided for us. he is 32-year-old dominic jordan charged with possession of a gun on school property. upper darby police say jordan left bullet in the bathroom in drexel hill medical school a teacher found it around 12:30 this afternoon. when police got there, they say the jordan came to the office asking if they were here about the bullet. he allegedly showed them a clip with 12 rounds in it but when police searched his backpack jordan had more clips with about 45 rounds of ammunition. >> i think it's insane that 32-year-old mail would walk into a school 1200 kids and have 45, 46 rounds of ammunition and 40 caliber glock. one of those kids esp


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