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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  March 31, 2017 3:30am-3:59am EDT

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. hi here's a glimpse into your future. check out this rain today in chicago. tomorrow it's our problem. thanks for joining us tonight at 11:00. i'm iain page it might take while to dry out from inches ofd fall by saturday morning. that's not the only problem. the storm also packing winds. kathy orr is tracking it kathy, not going to be long now. >> no. it certainly isn't, iain. all right seeing some thunderstorms rolling through. so if you hear a few rumbles of thunder you're not imagining it. we have some thunderstorms in parts of berks county, chester county into new castle county, delawa take a zoom in through limerick and mop company warminster in bucks county wilmington into delaware county through bear, delaware, wilmington, even into bethel, chester, and woolwich on the jersey side.
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mantua seeing very heavy rain where you see the yellows and the oranges that is where we are seeing about quarter of an inch an hour. right now temperatures are cool. you have that southeasterly wind, philadelphia only 42 degrees. trenton it's 40 these temperatures are not going to change all that much overnight and into the day tomorrow. the culprit an area of low pressure that rides right over the delaware valley. taps into all of this gulf and ocean moisture from the atlantic and we see a snowstorm through new york and new england the ski resorts will be snowing and skiing for awhile. but our area of low pressure moves off the coast. so not only means storms it means heavy rain and also means some intense winds. so as we go hour by hour the morning rush will be busy. it will be a slow go with at least light to moderate rain. then by the midday period we're seeing pockets of heavy rain f forecast. by about 3:00 o'clock, 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon, that's when some of the heaviest rain moves in and once it moves in, this is 4:00 p.m., it's going to be here. through the evening hours if
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you're going out tomorrow night, it's going to be a slow go everywhere as you see those oranges and yellows right through the 10:00 o'clock hour. everywhere seeingst an inch and a half to 2-inches of rain by the ties this ends early saturday morning cold air on the back side of this changes precipitation to snow in the poconos. so it does get chilly on the back side. philadelphia the i-95 corridor around 2-inches of rain. even atlantic city close to 2-inches. reading, pottstown, allentown, close to an inch and a half of rain. the severe weather threat right now that march jim risk is only for central and southern delaware i think that will change and move northward into south jersey during the day tomorrow. the main threat with that will be thunderstorms and the potential for some hail. so rain amounts one and a half two and a half inches of rain gusty winds. 30 to 40 miles an hour. 40 miles an hour winds down the shore so this is a wind driven rain. not fun to be out in for sure. severe weather threat of course hail and potential for damaging winds. overnight tonight temperatures
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in the 30s and 40s. not changing a lot. so freezing rain possible in the poconos. tomorrow only 49. periods of rain the heaviest in the afternoon and it should go right into the nighttime hours. your seven day forecast shows the big rain day tomorrow. early showers saturday. sunday looks nice for the donor dash. more rain monday into tuesday that's another soaker iain. wednesday you catch a break. thursday potential for another drenching downpour so it's not just april showers. it's april soakers. here we go. it's going to be very interesting ride. >> already, kathy thanks. >> you bet start your day with good day starting at 4am sue serio will tracking that rain that kathy has been talking about and bob kelly will have an eye on any problems on the ro in south jersey, some shocking allegations against a local cop whose facing charges to night accused of exposing himself in front of young children. fox 29's shawnette wilson joins us live outside pennsville
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police department. this all happened in a family restaurant. >> reporter: it did, iain. you're a father you can certainly understand why these young boys are so upset. they're nine and 13 years old. but their mother is lived to learn that the man accused of doing this is a penns grove police officer. >> he supposed to up hold the law and teach children the right thing. not sit in the bathroom and expose hisself and laugh. >> this mother was mad enough to hear her two young sons come out of the bathroom during dinner at this pennsville applebee's on north broadway last night saying a man exposed himself to them. >> mom a man just exposed hisself to me and was paying with his penis and bust out laughing. >> reporter: then to later learn that the man identified as 32-year-old anthony minute guess is a penns grove police officer upset her even more. >> my child is drama advertised by it and i just want him off the force. >> reporter: justina davis says the man came out of the bathroom and sat at the bar. she called pennsville police who came out then had her bring her 13 and nine-year-old sons to the
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department to make a statement. pennsville police say minges was processed today and charged with lewdness and diss orally condu conduct. >> these are my kids and i'm upset, you know, my older son he's really taking it bad he says every time he close his eyes he see him laughing and playing with his genitals like that's crazy for child to have to go through that. >> reporter: ming e-z was released oh and summons much he's expected in course june 1st. iain. >> shawnette, thank you. teenager accused of terrorizing an raping women on the streets of chester city in chester township is off the streets tonight. but investigators believe there could be even more victims out there. investigators have now linked 19-year-old de john lee to at least nine brutal sexual assaults. police say they finally caught up to lee when one of his alleged victims recognized him in a delaware county store and called police. police say lee was arrested in january on unrelated firearms and drug possession charges. while he's been in jail
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investigators were able to build their case against him. the scary part of this case if it hasn't been horrific enough is the fact that we believe there are other victims out there, that he's done more than this because he's told us that he's committed these acts. many, many, many times. we have nine in front of you today. we think there's more out there. >> investigators say lee would approach women from behind, pull a gun, rob them and then take them to did he se concluded area where he would sexually assault them. they were able to use dna taken from that arrest to link lee to the crime. tonight a victim's family is pleading for a killer to come forward. one year ago today, 36-year-old marquis ya benson was brutally murdered in her apartment in see cane, delaware county. the victim's sister rex her as vibrant woman who had everything going for her. >> to lose her in this way so senselessly, so violently has
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really broken us as a family. >> police just announced today they're now offering a $5,000 reward leading to the arrest and conviction of her killer. happening now you expect to see traffic on the busy schuylkill expressway. you know that but it's what one driver saw sticking out of a car along that busy under state that just stunned her so much she to get video evidence. let's get out to chris o'connell live over the schuylkill expressway tonight. chris? >> reporter: iain, you've driven the schuylkill expressway it is no joke much it is busy, it is congested. certainly no place to be playing any games. well that is why one fox 29 viewer was shocked when she captured on video during the middle of rush hour. >> it was mother instinct that kicked in. >> reporter: the video that would make most parents shake their heads. this north philadelphia woman who asked not to be identified by name couldn't believe what she was seeing on the schuylkill expressway so she started
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rolling on her smart phone. the video sent to fox 29 shows a little girl no older than eight years old hanging out of the back of the window of a car while driving through university city along the schuylkill. in the video, you can hear her talking to her mother in disbelief. >> do he even know she hanging out that window. >> her body was out. her head was out. i saw shoulders at one point. >> not in a car seat. not in a car seat new york city way. >> for more than a minute the girl is seen popping in and out of the window. those motherly instinct popped in again. >> my mom was like get your bleep into that window. >> eventual the car drove off witness little girl still hanging out of the window. this mom sent us the video to get out the message about car seats and seat belts. >> i'm just like oh, my god suppose a truck come pass they too close to her they would hit her head or whatever. >> i was scared for the little girl. >> reporter: now the woman we spoke with there wasn't actually
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sure she should have even sent us that video because she said she didn't want to even get anyone in trouble. the reason why she spoke with us she said she wanted to get out that message to simply watch your kids, iain. >> good message, chris. all right. thank you. this is something you don't see often part of under state gone video from atlanta where part of interstate 85 collapsed in a fire during the tale of evening rush. the governor has now declared a state of emergency it's not clear what started that fire. but huge spools of plastic utility conduit were stored underneath an overpass there and they burned that state of emergency will now bring additional resources to deal with the major traffic issues in the area. some drivers have been stranded for hours. thankfully no one was hurt. well tensions were high tonight at villanova university as a controversial speaker addressed students. conservative social science tift charles murray was on campus talking politics and like many of his events, protests followed. fox 29's bruce gordon joins us
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live from campus and for murray the subject matter, bruce, really doesn't matter. >> reporter: no, when you're charles murray your reputation precedes you. earl this month violent protests shut down a maury at middle berry college in vermont. here at villanova tonight no violence but plenty of anger. charles murray had barely begun this t >> testing. >> testing. >> testing. >> testing. >> ment. >> testing. officials. >> standoff delayed murray's speech until police he is cored the demonstrators from gary haul. >> applause, applause much applaud us agrees when the talk resumed so did the protests outside. >> do you want this school's reputation connected to a pseudo scientist. >> murray writings on race, gender, socio economic status and intelligence have generated heated debate across the country and nil vo was clearly no exception. >> if you consider listening to someone that believes that the
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certainly is flat you should lit zen to him. >> some wondered are all these protesters fully versed in murray' views? >> i think it's easy to call someone. really incendiary terms call someone a white supremacist or misogynist but -- >> have you actually read his material. >> exactly. can you back that up with evidence. >> reporter: murray promised those looking for controversy in this speech would be disappointed. some of those watching the protest wondered if it might be misguided. >> i'm opposed to shutting down murray from speaking which some people are for. >> reporter: you'd rather have a debate. >> i'd rather have debate an discussion. >> reporter: if you couldn't notice we will tell you that tv cameras from news stations were allowed in the murray talk and he was on are unavailable for comment to reporters before leaving campus. in a statement the university made note of the protests but we voice russly defend free speech and pursuit understanding and the understanding of diverse
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viewpoints. iain. >> bruce, thank you coming up a man kicked off a flight to philly because of his wheelcha wheelchair? and could the first state be wheelchair? and could the first state be the next state to legal at nature valley, we know that you have to put good in here to be great out there. real good energy. real delicious energy. nature valley granola bars. just good. you don't normally run through a meadow at sunrise. but once you indulge in rich, dark chocolate, lightly salted almonds and slow roasted peanuts... you might surprise yourself. nature valley sweet and salty bars. blissfully good.
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he was kicked off a flight from los angeles to philly international because of his mark smith has cerebral palsy. he says he bored the plane in la like he always east and all of a
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sudden the crew made him get off the flight. he says he's never been treated this way before and was given little for the big inconvenience of having to take a later flight. when indeed i asked why i was never given a valid explanation other than we're taking you now. i was in absolute shock. um, and confused and disbelief because i fly so often for business. >> in a statement american airlines says in part that they apologized to smith and do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. they say they have reached out to him for more information. tonight the philadelphia chapter of the naacp has a message for the da's office involving a recent shooting. they are demanding the victim of the robbery who shot the suspect in innocent bystander face charges. we reported earlier this week that 41-year-old marcus quinones
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allegedly pulled out a knife and demanded cash at a laundromat in fa shot that man as he ran away and dropped the cash. the naacp says the owner was reckless. >> if you are robbed and a person runs out your store, let the police handle. that's their job. that's what we pay thems for par them. you shoot recklessly into our community you could have killed a child, you could have killed the lady that you shot in the hasn't. >> the man accused of robbing the laundromat faces numerous charges. you see it you shoot it. urs show what's happening in your neighborhood. dawn, what's going on tonight? >> well, iain, we love when our fresco users send us video of breaking news we want to see local events happening in your town as well manysey, rowan uniy host add law enforcement career day. nicole johnson zen us this vid video. law enforcement officers from all across the state spoke to students about their careers protecting and serving the
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community. and students at widener university had a real sweet competition tonight. fresco user nick takes us to the school's cake boss event. students were judged on both appearance and taste. the winner gets cash and the title of widener cake boss inspired bite tv show starring buddy veal las tow when you see news happening be sure to take out your phone and shoot it and use the fresco happen to send it to our newsroom. ♪ it's like the whole complex a right here on this board. ♪ >> rh i cruised on down to the delaware legislative complex today to groove out on concept of legalized marijuana. ♪ >> reporter: >> you smoking marijuana while you're watching this? is my head bigger bigger and smaller
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or is it you? or is it me? [ laughter ] just kidding i'm sorry. legal marijuana was introduced on the floor of the delaware state assembly here today in dover. i'm hank and my take is, what took them so long? >> yes, i feel confident we can get it report roar that's repr helene keal al democrat who introduced her house bill 110 a bill that would regulate marijuana like alcohol in the first state. >> anything you can and with al. actual in some aspect it would be even more strict. >> reporter: sounds good. i'm gettingospect. whoa!! delaware decriminalized weed an year and a half ago and keeley aims to go further wit s licensing and
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application fees for merchants. senate majority leader margaret rose henry supports the effort on the senate side. they said they're just giving delawareans what they want. >> when a poll was done by the university of delaware more than 61% of delawareans want to see this and i can tell if you my in box indicator, out of 90% of the people who write me want this and believe it's the right thing to do. ♪ >> reporter: state seal is so cool. now it was tough to find opposition to the bill but that's just beople haven't had n opportunity to read it yet according to assembly minority leader dan short a republican, he added that ul to pass and he wasn't sure it would have that kind of juice. >> ♪ >> reporter: cull on now the jury has beenhis, as a state you make money taxing the stuff, lots of it, you save
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money notiling people who will t any way. all i'm saying, you don't ever hear complaining from the states have already done it. i'm hank and that's my take. in your health tonight the common cold could make you feel -- feeling lonely makesou . a study found when people felt lonely their cold symptoms got worse than those people who had high cal relationships with friends and family. study author says it shows addressing mental health problems could help with people's physical health. all right, sean what's coming up in sports. >> iain, sports and social issues will connected much the ncaa forced the state of north carolina to change its law showing how powerful sports can be. coming up next my sports commentary. i'll tell you why never separate sports and social iss issues.
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♪ sean bell takes on why sports and social issues should never be separated. his commentary in 15 seconds. ♪ social issues and sports go hand in hand and that's the way it should always be. today the state of north carolina decided to repeal its controversial bathroom bill. why? because the ncaa refused s in the state until changes were
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made. remember, charlotte lost nba all star game because of this law. there's still much to change but the ncaa chose defensing the rights of the lgbtq community by taking money away from the state of the state. unfortunately that's the only way you can get thing done it took sports to do that. sports has always led the way for social change. stick to sports, leave everything else out of it, i just shake my head. from being one of first entities to integrate people of color toe tragedy of 9/11 sports has always been in the forefront. from muhaa all the way to colin kaepernick. it's always been important for athletes and sports social issues. without it, where wouldld we be? >> iain. >> all right its all right sean. instagram posts from taylor tays loving her break from social mim her pages for the past ill be bk
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posting more soon. for now s's that negativity. >> the haters are going to agent you know what i mas she'll be rk on doing the same thing. she wi. >> if you're going to go follow. >> there you go. leader what is do i know. >> rain and wind. >> oh, myro more entertainment news straight ahead on fox 29. weot nation then the raind for chasing news tomorrow get that rain gear out. we're back here speaking ofhide. sue serio and bob kelly got you. thanks for watching. have a great
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at nature go in here to be great out there.
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>>philadelphia", prepare for a drencher, it i soggy commute toy to get today and that means it will be a rain we can eyex will be like. how about this striking a deal testify, but he wants immun fit. under fire, over a 140 a drexel university professor sparking nationwide about one or u.s. soldiers. off a flight to philadelphia, why he g to do with his day, everybody is a


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