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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  April 4, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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very good morning, happening right now on "good day philadelphia", be prepared , for a wet commute to work, or school, it is going to be a rainy tuesday, of course, sue's tracking your forecast and bob has a look at the road this morning. chaos on the streets of philadelphia, look at all of this evidence markers, four people shot in cold blood and now the hunt is on for gunman. supreme showdown democrats and republicans are on a collision course over nomination of the neil gorsuch it could change the u.s. senate, forever. ♪ >> this turns us upside down, inside out, round and round,
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coming to fill at original supreme, diana ross is bringing her name of love tour to our city. >> she's coming back. she wants to come back. great to have you with us on this tuesday morning, it is a rainy one, thomas drayton, karen hepp, bob kelly, sue serio, good morning. >> i'm signing sue and karen up to be part of the supremes. >> we can be background dancer >> love it. >> we could be background dancer. >> oh, oh. >> yes, right, exactly. >> it is 4/4. april 4th. >> happy 4/4. >> do we get anything, t-shirt , happy 4/4. >> how about rain i'll give so rain. >> okay, then we will get beautiful flowers after that. >> perfect. >> let's go to the radar and see what is going on. we are taking a look at a few showers, in northern delaware, around philadelphia area as well, we probably heard some thunderstorms rolling through overnight, most of them are out of here, but we have more
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rain on the way. looking out toward pittsburgh you will see rain there and something bubbling up from the south as well. it will be a damp day. 60 degrees. it is really mild this morning with the 16 miles an hour wind out of the south. other temperatures 43 mount pocono. fifty's just about every where else, 63 in dover. fifty-eight in lancaster. fifty-four in wildwood. so sure have to bundle up this morning. be prepared for shower to pop up at anytime, we could have thunderstorms rumble through later this afternoon but look at that high temperature bob kelly, 75. >> got to love it. >> 4:02. not looking forward to the commute this morning, though. little wet. need a new set of wiper blade on our camera on the 42 freeway but this is what your windshield will look like stepping outside the front door this morning. forty-two freeway we have spray coming off the cars and trucks in front of you. everything is a little wet and messy. here's a live look at the schuylkill expressway downtown
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, the sky line all lit up there, in the background. nothing major on the major roadways but a left over from yesterday, we had a minor train derailment, up in new york's penn station. so this morning, amtrak is running a modified schedule between washington and new york and new jersey transit, they have an adjusted schedule on their trains. basically all that activity in and out of penn station they have limited tracks, i think is there like six less tracks then they normally will use in and out of penn station. just expect delays this morning on both amtrak and njt weather delays, expected down at philly international today. maybe a best bet to check with your airline to make sure you are good to go. road work coming later on right after rush hour penndot has been working southbound between bartram down toward the airport but otherwise, major roadways, no problems, no incidents but expect, slower then normal speed, all because of the weather, karen and thomas, back over to you. time is 4:04.
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search is on for whoever shot and killed two men and wounded two others in north philadelphia gunfire, ringing out as children were coming home from school. our jenny joyce live at police headquarters with the very latest on the investigation, jenny, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, thomas. police believe it was two shooters who fired nearly two dozen shots in north philadelphia, yesterday afternoon according to police two victims died, two more are in critical condition at the hospital, all four are between age 24 and 30. shooting happened on west styles street, near the harrison plaza, public housing community at 3:30 yesterday afternoon as children were making their way home from school. pill bottles were scattered near crime scene but police could not confirm if they had anything to do with the shooting. people living there said they are disgusted by violence and concerned for many children were caught in the cross fire. police tell us between 20 and
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22 shots were fired. >> we had four individual standing there. we believe that someone came east from this location and started firing, one shooter, maybe two started firing at the individual and then fled from this location. right now we don't know what it is over. >> my kid had to run pennsylvania, bodies on the ground, which is like ridiculous. >> i have kid in the house, four of them, you know what i mean? three minutes earlier maybe they were shot. >> it is sad. police dot best they can did but you cannot stop this type of violence. just one under lining common theme is there are too many weapons on the street of the city of philadelphia. >> reporter: so again two of the four victims died from their injuries, two more in critical condition at hahnemann hospital. police think shooters may have gotten away in a small gray suv, thomas. >> hopefully they will learn more this morning, jenny joyce , reporting, thank you. 4:06. lets look at dramatic video from perkasie bucks county completely gutted by fire.
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sky fox over this inferno, really 8:30 on the 200 block of smith school road, no injuries, that is good news, investigators there are trying to figure out what started all that. two children in two days approached by strangers on the streets of the gloucester county. sunday night police say a man in the white van approached a 17 year-old girl and asked if she needed a ride home on black horse pike in blackwood. yesterday about a mile away a 12 year-old boy was approached by a man in the veneer fairmount avenue, and despite the similarities, police do not believe that the incidents are related. but parents as you can imagine , very stunned. >> it is just scary to know that happened in this area. it is a good neighborhood. we are right down the street from the police, park. kid come out all the time. >> investigators are urging anyone who may have encountered similar incidents to call gloucester township police. trial begins today for the man accused of killing a pennsylvania trooper, and
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critically injuring a second one. judge has ruled that prosecutors could use eric frein's videotaped confession as evidence yesterday that was the ruling. frein could face death penalty if convicted of killing corporal brian dickson and shooting trooper alex douglass russian intelligence officials identified the st. petersberg subway bomber as a russian citizen. that blast killed 11 people in st. petersberg on monday. the explosion tore right through a train as it was traveling between two stations a second larger device was, found and defused at another station. president donald trump called the explosion absolutely a terrible thing. russian president vladamire putin who had been in st. petersberg earlier in the day laid roses at a makeshift memorial with candles outside the bomb's metro station. >> we will do everything to identify the reasons for what happened, give a fully
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valuation what happened and city and federal authorities will do everything possible to support families that are killed and our injured citizens. >> russian officials still not have not revealed whether it was a suicide bombing or whether the bomber got away. judge neil gorsuch moves closer to becoming the new supreme court justice as democrats continue their efforts to try to block that nomination. senate judiciary committee approved gorsuch's nomination yesterday, clearing the way for a full senate vote this week. democrats claimed that they have the required votes to sustain a filibuster with delaware senator chris coons becoming the forty-first senator to say he would in the vote for gorsuch. >> i will be vote ago begins close tour until we are able to finally sit down and avoid a nuclear option there has never been a successful partisan filibuster of a supreme court nominee and we will not start this week. >> if necessary, the g.o.p. plans to change the rules by invoking that so-called
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nuclear option which will allow gorsuch to win approval with the simple majority vote and if that happens, gorsuch will be confirmed by friday. president trump's approval ratings they continue to plumet, according to the investors business daily, policy politics poll only 34 percent of americans approve of the president's job performance which is an 11 percent drop since last month, this poll has a 3.3 margin of error. president trump is known for his twister blasts and his tweets will be preserved in american history. at request of the national archives the white house will save each of donald trump's tweets even those he deletes or corrects. presidential record act requires such correspondence to be preserved, for history. meantime president trump makes good on a campaign promise, donating the first three months of his salary. during yesterday's briefing white house press secretary sean spicer presented a $78,000 check, to the national park service, and the money
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will go toward beautifying neglected battle field and national parks. white house released first official portrait of melania trump for her glamorous look. she opted for you blackjack wet a sequin and diamond engagement ring reportedly 25 carat is on full display. photograph was taken in the white house private residence. is there an 80 year-old woman, robbed, by some guy, on a bike, pretty brace's tack that all happened to her we have video of the whole thing. coming up on "good day philadelphia" it is a story we will see only on fox 29 why this woman said she may have gone down but she's not out of the fight just yet. hicks, driving on williams , wow. >> unc takes the ncaa basketball title, we will break it down.
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did you stay up late and watch , bob. >> difficult in the but i'm thinking about this time last year when we were celebrate ago this villanova victory. as we go for a ride on the pennsylvania turnpike, westbound, willow grove over to norristown, misty he will yacht singing i can't stand the rain as we go outside and take a live look at ben franklin parkway, when will this rain roll out? sueby has the answer after the break.
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very good morning at 4:14, this is what we're waking up to, it will be a rainy tuesday sue serio will have the latest on your forecast in about 45 seconds here let's go down south, people are picking up pieces after a severe storm system hits part of the south. at least five people are dead lou san, mississippi, alabama and gaff been hit the hardest. there was a man who suffered such tragedy, he lost his wife and daughter when a tornado hit their homes and says he is grateful for people helping him. >> it is a miracle, put people together, and, you know, tragedy like this happened, it is a miracle. >> obviously getting power restored, schools back opened and getting community back to a sense of normalcy is incredibly important. >> massive clean up efforts there you can see them hauling out these vehicles thatter water logged. this storm system is expected
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to clear as the week progresses but sue, some system that is moving on top of our heads. >> well, no, that part of the system, i can even show you, it has already crossed florida split is, right around jacksonville. that is where severe weather is. then we have a northern system that has been affecting us in the overnight hours. there is more on the way, we could get even some thunderstorm activity before the day is through but right now those showers right over philadelphia making for ayuky start to the day if this is how early you start your day. there you can see that one shower right in the silt i, out toward chester county, montgomery, bucks county around warminster we have steady rain and some stretching into delco as well. that is what we have right now , ocean county, a couple of heavier showers, right toward the shore there and around toms river. what do we have? chance of more rain before the morning is through. we have had heavy downpours overnight, showers will be more scattered throughout the early part of the day and then
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we could see some sunshine, problem with that sunshine it makes things unstable and we could see pop up thunderstorms , so we will see how that day plays out. 60 degrees right now, not for our projected high temperature , it is 60 degrees right now, 54 wildwood. forty-three mount pocono. fifty-eight in lancaster. sixty-three in dover, delaware if you are walking out the door do not bundle up but hold on tour hat and don't forget the umbrella, 13 miles an hour winds there we have 60-degree average high. we are already at our average high for today and only can go up from here. yesterday's high was 68 degrees. how about today, 75. tomorrow when sun comes back out it will be 68, very beautiful day tomorrow, back to showers and thunderstorms on thursday. unfortunately maybe on friday. we definitely cool off on friday so you'll need a sweater, jacket at the ballpark if you go to the phillies opening day and be prepared for maybe just a
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stray shower, would be kelly. >> i believe they are giving out a hat or a knit hat of some sort. >> okay. >> on friday, we will see you down there. 4:17. good morning everybody. live look at i-95 northeast philadelphia, as sue mentioned it will be a wet, yucky morning rush hours. make sure you are ready and good set of wiper blade and be ready for the spray rolling up and down the roadways. here's what your windshield will look like coming through mid county, 476 heading down toward the schuylkill. speedometer readings where we should be, we don't have any reports of any major nasty accidents or closures or anything like that at least for the moment, so that is good news. right after the rush hour a new project for gang in downingtown, 30 bypass, they are working between route 10 and route 202 as we head into exton. a minor train derailment occurred yesterday at new york 's penn station. as a result today amtrak will be running a modified schedule between washington and new york city and new jersey
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transit trains will be running on a adjusted schedule, in and out of penn station. keep that in mind if you are traveling via rails today, up in trenton, route one, between perry and olden avenue high water because of the rain and minor flooding up there so just watch for local detours. we could have weather delays at philly international. check ahead with your airline before you head down to the airport, karen and thomas. >> appreciate the head up, thank you. the father of the two-year old quakertown boy who accidentally shot and killed himself with his dad's gun is sentenced to jail. twenty-seven year-old nicholas wiley pleaded guilty in bucks county court and sentenced to almost two years in jail. prosecutors say he left a loaded handgun in the bedroom where his son had gone to watch winnie the pooh last september. his client is already serving a mental life sentence and will never recovery motionly. two suspects are charged in the shooting death of the 13 year-old boy who was shot last month, as he ordered take
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out at hunting park restaurant police say these two guys 19 year-old tymir johnson was shooter. they charged 18 year-old christopher sutherland, and a death of khiser. and surveillance video helped them identify those suspects. now we want to show you a story only right here on fox. eighty year-old mugging victim speaking about a brace's tack. we have video there was surveillance rolling, as an 80 year-old woman, her name was elizabeth, was walking home from the store. do you see that guy on the bike? that is the suspect. he is so craft i right there he goes, grabs her bag right there bicycle bandit took off with her purse containing $200 in cash bike ago way witt right there. some of other her personal belongings this happened on the 500 block of hunting park avenue here in daylight. as for that suspect elizabeth says he belongs in jail. >> i ain't going to lie if i had a gun i would have shot him. i would have shot him in the head so help me god.
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>> so she was in the seriously , physically injured. she is obviously very upset. if you have any information on who that guy is, pretty clear pictures, right there, call east detectives. search on for a brazen robbery at a feltonville sandwich shop. police releasing this surveillance video showing a masked man storming in the store on the 4400 block of whittaker avenue. he goes behind the counter, points a gun at the employee and demand cash. he grabs that money, and then runs off. if you know anything, call police. state police trooper is hurt in the serious crash in new jersey. this happened yesterday afternoon on interstate 78 in warren township. it took emergency crews more than a half an hurry to get the trooper out of the vehicle before he was flown to the hospital. now the extent have his injuries is not yet men this morning. authorities have not yet released his that i am. this is first for the philadelphia fire department and it is great news, they have promoted their first ever female fire battalion chief, fire commissioner tiehl, swore
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in captain linda long yesterday. she's also the first person, male or female, that rose through the ranks as both a paramedic, and a fire fighter. she joined the department as a paramedic back in 1990 and 14 years ago at age of 39 she decided i will switch gears and become a fire fighter. she said it took a lot of hard work to get where she is right now. >> i'm so excited, proud to be able to be a representative of all of the woman in the fire department because i may be the first female battalion chief but i doubt i will be the last. >> absolutely, claps and qued owes all the way around. there were two dozen promotions. also making history crystal yates, paramedic captain, cities first african-american pea mail paramedic services chief. nicely done. >> congratulations. road to redemption, may have been paved with good intentions. >> last year villanova came out on top against north
4:22 am
carolina tar heels, well, this is a very different story. sean has you covered with more sports in a minute. coming up in sports in a minute see what caesar hernandez did for phillies that hasn't been done since 1938. opening day, in baseball, next in sports.
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this is fox 29 sports in one minute. good morning i'm sean bell , phillies are undefeated in and or ton of the nl east.
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it is only one game but it is still counting. opening day, starting off with a bang top of the first, very first batter, caesar hernandez , the lead off home run, that is first opening day lead off home run for phillies since 1938, phillies starting off, the right way, and then in the second freddie galvis with the deep shot of his own, phillies took a three to nothing lead in the second, they will go on to win, four- three. mets taking on the braves, bases loaded in the seventh, lucas dude a clears bases, hits a shot, to dead center that goes over to center fielders head, mets would win easily six to nothing. to the national championship game redemption tourist complete, late in the game, unc up by one, isaiah hicks with the drive, and the finish , a great, bucket and the tar heels, would then finish it off on the other end , they win, their sixth champion ship, program history that is sports in a minute i'm sean bell.
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we have a kangaroo controversy the jack that went viral last week now back in the head lines. >> i love hearing this story. coming up how the roo from the zoo ended up at a comedy show but this one, this is no laughing matter.
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it is a soggy start to the day, really we cannot sugar coat it. how long will we need our umbrellas? sue is tracking it all and break it down. also the search for a shooter after two people are, killed, two others injured in the north philadelphia shooting. and fast flying, what one local airport is doing to make sure that your time, there is a shorter one, you may appreciate it. and good day, it is tuesday, we are, well, a little bit in the week right now, second day. thanks for joining us and waking up early. >> just a smidge. >> it is a great tuesday. >> you know, it is more than monday. >> monday repeat. >> but are right, it is, we have a rough morning i think ahead of us. >> it is hug a news person day , bob kelly. >> okay.
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>> best way to start the day. >> so much better. >> you know, i think you'll like the temperature today. it is in the 70's. >> it is only going up from here. >> we are already at our normal high of 60 degrees like right now, like okay. anyway, we have got scattered showers throughout the area not the downpours we had a few hours ago but more on the way, but what is happening here is a warm front in the process of making its way through the area so warmer temperatures, follow that, 60 degrees with 90 percent relative humidity and southerly wind at 15 miles an hour. we have 55 in trenton. and possibility, but also some sunshine, this afternoon, problem is the sunshine increases, the instability, so that is why we would get pop up thunderstorms but anyway we will enjoy that high of 75 while it is here, bob kelly. >> so i have to use the thunderstorm icon here.
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good morning, it is tuesday, 4:30 we have our first problem here on i-95. it looks like an accident involving these tractor trailers and blinking lights here. is there at least one vehicle, in this mix here, so this is all southbound, i-95, right here at cottman avenue. so just happened as we were about to go on the air here at bottom of the hour. so again, anybody leaving bucks county, north east philadelphia be ready to hit the breaks. we will see how then fold is here. road are wet. we have wipers on intermittently some times heavy downpour with puddles out there. here's a live look at stump road, be ready for ayuky morning rush hour. speedometer readings not bad at all, only problem is right there at i-95 at cottman avenue, a minor train derailment, that happened yesterday leaving today for amtrak to run a modified schedule between washington and insuring's penn station. new jersey transit they are running an adjusted schedule because of the lack of track
4:32 am
as veilable this morning, in and out of penn station. be ready for that or using the rails, all this rain, at high tide, flooding out a portion of route one up here in trenton above capitol between perry and olden avenue. as you go for a ride be careful in the work zones 202 north between booth road and route 30 where they have been working overnight. but we have uneven surface. we are looking good on mass transit. karen and thomas, back over to you. well, nearly two dozen shots were fired, in this developing story, children were walking home from school when this all happened in north philadelphia, and caught in the gunfire. four men, two that have died, two others who were critically injured. they are still looking for whoever did this and is responsible. lets get out to jenny joyce with what we necessity so far, jenny. we will have general any a live report shortly. they are still trying to figure out gunman involved in
4:33 am
the shoot bug a rattle in that community and a lot of frustration on that one. man accused of shooting in the parking lot of the gentlemen's club is expect in court this morning. twenty-nine year-old, lawrence mitchell will face a detention hearing in camden county superior court. he is face ago tempted murder charges. police say he used a rifle to fire shots in the delilah's parking lot from a build ago cross the street. the shots hit two cars parked nearby as a woman was walking toward those vehicles. mitchell is being held in camden county jail on fugitive charges. a chilling, confession from a south jersey teenager, police say 17 year-old santos cullen junior pleaded guilty as an adult in ploy to go kill pope francis while in fail in 2015. prosecutors say the lindenwald 's teen plot involved using a snipe tore shoot the pope during mass and setting off explosive devices nearby. he faces 15 years in prison. we have good news for people riding septa, there
4:34 am
have been fewer injuries and complaints between transit officers and the general public. it may be thanks to the body cameras. septa says after doing a audit of the body camera system they have found a 20 percent decrease in injuries, to suspects, and a 30 percent decrease to officer injuries. septa says that the body camera may be responsible whether it was a change in the behavior of the officers, or maybe just a discourage people of making false charges, interesting. big guns on this one former philadelphia district attorney lynn abraham is suing to get rid of her successor. she along with another philadelphia prominent attorney have sued district attorney seth williams asking for a judge to force him out of office because he will not resign. they say you got to be an attorney to be a district attorney. last month williams was indicted on federal corruption charges. williams has given up his law license but is not stepping down. aclu is stepping into a berks county school district
4:35 am
battle over whether a transgendered student can use locker or bathrooms on campus. group filed a motion yesterday to defense boyer town area school district and as policy to allow trans students to use locker and rest rooms of their choice. district was sued last month by two conservative groups on behalf of the family in the district saying that the policy violates other students privacy rights. 4:35. happening today, it is day two in that trial against three teenage girls charged in connection with the deadly bathroom fight. prosecutors say that the fight last year in wilmington delaware led to the death of the 16 year-old amy joyner frances. the trial is expect to last two weeks. the last of the new automated screening lanes at newark liberty international airport now opened. this is good news. we won't have congested mess lake that and long lines. here's what they are hoping is happening, 17 lanes can scan travelers in two-thirds rds the time using power conveyor
4:36 am
belt. five flyers loading up their luggage at the same time moves everyone along more quickly. newark is first of the new york city airports to open up the new high tech security lanes. all right. we have more ahead, we have target, coming to one of our neck of the wood. >> bulls eye, targeting another philadelphia hot spot we will tell you neighborhood and take you to the neighborhood that is about to get a bull's eye good target, le section up front where everything is a dollar. you can go in and theyet with s, right? good morning, everybody. a closer look at a jackknife tractor trailer do you see the cab spun all the way around, taking place live on i-95, don't leave the house without your umbrella, outside we will go, rain, rush hour ahead sue by has details when we come back.
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fuel your hair. because strong is beautiful. what a scene a woman in florida survives a deadly situation. she was about to get in her suv when another car came barreling right toward her. >> this is hard to believe looking at those pictures. she ended up being opinion between the car and her garage door. driver who caused this accident was speeding from police who were trying to pull him over there. this is suspect. he loses control hits a traffic post and then crashes in to the parked suv and as she and her husband were trying to get into ate this
4:40 am
exact moment. when you can see wreck, damage and how luck think woman was that she wasn't killed. >> even when the car hit me i didn't feel anything. i just closed my eyes and i thought i would be dead, from the impact, and at the moment i saw that i was still breathing and alive i thought maybe my ribs were broken. >> police say suspect then after he did that crash tried to runaway from the scene but the officer did manage to track him down and arrested him and that car was stolen. let's get to missouri where investigators are trying to figure out what cause aid deadly boiler explosion. >> three people killed and four others hurt from that explosion in the box company in st. louis. blast yesterday sent a large piece of the boiler right through the factory roof, it traveled about 500 feet before crashing in the office building, about a block away. do you remember kangaroo in detroit that we first told but last week? let's just say it hopped back in the news. >> in the necessarily in a good way. there is a controversy because
4:41 am
it wound up at a comedy show in detroit on the stage. congress grew is darwin, he makes an appearance friday night with this comedian whose name is mike epps. he doesn't look that happy, obviously, being forced to be part of the show so this video was shared and animal rights activist saw this and filed a complaint against the exotic zoo which owns that animal. meanwhile the comedian issued a taped apology saying things didn't go exactly as planned on stage. >> i felt sorry for the kangaroo, he looked scared, he was trying to move away, he was pushing, that pulls on anyone's heart thinking an animal is afraid. >> it wasn't him, it was obviously animal rights activist. there is that kangaroo. exotic zoo says it is licensed and allegations of animal abuse are reckless. coming up next on good day fill after you done this one yet, cutting cord for tv. >> we will tell what you apple could soon be doing in an effort to get you to ditch cable. there is a reason.
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good morning, everybody. it is 4:44. triple four's on the digital clock and we have a problem here on i-95. look at this jackknife tractor trailer at i-95 southbound approaching cottman avenue, in northeast philadelphia. this happened about 15 minutes or so ago, again, an example of the wet road we have, it is obviously this guy another tractor trailer involved. i'm in the sure if there is a vehicle involved there as well but nonetheless both tractor
4:45 am
trailers, up above here, to give you an idea what we are looking at here coming south on i-95 from say bucks county or northeast philadelphia approaching cottman avenue, everybody is pushed over into the far two right lanes. now what is interesting is this is that stretch that since they have opened up all of the lanes of cottman avenue it turns into a drag race in the morning and as you head south just be ready to take it slow and hit the brakes because instead of the four lanes we are only moved over to two. you can see here everybody just hitting the brakes, slowing by and then bam, hit the gas when we go. again southbound i-95 near cottman avenue is only traffic incident on the big screen but we will have slower than normal speed all morning long because of the weather conditions. we have had a minor train derailment yesterday in new york's penn station, because of that amtrak today is running on a modified schedule between washington and new york, that will include everybody coming through philly 30th street station and new jersey transit, trains,
4:46 am
running an adjusted schedule in and out of penn station. few less track as veilable at the station. high water combination of the rain and high tide at capitol here in trent object so route one portion blocked between perry and olden avenue. be careful on i-95 like i just showed you, 202, 422, turnpike , tough to see lane markers when we get heavy rain hutch rain? how long will it last in sueby has it in 15 seconds here's a look is what happening, a warm front is moving through the area, that is number one and then we will get a weak cold front as well. so a warm front is what is causing the showers and thunderstorms that might have
4:47 am
awakened you, overnight. but what is also going to cause it to get 15 degrees above average. we are expecting a high temperature in the 70's this afternoon, problem is we're also expecting pop up showers and thunderstorms. there you can see the big picture and thunderstorms we have been watching along the gulf coast and now around jacksonville, florida. for us we have in the seen anything strong to severe but we have seen some showers, around, sort of these pop up, isolated, downpours like in pennsville, new jersey around philadelphia, around marple township in delco, around trenton, new jersey and lawrence, new jersey as well, so that is where we will see rain at the moment. possibility of more showers around, continues through 8:00 e we will see it stays cloudy, pop up thunderstorms probably three or four after we will get some sunshine is when we can see the convection occur but then things clearing up quickly tonight.
4:48 am
we will have a chillier night but beautiful day on wednesday that doesn't last long because then another system coming in, another warm front followed bay a cold front and that is on thursday, look at all of the heavy rain coming in by 11:00 a.m. on thursday and lasting through the rest of the afternoon and evening time , and then right at the end of where our computer model for this end look at what happened on friday, late thursday night out of pittsburgh and cleveland, snow , for them, in the us. right now it is 60 degrees in philadelphia. fifty-five in wildwood. forty-four mount pocono. fifty-six in lancaster. that is how we are starting off at our high temperature today. expect wind to pick up in the wake of the warm front 15 miles an hour sustain. is there your normal average high, your typical high 60 degrees. sixty-eight was our high yesterday. seventy-five today. we are back in the upper 60's on our nine out of 10 on wednesday. back to showers and thunderstorms on friday. our big focus is on the
4:49 am
phillies opening day, home opener, on friday, and, 50 degrees. you know you will need a jacket. it will be on the chilly side, a chance of a stray shower. >> let's hope it is not a wash out, sue, sue, thank you. in your health this morning at 4:49 going in the water. this is a beautiful sight. one of the dangers of going in the water getting stung by a jelly fish. you know what they say when you get stung by a jelly fish that urine is actual gi for it >> supposed to, on it. new research on this he whether you step on the jelly fish say that is a myth, don't believe it. >> researchers for the university of hawaii reviewed solutions people commonly believed to work and found that only one was really a good idea what is that. >> talking about vinegar here. vinegar prevents stingers embedded in the skin from releasing more venom. when your friend is quick to jump in to action, no, no, no. >> okay. >> we're good here. do you talk tour little
4:50 am
pets, maybe in the past, come here fido. >> even with the guinea pigs. >> yes. >> our producer, yeah. >> she has a little dog, sweety, and so she talks to her dog all the time. >> yes you walk in the house, do you right away ask how the little ones day was? she's not going to confess to it. >> oh, my god you i'm on tv. >> you talked tour pet all the time. >> here's the question some people believe, talking to your pet seems odd or insane but it actually may be linked to human intelligence. you are very smart. >> it makes us smart and makes us human. according to research talking with our animals is a sign of social intelligence. it is something that gives human attribute toss animal, plants and things. >> very good. >> i butchered that one. scientists a the university of chicago say in other species
4:51 am
has this tendency, and that makes us uniquely smart they say that humans because we do this we have the ability to recognize and find faces, every where. >> your pets love it. go ahead talk to fido. in your money at 4:51. >> major announcement for target opening up one of those new small stores in northern liberties. >> it will be on sixth and spring garden. it will be smaller then other stores that we're used to in the suburbs. target says it is tailored to meet need of the people in the city and by the way it is set to open up in july of next year. get ready. new option in the works for way you view your favorite shows. >> a lot of people are doing this where they are cutting cord. apple tv apple wants to have a tv streaming service, to get premium channels included like your hbo's and show times and have them join in on this. company reportedly wants to offer these services in the single bundle which would be nice, and apple has not commented on those reports.
4:52 am
our favorite price for everything is free to day you can get free ice cream at ben and jerries. my favorite flavor, cherry. >> yes, they are all so good. so you have to stand in line, maybe. it will be from noon until 8:00. here's the thing you can get as many as you want today because it is free cone day, so closest locationness our neck of the wood is there one in university city right on 40th street and then one also in rittenhouse square. >> wear a hat. >> disguise,. >> keep going back. crispy cream and giordeli is making decadent dough news, two flavors, see salt carmel and mint check late are inspired by check late company 's own squares. carmel is filled with salted carmel or carmel depend on how you say it, dipped in premium chocolate icing and topped with sugar, salt, more icing, and then the mint check late
4:53 am
chips will, mint check late flavor is filled with white mint cream also dipped in check late icing and topped with the mint check late chips and coated with powdered sugar that will be your whole day salaries. >> each 125 calories. >> yeah, right, but worth every bite. ♪ >> she's coming back legendary diana ross is coming back to philadelphia, and you can get a chance to see her in person.
4:54 am
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welcome back at 4:56. good morning to you. legendary diana ross is coming back to philadelphia this summer. >> ♪ >> all right. circle your calendars right now she will be performing at the mann1 of my favorite venues, you can sit out there, listen in, saturday, as part of the name of love tour for this one. she has not been to our city in a couple of years, since 2015, tickets on sale on friday. >> we're following breaking details surrounding a quadruple shooting, jenny joyce has the latest this morning. >> good morning,. >> reporter: police confirmed that a third victim of yesterday's quadruple shooting has died we will have the latest on this developing
4:57 am
investigation coming up at 5:00. ♪ hitting the mid-morning wall? with up to 24 grams of hearty protein jimmy dean bowls help you avoid it. shine on.
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right now on good day philadelphia, april showers falling on our head. sue serio tracking where and for how long. quadruple shooting four struck three fatally latest on on this breaking investigation there has never been a successful partisan filibuster
5:00 am
of a supreme court nominee and we will not start this week. >> battle of nominee neil gorsuch democrats vowing to block him, republicans preparing for the so-called nuclear option, might push him through. "good day philadelphia" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. it is great to have you with us on this tuesday, i'm thomas drayton with thomas hepp. always good to see bob kelly and sue serio. good morning everybody. unfortunately we have to deal with some rain this morning. >> right, we have had heavy rain moving through overnight did it wake you up. >> no. >> on the bright side, it goodies for our grass. my lawn need to be cut already >> yeah. >> it is, we will have great flowers and some flowers have been starting to bloom in february. >> see the budd. >> they are back. april 4th, 4/4, lets see what our number that we selected. we will do a four. i did a five. we will get 75 degrees and some sunshine. i might go with


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