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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  April 4, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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okay i want to see flowers in may. it seems like we have had a lot of rain. another wet start to the morning commute but when it clears you will like the way you look, and the way you feel the warm temperatures, i feel it already. how long will it last. rain may have been a factor. live look at i-95 south a hazmat situation involving a jackknife situation at colt
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man avenue causing problems this morning. you can see backups. bob kelly has an update for you. two suspicious acts targeting children in less than 24 hours now police are trying to find people responsible, trying to lure these kid in their vehicles who they are looking for right now. they will not be denied this time. >> redemption, for university of north caroline at tar heels , out last gonzaga to win the national championship one year after their heart break ing loss to villanova. speaking of, wait what was chris jenkins doing in the stand last night and clapping? is he cheering for north carolina? >> what. >> we have to discuss. >> hero of last years game, it was year ago last night, right >> yes, chris buzzer beater jenkins that was his name. >> all righty then. good day, everybody. what a difference a year makes >> big difference.
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>> april 4th. >> one good thing abouting ago way for six weeks, coming back , people give you gifts. i got croissants from park restaurant at 18th street. >> wow. >> that is good side. bad side they were delivered yesterday morning. >> okay. >> they are still edible. >> it goodies. >> what do you think. >> i'll take care of it. >> it is april, fourth, 2017. >> sue, it is wet outside. >> yes, it is 4/4. i was going to four because of the number but it will not be a four. i'm not sure if five is high enough because we will get sunshine this afternoon but it is rainy right now. bus stop buddy is ready, grab an umbrella, good idea, showers around all morning, buddy's happy phillies won their first game yesterday. we have got a few showers here in south jersey we have some around philadelphia, some to the north of us and we are watching more out to the west, that is all going to make its way here in some form, before
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too long to see how damp it is , outside, sloppy this morning, lots of puddles, 60 degrees already. it is a mild one today for sure, we have got 50's every where else, 45 in mount pocono , 63 down in dover and we will see some sunshine but this is when you have to watch out for pop up showers and thunderstorms. 75 degrees we are happen bye that but we have to keep an eye on the sky later on. >> sound good. all eyes on i-95 take your eyes on to an alternate here because here's a hot mess jackknife tractor trailer, there it is, busted fuel tank and then spilled 60 gallons of diesel fuel on the roadway this all takes place live on i-95 approaching cottman and only that far right lane gets through. here's a jammo we are barely moving from approaching academy, this is a tow truck, a tractor trailer type truck, trying to work its way down
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toward the accident scene. there is a picture of the busted fuel tank with the fire fighters there you are ready to step outside front door, don't do it, avoid i-95, this will impact everybody in northeast philadelphia, bucks county as you are coming south instead of the four lanes we are down to one. we will go for an alternate try roosevelt boulevard getting down work your way to harbison, and if you get on at cottman you will good to go. accident is approaching the cottman avenue on ramp, so head to cottman if you can or forget there is a river there and spend a couple bucks and go across the bridge and come down route 130 and come back over the betsy ross bridge and that is best alternates, right there to get around this mess this morning. all this rain, high tide, some flooding here on route one in trent than between perry and olden afternoon and delays on the paoli regional rail line and septa's route 13 trolley. >> we need a better ferry
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system. >> there is an idea. >> i will get that organized. >> let's get on it. >> like up in new york city. >> yeah. >> a third person has died, in the a north philadelphia shoot-out. >> gunfire was ringing out as children were coming home from school, jenny joyce live at police headquarters with the very latest, it was yesterday afternoon, right. >> reporter: yesterday afternoon, 3:30 in the afternoon mike and alex, homicide detectives certainly bus which this as a third person was pronounced dead as a result of the shooting. investigating believe two shooters fired two dozen shots in the middle of the afternoon on west styles street near harrison plaza public housing community at 3:30. children were making their way home from school, victims in their mid to late 20's, unclear why, they were targeted we did see pill bottles but police could not confirm if they had anything to do with the shooting. people living in the area say they are disgusted and
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concerned for many children could have been caught in the cross fire. police tell us that between 20 and 22 shots were fired. >> we have four individual standing there we believe that someone came east from this location and started firing, one shooter, maybe two started firing at individual and then fled. we don't know what it is over. >> my kid run past bodies on the ground which is ridiculous i have four kid in the house. four of them you know what i mean. three minutes earlier they could have been shot. >> just sad police dot best they can do but you cannot stop this type of violence. just one underlying common theme is that there are too many weapons on the street in the city of philadelphia. >> reporter: right new there is an active search for shooters, again police say two people were behind this quadruple shooting yesterday afternoon, three people dead, a fourth remains in critical condition at hahnemann hospital. police believe that the shooters got away in a small
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gray colored suv, mike and alex. >> be careful, folks. 6:07. be careful in south jersey. >> true. two children in two days preached by strangers on the streets of the gloucester county. sunday night police say a man in the white van approached a 17 year-old girl and asked if she needed a ride home on black horse pike in blackwood. yesterday about a mile away a 12 year-old boy was approached by a man in the van and that was near fair mount nearest settle street. despite similarities police do not think incidents are related. investigators are urging anyone who have encountered similar incidents to call police. >> windowless white van. he wanted to kill the pope apparently, a chilling confession from the south jersey teenager police say 17 year-old santos cullen junior, pleaded guilty as an adult in plot to go kill pope frances when he was here in philadelphia about two years ago. prosecutors say lindenwald
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teen's plot involved a snipper to shoot the pope during the mass. he was conducting and setting off explosives. >> he faced a 15 year prison sentence if convicted. >> 6:08. well, you think about a year ago today, exactly one year ago today. >> that is right. >> university north carolina suffered a heart breaking defeat to villanova we were all excited. now this morning they are the won waking up as national champions. >> the tar heels. >> yeah. >> those stinking tar heels got their redemption last night verse gonzaga, the bulldogs, close game down the stretch, unc pulled away in the final second, clutch shooting, great free throws you saw coach roy williams there in his played coat, he wins his third national title with unc how come he didn't win any 10 years at my alma matter university of kansas. went to the final four but could not win the big one. >> at lee were you in the
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final four. >> true it is sixth overall national championship for the north carolina tar heels university. >> when they talked to them after the game they said we wanted revenge after last year we wanted to be in the better position. they were so hurt. >> alex holley that was a bitter pill when wildcats defeated those tar heels. >> it is way they dit, buzzer beater, really. >> yes. >> it hurt. >> yeah. >> but for us it felt good. >> i don't care. i don't care. >> about unc. >> i was rooting against theme was rooting for villanova to win it all again. >> well, then you didn't have any interest last night. did you watch any part of the game. >> no. >> no i was asleep. >> this was more exciting opening day for our phillies and boy, it started off with a bang but look at this good bye phillies find power from an unlikely source leading them to a rain soaked win and they held on against the red, is this a sign of good things to
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come? we can have a perfect season. only 161 games to go. >> if i didn't have a gun i would have shot him. >> man watch out for her. >> elderly victim not going down without a fight, video police want to you see to help catch the man who mugged her on a busy street. and rain's here, it will go away but we will have warm temperatures and everything will be good but right now it is moist.
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eighty year old woman is talking about a brace's tack. >> surveillance cameras were rolling when elizabeth baylor was walking home from the store when a man attack and robbed her. elizabeth say the bike bandit took off with her purse containng $200 and other personal belongings. it happened in the 500 block of hunting park avenue. elizabeth tried to chase down the man herself. >> i'm chasing him to sixth street. i chased him but could not catch him. if i had a gun i would have shot him. >> thankfully, elizabeth was not seriously hurt. if you have any information on the suspect you are urged to call east detectives. >> i believe her too. >> she seemed determined. >> good shot of him too, easily recognizable. 6:12. another day of clean up for people in the south severe weather continues to hammer some areas, see the moment a fire station is devoid by
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strong wind. tom brady gets his super bowl jersey back, only to have it stolen again. see who snatched it out of his hand as he was showing it off at the baseball game at fenway >> did you see his reaction. >> i did not. >> you should see it. >> are you going to show it to us. >> i hope so.
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heavy wind and rain ripping the roof off of a fire station, that is in a state of georgia. man, those tornadoes were powerful. people in the south are picking up pieces after severe storms and a lot of tornadoes also hit louisiana, and mississippi, anal bam a, and the carolinas. five people, have died. the storm system is expected to clear up, as the week progresses. it is moving out to sea right now. that is not, anything to do with the rain that we're getting right now. >> that is right. we do have pop up thunderstorms in our forecast but nothing to do with the system there in northern florida. but we have the warm front that came through overnight and might have heard heavy downpours and there were a couple of thunderstorms. so that is in the process of coming through. then we have another system, out in the western part of the state, that will bring us more
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rain and then, with the high temperature, expected today, 75 degrees, we can get pop up thunderstorms. dark red to the south of jacksonville, florida. more severe storms down to the south of us. but for us we are seeing widely scattered showers. downpours have all moved up into new england but we are watching out here in the western part of the state some showers that are advancing from west to east. we will see those in the next couple of hours. in the meanwhile it stays damp we will get pop ups like these in vineland, millville, cumberland county, in new jersey and as we look through the rest of the day, well, is there cloud cover lingering, eventually some sunshine but that is when we will get possibility of the pop up showers and thunderstorms, a gorgeous day on wednesday, and then, wednesday, night into thursday here comes more rain and lots of it, thursday it looks like that could be a super soaker. but of course our attention is on friday, when we still have a possibility of the shower on friday, we can promise cooler weather and we will be lucky if the high gets to 50 on
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friday, how many phillies opening days, bob kelly have you had to wear your parka. >> it has either been rainy, kind of windy, yucky, cold, damp. 6:18. yucky here a live look at i-95 southbound where we had an early morning tractor trailer accidents. one jackknifed spilled 60 gallons of diesel fuel all over roadways. it is a hot mess here. they have had crews out here. there is two lanes here. look at the parking lot on i-95 right now, this is southbound approaching academy road. be ready for a detour. is there fuel tank that got busted, philly fire fighters doing a good job getting out there this morning taking care of it. here are your alternates roosevelt boulevard from northeast philadelphia, you can get on at cottman avenue. if you can work your way to the cottman avenue on ramp that is way to go because crash ace approaching cottman or forget there is a river or new mike jerrick ferry system
6:19 am
we will bring in here bringing folks down the delaware go in new jersey and use route 130 and come back over the betsy. there was a minor train derailment yesterday in new york's penn station. so amtrak and new jersey transit running on modified, adjusted schedules between washington and new york this morning and septa running on delays with both paoli line and route 13 trolley. mike an alex, back over to you russian investigators say a suicide bomber is believed to have been behind a blast in the st. petersberg subway, yesterday morning as breaking news. early this morning officials identified the man behind monday's deadly bombing, and they say he is a russian citizen. officials also raised number of the death toll to 14 people killed. so at 7:30 we have a home land security expert here to talk about this bombing and what this means. >> our guy ed tour turzanski will be here. 6:20 now. today is eagles hey day,
6:20 am
national campaign to draw attention to the pay gap, between women and men. it symbolizes i date when woman's wage catches up to what men were paid the previous year. women earn an average of 20 percent less money then men do. as a result, hundreds of the businesses nationwide, are offering women, 20 percent discounts today. >> wow, we need to find out who is doing that. >> exactly so we can know who and where to shop. >> that is big. >> yeah. >> it is symbolic, more than anything. >> what is symbolism, today marks the day that women catch up to what menorah made all of last year, it took them this far into this year. >> it is a 20 percent difference. >> i thought things were changing. president trump makes good on a campaign promise, boom, donating the first three months of his salary during yesterday's briefing, white house press secretary sean spicer, presented a 78 you
6:21 am
this dollars check to the national park service, the money will go toward, booth filing neglect battle fields, and national parks. what is the president make, 400 you this dollars a year? that is the president's annual salary. >> that money will get to good use. >> good that he did that. >> national park service. hey, opening day, they got the game in. >> can you believe it, it starts with a bang. the phillies make history in their first at bat in 2017 season, the unlikely source of power in the opening day win.
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good morning i'm sean bell phillies are undefeated and on top of the nl east. i necessity, it has only been one game but opening day in baseball starting off with a bang for phillies, top of the first, very first batter, caesar hernandez with the lead off home run. that is first opening day lead off home run for the phillies since 1938, phillies starting off the right way. then in the second freddie galvis with the deep shot of his own, phillies took a three
6:25 am
to nothing lead in the second. they would go on to win four- three. mets taking on the braves, bases loaded in the seventh and lucas dude a clears bases, hits a shot to dead center that goes over center fielder 's head. mets will win six to nothing. to the national championship game redemption tourist complete, late in the game unc up by one isaiah hicks with the drive, finish, a great bucket and tar heels would then, finish it off on the other end, they win their sixth championship in the program history. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. speaking of basketball sixers, it looks lake they might sweep eastern conference rookie of the month award for this season. >> this after dario saric was announced as march's winner this marks second consecutive month that has been named east rookie in the month following in the steps of joel embiid who won rookie of the month during first three months.
6:26 am
all stars, 18-point and seven rebound per game, he shot 43 percent from the field. >> good for him. >> nicely done. >> he is doing well. >> two children approached by strangers on the streets of gloucester county in less than 24 hours. >> they were able to getaway safely but whom police are trying to find out new before >> we had rain ever night, we have more rain, on the way, and, maybe even a few thunderstorms, it is, 4/4 and we have your forecast coming up.
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spring like temperatures. an unexpected death, a new jersey girl dies after a pancake eating charity contest terrifying moment that fundraiser turned tragic. john stamos helping a man in need the big question he popped on behalf of a boyfriend of one of his biggest friend. >> they have had a reunion of sorts on tv of full house, they call it fuller house. >> on netflix. >> did you have bob sagot in last week. >> no. >> what? >> no. >> it would have been nice though. >> yes, he was over at wmmr. >> he was? >> yeah, he was live in the
6:30 am
studio. >> that is yes wasn't here. >> he had a couple of shows. we didn't have bob sagot in. >> no. >> i was out of town. okay. best thing about coming back after six weeks off you get gifts. saxby's, now that is in the beer, sit. >> no. >> it is cold brew. >> it is coffee. >> okay. >> nice. >> and a cookie. >> coffee and a cookie. >> when it is cold out i love their pepper mint latte. >> could eye one today. >> it would be nice but i can't drink it. >> that is right, you are drinking nothing but water through lent. >> yes. >> how many more days of len do we have. >> how many more days. >> little under two weeks. >> that is how long lent is. >> we wish we were at 40. >> two weeks. >> you made it. >> i think i can make it do you feel better. >> your skinnies glowing. >> sit. >> i can't notice any difference. i talk about this last night.
6:31 am
everyone tells me, what i'm doing you'll lose lots of weight. i stepped on the scale yesterday, i haven't who a thing. so to the gym would i go. >> i would say it is depressing but it is a rainbow >> how is that a rainbow. >> you have not gained any so spin it that way. >> that is true. >> you are a beautiful woman. >> well, thanks mike. >> we all agree. >> thanks, sue. >> yes. not so beautiful but rain that fell last night. yesterday was really nice. we have got more rain on the way as we wait for another beautiful day tomorrow. this afternoon is when we will see some sunshine, the number today is a five. sort of the half and half day, rainy start and then the warm, mild, end to the day but grab an umbrella for kid waiting for the bus because there are scattered showers around and see how damp it is, we will have lots of puddles in today. 59 degrees with 96 percent relative humidity. moments away from the official
6:32 am
sunrise time but hours away from seeing the sunshine, 54 in wildwood. fifty-six lancaster. forty-five in mounted pocono. very mild start to the day. we end up, 75 degrees, that is 15 degrees above, the average high temperature, for 4/4/ april 4th. so, but, but, but we have to watch out for those pop up thunderstorms anytime this afternoon, bob kelly. >> pop start this morning, pop tarts this morning. six credit 32. grab an extra pop tart for the ride this morning. a live look at i-95 southbound , jackknife tractor trailer as a result of the accident this morning plus a 60-gallon fuel spill. right now only two lanes squeezing through, approaching cottman avenue on i-95. we are jammo from pretty much woodhaven, all the way down to cottman avenue. getting ready to step outside the front door don't head for i-95, anybody from northeast philadelphia or bucks county, maybe use the roosevelt boulevard, if you can enter at
6:33 am
cottman avenue, you'll be good to go. the accident scene is approaching cottman. work through neighborhood every which way but loose but get on cottman and you will be okay. forget there is a river there go a cross the bridge and route 130 and come back over betsy ross bridge. as far as other situations an accident on route 32 at tailors lane right there at washington cross ago this accident involving also a tractor trailer. both amtrak and new jersey transit running modified adjusted schedules because of yesterday's minor train accident up in new york's penn station. septa running with delays on both paoli and route 13 trolley, mike and alex, back over to you. lets get than update on what happened yesterday afternoon, yesterday evening, three people have now been confirmed killed in gunfire in north philadelphia. >> the shooting happened as kid were walking home from school, in the middle of the afternoon. jenny joyce is live at police headquarters with the very
6:34 am
latest on what happened, jenny >> reporter: good morning alex and mike. because of that timing especially 3:30 in the afternoon people living in the neighborhood tell us that they are frustrated, and they are angry with the violence that they saw yesterday, again, three lives who, one more in critical condition, shooting happened on west styles street near harrison plaza public housing community as children were making their way home from school. according to police, three of the victims have now died, one more in critical condition at the hospital, and all four in their mid to late 20's. pill bottles were scattered near crime scene but police could not confirm if they had anything to do with the shooting. people living in the area so they are disgusted by the violence and concerned for many children who were caught in the cross fire. police tell thaws more than 20 shots were fired. >> police responded to this location for a multiple shooting. they found four individual, all males in the area of 25 to 30, they were transported to area hospitals. >> it is ridiculous.
6:35 am
we have a school across the street, you know what i mean and kid are just getting out of school, and no one thinks of that, man, we need to get this together. how far are we getting with this seriously. >> we continue to have this conversation about gun control but for whatever reason people don't think it is important, talking to the new attorney general josh shapiro, and i believe he will do some things but at the end of the day many in we get weapons out of these peoples hand we will continue to have this level of violence , it is just sad. >> reporter: police think shooters got away in a small gray suv. homicide detectives working throughout the night to try to figure out all of the details of this case new that a third victim has been pronounced dead and again, a fourth victim remains in critical condition at hahnemann hospital. mike and alex. >> all right. 6:35. a north philadelphia community is coming together for a remembrance of the man whose life was cut short from gun violence. this vigil was honoring 37
6:36 am
year-old darryl mitchell, someone shot him multiple times in the 1800 block of north taney street sunday night. his dog was also shot. no arrests have been made. all right. two children in two days approached by strangers on the streets of the glaus ter. hold on a second, i'm sorry. this is in gloucester county. this is on sunday night, we reported this yesterday. on sunday night police say a man in the white van, didn't have any windows by the way, approached a 16 year-old girl and asked if she needed a ride home on the black horse pike in blackwood. so, yesterday about a mile and a half away, 12 year-old boy was approached by a man in the veneer fairmount avenue, and estelle street. well, despite the similarities with the vans, police do not believe they are related but parents are still of course very concerned. >> it is just scary to know that local here in this area.
6:37 am
it is a good neighborhood. we are right down the street from the police, park, kid come out all the time. >> so investigators are urging anyone who may have encountered similar incidents to call gloucester township police immediately. bucks county barn goes up in flames in perkasie, wow, look at. that sky fox over the intern owe on smith school road around 8:30 last night. it took several hours for crews to put this out. officials say no people or animals were injured in the fire and the causes under investigation. former philadelphia district attorney lynn abraham is suing to get rid of her successor. abraham and another attorney have sued seth williams. last month williams was indicted on federal corruption charges. williams has given up his law license but refused to step down. >> so, a big story undoubted as we all follow local politics and not to be pushy,
6:38 am
but we're trying to push you out now that you have given up your law license on friday moment trily. >> and article goes into how, it is, ironic about kathleen kaine how she also gave up her law license but she remained on for about a year. >> and seth williams is after her. it is a huge philadelphia story. but now, to this, aclu is stepping in the berks county school district battle over where transgendered students can use locker or bathrooms on campus. group filed motion yesterday to defend the boyer town area school district and its policy that allows trans students to use locker and rest rooms of their choice. district was sued by two conservative groups on behalf of the family in the district saying that the policy violate s other students privacy rights. >> all right. man accused of killing a pennsylvania trooper and critically injuring a second one will go on trial, this
6:39 am
morning, a judge ruled yesterday that prosecutors could use eric frein's video taped confession as evidence in this trial. frein could face the death sentence if he is quick of killing corporal brian dickson and shooting trooper alex douglas. we will keep an eye on that. let's stay in the courtroom now, a judge has ruled that bill cosby's lawyers will not get to pre-screen potential jurors in his sex assault case through the use of special questionnaires. ruling came during a pretrial hearing in montgomery county yesterday, the judge has not ruled out on whether cosby's previous statements made in a book, about spanish fly will be allowed as evidence in the case. we thought they were going to get to the bottom of that yesterday but they didn't. cosby's set to go on trial in june on accusations he drugged and molested a former temple university employee. the last of the new automated screening lanes at newark liberty international
6:40 am
airport is now opened, the 17 lanes can, scan travelers, in about 23rd the time using powered conveyor belt. they can load luggage on the belts at same time as passengers. newark is first of the new york city area airports to open up the high tech security >> of course this video was shot, before this new procedure was put into place. >> yes. >> maybe once it is in place and running then we can get new video and compare and see a difference. >> have you ever flown out of newark i'm sure you have. >> the worst. >> because of the lines. >> one time i will tell you a quick story because i'm sure in the control room they will be very excited. >> i'm sure we all love your stories. >> i get out of the car and get in through the hallways there in the terminal and almost every terminal at newark international airport, and you know the direction plates, you know that they have, when you walk through corridor. they were covered with ivy. they had planters to make the
6:41 am
place look prettier but the ivy was covering the directions. the arrows. you can see an arrow but what sit. i went over to a person and said could you trim the ivy, nobody can see the signs because the ivy's hanging down >> what did she say back. >> she basically flipped me off. >> don't tell me where to put my ivy. >> i got stuff to do. >> six months later, the ivy's even longer how did you get where you were going. >> for the love of i'vey hold on you are getting upset. >> serenity now. >> serenity now. >> even though it is raining i see rainbows that comes after rain. >> that is exactly right. >> by the way i still see the light in you. >> the light in me sees the light in you. >> the light in me sees the light in you. the light in me sees the light of you watching.
6:42 am
john stamos is stepping up , how old will that get, quickly. coffee's here, everything will change. john stames stepping up to help a fan in the big way how he is making one man's house, a full house, although, a little fuller. responding to his e-mail,. what was chris jenkins doing last night? did you notice him in the stand? is he cheering or troll being the tar heels, real reason why he was in the stand as last night's national championship game and in the wearing villanova shirt. >> no, why is he rooting for car heels, he beat them last year.
6:43 am
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ding, 6:45. good morning shall. we're able to see this tractor trailer accident more clearly. it happened an hour an a half ago. couple trailers collided this fellow became jackknifed on to the fuel tanks and spilled 60 gallons of diesel fuel all over the roadway. we have got southbound i-95 right here before the cottman avenue off ramp. so instead of four lanes we're down to only two and this jam goes all the way back to woodhaven road. there is also a couple folks along the shoulder of the roadway because they ran out of gas or become disabled because this delay has been out here for a couple of hours right now. if you are getting ready to head out the front door, an alternate use the roosevelt boulevard. a few folks are trying that one out of northeast
6:46 am
philadelphia make left out of harbison avenue that will get you on to i-95 at cottman. if you can enter at cottman you can avoid the whole mess or cross river and come down to route 130 and jump april cross betsy ross bridge that is best bet and then just avoid i-95 at the moment. down to new castle, airport road flooding at ramps for i-95, septa having delayed at paoli cynwyd rail lines. and another tractor trailer accident in washington crossing, 532 at tailorsville road and we had a minor train derailment yesterday afternoon in new york's penn station. as a result, amtrak today running a a modified schedule between, washington and new york. so check with amtrak taking a train out of 30th today. new jersey transit running an adjusted schedule in and out of new york's penn station. how long will this rain hang around? sueby has the answer in 152nd
6:47 am
6:47. very damp, we have lad we have , and, watching severe thunderstorms in northern florida, and back to us, you still need umbrella at times today even though we are not seeing a whole lot on radar, we will zoom in out to the west and see that there are some showers approaching harrisburg. a few stray showers here in gloucester county this morning and more on the way, at lee for the morning and then this afternoon once the sun comes out and then temperatures go up and humidity goes up, it gets unstable and we will get chance for pop up thunderstorms today, tomorrow, beautiful day, lots of sunshine, and don't get used to that because wednesday night into thursday, here comes our next system, and
6:48 am
that brings lighter rain in the morning, very heavy rain, midday, and for the evening commute this is thursday, and then thursday night into friday. will we dry out for friday? that is wild card question. 57 degrees, 57 in coatsville. very mild start to the morning pennsville has 60 degrees. middletown delaware with 65 and we will go out to jackson, new jersey 56, degrees, right now, so you don't to have bundle up because it will be 75 degrees today just watch out for thunderstorms. is there your gorgeous day on wednesday, nine out of 10. super soaker on thursday, still hoping to get rid of the showers in the forecast for friday but i can tell you you will need a jacket at the ballpark, as it will cool off there 75 we're expecting today >> yes. >> fifty. i'm almost willing to accept 50 with in rain. >> we can't have both 50 and
6:49 am
in rain. >> i just had within of the best coffee cakes i ever had. >> well, hold on now. >> here you go. >> thank you. >> you can just say alex can i bureau a napkin. >> i didn't real ice. a year ago right now we were so excited here at fox we were planning our coverage of the villanova basketball team in the parade, down broad street. >> do you remember we were so excited. we painted a v because of the mascots were kissing the villanova v. >> weather was really beautiful during the parade. >> it was. >> well, perhaps one of the biggest stars that day and last night at ncaa championship game didn't play for north carolina oregon saga did you notice chris jenkins was sitting right there frequently featured by television cameras they kept taking shots of him. >> jenkins wasn't playing, enjoying a game but a lot of
6:50 am
people were wondering what was he doing there and why was he wearing a north carolina shirt last night he was sitting behind coach roy williams wearing that shirt. >> yes. >> but let us remind you jenkins brother nate brit play s for car heels. he been a stapel since wildcats were eliminated from the tournament. we interview chris and also nate's mom on "good day philadelphia" last year, after that, big villanova win. she was a mom divided. will she root for chris ornate they were in the same. >> we have talked about playing against chris and everybody said all of the right things but how tough was it for you as a parent last night to watch the game. >> it was tough to watch the game. that is why i walk the concourse because i knew it would be a very emotional game i knew someone would win and someone would lose. >> will chris be the kind of
6:51 am
guy that he will, you know, remind nate of who the champion was? will he held to those brag rights issues. >> he will hold to them to day , tomorrow, you know, he will let nate get over it for a while but that even if call 's coming. >> see the solution to this would be to have north caroline get back into it, which they did and have north carolina win last night, which they did, the family is now one again. >> they are like best friend. >> they each of their own championship. i would have preferred villanova to win. >> you mean, preferred a encore. >> this is a good encore because they both have champion ship and remember they talk bit. they said they will bragging rights for a whole year you can talk bit, hey nate you don't have a championship no they have bragging rights for the rest of their lives, even though i was rooting for gonzaga. john stamos, the guy with
6:52 am
the great hair, helped out in a huge way. big question he asked on behalf of the boyfriend of one of his biggest fans. nice job. hi
6:53 am
6:54 am
hey i'll take one of those new fast play games. oh, you ready for a rush? uh, sure! ♪ i'm pretty excited for you right now. ♪ fast play is the new way to play fast and win instantly from the pennsylvania lottery. pick a game, get your ticket and see if you've won. i won! fast play, please! fast play. play fast. win instantly. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. proposing marriage, it has to be nerve racking were you nervous when you proposed?
6:55 am
>> i didn't mean like that. >> i was nervous every time. >> it is nerve racking as heck >> yes. >> well, it takes a pressure off when you get someone else to do it. not even a celebrity, lot of woman love it. >> reason you bring this up john stamos a big time actor came to the aid of a hopeless california man, who wanted to orchestrate a perfect proposal but i have never understood why he would elicit another man, a more handsome man to propose for you. >> especially if that is the celebrity crush, wouldn't there been a comparison, john stamos, good looking guy? well, doug cox, of san francisco, he was planning the ultimate proposal to his long time girlfriend. she happens to be a super fan of john stamos and referred to him as celebrity crush. he found out actor was more than willing to, autograph. he posted this video on facebook. >> from what i see here, on
6:56 am
this, on this, e-mail that you sent, you are a handsome man, nice hair, beard, beautiful blue eyes, i would say yes, to this. if i was a woman, i'm not saying i'm not, would i say yes to young doug. i guess this is me, asking you to marry him. >> so there is the ring and all, in case you are wondering , mike and alex she said yes but only if john stamos would walk her down the aisle. >> no, i made that up. >> can you imagine that. >> wait, what? >> she will walk away with him >> you don't want that. >> keep on walking. >> you know why we're so nerve racked because we're worried burr reaction as a woman. >> right. >> i bet she is mad at him for no warning because her hair was up in the bun and she had no make up on. >> if you look at video again she looks at the ring but then looks at the screen, looks at
6:57 am
the screen, the screen, and then the ring. so she was, i don't know still weighing her options, perhaps. >> john stamos. >> now back me up on this, she's going to, john stamos is looking at her for the first time, right. >> yes. >> and there she is in a bun, sweats and no make up. >> well, she's wearing a little blazer jacket. >> i would prefer to get myself together. >> have a stylist come in. >> yes, it is a little weird. >> she's still cute though. >> yes. >> congratulation is now if you want to marry me, what does computer love. >> who did that. >> i know the song. >> was it, we will look it up. >> okay. lets get to karen, what do you got? i have an important warning
6:58 am
for parents over here in new jersey, gloucester they are investigating two separate incidents. they don't think they are connect but there is a white van involved in both trying to get kid to come with whoever is driving we will explain some more when we come back on good day. prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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