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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  April 5, 2017 6:00am-6:57am EDT

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>> take a look at the tape, is this attempted abduction or not? but it is not the suspect police are looking for. they're look for the two people that pushed him away. >> another death from a food eating challenge. what killed a colorado man on the same day, a new jersey college student died, in a similar contest. >> that's weird. >> and we're still weeks away from the big nfl draft party, coming to philadelphia, but some drivers already feeling the effect. the restrictions already in place near the art museum and will go on for a month. >> in store for beautiful spring day, but it won't last long, when the next weather system will arrive. and looking right now at trenton in the little box
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there, it is foggy. >> it is very foggy out there in our northern communities. >> it has like an instagram filter, it makes everything little fuzz. >> i that's the way i want to be pictured, with a instagram picture, a little foggy if we could get a big jar of vaseline to put on the lens. >> whenever you take a picture you say after it is done? >> filter up, then post it. >> there you go. i like that. >> you can also use the crotch of pantyhose to put over a camera lens. >> not the crotch? >> just the pantyhose. >> oh, okay. >> he's focus the on the wrong thing clearly. >> good day, it is april the fifth, 2017. off to a great start. >> yes. >> that's where they have the little colon part. then you wouldn't see anything. >> oh, opaque? >> so the actual stocking
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part. >> i thought you knew this, mike? >> like a thigh? welshing i don't know anyone who wears panty snows. >> what i wear pantyhose. >> you wear them? >> sometimes in church my mom was like hey do you have wear pantyhose. >> the lord may be watching or something? >> stop. >> so i believe that a man invent the pantyhose f we could look that up in the control room, because that's the brain of my existence. >> they make your legs look smoother. >> hideous. >> all right, off on pantyhose rant and it is 6:02, sorry. >> all of this is taking away from the number of the day. >> oh, what is it? >> even with the fog, we're sticking with it. >> oh, yes! >> yes, ten out of ten today. bus stop buddy celebrating national carmel day. and some giant candy there. bring your sunglasses, you will need them today. but not tomorrow. today. humidity, 48%, not too far from sunrise time 38:00. we will see sunshine, look at
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this, 651 here, but only in the 40's at the shore. that's where weaver more moisture, where we have some fog around this morning. so, there is no precipitation to speak of. but with this cold front nearby, we have reduced visibilities, especially near the coast, but we're also seeing it, i think, if you're near a boyde of water, that's helping with the moisture, and that's where the fog is. but in the enough for an advisory, just some fog around this morning, and eventually, up to 68 degrees, for high temperature today. sunset should be nice one today, and tomorrow, when it will rain, bob kelly. >> you got it, 03:00, sue, good morning, everybody, looking live, at the fog that we've been dealing here with this morning, route one, up in bucks county again casino every hit and miss, depending where you begin and end your trip. here is a look at i-95, where again, every 15 minute or so we get sock in with fog, but it is also leaving for that fine mist, out on the roadway,
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heads up utility crews coming into downtown, fourth street out front of the station at market street, down to one lane, it is a peco power play. and who other than, are you ready? >> and the flyers are going on the peco power play. fourth street into one lane. will tie us up throughout the dayment trenton regional rail line running with some delays. no delays yet at the airport. but i think that's all going to change once that fog starts to take effect. mike and alex back to you. >> flyers on peco power play and off to the golf course. >> that's true. >> well, okay, now, take a look at this video, because i know you have seen it probably ten times. >> ordinary coffee run on a sunday morning, go off, you get some coffee. so a guy approaches the guy in the stroller. >> they step away for a second. and they're getting their
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coffee. >> they're in the line. and he put his hands on, looks like, the face, the head of the baby, in the stroller. so, lauren johnson is over there at 15th and locust, by this dunkin' donuts, now, the cops have already talked to this guy, right? >> they talked to the guy, mike. but they haven't talked to the couple, and now investigators are saying this is a peculiar set of circumstances. is it an innocent encounter, or an attempted abduction, trying to find out exactly what happened here inside this dunkin' donuts sunday morning as you mentioned during routine coffee run around 10:00 a.m. watch the encounter happen on surveillance video again, it was sunday morning, standing near the stroller inside the dunkin donut, man approaches from behind, leaned into the stroller where the baby is sitting, and another man jumps into action, sort of strong arming that manna way from the woman, and the baby. the couple then turn around and leave the store. but someone who was inside called police. they were concerned about what they saw, police come to the
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scene here, the man is still there. they question him. but the couple, no where to be found. >> it certainly looks like he approached the child with some level of aggression, so much so, another thing, that we reacted to, is the reaction of the parent. you see, looks like the father of the male figure, chases him out the door. so their reaction makes us believe it was something a little more malignant than what a cute kid. >> so police say they don't want it release too much information about the man, because he's if the been charged with a crime. honestly he may not be charged if they can't find out any more information. and with no audio on that surveillance video, it is tough for investigators to know the nature of that encounter. so again, was the man just admiring the baby, as a lot of people often do when they see cute kids, or was he trying to snatch that baby out of the stroller? that's a question investigators say the couple will help them be able to answer. mike and alex. >> oh, good, let's find that kim. what time of day was it sunday? >> sunday morning around 10:00 . >> 10:00 a.m.
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okay. >> i wonder if he was saying anything? obviously there is not audio. i wonder if he saiding? >> people in the dunkin' donuts would know that information, too. i mean, i don't know. same thing kind of happened to me when my kids were small in a stroller in penn station in new york city but this guy was hi, high on some casino every drug, he came over and got into the stroller, and i went over and shoved him to the grounds, the police came over. but -- >> did he touch? was it jessica? >> touching the babe. >> i oh, my gosh. >> wasn't going to runoff or anything, just agh. >> did you call police? >> the transit cops came right over, yes. >> but i don't know. i don't know. >> as a parent probably just like oh, i don't know you, what are you doing? >> course, they did the right thing. but let's say i did that? >> well, you can do anything. >> i wasn't stumbling around. >> he can do anything in this sit. >> i okay, say like an elderly white woman does that. nobody freaks out. i don't know. guy looked high to me. but what do i know?
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i need to keep my mouth shut. 6:07. just go with the fact. the nfl draft is just weeks away. we will be a part of that, aling. >> i'm very excited for this. a lot of changes in construction going on right now. but it is already posing a problem for drivers in philadelphia. probably because of that construction, blogging off things, trying to get it all set up. >> anything for the city we like to find something negative, all right? of course i don't live -- >> if you live in this area, weren't table drive around, you feel the same way. >> okay, sabina, so the parking signs have already gone up on the post there is started yesterday? >> oh, yes. started around 11:00 last night. check it out. not a lot of people have moved their cars just yet. snow is a sign that just went up. it started last night, goes for about a month, check it out. may six, 11:00. so over a month you can't park on this side of pennsylvania avenue. but you can see, cents not really stopping people just yet. public service announcement, one of these is your car, make sure to move it before ppa gets out here. now this morning, they told us that there might be some road
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closures, as well, here on the art museum. my photographer greg and i drove around, didn't find any so far this morning. looks like so far traffic is getting by okay. but let's go to some video we got for you, as the crews were setting up, along the art museum steps. this week, remember, now, the stage is going up. along, in front of the art museum, main stage, and then everything is going to extends down the ben franklin parkway. all the way to the franklin institute. they're expecting more people for this, guys, than were here on the parkway, for the pope. so, we're warning you now, there is going to be massive road closures, this is all before phase one. phase one actually begins on monday. when they have parts of the parkway, and kelly drive, closed, so just keep that in mind. again, the draft is april 27th e days, but we got a lot of preparation going on. i can kind of hear them a little bit. think think they're already starting to work here around the art museum, but again, three weeks away, so we're excited for it, there will be
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a lot of people in town, but just got to prepare, don't want to get stuck on the traffic. >> oh, so many parties. >> on top of the logan hotel, what's that called? >> assembly rooftop? >> yes, yes. >> that will be fun. >> again, all of this, a month of closures, for one man, middle age businessman, named roger goodel, to say other man's names. >> and this crowd, you know, some young men. >> what's the guts of the whole event? it is a man, standing, saying other men's names. >> no. i think it is more young men who work all their lives finally getting their moment, and it is paying off. i mean, paying off. >> i like the fact that there is little yellow lights above your head that i can't quite figure out what those are. >> oh? look at that. >> look at that. >> yes, looks like it is new years ivan you're partying. >> or someone -- >> or maybe someone is towing my car. >> all right, get this. this is weird. another death from one of
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those food eating challenges. i told you we need to ban these things, what killed a colorado man the same day that new jersey college student died in a similar eating contest. what he was eating.
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>> emergency repairs on the townsend inlet crossing, will begin immediately, but could take weeks, or even longer to finish. cape may county officials say the goal is to have it open by memorial weekend, you know there will be a lot of traffic. fifth time in four years the bridge has been closed for maintenance or repair problems. >> we've gone over this bridge, when we go down the shore spot. >> sure. >> between avalon and sea isle, so folks will have to use the route nine bridge or go all the way back to the garden state parkway. now, when you think about it, no big deal, but going all the way back inland, garden state parkway, all the way back in, probably, another half hour at times. so hopefully they get this thing fixed before memorial day weekends. >> can you imagine the tie us? >> even easter weekends big for folks going down the shore, once the weather breaks. so hopefully we get this fixe fixed. >> couldn't we do this stuff during the winter?
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>> maybe they didn't finds the cracks in the winter. >> true. four out of the five -- five out of the last four years? >> four out of five. >> no? >> four out of the last five years. >> okay. >> four times in the last five years. >> yes, five in the last four. >> okay,ly go over here. >> thank you, bob, i will do professional television tees now. here we go. another retailer, you know, i used to shop at pay less as a kid. files for bankruptcy. how many pay less stores will soon close in our area a mid financial troubles buying our shoes on line, you know?
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>> 6:17, couple of our reporting stations every those closest to the coast are reporting some dense fog this morning, trenton, wrightstown, and atlantic city international with quarter mile visible. temperatures mild here in philadelphia. that is lot chillier at the shore, atlantic city and wildwood both in the 40's, we're at 61 degrees, winds not that hi, another thing that helps fog form. but we are expecting sunshine and 67 degrees, today. tomorrow, a different story. not only rain, that will be heavy at times, but the possibility of of a few thunderstorms for good measure, then, much cooler friday, high of only 49, ooh
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>> scatter showers in time for the phillies opening day. >> listen, you have couple of days to get working on that, young laid. >> i'm real any trouble here. >> good morning shall everybody, here is a example of the fog, then again, it is casino every hit and miss depending upon where you begin and end your trip. this is 295 over near the mt. laurel interchange. i95 near the new hope interchange, make sure your headlights are on thicker the further east you go, with the headlight starting to see the pocket there coming in toward philadelphia. and horsham, horsham road, at keith valley road, not keith or floor director road, keith valley road up here in horsham. and because of that train accident, on monday up a at penn station, modified schedule for both amtrak and new jersey transit, so, expect delays, between washington, and new york, this morning, and trenton regional rail line out of the gate with couple of delays this morning.
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mike and alex, back over to you. >> 6:18. let's call it 6:19. chemical attack, this is horrible, in syria. it is drawing international outrage. at least 58 people are dead, dozen of them children. doctors warn many of the injured may not survive. the syrian government is denying claims that it is responsible for this. >> tragic story out of coloradoment man trying to eat a half pound glaze donut as part of eating challenge choke to death. >> sound familiar? one of two people who died in such contests on the same day over the weekends. karen, remind us of the first one again? >> two separate things, they happened two different part of the country. so the other one in connecticut, involved a girl from new jersey, college student. >> this case, a guy, he was at a place out there in colorado, called voo-doo donuts. and they have an eating challenge there. that's the location. so the goal of the contest is to eat a giant donut, in fewer than 80 seconds. there is the guy. so these donut are so big,
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they're about the size of six donuts put together. so the reward is to get a free donut, and you get abut on proving did you it. so this 42 year old didn't think it was a big idea, i'll try it, his name is travis. he start get into this donut, half way through, and he choke. so, witnesses there, they try to perform the heimlich maneuver, but it does not work, and he died. now, his death came the same day as college student in another contest, shear she is, 20 years old, caitlin nelson, and she died after taking part in a pancake eating competition, this is up in fairfield, connecticut. they raised her to the hospital on thursday, despite all of the efforts to save her life, she passed away on sunday. the same day as the other man that lost his life. she was from new jersey and she was a junior at sacred heart could the edge. so, as for that eating contest out there in colorado, they released a statement, though donut people saying they'll suspend their challenge clearly. but one every these things where they've gotten very popular, these eating contests
6:21 am
and you may not realize some people that do it are professionals, can have deadly con consequences if you choke on them. >> i'll never do another one on this show, for sure. >> maybe not that they've had two deaths, enough for people across the country, okay, maybe we should try to find a different way to raise awareness or raise monday. >> i i doubt nathan's will ever cancel theirs on fourth every july, coney island. >> those are professional eaters, they train for it, they do it, even there are problems, but they have doctors there when they do those competitions, different scenario. >> be careful. thank you very much. sixers made history last night. >> but not in a good way. >> it was not in a good way? what they did versus the nats that hasn't happened in more than 20 years. plus, a special guest from the sixers last night, are alex holley, and we have full coverage of that. lottery numbers.
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good game, you really crushed it. no son, geico crushed it. ♪ ♪
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>> i'm sean bell. flyers eliminate from the play offer contention, still had some fight in them. against the devils. the flyers played well, especially, steve mason, this one, z
6:25 am
time devils catch the flyers in a line game. flyers lose one-zip. to thesixers epically bad in ths one. th points, to the nets. the most points the since 1993. to the yesterday, acquired defensive tackle ravend swapped third round draftcks foe ravens last year. provide pressure up the mid calling it quit. romo'sfor a mike. romo announced broadcast team as a color analyst. that's sport in a minute, i'm sean >> 141 -- that' baseball. >> major league baseball and more than 500 factop their johns, great news. mlb announce in the december time partner magestic athletics, 202r
6:26 am
will become the provider, fan imagine were concerned their jobs would be moved overseas,n easton despite the touchdown for amazon. now owns the rights to live stream thursday night nfl games. the ten games wile b exclusivelo amazon prime subscribers, made big bucks to make it happen. $50 million for a one yeareld tg rights last year, paid $10, $10 million, for its deal. 10 million? >> wow. so the gets 40 extra million dollars. >> yes. nothing. that's one guy's you put it tha. >> yes. what's the top make? >> tom braidy? >> twenty-five, 0
6:27 am
>> thirtying? >> how about that? well, wetrt right here in center city. has police looking for the suspect, right now, alex. >> he didn't get away with much, though. threat he made it an employee that has police very concerned. >> and then we want to get to lauren for another story people are talking about this morning. >> hey, good morning, alex. innocent encounter, or attempted abduction, that's the answer that police want, but they say, they need two people to help get to their conclusion. we will talk more about this story coming up after the break.
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city store. but it is not talk to. away.ey want to find the the parents. >> all right. get out of my the way. clearing the way for parking res are now in effect near the artf. why these restrictions are only the beginning. going on a month. >> were you trying to do the ludacrous song? >> i was trying to. get out the way. >> been nearly 15 years since allen iverson went on his famous rant about practice. talking about practice? well, now he's bringing it back. sort of. the spoof that he's featured in. and it team. >> that's right. yes. the 201 t be a gorgeous
6:31 am
day. >> wait>> and we've been waitin. >> this excited. >> what should we do, what should w next. >> something outside. i don't care, outside. >> it is a ten on a scale ofeogu can say gorgeous day eventually. that fog that rollen pretty quickly this mor tdeter us from our ten, or from because that's what it is, national carmel day. bring your sunglasses, you will need them eventually. see here in old city, we're fine, we see the sun already starting to come up. it is 61 degrees, 8-mile per hour breezes, moments away from the official sunrise time, at 6:38.he 40's at the shore.rtfive mount pocon. 54 degrees, i on where you a so, right now, it is n is you're about to see on bob
6:32 am
kelly's traffic cameras. 68 degrees our high temperature today. mild afternoon. and of course, a one-day special. because we've got rain, returning, tomorrow. bob kelly? >> though. can i get -- can -- >> 20% offer that rain morning, everybody, here is a live look at the new in, at exit number turnpike has a speed restriction in 45 miles an hour, so that's the new jersey turnpike. looking- 95, near the new hope interchange, it fixed. make sure your headlights are sy can see you as you'r roadways. you're seeing folks without th crystal clear. no problems at all coming up across our viewing area it is kind of monday's train accident, leaving with some delays,n both
6:33 am
amtrak and new jersey out of pe. so check your schedule if yo utility crewspp oaching market. coming into old dayment septa paoli trn of trains running with delays out of the you. >> philadelphia police were with a stroller who, well, some say this was goo abduct the baby. we don't know. that up to. you can see for yourself, the surveillance video people are piece to the pizzell -- pieces to the puzzle. this dunn' donuts a to talk to. going to the notice a woman standing next
6:34 am
to a stroller with a suddenly me stroller, woman notices him, away. and they immediately lever the store. there are several witnesses inside the store, one of them calls police, the manuel known to officers was still at the store when they arrived. spoke to him briefly. but now they say they want the couple's side of the story. >> not only do we need complaining witness to solidify what we believe we saw in the video is in fact what we saw, but also not entirely sure that the caretakers or the guardians of the child as depicted on the video are, in fact, the parent. we don't even want to presume. that will certainly not presuming that the care take remembers someone that did anything criminal or anything wrong. but we want to just put all every these pieces together, because we want to make sure we react appropriately if a did crime occur there, and certainly don't want to lever us and the public open for somebody who might be doing these these repeatedly.
6:35 am
>> people are asking what's the big deal? any charges filed against the man? right now we are unsure. but police are saying the man was a tad bit aggress enough his approach. investigators say at this point, they're more concerned to speak to the couple to find out exactly maybe what was said since we can't hear the audio from that surveillance camera, find out if the man's intentions were pure, or if a little evil was behind it all, mike and alex. >> yes, who knows what's going won that guy? >> do you have ask the other people who were there, or the ones who called police. >> and the cops have talked to him. what were you up to? we'll finds out. jurors set to hear their first full day of testimony in the trial of eric frein, the man accused of killing a pennsylvania trooper, and wounding another. eric frein is accused of opening fire outside the blooming grove barracks, killing corporate brian dickson, and critically wounding trooper alex douglas in the court, the prosecution, calling him assassin, who targeted law enforcement in hopes of sparking a
6:36 am
revolution. prosecute remembers seeking the death penalty. eric frein has pleaded not guilty. >> look looking for a man who came into center city 7-eleven demanding cash. >> but it was his weapon that has people talking, i'll tell that you. >> the crime captured by security cameras, 17th and south streets, last friday. the robber told the clerk the cup he was holding was filled with gasoline. he threatened to douse her with the fuel and set her on fire if she didn't give him the cash. the woman followed store policy and handed over the money. >> what do you think somebody walks in and says they have gasoline and they'll light the person on fire? >> i'm scared to take their word for t wouldn't even wait to find out. >> the robber took the $20, that's what he was given, and left. left the store. >> do you think that's really gasoline? is gasoline that red? >> maybe that's just the way the camera looks? >> it is kind of redish, isn't it, gasoline? >> isn't it more like brown? i guess i never looked at
6:37 am
gasoline in a clear -- >> diesel is redish. >> december ill is redish. >> either way i guess you don't want to take chance. >> either way give them what they want. pay less shoes, did you ever shop at pay less as a kid? >> sure. did you? >> we all did i guess. >> they announced they'll close hundreds of stores and file for bankruptcy protection, latest retailer to fall to increasing competition from on line rivals like amazon. nearly 400 of its 4,000 stores will be shutdown. annex act locations have not yet been announced so we will keep you updated. the company ceo says the move is quite difficult but necessary. >> see i haven't been in a pay less that long time, but on line is sure east. >> i i have to admit, i don't think i've been in a mall in awhile. >> i know, so easy to just shop sitting on your butt. >> but i appreciate those stores brick and mortar that you can get it right then. purchase on line, wait couple of days, what if you need something now or for that weekend? >> in fact a friend was buying
6:38 am
some pillows for her couch the other day, said, do you want me to get awe cup snell i like to pick out my own pillows. not on line. i want to touch the pillow first. >> you want to see it? >> yes. >> i think some things you have to do in person. but never know. >> major a nunsment today on the future of the now defunct taj mahal in ac. >> the hard rock is going to unveil it plan for the hotel casino later this month. hard rock's top executives will be joined by dignitaries and community leaders for the big reveal. going to have a hard rock. one of my favorite times of the year right now. >> i'm very excited about this. today kicks off the 20th annual cherry blossom festival. a traditional japanese tea at the japanese house in fairmount, will help mark this occasion, and today's tea is her moanly officially kick off two weeks of cultural events, which will feature the artwork of local children inspired by the cherry blossoms.
6:39 am
even though two weeks for the event, the cherry blossoms are out now, people. so if you want to enjoy there is you need to take advantage, and in my next alex around town i'll show you some of the top places in the city to see cherry blossoms. >> you can't beat kelly drive right now matter of fact. >> i know beats -- >> does it beat mlk drive? >> uh-huh. >> i'm telling you. >> really? >> we're working on it, before the end of the week, we'll have the piece together and i'll show you, and this is according, i mean, there are people who stud think, they say the best places. >> cherry blossoms, better than along the schuylkill river? >> now that made the list of top five, but not number one. >> not number one. so stay tuned. >> good stuff. >> let me go back into my gray stem, the gray matter, we call my brain, japanese there is was gift from the japanese government. how many years ago to washington d c and philadelphia? keith, what do you think? >> eighty. >> eighty years ago they gave us cherry blossom trees, we
6:40 am
planted them. okay, we will google that. oh, my goodness. this made me so sad yesterday. ralph arch bold, who has walk by our tv station day after day after day for years, for years, known to so many as ben franklin, he has died. >> remember this 2008 his wedding? he married the city's betsy ross actress. >> oh,. >> and they did in costume of course. well, he was known around town for being ben franklin. >> yes,'s actor of course. >> but of course you saw him on tv commercials, he was on billboards, promoting philadelphia, his wife, tells us, that she likes to think that he's finally getting the chance to meet the real ben franklin. >> now, there have been other ben franklin franklin, i guess, we call them impersonators, we love them, and you've got tone know one of them. >> i do, his name is bill. >> bill. so -- >> and he sends me information on brennan things, but it is very sad to hear about ralph. so our thoughts are also with his wife too.
6:41 am
>> fixture around the city for sure. so you got to ring the bell last night at the sixers game? >> can we play the music? can we cue it? >> ♪ ring my bell ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i was sing that last night. >> hold on. >> here comes the part. >> ♪ >> oh, yes, comes later. >> okay? >> so, before every sixers game they have somebody come out do, that? >> they do. that right there. so we will show you, there is a lot that goes into this you may not realize. >> yes? >> it is difficult. i'll explain. >> okay? >> i had to practice, yes, it was a lot. >> all right, now i've been gone for six weeks, bring me up to date on this giraffe watch. >> april the giraffe, people have been watching her, has been pregnant since like 2015.
6:42 am
>> okay? >> we've been waiting. they said it would happen april 1st. so back watching. and we're waiting. and zoo keepers now say that april could give birth at any moment now. so will today be the day? >> hey, ryan, is that a live shot? can you pull the lower third down so i can actually see? >> she's up early. >> i think probably giraffes are always up, i think they sleep standing up. >> she is moving though. >> she did move. >> maybe she is staring, and she snows we're watching. >> let's sigh, april 5th. why not today? why not today? live on our air. >> i say it will happen today. can we keep checking in. >> so hang around. >> don't want to miss it. >> 6:42 on giraffe birthday. coming right back.
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>> 6:45, an accident, something he something going on here, right at montgomery drive. looks like one vehicle, you got the truck, you nonetheless, eastbound, montgom. combination of folks slowing down to see what's going delay. and of course starting to seat beginning of a morninghour.
6:46 am
ahh. there you go. the sun is it burn off some of the fog w look at 95 in delco. but the sun hasn'tn of the new jersey turnpike yet. so with fog. north, of the george washington bridge. now, modified a new jersey tran, on the crews working right to o. it will be d that's going to tis up,. >> septa trenton regional rail line running with couple of delays. how long is the fog going to hang around? >> sue's got it all in 15 seconds.
6:47 am
>> it will get better if you're experiencing fog right now for a local of us, sunny, who i pressure building in after this cold front, really not going it change temperatures too much. but will be cooler than yesterday because yesterday in case you hadn't heard got to 75 degrees, now there is low pressure system, that's our weather maker for tomorrow. and that's going to bring rain, and lots of it. three quarters after mile visibility in trenton, also, fog any wrightstown, atlantic city, and in a lot of other place that is you just saw bob kelly's traffic camera, so, now you see this rain all comes our way tomorrow and converges on the area, so will change the weather completely. already have flood watch in effect tomorrow through friday afternoon for all of the areas expecting inch or two of rain, some streams, creeks, will flood over their banks, and we could get maybe more than an inch, or even a inch and a half of rain in philadelphia.
6:48 am
when all is said and done, on thursday. so, enjoy today. 61 degrees already. only in the four's atlantic city and wildwood, expect to warm up little later on as well. so here's your seven day forecast, each day different. today, sunny, beautiful. tomorrow, rain and thunderstorm, much cooler friday. we will be lucky to make it to 50 degrees, yes, we still have scat ever showers in the forecast for phillies opening day, great if you have baseball tickets for saturday or sunday, and look at monday and tuesday of next week? >> eighty? >> eighty? >> on tuesday. >> look. >> if you could only switch that to friday for the home opener. just saying. >> real quick, update on the japanese cherry blossoms, so the japanese sent the cherry blossom trees to washington dc. to align the potomac river, right, in 1912, then we got our trees in philadelphia in 1926. >> thank you for that history. >> and again you will show us the best place?
6:49 am
what did you think? >> stunned. i guessed belmont plateau. >> in the top five, not number one. >> so few years, maybe three seasons, sixers started what they want to become a tradition, they've local people, well known people, come out and ring the bell before each game. >> started with the 3d floor, because the floor breaks up. and this happened in 2014, i was on zested when it, remember? like it is so cool t falls apart. someone has to ring the bell to break up the floor. >> who did it last night? >> the sixers, they asked me to ring the bell. >> here we go. >> here is the bell, i will be ringing it, so sixers fans, you might know him. what do they call you on twitter? >> the head set bell guy. >> so what's the rhythm then i need to figure out. >> i'll be behind you, tell in you my head set, three, two, one, bell. right after that it will be one, two, bell.
6:50 am
one, two, bell. >> so let's practice, this is real deal. >> three, two, one, bell. >> was that too soon. >> way too soon. >> so one is not go? one is back. >> yes. >> so many ways to ruin this. >> i'll say little before bell. >> i'm confused. >> so three, two, one, bell. one, two, bell. one, two, bell. >> yep. then after that you wave to the crowd. >> okay. >> i'm ready i think. here goes. >> our sixers bell ringer, alex whom i from fox 29 goodday. >> hi, everybody. >> i'm ready. >> yes, i'm just going to go. man, i'm going for it. i notice that this bell doesn't have a crack in it. >> you know what? maybe tonight though there will be from you. >> okay. >> one more time for alex whom i. good luck. >> thank you, i'll need it.
6:51 am
>> okay, are you going to be out there with me? >> alex holley. >> thank you. >> three, two, one, bell. >> oh. >> thank you. >> that was great. >> hammer. >> that was awesome. >> thank you. on time? >> one of the best ones. >> whew. man, that was something. i just -- it was really thrilling. you know, to be out there, and to see all of the people, and it was an honor t really was. any questions? >> do you think it is harder than your job at fox 29. >> oh, that was definately harder, do you have get timing. you have to make sure you're on it, hitting at the right spot. have smile on your face. get the crowd pumped up, ya, i'm worn out. that will was what five seconds? but i can say this before i go: that was probabl one of my favorite moments here in philly. it was beautiful.
6:52 am
absolutely beautiful. i'll make sure everyone watches tonight, make sure we close out the season right. go sixers. >> boy look at that. pose bell ringing press conference? thank you, bob. >> and we have cow bell here in the studio. it was so much fun. did you know you have to have all of the time to go get it right? >> in. >> ya. >> i think i'm doing it saturday night. i thought i would just take the mallette, hit it, and leave. >> no, honey, if you need some coaching, i can hell you. then the bell head set guy, he will help you out. so thank you to the sixers, it was amazing, i had such a great time. i toll them whole they said they wanted me to do it they started reaching out to me, oh, did someone cans snell. >> oh, that's typical of us. >> really, you're asking me? >> somebody has to cancel before they ask us. nice job, alex, you look darn cute too. >> thank to you sixers andrew who put that together. >> nicely done, drew. come work for us. in a league of their own, daunting decision new jersey teen has to make that most
6:53 am
high school seniors can only dream of. oh, the ivy league is beckoning. are allergies holding you back?
6:54 am
break through your allergies. try new flonase sensimist instead of allergy pills. it's more complete allergy relief in a gentle mist you may not even notice. using unique mistpro technology, new flonase sensimist delivers a gentle mist to help block six key inflammatory substances that cause your symptoms. most allergy pills only block one. and six is greater than one. break through your allergies. new flonase sensimist
6:55 am
so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. >> a new jersey high school senior has big decision to make, have you heard about
6:56 am
her? >> from danville, new jersey, north of newark, she has been accepted to all eight ivy league schools, i hope she picks upenn. in addition to the eight schools, she also has accepted, well, she may except a bid to stanford, they want her to come to school too. her decision won't and easy one for sure. >> i got into harvard early action, and oh, i will ' go there then i got into eight. i was shaking, my gosh, my gosh, this might be eight out of eight. i click it, it said congratulations, i was like oh, my goodness. >> so. >> wow. >> i love this. >> wow. she is going to study biology. and she's going to have to make her decision here in the next cup old of weeks. >> go girl. that's amazing. >> yes. >> just to have those options. eight out of eight. >> wow. >> she is special. she talented. >> come to philly. we would like to have you here. okay, syracuse grad, sabina, is standing by. hey, sabina?
6:57 am
>> and i still bleed orange, mike. all right, so the nfl draft is coming to philly. and if you didn't know it, well, now you can't miss the signs. you don't want to miss the signs. we'll have everything you need to know coming up just after the break. keep it here.
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> squibbing action stops what looks like attempt to abduct a child out after stoler. that will suspect has already
7:00 am
been questioned by police. why investigators want to talk to the man and woman who fought him off. >> explosive allegations, by former spice girl, mel b against her soon to be ex-husband. why a judge is granted her a restraining order, and how some say this could be a wake-up call to women in similar situations. >> tender or uniting the world? >> pepsi facing serious backlash for it newest ad featuring kendel jenner. some say the commercial exploits the black lives matter movement. how the company is defending it self right now. >> it is one of the most famous rants in sports. >> we talking about practice. not a game. not a game. not a game. we talking about practice. >> now, almost 15 years later, allen iverson is bringing it back.


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