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tv   Chasing News  FOX  April 7, 2017 12:30am-1:01am EDT

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>> five people were injured when the nj transit train derailed. >> it was like you are on the very scary. >> it's unacceptable for community leaders to take their life in their own hands. >> they ought to be fired. >> is he registered to vote? >> that was racial. >> we are trying to find the silver lining here. >> that was really rude. >> all of my daughter's birth pictures were in the third-floor. >> maybe you are rights.
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>> we have team chaser coverage, we are in the fourth the day of the troubles of nj transit. are you on the ground where potentially the new north brunswick a train station may go. what is going on, holiday schedule. >> as president trumpet pushes the 1 trillion-dollar infrastructure bill, i am trying to fix the problems of nj transit. it's unacceptable for community nurse to take their life in their own hands every time they stepped onto a train to get them to work on time. a woman died in hoboken last year after a train crash. five people were injured on monday when the train derailed. >> were you on that train? >> yes. >> how did it go down? >> it was scary. it was like a scary amusement ride. a lot of noise, tremendous amount of shaking, we were
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looking at each other and all realized there was something much more serious than what we wanted. >> governor christie lays the blame squarely on amtrak. he has written a letter to amtrak's chairman in which he asked specifically for nj transit to hold payments and i can percent until an independent investigation is done of the northeast quarter to make sure it is in a state of repair. he is also has new jersey transit senior officials to appear at stations to help commuters as they are dealing with this mess. i headed to the train station, showed commuters a picture of the head of nj transit and asked what would you like to say to him. >> i don't know why it's taking all of these states. we are getting to work late, i
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don't understand how this happened two weeks in a row. >> if you're face-to-face with him what you say? >> fix it. >> you have to do a better job. try harder. >> to think he deserves a job? >> no, not at all. >> and get your crew together and figure out what is going on. fix it. at the end of the day, fix it. >> i then spoke to my9 vp and station manager to get her thoughts on new jersey transit management. >> i don't think i can say it on television. nj transit management is an oxymoron, there is no management. or at least no serious management of nj transit. until the latest crisis last two days, they have been perfectly content to let this sale into oblivion. >> alex you on the ground in north brunswick, the site of another train station. >> amtrak and nj transit squabble over who is to blame over the derailment on monday, that is the federal railroad administration is providing investigators will find out why
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and nj transit train derailed at the penn station knocking out a switch that mean eight of 21 tracks are no longer usable. the federal railroad administration is also responsible for the potential future of the northeast quarter line running from washington, d.c. to boston. let me show you the future what could be the future. if improvements up and on the traitrack could speed up commutg times, legal from new york city to washington, d.c. in one hour 40 minutes. make new tunnels under the hudson river. the federal railroad administration in december made a recommendation, they were looking at three. one included a second spine. i knew northeast quarter paralleling the existing with all up and down the eastern seaboard. if i would have been accepted, currently there are 21 trains per hour going into new york
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city by regional rail. we would've expanded that to 54 trains per hour, a huge increase in commuters to get there. one of the federal demonstration is recommending doubles 242 trains per hour. a second spine was not worth its cost. the perspective on this, i talked to martin roberts, the former deputy executive director, he was one of the champions of the tunnel that governor chris christie shut down in 2010. he shut down the project to grab the money to fix the budget hole and not raise the gas tax. marty said that was a mistake. >> of that tunnel would have been built at would've given new jersey transit a completely alternative route as the trains came out of the ark tunnel they would have bypass this area. >> i asked who is to blame?
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>> they had made the operating budget totally unstable. new jersey transit has several times been ordered, after saying they had a deficit in their budget, there were told by governor christie to go fix it. >> so frustrated about this. they're completely missing the mark. they may not get the gateway tunnel project but the point is a gateway tunnel project, the art project, they have nothing to do with overall safety of commuters. nobody has come up with a comprehensive plan yet. >> if this is the best they should all be fired. >> in the tunnel would improve safety because of those two tunnels over 100 years old fail, you think this was back, that would mean complete disaster for the northeast quarter. we need that tunnel. >> early today they told reporters the cause of the
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duramed was a weakened railroad tie. amtrak has known about it for sometime i was planning on fixing it. they did not know how critical the situation was otherwise they would've fixed it sooner. the federal railroad mr. asian are concerned about the derailment and are bringing amtrak and nj transit together. that includes an inspection of the track infrastructure. we will keep following the story. tweet me on the show. >> a wise the curtain opened? i can't work in these conditions. >> the son, hallelujah, happens to be my favorite. but this student took it to a new level. >> here is a video that was posted to twitter that is going viral of her singing the song into a wishing well on a school trip in italy. ♪ >> ever her voice, i say hallelujah ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> check out who this student decided to ask as a day for prom. it is jake ryan, a packers line backer. he was visiting in wisconsin when the junior did this. >> do you want to go to prime with me? >> she did that in front of the whole school. i would be too nervous to do. but unfortunately cannot go. he did say it was a first for him. >> is so the last time i seen a horse this had been about 20 years. >> on a walk over there.
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>> do you feel this? he wants to be a cowboy. >> are you free to ponies? are you crazy? [laughter] things got a bit wild as we got to taste of the wild, wild west. we are at gallup's stables and the star is mr. jane parker,. >> you ride the horse, doesn't mean it has to be all black people. >> don't worry, all of us could be black cowboy. >> we used to have black pistols, we be going down issued the black pistol, powell, powell, the kids would come around us are they real guns? and then we decided we would not
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do it anymore because they're more interested in the guns than cowboy. >> then he james showed us the ropes. he has always loved horses, he chose to be a cowboy is a great way to spend his retirement. >> how does the cowboy act? >> he's a gentleman all the time. >> you see people on the road stuck, always volunteer to help. >> first he taught us to swing a lasso. >> you are great, right. >> did you screw it up? >> actually he threw his down a little because he wanted to catch something. [inaudible] >> james has to ponies housed at the stables. hot chocolate and -- >> i'm going to play with them. >> and nuggets. nuggets is the one sergio was apprehensive about.
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>> i'm gonna walk around. >> he's moving too much. >> he's moving way too much. it doesn't matter. i hate them. >> you'll be our right. >> james teaches children throughout brooklyn and nyc about being a cowboy. he brings his ponies to cowboys and other events. where their houses perfect because gallup nyc is a city program that offers a therapeutic horsemanship to those with disabilities. >> while the writers learning how to ride in the writers learning to trots, what they are really learning his balance. they are learning to step direction.
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>> his name is given to him because of the magic and. [inaudible] >> it is hootie he is a boy. he does not like to be on camera. >> was the draft too big to be
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>> i like green m&ms in a cold curtain please.
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>> thursday morning after a long night of severe thunderstorms in georgia, people woke up to this. >> they cross depicted, powerhead broken and it had been holding on power lines. this is the second within a week of severe storms in the southeast. so they think this is a glimmer of hope. jj watt who plays for the houston texans i one of the best players in the nfl is becoming known for his act of kindness. take a look at the video that he posted on his facebook page. he surprises fourth grade teacher. >> what are you doing here? >> how are you? >> the teacher is retiring after 41 years of teaching. he brought the class some cake. he is one of the teachers who supported his the dreams to play
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for the wisconsin badgers and said to play in the nfl. >> this is a very wealthy hand full of people who live on the beach. when you're shutting down the beach to us. >> we are not shutting down the beach. [inaudible] you're adding restriction. >> when you go to a sporting event for the people who arrive in the backseat and they are wealthy people with a lot of money. [inaudible] >> it's another skirmish of the never-ending battle over access your the tiny borough. two years ago the beaches were widened by about 200 feet thanks to you, the taxpayer. $40 million of sandy release money was used to widen the beaches. the first thing the borough did was try to pass an ordinance limiting parking parking on streets to residents only. people were outraged. they said no, taxpayers pay for
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this and they get to sit on it. well, last night the borough council tried again and introduced another ordinance that could keep these it beaches at private playgrounds for people who live in the house is. >> i haven't found anybody home, these are all summer homes. i guess they put the doors on when they come back in may. >> the ordinance would require hundred dollar annual permits to park in the streets around here during the summer. and you can buy the permits, not just homeowners. critics say it's the same trick using parking rules to keep out the riffraff. >> there is a long history of trying to restrict access to fishermen, surfers, locals, anyone who doesn't live on the beach. >> the mayor, sam : said the town needs the permit prorogramo raise money. the newly widened beaches have
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attracted so many people who act like slobs and litter, now they need to pay for trash cans and $150,000 sand drake to drive around the beach to pick up the litter. >> last year the beach was free on the crowds and the litter was out of control. >> at least one resident says the litter is coming from the summer residents who own these homes were now putting big tents on the beaches and having parties. >> i think this is an improvement upon people who pay taxes, we should be able to park our cars and look at the ocean. we don't have appeared, we don't have a boardwalk. that's all we have. [applause] >> people are using the beach, i don't think anyone, somewhat, but beyond the class warfare nonsense i think it's easy for people to throw out. if you're using the beach and have a trashcan i want to have your camping and fire, was people would have no issue pain
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six or $8 for the privilege of using it. >> it's ridiculous to complain. look at these people. the, she spent on the house. you can even swim on the water. they want to be on the jersey shore and go surfing, you don't have to hangout. >> their public beaches. atlantic city is a pre-beach. >> go somewhere else. >> they might be public beaches but someone who lives on the shore, nobody's going to deal or to longbranch to go to the beach. unless you belong to one of those beach clubs, that is not the beach you go to. it's really not an issue for a resident. >> who lives in that house? >> all of the houses are empty. they are all summer home. >> is that bruce springsteen back there? but bruce pay for it. >> we have guess here from six flags great venture which opened on april 1. to celebrate the opening we have kristen, we have stacy, francine, alicia, with rico.
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>> who is this guy? >> this is rico because he is quite handsome and a lot of his handlers are women. >> we had a discussion before the sloth got here. there is a concern because there was new carpet about the pooping habits. >> luckily for you he only comes down to poop about once a week. >> wide? >> but did he poop a week ago? >> he pooped today so i think he's okay. >> how to see show affection. >> by grabbing our arms and saying come to me. >> the guy back there with all is giving me and i.
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>> is it that he? >> it is hootie, he was a boy, he did father a couple of vowels last season. he is the father. he is about four years old. he is a nocturnal animal. >> why is he awake now? >> we kind of change their schedule tar schedule. >> does he eat mice? >> he does. we don't have any with us. he does not like to eat on camera. >> does rico get along with the drafts? >> hey rico? >> he has not met the giraffes yet. it has been a little cold, but during spring rake from april 8 to make it april 17 he will.
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>> are the drafts too big to bring onset? we kind of wanted the giraffes. i'm happy about the sloth. >> there are about 6 feet tall when they are born. they are starting off as big babies already. we are open for spring break the eighth to the 17th. rope and everyday. people can come on see the animals. our new three new baby drafts so if you're sick of waiting for april's you can come crs. we have a nice ride opening this summer. >> i will be there to open the right. >> take a look at this crazy video of a 3-year-old toddler lost it when he 30-year-old toddler who lost it when he cannot purchase
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>> why is the curtain open? come on paul, i can't work in these conditions. >> i would
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>> diana. >> take a look at this crazy surveillance video that was caught at a 711 in santa ana california of a man who lost it when he cannot purchase his m&ms. he was at the register and the card was declined. he got really angry. he hit the cashier, push the register off the counter, and then stormed out but not before picking up bananas and throwing them at another employee. he left $700 for the property damage behind, and the 30-year-old toddler still on the loose. >> he is a 30-year-old toddler. he had a temper tantrum. >> i didn't get it, i got it now. >> who is the dude behind him? >> let's go to the next thing.
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>> for the past four years we have been bringing you the most interesting stories in new york, new jersey, and philadelphia. for those of you who have been here from the very beginning, our hats go off to you, or a millennial speak heart imo g and a big thumbs up. how well do you really knows? i'm introducing you to a new segment called by things you don't know about us. i am allison and i'm doing some reporting here at chasing news. here are five things you'd need to know about me. i was born a boy i would've been named george after the kansas city royal players, george fred. fifteen your years later my favorite band is still hansen and i'll be seeing them on the 25th anniversary tour. number three, i hate the sound of people chewing and licking their fingers. it makes me unreasonably angry. number four, jintao next are my go to drink. so, usually you always see one in my hand at the bar.
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last but not least, number five, i love having fresh flowers in my bedroom probably as close as i'm going to get for being a nature freak. that is five things you didn't know about me. you can follow me on twitter and instagram at chasing allison, and as always, the church the show at chasing new. >> it's been a great night at chasing news, almost the end of the week, we will see you on friday for another great show. thanks for watching. if you have been stuck in this ridiculous commute with nj transit all week, you have two politicians, governor christie and corey booker, all finger-pointing and no solutions. >> sergio and i got a taste of the wild, wild west. yo, check it. my parents pimped out our crib with fios internet. sick. word on the street is it's
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