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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  April 7, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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tomahawk missiles there, right now on good day philadelphia, strike on syria, u.s. has launched dozens of cruz missiles in response to a chemical attack on civilians in that country. a little girl abducted, just four years old now she has been found but investigators are trying to figure out where her kidnapper is and very latest object that passing, he was king, this morning we're remembering legendary comedian don rickles play ball, it is phillies home opener, time to paint the town red. show us your phillies pride and anything your dog, your
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cat, yourself, getting dressed this morning show us your phillies pride. we're all wearing red. look at that. >> wow. >> so, show this picture abe our #fox 29 good day. good morning, bob. >> we were talking about the phillies home opener because we plan our outfits night before. i took my phillies hat and threw it on the sink to remind me, phillies, red, got to wear red today. >> good for you. >> as promised those storms they rolled through and they were furious, loud. >> we did bring the drama. there was a lot of wind damage from those storms, you may even count they are morning in the neighborhood with the tree branches down and everything, at least my neighborhood was that way. so watch out for that. we've got, i don't know what to call this day except a five out of 10. yesterday was at lee ease year to describe, but, be glad you don't live in pittsburgh, it is snowing there. right now. same for buffalo, cleveland,
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here in philadelphia, we're not expect ago this to happen. in the pocono mountains there could be a couple of snowflakes here and there, but 47 degrees, but check out these wind, folks, 20 miles an hour gusting to 28. it will make it feel a little chillier then it actually is. so, all ready we are advising to you wear a coat not just a light jacket. it is in the 40's every where and it is possibly going to stay in the 40's and feel even chillier because we have got this wind factoring in all day licensing, so, expect decent amount of cloud cover all day, and it looks like we will probably get up to 48, 49 degrees for a high temperature with spotty showers, this afternoon. but at least we're not talking about snowflakes, bob kelly, just think when you are shivering today at the ballpark it could be worse. >> my buddy's general manager of the pittsburgh pirates i'm looking at their page here. they have opening day at it looks like 2:00 o'clock is
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their opening start time. >> pray snow is over. >> we have a carnival. they have bring your own snowplow down to the ballpark. live look here at 4:03. i-95 right here near the blue route, we have left over construction, lot of the guys getting ready to pull the cones up this morning no problems here up and over ben franklin bridge. everything is wet, soaking wet , dame seven from all that rain we had yesterday. sue is right, we will see down tree branches, there is a couple maybe trash can lid, any kind of debris from that rain, yesterday. some left over puddles, along the way as well, so some brave crew is still out there westbound turnpike crews working between willow grove over to valley forge. they are working on the extension, between quakertown, and lansdale, and work crew over here on route 55 as you head on up into, the 42 freeway. of course that construction zone there in bellmawr. just remember down here around the art museum area they are setting up for nfl draft in a
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couple weeks. there are every couple days they are moving some new equipment n i can tell you just pay attention to the no parking signs, in the area, of the art museum. good news for amtrak and new jersey transit. they expect to return to normal in and out of new york 's pen station, those tracks that needed to repaired should be ready to go for the morning rush hour. would i just check ahead and we will keep an eye on amtrak and njt as we move throughout the morning. septa, no problems on the regional rails at lee out of the gate this morning. here's your travel times for your majors, schuylkill expressway, no problems or delays, at all, i-95, we had some, earlier accident that is cleared out of the way, just look out in the construction zone, and in problems on the freeway, as you work your way toward the city. if you are watching us down the shore just remember this weekend maybe were you going to go down to the shore to make sure your lawn furniture is still tied down and tidy up the house for the shore season
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, the townsland inlet bridge is still closed between sea isle, and avalon, karen, back to you. the united states has picked serious, dozens of missiles fired after that deadly chemical attack on the syrian people including so many children. let's show you where this happened, we fired 59 tomahawk cruz missiles at the air base in central syria. those are facilities that stored, chemical weapons and they were destroyed, according to our officials. president trump is sending a strong message to the assad ridge i am. >> i order aid targeted military air strike from syria from where the chemical attack was launched. >> syrian official claims that at least six people were killed in this missle strike, syrian state tv is calling
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this military action an act of a questionings. lets go over to bill anderson with the very latest on is what going on in the studios, good morning, bill. >> reporter: just waking up president trump making good overnight for a promised response to syrian chemical attacks on civilians there. that happened this week. we do know nearly 60 tomahawk missiles were launched from u.s. warships that hit an air base in the city of ho ms in central, syria. target add tack against airfield where chemical weapons assault used on syrian civilians including many women and children was initiated. earlier this week president trump acknowledged video showing young children suffering effects of chemical weapons have profoundly changed him. he said that the action could not go unchallenge and that the missle strikes appears to be the first steps toward re enforcing that message. the strikes took place shortly after president trump hosted chinese president, xi jenping
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in his private club in florida president trump and others have not indicated that the timing was to send an additional message simply that syria's chemical attacks required a response. >> there can be no dispute, that syria used banned chemical weapons, violated its obligations under the chemical weapons convention, and ignored the urging of the u.n. security council. >> the way that they are using these chemical weapons they are dropping them from the airplanes and that is airfield they are flying those attacks fro they have conducted chlorine bomb attacks from that airfield and the chemical attack from that air feel. objective was not to kill russians, it was to destroy an air base so assad could not use it in the future. that is an appropriate thing to do. >> reporter: u.s. officials and international community begin to wake up we can expect significant response, and additional information, on the damage to the airfield, as well as confirmation on any casualties, and of course, we
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will keep you updated all morning. >> all right. we will check back. thinks one where we are getting new developments. thanks very much. russia react to go this missle strike, kremlin saying that the strike on syria is a aggression against sovereign state in violation of the international law. they also announced in response to the strike they are suspending a deal with our country to prevent, midair incident, overseer use. on syrian state tv they called this an attack that is an aggression that led to losses and military officials say damage caused material damage but did not elaborate. senators john mccain and lindsey graham releasing a joint statement applauding these air strikes they say president trump confronted a pivotal moment and took action and he deserves the support of the american people senator chris coons released saying in part while i'm encourage that the trump administration has felt to act forcefully, i'm
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gravely concerned that the you had is engaging further militarily in syria without a well thought out comprehensive plan. frankly the president's actions today generate more questions than answers. and congressman brendan boyle said i'm deeply concerned about president trump under taking military action without any clear authorization from congress. our constitution makes clear that these decisions must come before congress. congress must not advocate this responsibility, we the people the elected representatives must finally debate and vote on this issue. of course, keep right here. we will have continuing coverage of all of the developments, check it out on line fox and right here on tv which we are on for the next six hours. supreme court nominee judge neil gorsuch will be confirmed this morning, republican senators invoked nuclear option which changed rules so they could stop a filibuster with just 51 votes rather than 60. another big shake up, head of the house intelligence committee devon nunez is vow go to pressure to step down
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from leading the investigation in russia's meddling in our election. republican congressman will keep his position as chairman but hand over the lead investigative duties to texas congressman mike conway, democrats say nunez is too close to the white house and cannot lead an impartial investigation. developing right now, this comes out of wilmington, right now police are looking for a man they say abduct a four year-old little girl. it happened at 7:00 last night according to police the driver approached the child as she was playing outside the village of plum run. he took her in his car and drove away, now that young girl was later found in the area of the park. we don't know anything about her condition. investigators want to hear from you if you saw anything, you have any video, then that the vicinity that could be a help, please, please, call the police. and now we have an update to a story we first showed you earlier this week, the surveillance video of the two parents bolting from the dunkin' donuts from center city. there was a guy that reached
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in their stroller. police knew who the man was but they were trying to find the parents. they found them. after they spoke with them. they do not think that the man in the video was trying to abduct the child. there was a crook, who tries to raid the cash register in the center city pizza shop, but there was a woman walking behind the counter and she puts up a fight. coming up next on "good day philadelphia" what the robber ended up getting a way with. and, a sad passing, he was an equal opportunity offender when it came to comedy we're talking about don rickles and he has connection toss philadelphia, laughter, act, bob kelly. i love those, they were the best, good morning, everybody. we're looking live at the roosevelt boulevard, an accident near ninth street getting a free ride on the tow truck there, let's go downtown and say good morning, to reading, pennsylvania, and is there the cathedral of saints peter and paul downtown philadelphia, we are all over the place, got our jam cams every where sue has your
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opening day forecast when we come right back. rick also. hi
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it is a lot chillier out there today, and, so, sue serio says, we've got a five, taking a live look out there at wilmington from our camera there looks pretty but just grab a jacket. it is coming up on 4:15.
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we have ray crisis in syria. we have been following break ing news from the middle east, the u.s. has launched a missle attack in central syria in response to that terrible, toxic gaza tack that happened on children, civilians in that country. fifty-nine tomahawk missiles were fired from navy ships in the mediterranean, the target an air base, 120 miles from the site of that chemical attack. president trump has ordered this action, saying that the strikes are vital to the national security interests. we are of course following the developments and there are many, and we will have much more all morning long. all right, sue, let's send it over to you for a check of the weather. >> well, after drama of yesterday we have opening day to day. it went be as stormy as it it was but it is not a perfect weather day either. we have nationals coming to town. it will be 48 degrees at game time and it will be windy, and there could be a stray sure or two but basically more cloud, then sun, make sure you are
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dressed warmly enough because wind could gust to 25 to 30 miles an hurry to day. looking at radar where we are focusing on pittsburgh because their opening day to day is too today. pirates play the braves today at 1:00, the snow should be over by then but they might to have dig out before they can have their baseball opener, at lee their home opener. nothing to show you yet on radar but looking at the future cast a lot of cloud cover today, and a chance of some snow in the poconos, by 11:00 o'clock in the morning. throughout the rest of the afternoon it is cloud, wind, occasional spotty shower, through about five or 6:00 in the evening and then things clear out overnight and we have sunshine in store for the weekend. 47 degrees in philadelphia right now. forty-nine in dover, delaware. 50 degrees in wildwood. thirty-eight in mount pocono. we have to factor in these wind speed 20 miles an hour in the city, 13 miles an hour, 15 , 13, 12, depend where you are and wind gusts up to 28
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miles an hour in the city. that will make it feel even chillier. so remember that dressing the kid, for the bus stop, they will argue with you about wearing a coat. so 59 degrees was our high yesterday with all of those thunderstorms to day we're going to 49. fifty-nine tomorrow, look at sunday, best weather day of the weekend, 68 degrees, and then we will warm up in the 80 's by tuesday, and then cooling back off in the 60's by wednesday, and thursday, so , a little bit of the roller coaster ride, bob kelly but make sure you are dressed warm ly for the game today. >> going down there with the kid. bundle up, layer it up, good opportunity to buy a phillies sweat shirt. hint, hint, right. 4:17. live look southbound lanes of the boulevard right here near ninth street police cleaning up an accident here, otherwise , everything is damp wet from all that rain we had yesterday. they are finally probably finding a tree branch or a trash can lid somewhere. downtown we will go, vine street expressway is opened but crews are working up above
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here on the overpass, and get ready for some baseball, home opener as we mentioned here's the line up at 12:00 noon the block party opens up there on citizens bank way, 12:35 the gates opened up in the ballpark and, of course, they will have pregame festivities and first pitch at 3:05 at citizens bank park. we will see a lot of unusual traffic patterns today heading dunn to the stadium. it will trickle in all throughout the day, and then bam, instant traffic jam for the evening rush hour, even if you are not going to the game you will feel effects of the packed house heading home, hopefully, we will stay until the end of the game. fit is a nail biter and we will all head out and create an afternoon rush hour all at the same time. 322, this project began last week, again, single lane patterns in the day between route one down toward i-95. they will be working on the 30 bypass in chester county between route 10 and route 202 so far so good on mass transit
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we are looking good at the airport. karen, back to you. bob, thanks very much. investigators are trying to look for answers in the stabbing death of the woman inside of her home in paulsboro. the gloucester county prosecutor's office says that police got a 911 call on wednesday from address of 61 capitol street, but caller then said who lives there was unconscious. well, when police got there they found victim, hoist 56, her name is alycia burns, dead , she had been stabbed several times. they say the adult who called them was there with three children, none of them were hurt. neighbors were shocked when they found out what happened. >> yeah, really because this is a quiet street. it has been quiet. i'm 57. it has been quiet my whole life. >> it was going all on through here, i guess they are looking for the knife. >> police have not said whether they have any suspects or a motive for that murder. that lancaster count coy
4:20 am
woman has now been pleading guilty to child endangerment charges. prosecutors say that four three-year old savilla stoltzfus and her husband daniel got financial help from lee kaplan, daniel entered no contest plea, police found 12 girls, age six to 10, living with that suspect in feasterville in june. police say one girl had two children with kaplan, kaplan's trial is set for may and he faces rape and sexual assault charge as well. now we will get a lot at man facing charges for pointing a powerful gun out of the van in north philadelphia, he told police that the gun was for a rap video. according to investigators kyr ie saunders was pointing an ar15 assault rifle outside a window of the van and had more ammunition alongside of him. he works at philadelphia international airport and he is facing firearms violations, charges. against a man accused of ambushing two pennsylvania state troopers continues today , after he need aid trip to the hospital, and that delayed the trial. eric frein's parents say that he fell while he was brushing
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his teeth, those are victims of that attack according to investigators accused of, opening fire outside blooming grove barracks killing corporal brie brian dickson on the left and critically wounding alex douglass. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. happening today, hopefully , new jersey transit says it does expect to operate a normal, morning rush hour, schedule, in and out of new york penn station today. railroad said that the return of full service is contingent upon amtrak's successfully completing the track repairs, a derailment on monday took out eight of the 21 tracks, that are maintained by amtrak. and we have who a comedy legend mr. warmth, don rickles , in one was off limits when it came to you the prognosis insults out there wow criticize anybody, presidents, celebrities and those classic dean martin roasts. >> great start. milton burl, great people, wonderful being here at the
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home. >> he was men for stand up comedy, all of the appearances wow make, coming on the tonight show with johnny carson. he starred in the whole number of movies, young generations may know him as voice behind mr. potato head in the toy story movies, of course. well, he died in his home in california, a wonderful, long life he was 90 years old. all right. girl scouts fighting back, why they are trying to stop you from buying your cookies on a certain web site. that is a hint. but first, here's ron berk >> phillies done in by a pitcher turn pinch hitter, ripe an howard has a new home and masters loses its biggest name, before it even t's off, all next in sports.
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good morning, i'm ron berk e. phillies will open up to day off series loss in cincinnati on thursday. things were looking up when daniel nova put team up three- one in the third with the second home run of the day but the red tied it at four- 46789 untied it for good in the sixth when michael laurens, hit it off adam morgan as phillies dropped this 17-four. ryan howard could play again at citizens bank park in the future. former philly signed a mine are league contract with the braves thursday. he will start out in extended spring training and join the braves triple a club. to the sixers they have lost four straight hosting the bulls this sum up their night, tj mcconnell loses ball, he
4:26 am
was hurt on the play. would come back. sixers would not. they dropped 102-90. masters favorite dustin johnson withdrew with the bad back, round one belonged to charlie hoffman. he finished seven under 65. good for a four stroke lead. that is sports in a minute. this is ron burke. heading for the border, then be prepared for something different, coming up at 4:30, the new it item the attack owe bell. and it is excellent. exciting.
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this weekend only tickets on sale now! liacourascenter dot com breaking news, the u.s. striking back in syria, president trump issuing a missle strike after a chemical attack, earlier this week. plus, a story, that they are begging you to change the way that you drive, forever, what the garden state is doing right new to crackdown, on distract driving, and traged ies like that one right there. let's, paint the town red, it is finally opening day, the
4:30 am
fightin phillies are back in our own ballpark, we are so excited, and as is true, it is going to rain, it will be cold , and it is never nice on opening day. >> we could have had yesterday which would have been worse. >> we have rain, it just came yesterday. it will be chilly. just bundle up. good chance to wear that new phillies sweat shirt. >> show off what you are wearing. lets take ourselfe. so move on n you can do this at home. my lips are here. so wear your red, fox 29 good day and we will put them on tv all morning long. we need that on this day too. >> phillies did not win yesterday, so they were saving it for today. oh, boy. let's go to the number, of the day, we will go just, split it right down middle a five out of 10. not as bad as yesterday. it is all played out. in pittsburgh you are looking
4:31 am
outside window to see snow. it could be worse. nothing here at the moment but it is, windy out there, 47 degrees, with wind gusts as high as 28 miles an hour. sunrise time 6:35. we might see some sunshine today but a lot of cloud cover and it will stay in the 40's all day long and 45 trenton, and 48 in millville, and they probably won't move a whole lot and wind will be around all day long at this level with 20 miles an hour sustained wind. a high of 49 degrees today, wind gusting up to 30, 35 miles an hour, with a spotty shower or two, just for good measure bob kelly. just enough to annoy you. good morning, we didn't have enough rain yesterday, everything is all soaking wet, damp, excuse me, you'll see puddles out there and down branches, debris from the craziness we had all day yesterday. but we're opened for business. vine street expressway looking
4:32 am
good. crews are still out there, up above on the parkway. we have a building fire though over here adjacent to i295, and the paulsboro interchange, and here's a live look just off of that interchange, on and off ramps to paulsboro are closed right now. this looks like the fire scene here. we are not seeing any flames. so that is good news. watch out for local detours over there in paulsboro. down to one lane through the day along 322, keep that in mind if you are heading to the ballpark, from delco, they will be working on 30 bypass today between route 10 and route 202, heading in toward king of prussia, crews are still out on the pennsylvania turnpike between willow grove and the valley forge interchange, and they are working on the extension, quakertown, down to lansdale and left over crew along 55 as you come in from vineland heading up toward that deptford interchange and freeway. keep in mind if you are parking anywhere around the art museum especially through the weekend pay attention to
4:33 am
the no parking signs as there is a lot of craziness every couple of hours, things change , as they are setting up for the draft right there on the art museum steps, karen, back over to you. thanks, bob. we have this crisis in syria, right now it is a developing story, the u.s. has taken aim at that country, launching a missle strike. the world is reacting to the american missle strikes against syrian air base, which came in response... >> the tragedy with so many children, eyes of the world watching, horror that was unleashed there, of course, leader there under criticism assad and those hospitals filled up. we have fired dozens of missiles after that chemical attack that included the death s of so many children, the president trying to send a very strong message that we will not tolerate chemical weapons attacks against innocent people. >> it is in this vital national security interests of
4:34 am
the united states to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons. >> syrian officials say at least six people were killed in the strikes. we will get more details. lets get over to bill anderson for the latest developing overnight, bill. >> reporter: now last night president trump following through on a promised response to syrian chemical attacks on civilian there is that took place earlier this week. fifty-nine missiles were launched last night from u.s. air ships targeting the shyrat air base in central syria. strike was in response to the chemical weapon attack that killed dozens earlier this week, the extent of the damage and any casualties have in the been confirmed, as of this time. following the chemical attack, and the video that showed women and children suffering the effects of chemical weapons president trump was visibly bothered and profoundly changed and that a response was necessary. last night's strikes appear to be that response. now the international
4:35 am
community is also looking at the timing of the missiles strikes, coming just hours after president trump kind with chinese president ping an alley of syria. some believe launching them so shortly after dinner was to send a message that president trump would act even as he believes the previous administration failed to. at changing assad's behavior have all failed and failed very dramatically. as a result the refugee crisis continues to deepen, and the region continues to destabilize threatening the you had and its allies. >> this is not just a message to barber al-assad and his behavior, but it is a message to all of our allies and also a retired, shepherd, to iran, to russia, and to china who he is meeting with right now.
4:36 am
>> of course that sound bite speaking with fox's shepherd smith. >> it ace approaching noon in syria. more information on the extent of the damage should continue to come out throughout the morning. of course, we will keep you updated. >> bill, thank you. we will look forward to those most recent updates. we always have continuing coverage of what has happened, find latest developments right there on our web site at fox other news there is a new jersey fire fighter recovering after this house fire happened in south brunswick. police say that the fire fighter fell through the first floor in the basement of the home, it is up there in george s road. there was other fire fighters very quickly there to rescue him. we know that fire fighter will be okay. two pets did die in that fire. police say it was an electrical short that is to blame. and search is on for robber who burst into a philadelphia pretzel factory yesterday, in center city. you can see him walk behind the counter this is the 1800 block of chestnut street. he comes over, pushes employee , there he goes, pushing him right out of the
4:37 am
way. she tries to stop him but she's able to grab $300 from the register but no one was hurt. regulators in pennsylvania are settling, a legal dispute for uber for 3.5 million-dollar. this agreement will end that fight over uber and its subsidiaries that operated without authorities in our state for six months back in 2014. this settlement says that both side agree that uber has been operating lawfully in this state, since august of 2014. new jersey cracking down on distract drivers as a local father raise add tension after he lost his daughter. it was april 15th when mike lost his 18 year-old daughter nicki in the car accident. she was riding in the back seat of a car driven by a classmate and it is believed, the driver was using her phone prior to that crash. well, this father, started people against distract driving in his daughter's name ever since nicki's death, hundreds of people signed up, and, all over highways across this country and he has gotten
4:38 am
a 24 hour hot line to assist, other victims. >> the doctor and nurses come out of the room, trying, your heart drops, you know what the message is, you know what they are tell you right then and there. that was the war day of my life f we can save one more life, it is priceless because one other family won't to have go through what we are going through. >> new jersey saw a 8 percent rise in traffic fatalities last year in part. they think it is because of distract driving, next week, this organization is having a walk in nicki's honor to mark anniversary of her death. 4:38 right now. we've got a surprise, oh, baby there is a new jersey state patrolman getting a surprise of the lifetime when he goes out for a 911 call, right now. , no right now, sir, at this minute. ♪
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press press happening right now, it is going to take more than just 140 characters and order from the government before the feds get information on one specific twitter account, because twitter refusing to reveal identity of the person behind an anti trump account that opposes the president's immigration policies. twitter filed a lawsuit to block the government order citing freedom of speech as a basis for not turning over the record. some confusion about whether you can bring pot on a plane, seriously for at least 24 hours tsa web site listed medical marijuana as an item you could bring on the plane. tsa says it is sorry for confusion and that a mistake
4:42 am
was made in their database. you had postal service says it was a bad year, record year for mail carriers that were attacked by dogs. so more than 6700 postal workers say they were attacked last year, that is 200 more than year before city with the most attacks was lost angeles, with 80, we were 14th on the list, postal workers were attacked 40 times here last year. so keep your dog in. watch out, wawa there is a new convenient store battle getting ready why you may be saying good bye to sunoco. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
4:43 am
4:44 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
4:45 am
whatever. welcome back. if you are just waking up we are following breaking news out of the middle east. this country has launched a missal tack in central syria in response to that horrific gaza tack on civilians including so many children. these are some of the missiles as they are being launched, there were 59 cruise missiles fired from one of our navy ships in the mediterranean, target was a air base 120 miles away from the site of that chemical attack where we believe those chemicals may have been held. president trump ordering this military action saying that the strikes are vital to our national security interests and we are following all of the developments, reaction from around the world, as it comes in from overnight and we will continue to bring it to you all morning long. all right. it is still 4:45. lets check our road. people will be heading out soon. >> you got it, headed out soon
4:46 am
, unusual traffic patterns as we have got opening day down in south philadelphia. here's the line up for the phillies, programming today, 12:00 noon block party there on citizens bank way, chance to get down earlier. they have been bringing in a big ferris wheel. 12:30 gates opened up in the ballpark itself. you want to be in your seats by 2:30 for pregame festivities and first pitch at 3:05. now a lot of unusual traffic volume heading in the stadium, throughout the day, and by the way, on the way out, folks with the john mayer concert will be on their way n whose bright idea was to have a concert at the same time you have opening day but that will cause craziness in the traffic world, here, in and out of the parking lots, again, after the game is over. we always get that instant traffic jam as soon as the game end. just be ready for that in and out of south philadelphia even if you are not going to the game today. we have a fire over here in paulsboro, it is berkley road
4:47 am
right at swede bureau road, now ramps to and from i-95 are closed in that area, they are also still working on the new jersey turnpike right here near delaware memorial bridge with the gang leaving south jersey just watch, crews are still out there for another half an hour or so. hello king of prussia we are looking good on 202 and schuylkill expressway, all of the road are damp, wet from all that rain we had yesterday , may probably not unusual to see a tree branch or trash can lid laying around on your way this morning. maybe a big puddle as well. here's a live look at i-95 out of northeast philadelphia, cottman avenue and all aboard amtrak says they expect to run a regular normal schedule today, they made repairs to all those tracks in and out of penn station so fingers crossed we run with no delays. is what forecast like for everybody heading to the baseball game today? sueby has got tonight 152nd.
4:48 am
it is better, then it was, yesterday, yesterday our peak wind gusts we have 47 miles an hour gusts, in ship bottom, new jersey, and 46 miles an hour, dewey beach and cape may , 41, 40 miles an hour gusts in ocean city. all of these tropical storm force, so that is how windy it was yesterday, we had precipitation, and it was heavier at times. now we are seeing circulation around that departing low pressure system. and which will give us more widely scattered showers, but if its was colder we within dealing with snow, and it is opening day too to the pirates and they will have a whole different, forecast but snow should be over by game time. back to us, we have cloud
4:49 am
cover, and, that will make a difference f we get enough sunshine we will get in the letter 50's but it will be blustery today. you can see a little bit of the wrap around moisture around 11:00 bringing a mixture of rain and snow in the mountains and lehigh valley. for us you can see a spotty shower, maybe not even enough for an umbrella, just enough as we have been saying all day to annoys you today while at the ballpark dealing with the wind and the chill out there but hey, it is opening day and hopefully, it will work out okay. like a wind. 47 degrees, 50, and 38 in mount pocono with some cloud in the forecast, too much milder, and factor in the wind , 20 miles an hour, and 28 mile, and it feels colder then that outside. especially around the city. sixty-one is your average high we were below average yesterday for first time in a couple days, 59 was our high
4:50 am
then and we will be lucky to get to 50. fifty-nine again tomorrow. this is best part of the weekend, sunny, both days, 67 degrees on sunday, warming up, close to 80 by tuesday of next week but then a cold front takes temperatures down, on wednesday, thursday back to a little more seasonal 60's. just looking forward to that 80 degrees, it looks great. i have had tunnel vision on, yes. thanks, sue. in your money news, another reason for your kid to bug you for more slurpees, 7-eleven will be taking over sunoco convenient store. they will be buying sunoco locations for more than $3 billion. this is biggest ever for 7-eleven, it also has sunoco entering in a 15 year take or pay fuel supply agreement with 7-eleven. sunoco has more than 1300 gas stations and convenient stores across the country so they are making a run at our wawa. comcast getting in the
4:51 am
cell phone business, company unveiled their new service called xfinity mobile. they will use verizon's network available to people who get home internet service through comcast. there is a plan with unlimited data that will cost $65 a month, interesting to go see how they will bundle that up. battle seems to be brewing over where you can get your girl scout cookies, specifically where you buy them on line. girl scout cookies are for sale on amazon, but the troop leaders say don't you get them from the internet from amazon because you don't know what you are getting, what kind of quality cookie, you don't necessity fit is expired or even if it is fake and when you buy from third parties, money does not go back tour local troops. keep helping girls and don't buy your cookies on line. taco bell will just make anything, their shelves, really fun, we have seen they used chicken, doritos and now they have got something new. it is an egg. lets take a look they are testing out what they called the naked breakfast taco at its locations up there in michigan. we don't see it.
4:52 am
promise we will see it. there it is. it is going to be stuffed with potatoes, bacon, sausage and whatever kind of cheese would you like. it is around for limited time but if people like it they will be coming to our neck of the wood as well. did you get luck i check your tickets. pur ball ticket worth one million-dollar was sold in our area, we will tell you where, that lucky winner is, and where that ticket was sold.
4:53 am
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we have made it through another week, very busy one and we will get you caught up with the news. it is a wonderful story. also, in new jersey, a day that state trooper will never forget, he helped to bring a new baby until the world. it is 8:30 yesterday morning here's video from his police vehicle there is the mom. she's in labor on the way to the hospital and realizing no, it is right now, right now baby will in the wait this is on i78 in the community of summit. her friend called 911 and there is troop their responded , christopher arriving and he helped deliver the baby girl. the mom and baby, also were taken to the hospital and they are both doing well. that is pretty amazing. did you recently buy a power ball ticket in
4:56 am
montgomery count i check your numbers, you could be a millionaire some one bought a ticket from the red inner's in north wales and that ticket matches all five white balls from last night's drawing, so that means it is worth a million-dollar. those winning numbers are at bottom of the screen, right now so you can check them. we will put them on our web site as well. ticket holder has within year to claim the prize. are you ready for baseball right now? it is finally our time to play ball, home opener, where we're preparing to paint the town red, live look at the ballpark right now. let's get this party started. show us your pictures of you wearing your phillies pride on our dogs, your kid, your hat, we will show them all all morning long use the #fox 29 good day. hi
4:57 am
4:58 am
i'll take one of those new fast play games. oh, you ready for a rush? uh, sure! ♪ i'm pretty excited for you right now. ♪ fast play is the new way to play fast and win instantly from the pennsylvania lottery. pick a game, get your ticket and see if you've won. i won! fast play, please! fast play. play fast. win instantly.
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right now on "good day philadelphia" strike on syria. the u.s. launching dozens of cruise missiles at a syrian base. >> i ordered a targeted, military strike on the airfield in syria from where the chemical attack was launched. >> a little girl just four years old abduct, she has been found, now police are searching for her kidnapper. play ball, it is home opener, time to paint the town red, lets see your phillies
5:00 am
pride. "good day philadelphia" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. this is a live look at the ballpark where we're swinging around, it looks fabulous. so what if it is cold we will have an amazing time. show us pictures of your phillies pride and we will show them off this morning. it is friday. we like to say friday, yes. >> lights are on down there, i saw flags blowing. >> and the tarp. >> the tarp. >> they needed it yesterday. >> it will be fun, jen fred's down there, showing us cute, young players who are adorable sorry. >> you get to a certain age and you don't have a crush on them anymore they are cute and adorable. >> yes, they are like 25. >> thanks, bob. >> you bundle up, just enjoy. >> we're used to this on opening day. i have worn parkas on opening day many a year and it is going to be blustery enough and you want to make sure you have a couple layers on at least of all phillies gear, of course, now we have


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