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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  April 7, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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pride. "good day philadelphia" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. this is a live look at the ballpark where we're swinging around, it looks fabulous. so what if it is cold we will have an amazing time. show us pictures of your phillies pride and we will show them off this morning. it is friday. we like to say friday, yes. >> lights are on down there, i saw flags blowing. >> and the tarp. >> the tarp. >> they needed it yesterday. >> it will be fun, jen fred's down there, showing us cute, young players who are adorable sorry. >> you get to a certain age and you don't have a crush on them anymore they are cute and adorable. >> yes, they are like 25. >> thanks, bob. >> you bundle up, just enjoy. >> we're used to this on opening day. i have worn parkas on opening day many a year and it is going to be blustery enough and you want to make sure you have a couple layers on at least of all phillies gear, of course, now we have a five out
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of 10 in your weather by the numbers. is there bus stop buddy. he has a warm coat on, phillies red, just in case umbrella for later on and then a phillies hat as well. it is cloudy, chilly right now , we are looking out of the western part of the state out toward cleveland, buffalo, pittsburgh where it is snowing , right now, it is just that cold. cold air moved in, as the storms moved out yesterday and so we are in the 40's right now. we will probably stay there throughout the day. temperature at the moment is 46, with 20 miles an hour sustained wind at philly international. sunrise time 6:35. we have 37 degrees in mount pocono, chilly 44 in trenton. 49 degrees in wildwood, new jersey with 15 miles an hour wind there and 14 miles an hour up in the mountains. expect a blustery, breezy day with a 49-degree high temperature. wind gusting as high as 30 to 35 miles an hour today. things brighten up though,
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been kelly just in time for weekend. >> opening day is this same scenario, windy, chilly, a little damp but baseball season is here. lets get started. live look at 5:02 eastbound on the schuylkill expressay at girard avenue. he is disabled or getting a personal invitation to traffic court here, but nonetheless eastbound on the schuylkill look at the officer block ago this one right lane here. and, go into town, eastbound, and. where we're at i believe exit number 18 off of 295, a live look at the scene here, there you go, the closures for the fire, location, it looks like it is an industrial building here. we even have a gas station here of some sort here off of exit 18 from 295. good news, all aboard, they expect to run normal services today in and out of penn station so that would be good news for folks in washington, all the way up to new york.
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as we mentioned opening day at the park, 12 noon the block party kicks off, 12:30 gates opened up in the ballpark, they want new your seat by 2:30 for first pitch at 3:05 and as you are on your way out , concert goers on the way in there is a concerts across the street at 7:30. so jammo in and out of the stadium area all throughout the day, and even if you are not going to the game, instant traffic jam once that game is over right around same time as rush hour kicks in on a friday night. we will have new jersey turnpike, left over crew right here near exit number one for delaware memorial bridge, karen, back over to you. those are our missiles being fired on syria, dozens of them were fired off of a ship, in retaliation after that attack, involving a nerve gas, that killed so many
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people, there, innocent civilians and so many children we fired 59 tomahawk missiles at shayrat, they store chemical, weapons in that country. president trump is trying to send a very strong message to that regime. >> i ordered a targeted, military strike on the airfield in syria from where the chemical attack was launched. >> syrian officials say at least six people were killed in that missle strike, syrian state tv is calling this military action an act of aggression. bill anderson is joining us with the very latest developments on this, bill. >> reporter: much of the area is waking up to the news that president trump made good overnight on a promised response to syrian chemical attacks on civilians there earlier this week. we know that nearly 60 tomahawk missiles were launched from u.s. warships and hit an air base in the city of ho ms in central,
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syria. targeted attack where chemical weapons assault used on civilians including many women and children, was initiated. now following that attack earlier this week president trump acknowledged that this video showing young children suffering effects of chemical weapons seriously influenced him. you will remember previously president trump opposed military intervention in syria but said that the chemical attack could not go un challenged. missle strikes took place shortly after president trump hosted chinese president, xi jinping, at his club in florida but mr. trump made it clear that regardless of the presence of a syrian alley here in the u.s., he expects international support, in response to syria. >> i call on all civilized nation toss join us in seeking to end the slaughter, and bloodshed in syria. also to end terrorism of all
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kind and all types. >> this was a calibrated, proportion nate, and targeted response. it send a strong message to the assad regime. >> reporter: so far there are reports of at least six casualties and complete destruction of the airfield. we will continue to track updates of casualties and any additional possible military actions as we follow this story throughout the morning, karen. >> bill, thank you. we are getting reaction, russia specifically to this strike, kremlin saying that is about this strike it is an act of a gets a violation of the international law. they also announced in response to the strike, they are suspending a deal with our country to prevent midair incidents, overseer use. the state tv called the attack an aggression that led to losses and military officials say damage to the air base caused material damage but did not elaborate. senators john mccain and lindsey graham releasing a joint statement applauding what happened. they say, that the president,
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confronted a pivotal moment in syria and took action and he deserves the support of the american people, but it does not appear that all of our local lawmakers are fully back ing what happened. chris coons released a statement saying while i'm encourage that the trump administration has felt excelled to act forcefully in syria begins assad regime i'm gravely concerned that the you had is engaging further militarily in syria, without a well thought out comprehensive plan. frankly the president's action is today generate more questions then answers. congressman brendon boyle saying i'm deeply concerned about president trump under taking military action, without any clear authorization from congress. our constitution makes clear that these decisions must come before congress, and must not advocate this responsibility. we the peoples' electric representatives must finally debate and vote on this issue. of course, keep it here on fox 29 for continuing coverage of what has happened and we will show you on line fox 29 .com and also on tv all morning long here on good day. other news supreme court
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nominee judge neil gorsuch will be confirmed this morning republican senators invoke that so-called nuclear option just changed the rules so they can stop filibuster by democrats with just 51 votes rather than 60. another big shake up, head of the house intelligence committee devon nunez vowing to step down from leading the investigation in the russian meddling in the presidential election. republican congressman will keep his position as chairman but he will hand over lead investigative duties to texas congressman mike conway, democrats say he has too close to the white house, and cannot lead an impartial investigation. a developing story, from wilmington, very, very scary, police are looking for a man they say abduct a four year-old little girl this happened at 7:00 last night, essentially playing, according to police when a driver approached her. she's outside of her home in the village of plum run. so, this man, took this little child in, to his vehicle, drove away with her, young
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girl was later found, in the area of banning park. we don't know anything about her condition at this hour. if you saw anything, such a scary incident or maybe you have video of anything in that area, please call the police, they need to get this person, predator off the streets. we also have new details surrounding, a odd case we told but at a dunkin' donuts. two parents say a baby and guy that comes over and looks at their baby. it is sort of confusing what happened. police knew who that guy was, but they just don't know who the parents were. they have found parents, they talked to them, after speaking with them, they say that they don't think the crime was committed and they don't think that guy would actually steel the baby. well, we do know about a theft, crook trying to raid a cash register at a pretzels shop in center city but woman behind the counter puts up a good fight. coming up on good day what is the robber ended up getting a way w. a sad passing but he had a long wonderful life, i mean
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don rickles so funny, has connection toss philadelphia we will look at his others, hi there, bob kelly. >> i love those dean martin roasts, good morning, as we get for a ride, crew is still working on the pennsy turnpike from willow grove and valley forge. your we wearing red? it is opening day, we are looking live at citizens bank park ready for first pitch at 3:05. sue has your first day forecast when we come right back. creamy, crunchy, chocolatey, hershey's.
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welcome back, we love this flash back friday that we are having this morning. we made it through another week, allentown, good morning to you. thanks for waking up and joining us a lot has been happening while were you sleeping. if you are waking up to this news we have breaking news from the middle east. our country has launched a missle attack in central syria , in response to this weeks toxic gaza tack on civilians and children and babies. officials are claiming that seven people were killed but we are not confirming that according to our officials. we do know that 59 tomahawk missiles were fired, from navy ships from the mediterranean. the target was an air base 120 f that chemical attack. president trump ordered this military action, saying that the air strikes are vital to
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our national security interest s, we are following these developments, we have reaction throughout the world abe we will keep you updated all morning long. just clicked over to 5:14. lets update you on the weather for this day and see how it will be, we have got ballpark. >> nationals coming to town for home opener of the philadelphia phillies, 2017 season a lieutenant of cloud cover. you may see a couple peaks of sunshine but you may also get a spotty shower, that is the blustery day we will have. windy, cool, about 48 degrees, at game time which is 3:05. cooler then that. temperatures will not move much, today at all, so basically what it is like out there right now, it is not too different from what it will be like this afternoon. you'll need to layer it up because you are sitting out there for nine innings worth of baseball at lee. anyway, we have got circulation around departing low pressure system, storm maker from yesterday, it has moved up to the north ande but still drawing in colder air,
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and that means, snow in buffalo, pittsburgh this morning, and the mountains of west virginia, and then we're seeing some rain rolling into washington d.c., that is the source of our spotty showers, that we could see today. just a little instability if you will. now, we have cloud cover as we mentioned about 11 or 12:00 o'clock we could see spotty showers around here mixed in with some snowflakes in the mountains and lehigh valley, because of those borderline temperatures, borderline with freezing but by 5:00 o'clock, it is the game still going on and we will see sunshine here and there things do clear out overnight we have plenty of sunshine, 46 degrees in philadelphia right now. thirty-seven mount pocono. forty-nine wildwood. forty-eight in dover. but factor in these wind and it feels chillier then that. 20 miles an hour sustained in philadelphia we had wind gusts last hour of 28 miles an hour, so we have a few wind all day, cloudy skies, chilly but not as dramatic as yesterday, our
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high was 59 degrees here, highs were mostly in the 50's yesterday, we will be lucky to get to 50 degrees today but weekend, much, much improve. 59 degrees with sunshine, 67 on sunday, warming up, to about 80 degrees by tuesday of next week but then we're back in the 60's. 5:16. good morning. thinking about what you will wear, grab the red, and it is opening day down at the ballpark. again, 12:00 noon block party kicks off there on citizens bank way, and ferris while comes n gates in the park open up at 12:30, and they suspect to have you in your seat by 2:30, and then 3,051st pitch and then we will get underway with baseball. once that game is over bam, instant traffic jam, and there is a concert coming in as baseball fans are heading out. concert beginning at 7:30 across the street, so, jammo,
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down in south philadelphia, all day long, we will have that trickle of folks going in there. it is a tradition. warminster paoli thorndale line already running with delays. we have a fire location in paulsboro, this is berkley road just off of exit number 18 of i295. so on and off ramps, are blocked, from 295, there is 295 going down below here, in the building, basically in the background here, no word on any injuries, or the extent of the fire but just watch out for detours through the morning rush hour. karen, back over to you. thanks, very much, bob. phillies pride and send us your pictures. other news, investigators are trying to find answers after a horrific stabbing death of the woman in her home in paulsboro , gloucester county prosecutor's office say police got a 911 call on wednesday, this is the scene, capitol street, the caller said woman who lived there was
5:18 am
unconscious, she wasn't just unconscious but she had been stabbed, multiple times, police found, 56 year-old, alycia burnes, dead from those stab wound. they say there was an adult in the home who called them and three children. they were not physically hurt. neighbors were shocked, obviously when they learn what happened. it has been quiet my whole life. >> i guess they are looking for the knife. >> police have not yet said whether they have any suspects or what a motive could possibly have been. but they are still investigating. that couple from lancaster accused of gifting their doubt tours a suspected predator has pleaded guilty to child endangerment charges. prosecutors say four three-year old savilla stoltzfus and her husband daniel received financial help from lee kaplan. they entered a in contest plea , wife did, police found 12 girls age six to 10, living
5:19 am
with kaplan in his home in feasterville back in june. one of the girls actually had two children with children. and we are looking at the man facing charges for pointing a powerful gun out of the van in north philadelphia. and, he was trying to tape a rap video. according to investigators kyr ie saunders was pointing an ar15 assault rifle outside a van and that got people concerned, and they called police. they found the gun. they found some ammunition alongside of him and he works over at airport. he is facing firearms violation charges. in the trial against man accused of ambushing two pennsylvania state troopers will continue, today, they had to stop yesterday because he needed to go to the hospital. eric frein's parents say he fell when he was brushing his teeth in jail and hit his head he ace accused of opening fire outside blooming grove barracks killing corporal brian dickson on the left and critically wounding trooper
5:20 am
alex douglass the prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. maybe service will be back to normal at penn station today after four days of a big mess there was a train derailment there. new jersey governor chris christie wants state law make tours hold hearings about the recent developments of computer train problems in the garden state. the governor says that he will stop paying amtrak until they have an independent inspection , that verifies our northeast corridor is in good condition. we have had a whole number of incidents. ceo of amtrak says monday's derailment was cause when the train went over a weakened wooden railroad tie. a lot being done to address the heroin crisis in our area, mayor jim kenney does not think one company is doing enough. he says part of the problem is happening at a property of one community business, the mayor says conrail has secured its land in the kensington area keeping drug users from shooting autopsy long side tracks. is there not enough fences, security and people are
5:21 am
getting in and using that to shoot up. he says that the department of licenses and, along the office of public health, will start issuing citations. >> our administration has repeatedly asked conrail to clean and secure its property but unfortunately we have not been able to come to a satisfaction agreement. >> conrail says it has had some productive talks with community leaders in the west kensington airfare hill neighborhood but talks have broken down. rail line says in a statement recently, the city has cut off dialogue with conrail in persud of more adversarial approach. we will see what happens. sad passing but this guy had a wonderful long life, we called him mr. warmth, don rickles nobody was off limits to his humor, he would take on presidents, celebrities and better hope he was not in your sites during that classic dean martin roasts. >> jack bennie a great start, milton burl, great people, this is wonderful being here
5:22 am
at the home. do you remember watching him on the tonight show with johnny carson? he also starred in movies and, he was the voice of mr. potato head in the toy story movies. he died in his home in california, and his local connection to philadelphia is his wife was from philadelphia , and he was 90 years old. all right. lets get back to breaking news right now. we have some pictures of the syrian base that the u.s. hit with missiles last evening, do you see, pictures just coming in right now, you can see they are taking from a distance. we believe that is site where there was deadly chemicals that were store there, of course, that attack was a pivotal change in our reaction , seeing all these images of so many very young children and babies, we will have live reports coming up in just a matter of moments and all morning long with all of the developments and reaction from around the world. time right now 5:22.
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the u.s. striking back at syria, president trump issuing a missle strike after a chemical attack earlier this week. and time to paint the town red, it is opening day, finally, our fightin phillies back in action in our ballpark good day, everybody we made it through yet another week and it is finally friday. we are so excited about that. we will get to the traffic in a moment but sue, let's start with you. >> right, right, right, we did it. >> lets start with our middle of the road bus stop buddy, he doesn't have any gloves on today but it will be chilly. would i recommend some sitting outside ballpark today wear a coat because it is, chilly, breezy, the temperatures 46 degrees. wind sustained at 20 miles an hour, sunrise time 6:35. plan on cloud cover, maybe a smidge of sunshine here and there, blustery day with a
5:31 am
high of 49 degrees. bob kelly, i know your plans include a trip to citizens bank park, layer it up. >> layer it up, told kid we will load them uptake them to the ballgame later today. right now 295, exit number 18 berkley road closed from a fire that is right in that area right there. no parking, pennsylvania avenue around the art museum keep that in mind as they continue to build staging for draft that is coming to town. first couple trains out of the gaeton septa's regional rail lines, but otherwise we are looking good on the schuylkill and in problems on i-95. karen, back to you. >> lets get to this developing story right now. crisis in syria. we have struck syria. dozens of missiles have been fired after that deadly chemical attack happened earlier this week and this horrified so many in this country and around the world with the babies dying and children, necessary event civilians. we fired 59 tomahawk cruise missiles at shyrat an air base in central syria and those are
5:32 am
facilities that stirred chemical weapons there official claims seven people were killed in the missle strike. lets get right to bill anderson with the latest developments on all this, bill >> reporter: some people are still just waking up and finding out that the president trump made good on a promised response to syrian chemical attacks. we know that 60 tomahawk missiles, 59 specifically were launched from u.s. warships hitting air base in central syria. the attack targeted base that housed war planes used to initiate chemical attack on syrian civilians including dozens of women and children. it was images of those children that led president trump to acknowledge seeing effects of chemical effect of chemical weapons has changed him. the missle strikes appear to be first steps toward re enforcing that message. now there is noteworthy that the strikes took place shortly after president trump hosted chinese president xi jinping, an alley of syria and they met at his private club, but
5:33 am
regardless of his presence, or mr. trump's previous opposition to military intervention in syria, he said that the chemical attacks required a response. karen, as you pointed out there are reports from syrian officials that the air strikes led to at least seven casualties. so far they are not confirmed by u.s. officials but continue up to date you as additional statements are released throughout the morning. >> thank you for. that we will get to washington we have team coverage on this one because leaders around the world are reacting and this is first major military move for our than the, lets get to doug luzader right now with the reaction there, very interesting, big shift in a big action by our president, what are people saying, doug. >> reporter: good morning. first of all, it is a surprise coming from trump, this is a guy who campaigned on america first about trying to avoid foreign involvement and we are entangled to some degree in what is going on in syria which is extremely complicated
5:34 am
but it is tough to under estimate the impact of those image from his that chemical attack. he seemed moved by them and ultimately moved to take action. now this was a very limited air strike. we don't know if there is more to come, if is there there will be more pressure on members of the congress here in washington to allow them to weigh in on this to come up with a coordinated strategy but that is big question this morning is what is next? was this a one or done or does this reflect a major change in u.s. policy toward syria. >> such a huge pivot, very interesting to go watch it un felting where he was talking about syria because earlier he had banned refugees from syria from coming to this country and now when he sees those images this major shift and this action what are some of the people in washington saying. >> reporter: way he framed this last night was saying this was part of a vital u.s. national security interests to go after this facility and send a message.
5:35 am
it certainly does raise questions again about what is next and is this really a change in u.s. policy. will the president change his stance on refugees, coming in from syria? he talk about additional vet ting procedures but will this ultimately change that. we just don't know at this point. >> of course, we have supreme court nominee happening later today. we will check back with you all morning long. thank you. we appreciate it. we will have continuing coverage on everything that is happening with syria, gorsuch, and also we will tell but something new coming out, there was some video we will get to in a moment of tlc. they have a new album out. lets tell but a situation in new jersey, fire fighters there injured, after going to a house fire, in south brunswick, police say fire fighter fell through the first floor into the basement of a home. this is on georges road. there were other fire fighters you can clearly see them there , rescued them, fire was burning, we know two pets died in the fire and police say there was an electrical short to blame.
5:36 am
search on for robber who burst in the philadelphia pretzel factory yesterday in center city. he goes behind the counter on 1800 block of chestnut street. he pushes employee out of the way and she tries to stop him trying to have a battle over cash register, he does, he is stronger, he gets $300 from the register. she was in the physically hurt regulators in pennsylvania settled a dispute they have been having with uber. we have been hearing bit quite publicly. 3.5 million-dollar got this deal done. they have agreed they will stop fighting over whether uber was legal here when they first started in 2014. now they say it is legal for now and that matter has been settled. when we come right back, we will do, sports, because we have lots of developments. it is phillies home opener. share us your pictures. here's ron berke. >> phillies done in by a pitcher turn pinch hitter. ryan hurt has a new home. masters loses its biggest name before he t's off coming up next in sports. vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers.
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good morning i'm ron berke phillies will open up at home after series loss in cincinnati yesterday. things were looking up in danny nova put phillies up three-one, in the third inning but red tight game at four when they untied it for good in the sixth, a pinch hitter who is a pitcher for senate that i dit. michael lorenzo, solo shot as phillies drop this 17-four. ryan howard could play again at citizens bank park at
5:40 am
some point in the future. how about that, former philly signed a money or league contract with the braves. he will start an extended spring training and join atlanta's triple a club. dustin johnson withdrew with the bad back thursday, hoffman, birdie five of the last six holes, and he was good for a four stroke lead. sixers have lost four straight as they, hosted bulls this play sums it up, tj mcconnell loses the ball, jimmy butler scores easily. mcconnell hurt, would come back. they drop 102-90. that is sports in a minute. this is ron berke. hi
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we have taken a decisive action in that crisis in syria , just waking up, we have breaking news out of the middle east. u.s. launched a missal tack in central syria in response to that horrific gaza tack that happened on civilians, children, babies. officials say seven people were killed, nine others wounded but we are not confirming that from our country. we know that 59 tomahawk cruise missiles were fired from navy ships in the mediterranean, the target was an air base where we think that the chemical weapons that were used in the attack were stored. president trump ordered this action saying strikes are vital to our national security interests, we are following these developments and all of the reaction from around the world and in washington. we will keep bringing it to you all morning long. right now it is 5:44.
5:44 am
it is a friday. we have got lots of events happening and we have traffic problems. >> a couple, a lot of events, couple problems already this one just popped up here at i-95 in the stadium area here. we have got an accident, police are on the scene, again ramps for the overpass out of passyunk avenue crossing in front. septa's regional rails right out of the gate first couple trains running with delays, warminster line, paoli thorndale line, good news for commuters on amtrak they expect to have normal service returned between washington and new york's pen station, same should hold true for new jersey transit, amtrak said they made repairs to the eight tracks damaged in that train derailment, earlier in the week. a lot going on this weekend shutting down martin luther king drive, we have got regattas and recreational activities through weekend there, opening day, that is why we have red on today 12:00 s off on citizens bank parkway,
5:45 am
12:30, gates opened up, so you can enter the ballpark. be in your seats by 2:30. and then first pitch at 3:05. by the way, on your way home as you are trying to get out of the stadium, john mayer concert fans trying to get in. they have a concert across the street at 7:30. crunch right together here, and instant traffic jam when this game is over, so jammo in south philadelphia. i think we will be okay getting there. you will see fans trickling in from noon all the way up to the first pitch. it is when game end and everybody exits at same time and concert fans trying to get into the same parking lot is where we will have a problem. by the way we have a soccer game, little further down i-95 at soccer stadium here right next to the commodore barry bridge, that is set for 7:00. keep in mind parking in and around the art museum area this weekend, just pay special attention to the no parking signs. is what forecast like for
5:46 am
first pitch and rest of the nice weekend. sueby has got it in 15 seconds we will start off before we get to the forecast with our pal, weekend wendy she's here to help remind us what is going on this weekend. she's with you all weekend long as well and shameless plug for yourself you truly and my husband we will be welcoming folks to the media film festival knit at 7:00 and then horror fest, horror films at 10:00 p.m. tomorrow, films at one and 7:00, live reading of script when harry met sally at 3:30 in the afternoon all taking place at media theater at 104 east state street, a fascinating experience a exercise in just appreciating
5:47 am
creativity, media film festival. thank you for helping us with that weekend wendy. now we have precipitation that is left over from yesterday's storm which has moved way up to the north east of us but it is throwing back colder air and moisture, and there is some rain around washington d.c., there is snow, this morning in pittsburgh, and it is expect to be over for their opening day, when pirates and braves but it will be really cold there, wind chills in the 20's. for us, it is just a little drip, here and there, a spotty shower as we call it and that will be on and off throughout the day with cloud cover around the rest of the time maybe a smidge of sunshine here and there. is there noon, you might get a shower, citizens bank park coming for the carnival before the game and then during the game, it is cloudy, there is snow up in the mountains, maybe just a little bit, whatever we get it shouldn't be much but be prepared for that and high wind today as well. we have temperatures in the 40 's and they probably won't move very much, and you do
5:48 am
have to factor in the wind sitting out there in the ballpark because we have 20 miles an hour wind and wind gusts in the 20 to 25 miles an hour range. that will make it feel colder then it is. yesterday we got to 59 degrees with all that rain and thunderstorms today, 49, maybe 50 if we get any sunshine, 59 degrees tomorrow though, sunny both days of the weekend , 67 degrees on sunday and then 78, on monday, 80 possible on tuesday, back to the 60's wednesday and thursday. is there your tunnel vision, karen. >> i do see that 80. >> thank you, sue. >> so we want to show you this vehicle. there was a woman in this car on the way to the hospital because she would have a baby and that baby was in the waiting. this is video from the state police trooper vehicle because he came to help. didn't know he would be delivery person. pregnant with man in labor on the way to the hospital when she realized this would happen new right there on i78 in the town of summit.
5:49 am
her friend calls 911. his name was christopher. he helped deliver the happy, healthy, baby girl. they are taken to the hospital they are both doing well this morning. more good news, you could be a millionaire? did you buy a power ball ticket in montgomery county. check your numbers. somebody won. someone bought ticket at red inner's warehouse market in north wales, and that ticket matches all five of the white balls from last night's drawing. so what does that mean? it is worth a million. there is winning numbers on your screen, check them out right now, you have a year to claim your prize. entertainment news right now, do you love tlc? if you are a fan wait is over and amazingly they are coming out with a new album, that is right, new album released june . group addressed long wait explaining that touring and finding the right team to work with on the album had taken up much of their time. tlc says their fans, their videos, outfits, album title they can weigh in on that.
5:50 am
that would be very interesting we have not seen richard simmons. reason we heard rumors he was being held hostage in his home he has signed a new merchandising deal with a group called prominent brand and talent and they plan to create a whole collection of simmons inspired products. maybe leg warmers, super short , short, tank tops, sweating with the oldies. he was so much fun, and it would be nice to have him back , and it would be interesting to see if he will be out there, merchandising back out in the public, he changed so many people live and enjoy and fun person to watch. how about john bon jovi, he was out there in pittsburgh but he had a sore throat and had to stop the show and said he cannot go on. he has been battling a cold for days and sang the song bad medicine, react to go what was going on and wrapped things up living on a prayer. he did make it far in the set, he made it through 90 minutes but normally he goes two and a half hours. i'm sure fans will understand.
5:51 am
lets look at trending topic right now. >> we showed you talking about that controversial pepsi ad that had kendall jenner, after a huge backlash they ended up pulling the ad. some guy in oregon tries to do basically that to give a pepsi and get peace? it did not go as well as it did in that commercial. the guy was testifying at a city council meeting in portland. he starts to get on this tangent. the mayor there decide to interrupt and say stop, right there. then the guy gets up, and he has, he pulls out his pepsi can, thinking he is being funny, pulled it out. you can see security going over to him, thank you, sir they escorted him out of the room. mtv is doing some spring cleaning they are cleaning up their categories and they are streaming lining them. they're limb nateing separate categories for their award. so let's explain. typically new categories for
5:52 am
male, female performance. they will not do that any more let's make gender ago no, sir particular award. you are the best in this category. this is second big change to come to the show. you may remember last month they announced they will recognize television and film, together, the award show is always fun, one of the ones that takes itself least seriously and it airs may seventh. we want to show you big police officer, let's see, he is running away, what is chasing him, what is after him , not a bad guy, it is a little rat, there we go do you see him. >> it is a big rat in his defense running down hallway, in st. petersberg. he gets out of the way. he is fine, he will get ripped by everybody else in the department we saw you running there. it is 5:52 we are painting the town red, show us your phillies pride on this home opener day.
5:53 am
it is always a little cold on the home opener, sue will have the forecast coming up, send us your picture use our #fox 29 good day.
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welcome back at 5:56, just about to click over on this friday morning a little tlc for you. also, speaking of music, john mayer is returning to philadelphia, this is his latest stop for his search for everything, world tour. >> ♪ >> he is going to be performing tonight bob kelly has been talking about this one, it should be great at wells far get center. here's something interesting, he has not performed solo at wells fargo center in seven years so welcome back, we do appreciate it. how about regis, he will be in ocean city think weekend on saturday, he will be playing host an mc, one of my favorite events, they kick off the whole season, mr. mature america pageant. earlier in the day he will serve as grand marshall of the 32nd annual doda parade, it is
5:57 am
basically kick off to the season with the fun, special events, down there at the shore and also the end of tax season. we do have so many developments happening around this world right now, very busy friday we have had strike on seer, yeah we have launched dozens of cruise miss unless response to that horrific chemical attack on those civilians and children, the latest on how world is responding. it is our home opener for phillieser we are playing ball , show us your phillies pride we will be right back.
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no child of god should ever suffer such horror. president trump strikes back u.s. missiles rain down in response to the government 's chemical weapons attack on its citizens in syria. how world leaders, and legislators here at home, are reacting to the strikes as everyone wants to know, well, what is next. a little girl abducted, then found in the park more than an hour and a half later whom police are calling on to help find her kidnapper. >> i cannot figure out why i'm on this show because i don't like you. >> the master of insults, king of zing, legendary comedian don rickles died, at the age of 90. what a loss. a lookac


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