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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  April 7, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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no child of god should ever suffer such horror. president trump strikes back u.s. missiles rain down in response to the government 's chemical weapons attack on its citizens in syria. how world leaders, and legislators here at home, are reacting to the strikes as everyone wants to know, well, what is next. a little girl abducted, then found in the park more than an hour and a half later whom police are calling on to help find her kidnapper. >> i cannot figure out why i'm on this show because i don't like you. >> the master of insults, king of zing, legendary comedian don rickles died, at the age of 90. what a loss. a look back at his iconic
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career and, of course, his connection, big time to the city of philadelphia. and the boys of summer are back, a live look at citizens bank park right now where in just a few hours, the phillies will play their 2017 home opener, first pitch is at 3:10 we will have more on opening day festivities throughout the morning, look at that, they have the tarp out there with the weather. >> there is a possibility of rain, i say, no, that the game will start at exactly 3:10. good day everybody. it is april 7th, 2017. >> happy friday. >> happy friday to you. let's play ball, what do you say, what do i wear. >> i say, layer it up, because it is going to be blustery out there today and maybe just a spotty shower, not enough rain to delay the game but just enough to annoy you. >> of course, nothing annoys you anymore. >> rainbows. five out of 10.
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buddy has his cap on too. warm coat. that might be a struggle with the kid to get them to wear a coat, this is just in case umbrella because showers really will be spotty, is there a little spot in delaware where we are getting light rain this morning, it is all wrap around from yesterday , storm but it is nothing as dramatic as it was on thursday. 46 degrees with a 21-mile an hour sustained wind. it is pretty windy. sunrise time at 6:35. other temperatures in the 40's i don't expect these temperatures to move too much today because of all of the cloud cover. we're talking about cloud, maybe peak of sun here and there and shower here and there, 49 degrees is all we will get for a high temperature but it gets better over weekend and we will talk about that coming up bob kelly good morning, lets kick it off with a tweet somebody inviting to us breakfast in the parking lot. this fella said he will be down at lot m at 9:00 a.m., breakfast and lunch will be served. so we are invited to the parking lot.
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again, opening day 12:00 noon block party, first pitch at 3:05. there is a concert later on. as phillies fans leaving concert fans going in, jammo in south philadelphia even if you are not going to the game you will feel impact. live look here at i-95. we had an early accident right at packer avenue off ram that just got cleared out of the way. southbound 42 freeway heading in to new jersey, right at 534 through construction zone and then down tree in radnor, and, and you may see a down tree branches and some debris as a result of the storms from yesterday. mike and alex, back to you. syrian officials claim seven people are dead, and nine are injured in the u.s. missal tack: u.s. firing dozens of missiles in response to the deadly chemical attack on the syrian people. >> exact number 59 missiles that were fired at that air base in central syria.
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facilities that stored chemical weapons at that air base. they think the missiles were launched, that spewed chemical that particular air base. from- it is not that big but it is all bombed up now. >> since this happened overnight we have new details that are coming n karen, you have very latest. >> president, and entire world and everybody that saw video of what happened with that gaza tack was just so horrified, he decided to take very strong action military action to send a very strong message that we will not tolerate that kind of an attack on innocent people with toxic gases. we know that 59 tomahawk missiles, cruise missiles were launched from u.s. navy warships in the mediterranean. they did strike, mike, that air base in the city of ho ms, they call it in the center of syria. they are calling it a target add tack. we knew what we were going after on areas specifically where those chemical weapons came from. that toxic gas that was used
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on those syrian civilians, including so many women, and children. it was after that attack, in the video that came out, horrifying we saw these babies suffering and effects of what it was like to have that gas on them. the world was shaken and president visibly bothered and shaken, he said this profoundly changed his response and what he thought was necessary in this air strike was his response. it is worth noting strikes took place shortly after president hosted dinner for china's president at his private club in florida, mara logo, president trump calling on all civilized nation toss join our country in seeking end to the carnage there. >> years of previous attempts at changing assad's behavior have all failed and failed very dramatically. as a result the refugee crisis continue to deepen, and the
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region continues to destabilize threatening the you had and its allies. >> this is in the just a message to basher al-assad and his heinous behavior but it is a message to all of our allies and also a message, shepherd to iran, to russia, to china who he is meeting with right now. >> that expert speaking with shepherd smith. britain joined us immediately with this attack. kremlin confirming it did get a head up u.s. advanced warning there would be a strike on the base, syrian government is calling the strike an aggression so does russia. lots of feedback from around this world. >> that is for sure. when they say they gave them a warning, certainly not time enough to launch aircraft. a lot of their airplanes were destroyed. senators john mccain and lindsey graham weighed in. >> they released a joint statement. >> they said president trump confronted a pivotal moment in
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syria and took action and he deserves the support of the american people. >> but it does ant peer our local lawmakers are fully backing president trump's actions. senator chris coons released a statement saying in part while i'm encourage that the trump administration has felt compelled to act forcefully in syria against assad regime i'm gravely concern that the you had is engaging further militarily in syria without a well throughout out, comprehensive plan. frankly the president's actions generate more questions then answers. >> brendon boyle weighing in saying in part. >> i'm deeply in part... another big shake um, the head of the house intelligence committee devon nunez and other news out of d.c. is bow go to pressure to step down
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from leading the investigation into russia's meddling in our presidential election. republican congressman will keep his position as chair but hand over lead investigative duties to texas congressman mike conway. democrats say nunez is too close to the white house and cannot lead an impartial investigation. so much coming out of washington d.c. to our south this morning. 6:08. we are continuing to follow developing news out of wilmington. police are looking for a man that abducted a four year-old girl last night. a driver approached the girl while playing outside, in the village of plum run. he took her in his car and drove away. young girl was later found in the area of banning park, fox 29's bill anderson will join us at 6:30 with the latest developments. investigators are looking for answers in the stabbing death of the paulsboro woman inside of her home. gloucester county prosecutor's office said police received a 911 call wednesday from 61
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capitol street. paulsboro police arrived to find 56 year-old alycia burns dead from several stab wound. they say the adult who was called, who called them there, was there with three children, in of them were hurt. police have not said whether they have any suspects or motive for the murder. senate did go nuclear, a 200 year tradition is broken what it means for today's vote on supreme court nominee neil gorsuch. using personal tragedy to inspire change, how one local daddies using the death of his daughter to keep distracted drivers off the road.
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he lost, his daughter nick any a car accident. she was in the back seat of the car. a car driven by a classmate, it is believed the driver was using the phone prior to the crash, so mike started people against distract driving in his daughter's name. since nicki's death, hundreds of signs have been put up on highways across the country and a 24 hour hot line to assist, other victims. >> i just think that, she knows i'm doing something when i come here and i miss her, man, i miss her a lot.
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if we can save one life, it is priceless because one other family won't to have go through what we have to go through. >> new jersey asking drivers to use its pound 77 phone alert system to report distract driving. the 8 percent rise in traffic fatalities last year in part because of the distract driving. coming up at 7:30 we will have that father join us here in the studio. of course, excuse the noise one of our camera is really acting up. are you okay, chuck? are you good? okay. >> yes. >> i get the oil, like, three and one, what do they call it, three in one. >> yes. >> we need some three in one oil oh, wait a second, pound 77 on the cell phone, if you are a driver of the other car, you pull over and hit pound 77 or you have one of the passengers do it, of course. >> you want to be safe. >> it goes without saying but i said it anyway. a champion comes home, stars show up to honor national champion dawn staley and her message to students at
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her alma matter in north philadelphia. >> i would like to say from the bottom of my heart, be in likes you. >> that was don rickles voice, world loses a comedy legend, one of the mount rush more of comedians, don rickles has died. we will take a look back at his iconic career and his big connection about 52 years of his life in philadelphia. vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers.
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by the time the drugs ran out, i was addicted. it happened so fast. i ended up on the streets, where the drugs are cheaper and easier to get.
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i was a full blown heroin addict, selling my soul to get high. when i realized i needed help i didn't know where to go. but i got help and you can too. you're not alone. help is within reach. this is governor chris christie. call 844 reach nj or visit
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6:16. of course, big news in the you had, not only philadelphia but around the world, syrian military says u.s. missle attack on its base in central syria has killed seven soldiers and wounded nine others, president trump ordered military assault in response to this week's deadly nerve gaza tack on the syrian people. russian military says only 23 of the 59 tomahawks cruise missiles reached the air base, that is a little hard to believe, syria is calling the strike an act of aggression, that comes from vladamire putin. >> we have breaking news in our area, sky fox live over a fire in paulsboro, new jersey we are taking a look now you
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can see are fire crews on the scene, and, there is some people on the roof on the 300 block of morley boulevard. fire started last night but put out and flared up moments ago. we will continue to keep you updateond this, as you can see there is a presence. >> it looks like it was under control. >> but it is back, they are on the roof, trying to get it together. >> we will keep you updated. >> 6:17. opening day for phillies at 3:10 this afternoon, we're supposed to go. >> play ball. >> all i have been wondering what will weather be like for home opener, sue? >> less than perfect, but not a lot, just spotty showers. it is washington nationals in town for phillies home opener. thinking about upper 40's which is where we are right now. i don't think temperatures will move very much. windy, cool and wind will be the thing throughout the day.
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and, it is just layering it up , out there, and enjoy the game. we will see some rain down around washington d.c., look at pittsburgh, it is snowing in pittsburgh. it is their opening day to day , the pirates, and we're going to play the braves. it is snowing in pits burning this morning. some of that could make its way to the pocono mountains and it looks like we have a delaware but cloud around, spotty showers around, and windy all day long. so again less than perfect today and this lasts through five or 6:00. it does clear out overnight and we are getting ready for sunshine rest of the weekend. temperatures in the mid 40's, down and then go backup just a little bit but look at this sustained wind in philadelphia , 21 miles an hour and some wind gusts of 20, 22 miles an hour around as well. seven day forecast, coldest day of the seven day we're at 59 degrees tomorrow and 67 by sunday, best weather day of
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the weekend. by tuesday we're up to 80 degrees, in the 60's by wednesday and thursday of next week. and it is a warming effect. >> 6:19. grab your red dress and kid and make sure you are bundled up. we have a connection bridge accident on the westbound lanes of the turnpike bridge, coming into pennsylvania, right mid span there, down tree in radnor, bryn mawr roadblocked at county line road, probably getting in and out of the neighborhood. we will see, and expect normal , services, to return, and northeast corridor, and, amtrak says, they have had them repaired at penn station. and warminster, paoli line. left over cancellation and delays at philly international , all red think morning as a result of the yesterday's stormment check with the airline. you may not be there this morning because of the rain we had, yesterday, south on the
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freeway, and accident at route 534 heading in toward south jersey. then opening day as we mentioned 12:00 noon block party gates open up at 12:30. first pitch at 3:05. head up as we are leaving the park concert goers are coming in. >> what is the concert. >> john mayera cross the street. >> i saw a great interview with charlie rose the other night. i have changed my whole opinion of john mayer. >> i used to think he was a tool. real smart guy. >> he had a bad reputation there. >> you can be smart and still be a tool. >> it wasn't a smart idea to put the concerts across the street at the same time he has a phillies game. >> he is a tool. >> it will be a hot mess. if we have a win, everybody will be happy, right. >> what do you mean. >> is your ear piece keyed. >> i cannot hear anything. >> you can. >> yes. >> there you go. >> so here we go, more, by the
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way your phillies uniform looks pink on my monitor. >> really. >> does it. >> a hot pink. >> yeah, hot pink. >> you look lovely. >> we necessity it is red. >> final tune up before big home opener spoiled by an unlikely player, how a pinch hitting pitcher, took down the phillies in cincinnati. now how often do you see a pinch hitting pitcher. it is rare, and look what happened. >> look at that. lets look at citizens bank park right now, because, the lights are on, but look at the flags blowing in the wind. sue said it would be windy but we will get that nice view as we come down and look, into citizens bank park where just hours from now people will be outside getting ready for home opener, 2017, they have got tarp ready, showers, we are redty play some baseball. >> at 3:11 i will have a hot dog in my mouthy want to go for ferris wheel. last year they had face painting.
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>> where is ferris wheel? >> for home opener they bring out goodies, we will tell you about it when we come back. blank blank
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good morning i'm ron berke , phillies opening up to day at home after series loss in senate on thursday. things were looking up when daniel nova put them up -one in the third with the second home run of the day but red later tied it at four. untied it for good in the sixth when pinch hitter michael lorenzo hit a solo home run off adam morgan as phillies dropped this 17-four. ryan howard could play again at citizens bank park at some point in the future. how about that. former philly signed a minor league contract with the braves thursday, starting out in extended spring training and join braves triple a club. to the sixers, they have who four straight hosting bulls this play summed up their night, tj mcconn em loses ball, jimmy butt her scores. mcconnell hurt, but would come back. sixers would not, they dropped this 1102-90. masters favorite dustin johnson withdrew on thursday, round one belonged to charlie hoffman. birdied five of the six, finished seven under 65. good for four stroke lead. that is sports in a minute. this is ron berke. >> ron berke now.
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>> yeah, part of the team. >> i know his daughter, she used to be a intern here. she's great. she's on the air down in virginia now. cool guy. i didn't know we hired him. >> yeah. >> i'm last to know anything. back five daisy didn't know ron was with us. so tim tebow, he is trying to make a come back. >> he is playing in south carolina he is silencing critics. he is doing well. at his first at bat with the columbia fire flies, tebow hit one out of the park, followed up the home run by grounding out to short stop in his second at bat. >> okay. >> fire flies beat augusta14- seven. >> august what, what are the august, is what the augusta teamy don't know. >> the golfers, augusta golf ers. >> green jackets. >> the green jackets. >> a reference to the masters, which is happening right now. >> yes. >> except dustin johnson. >> he hurt himself going downstairs. >> he fell down the stairs. >> best golfer in the world fell down the stairs.
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>> okay 6:26. you cannot get bigger news then this. >> u.s. launches dozens of cruise miss unless response to the chemical attack on civilians, how the world is responding to this news, right now.
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u.s. launches a missle strike in syria in response to the deadly chemical weapons attack.
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now world waits for is what next? latest developments from overseas and here at home. little girl playing outside, taken by a man in the while the sedan. sending police on a frantic search that lasted more than an hour but they found her. who they are looking for right now. boys of summer are back, live look at citizens bank park right new where just a few hours phillies will play their 2017 home opener, first pitch at 3:10. we will have more throughout the morning. mike didn't even necessity there was a ferris wheel and lots of other activities. look who it is. >> fanatic is up early at 6:30 >> is he having car trouble or is he getting it together. >> i don't know. >> is he coming to the camera. >> um-hmm. >> jared, look out. >> get out of my face. >> no interviews right now. >> he hasn't had his coffee yet. neither have i, rainbows only. >> good day, it is friday. >> it is friday, it is first friday as a matter of fact.
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>> that is true, it is. >> maybe i will go out in olde city tonight, except we have that donors for heroes thing tonight. >> we are very excited, great event that goes on and talks about organ donations. >> where this year, crystal tea room. my gosh, i think it is. >> where ever it is, we will be there. >> why does it look so light out at citizens bank park. it looks like it is nighttime there. >> well, they have a lot of lights. >> is that it. >> yeah. >> they are really bright lights. >> but you could see included cover and that is what you need to get used to for today a smidge of sunshine and spotty shower, bus stop buddy is ready for all that and layered up because you will need that coat if you are going to be out for a while like sitting in a baseball game. we are watching this wrap around moisture from the storm from yesterday moving up to the northeast but bringing down cold air and moisture and
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see here in southern delaware a shower or two here or there. shouldn't be a big deal. just enough to annoy everybody , like mike jerrick. >> 21 miles an hour wind, and, see a lot of sunshine, and, high in the 40's later on. probably about 49 degrees, maybe hitting 50, spotty showers and wind up to 30 miles an hour. and that takes care of today, much, of the weekend and we will talk about that coming up , bob kelly. >> good morning. 6:32 on this friday morning, dress kid in red opening day and a accident here, right here, route one southbound, the ramps, to the road, be careful heading down toward the pennsylvania turnpike, with a lot of police, the connector bridge heading in toward pennsylvania, an accident, westbound lanes, be careful there, and a change of
6:33 am
story now for amtrak. they said that they made repairs, but now they are testing the tracks. so, expect delays this morning , in and out of new york's penn station. the same will held true for new jersey transit trains, so it sound like we're still going to see a delay for at lee our morning rush hour, delays on both warminster and paoli thorndale regional rail lines, and if you are heading to the airport left over delays, cancellations and delays from yesterday. not only here in philly but also jfk so check, before you head down to the airport. back over to you. i ordered a targeted military strike, on the airfield in syria from where the chemical attack was launched. >> syrian military claims u.s. missle strike killed seven soldiers and left nine others wounded. >> so, karen hepp has latest on this, karen.
6:34 am
>> president trump ordered this strike sending a very strong message we will in the tolerate these toxic gas on innocent people and children abe babies, images so disturbing. we know that 59 tomahawk cruise missiles were launched from u.s. warships. cruise missiles hit air base in the city of ho ms in central, syria. we did this as a target add tack on the specific area where those chemical weapons used in the horrific attack came from. video of that tragedy was so disturbing the world witnessing women, little babies, children suffering, the effects of chemical weapons. clearly president trump was visibly bothered when he talk bit. he was profoundly changed and that a response was necessary. last night's strikes appear to be that response. >> there can be no dispute that syria used banned chemical weapons, violated its obligations under the chemical weapons convention and ignored the urging of the u.n.
6:35 am
security council. >> the way that they are using this chemical weapons they are dropping them from the airplanes and that is airfield they are flying those attacks from they have conducted chlorine bomb attacks from that airfield, conducted this attack from that airfield. not to kill russians but to destroy an air base so assad cannot use it in the future. that is an appropriate thing to do. >> these strikes took place right after president hosted a big dinner, china's president was visiting him down at that private club that he owns, mar aloga in florida. the president is calling on all civilized nation to join with us in seeking an toned that carnage in syria. lots of developments on this one. >> that is for sure we will talk bit all day will be on the show. while kremlin is now confirming it received advanced warning, a few minutes, warning, from the you had about the military strike begins syria. >> russia says the assault is an aggression against sovereign state in violation of the international law. russia announced that the
6:36 am
response, they are suspending a deal with the u.s. to prevent midair incidents oversee use. syrian state tv called the attack an aggression that led to losses. we're getting reaction from israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu, leading international praises for the strikes. >> he says israel fully, unequivocally supports president's decision and hopes clear message will reverb rate in damascus but iran and other places. police are also looking for a man, that they say abducted a four year-old in our area around 7:00 o'clock last night. >> according to police driver approached the girl while playing outside in the village of plum run. bill anderson is outside of that apartment complex with the very latest, bill. >> reporter: good morning, mike and alex. we like to start with some good news. little girl who was abduct from an apartment complex here in new castle county, delaware , she has been found, but police are still looking for the man who took the child now it happened last night
6:37 am
around 7:00 o'clock. four year-old girl was playing outside of her home on 4800 block of sugar plum court, in wilmington delaware. witnesses say white male with dark hair, driving a dark colored sedan, with tinted windows, he approached the little girl, put her in the vehicle and then took off. police search the area until about 8:45, when a passerby spotted the child, in banning park. pretty significant because ban ning park is a 20 minute drive, so they did get in the car, did take her to banning park but thankfully they did find her, about 8 miles or 20 minutes away. so again, the girl is safe, but police are concerned that the man is still out there. so you look around this area, you see bikes, you see evidence that a lot of children are playing. they want to find this man. that description is not allude to go on. they are asking people in our area, either of this apartment area or banning park who may have had surveillance videos, or anything that could show the suspect to please contact
6:38 am
new castle county police. i'm bill anderson. mike and alex, back to you. 7:38. a man is in stable condition after getting shot during a robbery in feltonville. the man was walking away from an atm on wyoming street with the friend when two men approached them with the semiautomatic gun. suspects got away with $205, while running away one of the victims was shot in the back. according to police one suspect in his 40's, other in the 20's. authorities hope cameras can help them to identify the suspects. well, supreme court nominee judge neil gorsuch will be confirmed this morning , well, maybe early this afternoon. republican senators invoke the so-called nuclear option which changed the rules so that they can stop filibusters with just 51 votes, simple majority rather than 60 votes. three democrats voted with the republicans to advance the gorsuch nom nation, highcamp
6:39 am
of north dakota and closer to home joe mansion of west virginia. all three are from conserve states likely facing competitive reelection races, and next year. national weather service investigating whether tornado caused a roof to rip off an industrial plant in west conshohocken. two dozen people written side the plant yesterday afternoon when roof was sheared off and landed in the parking lot and damaged several cars but in one was hurt. plant will be closed to day while crews clean up the mess. well, a hero's welcome for a local champion, see who turned out to congratulate philadelphia native dawn staley and her national championship victory
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. the united states launched 59 tomahawk cruise missiles against seer, yeah syrian military says that the u.s. missal tack on its base in central syria has killed seven soldiers, wounded nine others. president trump ordered military assault in response to this weeks deadly nerve
6:43 am
gaza tack on the syrian people syria calling the strike quote unquote a act of aggression, rebels, of course, in syria especially north syria welcomed the attack. >> we will continue to follow this story because we are learning more and more as morning goes on so we will keep you updated but for now we will check with bob at 6:43 >> good morning, you are right getting up on a friday morning , live look, here comes the sun, get ready for sun glare we will take it, after the mess from yesterday, this is a live look at i-95 in delaware county at highland avenue coming in on 422. we will start to see that sun glare coming around saint gabriel's curve in a half an hour now. now here's a picture from new york's pen station where they have been working on eight tracks damaged in that derailment from earlier in the week. amtrak mentioned yesterday that they expected to have, full services this morning and that everything was repaired, but, they changed the story this morning.
6:44 am
repairs are done but they have not tested the tracks just yet so that is what they are doing now, which translates to expect delays in and out of penn station today and then that will cause delays on the northe corridor, new jersey transit trains, also, expect delays, and, and, they are second in line. they can delays in and out of penn station. parking in the art museum area there weekend keep in mind no parking signs, pay attention as you get ready to set up more staging for the draft. is there a couple regattas and events closing the kelly and martin luther king drive this weekend. we have drives closed, parking and driving restrictions around art museum and we have not even see draft yet. so it will be a mess in center city this weekend. warminster and paoli thorndale light first couple trains running with delays but what is forecast lag like for opening day? sueby has tonight 15 seconds
6:45 am
before we get to the forecast weekend wendy is here with reminder, shameless plug for me and my husband, we will welcoming folks to the media film festival at media theater , guess where it is? it is in media, tonight, yeah. it is at 7:00. 10:00 o'clock they have a horror film fest, tomorrow at one and 7:00 o'clock showing films from local film actor but all over the world and live reading at 3:30 tomorrow of the screen play of when harry met sally. it is going to be pretty cool, today and tomorrow. 48 degrees, today, but the game you can get to the game, come at night, windy and cool. it will be wind up to 30 miles an hour a lot of cloud cover.
6:46 am
maybe a little sunshine. maybe a spotty shower. we will see showers moving into washington d.c., baltimore area, you don't think they will hold together and make it here but again just a spotty shower or two, temperatures in the 40's now. remaining in the 40's throughout the day, 59 tomorrow, much improved on sunday look at that for pomp sunday. and it is back in the 60's on wednesday and thursday. it gets to 80 degrees. humid and hot. >> yes. >> i did say that the day before yesterday. >> you had are never happy. >> he and i agreed it was too hot. i felt bad i even said it. marcella who watches the show every day said mike, alex can you start picking on each other again it doesn't feel right. we have not picked on each other yet. >> he does that in commercial breaks. >> really.
6:47 am
>> it is okay. >> people are picking on me because i don't have any red on. you don't know that i don't have any red on. >> you have a form of blue, i have the red you have the blue phillies. >> no, doesn't work. >> yes. >> trying to help you out there. >> i have my famous red speedo on and it is phillies red. >> yeah. >> don rickles wouldn't like it, he was the man who turned insults into art. >> legendary comedian he has passed away at 90 from kidney failure. >> talking about don rick who also shot to fame after getting noticed by frank sinatra and others. >> you are a powerhouse and frank, i love you, but...
6:48 am
>> is that your wife. >> is that your wife? >> all he did was insult people, there is nobody like him, probably never will be. i was just thinking about watching that johnny carson tonight show with johnny carson did you see frank sinatra's gigantic collar he haddon there like a flying nun >> now four of those people are dead. >> they are legend. >> yeah. >> no one has ever quite pulled off the insult comedy routine like don rickles did. everybody, you know, reference from frank sinatra. don rickles maybe best evidence that don rickles wasn't quite person he portrayed on stage was he managed to stay married to the same woman for 52 years. he was in love with barbara.
6:49 am
barbara skylar of wynfield, pennsylvania as a matter of fact. i believe they got married in 1965. >> wow. >> you know, last tweet, on his twitter was about his wife and talking about their anniversary. >> yeah. >> fifty-sixth anniversary. he was still traveling around, traveling with regis philbin doing shows. >> they are very close. >> best friend. >> i think regis is supposed to be in ocean city tonight. >> or atlantic citiy ocean city, a small event. ocean city. it was tonight, right? he probably cancelled that. they were traveling together doing shows every now and then but it was heart failure. our guy, jerry blavat will join us later on good day to share his personal memories. he knew don pretty darn well. >> he even got letters, he will share those letters with us. >> that is cool. >> by the way is your stiff neck any better because you are still giving me side eye,
6:50 am
is it side eye because you are irritated. >> it is my neck. >> it is in better. >> no. >> oh, noy took it easy yesterday just laid down but it is still there. >> maybe you need to exercise it. >> that looks painful. >> you look like you are in pain. >> yeah. >> tough time at the ballgame today. >> that is true, i will not watch the balls. >> fly ball. >> there we go. >> 6:50, let's go, lets get the sun to come up. >> fresh off her national championship win south carolina women's basketball coach dawn staley returned home to open arms. it is a cool home coming celebration, was one of the philadelphia native favorite places to go, her old high school. >> she took her game from 25th and diamond to dobbins where as a senior she was name, the national high school player of the year, all the way to the coach's bench ending up at university of south carolina. in between then she was at
6:51 am
temple. she won her first national title. during yesterday's celebration a parade of local basketball royalty helped, praise dawn staley. then her turn to take take the mike in a few short minutes she had good life lessons, and good for them, on and off basketball court. >> sure. >> sometimes we don't want to do this but we have to learn how to win, by losing, by losing. by losing. everything in life isn't about winning it is about learning. >> alex. >> she still has net around her neck. >> ever since she won that national title she has not taken that net off. she called it her necklace. >> i want everybody to see, feel a part of it and hopefully, you know, take a piece of it. use it to drive them to be successful. >> she won it on sunday. she has had it on.
6:52 am
>> i don't blame her would i wear it too. >> i would wear to it bed, yes >> mayor was there. >> yes. >> john cheyney, temple couch. fran dunphy shed up too, sunny hill was there. >> yes. >> new eagle alshon jeffery was there. he is south carolina alumni and presented coach staley with the jersey. >> that is cool. >> if the thing gets caught in her hair it would be a harring >> how is your neck. >> i'm hanging in there you will make me keep looking at you does it look awkward. >> no, not at all. >> listen to this, it is 6:52. a police officer, running scared, why. you may in the believe what scared him, i do because i saw this, there you go. are allergies holding you back?
6:53 am
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6:55 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. it is 6:55. look at this. >> do you see that police officer, running inside a florida police station and wasn't a bad guy but a rat. >> look at that. >> stop it. >> so, he ran away, running down the hall way there. >> ugh. >> and co-workers are giving him a hard time but i think i
6:56 am
have run too. >> i have done that, believe it or not, i probably shouldn't admit this. >> there is nothing wrong with it. >> in our news room. >> you probably shouldn't admit that. >> there is that. >> but i think we eradicate that had problem. i haven't seen any in years. it has been a couple in years. okay, months. >> there is a sex in the city episode about that no. >> she's dating a guy. he stood up on the chair, oh, my gosh. >> one time i walked into our house in southern california and there was a bird on the mantle. >> you ran from that. >> i put my keys on the mantle and i realized statue moved. it moved. it was a bird. i ran and hid in the bathroom while my wife pick up a tennis racket. >> i coward with my two daughters in the bathroom. i dent like bird around me. >> you don't. >> but i like bird. >> i just wanted to make sure they were all right. >> protecting the kid from the sparrow. lets get back to the big news around the world at four
6:57 am
minutes before 7:00 on this friday. >> strike on syria, u.s. launched dozens of cruise missiles in response to the chemical attack on civilian, how the world is responding to this right now. alright gus, you're next. [giggle] ready? ok. go!...seahorse...
6:58 am
no. -giant snail. -flamingo. the water... ...under the... pony! no. bow and arrow? oh oh... uh-huh. yeah. the leaning tower of pisa. ah-oh. [giggle] really?! [ding] ohhhh. what was it? bank on it. ohh, the new scratch-off from the pennsylvania lottery. with top prizes of $300 grand! oh, i knew what it was the entire time. [laughter] keep on scratchin'.
6:59 am
no child of god should ever suffer such horror. >> president trump strikes,
7:00 am
u.s. missiles rained down on a syrian air base in response to the syrian government's chemical weapons attack on its citizens. how world leaders, and legislators here at home, are reacting to the air strike as everyone wait toss see what happens next. a four year-old girl found safe after being kidnaped in a delaware community. it took police almost two hours to track her down, what police are asking for, as they tried to find the man who took her. the master of insults, the king of zing is dead. >> newsweek said merchant of the venom destroys stars you people in the back this is in the true, i love people, richardo why do i kid you, why because i don't like you. >> the world lost another great legendary comedian don rickles passed away at the age of 90. a look back at his l


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