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tv   Chasing News  FOX  April 8, 2017 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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>> guys, check out the pictures of the most over-the-top prom-posals i have ever seen. first within is picture of elaborate helicopter ride prom-posal. the second, the guy goes scuba diving but nothing has gotten the internet in a frenzy quite like this series of pictures.
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lily, 17-year-old from springhold, new jersey, posted lee tick pictures asking her self to prom. the first picture is holding up a poster saying you cannot spell meme without me. number to is being asked and the third one is her with her arm around herself discussing the prom-posal. this sent the twitter verse into a frenzy, now lilies the hop topic. >> i don't know president? nobody was asking know prom. i thought it was funny situation. so i thought, friendly and relevant right now. >> it just worked. i know i would say yes. >> logically goes to a small 20-person high school in heightstown, new jersey, so they don't warrant having their own prom, bin order forlogically to get to prom. someone else needs to invite
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her. well, makes sense now. >> meet up with her at diane and company to find lily the perfect prom dress because when she does get asked to prom by somebody else she needs a perfect dress. >> we need find a dress today. >> perfect. so we'll get started. >> so we went and tried on five different dresses, my three favorites, the red beaded dress. like the color. i think it goes well with my hair and my coloring. >> definitely. >> second ones with a black form fitted off the shoulder l acre dreas with floral em broidy at the bottom. >> it is so sassy. >> i know i feel like, i feel like it would go real well well myself. >> and then, the third one was the princess gown. ♪ ♪ >> hello. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ now they have a special way to say yes to the dress.
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>> lily's dress. are we saying control the degrees we're saying yes to the dress. a i love it. ah. of course i want to rng the bell. will you to go prom with me? >> i was really excited. but at this point, she has an amazing dress and just needs a prom date. that is where we come in. we can use the hashtag get lily to prom and retreat the picture on the chasing news pim and make sure somewhere in this world somebody takes littlely to prom. >> got. i she is stuck, hoge. right? only 20 kids so she can only go to another school. reporter: exactly. she has had proposals from people from ail around the world. one guy from upped why y said baby girl in india, if we had prom, i would talk you to all. i don't knee that means. i am thinking some of that goes and am i the only up with who
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thinks it is not a good idea because of the up sane creepers. i agree with you. this is the worst idea yet. this is a bad idea. >> yes. they one other twitter user wrote her ap said my boy knows the value of a good meme. mean, lean, ks like jump ber back. i don't know where you are. throw him a dm. alley sop, anything you want to get off your chest? anything you want want to come clean about? >> i had a lot of fun at prom. >> sure. sorry. she doesn't want to answer the question. reporter: does he want you to tell the story. yes. reporter: well, i had accepted someone's prom invitation, high cool, but in that kind of like in between time, i started dating someone else, so he couldn't go to prom with anyone. he had the best friend go with him. and then, i hit my end of the deal, gis. went to prom with him.
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>> nice. >> reporter: there what is i am good at. bill: thank you. all right. all right. thank you. thank you. >> reporter: i don't know if i went to four or five. bill: wow. you sit here without a mic. hi. have a good time. the chase. reporter: bill? bill: yeah. reporter: giraffe watch 2017. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> oh, yeah. great. update? still pregnant? >> take a look at the video. wednesday morning on i-5 in boston. no explanation as why. so one was hurt. >> yeah ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> the commute from hell that will never end. what do you got? reporter: it didn't stop on friday morning for commuters after new jersey transit and amtrak announced on thursday service will be back to normal for rush hour friday morning. that was not the case, not true, commuters were stuck on trains for hours. they were still late to work. i mean, this is probably one of the worst commuting weeks for them in awhile. mop a, we had the train derail am. a the investigation into going into what hap phoned that. the executive director on thursday was in front of the federal railroad administration, talking about the incident, so it has been absolute chaos, governor christie has stepped in and get subpoenas amtrak well w held while they do an independent inspection to make sure the northeast corridor is in a state of good repair, so i went near penn station, spoke to
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commuters while they were wait another trains to come at rush hour. i brought with me, that said have damn track. >> does it reflect this back to the it does reflect week. i feel like this was lack of communication. even how, it is on holiday schedule p. if you go to the app to look up today's train schedule, the holiday schedule is not posted. >> what do you think the cover? >> i mean, it is clever. i like puns you know what i mean? they are known for that. i am new jersey transit customer. will go with the same nonsense right now. >> did they get it right? >> they spelled it wrong. they got it right, though. [laughter] reporter: would you work here in new york now you have seen what come mighting is like? >> no, not at all. reporter: now we are going to be joined by senator try talk about the leadership of nj transit and if it is time if a change. bill: what do you think, ray? what a mess, right? governor was in new york. he didn't take nj transit into new york today. did?
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he. >> first thing i would do, fly in a spokesperson, at the very least, we have to give the commuters advanced knowledge of what is happening. they are kept in the dark half the time. as you know, i am on mission to put real commuters on new jersey transit boards, so they can oversee the political appointees and what they do. >> why target first? i mean, he has boss. i don't know yaz we have been so right on steve santoro. this guy has been in the for year. there was no communication, after they promised they would be on top of this. breeze watching this from 4:00 in the morning. am thinking nj transit. well, we got on the trains into new york fine. of course, they could not actually get in. >> first or second, but he is fixed. his job is to communicate. but that ises only the first person to go. it doesn't matter. a we need to do is to have a complete open public input into nothing, transit or this is going to happen again and again and acane. it has not happened.
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bill: won't this situation continue to happen time and time again until more tracks, more means of getting into new york city? what kind of infrastructure would you have to put in place if you are together? >> well, first of all, the biggest mistake that governor christie has made in the eight years was not bridgegate. i was canceling the tunnel. because now, that is a target. that tunnel bows down that we now have and it is total chaos as we have seen now. so that tunnel would be built now if christie has nod caught it. bill: here is a question. are run for governor, $140 million going to nj transit. how are we sitting here toll rating nj transit pushing back the great safety issue in exchange forren in ny for a station, a light rail toll nowhere and upgraded app on your phone? >> well, as you know, that is
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the result of poor, i will tell you, that is unconstitutional. my attorney general will knock that out. people who don't know, those transit decision are made by three people. they have a hammer over the head. the governor, the speaker of the assembly than the president of the senate. we are going to get projects that are going that are not helpful but that are political friends want to have. we got to get rid of that. >> reporter: what it sounds like we need is education-based school. we have some of the best urban planning and engineering programs in the na nation in the tristate area. we hed to lack to a different pool. bill: all right, what is next? >> she nailed it right there. you know? if we have a new jersey transit board that has real experts on that has real commuters on. you will be making decisions that are right for commuters not that are political, politically motivated. >> all right. let's hope somebody gets fired very soon. thank, ray. >> i am outside of walter johnson funeral home in westfield, new jersey.
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mourners are gathering to pay respect to 20-year-old kaitlyn nelson. nelson died on sunday. three days after joking during a pancake eating contest at the school, sacred heart university in connecticut. she was daughter of a port you a hortive new york and new jersey police officer who died on/1. her funeral will be held opp saturday, her family has said they decided to donate the organs, so here today understandably did not want to talk. be sure that stay with me on twitter or the show at chasing news for the latest. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> no-show on the hup for conservatives. >> protesting is one way of doing it. another way is to engage in conversation. >> they have been getting a lot of calls. bill: the guys have time to have beers with strangers. >> reporter: hes with on a tight schedule.
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bill: oh, i see. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ bill: this he is the worst idea yet. reporter: we had tim or two when we were interviewing someone and something unexpected popped ship. that is what happened up the mayor's q&a session in late je a country in europe. never heard of that. >> way, really? >> really.
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>> amazing. ♪ reporter: ok. well, that is all that happened. water or coffee or whatever was in the cup, then guess on the merry way. bill: the video was fascinating. rivetting. reporter: late je. that is what i got out of it. it is a country. bill: diana, why can't we all just get along? what do you got? reporter: well, bill, i am in new york city, or some call it, the liberal bubble, which is why one new yorker is doing this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ on the hunt for conservatives. telling me after all of the protests. >> going through this day one. [chanting] >> we are not going to be silent. we are not going to be passive. we are actively going to resist
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anything that this administration. reporter: all the riots. >> protest is one waive dict. another way is ton cage in conversation. >> tell mes me after they reason the ban, he needed to learn more. so he started tag all of these flyers. yes, he has been getting a lot of calls. >> it is a lot lake dating, you know? you are trying to meet with them, first of all. you know, i text with them. i want them to feel comfortable in talking to me. a lot of people want to yell at me. you know? i am like, ok. i am here to listen, you know? to be honest with you. the whole project has been positive. >> keep this project going for some first 100 days if not longer. he also says, the main thing that he and the conservatives
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agree on is fake news. what? >> so, you tell me, are you going to sit down with them? >> you asked if he wanted to hang around and skype so i can talk to him? >> i guess. >> i did. so she was on tight schedule. >> oh, i see. >> wait minute. so the ga has time to go have beers with strangers to talk about trump but wouldn't talk to me? >> well, think i this is a weekend activity for him. he does work during the week. >> no conservatives will we talk to during working hours? that is. look. you got to have rules. >> after meeting with some conservatives. actually changed his opinion on anything or viewpoints? or straight up? >> well, he is not trying to engage in a debate. he not trying to change the opinion about politics. he is trying to understanded, why, some how people voted? why they vote had way. jazz another confused liberal wondering around trying to figure it out.
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good luck. >> reporter: a conservative with no one to talk to. he has radio show. he doesn't need people talking. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ reporter: i continue the chasing series to a question and answer forum, it is not just heroin in mount hauer rel, new jersey. was not expecting to meet the heros that moved me during the meeting. >> you know what i mean? reporter: so i was invited by the forum by the mother of the really good friend, pat obrian, a lifelong friend. in 2016, gil's sop, pat's younger brother, adam, succumbed to addiction and died of overdose of heroin. withed a dm's death, the adam o'brian recovery foundation was born, so was the movement pea hund it. though room was packed with
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parents of overdosed children. family members struggling to deal. prophysician as and those in recovery just looking for somebody to talk to and cannot be by shelves. now like a freight strain, ways whit the favorite faces in the entire world and the voice that is unforgettable. my lifelong friend, yeah, jay started using opiates seven years ago. that lead as to heroin addiction. he had been addicted but kept it in the shadow force a long time. but i am happy to say, jay went to rehab. he has been clean for 70 days now. after the meeting include. i sat down with gayle, jason, joseph, a former addict, turned advocate. first, i talked to jay about what he went through in the past few years. >> started just like recreationally in college. all types. prescription drugs were my downfall. that lead to the darkest places with a terrible heroin addiction the last four months. brought me to my knees and ended up in a rehab. >> i went to gil and asked a
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little bit. i have known gayle far long time. we started the adam o'brien foundation after we lost our son. he struggled for ten years. we do a lot of work in the community. we expand it out all over new jersey. i don't think i can do this. i am sorry. reporter: savanna went over to somebody i just met. don and pat, all over his potted dyes. >> started recreationally using when i was 17-18 years old. my mother got diagnosed with cancer. had a mental breakdown. i self-medicated. it so happened after we lost my mother, after seven-year battle, we lost my grandmother shall a year later, we lost my grand fath erthen we lost my best friend/sister less than a year harv. >> i had too much try pryde to reach out and ask for help. my social habit turned into a mask of pain. >> he told me a little bit about the struggle. out of the fourth year anniversary, he got two giant
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tattoo on the side of his head. one is a rave ton remind me him of his dark past and the other one is a phoenix because he rose from the ashes. throws remind him every single day about what he has gone through, what the misis moving forward. so everybody's positive moving forward. was eye opening experience for me. i feel like every time i hear about someone overcoming their troubles, it is because they had a group of people surrounding them. you cannot fight the fig ob your own. so these types of to rums allow such different sper perspectives. it is a good point for growth. >> just 11 year years old when she lost her battle to prain cancer. >> everything is perfect. we initially started the foundation after her name. reporter: the focus is to raise money for research. >> her dream was not about her. and her name.
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>> oh, mo, no glob. >> look at jerry's face. look at that. >> i am so stressed. bill: now jerries having a
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>> move over. well, that is what maria posted to twitter from brooklyn. a squirrel crawling up the tree with a taco in the mouth. reached the ranch, and now taco squirrels the new king then followed onslaught of more. >> what did i say? onslaught. >> taco squirrel. >> taco squirrel. >> it is hard. it is harder than it sounds, you know? there is a lot of sadness. with losing your child. i just, i keep telling my sell, you know, you know, god, you got to enjoy life. flows her words. mommy, you have to enjoy life. be happy.
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>> even with tears on her ice, amy plans on celebrating her daughter's life the way niya would have wanted her, happy and enjoying everything life has to offer. she was just 11 year old when she lost her battle to brain cancer two year ago. amy showed me a perfect room far little girl. she loves horses. everything is horses. cowboy boots suspect of fleece expensive by the way. reporter: it was after ski trip to colorado that the family first found out she had a brain tumor. >> they want wouldn't tell us it was prain cancer. we pretty much knew she had multiple tumors in her head. reporter: amy said they later found out that she had brain cancer and underwent brain surgery and nine months of chemo. they were then told they prn the clear. buzz three months later, the doctor shared the news that no parent ever wants to hear. i remember when the call came. i remember being alone. he said i am really sorry.
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the first time he ever had no hope. he told me that with brain cancer relapse, that there are, for her case, no other tream. >> she became angel on november 5th, 2014, but she is still live through the parent's foundation. >> so we initially started the foundation after her name. then we started realizing her dream was not about her. and her name, her dream was about ending cancer. so we actually changed the name. >> their focus is to raise machine if i for research which is what she was active with doing at children's hospital philadelphia before she passed. >> there was one night, during her, um, treatment, where she just, for some reason, woke up, and said, hey, mom, if i don't pack it, i want you to cure this. i want you to do something.
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reporter: right now, they have the challenge going ton raise awareness for childhood cancer. i have all the in foe about how you can help and my facebook page ashley john. i think about it as being a parent. and every wake thought you have is for the health and well-being of your child. things like this that happen, the most beautiful part of the wife away from you. i am glad she is celebrating her life. ♪ ♪ >> another great week of chasing news. thanks for watching. i am sorry if you were stuck in the awful commute all week. nj transit down on the job. you know what you i am at it, governor christie, you have easy time pointing the finger at everyone outside of your administration. how about take a long look in the mirror. it is time to maybe hold yourself accountable. we certainly are going to. phone rings "hello?" "yeah!" ♪"a new friend's coming here to sesame street."♪ all new
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