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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  April 11, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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phillies and the mets, see the play that got manager pete mackanin thrown out of the game. good stuff. it is 6:00 o'clock you know what is happening in our city. >> what? >> a live look at an easter egg hunt. >> there they go. >> now this is either great, sweet idea or one of the war ever. >> you know why this is cool, this is for adults. there is $5,000 worth of gift card in those eggs which gave people incentive at 6:00 to go down to dilworth park. >> like i said, these are adults, at 6:00 in the morning and there is $5,000 gift card up for grabs. it could be fun. it could be chaos, that is why they are there. >> they are moving. >> well, for five you this dollars i will pick up my face , i will tell thaw. look at this guy. >> he wants to open up the egg before he keeps going. >> that was very non-shall ant
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>> they have to be cool, we are adults here we will get through, pick it up, i have been there before. >> lets get in there and move around. >> i want to get into some action as we see people going through. >> good day, it is tuesday, april the 11th, 2017. yesterday doctor oz was on the show and he wore a orange sweater. >> yes, he did, spring sweater >> they is right there. >> so, i had a couple people on twitter, a couple ladies, kim mccarthey, we will use her as an example, oh, i liked that. maybe mike should start a spring sweater instead of just a snow sweater. >> okay. >> a sunny sweater, spring sweater, whatever you want. i did that. i got this what is this easter blue or whatever. >> um-hmm. >> but reason i'm doing it as well, i have a blood pressure monitor on my body right now. so every 20 minutes you will say... >> wow. >> do you see this. >> i have a sleeve hooked on
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my arm right here. >> do you feel it. >> every 20 minute squeezes it is going right now. >> so if your blood pressure is really high it will let you know or monitoring it. >> i will get a read out at 2:00 o'clock this afternoon. >> are you okay? >> why are you doing it. >> just an experiment. >> it is a new kind of thing. they have been, this is going off every 20 minutes since 2:00 yesterday afternoon. >> how do you sleep. >> it goes off every hour in my sleep and didn't wake me up >> it is going right now, sue, it is squeezing like crazy. >> just promise tell me readings from the 9:00 o'clock hour of this program. >> that is why we wanted to do it, to see if my blood pressure goes up during the show and doing all sorts of different activities last night. >> i wouldn't be surprise. >> all right. >> yes. >> i'm opened to different activities too. i can't wait for this day, because it is a, 10, again,
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yes, bus stop buddy has sun screen again today. you will need it too. no jacket again. it is clear, not as cool as yesterday but 56 degrees, 75 percent relative humidity, 5 miles an hour wind, just get reading i for sunrise at 6:29. most of the temperatures are in the 50's. we have reached 60 in dover delaware. we are start go ahead of the game where we were yesterday and yesterday we got to 80 degrees. it was first time in 2017 that we have made it to 80 and warmest day of the year so far , until today. we expect probably 84. now 84 degrees is the record for this date. regardless of whether we tie or break the record it is definitely going to feel like summer again and definitely not going to last so we will talk about that and lower temperatures, coming up in the seven day, bob kelly. >> sound good, sueby. kid are loving it off of school for spring break, a live look at 42 freeway, pockets coming in toward philadelphia, starting to see
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beginning of the morning rush hour, this fellow disable here right here near broad street on the southbound side of i-95 otherwise, no problems on the schuylkill, coming out of northeast philadelphia or freeway, good to go, situation we will go to live in a moment 17th street closed all day, walnut to locust, here's your best bet, all of the odd numbered streets run south. you will think to go to 19th? you have to navigate around rittenhouse square. so go over to 21st street, that is your best alternate, through the day to get around this situation along 17th and walnut. mike and alex, back over to you. we have our daily, or our morning shooting, to tell but a man has died, shot several times in west philadelphia. >> we will get into lauren johnson because this happened not long ago. you have the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: good morning mike and alex. it was an emotional morning for one family showing up at the scene. police have cleared the scene on brown street but their investigation is far from over this becomes another
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philadelphia homicide where police are struggling to get information. they have no witnesses at this hour. all they know is that family is grieving and they are looking for a shooter, we understand that the victim's heart broken mother was one of the victims who showed up at the scene too emotional to talk moments before the coroner removed the body from the excrete street. it started with a call about gunshot victims a male and female. when they arrived they learned woman was here to hold the man in the street while she waited on help to arrive. when we first arrived here on the 4100 block of brown street several people were sitting outside on their front stoops, watching police work, not talking and apparently the gun shots were just loud enough to wake them up. call came in shortly after 2:00 a.m. from the very beginning an office shore responded on the scene told us that the victim was in the likely to survived, less than an hour later we were told that 34 year-old man was dead in the street after being shot at close range, right in the head. police were able to recover about a dozen shell casings, but they need more to determine a motive or to find
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out who the shooter is. so again police plan to return to brown street at some point this morning. they are hoping private surveillance will give them some answers or someone will talk to shed some light on the shooting, mike abe alex. >> 6:06. police in north philadelphia they are investigating a double shooting on north colorado street. two men in their 50's were found shot. first victim was shot in the black in the 2400 block of north colorado, second victim found shot in the ankle in the 2500 block. police are searching for two men seen leaving the area. let's stay in north philadelphia a man found shot to death inside a kitchen of the home in the 1900 block of venango street that happened late last night. police are still searching for suspects in that shooting. closing arguments are schedule in the bench trial against three teens charged in connection with the death of amy joyner francis. in the trial yesterday pediatric cardiologist
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testified that joyner francis had a rare and undetected heart condition and her death was unforeseeable. an autopsy ruled that the teen died of a sudden cardiac death aggravated by stress of the fight. one teen involve in the fight at howard high school of technology is charged with whim nally negligent homicide, two other girls are charged with conspiracy. we have got another sinkhole or water main break? now you have all been on the street. it is 17th street just off rittenhouse square in between walnut and location thrust ace lit street there called chancellor. >> um-hmm it looks small but is there a big hole underneath >> what is happening underneath is the concern, sabina? >> reporter: good morning, guys. check out our timing, water department got here and started to check out the home here, like you said, it looks small from good distance away, but a not wide but when you look inside, it is several feet deep and can sea water,
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flowing down inside of it. what we think happened according to the whether department is there is a waterline connected to this fire hydrant over here which we think is in question here. apparently that line underneath the ground busted caught ago this what the tore start flowing. that is when the street started caving in. we talk to people who live and work around here and they noticed something late last week. they say there was a small hole. as day went by it started to get bigger and bigger to the point where they worried that someone would fall n they said somebody at one point put a cone out there but that cone ended up falling in there. they were happy to sea water department put these barricade up, and then start to get ready to tack they will hole. as we said we are here, water department just got here they say that they could spend a whole day working on this so it will affect our morning commute. it might affect your evening commute. you hear those honks in the back. it looks like people are starting to deal with these road closures. we are on 17th between walnut
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and locust. mike said chancellor street. we did have some people coming across on that street. you can see people trying to get through this mess. >> this is a typical problem, sabina, somebody is park in front of the there and bus cannot make a turn. finally move your car, lay on the horn, coming out of the store, the stores wouldn't even be opening. somebody moved their car and now bus can go through. >> maybe making a delivery chance already street. you have little pete's, are they opened? >> reporter: yes, they are opened. we talked to a worker earlier mohammad so noticed the sinkhole last week. he was worrying that somebody was going to fall n every time he drove from work he had to avoid those holes. >> i have seen that hole. >> the road is closed. >> there is the kitchen store and guy that sells umbrellas out there every day for 20 years on that corner of chancellor and 17th street,
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warwick help tell. do they still call it warwick hotel at 17th and location us i'm not sure. >> is there chancellor, down to rouge and rittenhouse square. >> oh, boy. it is so tiny. but yet such a big deal. 6:10. video sparked outrage around the world a man violently dragged off an over booked united airlines flight but were they within their rights to forcibly remove this man. rules you may in the necessity about when it comes to over booking. >> how many times have you seen this video now a hundred. >> it is still shocking every time it really is. lets get back to either great idea or craziness? dilworth plaza there is an adult easter egg hunt. people are not moving very fast. >> it looks like they have collect and made their piles and they are going through it. there is about $5,000 worth of gift card. they are checking. grab the eggs, and then open them up. >> they are doing it in stages so it will go on most of the
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in between round now they are picking up plastic eggs with prizes inside. >> all kind of good pry. >> this is going to go on all morning long. they will do tonight round. next group of people coming in they have their chance. we are trying to figure out when next round will be but
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they have to clear it out and put it back on. >> let's find somebody who got something that might be a good idea. >> 6:13. >> some butter company is doing this. >> it is killers better. >> kellers butter. >> he might know that is one of the guys he is the keller dude. >> i wand fur they are empty or other prize or only looking for gift card. >> these are definitive answers we would have need. maybe we should have sent in a team of producers. we have someone out there all by himself. al allen iverson makes a stop in philadelphia to talk about shoes. i'm talking about shoes. the big sacrifice he says his mother made back in the day for him when he wanted his first pair of shoes, in order for him to get his favorite pair of shoes. vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers.
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80 degrees in april of all things yesterday. the previous warmest day of year was march 25th when we got to 77 degrees. now this will be the warmest day of the year, today, provided we do get higher then 80 degrees. i think we will. forecast is for 84.
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record is 84. set way back in 1887 but there isn't much on radar right now. we don't expect rain to start until late tonight into tomorrow with a cold front. so that is why we will go from 84 today to 75 tomorrow and then 66 degrees on thursday, but by friday, it is a beautiful day, mostly sunny, high of 68 degrees, bit of the warming trend and as we head into easter weekend. seventy-one cat day. eighty on sunday. cooler with showers in the morning, on, monday, so, another summery day and maybe a record breaker, bob kelly. >> here's the thing, bob. >> are you tipping? >> i got 20, burning a hole in my pocket. get some coffee. >> you were hanging out with the vp. >> good time. >> let's break that record. >> i was in the irish bar and in walks a vice-president. >> you in irish bar. >> thanks for the tip, mike. live look at 422, eastbound,
6:18 am
jammed up, heading toward king of prussia interchange, your normal rush hour. looking good on the bennie, no problems up and over the bridge into downtown philadelphia west on 422, out near arm and hammer interchange and air port road, watch for a vehicle fire what a hot mess yesterday but guess what they are coming back southbound i-95 again today paving crews will be setting up shop between ridley and commodore barry bridge, it took some folks an hour to make it through this stretch yesterday and it caused domino delays along the blue route as well, so if you are head together airport or heading south anywhere near i-95 give yourself plenty of extra time and another head up for after the rush hour penndot will be working westbound on the schuylkill expressway, down to one lane, from gladwynn, out to 476, mike and alex, back to you. we have breaking news this morning. a lawyer says man accused of crashing a truck in the crowd in stockholm has pleaded guilty to terrorist crimes.
6:19 am
man has been in custody since his a reason saturday. four people were killed and 15 others were wounded in friday 's attack. >> wow. oh, my god. >> no. >> have we establish the doctor himself, 69 years old, is he screaming? >> you can hear other passengers react nothing shock too. >> woman says what are you doing to that guy. >> chaos on this united flight we have seen it a hundred times now from chicago to louisville, kentucky. video shows a man dragged off the plane because airline over book the flight and no one volunteered to get off for 800 bucks. you can see man hitting his head as officer ripped him out of the seat, his face was bloodied, they are up in arms over airline policy, karen hepp what else have you learn. >> there has been some action.
6:20 am
department of transportation will be reviewing all this, one of those security officers that was involved has been suspended, after this man who is the doctor said he needed to make that flight to see patients the next day. $800 wasn't high enough for anybody on that plane. then they forcibly started to take him off. industry watch dogs say airline should have told passenger he was literally entitled to compensation but ultimately the airline is within their rights to pull any passenger off the plane. also just because you paid for your seats does not guarantee you will have that specific seat or that specific flight according to the department of transportation's web site. unfortunately with airlines over booking is routine and legal way for the airline to compensate for no show passengers. here's an interesting statistic in 2015, 46,000 travelers were involuntary bumped from flights. >> airlines do not want to divulge what your true options
6:21 am
or rights are and then they don't want to give you a warning. in many cases there are very quick to pull the trigger and call the police. >> so, this is the statement that was put out from united air lanes from one of their officials there. so later this morning on good day we will have a whole lot more involving pass evening -- passenger rights on the airline this is disturbing to the people there there were reports he was knock unconscious according to one of our experts we had, some sound on, so we will have more they were talking bit late night saying they don't over sell when you go to the stadium because people don't show up, so much more discussion, guy. >> we have an attorney coming in pilot, fred tecce will talk about this. tough loss for the phillies but there was a
6:22 am
special moment, memorial first career hit, and memorable one too. brook got his first hit he was being slapped on the back to the point of tears again. lottery numbers.
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phillies have 13 straight games against nle opponents, too early to call this important but it is kind of important. taking on the mets, ramos, look at this throws a pitch over cabrera's head. they have bad history. both teams were warned. pete mackanin not liking it. he was thrown out. adding insult to injure jay bruce with the home run, to put phillies down. they lose four-three. pete rose finally getting respect that he deserves, before the game philadelphia is announce that had rose will be induct in the phillies 2017 wall of fame. sixers and pacers this one , no doubt, paul george hit ting this jumper right here , the way, 27 points, the sixers lose 120-111. eagles sign former penn state quarterback matt mcgloin
6:26 am
to a one year deal, mcgloin would be third string quarterback behind carson wentz and nick foles, that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. lets go back to baseball for a second and phillies, there was a special moment in last night's phillies game, rookie say stasi. >> do you say stasi. >> let's just call whole thing off. >> anyway, he got a littlee motional again do you remember he cried before the start of the season. we were all thinking it was fabulous. he made the team, out of spring training and he cried. he got a hit last night. here it is. >> line drive down toward right center field, that is well hit, it is gone. the first major league hit for brook stasi, a solo home run to right center field. >> he drilled it. >> i get from it tom mchail he said stasi.
6:27 am
>> not bad for your first hit. >> not bad at all. >> not at all. >> that is so great to see, very happy for him. >> bottom of the ninth, made it four-three but phillies would then lose to the mets four-three. >> way to go, brook. 6:27. >> lets check with sue, that is always good news, right. >> yes, obvious segway here, today's weather is, a home run , we have another day in the 80's. we might even break a record, get your forecast and find out when it gets cooler coming up. ecstasy.
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a small hole, signals a major problem below why streets in rittenhouse are shut down right now. >> well, or anyway. allen iverson loves his sneakers. sixers legend back in philadelphia talking shoes. we're talking shoes. big sacrifice his mom made back in the day when he wanted his favorite shoes what she had to give up. you have heard of easter egg hunts. what about adults easter egg hunt. kellers butter is putting this together at dilworth park. is that the easter bunny? >> we have got bunny hand. >> oh, my goodness. we will see easter bun any a little bit. >> there we go. >> there it is, they will have another round, coming up at 7:00. >> look at those people waiting, they are getting ready because is there $5,000 worth of prize inside those eggs and they are up for grabs
6:31 am
>> i thought this would be chaos, but it has been very orderly so far. >> so far, mike, going on until 10. >> thirty minutes until the next round, and, and, and, and , my heart monitor on my left arm and sleeve and goes off every 20 minutes. it has squeezed me twice this morning, i mean, since 6:00. >> two in 30 minutes. it is checking my blood pressure over a 24 hour period >> are you going to be all right. >> i will be fine. >> all right. >> great to see easter bunny. >> i love to see him. what we want to does have our own easter egg hunt here at the station. >> we want to take part but during the exact same hours of our show. >> i could not find an easter bun toy come in. >> we found one but he was too busy. >> busy. >> he is over at dilworth. >> yes he could not come in. >> if you have bunny ears could you come to fourth and market.
6:32 am
>> we'd love you to come be our bunny. >> all right. >> exactly. >> fun. now is there any candy involved? you talked about the catch. >> but we are still putting our hunt together. >> she means the one in dilworth park. >> yes. >> all of them except a couple of them have $5,000. >> maybe they have butter. >> butter, maybe so. >> stick of butter. >> every kid's easter wish. >> no jacket again today but bring sun screen buddy is ready for a bright day, a warm day, we're already at 56 de grease, just sunrise at 6:29 we are getting to a high of 84 look at that, the record is 84 set way back in 1887. do you remember how hot it was that year, mike. >> i was listening. my monitor is going off and it is distracting. >> i was joking. >> do it again. >> hey, the record was setback
6:33 am
in 1887, remember how hot it was back then. >> yes, yes. >> yes. >> we will probably tie it again. >> that was first year of this show, 1887. >> it feels like that. >> bob kelly was just a boy. >> i don't know if this is good for your blood pressure all morning. >> serenity now. >> we're only 33 minutes. >> i'm about to explode. >> rescue squad coming down fourth street any minute now. live i-95, jammo from the bet i to downtown. beginning of the morning rush hour coming into philadelphia, same deal here on the freeway working in toward bridge, 17th street closed, walnut to locust, more details in a moment. what you need to know coming into downtown to the rittenhouse square area use 21st, go over to 21st because if you use 19th you have to navigate around the square, and we will be jammed up in that area throughout the day into the evening. also delays expected today coming in toward art museum, kelly drive down to one lane,
6:34 am
portions of the parkway are block and that spring garden street shut down at pennsylvania avenue and septa septa buses there and also 25 to 30 minute delays already on the wilmington, and the airport regional rail line, mike and alex back to you. >> some people do not believe it. do you see the sleeve. >> yes. >> and it is attached to this thing. i have had it on since 2:00 yesterday afternoon you are not making up this. >> no. >> that is when i squeal a little bit, it is going off. >> seventeenth street you have all been over there by little pete's which is a diner i go to. it is opened 24 hours a day. >> seventeenth and chancellor basically. there is a hole there but underneath delays giant hole. >> sabina is looking into it. you were walking pennsylvania this you wouldn't think much of it. >> we have water department here. they have not started jackhammering yet. there is the hole right there it doesn't look so big from
6:35 am
where we are standing only a foot in diameter but when he puts his head in there it is deep. 2 feet in the ground. there is still water flowing. we have video, to show you from inside of the hole. lets take a look real quick. you can see inside the hole where water is flowing. this happened maybe some people working around here, workers at little pete's tell us they noticed this happened thursday of last week when they notice aid small hole. they thought it is a problem. but they say it got bigger and bigger to the point they were worried someone would fall in. we have pedestrian traffic on this street. and regular traffic. that was mow ham fred little pete's. lets talk about what he told bus getting to work every dane a worried about this hole. >> good thing, someone called. i come in two days in a row, i drive by, the hole so i called
6:36 am
too. when i see today, it is scary, scary. good thing city is here. i seen the peco people coming here. they were taking a look. i hope they will work, done quickly. >> reporter: it is a little scary when you see exactly how deep it is. okay, so as bob mentioned 17th street right here out to walnut is closed. barricade are up. they have the estimator here ready to go to start to work on this pole. we have a little updated information. this is a 3-inch water main break that broke not a fire connection. water main break they are dealing with right now. >> some of these water pipes are what, well, over a hundred years old, and you know, sabina if you were any kind of report tore give us perspective you can crawl down in it. >> reporter: you probably wouldn't see me.
6:37 am
i'm pretty tiny. maybe see the top of my head. >> but now that the water department is here i can't get in. >> you are smaller then those men it might be easier for to you get a wrench, to go down there yourself and fix this problem. >> well, through go, appropriate easter week, rabbit hole. >> didn't she get engaged. >> yes, she did. >> sabina, good job out there. 6:37. police are investigating a deadly shooting hearings we go again, called to the 4100 block of brown street around 2:00 this morning to find a 34 year-old man shot in the chest at least once in the head. he was pronounced dead. investigators are working to uncover mote turf locate shooter. different shooting, the same result, man found shot in the kitchen of the home in the 1900 block of venango street,
6:38 am
east venango. it happened late last night and police are still searching for suspects. a montgomery county man is charged with the horrific crime involving his wife and two children. forty-five year-old joseph myhre is accused of physically abusing his family, lower providence police say it happened, in their home on greens way circle in collegeville. police say they were were alerted after the man's wife went to the hospital with the fractured skull. investigators say myhre shocked his children with electric dog collars, punched, kicked, and choked them, police say myhre gave a statement admit to go some of the abuse, he is being held on a million-dollar bail. unreal. well, we have found some new details about a deadly accident, at a penn state fraternity house. is report ago this police have surveillance video from pledge night, the night 19 year-old tim piazza fell down the stairs and then died. exactly is what on the footage is not yet public?
6:39 am
police are investigating what happened as hazing penn state -- penn state has permanently banned the beta pi fraternity from the campus all together. hazing ritual. 6:39. in the wake of the amtrak train derailment at pen station in new york. they have had two, actually. new jersey governor chris christie and new york governor andrew cuomo are pushing for an independent verification of track safety, at that particular station, pen station, the two sent out a letter to the head of the amtrak and to the federal railroad administration saying that they want to be included in the assessment or development of the needed response is what they said. amtrak has said that it and the fra, will assemble experts to study maintenance and efficiency issues and will involve new jersey transit and
6:40 am
lior, long island railroad. 430,000 passengers from new jersey and insuring ride those train lines each day and of course it effects us here in philadelphia many people go up to manhattan to work. my blood pressure monitor is going on. >> it beeps and squeezees how are you feeling. >> squeezable it is squeezing right now. >> don't squeeze the charmen. >> please don't. >> what should have been a fun filled easter egg hunt for kiddies being cancelled because of parents. volunteer fire company in north coventry township posted message saying quote we know that the majority of our community is not the problem but we cannot risk injury to children because certain individual just can't control themselves. officials say they are hoping to try again next year. >> cans egg the egg hunt. >> what? >> because of the adults not behaving? >> i didn't know, fit is kid thing i didn't think adults could be in the mix. >> come on kid get over there
6:41 am
and get the egg. >> if you want a egg hunt there is one going on right now at dilworth park and free just walk up and do it. >> nineteen minutes from right now they will start another round and there is $5,000 there. >> there is more round happening until 2:00. >> let it out. >> vice-president, former vice-president, joe biden met up with bob kelly, what were they doing in the irish bar? sound like a joke? vp goes in the bar. >> bob kelly, jammo. >> jammo. >> lets take a look at that easter egg hunt happening at dilworth plaza. >> oh, man they have a crowd. >> people lining up now they are waiting, won't be long, less than 20 minutes, they can go get their chance to grab $5,000 worth of pry. >> look at our society, everybody on their phone, nobody talking to each other. >> they don't know them. >> back in the day before the cell phone, you got to know each other, you would talk to
6:42 am
the people. >> this is a competition. we are trying to get best easter egg. $5,000. >> spoken like a real millennial.
6:43 am
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look who made a surprise visit , vice-president gentlemen biden stopped by gathering of heroes event last night raising money to help marine core, he talked a little bit about the current situation in the world today, he talked about whether the feelings on when should have run for president or not, i asked him i said mr. vice-president you are in our area a lot, why? you are here in philadelphia what are you coming. >> i have become a professor at university of pennsylvania. >> professor. >> you have to show me respect now. >> a great guy, a great time hanging out with him last night. he wrote a check to the marines and off he went. thanks for stopping by, mr. former vice-president, joe biden, we had bagpipes there,
6:46 am
we all gathered at irish pub at 20th and walnut to honor, our medal of honor recipients we had here on the show yesterday and to raise money for marine core law enforcement group. we raised close to $50,000, i raised 14,000 as we auctioned off that motorcycle from bash 's harley davidson. more importantly thank you to all of the marines for your service. attention i-95 shoppers, spill on aisle three. spill on i-95. somebody who -- something fell out of the back of the pickup truck. thinks right at cottman avenue taking out what looks like the left lane, recycling paper, so that will be coming all over the place. here comes the sun. northbound i-95 giving south sun glare. seventeenth street closure that we heard from sabina will tie us up big time in center city in the next hour when we
6:47 am
use 21st street, that is the best bet, all of the odd numbered streets head south. using 19th street you will to have work your way around writ writ even how square and that is a mess to begin with, during rush hour, right? so use 21st and go straight on through and give yourself extra time. lane restrictions on the kelly drive, parkway, spring garden and septa running with 25 to 30 minute delays on the wilmington and airport regional rail line, so how hot will it get? how long will sun hang out? sue has the answer in 25th 15 seconds one more summery day with high pressure in controlled and this cold front yet to come
6:48 am
through. we will get warmer then we were yesterday because we're already starting out a little milder then we were, yesterday there is your rain, that is coming tomorrow. when will that happen? probably, in the overnight hours, even into, early tomorrow morning, and through can see 5:00 this afternoon still gorgeous, sun not setting until 7:30. here's 10 and 11:00 with rain north and west, by two or three it is all out and comes through quickly but will change the way it feels outside, as a result of the chillier air coming in. so that is where we are with the rain but today enjoy it, 56 degrees already, go out without a sweater or jacket. fifty-eight in wildwood. fifty-five in mount pocono. breezes at five or seven. so 84 for today. second night of pass over. great night to grow out, enjoy family and friend. 75 degrees tomorrow with that rain. we're in the 60's for thursday good friday we will see warming trend for easter weekend. 70 degrees on saturday.
6:49 am
easter sunday back to the 80's , back to you i have been inspired. i say we should have an easter egg hunt here in the news room >> i'm all for that. >> you verse me. >> really. >> yeah. >> we will put a clock on it and we will get some plastic eggs, some treats in it. >> maybe we will have producers, kitkat kline can put together some stuff. >> this is perfect for kitkat kline. >> we are inspired by is what going on at dilworth park where we are 10 minutes away from another round of the adult easter egg hunt. >> did you find some people out for the hunt. >> reporter: my gosh there are plenty of people here. they just did the egg drop. eggs are back out on the grass here, and then everybody just stood up. everybody was sitting down, last time. everybody is on their feet now , everybody has a tactic. lets go down here pick up one egg to grab one that has anything in it. i will tell you what i have found. it is either candy, it is either a golden ticket and that means you have to find the easter bunny can you get a
6:50 am
hundred dollars gift card. check this out, this is sir ethan. come on, say hi. >> hi. >> hi. >> you have a tactic he has a hat on for a reason. >> we will scoop our eggs up and put them in the hat. >> we're cheating. >> look at that. easter bunny is here. >> so you told me you came from the north east. what time did you wake up. >> 5:00 a.m. >> on the train in the bus. >> look at you. >> why did you do all that. >> because god is good and we are able and we are here to win. >> nast right. >> we are adventurers and we want to win, we are here to win. >> normally easter egg hunts, he threw it back. they don't hide these. what color i heard you saying the color. >> what color do you want. what color do you want, blue. >> blue. >> yes, he says we are looking for blue eggs, they are thrown them all out. mike and alex we have until
6:51 am
7:00 then it kicks off. we will check back to see what ethan picks up and gets golden ticket. >> wow. >> so cute. >> happy easter. >> makes you want to just pop one out. >> lauren, try to open one i want to see, i know we see. >> i opened it already. >> yeah. >> what was in it? >> it was just a coupon not a golden ticket. >> coupon is still good. >> of course, it is but i was thinking it was the golden ticket. >> a hundred dollar gift card. >> $5,000 total. >> but each person can get a hundred dollars gift card if there is a golden ticket. >> we will check back in. >> don't let him do it until we are back live.
6:52 am
see allen iverson was back in town. >> he loves his sneakers. >> oh, yeah. >> he is talking shoes, big sacrifice he says his mom made , so he could have his favorite pair as a kid. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
6:53 am
6:54 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. have 54:00.
6:55 am
trending nba all hall of fame and circumstantial grade allen iverson is known for his moves on the court. >> cross over. >> but known for his style. iverson was in philadelphia with complex magazine talking about sneakers that he wears. >> first discussions his favorite pair of sneakers as a child. >> my mom got me a pair of nike revolutions. i was wearing like seven or something like that. they had an eight and a half. i still wanted them that is how bad. >> double socks. >> no, it was just, you know, my foot just moved around a whole bunch in them. i definitely remember it vividly because i my lights got turned off for her to get them for me. shout out to big mom a. >> his mom, bought the shoes and could not afford to keep the lights on. he grew up in virginia. he wore extra big shoes.
6:56 am
>> wow. >> they said that interview was pretty revealing. he talked about how it felt when someone was wearing his sneakers for the first time. >> wow. >> okay. >> well, i'm jelly. i'm a little jelly. i would like to be at dilworth plaza in four minutes they will kick off the next round. is there gifts in each of those eggs, we will get to it, take you back there to city hall, lets run with the bunny here.
6:57 am
6:58 am
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and why he was, behind the employees involved, plus, what rights do you have, if you are asked to leave an over book flight. baseball's hit king will be foreign engraved in phillies history. pete rosies select as this years wall of fame inducte
7:00 am
despite being banned from the game. his former teammates and phillies legend greg luzinsky shares his thoughts on rose's induction. pete rose what do you think that is a live shot right now, the eggs are ready to go, the next leg should start in the 10 seconds or so, let's listen in. >> look at how many people showed up. >> they are ready to go. >> soy,. >> thumbs up mike, hold on. >> this lady grabbed one and left. >> if you are just joining us. >> you can grab as many as you can, alex. >> is what inside the eggs. >> is there candy, there is little prize, coupons and a golden ticket. that is what everyone is vying for golden ticket. let me grab this woman right here. difficult hear


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