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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  April 11, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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despite being banned from the game. his former teammates and phillies legend greg luzinsky shares his thoughts on rose's induction. pete rose what do you think that is a live shot right now, the eggs are ready to go, the next leg should start in the 10 seconds or so, let's listen in. >> look at how many people showed up. >> they are ready to go. >> soy,. >> thumbs up mike, hold on. >> this lady grabbed one and left. >> if you are just joining us. >> you can grab as many as you can, alex. >> is what inside the eggs. >> is there candy, there is little prize, coupons and a golden ticket. that is what everyone is vying for golden ticket. let me grab this woman right here. difficult hear you won last
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time. >> did you get the golden ticket. >> what was your reaction when you opened up. >> i was happy. >> you were happy. >> yes. >> surprised. >> what are you going to do to a gift card. >> give to it a family. >> so nice of you, happy easter. >> i didn't mean to interrupt your hunt. keep going. >> lets see, we have got a golden ticket. >> wow. >> we got one. >> yes. >> you woke your sister up and said we have to come down here how excited are you. >> very excited. we want to go get a ticket, both of us. >> yes. >> we were at 5:00 and said lets go downtown and we won. >> yes. >> we won, say hi, say hi. >> the kid are like is what going on. >> yes. >> now we have to find the bunny. >> now we have to find the bunny. >> my blood pressure is going up. >> i cannot hear you there,
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was chaos. we have two winners. >> yes. >> we have got two winners. we will get more if i know what the heck did they win. >> we won. >> the golden ticket. >> mommy won. >> golden ticket is the gift card that visa gift card that is worth a hundred dollars. >> okay, all right. >> you can use that anywhere then. >> yes. >> how excited are you. >> very excited, i heard on the news and said let me get up get my easter egg. >> you came down here, now you have a gift card for a hundred dollars what do you think you will do it. >> i don't know. >> i love it. >> thank you. >> hold on. we're holding. >> is it a hundred dollars worth of butter. >> no, no. >> it is a 100-dollar gift card but they are hoping people use money to buy things for their easter din they are
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weekend. >> marlon brando called and he wants his stick of butter. >> did you guys hear that. >> grand mom's in the hospital and she just had a stroke, they will use their money to get groceries to take dinner to the rehab facility. >> from south philadelphia she's a pastor, god is good, she's a miracle and god blessed us to keep her another day. because god, and, she's a miracle and god is always on time, believe in god, he is our number one. >> look at that. now you have something to take to grand mom. congratulations. >> i'm telling you we talk to that woman 20 minutes ago and said god spoke to her and said get up at 5:00 get over to dilworth. >> bus and a train. >> bus and a train. >> we were. >> with that little boy. >> they got the golden ticket. >> it remind me of the willie wonka trying to get golden ticket. >> city hall, gates open and is there mayor kenney, willie wonka in his top hat and kaine >> yes. >> i have seen him with a top
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hat and kaine. >> we're behind for weather but it is going to be worth the wait. >> absolutely. we have a 10 out of 10 today in the weather by the numbers. it is really another day like yesterday except warmer. no jacket again but he has sun screen and that is a good idea for you, first day of spending time outdoors. 57 degrees in philadelphia right now. eighty-four our high. guess what the record is 84 in 1887. it was tied a couple times throughout the years since then but we have not broken it just yet bob kelly, maybe today is the day. >> today, is the day. we are looking forward it. somebody spilled a load of trash on i-95 southbound right here near cottman avenue in what would be that left lane heading southbound. seventeenth street will remain closed all day long, walnut down to locust. more in a second. your best alternate throughout the day would be 21st street,
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just remember all of the odd numbered streets run south, and you want to try to avoid that coming rittenhouse square twenty-five to 30 minutes delay, yesterday, one hour delays on i-95, crews are copping back today, southbound , expect delays between ridley and the commodore barry bridge, and delaware state line aspen dot crew the are paving, they are set to start shortly after 9:00 and then again expect delays upward of an hour we had to sit through yesterday, mike and alex, back over to you. here we go we have a problem on 17th street, i have been noticing this hole. did you say you got a tweet from the guy that hit that hole. >> i did. he said he didn't see it. when he came across it. the cone was gone. he fell in. >> well, sabina says orange cone did fall in the hole. you know this, it is 17th between walnut and locust right there at chancellor street. we have all been to little pete's in the mid of the night there is sabina.
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>> we have talked about a small hole, not so small anymore, look, it is pretty massive with water department crews ripping up the roadway to get underneath there to fix this hole. it is cool we can show you power of this machine, just ripping up the road. i have never been this close. this is a 3-inch water main underneath the ground, ain't broke. people say it happened late last week when they notice that had hole you were mentioning. it kept getting deeper and deeper there. was water under there, this morning. water was still flowing. as we have been talking about all morning long walnut here, at 17th street, closed, okay. you can see barricade just beyond here. traffic diverted. thinks 17th street between walnut down to locust. we have seen some people coming over on chancellor street so you might be okay with that but i don't want to endorse that right away. mike, you mentioned businesses out here. we want to mention they are opened, take a look we have a
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big opened sign, little pete's is opened as well. opened to pedestrian traffic. you can always walk down. i want to give them a shout out because they seemed worried when they saw this mess. >> it is a little french coffee shop, right? i have been in there a few times. >> reporter: i knew were you going to ask me this i will butches the name, i never know how to say that. >> yes, we can show you the sign. >> yes. >> there is a new coffee shop. >> sabina, thank you. >> new coffee shop at 17th and walnut, capitol one i think or something like that. i'm a cinnamon roll connoisseur. they have a great cinnamon roll in there sit and watch everybody walk up and down walnut you like your coffee cake. >> do i, i didn't get one today. >> anything you can suburb. >> get all of the butter out of it. >> he taste the cake and put tonight his hand and he smash
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es it up and then eats it quite fascinate to go watch. >> compressed food taste better which is why i have a blood pressure monitor on right now. i am willing to go blow a ventricle here. police in north philadelphia are investigating a double shooting, on north colorado street. two men in their 50's were shot early this morning. the first victim was shot in the back, and in the block of the north colorado street. second victim was found shot in the ankle on the 2500 block . police are searching for two men. police are investigating a deadly shooting in west philadelphia they were called to the 4100 block of brown street around 2:00 to find a 34 year-old man, shot multiple times in the chest. and once in the head. he was pronounced dead at the scene. investigators are working to uncover a motive and locate a shoot inner that particular case. all right. how about this at 7:09, almost on this tuesday, closing arguments, they are scheduled this morning, in a bench trial , it begins against three
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teens charged in connection with the death of jamie joyner francis. in the trial yesterday a pediatric cardiologist testified that joyner francis had a rare undetected heart condition and that her death was, unforeseeable. an autopsy ruled that the teen died of sudden cardiac death. basically a heart attack. aggravated by stress of the fight in that bathroom. one teen involved in the fight , at howard high school of technology, now, hour tech, is charged with criminally negligent homicide. two other girls, teens, are charged with conspiracy. a montgomery county man charged with the crime involving his wife and two children. forty-five year-old joseph myhre is accused of physically abusing his family. lower providence police say it happened inside their home on greens way circumstance until collegeville. police say they were alerted after the man's wife went to the hospital, with a fractured skull. investigators say that myhre shocked his children with
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electric dog collars, punched, kicked, and then choked them. police say myhre gave a statement admitting to the abuse. he is being held on a million-dollar bail. 7:10. the california elementary school where a teacher and student were fatally shot will be closed for at least two days following the attack. >> we have learned last night that one of the kid died. my goodness. >> another one still injured. >> yes. >> students, teachers, they will try to deal with the emotional aftermath of this when they get into session later today, karen hepp's in the nice room, hi there, karen >> it is so disturbing on so many levels. the city of san bernardino grieving this morning, whole country really, following the shooting that happened yesterday. investigators say that the suspect, walked into his estranged wife, her classroom, as everyone reacting after all this happened. his name is cedric anderson. her name is karen smith. thinks over at north park elementary school. when he got inside. this is a klatt room had has students with special need this were all around. teachers some of them behind
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her and they are the won that got shot. he killed his ex-wife and an eightyear-old right there behind her that was shot and who died there and a nine year-old student was also critically wounded. they then turned the gun on himself and so many parents waited for hours to be re united with their children. >> i don't know what to do. i don't know what to tell her. she just said that she was scared and she saw the guy with the gun she went under the table but she said my teacher got shot and her friend got shot. >> here's a prayer vigil of everyone coming together in the church in that community praying for those people affect. imagine those terribly shocked children to witness such a horrible ordeal in front of them. investigators say that the suspect had a criminal history that included weapons charges, domestic violence, another tragedy, for san bernardino still recovering emotionally from that terror attack they had just 15 months ago. >> you know, that is right, it
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was san ber nature dino again, all right. 7:12. let's call it that. a serious allegation against russia this morning, that the country, knew or the government knew in advance that syria was about to deploy chemical weapons against its own people last week. so they were involved in the clem california attack. >> as doug luzader report from washington it is yet another major hurdle for u.s./ russian relations. hi there, doug. >> reporter: so much for that idea of u.s. and russia working together to figure out a way forward in syria. this is a serious allegation that has been put forward by the associated press indicating that the u.s. has made at least an assumption at this point that russia knew in advance that syria was planning to carry out that attack. did russia know this would happen that syrian president bashar al-assad was about to use chemical weapons on his own people. that is preliminary conclusion
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according to the associated press and not exactly a surprise to russia's critics. >> the russians lie every day, and twice on sunday. russians are denying any involvement in this. of course, the russians knew about this. >> reporter: officially the white house won't go that far at least not yet but this comes as u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is in italy meeting with his count are parts from the g7 and the administration is trying to up the pressure on russia. >> if you look at countries with us, it speaks pretty loud ly number of country that have stood shoulder to shoulder with this president, russia, on the other hand, stand with syria, north korea and iran. >> all right. the u.s. upped anti in the region by launching missle strikes and taking out parts of the air base believed to have been used in the chemical attacks but it is the question of assad that has befuddled one administration after another now, russia wants him to stay, u.s. wants him out but if that happens, who comes
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next? that has been the big fear about seer, yeah is there so many warring factions there if you take assad out of the mix who fills that void. could it be the islamic state? that is issue with syria. >> it is so complicated, doug, we will see you again tomorrow well, how about this speaking of politics, facing impeachment, the governor of alabama, has resigned. robert bentley, that is a mug shot actually of the governor facing accusations that he used state resources to hide an affair with his top aid. so, former governor bentley now says after seven years as governor of alabama he is stepping down to focus on other ways to help the people of alabama beside having an affair with his assistant. the former governor, pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges, here, because he was facing felonies. he got it reduced to misdemeanors, basically
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campaigned, money violations and then he announced his resignation last night. >> i have not always made the right choices, i have not always said the right things, and i have sometimes failed, i have always tried to live up to the high expectations, of the people placed on the person, and hold this esteemed office. >> so kay ellen ivy was sworn in as state's 54th governor, not long after the resignation , by the way, she will be only the second female governor in the history of alabama. >> oh, wow. >> lets talk about this a little bit here at 7:15. >> you are fascinated. >> i am. i probably shouldn't be. but folks my age, men my age, and i'm not giving an excuse for this guy. >> um-hmm. >> the technology is way ahead of our brains. >> is it? >> he had a cell phone. he would text his lover, he is
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married, she's married. her name is rebecca mason. we have a picture of him woman he was having an fair w owes's married. she's married. that was his campaign manager. they traveled the country together. they got close, too close. they went to donald trump's inauguration together and at the dinner they went together with their spouses. >> yes. >> apparently he was texting his lover, like at the table. >> stuff like that. >> yes. >> did she find the text messages. >> but ivoried about that. >> guys our age should not be sexting. >> why is that. >> because of technology we don't know it well enough. >> what happened he is sexting and texting his lover, woman he is having an affair with, not realizing that his wife's ipad is linked to his phone so she sees all of the texts going to his lover.
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one night he is texting his lover and hits the wrong button and send the message i love you rebecca to his wife. >> ugh. >> dear, who is rebecca and why are you in love with her? of course, she knew. >> you have some explaining to do. >> explaining. >> do we have a picture of her >> well, there she is. >> this is not the wife, this is campaign manager, right. >> yes. >> okay. >> so, that is rebecca. >> did the wife say anything here. >> i have not heard anything. >> do you remember what was the name of that show where they, the politicians, the wife usually when things like this happen and they have the big press conference, they are always standing next to them, behind them. >> one of the most famous won was i am a gay american, the new jersey governor accounts mcgreevey. >> yes the. >> isn't there a show based on that.
7:18 am
>> i don't know this show but i must see it immediately. >> i don't mean that particular case but in general >> just let me know. >> do you remember bob kelly had war heroes in. we did a nice little event. >> they were only to the irish pub at 12th and walnut? >> twentieth and walnut. >> twentieth and walnut. there is two irish pubs. i have been to both. so in walks the former vice-president of the united states joe biden and bob had a pretty good conversation with him. >> did we know that would happen. >> no. >> my goodness. >> wow. >> so he spoke to him about the trump administration a little bit about the presidency. >> he is off to a rough start but god willing for the same of the country he will settle down. >> i regret not being president but i don't regret not running. the reason i was going to runny thought that the issues facing the country now were in my wheel house. i spent my whole life working on them. it just wasn't not time.
7:19 am
when i who my sonny who part of my soul it was just not the right time for me. >> he lost part of his soul. lets talk about what else happened last night, baseball 's, the phillies who to the mets, right. >> yes. >> but it was announce that had baseball's hit king will be soon forever engraved in phillies history. >> talking about pete rose. >> yes. >> he will be induct until the teams law of fame so greg luz insky shares his thoughts. >> they played together. >> silenced in the skies, why the fcc is backing down on a plan that would allow to us talk, as we fly through friendly skies. >> the good wife, thank you, twitter, the show i'm referring toys good wife. i got like seven tweets. >> it has been on quite a few years now. >> i think that is how it was inspire. >> i have never seen it. is that the woman that used to be on er. >> yes. >> his blood pressure is going off. >> i have a blood pressure
7:20 am
sleeve on, can we get, julianne marguiles so the blood pressure sleeve is now inflating. i wear this for 24 hours a day to check my blood pressure. it will be so interesting to go see what my blood pressure is, from six to 10:00 a.m. >> i think we already know what it will be for that. >> yes. >> really squeezing. yo, check it.
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my parents pimped out our crib with fios internet. sick. word on the street is it's i think you're
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michelle, wanna come over and surf those sweet fios speeds like old times? todd, i've moved on to xfinity, they have the fastest internet. sorry todd. fios has fallen behind. don't fall with it. xfinity delivers the fastest internet. sign up today or get started with this great offer. call, click, or visit an xfinity store today. we might be able to talk on airplanes. >> some people were excited, other people were like wait, a minute that is annoying. >> when you land people turn their phones on, immediately. >> right before you touch the ground they are turning it on. >> some woman or man, we just landed. no, i'm on the plane. we just landed.
7:24 am
>> i don't know what gate, hold on, i'm waiting for the captain. >> baggage claim. >> no, no, i'm on a plane. >> so now, hillary, what are they saying, fcc will not allow this. >> yeah, they thought bit, they opened it up for public comment and you are right, a lot of people not fans of this idea so fcc chairman says no, not letting it happen. no phone calls on board, no phone calls in flight. you are still stuck with your go flight plan that does not, lets you browse the internet, text but cannot talk on the phone on the plane. i say good news. i like to catch up on some z's when i'm on a plane and i like quiet. >> they are remembering a while ago they used to do turn your phone off, now it is just airplane mode, you can still have your phone out. >> i think i would be okay if we're allowed to text in the flight. >> just using the phone.
7:25 am
>> yes. >> you can buy wifi. >> i bought wifi. >> how much sit. >> it is not that much. >> it is not that much. >> okay. >> what else, was i go to go say. >> when you go to the movies now. >> they are trying to get people back in the movie theaters. >> younger people. >> yes, getting fast food. >> here's the deal they are competing with netflix because people would rather just binge watch on their couch instead of the paying big bucks to see a movie so they want to make it about the experience. they are opening up menu items that are like fast food, so full meals, at the theaters, some people are fans, some people not, here's is what on the menu on 400 amc theaters, this summer. they are going to have chicken and waffle sandwich with waffles instead of pecan, and pretzel the size of the steering wheel, popcorn and seven gluten free snack options but pizza, you name it
7:26 am
>> why don't you just go out to eat. >> or go to a studio or movie tavern or a theater. >> they want to make it like you are in a car. >> clean up between movie times has to be longer. so i would imagine they would be missing out on some showing s, as well because if people are eating full meals, it could take a while to clean up. >> they have those movie places. >> another thing, i never understood in life and our society, you would never go to somebody's house, either that food and then throw it on the floor. why do we do that in movie theaters. >> but is there popcorn and stuff every where all the time >> i know. >> if you like to smell like a garbage dump at the movies, go to amc. i'm just kidding, go to amc. i have stock in amc. >> if i want to see something, then i have to see it. >> if i want to go to the movie, i will go to the movie.
7:27 am
if i want to go out to the restaurant, i will go out to the restaurant. >> you ever snuck food in. >> yes, i have, seinfeld episode, crammer snuck a hot latte in his pants and it burst, in his pants. >> we have had like picnics in the theater. she brings blankets. we have drinks. she brings her own popcorn. this is at the dollar theater, because on tuesday it is half price, 50 cents. >> like being on the airplane and somebody brings food on, the whole flight stinks. >> you have to bring it on. you don't get food anymore for free. might as well get something you want. >> airplane is the talk of the whole country because of the guy that got dragged off united airlines flight. i necessity you have seen this , 60,000 times but we have a pilot hoist also an attorney , is that the perfect guest? >> the perfect guest. >> then we realized it was
7:28 am
fred tecce. >> could this happen to me? a lot of people get on over booked flights. they are saying they can do this. >> one thing is different you are easier to drag off. >> thanks. prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant. by the time the drugs rannd wout, i was addicted.. it happened so fast. i ended up on the streets, where the drugs are cheaper and easier to get. i was a full blown heroin addict, selling my soul to get high. when i realized i needed help i didn't know where to go.
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but i got help and you can too. you're not alone. help is within reach. call 844 reach nj or visit the road to recovery starts now.
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good idea to be so warm, so summery outside, and spend as much time outside as you
7:31 am
can. we need shade. the temperature is 57 degrees. we're starting off with pretty mild temperatures at least for april. fifty-six in millville, new jersey. fifty-four in mount pocono. lancaster 51. trenton at 54. summery monday and first time this year that we have reached a high of 80 degrees. eighty-four should be the high today with sunny skies, and feel like summer again. then tonight, we will probably get some rain after midnight but with an overnight low of 58 degrees and that rain comes with a cold front. it will feel like spring again bob kelly. all the more reason to enjoy today. >> 7:31. good morning. on a tuesday getting up and out, already problems on the blue route southbound 476, earlier car fire down near route three which is west chester pike and the broomall interchange, so watch for delays heading south, again heading down toward broomall, fire department crews in what would be that right lane and right shoulder.
7:32 am
off ramp is opened, jammo, this is schuylkill westbound leaving town from the boulevard through city avenue and this is nothing compared to what it will be later today penndot set to work westbound between gladwynn and 476. now yesterday they workede bound causing a major mess to day westbound down to one lane for bridge inspections between gladwynn and 476. seventeenth street closed as we have been telling but in center city, rittenhouse square walnut to locust. head for 21st street to avoid mess around the square, mike and alex, back to you. we have all seen this over and over. social media captures a passenger being forcibly removed from a united flight from chicago to what was ahead for louisville, kentucky. >> the man we're told is a doctor. he refused to leave the plane after a computer randomly select him to be bumped when that flight was over book. they asked people we need someone to give up their seat.
7:33 am
we need four people to give up their seats. they had a computer pick people on the flight this should than bumped off. >> three said they will all get off but they needed one more for a crew member pilot or co pilot or whatever, who wanted to get to louisville, kentucky. this guy says i can't. i'm a doctor. turf see my patientness louisville. and then this happened. >> it is shocking, every time you see it.
7:34 am
>> it is like my god. >> you hear other passengers go come on. >> i think that is normal reaction from all of us, come on, could not something have been done. fred tecce is a pilot as well. >> i am, for 30 years. >> what is your initial reaction when you saw this. >> unbelievable. it boggles my mind that united airlines and a police officer allowed this guy to be forcibly a removed. i can tell you they are allowed to do it. but whether or not they can use this kind of force to remove someone from the airplane. i have been flying a lot of years. airplane accidents it is a series of things. in this one, the next flight wasn't until 1:00. they over booked the flight. they wouldn't give up the money. >> this whole thing. >> yeah, but lets go back to the legal issue. is there the doctor, 69 years old. he bloody his lip when they tried to remove him. he hit his face, in the back of the seat.
7:35 am
legally, they can take you off >> they can. when you buy an airline ticket you submit yourself to the rules of the airline and carrier rules, all kind of federal rules and regulations and they have the right to do this. interestingly in 2015 airlines flew 613 million passengers, 46,000 were involuntary denied access which is another way of saying they got kick off the plane. that is eight thousands of 1 percent. very small percentage but fit is you and you are one that has to get off airplane or this guy who had to be at work in the serious job the next day it is a mess, it is a problem. >> there is nothing we can do once we buy our ticket. >> unfortunately you are. you submit, subject yourself to being put into executive mailing. people bring food on the plane , smells pizza. i talk about people on the phone. can you imagine being next to someone i told you in the to break up with her, the whole flight, the whole flight.
7:36 am
by the end of the flight, it will be a fight club back of the airplane. >> so lets go back and pretend we're on the plane. >> then it would be like this. >> exactly three officers in the with the chicago police but with the airport police. >> correct. >> so, okay, ask everybody, offered $800. thirty-six agreed to get off the plane. >> including the guy's wife. >> she got off the airplane. >> but he can't because he has to see his patients. >> they open it up again, all right, let's go to a thousand dollars, lets go to two grand. somebody will get off. >> i have header different stories. for international they can go to 5,000, for domestic they can get to 1350. given the bad press that united suffered it would have been cheaper to charter a learjet and fly the guy down to kentucky. >> can he do anything.
7:37 am
a lot of people in our meeting they were saying he can sue, can he sue. >> his name is new doctor united. >> exactly. >> he will have a big, nice 737 with his name on it. no look, the answer is he can sue. the question is whether or not they used excessive force to actually take him off airplane but as part of that the question is what role did he play? he refused to get off. i'm not condoning what they did, trust me, but he refused to get off the airplane. gate agents came and asked him a couple times. they said they would get security. go get security. from some stories i heard the guy was on his phone trying to call his lawyer. >> that is right what do i say now? where should i get the most. >> to tell you the truth, i would have taken the 800, and rented a car and driven, louisville is not that far. >> it is no the that far at all. >> they should have gone up to 1300. >> i want to know, if this happens and we have all been
7:38 am
on a plane and make offer do we have anything, is there anything we can do, lets say something to get to an event, but he says hey this isn't possibly need to get on this flight. >> tough to say. they say it is random but i have heard different stories about how they pick four people. they include how much money you pay for ticket when you bought it, whether or not you have frequent flier miles. they don't like to split up families, unaccompanied minor. so best thing to tell you, best thing is to negotiate for more money. for me personally when i travel lake this i try to avoid airlines whenever possible. i go to seattle next week. i don't have a choice. i have to be in seattle. i have a deposition next morning. i cannot get off airplane. a lot of people are in that predicament. i know a lot of people who say i'll take it, and go. >> not all of us are airline pilots or fly their own airplane.
7:39 am
>> i'll tell what you. >> thanks. >> i'll fly you, where do you want to go, toledo. >> toledo. >> is the easter egg hunt still at dilworth plaza? >> let's check it out. ryan, are you hearing another round at 8:00? oh, they will start another one but they have not put eggs out yet. >> if you have done first two can you just do this all the way to 10:00 a.m. >> you are asking questions i cannot answer. biggest question is what happened to the bunny's ears your they laid back, is is mad >> maybe resting position. >> i don't know. ♪fast, rhythmic drumming
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it's now open in the poconos! america's largest indoor waterpark is making waves. kalahari resorts & conventions in the poconos. book your african adventure now!
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let's get on twitter. i have era sign. if you don't mine. at 8:00 o'clock they will have a easter egg hunt at dilworth plaza we will see them go for it again. >> yeah, that is coming up in about, a little bit. it will not happen until 8:00. so get on twitter, right
7:43 am
now, pete rose debate continues. should he be in the baseball hall of fame. >> since being banned. >> because of the gambling situation. >> people voted. they want pete rose in there. thirty-ninth inducte for phillies wall of fame. >> for the phillies. >> i'm talking about the baseball. >> over arching. >> the big one. >> cooperstown. >> yeah,. >> should he be in that one. he has already made it to the phillies wall of fame. >> and the red. >> and the red. let's talk to greg luzinsky will be on the line here with us after the break but i want your thoughts. he is on the phillies wall now in august, and should he be in the real hall of fame, the big one.
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7:46 am
good morning, 7:46. how long will it take to get from here to there. eastbound schuylkill 38 minutes. thirty-five on i-95. just volume delays really, right now. same deal from new jersey on the freeway. septa's regional rail lines, out bound trains on the wilmington newark line not stopping, at the chester transportation center because of some equipment problems inbound trains are stopping, outbound trains bypassing the chester station. now later on about an hour from now get ready for the jam , penndot working westbound
7:47 am
on the schuylkill expressway taking it down to only one lane from gladwynn, out to 476 , can you say hot mess? >> hot mess. >> hot mess about 8:30 or 9:00 . how hot will it get to day on the schuylkill? sueby has the answer in 15 seconds. hot but hopefully without the mess today 80 degrees yesterday. first time this year we have been at 80. warmest day so far, until today which will be the warmest day of the year so far if we hit 84. we will tie record setback in 1887. we have rain on the way late tonight and tomorrow. 84 degrees today. enjoy that. seventy-five tomorrow.
7:48 am
showers early morning and afternoon and 65 on thursday and friday. that is when it will feel like spring again. seventy on saturday. back to the 80's by easter sunday, mike and alex. >> do you want to see a pretty picture. we will punch up a shot at wall of fame at citizens bank park? look at that. >> um, um, um. >> god last night was a great night for bait baseball too bad we didn't win. pete rose will soon take his place on that wall. >> thirty-ninth inducte. >> yeah. >> four time phillies all-star will be, 39, so that ceremony, i will go, august the 12th. >> they will give away pete rose bobble head. >> i didn't know that. >> okay. >> former philly left fielder for phillies, greg the bull lu zinsky joins us on the phone , of course work pete there when that happened in the 1980 world series, that was the game we won it all. >> okay. thanks for being on good day, thank you. >> you're welcome.
7:49 am
>> so, of course, he has the credentials as a baseball player, pete rose to be in the big hall of fame in cooperstown but should he be, greg. >> i look at it, obviously the credentials are there. when he walk in that clubhouse , on the side wall there, there is rules about gambling and it is in every language and you can imagine, he broke the rules. now, they were going to allow him back in the game again when he met with the commissioners and i'm not sure what happened but obviously the rule was broken. credential wise he is probably one of the greatest player to play the game, no question about that. i don't know, he walks straight a narrow for a while here, he would be accepted in the hall of fame.
7:50 am
as far as i'm concern the rule is broken but it is kind of like let bygones be bygones. he is a great player. he is part of the history of baseball. >> earlier we were showing video when red put him on his wall of fame. is that the reason red, and phillies and maybe hall of fame for baseball should be the next step. >> could be. >> he was a big part of the history in cincinnati and big part of the history in philadelphia so hopefully, one of the greatest players, that played the game, eventually will get in the hall of fame. it would be nice to see it happen in the next few years, you know, when pete is still around. he is not getting any younger. >> i know he seems very thrilled, he released a statement, i am owe honored to be induct in the phillies wall of fame, my baseball years in philadelphia were amazing not just because we won it all in
7:51 am
1980 and came close in 83 but also because of the fans welcoming me from day one. >> it will be pretty emotional , in august don't you think, greg. >> i'm looking forward to it. i see him quite often at different signings and things of that nature and as far as i'm concerned i played against him and played with him and pete rose was baseball. i mean he was a unique individual, a guy that could say hey i'm going to get you three hits in this game and i'll be damned if he didn't go out there and give you three hits. i they arely enjoyed playing with him. >> we keep showing that play from the game six of the 1980 at the vet, baboon bobbled the ball. >> and then pete snatches it. >> yes, bob, came over from the dug out and it popped out, that is pete's career, he is always the man in the right spot. >> i don't think any other first base man would have charged that hard at a catcher
7:52 am
bob said my god, pete rosies coming at me. >> bob tells the story he should have never been there, pennsylvania pete should have been there from the beginning. >> we will see you soon, i hope. >> we are looking forward to it, hall of fame weekend, it should be very exciting with pete rose being on the wall. >> thanks for joining us today >> we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> amazing. >> every time we play video of the championship, whether 2008 , 1980, will fee feel that again. >> it has been so long, to have that feeling again. >> nine years. >> since 2008, and 1980 that one play we keep showing is that the all-star game when he hit houston astros. >> no, playoff game. >> yes, greg bossi. >> who knows, maybe go from the wall to the hall, right. >> i like that. >> hold on, the two shirts. >> wall to the hall.
7:53 am
>> start a campaign get off that wall put him in the hall. >> get him off our wall and put him in the hall. >> my monitor is going off now >> deep breath. >> thinks a big one. >> was that red foxx, it is a big one. >> elizabeth, i'm coming, i'm coming home. >> we will explain, you can do this too, good way to monitor your blood pressure over a 24 hour period. doctor mike is here to explain how you can get one of these. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's over 6 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 250 mbps.
7:54 am
and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business.
7:55 am
7:56 am
people asked me, lets put up a picture of megan, milky way, yesterday afternoon after the show i went over to, pearl man center, penn hospital. >> yes. >> and they put a -- hi, doctor mike. >> hello, there nice to meet you. >> so, while i was concerned about my blood pressure. so that woman named laura, isn't she adorable. >> she is. >> you said she has a devilish
7:57 am
grin. >> yes, devilish grin. >> she put this blood pressure monitor on me at 2:00 and i will wear it until this afternoon at two monitoring my blood pressure over a 24 hour period. >> doctor mike. >> yes. >> could you hold that as i move. >> sure. >> you need to put a blanket up. >> do we need stripper music. isn't that the name of the songs stripper. >> there is lots of songs about strippers. >> welcome to the stage, mike jerrick. >> we're fine. >> there is nothing see here even if i was naked is there nothing to see here. >> is there a sleeve up in there. >> a blood pressure sleeve on my massive by accept. >> it goes off every 20 minutes. >> what is the point of this. >> so, if i may, i have permission to talk about your personal medical problems. >> yes. >> so when you came to my office, your blood pressure
7:58 am
was high. so, one of the most amazing ways to determine, whether you have high blood pressure or something called white coat hypertension. >> which i do. >> you get nervous when you come to the doctor even though i was than the wearing a white coat, it is to do something called the ambulatory blood pressure machine for. this is the gold standard of determining whether you need medication, medication changes or not. remember, blood pressure medication saves lives if you have high blood pressure but sometimes it can have side effects, especially if you don't need it, if uvili low blood pressure and you just get excited when you come to the office. that is where this device is critically, important. >> so it will be very interesting when i get read out this afternoon and laura will come in on tomorrow's show and tell us, you know, what the reading was for 24 hours. >> love it. love it. >> what the reading will be úbetween six and 10:00 in the
7:59 am
morning when i do this show. >> that is what he is trying to prove the stress of doing this. >> well, not necessarily the stress, the excitement, expectation. >> is that what you call it. >> yes. >> what is great is it monitoring your blood pressure when you are sleeping and wye develop data into what is called sleep suppression while the blood pressure goes down while you are sleeping and we will see with great accuracy whether or not you need to be treated. >> interestingly, as she set it for like 10:00 o'clock at night. is he it went off squeezed my arm once an hour and it never woke me up, isn't that interesting. >> you are a sound sleeper, not that i would know that. >> what do you think first question to laura was as she put it on me. >> oh, no. >> does it fit. >> does it fit? >> i don't know. >> no, she put it on my arm. >> it just went off. >> is it really timed or only when he gets excited.
8:00 am
every time he gets excited or worked up i see that beep. >> feel it. >> and every 20 minutes. >> when he gets worked up. >> yes. >> i do have to admit it did go off a couple times before the 20 minutes was up. >> well, i cannot explain that , all right. >> do people wearing it, isn't the first thing a guy thinks of, what will happen if i have sex. >> my god. >> i tell people to live their lives in the normal way. >> it is just one day. >> no, i wanted to do it as an experiment. >> it is one day. >> you need to chill out. >> where do i put this. >> you need to chill out it is one day. >> no, it is not that i can't go without it, but interesting to go see how high your blood pressure goes. >> well, when you exercise and >> do you need help. >> when you exercise, your blood pressure normally goes
8:01 am
up. that is a good thing. that is what is normal. >> that is exercise, a form of it. >> oh, yeah. i was quoted in mens health magazine to state that sex is a form after exercise, that is my contributions to the world literature. >> yeah. >> doing squats. >> we will see. >> tomorrow. >> tomorrow. >> we will get results. >> laura will be in the show tomorrow. >> yes, good day it is tuesday april 11th, 2017. all bets are off a couple gamblers walk in the casino as friend and leave as enemies. he paid the money, she pushed the button who gets the cash. what you need to know before you play the slots. mom guilt a local mom opens up about the struggle of going on vacation without her infant son.
8:02 am
when is it okay to get away? why it helps your child. okay, a local egg hunt, cancelled, people in charge are fed up with bad behavior but it is not from the kid. are some parents are ruining fun for everybody. a local singer/song writer gets her big break, new jersey native erin bowman is on good day. >> ♪ >> from popular tv shows to the oscars you have heard her hit songs. and new she joins us live to perform. >> sell it, alex. >> ♪ >> we have had premature expectations, down at city hall. >> okay. >> they were supposed to wait until 8:00. apparently somebody set off a- about 10 to eight and everybody went running for the
8:03 am
eggs. >> yes. >> kid would be organized but adults cannot control themselves, lauren. >> reporter: i know, so i thought i saw everybody rubbing and said is what going on. this wasn't supposed to start. it is an empty lawn because eggs have been already picked up. so now they are laying out instructions for the last batch of people hoff showed up down here. they will start it at 9:00, last one that happened, everyone being told how it works. what they will do about 15 minutes ahead of time is they will lay the eggs out which they did last time. everybody sort of circles the grass here and tries to have their tactic of how they will go in, what color they will go after but it was an alarm that went off with the radio station, a noise, and i guess everyone thought that meant go , so they all ran on to the grass, it was too late to call everyone back. >> i did hear one say that she got roughed up. she ran in the crowd an aggressive crowd and got knocked around. but for the most part it has been peaceful, fun, everybody is happy. i don't know if you can see that that would woman with the
8:04 am
hat on. blue hat with the orange brim. she said tell mike and alex, i love them and i watch them every day and i wish they were here. >> we want to be there, but we have our show. >> she's a bears fan. >> lauren if you see caitlin sutton says she's ready for egg hunt. she's out there because she watched us. our cameraman. >> that is your credit fox our camera guy. >> he looks like a cop. >> i am scared of him. >> he looks like the cop from the pepsi commercial with kendall jenner. >> he doesn't miss out on the fun. >> we have been inspired. >> yes. >> lets have our own easter egg hunt. >> this sweater is really wrinkles. >> look what i have, i hate wrinkles. >> she sprays this stuff on and then you are supposed to
8:05 am
stretch. >> i want to look good during our easter egg hunt. >> you against me. >> we're against each other. >> they are putting the eggs together now. kit california kline and other producers. so we will turnaround, because we cannot see where they will be, but i think they are doing it right now in the news room. >> so, sue, bob, are they actually hiding the eggs yes. >> i have a lisp. by the way. >> i'm not looking. >> don't cheat. >> don't get my blood pressure up. there is a list. >> they are find something good spots. >> this is part one. we will have two. one in the news room. we will be outside along market street. >> can you send down a producer because i want to put something in one of the eggs.
8:06 am
>> you know, sue they have those jelly beans. >> every flavor bean. >> you never know what you will get so why not make our egg hunt interesting. we don't know what is inside, some of it is weird. >> i cannot find any gray stuff on the list. >> tommy loudon has some good spots though. >> inside of these eggs we have some kitkats. >> very appropriate. >> robin's eggs, recess peanut butter eggs for you, and hershey kisses, recess cups. >> fake eye lashes. >> fishnet gloves, honey. toilet paper. >> soy sauce and mayo. >> ketchup, medicine, ibuprofen, staples, band-aid, screws, okay. >> who want to hunt for this, it is a bunch of crap. >> there is no money, like the one in dilworth park.
8:07 am
>> kitkat, go into jim driscoll's office, and ask him for a 20-dollar bill. there has got to be something worth hunting for. >> or prize beating you. >> that could be it. >> don't get me riled up. >> you won't get riled up about the weather. >> beautiful day. >> it is already nice out there but we will get in the 80's again today. in fact, warmer then yesterday it is clear and on the cool side but no jacket, buddy's so excited he has his sun screen, ready to go, plenty of sunshine right now we have a temperature of 59 degrees already, and we will get to a high of 84. out all of our temperatures in the 60's. eighty-four is the record, feeling like summer again but then bob kelly some rain rolls in after midnight tonight, cooling us down a little bit but still feeling like spring. >> we will take it.
8:08 am
two days in a row. we will call it 8:08, sun glare coming off the curve in king of prussia septa regional rail wilmington line, outbound lanes, not stopping at chester , transportation center , this morning. we have been talking about this water main break, fire hydrant break. seventeenth street closed walnut to locust all through the day, your best alternate to get into and around rittenhouse square is going to be using 21st street and then get ready for the jam, westbound, on the schuylkill expressway beginning around 9:00 penndot will be working between gladwynn and blue routed and it will get down to one lane on that westbound schuylkill expressway, mike and alex, back over to you. >> say that again, megan what did you say? >> okay. >> 8:08 on this tuesday. >> closing arguments are scheduled for three teens charged in connection with the death of amy joyner frances. amy died after an adult inside a wilmington high school
8:09 am
bathroom last year. yesterday pediatric cardiologist testified that joyner frances had a rare un detected heart condition and her death was unforeseeable. autopsy found her death was aggravated from that these from the flight. one is charge with criminally negligent homicide, two others charged with conspiracy. this afternoon atlantic city mayor don guardian, excuse me, is expected to give an important announcement during the introduction of the 2017 municipal budget. no word on what the announcement is exactly. he is scheduled to introduce and discuss the budget, at 5:00. we will have the camera there event is opened to the public if you would lake to, voice your opinion. >> okay. excuse me. >> are you all right. >> i think i'll okay. nothing to do with the blood pressure machine for. >> what about this.
8:10 am
>> i looked at the slug here as we call it in the business, on prompter and it says close from poop. i normally will read ahead to see what the story is, now i'm fascinated. would you wear poop or do you say poop or pooy don't refer to either. >> i get poop emoji. >> people my age call it poop but my daughters in their 30's say poo and they always have. >> is is poop emoji, toss it say it. >> in of the them have word. >> when you say oh look someone sent me at poop or poo emoji. >> i can't remembery use all kind of word for ity use that word every day. >> really. >> yes. >> clothing company, h and m is hoping you warm up to this idea so to speak. new fabric made from poop.
8:11 am
>> really. >> yeah. >> that is crazy. all bets are off, couple gamblers walk in the casino as friend and they leave as enemies. you have talked about this yesterday. >> yes. >> he paid money. been work ago this slot machine but she pushed the button. >> these two were together. >> who gets the cash? what you need to know before you play the slots and let your friend try to make the move. >> i need to grow my hair out like that. i'm talking about the guy. blank savings at giant.
8:12 am
only at my giant. arbreak through your allergies. try new flonase sensimist instead of allergy pills. it's more complete allergy relief in a gentle mist you may not even notice. using unique mistpro technology, new flonase sensimist delivers a gentle mist to help block six key inflammatory substances that cause your symptoms. most allergy pills only block one. and six is greater than one.
8:13 am
break through your allergies. new flonase sensimist
8:14 am
it is 8:14. good morning, everybody. live look at i-95 southbound delays through the construction zone from cottman avenue into downtown philadelphia. we have wicked sun glare, lot at shadows from the sun. no complaints. we will have it today. maybe some showers, tomorrow. we will enjoy it. open up sun roof, toward philadelphia north on the freeway heavy from the black horse pike in toward the walt whitman. septa's regional rail line, all outbound trains are bypass ing the chester transportation center. all due to equipment problems.
8:15 am
outbound side is bypassing and 17th street still closed walnut to locust expect delays during midday, in the area of rittenhouse square. use 21st street as the alternate. how long will that sun hang out? sue has the answer in 15 seconds let's try it again tonight with the mets. we have gotten more beautiful night at the ballpark if that is possible then we had last night. it will be 80 at game time. 7:05. sunset at 7:06. another summary evening. we have rain in the northwest part of the state. that will be here by maybe late tonight, early tomorrow morning. so we are looking at, not a lot of rain moving through but
8:16 am
you'll feel the difference when chillier air rolls in after that, tomorrow night into thursday night. now we will get closer to the holiday weekend and of course tonight checking out the second night of pass over, another warm day. this evening it will be fabulous. seventy-five tomorrow. seventy on saturday. easter sunday in the 80's. hoping to hold off rain sunday night into monday when it cools things off again. >> sue, do you ever hear after a sadre at a restaurant. they had one over at london grill. >> yes, i have, a lot of restaurants. >> they had one last night where it turned into a party. they are having one again tonight. >> at a restaurant. >> i think kitkat went to the sadre. >> well, she cannot cook. >> mike. >> maybe she didn't want to. >> she cannot open up a jar of - >> have you ever been to her house. >> you are just talking. >> you ever been to her house.
8:17 am
>> no, she never invites anybody over. >> that doesn't mean she's not cooking, she is just not cooking for us. >> she's cooking for two now she's pregnant. >> yes. >> some people say friendship and money is like oil and water. considering what happened to one man in fort lauderdale. let's revisit this case we brought you yesterday and over weekend. >> his name is yan platto. >> yes, his name is yan. >> okay he went to the hard rock hotel and casino and his former friend marina was also there, back in january. he said he was feeding a slot machine cash, $50 to be exact. when he let her press the button. >> he he said press this button. >> blow on my dice. >> it turns out it wasn't good luck. well, good luck for her. because yan, hit the hundred
8:18 am
thousand dollars jackpot. >> but he didn't because marina pressed the button. they called down casino. casino said hey she pressed button. we have to give her the money. needless to say marina being the great friend that she is she took it and left. she left him with nothing. that is what friend are for, right. >> the question is, does yan, by the way, rhonda, good to see you. >> good morning. >> attorney at law. >> yes. >> rhonda hill wilson as a matter of fact. >> does he have a shot of getting any of that hundred thousand. >> no at all. >> why not. >> i want to let people know this is the seminole hard rock cafe and sem not indians have their own law, jurisdiction and their own sovereignty but that is not the determining factor. legal gambling experts say, that protocol in most casinos
8:19 am
in the you had is whoever pushes the button, or whoever pulls the lever, is the person who gets the money and wings. >> even though, he slipped in a 50-dollar game car. >> his money. that is what he said. you know they have the tape, they have the video. now she's saying mr. platto that was my money. i think one of the reasons do they they don't want to get involved in the discussion in the discussion and debate back and forth. they lot at video. they see who pressed button, who pulled the lever or handle and that person has been getting the money she has been get something threatening text people think that she is the she's a bad, bad person. >> she took money and ran. >> there is another part of the story. >> what is that. >> the part of the story is he's 66 and she's like 35.
8:20 am
>> he said come push my button >> the moral of the story is push your own button and pull your own levers. >> bring your own luck. >> yeah. >> that is where i am left pulling my own levers. >> my blood pressure just went off. >> he is serious. >> my goodness. >> wow. >> it has been 20 minutes. >> yes. >> you have to feel for yan he has been sitting there a long time trying to get some money. >> hold on, is there any fight of your being that thinks they are actually a couple. >> they said they are friend. >> different levels of friend. >> now she's friend with benefits. >> she got all of the benefits >> it says here she text him the other day and says,. >> three word. >> still hate me. >> yes. >> yes. >> i would have said still love me. >> lets say you and i go
8:21 am
gambling. somebody from the borgata said you have a borg at card it would be a different case. >> the real important thing to know is that each casino, probably has its own policy, there are standing laws, gaming regulations, but also policy. you need to know what the policy is. they don't put it on a board. most people don't think bit. >> oops, going off again. >> money, money, money. >> yes, mean green. >> that was mean. >> yes. >> real meaning of mean green. >> how does she not at least give him a cut. >> she gave him a kiss. >> again, do you think they're a couple. >> i don't know why you think this age difference is a big deal. it is ridiculous. >> good to see you, rhonda. >> a pleasure. >> was it really. >> yes, it was. >> welcome to sesame street. we have a new character. >> we told but julia.
8:22 am
she made her tv debut she's adorable red head who has autism and her introduction to the kid and or characters, you have to see it. but first caitlin jenner's transition why she says it was finally time to change her body.
8:23 am
grit. some have it, some don't. when the odds are stacked against you, you either hide or stand up. at strayer university we've seen it in our students for 125 years. and if you ever think of quitting, our success coaches will be there to pick you up and work with you every day to put you on the right path. it's time. strayer university. let's get it, america. alright gus,[giggle]next. ready? ok. go!...seahorse... no. -giant snail. -flamingo. the water... ...under the... pony! no. bow and arrow? oh oh... uh-huh. yeah. the leaning tower of pisa.
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8:25 am
♪ 8:25. >> caitlin jenner says her transition is complete. >> she has gone through a physical transition now. so, jenner revealing she recently underwent gender reassignment surgery. >> she made revelation, titled secrets of my life. she had surgery in january because quote, i just want all of the right hearts. jenner received a four million-dollar advance for her memoirs due to hit book shelves. >> didn't she also make a joke , saying i'm tired of talking that thing underneath. >> gentlemen, well, that is the headline. >> kind of funny. >> she has a good sense of humor. >> she has been very opened about her transition.
8:26 am
>> my gosh, yes. >> it is time. >> we have our baskets. someone has brought me a basket go, pretty close. >> we will go on a easter egg hunt inspired by the one at city hall. kitkat kline and tom louder producer of the q show has hidden eggs, apparently one holding a 50-dollar something in it, another egg has a 20-dollar bill tonight. >> yes. >> i see one egg. i don't see any others. in the middle of a storm destiny struck.
8:27 am
did may imagine april showers bringing her fashionable, flowers at such a sunny price? never but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
you know the song, you have heard it all over the place, this is a local singer/ song writer getting a huge big break, erin bowman and she's on good day. you have seen her on popular tv show, oscars and heard this song she will be joining us live to perform. a local egg hunt, cancelled. the people in charge were fed up with the bad behavior but it is not the kid, it is the grown ups ruining fun and everybody. lets get a check of the forecast, hi there, sue. >> buddy has best advice, shade, sun screen, because this is going to be a warm one , a writ will bit on the cool side right now with 59 degrees, southeasterly at 6 milf the temperatures inching toward 60's, 53 in reading, 58 in mount pocono. fifty-nine in atlantic city. first time this year we have got to 80. today will be second time this year because we will get into
8:31 am
80, which is record for this day so regardless it will feel like summer, again, but this is it for summertime, bob kelly we will tell but back to spring coming up. >> 8:31. good morning on a tuesday we have sun glare, we have a look at 476, wicked sun glare in and out of delco, update on septa's regional rail outbound trains on the wilmington line not stopping at chester transportation center. equipment problems. inbound trains are able to stop, outbound bypass ago this station all together. combination of the signal and switch problems causing 15 to 20 minute delays on warminster and media elwyn regional rail line and still closed on 17th street here walnut down to locust, an area of rittenhouse square, best bet using 21st for rest of the day, karen back to you. all morning we have within showing you the adult easter egg hunt happening at dilworth
8:32 am
park. it has been happening since 6:00. they have a thousand eggs sprinkled all across the area. they have gift card, inside. but, this is the live scene, all of their baskets. here's need thing. they have put gift card in those eggs, $5,000 worth, which will be so nice for easter grocery shopping. we saw this. we said lets have our own hunt so we have mike, alex up in the news room. >> oh, stop it, guy. >> mike, play nicely. >> all right. >> apparently one of the eggs up here has like $50. another has a 20-dollar bill. the rest of it, there is 29 eggs is just bunch of garbage. >> okay. >> so, we are gambling here with this. >> point is you get as many as you can, and we have to beat each other. >> there is 29 eggs. >> let's do it. >> karen, put us on a three
8:33 am
minute start. >> can i start behind the big red pole. >> yes. >> lets get the time on the clock. there it is, three minutes, now we have to get you back in the video. >> hold on she has dropped her equipment. she has one mike, i have two mikes, two ear pieces and a blood pressure monitor. >> i'm starting to time you, ready, go. three, two, one, go. >> getaway from my coffee maker, that is mine. >> you missed one. >> i saw one over here. >> there it is. i have dropped one. i cracked my egg. >> hi, jim, do you have any.
8:34 am
>> do those count. >> do you have any eggs. >> sorry, excuse me. >> thank you. >> if loudon is involved, i bet the bathroom. >> two minute mark. put your hands where i can see them. >> anybody in here. >> anybody in here. >> there is doctor mike. >> number two.
8:35 am
>> 130. >> nothing in this one. >> look at all this stuff in here, how am i supposed to see >> anybody in there. >> eggs. >> do you have any eggs. >> no. >> one minute. >> any eggs. >> lock mike in one of the ed it bays. >> look, right there. >> yes. >> where? >> what? >> 452nd guy. >> forty-five seconds. >> there has got to be more. >> over here. >> i see one. >> thirty seconds.
8:36 am
>> just an or range. >> yes. >> yes. >> 202nd. >> i see one. >> oh, good. >> got it. >> ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. >> no eggs. >> no. >> golf ball. >> put your hand up, no more. >> okay. >> kitkat kline. >> nice job. >> all right. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 11 and a half.
8:37 am
>> eleven and a half. >> i got 12. >> i got 12. >> seven, eight, nine, 10, 11. >> oh, yeah. >> i won. >> well, let's see what is inside. >> i got a band-aid. >> he has 11 and a half. >> does a half count. >> you were so close to the golden one. >> where was the golden one. >> i have some screws. >> go hide it outside. >> i have a peanut butter cup. >> there was a 20. >> where was that. >> that was back in the tape room. >> well, we will hide that in the 9:30 hunt. >> okay. >> used eye lashes. >> the other half of my egg is around here somewhere. >> there it is.
8:38 am
>> i will leave that alone and some eggs. is he still looking. >> i found the other half of my egg. >> i'm crackedy want a rematch >> 9:30. >> let's do it. >> lets take it outside. >> take it outside. >> meet me out back. >> nicely done, guys. when we come back we will talk about interesting uses for well, i don't even want to say it with you clothing manufacturer using something that you don't normally think of we will explain we will be right back. black blank
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
it is 8:41. in a is most exercise i have had in months. >> yes, i'm sore because i did orange theory the other night. >> what is that. >> it is a fitness studio. >> where the roomies all
8:42 am
orange. >> where is that. >> shops at liberty place. >> yes. >> it is great. >> a parentally need ity can't believe you won though. >> there is a violation. there were eggs in the mens bathroom. how am i supposed to get those >> in fact, there were two eggs in the mens stall. >> that could have been my winning egg. >> i think we have a real violation there. if you had an attorney, you do have a case. >> really. >> you could not go in the men's room even though i tried to go in the women's room but one of the producers was in the stall. >> just call her out there. >> it was a male photographery didn't want to bring my male photographer. >> i will see new court. >> like he hasn't been in there before. >> is it tom. >> yes, tom beck. >> yes. have you ever heard of a thing called mom guilt, where this local mother opens up about the struggle going on vacation without her infant son? when is it okay to get away and why it helps, your child,
8:43 am
actually take a break savings at giant. saider.
8:44 am
8:45 am
bright and squinty this morning with a look at wayne county in the pocono mountains
8:46 am
, gorgeous day there and good looking day here as well. before yesterday our warmest day of the year so far had been march 25th, well, yesterday we made it to 80 for the first time this year and today it will be 84, that will tie the record setback in 1887 for second night of pass over another beautiful one for stepping out this evening and spending time with family and friend. eighty-four today. seventy-five tomorrow. cooling down for thursday and friday. warming backup for easter weekend. by easter sunday we are back, into the 80's. >> mike and alex. >> that is what we want to say , it is pretty cool. >> that was my best decade, the 80's, all downhill since then. well, it is an age old debate of your parents when you go on vacation and you have a toddler, six months, seven months old, you feel guilty a little bit about leaving the baby behind and going husband and wife on the trip.
8:47 am
>> you have to find caretaker that you trust, things you have to worry about, it is a lot of things. so what do you give yourself permission to take me time or us time with your husband. >> katie's here are you still working for >> philly voice come come. >> yes, yeah, writing a weekly column called katie's baby comes out every tuesday morning. >> you are on it, so we appreciate it. >> i'm sharing my own personal experience first through my pregnancy and new mom to my six month-old baby boy. >> we will analyze you, and your guilt. >> okay. >> good morning. doctor argy allen is here. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> lets get your story first. >> you are married to a dude named ryan. >> yeah, great dude. >> you met in atlantic city. i will tell you later. you have six month-old named. >> killian. >> where did you wanting to. >> my husband had a work trip in boca rat on, florida. he asked if i tagged along.
8:48 am
of course, i said yes. who doesn't want to go to florida in march. our baby was born last october so simply the idea of having a couple nights of uninterrupted sleep seemed like a dream come true. >> wonderful. >> then you started to think about the details, where will you stay. >> yes. >> that was easy. my parents, i live in new jersey. my parents live in new jersey. they vary graciously volunteered to host him. they were excited for it. >> you were still worried because can you handle a week. >> it is a week, he wasn't sleeping through the night yet and it takes energy. most people say the best part with a grand pam, two days in, my dad said extend the trip, we're fine. >> so you went. >> difficult go. >> how did you feel down there >> i woke up that morning and thought nope, how can i leave this little guy, i just can't do it. once i had bloody mary on the plane i got to fort lauderdale airport and said i'm good, send me back i just had a vacation. but ultimately i enjoyed time
8:49 am
with my husband. i knew i needed to recharge my battery. i needed a break, i needed some sleep. i needed to unwind you came this close to not going out of guilt. >> yes, yes. >> is that normal. >> yeah, absolutely. what katie talks about i hear from mothers all the time. one of the things i say talk tour pediatrician, and that pediatrician says everything is okay, babe okay, you are fine and just go for it there is no right or wrong. kate inn a talk about how moms are most precious gift you can get is this child, right. you don't want to mess it up. that is where the guilt comes from. moms are also not only hard on themselves but they are judgmental about other moms. they are questioning whether they are go back to work, go on vacation, baby is too small bottom line is those negative messages are messages based on fear. many of them don't come true. it is just building up more and more anxiety for something that may not come true. >> you know what i learned in
8:50 am
therapy, i don't know if it is true 90 percent of what we worry about never happens. >> never happens. >> never happens. >> and they are internal negative messages. focus on the positive messages what do other people say burr trip. bottom line is, we talked about this too you have to have self preservation. put your oxygen mask on first. if you go on plane they tell your parents you are no good for your child if you don't save yourself first or put your oxygen mask on first. if you are not well, physically, mentally, spiritually then your baby will not be well. if your relationship is not doing well your baby will not do well because that baby will take from your anxiety does it make sense. >> bying ago way or giving yourself you time you can give more of yourself. >> yes, exactly. >> how were you when you got back. >> i felt like a whole new woman. i was dying to see my baby boy my dad joked, but you could hear the tires squealing in the driveway. my husband and i were
8:51 am
sprinting in the house. we could not wait to hold him but i felt recharge, renew nateed, i felt like i had another six months of sleep looks nights to give. he started to sleep through the night because my parents got him to sleep through the night, another great benefit of vacation. when i woke up and said i can't do it, my pediatrician's word because that was first personally asked is it okay to leave my six month-old baby boy for five days. i'm a nursing mom. should do i this. >> she said not only should i but encourage, go take this time for yourself. whether it is 20 minute un interrupted shower, or whether it is run watch your girlfriend or trip to florida with your husband all of us mothers and parents we need to take time for ourselves, it makes us a better parent. >> you have been healed it only took three peanut clothas good good to meet you. >> good to see you take care
8:52 am
of yourself first. better for the kid. >> yes. >> thanks so much for sharing your story. >> thanks. >> do you watch sesame street. >> they have a new character, julia, right. >> yes, she made her debut. you will remember, adorable red head with autism. we will show you the introduction to the kid and other kid. hi there julia.
8:53 am
8:54 am
shake up your routine with a completely new way to clean. new colgate total advanced health mouthwash. shake to activate a powerful cleaning action that removes twenty four times more bacteria. improve the health of your mouth with new colgate total advanced health mouthwash. shake to clean.
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here's the thing, we had a live shot at city hall all ready to go and camera crashed i dropped my mike on accident, but it is all good. >> can you hear me now. >> as opposed to on purpose. she dit on accident. anyway, they had this adult easter egg hunt from at 6:00
8:56 am
this morning, okay. >> yes. can you hear me. >> is my audio good. >> it is fine. >> tony, she's good, right. >> yes. >> and then i turned it on. we're good. >> we're good. >> i can turn on my mike. >> am i good. >> yeah. >> dawn hear me now. >> good. >> can you hear me now. >> that guy can. >> those commercials are so funny. >> how much do you think they had to pay him to switch, companies. >> i'm sure he got a pretty penny. >> do you have a shot up, just yet. >> there we go. >> so, thinks city hall dilworth plaza. the next easter egg hunt for adults is at 9:00 but i see kid out there too. they are golden tickets inside these plastic eggs and some of them if you added up all of the money, it is $5,000. >> they have bags now, they are rid to go. >> they are serious. we will have another hunt here
8:57 am
, in olde city, between alex and me rematch after the break. vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers.
8:58 am
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by the time the drugs ran out, i was addicted. it happened so fast. i ended up on the streets, where the drugs are cheaper and easier to get. i was a full blown heroin addict, selling my soul to get high. when i realized i needed help i didn't know where to go. but i got help and you can too. you're not alone. help is within reach. this is governor chris christie. call 844 reach nj or visit mait's a series ofar is nosmart choices. like using glucerna to replace one meal or snack a day. glucerna products have up to 15 grams of protein to help manage hunger and carbsteady, unique blends of slow release carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes. every meal every craving. it's the choices you make when managing
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blood sugar that are the real victories. glucerna. everyday progress. hopping down the bunny trail. >> look who is on the bunny trail, that is lauren johnson. >> are you ready to go. >> it business to start. rules have change, but earlier when i checked in with you guys they would lay eggs out 15 minutes ahead of time. things got a little hectic out here. not so much a calm crowd anymore so they just laid eggs down, i know, rules are, everyone can only get one egg now, is that right. >> one egg. it is only one egg. >> they are about to count down, i know, mike, this could be bad but they are about to count down. people i have to tell you and alex, they woke up to watch you guys as they always do found out and then came down here. do you hear them,


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