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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  April 13, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> what we're learning about the target and unfortunately s weapon known as the mother of all bombs. ♪ plus neighbors left shaken. >> that's kind of crazy man for that car to crash into that building like that. >> why some people who live in this neighborhood say they're not surprised this happened. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. we have the greatest military in the world and they've done a job as usual. so we have given them total authorization. that's what they're doing and frankly that's why they've been so successful lately. >> president trump addressing the massive bomb the u.s. just dropped on afghanistan known as mother of all bombs. it is the biggest non nuclear bomb in america's military arsenal. thanks for joining us. i'm lucy noland. >> i'm thomas drayton. great to have you with us. trump administration confirming this afternoon that the bomb called moab for massive ordinance air blast was dropped
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today. fox's lauren blanchard has more. >> reporter: the united states drops what they're calling the mother of all bombs. >> we have incredible leaders in the military and we have incredible military and we are very proud of them and this was another very very successful mission. >> reporter: the united states dropped its most powerful conventional bomb in eastern afghanistan early thursday. the bomb which has never before been used in combat targeting a system of tunnels and caves believed to be used by isis. as that terror group moves into territory once known to be occupied by al-qaida. >> the united states takes the fight against isis very seriou seriously and in order to defeat the group we must deny them operational space which we did. >> reporter: known as the mother of all bombs the gbu43 weapon was unveiled in 2003 and weighs 21,000 pounds. it is the largest non nuclear bomb in the united states arsenal. with a blast radius of roughly a mile wide. designed to explode above ground
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taking out its targets through a concussive force. >> i can say that this was an immediate out come of any conversations we had with the afghan government i think it's part of on going efforts. >> president trump touting his administration's amped up approach towards fighting isis. something he vowed to do throughout his presidential campaign. >> if you look at what's happened over the last eight weeks and compare that really to what's happened over the last eight years, you'll see this tremendous difference. >> reporter: as for how much one of these bombs costs about $16 million each. and the one just dropped was part of a group that costs $314 million to develop. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. moab the mother of all bombs the official name gbu43 massive ordinance air blast i tell you this thing is large. 30 feet long, weighs more than 21,000 pounds. it was designed before the iraq war. never used in combat before
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today. also, first tested in 2003 in the mushroom cloud could be seen for more than 20 miles. now we talked about just how large this thing is. 30 feet long it had to be carried in the back of a c130 cargo plane airlifted lucy and then dropped out. >> amazing it does not fet in a bomber. thank you thomas. happening right now people in the city's east oak lane section are shaken up after a car slammed right into that home. it's a group home that serves disabled and quite a few people were inside at the time of the crash. we do know that one person is hurt. fox 29's dave kinchen live at the scene in east oak lane. dave? >> reporter: lucy, earlier today, crews came and boarded up the building here. there's still a bit of glass around though however. meantime, the owner of this group home is trying to figure out their next steps. >> if it happened during the daytime i mean people probably >> reporter: early morning car crash into a group home captured on surveillance video on the 1300 block of west cheltenham
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avenue shaking up the east oak lane section of philadelphia. >> i stopped myself from having a heart attack. made sure my client and staff were okay. >> co. blossom philadelphia which runs the home for disabled adults says three women were inside sleeping at the time and were not hurt. however -- >> i did have a staff person who was sitting in a chair right where the car came in. so she got pushed in the chair. she went to the hospital. >> reporter: that worker is expected to be okay. meantime, neighbors say this is only the latest in a string of car versus building crashes at the avenue and broad. >> we've seen some crazy things here at this intersection. >> mike zac tells us about the time a car slammed into his teamsters office on the same block. >> they went right through our front window of our building here as you can see bricks were replay. >> reporter: about year ago at american furniture, he says -- >> one time there was a lady park here with baby. they come running down knocked her into the furniture building.
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through that win do up there. >> police have not yet said what caused the accident at the group home but neighbors say speeding here is a constant problem. >> nighttime it's like a speedway here. cars are flying up and down he here. >> reporter: meantime, amazingly and thankfully please tell us the driver of that vehicle that crashed into this group home was not seriously hurt. back to you. >> talk about close call. dave kinchen, thank you. >> absolutely. >> delaware judge convicted a 17-year-old in connection with the death of a classmate. the case centers around 16 year amy joyner francis who died hours after a fight in high school bathroom last april. a 17-year-old was found guilty of criminally negligent homicide. another teen was convicted of conspiracy. now the judge acquitted the third teen charged. here's what the family's spokesperson had to say after court. >> one of things that was shared from the family is and this is a
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direct quote, had everyone raised their child the way that the joyner francis family raised theirs we would not be here today. the autopsy found joyner francis died of undiagnosed heart defect aggravated by the stress of the fight. sentencing is set for may 23r 23rd. >> philadelphia district attorney seth williams law license about to get suspended. pennsylvania supreme court announced today the suspension will take effect on may 13th. williams agreed to the suspension but says he plans to remain in office. he faces federal bribery and corruption charges and could go to trial next month. a hand writing expert takes the stan in the capital murder trial of eric frein he testified today in frein indeed wrote the journal describing the 2014 ambush shooting outside the blooming grove barrack. that attack killed pennsylvania state corporal and critically wounded a second trooper. frein face as potential death sentence if convicted. comedian bill cosby has lost
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his bid to -- his accuser in court before his case goes to trial. the pennsylvania supreme court declined to take up cosby's appeal on the issue of whether accuse sr. andrea constand should have been forced to testify at a hearing last year. cosby is charged with drugging and molesting constand in 2004. jury selection set to get underway next month. the us is inspected rooftop robber behind bars in montgomery county tonight. police arrested jose vargas of malvern for five rooftop burglaries in february. the crimes netted more than $1,000 in cash and jewelry they say. they also say the 44-year-old broke into businesses through vents and duct work. police say he's behind break ins at costco a supermarket and a brewery. developing right now, the passenger dragged from united airlines flight will file a lawsuit. the lawyer for david dao made the announcement today. people all across the country and world have now seen the viral video of chicago aviation
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police yanking dao out of his seat. fox news correspondent matt fin has nor from chicago. >> reporter: it's an incident viewed by millions across the world. chicago aviation police pulling a passenger now identified as dr. david dao to the ground dragging him down the aisle while he bleeds from his face. the incident left him with severe concussion, lost team and a broken knows and he's planning to file a lawsuit. >> if you're going to eject a passenger under no circumstances can it be done with unreasonable force. >> reporter: first steps have already been taken. dao legal team filing a motion to protect and preserve evidence it says will be needed later. but it's still not clear what exactly happened before dao was dragged off the plane. one passenger says he voluntarily gave up his seat for an $800 voucher. before changing his mind and reboarding the plane.
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>> he and his wife did volunte volunteer. they got up, walked off the plane and then a few minutes later, came back on the plane. report roar meanwhile the fallout continues. two more chicago aviation officers have been suspended. and there are changes to department protocols now being considered. united stock also continues to tape a beating with analysts say the company needs to step up its pr game. >> they needed to better job. they need to communicate better with both investors, with consumers, about what they send tendon to do to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: the lawsuit is expected to be filed in cook county the first hearing for preservation of the evidence is scheduled for 10am monday. in chicago, matt fin, fox news. in delaware, special absolute and send off for wilmington s outgoing top cop. after 32 years of dedicated service chief bobby cummings retiring. entire force walked out of the police department this afterno afternoon. it wasn't anything bad. attrition dull ceremony among police as a tribute to their
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outgoing leader. cummings served as chief since 2013. robert tracy whom we introduced you to yesterday is replacing him. looking for some of the nation's best food? well guess what you? don't have to go to go very new jersey. the new jerse -- far. the new jersey diner named the best in the nation. >> how a dog is helping her healthily human companions. >> nice evening maybe for walking the dog. 65 degrees right now. the sun will set at 7:30. if you like today hang in there because yes the 80s are making a come back for part of the easter weekend. sean bell. scott, we hear from ben simmons for the first time in a long time. the sixers had their exit interviews today and simmons talks about why this season made him a lot better. that's coming up later in spor sports. >> all right, sean. skyfox over widener university in chester today as hundreds of kids took part in an easter egg hunt. >> more than a thus san eggs
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they were laid out on the lawn for the little ones to gather.
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>> ♪ she's a senior cataracts, grace hair but sadie the therapy dog is growing strong. look at that face. cutest this everything. she's bringing smiles to patients at a dementia care center called brick dale dublin in bucks county by the way. she is 11 years old which is 60 issue or so human years. >> seven, 70. >> sadie has been working at brook dale dublin since she was only four years old. >> how can you not love that face. >> if you're looking for the best diner in the nation you do not need to go far because it's in jersey. >> i'm a foodie. fox's jenner lahmers grabbed a fork and spoon and found out what makes tops diner in newark so great. >> reporter: in state known for its diners one tops them all it's listed best diners time magazine just named tops diner
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in east newark, new jersey, not only the best in the state but the best in the country. >> did you say number one. >> number one in america. >> in new jersey you mean. >> no in america. >> in the usa of a. >> i'm impressed by that. tops has been around since the 19 20's. not much has changed except the shiny exterior and a few neon lights. >> i think when people come over here, they feel at home. >> yeah. >> i think the construction workers comes here the lawyer can come here, i think the house owner come here, grandma can come here with their grandchildren. tops is a place for everybody. i can go eat about anywhere i want and this is one of the places i make sure we hit. >> we have great burgers. we have 20 different burgers on the menu. we have a great butcher that brings the burgers every single day. >> reporter: there's nothing gerard greg greg hasn't on the in ennuye. >> spaghetti meatball is good. burgers are good. taylor ham and eggs. home fries, french fries. >> are you a diner person? >> i wouldn't say i'm a food
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person. as you can see. [ laughter ] >> along with tops, two other tri-state area restaurants made the list. including toms restaurant in new york city and the waverly restaurant. do they have mac and cheese like this? i think that's a question worth investigating. >> dan need not search any further. he's taking his dish all the way back to ohio where he lives. >> i don't eat it for lunch tomorrow the rest is going home. >> you got a full half there. >> i know. but it's -- it's worth it. >> from east newark, new jersey, jennifer lahmers, fox news. you had me at mac and cheese now that you're full it's time to relax. the spruce street harbor park coming back for another season. the popular summer spot along the delaware river. it's going return on may 12 many and organizers promise more of those hammocks this year so you can kickback and relax along with festival on opening week food, music, even a petting zoo. >> sounds like a fantastic time. you know what, fox 29 weather
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authority right now which is giving us many a fantastic time over the past few days. live look at wilmington and looking ahead to easter weekend. we are in store for some summer like temperatures yet again. meteorologist scott williams with how warm it's going get in only 15 seconds. >> high temperatures for thursday made it into the middle mid 60s. officially 66 degrees the high temperature in philadelphia. 3 degrees above average. we saw some sunshine. we saw some cloud cover now we have more clouds kind of rolling back in. most of us will stay dry with this disturbance however there might be a spotty sprinkle trying to move into berks county also into sections of lancaster county but once again mainly just some cloud cover kind of streaming through. we have mid 60s in philadelphia right now. upper 50s down the shore.
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so a little cooler there. 62 still in reading. 60 right now allentown. we'll zoom in north and west suburbs right now. phoenixville 62. 62 in west chester. 62 popular number over to plymouth meeting along with doylestown right now. temperatures for tonight, it turns a little cooler. we're talking mid 40s around center city. low 40s down the shore. maybe a few upper 30s from pottstown over to the allentown area a cool start for tomorrow. but we will see a mixture of sun and clouds. a pretty nice good friday. 66 degrees will be the high temperature for tomorrow. so tomorrow will play out somewhat similar to today. and then the weekend warmup. that jet stream will lift well to the north. those temperatures are going to be more typical of june as we move toward your easter. easter sunrise on sunday 6:21. it will be pretty mild temperatures to start the morning right around 60 degrees. then rapidly take a look at
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this, 84 degrees by the afternoon. it will make for the warmest easter in several decades. now as far as across the region, center city 84 degrees. excellent forecast down the shore you like that talking about a land breeze temperatures still about 80 degrees there. the lehigh valley 82 degrees with those late day afternoon and evening showers. so we've advanced the clock ahead here's sunday morning. six of a m. a mixture of sun and clouds. dry once again for much of the day. here's 5:00 o'clock. then watch what happens by the evening. we're watching that front that will be moving in from north to west. so late afternoon and evening showers perhaps a rumble of thunder for your easter. otherwise 66 tomorrow. upper 60s on saturday. clouds increase. 84 degrees on sunday. then not as warm low 70s for monday behind that front. still mild though we're talking mid 60s tuesday. then the middle latter part of next week could be a little unsettled. that's actually our best chance
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for widespread rainfall. guys back over to you. >> it was an excellent forecast. >> i love it. >> do you think the easter bunny will bring us any champio champp of any kinds. sixers, flyers. >> no. that's not happening any time soon. we got the philadelphia soul last year. that's about it many sixers and flyers had exit interviews tod today. the flyers general manager gives a bit of a surprising answer to questions about his goalie situation plus a lot of people think this season was a waste for ben simmons but hear what he had to say. he said it made him a lot better. that's coming up next in sports.
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♪ the sixers season ending just like it did last three years. whole lot of losing, a bunch of injuries and disappointment. but least there's time there's a little bit of hope. just little bit for the future especially because ben simmons is supposed to be healthy and back next season. listen, i don't care if the guy 6-foot eight or 7-foot two. if he's on the court the sixers have better chance to win like actually win. today the team had their exit interviews. actually said he learned a whole lot from being on the side line especially how to guide this team. >> how to be pro. i think that's really important of the especially with a young team. how to be leader at the same time. i didn't play so it was hard for me to, upping, talk to guys in the way, you know, that i would if i was playing. so, um, i think i learned, you
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know, how to be leader. >> we're the philadelphia flyers and quite frankly we expect to make the playoffs every year. that's -- that's a men mum. >> yeah it's obvious the flyers haven't reached minimum. they haven't reached the minimum the last three out of last five years after making the playoffs last year the team regressed. it might be time to blow this thing up first line of business make a decision on goalie. general manager isn't sure what he'll do with steve mason but he says in today's game you need more than one. >> you have to have two goalies. the games tour competitive. you don't win games without really good goaltending and if you have one guy and he plays 70 games, there's going to be few games there where he doesn't perform up to his best. those are done with the schedu schedule. it's too tough. >> back to ben simmons check this out before the game last game of the year the knicks game little kid on the court he said get it out and i'm throwing it in the stands.
6:26 pm
okay. little kid, there's no freebies over here. okay. i'm a professional. okay. don't try that with me. that's how i like it. denies him. >> that's what -- that's what all kids should get. >> okay. >> denied. >> no. >> you don't get freebies. okay. if i have kids that's what's going to happen. >> you'll break them every day. >> your kids come and try to play me get it out of here okay. >> that kid is scarred for life. >> no competition. that's what i like. >> all right, sean no freebies little boy. >> all right. thank you very much sean bell. be sure to join us tonight for more on fox 29 news. a 1384 old killed himself on instagram live and no one called for help. what his parents say they missed that could have saved their son. and that does it for us here at 6:00. >> see you back here for the fox 29 news at 10:00. inside edition coming up next. have a safe night. ♪ shoulders don't just carry pads.
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they carry your fans passions, hopes, and dreams. and maybe, a chance at greatness because shoulders were made for greatness. not dandruff.
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get the best. go to the doctor's daughter. >> i was horrified, shocked, and sickened. >> and his injuries just revealed. broken nose, concussion, teeth knocked out. and what this wwe wrestling diva says just happened to her at the airport. then, is time running out for the teacher who ran off with his 15-year-old student? >> pharmacists across the country are being asked to be on the alert. and the college student body slammed by a cop. here she is. >> i'm just so humiliated because everyone was watching me. plus, is there something fishy with the food at mar-a- lago? >> what the just released health inspection reports reveal. then, first photo of janet jackson.


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