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tv   Chasing News  FOX  April 15, 2017 12:30am-1:01am EDT

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♪ >> wow! >> is he registered to votesome. >> that was racial. >> hey, what are you doing? >> it's trying the find a silver lining here. that was really rude. >> all my daughter's first pictures were on that third floor. >> it'll be all right. everything's still here, you know? ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i'm screaming, he's screaming, i just froze because this is my child, my baby. >> 8-year-old quinn ten curry who warmed my heart with his smile and courageous spirit is fortunate to be alive after being viciously attacked by a pit bull, the dog ripped off his
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right ear and tore up his leg. >> people tried to get the dog off of me, and then he got me. >> he's just telling me, i'm going to die, mom. it was hard. >> this all happened last week on wednesday while quinton was playing with friends in the backyard of his mom's friend's house on ocean avenue here in jersey city. >> i just tried to go past him, and then he just started barking at me and attacked me for the first turn. >> it was after him being outside. he runs into the house screaming and crying, and he was full of blood, and he said a dog pit him. and i wasn't -- bit him. and i wasn't understanding the magnitude until i realized his ear was missing. >> quentin's mom, allison, told me the dog's owner walked into her friend's householding her son's ear. >> you know, i didn't know what to do, and a woman came to the back door, which now i know was the owner, and she has his ear.
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and it was the moment that i just, you know, i have no words for. >> now many, since the brutal attack, quinton has been getting medical treatment at st. barnabus in livingston. doctors have stitched on his ear, and quentin gets treatments twice daily in hopes of saving his ear. at this point, they aren't sure that's going to work. >> the discoloration of the ear, it shows that it's dying. and right now we have to go see a plastic surgeon now to follow the steps, because he said there's going to be possible multiple surgeries and a possible prosthetic ear. >> most likely she says quentin will need a prosthetic ear, and the family needs a lot of help with medical expenses. two gofundme pages have been set up, and the family is hosting a fundraiser in jersey city on saturday, and i have all of that @chasing ashley johnson. the dog's owner voluntarily had the pit bull put down, and,
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bill, quentin deserves a lot of credit. he has remained positive. >> he helps me be strong. like, my tears, you know, i have my moments, but to see him strong, i have to be strong because i'm the adult. >> i've been trying to help my mom, and i've been trying to try to do stuff over again. >> had the kid played with the dog before? >> no, no. this didn't even happen at his home, bill. they were at his mother's friend's house and doing what kids do when it's this time of year, when it's nice outside, he was playing outside with a lot of other kids. >> i'm curious about what his hearing is going to be like going forward. have they been to an audiologist yet? >> at this point, they're trying to see if they can even save his ear. so that's not what they're focused -- >> it may not impact his hearing, it ripped off the outer part of his ear. >> most likely he will most
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likely need a prosthetic ear. >> is the owner facing any liability? i mean, is there any talk of any kind of legal action? >> i did put a call in to police, and at this point it doesn't seem as if any charges -- >> the oldest cliche in the book. you tell your kids, don't pet be strange dogs. you just don't know. thanks, ashley. >> i am going to ruin this. [laughter] >> guys, as you know, i'm the father of a young boy, but i'm never going to be as cool as this dad right here. check out these photographs. this dad puts his baby through photoshops in very precarious situations to freak out family members. next to a hot stove, driving a car on the highway. it is awesome -- >> you sure it's photoshopped? >> what comes to mind when you think of little girls' birthday parties? princesses, animals? this st. louis girl wanted a poof-themed birthday party.
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her mom suggested other ideas but eventually did give in. there were poop balloons, pin the poop in the toilet games and poop e emoji -- >> that is the most be hilarious 3-year-old ever. >> that is not a crappy party at all. >> oh, where? ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i think it's a miracle because, you know, to be a major -- and nobody was here. >> it's certainly tragic, but it was not the disaster that it could have been. half of the ceiling inside st. anthony church in passaic, new jersey, collapsed on thursday morning. only one person was inside, and she was able to have some warning from the noises that were coming from the rafters and get out in time. >> it was only one person who just came, she was the one who saw part of the ceiling that was little bubble.
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she run from church. she went to the parish office. when she come back, the ceiling was on the floor. >> i came here to see how the church was doing and what they were doing for easter services now. fortunately, they normally have their easter services across the street in their parish hall because it's bigger. and the stations of the cross procession that went through the streets of passaic friday afternoon was bigger than ever. it depicts the last hours of the life of jesus christ as he went no to his crucifixion be, death and then resurrection which christians celebrate on easter sunday. i got a chance to go inside the church to see the damage fisthand. it's pretty amazing. you wonder what could have happened if anyone was sitting there. half the ceiling's down, and they don't know the structural integrity of the other side. i talked to the mayor who said as of right now they don't have a cause of the collapse, but pointed out this is a nearly
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100-year-old building. mayor lara says he has a personal connection to this parish. >> this is a nostalgic experience for me, it's where i had my very first communion. i was a student here at st. anthony's academy, so i immediately looked at the pew on the left side, everything came down on the right side from the direction of the father. but i was thinking to myself how bad this is for the parishioners. >> the parish is certainly binding together, but they're probably going to need some help. no one knows exactly how much this damage is going to dos repair. the insurance adjustor doesn't come out until monday. so in the interim, they're directing people to their web site where you can donate to help the church repair the ceiling. it's a very diverse parish, i was told, a cross-section of all life in passaic. unfortunately, this has temporarily robbed them of their sanctuary, but they're going to keep the congregation going
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celebrating its 100th year anniversary in 2019. >> we don't though yet. waiting for the estimated with the insurance company to see how much we have to pay. >> and it could be a lot. >> i don't have any number in my head, but, yeah. >> brian, you went kayaking. >> yes, it is the source of misery for tens of thousands of east coast commuters, it is part of the most important infrastructure project in the nation, and i think a symbol of america's decline, and you probably never heard of it. it's the portal bridge. it is a two-track rail bridge 107 years old over the hackensack river that carries every train from the amtrak and new jersey transit, every train has to go over this thing. i took my kayak out yesterday to take a closer look at the portal bridge.
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look at that thing. that thing looks like it should be in some transportation museum somewhere with a bunch of guys standing with handlebar moustaches on it. it is 2017. how is it that every train that goes up the east coast of the united states of america has to go over that thing? it is an amazing experience to sit out there under this bridge in a kayak. there's nobody around. you get a real sense of not only how busy this thing is, i mean, the trains go constantly roaring over it, but also how tenuous and fragile this is. and this is the chokepoint for the whole east coast ideas rail system. see if they make it, he's gonna make it, he made it. he's gonna make it! you're almost there! almost there, and you -- he made it, all right! they made it. the bridge is also known for causing delays when it has to swing open to allow boats to go under.
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most of that traffic is poop. the bridges open a couple times a week to allow barges carrying sludge from the sewage plant upriver. so if you ever sat on a train and felt like, wow, i really feel like i'm being treated like crap, no, you weren't. the crap has priority over you. [laughter] >> that's good. >> the p crap has priority. the water stinks. new jersey transit amtrak is are trying to piece together the funding, but the whole thing is very uncertain now because the proposed trump budget has no no money for any of this. >> well, the problem is there are bigger priorities. i mean, the light rail to jersey city where no one lives, that's much more important. >> that's a good project. you do build infrastructure before the houses, but you've got to prioritize. >> prioritize. >> everything right now should be going to this and the tunnels. >> did you drop your go perot? >> yeah -- gopro?
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>> yeah, another mishap. >> did you find it? >> found it. >> is it out there bouncing around? in the poop water? >> i pulled over by the bridge, and i had the gopro and my iphone on the kayak, a boat went by, two civil engineers -- >> so it scared you? >> no, it rocked my kayak. >> buy a floatie, and every time you take a gopro out, you should be, hi, i'm brian, i'm probably going to lose this -- [laughter] this is my address. >> i need to know what your worst habit is. >> i eat out all the time. >> i decided i was going to take my newfound learning and try to apply it to some of the people in my life. >> if you ask anybody that knows me, they're going to say i probably talk too much. [inaudible] >> that didn't go as planned. ♪
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>> the tempura was really good. get one, get one. sushi saved my life. >> i was going to payment, i was going to fall down and -- >> christopher cataldo from texas suffers from a rare condition that makes him allergic to 90% of the food in the world. so he's only allowed to eat seven different foods, one of which is chick-fil-a fries. the franchise owner, brad munson, heard his story.
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and with a new location that was opening up in houston, brad let chris be owner for a day. chris' mom says he always talked about owning a chick-fil-a one day, so he really did make his dream come true. >> hey, guys. it's day four. you know what that means? we're almost there. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> yeah. so far this journey has been about helping me cut out my unhealthy and expensive bad habit of eating out all the time. and working with a doctor to find a healthier replacement. i'm not going to pat myself on the back or anything, but i've been doing a pretty good job. i'm not gonna lie. today i decided i was going to take my newfound learning and try to apply it to some of the people in my life. hey, dad? >> yes. >> before you go, so i'm doing a story about bad habits. you know? i need to know what your worst
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habit is. >> i eat out all the time. >> uh, me too. obviously, we're related. >> it's just difficult with my schedule. >> so what are you going to do about it? >> continue eating out all the time. sorry. >> there's no helping that man. that didn't go as planned, but now i'm moving on to a person that you guys may know with a slightly more obvious to bad habit. >> if you ask anybody that knows me, they're going to say i probably talk too much. there's no question i do talk a lot, and the problem is that i start early in the morning, i'm starting -- i talk to myself be about four in the morning, then i go for four hours on the radio, and then when i get to chasing i'm talking through the editorial meeting and, of course, on the show i'm continuing to talk, and i don't always let people interact because i'm still continuing to talk. >> is that so? >> yes. >> so what are you going to do to rectify that bad habit? >> i actually think it's a good habit. if you ask jerry burke, our executive producer, he thinks it may not be a good habit. he asked me to do a radio, and i'm hoping you will all of that
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out of your system, and, of course, i just continue to talk and never stop. >> i think so -- >> you sure? i have more to say. i'm happy to talk to you. >> we're good. so, yeah, i tried, but i can't really help anybody. >> no, well, actually what you did -- and this is what happens when you try to help other people -- is that you're empowering yourself. you feel so good about what you've been able to do that you want to, you know, pass it on. the fact is that you faced it, and you've gotten your confidence -- >> yes. >> -- to the point where you can help others. >> well, tomorrow is the last day of this challenge. it's just the beginning of my health journey. but make sure you tune in tomorrow to my be instagram feed for the final installment of the kicking a bad habit series. guys, i have a ton of fun things planned. you're not going to want to miss it. until next time, bye. >> okay. okay. >> oh, diane.
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♪ ♪ >> [inaudible] ♪ ♪ ♪ >> away in a manger, a giraffe is there. christmas, easter, whatever, it's religious. >> we've gotten to the point where there really isn't a story. >> again, you just repeat the joke over and other, at some point the giraffe is going to give birth. maybe it'll be an easter giraffe. >> let's just explain in this to everybody, because some people may think we're not talking about another giraffe. this is the same giraffe. >> this is the same giraffe, april who lives in harpersville, new york. we've been watching her pregnancy, almost birthage since february. close to 100,000 people at any given time. it's crazy. >> i'll be making my debut on nj now with good friend of the show, jim mcqueeny, transportation meltdown.
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watch it on my 9, noon sunday if you know what's good for you. >> device, on thursday i had the privilege to watch a giant $100,000 check be given to camp no worries in new jersey by the south jersey young professionals association. so i'm really excited to say that in june i'm going to head down to camp no worries, see how the kids are doing, meet some of the counselors, and it's going to be pretty cool. >> new york city will close the rikers island jail facility. >> i came here to the bronx and learned why. >> the guards in there have a total lack of humanity for those that are detained. >> how do you not build more prisons if you're going to close the main place where you take criminals? >> it's almost a victory in vain.
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>> for live music -- [bleep] for seeing life -- wait. ah! bill, there's no better scene for live music in the state of new jersey than asbury park. [cheers and applause] ♪ >> this is a fox 29 news update. hi everybody meteorologist scott williams. watching a quiet and cool evening as we look at ultimate doppler. overnight lows into the 40s. 48 philadelphia. 44 degrees in allentown. that easter weekend forecast 66
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on saturday. 84 on sunday. we'll update this at 7:00 a.m.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> what are we going to do? >> shut it down! >> diana, rikers island. some may say the end of an era.
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what have you got? >> that's right, bill. it took years of protests, but last month new york city's mayor, bill de blasio, finally said these words -- >> new york city will close the rikers island jail facility. it take many years, it will take many tough decisions along the way. >> many cheered as rikers has become synonymous with dark violence. but one activist who has really been one of the loudest critics of rikers is silent. i came here to the bronx and met with akeem and learned why. >> this is election season, and de blasio has been known -- just as his first term -- to speak and give lip service for the things that he promised and never works on. so it's almost a victory in vain. >> akeem is the brother of a man who took his own life two years
12:56 am
ago, a tramming that he blames -- a tragedy that he blames at his time spent at rikers. he went to rikers at a teenager, and he was serving time for a crime he never committed. >> my mother just recently passed, in october last year, just recently. and it's not easy, because i know the stuff that she went through, the suffering she went through while seeing my brother being helpless to even get him out. >> activists describe de blasio's announcement as a small victory, but they criticize the fact that it will take ten years to shut down rikers and will cost billions of dollars, and they also object to the fact that as a result, ten new jails will be opened. >> the walls didn't kill my brother, the guards in there, neglect, the guards' mistreatment and abuse, the guards and their total lack of humanity for those that are detained on rikers are the problem. >> now, de blasio himself has
12:57 am
even said that it'll be too costly to shut down rikers, and previously he said that it's a dream to be able to shut down rikers. >> how do you not build more prisons if you're going to close the main place where you take criminals? >> to that end though, my question is you move, you close down rikers island, you still have to put prisoners somewhere. the prison guards and supervisors that worked at rikers, they're going to work at a different prison. you're just moving it to someone else's backyard. >> i love it, ten more prisons. i can't believe that i'm feeling very positive about mayor de blasio, because one way you reduce crime is reduce the number of criminals on the street. what are they going to do with it, by the way? >> condos. i don't know. >> another great week of "chasing news." thanks for watching. i hope you enjoy this great spring holiday. i'm kidding, i'm not that politically correct.
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