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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  April 20, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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>> happening right now a police pursuit turns deadly. what happened in which mink ton. >> teens behaving badly. police have warning for parents and a tool to crackdown on bad behavior. >> from the nfl to his death in a prison cell. the conspiracy theory surrounding the death of aaron hernandez in the latest on the investigation. >> and did you see this parent prank, many think gone wrong. did they go too far? not funny according to a lot of people. some are calling it a serious parent fail. >> more on that coming up in just a movement great to have you with us on this thursday, thomas drayton with karen hepp up. good morning to you. >> good morning, everybody, checking on traffic. sue serio, good morning. >> little bit of rain throughout this morning, this is the sign for little bit of
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rain. >> that's a lot of rain. >> a lot of rain. all right, so let's get to our number of the day. still going to gave you a eight. i don't think it will last too long. maybe a couple of hours before this rain comes through. let's look at it on ultimate doppler radar. and you see, widely scattered showers, and very light whatever we're seeing out there, so just little bit of drizzle around the region, mostly north of delaware and south jersey. our temperature this morning, milder than yesterday. 55 degrees. and sunrise time is 6:16. we probably won't start out with much sunshine, but we will see some before the ends of the day. 54 degrees in lancaster, allentown, looking up north hazleton at 48. and we have allentown at 54. the jersey shore, 57 in ocean city, cape may is 56 degrees. dover, delaware, 57. so that's little tour around the region, after those showers are out of here we expect to get to high of how about this 75 degrees. certainly milder than we have
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been the past couple of days, but remember, we told you there are a lot of ups and downs in the forecast, bob kelly, coming up in the seven day. >> yes, did you, roller coaster week. thursday morning, getting up, getting out. crews are still out here along 95 down in delco. they've been working all night between the blue route and route 320, watch for delays, brake taps, and the cones moving around until about 5:00 . martin luther king drive closed, from the overnight, until about 5:00 this morning, so, you want to use the schuylkill expressway. really your best bet. because the kelly drive has that construction involved as you get closer to the art museum. route one closed at oxford valley road, still working over here in bellmawr along 295 and the 42 freeway. also crew out here along 422, out near trooper road. let's go outside. take live look at the ben franklin parkway. where i know we were waiting for this yesterday, officially in shutdown mode. the inner drives of the
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parkway closed from 20th street all the way up to the art museum circle. looks like they are allowing some cross traffic through. remember, this is the stretch according to those drawings that we've seen of the futuristic look of the nfl draft, this whole inner drive will be set up and closed and that's where folks will be able to walk and hang out, probably see some of the tents going up here. so again, this is new set up for this morning that was a little different from yesterday. give yourself extra time coming into or out city. outer drivers of the parkway are open. basically we're down to three lanes, instead of the normal six in and out of town. karen, thomas, back to you. >> thank you, 4:03, we begin with breaking news out of lawncrest, the search is on for the person responsible for shooting a man. the shooting happened just after midnight. on the 5500 block of hill creek court. now the victim, 29 year old man, was shot in the leg. he was taken to einstein medical center. no word on his exact condition
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or if any arrest haves been made. >> we've got more breaking news right now. two people have been rushed to the hospital after they were assaulted, it all happened right near temple university. it was just after 2:00 this morning at broad and allegheny. police confirm one man was stabbed, the other injured, both returned over to temple hospital for treatment. we do not know at this hour what led to that assault. this developing story, expect to go learn more this morning about a police pursuit in delaware that ended in a deadly confrontation. that chase through the street of wilmington, ending in the fatal shooting of suspect. our jenny joyce at the new castle county police department with the latest. good to see you, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, thomas, karen, yes, so still a lot that we don't know about this case. was the suspect armed? and why were police after him in the first place? big questions that we still have not gotten answers from the new castle county police department. so this happened yesterday around 2:00 in the afternoon,
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new castle county police say they tried to pull the man over near philadelphia pike and washington street, but he didn't stop. instead, he crashed his car at the intersection, exited the vehicle, and ran. police caught up with the suspect, and confronted him, then shot and killed him. it happened near saint helena roman catholic church. skyfox was over both scenes yesterday. people who live nearby confirm they're typically quiet neighborhood turned chaotic yesterday, and they're still not sure why they want answers. >> i just heard pop pop pop pop pop, like eight shots in a row. >> they were working outside. they kind of looked over. there was a big commotion next-door. so this doesn't happen often here. >> new castle county police say some of their officers were taken to local hospitalization to get checked out. no word on any serious injuries as a result of the confrontation with the suspect, again, what led to
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all of this is still the big question we are hoping to learn more from new castle county police later today. back to you guys. >> jenny, thank you so much. also happening today, opening statements begin in the trial for david creato, jr., prosecutors say he killed his own child, three year old little boy, brandon, back in 2015 and reported the child missing. jury selection wrapped up yesterday over at superior court in camden, new jersey, steve keeley let's get out with the latest and what we expect for this day. good morning, steve. >> well, it is 11 women, three men, picked as the jury. two of them will be picked later as alternate, now after all of those delays, openings this morning, then the first testimony from the prosecution's witnesses to leadoff today, the judge told the jury yesterday here at the camden county courthouse that there is a lot of public interest in this case and that there will be a lot of news coverage of the trial, including cameras which are allowed in court to record the
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testimony here in new jersey, the judge reminded them, quote, it is important that you avoid the media coverage. and david creato was in a blue business suit in court, a way different look than the jail jumpsuit he's been wearing since he's been unable to make the $750,000 bail since his arrest. his long hair, not hanging over his face like before, but pulled back notely in a ponytail yesterday. coming up in a half an hour we will talk about the jury's planned day trip and a .6 of a mile, ten minutes for an adult, because we walked it on tuesday, between where brendan creato was last seen alive at his dad's apartment and where his little body was found, and why the prosecution will be taking the jury to the cooper river area about ten minute drive from here. so i'll get into that when i see you at 4:30, guys. >> steve keeley, thanks. death or life in prison without parole. today jurors will begin deciding whether eric frein will die for the fatal ambush
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shooting after trooper and then another in 2014. showed no emotion as he heard the guilty verdict. jury convicted the 33 year old on all 12 charges, including first degree murder and terrorism. >> mystery this morning in berks county where a man's body was found in someone else's pond. township police say property owner discovered a man's body tuesday right along mount pen road. police have identified that victim as 41 year old john actual yo from cock isville maryland. >> fire in the city talcony section lands two people in the hospital. gives firefighters an unexpected surprise once they entered that home. so firefighters, battling fire last night, at barber shop, with apartments above it on unruh avenue and tulip street. inside the apartment firefighters found an almost 2-. it was carefully removed. you see right there. now, two people were taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation, minor burns. no word on what caused the
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fire. although one person is being questioned. and police in springfield township are cracking down on teenagers who are caught breaking the law. all of the news and crimes. the police department sending out a warning to parent and teens that there will be serious consequences for illegal behavior. the problem is they've had whole number of assaults, people throwing rocks at trolley cars, fights breaking out specifically right near williams park in response officers are using social media and beefed up patrols to try to keep the township safe. >> parent should house their own kids, make sure they know what they are doing, where they are at at all times. >> at this day and age that's what's frightening, that a lot of kids have weapons, you know, and there is drugs, and they can be so easily influenced by older kids or even lord. >> here's a really scary trends, according to a lot of parentment some kids are playing chicken with cars while they are on their bikes, and they are really worried something tragic could happen. springfield's police chief says the kids who make
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trouble, they'll be arrested. >> fox news is cutting ties with bill o'reilly. twenty-first century fox, the parent company of fox news channel and fox 29, wrote in a statement, quote, after a thorough and careful review of the allegations, the company and bill o'reilly have agreed that bill o'reilly will not be returning to the fox news channel. starting monday tucker carlson will air an hour earlier at eight p.m. and the 5:00 will move to 9:00 p.m. so bill o'reilly released a statement that reads in part, it is tremendously disheartening we part ways due to unfounded claims, that's the unfortunate reality that any of us in the public eye must live with today. i will always look back on my time at fox with great pride and the unprecedented success we achieved and with my deepest gratitude to all of my viewers. >> elaborate crime ring busted in our area. >> coming up on good day philadelphia, what thieves use to evade the police. here is a hint, it is something all of us have. >> and also, oh, my gosh, everyone buzz being this,
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serena, her big surprise. the news served up by this tennis superstar that set the internet on fire. good morning, bob. >> good morning, construction crews on fire tonight. they're working out along 202 between boot road and route 30, a we listen to zombie ansy, i think, in my ear. let's go outside and say good morning to the ben franklin parkway. where we continue to get ready for the draft next weekend. we'll have the newest lane closures and sue with your thursday forecast when we come right back.
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>> many of you probably still in bed, in the yet standingment good to have you with us at 4:14, we take you outside, live look at redding this morning. we will get a look at your weather and traffic in just a moment. but first, let's go to weather, sue serio, good morning to you. >> good morning, yes, little different this morning, it is more humid. there are showers around this morning, and it is milder than it was yesterday. we were all saying oh, i wish i had worn a warmer coat yesterday. today it is okay. but you might need the umbrella at least for short while this morning. you can see widely scattered showers, and there are some clouds around the area. as we zoom in little bit closer, few showers around philadelphia, cross river in gloucester, new jersey, around marple in delco. how long will it last? well, we think the showers will linger through at least
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7:00, 8:00, maybe even the this morning, clouds linger for awhile. we should see some sunshine. but will be a milder day than yesterday. and then we almost repeat the same thing tomorrow morning, friday morning, with a chance just for good measure of a pop up thunderstorm, and friday will be another mild day, then things cool off, after we get cold front through here for the weekend. and again, for another chance of showers, for saturday night, into sunday, and sunday we could see a lot of rain throughout the day. so, that's the deal as we go through the next couple of days. but, again, it is a little milder this morning, 55 degrees, in philadelphia. and 50's just about everywhere else, all of these temperatures were in the 40's at this time yesterday. makes a difference. there is not much of a breeze, but the air is coming in from the south, and that means milder temperatures, so, you can get used to that for today, as well. average hi, 66. kinds of going down the past couple of days with our roller coaster ride from the peak on easter sunday of 87 degrees.
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so yesterday was 63. and then now we're going back up again, seven, a upper 70s, then back down over the weekend with a high temperature only in the 50's, on sunday. as we said yesterday, bob kelly, looks like sunday is going to be your go to the movies day, or just stay inside and take a nap. >> it will be my grilled cheese day. >> oh,. >> because somebody just sent me, wait until you see the gift i opened up this morning that was waiting for me here. i'll go back to my desk and get it, 4:30, wait until you see it, you'll love it. if it rains it will be my perfect outfit. live look at accident this morning, looks like the ramps a little wet here. now again, i start today see the drizzle hit the windshield as i came in this morning right around the city line avenue area. any of the on and off-ramps could be little wet. this is the ramp from the kelly drive to city line avenue. looks like you got truck here involved in the crash, as well, and see the glare that i am talking about, that's a sign that the ramps, the roads are just a little damp, sue mentioned, not a lot of rain,
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but just enough to mess things up for the beginning of our morning rush hour. northbound lanes of 495 for the gang in wilmington, accident, right at terminal avenue in plymouth meeting a accident, butler pike at stenton avenue. and we still have the single lane patterns here along 322, watch for big delays throughout the day, along route one, between route one and 95. get ready for some changes septa changing it up, new schedules go into effect on all of the regional rail lines. schedule change effect hams on sunday, sunday morning, a combination every some timetable changes, and service changes, so make sure to grab new schedule today so you're ready to go for monday. martin luther king drive still closed until about 5:00 this morning. you want to use the schuylkill expressway. because if you use the kelly drive, you get tied up with that construction around the art museum and the parkway. karen, thomas, back to you. >> getting us around, bob, thank you. organized crime ring busted using something you have on your car. a license plate.
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pennsylvania attorney general josh shapiro announced criminal charges yesterday against a dozen people. he says they applied for license plates from penndot. then used them for a criminal enterprize that spanned several state. investigators say the group would actually rent out those plate for $400 a month to people trying to evade police. the vehicles with those plate rack up more than $1 million in tolls, fines, and tickets. a man posing as a customer interested in jewelry get away with a pricy ring. areas right there, surveillance video showing the guy looking into the case at the jewelry store. this is on 5500 block of north fifth street in olney. all right, so you see him grab the gold ring, put it on his pink err finger and then ran off. that ring wild gold with a one karat diamond, worth about $3,500. >> former eagles player josh off has struck a deal so he can avoid jail time. you may remember back on the walt whitman bridge in november, they charged him
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with speeder, possession of marijuana, unlawful possession of firearm. so under this agreement the weapons conviction dropped off his record, once he completes a diversion program, then six months of probation. >> west philadelphia handyman convicted of raping and murdering a drexel grad student has taken his life in prison. officials at the state prison in graterford says james harris right here hanged himself in a cell last thursday. he was transport today einstein montgomery hospital where he was pronounced dead. harris was serving life sentence for murder, rape, and other charges, in the 2015 rape and strange lynn of 27 year old jasmine wright. >> now to the bombshell that broke yesterday surrounding the death of aaron hernandez, officials say the former new england player hanged himself in his cell, but corrections officers in massachusetts say they found hernandez dead in his cell yesterday morning
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hanging from bed sheet. officials say he had written the bible verse john 3:16 in red marker on his forehead, but in a statement his lawyer says that hernandez gave no indication that he was suicidal, and thinks that something else happened. hernandez's family is demanding an investigation into his death. >> it is possible it might not be a suicide, but i would just say as the senator for represeting this prison, there are people who are committing suicide, five, six, seven people within this facility every couple of years. >> hernandez was serving life sentence for murder, but he had just been acquitted after double murder last week. news of his death came as the patriots were being honored for their superbowl win at the white house. a funeral service for the man whose murder ended up on facebook will be held this weekend. police say stiviano ends shot and killed 74 year old robert godwin, senior, sunday as he was walking and collecting cans on cleveland's east side. godwin was a father of ten and a grandfather of 14.
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stevens shot and killed himself tuesday after 2-mile chase with police in erie. >> also, a plea this morning, to help ida man who has dementia. found over at philadelphia international airport. please take a look at him. they have not been able to figure out who he is. police say medics took this man from the airport over to methodist hospital last month and he still is there and nobody knows who he is. he only speaks spanish. but is not able to effectively communicate. investigators think he's between 80 and eight a years old. >> i didn't do that. >> you tell me what you did. >> i swear to god i didn't do that. >> all over the carpet. >> i didn't do that. >> also, video, hard to watch, put out there on youtube by some parent, they are yelling at their crying children forgetting ink on the carpet. the parent actually make money by creating these kind of videos. whole thing starts with the mom setting up what she will will do in this prank saying she will pour invisible ink on the carpet and start flipping out. many think it just isn't funny. video posted by youtube
4:22 am
account called daddy zero five. this is an account that has near lay million subscribers, more than 175 million views. in this video the son, obviously, crying, like i didn't do it, because he didn't do it. >> people started staying is child abuse, it is not funny, they think it is a parent fail. the dad has removed all of his videos and came out with this confession. >> videos a fake. they're fake. they're over exaggerated, some videos are scripted, some, i mean, just played out, the kids ideas, we act them out. >> many think that's all spin and damage control right now. youtube has removed the video that causes controversy saying it violate the company's policy on harrassment and bullying. >> believe him, he didn't do it. finds something else to do now in those videos. >> make money off your kids? >> what do you think about this one, important information, hotels have been hack of the credit cards and debit cards compromised you
4:23 am
may have used them. >> coming up on good day philadelphia, the company that's asking to you keep an eye out on your accounts, following that massive data breach. but first, here's ron burke. >> the phillies game with the mets decided in the eighth inning last night, and surprise noshow at the patriots visit donald trump at the white house, sports coming up.
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>> good morning, i'm ronald ron burke. phillies open road series get the mets last night. in the eighth inning, michael saunders two out sing kneel
4:26 am
left. >> this places alan al tear to tie the game at three. but in the next half inning, jay bruce, who had homered earlier, steps in, stems out with another homerun. two run shot for the lead. bruce drives in all five mets runs, as they beat the phillies five to four. the superbowl champion patriots were at the white house wednesday. president donald trump hailed the team for its quote legendary victory over the falcons. several players did not attend, some siting political reasons. quarterback tom brady no show, saying he was attends to go family matters. top team in the nhl during regular season, playoff series, capitols, with power play score caps score four times beat the mapleleafs, even at two games apiece. proving she is super women, pregnant when she won the australian open, she said she is in her 20th week right now. that's sports in a minute. this is ron burke. >> thank you, ron. coming up at 43 can't bear t there is something that panda's love that a lot of
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towns don't. >> what one community in our area just banned that may actually surprise you. #
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judge he's not afraid to talk, doing just that only on fox. >> headed down the shore this summer, how nice, but there is a report that may have you rethinking your plans, has to do with things found on our problem. >> bob kelly seems to have a problem with grilled cheese. >> just a slight problem. check out the bib, i opened up the envelope thanks to gale, gale who made me this personalized grilled cheese bib. look, if you look close, it has all grilled cheeses on there. >> the best viewers ever. >> and grilled cheese is awesome. you made them the other day, so good. >> i guess i just have to have grilled cheese today. >> you make grilled cheese? >> yes. >> oh, you're on the night shift. it is kind of afrodeziak. >> oh, all kind of stuff you miss on the night shift.
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>> missed out the week i'm gone. >> we're glad you're back. >> i'll make you a grilled cheese. >> might be pretty decent grilled cheese day, although warmer. we have some clouds around, some showers.& so, you decide. and what's wrong with grilled cheese for breakfast? >> love it. >> eight out of ten, yes. stick a negative there or something. anyway, we've got some showers around, nothing too heavy, nothing too, you know, just enough to be annoying, maybe little drizzle, little rain around this morning. the ground not wet here at old city, 80% relative humidity, my not be the best hair day. sunrise time 6:16. checking other temperatures around the region, lancaster is at 52, coat ville, 53, and bear, delaware, 55. voorhees, new jersey, is checking in at 53 degrees. and we have 53 in mt. holly, as well. jackson, new jersey, and toms river, both at 52. so, that's where you are walking out the door. could you see some sun today. there will be quite a few
4:32 am
clouds. still, warmer air in place, will take us to 75 degrees, with slight chance after shower, this evening, and we will talk about another roller coaster ride with temperatures, bob kelly, as we head into the weekend. >> sounds good. look at the sunset time 7:45. last night, trying to put austin to bed, he says, but it is not dark yet. i'm it will be soon. pull the room darkening shade down quick. 43:00 it, live look at the construction crews here along 202, between boot road and route 30. and lane restrictions continue again, it is another day, another new pattern here, the ben franklin parkway, the inner drive is closed, leading up to the art museum, the kelly drive still down to that one lane as you come in behind the art museum, and only two of the normal five lanes available right in front of the art museum. just try to avoid this whole area if you can into and out of the city during the rush hours at least, septa buses, all three of them there still on a detour for the gang down
4:33 am
in wilmington, they're working along 495 this morning, northbound right near terminal avenue for the gang in south jersey, the work crews out along 295 and 42, and starting to see little drizzle roll through the area. so some of the roads could be just wet enough to make it a little slippery. we already had one accident on the city avenue ramp. that's gone. but some of the on and off ramp could be little slippery. and crash up in plymouth meeting butler pike at stean ton avenue. karen and tomorrow back to you. >> thank you so much. developing right now, there was a fatal shooting by police of a suspect. it happened in delaware. let's get right out to jenny joyce with what we know about this incident. jenny, happened right by a church? >> yes. it happened by a church, karen, actually two scenes involved. people that we talked to in the area of those scenes say it is rare to hear gunfire caught them off guard. they want to know exactly what happened and why. we still don't have those answers at this point. new castle county police tell us that it happened around 2:00 yesterday afternoon. they tell us they tried to
4:34 am
pull over a man, near philadelphia pike, and washington street, but he didn't stop. instead, he crashed his car at the intersection, exited the vehicle and ran. police caught up with the suspect, and confronted him. then shot and killed him. the shooting happened near saint helena roman catholic church. people who live nearby confirm they're typically quiet neighborhood turned chaotic yesterday. and they're still not sure why. >> i just heard pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, like eight shots in a row. >> my aunt and the other employees, that was working, there as well, so they were working outside. they kind of looked over. there was big commotion next-door. so i don't -- this doesn't happen often here. >> new castle county police say some of their officers were taken to local hospitalization to get checked out. no word on any serious injuries as a result of the confrontation with the suspect. was the suspect armed? what led to that initial vehicle stop?
4:35 am
those are still questions that we have for new castle county police, and we're hoping to get some answers as the morning develops. back to you guys. >> investigation continues, jenny joyce, this morning, jenny, thank youment opening statements begin today in the trial of david creato, jr. prosecutors say he killed his three year old son, brendan, in 2015. steve keeley at the superior court in camden, new jersey this morning. good morning, steve. >> reporter: well they pick 11 women, three men, for this jury so we'll have jury of 12 and two alternates to be chosen later on. than jury will not just see evidence here inside the courthouse in camden. the prosecution successfully won that argument couple of weeks ago, to take the jury on a day trip, outside, to the spot where three year old brendan creato's body was found. the prosecution doing that because it wants the jury to see and likely walk the .6 of a mile distance between david creato's apartment building in westmont, where brendan was last seen alive and the prosecution will surely argue
4:36 am
where he was killed to the spot along a stream by cooper river where his body was found hours after his dad called 911 to report him missing. now, the prosecution wants to counter any argument creato's lawyers going to try to make that the little boy wandered out of the apartment on his own, and walked all those blocks, in the dark, in his socks, down a dark unlit dirt path through woods to the spot where he was eventually found by a k9 dog. his socks, not even dirty, but clean, and not walked in outside. plus testimony likely from his mother who will say that brendan was afraid of the dark. now, we did that walk the other day. it was more than a half mile. it took us, as an adult, in the daylight, about 15 minutes. and it was even hard to find the spot down the path. we noticed the memorial where he just removed by the people who live over there over easter weekends, likely taken
4:37 am
away from the cooper river area so it doesn't influence the jury as creato's lawyer was worried about when he argued against taking the jury out of the building. but they'll go there. and that's quite unusual in a murder case, so we'll see how it goes. >> thanks, the whole case just hurt your heart. taking a look at other news right now, there was victim, man, just minding his own business, when all the sudden strangers approached him and then beat him unconscious. this is the video. pretty graphic. so a warning. police hope it could help track down the three guys behind this attack. they want to get him off the street. the victim says he can't remember all of what happened. but that simply he was walking out after restaurant, scene right there the 3500 block of b street, when all the sudden those guys come up. you can see them, they knock him to the ground and just start pounding away at him, one knocks him down so hard that he gets -- he becomes unconscious. so, they take everything in his pockets, as well. >> i was going into ain't view, that's it. >> broken nose? >> ya, broken nose.
4:38 am
>> orbital bone, too? >> yes. >> yes. >> one of them punched him with such force he fell immediately to the ground. one of the other males then proceed today kick him, punch him repeatedly while he was in completely defenseless position. >> so if you have any idea who those people are, there is a cleaner picture of each of the suspects in connection with this case, that's pretty clear, please call police. >> another beat to go tell you about there is one, of an older woman, 81 year old lady was just ringer around for her church when that guy according to police punch her. they say he was after a handbag, and he had cased her specifically when they were on the bus. so she gets off the 8400 block of thoron avenue, over in east mt. airy. and that's whether he attacks her. investigators say, he then jumped into a car, driven by an accomplice, who had followed the bus until that woman had gotten off. >> i'm senior citizen. so i don't like that. the same thing could happen to me. i don't like it at all.
4:39 am
>> predatory. it is alarming. if he can do this to 81 year old woman, he is capable of doing anything to anyone. >> so, there again is the suspect, so we did speak with the victim in this case, she told us off camera she is doing physically okay. >> very alarming. upenn is wrapping up its monitoring of off campus underground if a turn tis and sororities, task force making -- making recommendations on how the university should deal with the groups. upenn looking at the issue since november since an underground fraternity sent sexually suggestive party invitation to undergraduate women. problem in behavior in the past including high risk drinking. so under the new guidelines, groups will be required to provide the university with leader contacts, member rosters, and off campus residential addresses. they're also required to follow the university's alcohol and anti-hazing policies, educational program, on sexual assault, and other issues will also be available to those groups. now the recommendations will
4:40 am
take effect next school year. just clicking over right now to 4:40, we want to show you a scene a lot of chaos, whole group of women, start a big brawl. >> snow who was fighting but where making the headlines this morning. where's the rest of it?
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uh, the soy sauce? it's gone. treat your clothes better with new tide pods plus downy. it's got to be tide
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>> good morning, secret service is increasing restrictions of the white house, they'll now restrict all public access along the south fence of the white
4:43 am
house. and restricted hear include the sidewalks, roadways, and park land areas. the agency is reviewing security measures at the white house, after a man jumped a fence last month to gain access to the white house. >> really strong emotions there, boiling over, after a case of child abuse create that brawl. this is outside after court in milwaukee. now, a judge had just sentence add woman to seven years, for putting her boyfriends' little baby into scalding hot water. well the relatives that far baby, they were fear just. they say that sentence was too light and it got really physical. in the end four people were arrested. >> let's take it outside. that's exactly what dc residents are doing. some of them. >> escalating battle. they're just hanging it out there on the world for everybody to see with all of their banners. it is a banner battle. we'll tell you what the result is, after the break. congressman macarthur promised to protect our health care.
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but when right-wing politicians tried to pass a disastrous health care repeal bill that raises costs and cuts coverage, macarthur wouldn't oppose them. macarthur wouldn't protect us from a bill that raises premiums and causes 24 million to lose their insurance. wouldn't oppose a massive "age tax" on people over 50. but supported a 600 billion tax break for the wealthy. tell tom macarthur -
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>> time now 4:46. the city of bethlehem is banning the planting of bamboo. >> because it can look so great, but spreads too quickly. city officials tell people have had this on their property, get it under control before it spreads everywhere else in the whole neighborhood. the bethel em city council voted four to three tuesday to curb running bamboo. officials say it just spreads too fast. and it invades neighbors yards, it can damage their property.
4:47 am
people who already have it, can keep it. but you got to put up barriers to keep it 20 feet away from your property boundaries. this is going to be enforced only though if a neighbor complains. >> and we love our new jersey beaches. they're so great to get down there. you may be grossed out by what people found on them last year. >> nice to lounge out but pretty gross, talking condoms, even pink lawn flamingo, sample whatever clean ocean action environmental group volunteers pick up off the jersey shore. so reminder here, pick up anything that you leave there. >> they say they also found like dentures, fake mustache. >> few other gross stuff we don't need to mention. >> ya. bob ever find anything gross on the beach? >> no, but that's my toilet seat. i was wondering what happened to that. i'll be down later to pick it up. 4:47. looking live at the ben franklin parkway. again, the inner drives are now closed, so this is a different scenario, different traffic pattern than we had to
4:48 am
deal with yesterday morning from 20th street all the way up to the steps. so the outer drives of the parkway are open. but at times, only two lanes open, as you work your way, so try to avoid using the parkway, if you can, in or out of the city, especially, during the rush hours, because the kelly drive, also, limited, and the circle there in front of the art museum stems limited, as women. there is the blue staging or the movie theater, amphitheatre i guess they're setting up for the draft. it is not even happening until next weekend. let's go to the jam cams. they've been working out here in conshy, route 23, at fayette street. they're doing some paving. looks like they put in some sort of sewer line, or utility line across the roadway, underground, and putting that paving operation in effect. they will be out there in front of the mcdonald on conshy, working along the turnpike, couple of spots working here mid-county, working up on the northeast extension between quakertown and lansdale. and they're also working out here near valley forge, all of that work should be out by
4:49 am
about 5:00, 5:30, and they'll wrap it up. regional rail lines kick in new schedule sunday. so make sure you're ahead of the game. get the new schedule, including anything from changes on train times, schedule times, and also on service adjustments on all of the regional rail lines. and out here in plymouth meeting crash at stenton avenue, major roadways in good shape. little drizzle. on and off ramments can be just enough to put the wipers on intermittently. how long will the rain hang around? sue has the answer in 15 seconds. >> just enough out there to be annoying, but it is not going to necessarily slow you down, but there are widely scattered showers throughout the region. the good news it will be a little warmer today.
4:50 am
so there is your trade-off. we've got anything possibly measurable north and west of the city, then really widely scattered showers throughout here in philadelphia, around mt. laurel, but not much. now, the future cast shows, that that goes through the morning, probably by midday at the latest, this rounds of showers, over, and then talking about clouds, sunshine, rest of the afternoon. over night into friday morning, another possibility of showers, and even pop up thunderstorm or two, so we could start out with a little weather drama tomorrow. and then it looks like the sun will come through in the afternoon, it will be another warmer day. then on saturday, we have clouds cover, and another frontal system coming through. >> this one will cool things off for us. stowe will be a cooler weekend than what we will see today and tomorrow. and by sunday, much heavier rain, rolling in, and it should be, well, kind of rainy day sunday, so there is not the most perfect weekends, and we don't like when that happens, especially in the spring.
4:51 am
55 degrees, in philadlphia, right now. 58 degrees in wildwood. chillier 47 in mount pocono, but everybody's already a little milder than yesterday with these south, southerly wind, i should say. sixty-six is now our average high. now, we've been kind of on a down turn, this week, from the peak of easter sunday, with 87 h day. now we're going back up, at least for two days, today 75, tomorrow 78. and then we're in the 60s saturday, and down to the 50's on sunday, chilly rainy day. but by the middle of next week we're back in the 70s once again, alex and karen? >> thomas and karen? >> alex rodriguez, thank you. >> ahead. >> trying to get through the day. >> thank you, sue. >> all right, so, this year it has been uncommon for people, family lit across the count troy argue about politics. all ramp up when you take it down to the nation's capitol. but there they've take ten a little bit further. yep, take a look over here. there is a guy, who hangs a
4:52 am
trump banner right off his balance cone. >> i here is the dealing. the woman living in the apartment directly below his wasn't having it. so she put up banner of her own. take a look. you can see the trump banner right there, then below it, there is another banner, with a arrow that says: nope. the apartment build something right down the road from the capitol. and the woman who says she is a democrat got tired of living beneath that trump banner. but the banner war didn't end there. once she put up her own statement the guy living above her, women, he change that banner to a hillary for president one, so the woman took hers down. >> i felt like my message was sent. it was a little fulfilling to see hillary banner up there for awhile, took few pictures of that, so he switched it back out today. i think i will ' leave mine down for the timing. >> how do we ends the banner war? the owner of the apartment building says banner ban. resident can no longer hand those banners as of may 1st. >> can you imagine, you stamp on the floor, bang on the
4:53 am
upstairs with a broom? warning in your money news right now. the corporation that's behind whole group of hotels right here in our country has fallen victim to credit card hackers. >> we're talking about uk-based inter-continental hotels. it says around 1200 of its properties were hit, nearly all in the united state and puerto rico. the companies affected brands are holiday inn, crowne plaza, hotel indigo, candle wood suites and stay emergency bridge suites. there are hotels in our area that's impacted by the breach, you can go to our website to find out the locations affected. >> 4:53. we think about different treats and ben and jerry's whipped up something new. >> ice cream company coming out with their version of a taco. see it right there. called chillaco taco out in store tomorrow. comes in several flavors, ice cream, cookie crumble, carmel, fudge drizzles, ben and jerry's says only available for limited time. go out and get one. by the way it is being compared to remember chocolate tack snow. >> exactly what i was thinking
4:54 am
of. >> still out there by the way, so they say -- >> higher end version. good thing, no calories. >> none whatsoever. i think it has like two. time 4:54. bon jovi to the rescue, rocker hoping to save ben franklin's grave. returning to see just how his generous deed turned out.
4:55 am
4:56 am
>> good morning, jon bon jovi and his wife return to historic grave site that they're partially responsible for saving.
4:57 am
>> so many great things in our community, so they went over to christ burch burial grounds on tuesday, just the day after the anniversary of ben franklin's death, you may remember, back on april 17th, 1790, here is a picture they posted. now, of course, they're famously from new jersey, donated that $5,000 to the church in november after there was whole fundraising effort launched to help repair a large crack that was found on franklin's grave marker. >> time now 4:57. don't call it a come-back. mtv reviving a classic, but with a twist. now the music station, bringing back trl. remember those in the afternoon? >> i got total request for you. all eyes are on olay ultimate eye cream.
4:58 am
4:59 am
allure best of beauty and marie claire's most wanted. eyes show emotion, not your age. olay eyes. ageless.
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>> happening right now on good day philadelphia. a police pursuit turns deadly. what happened in wilmington? a live report on the investigation. >> teens behaving badly. a warning for parent. and what police are using to crackdown on those breaking the law. >> reptile rescue. two people injured in this fire. plus, the unusual family member firefighters rescued. beauty sleep. if you want fewer wrinkles, why you may want to switch your pillow. good day philadelphia at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. must look like a paper bag right now. so tired. great to have you with us on this thursday morning, here at 5:00 a.m. thomas drayton with karen hepp, bob kelly, always good morning to


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