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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  April 20, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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judge i heard pop pop pop pop, eight pops in a row. >> police pursuit turns deadly in wilmington, why many questions still remain for sure. >> suicide, or murder? why some are now questioning howard on hernandez died, plus what was written on his forehead when he was found in a cell. >> put out the fire and make it snappy. un suspected find in the in the aftermath after fire. see the animal that shocked firefighters upside that burning building, god day, it is april the 20, we made it to the 20th already, 2017. >> we made it to thursday. >> and we made it until 6:00.
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>> i've made it one minute into the show. >> oh, congratulations. >> here's sue. >> oh, we have a look at our number of the day, which is, oh, i guess i didn't put the number up. anyway it will be a eight # out of ten today, but we wanted to focus on the showers, they're not many of them. but they are around this morning. so be prepared for that. >> gloomy start to the day. >> 10 degrees warmer, temperatures in the 50's in most places, 59, already, in dover, delaware. lancaster has 54. you look up to the north, hazleton is 47. starting out with 53 in allentown, in new jersey, ocean city, at 55. and down in delaware, we have 61 already in long neck. so it is looking like the day
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will improve. have the showers this morning, but 75 degrees, later on, much milder than the 63 which was our high yesterday. bob kelly? >> 6:02, good morning, what's today, thursday morning. >> we are beginning live look at the schuylkill expressway. westbound, what's left over, an accident, right near the conshy curve, police still there on the scene. roads are little damp as sue had mentioned from little drizzle that rolled through. the benny looking good. no problems at all up and over into downtown. hello to the shaders, maple shade new jersey, live look at route 73, they're working along 495 northbound, at terminal avenue. and going out to the parkway. brand new pattern put into place last night, the inner drives are close today vehicle traffic, from 20th street up to the steps there, staging they've been putting up. i see cross traffic going, seems like they'll allow the cross traffic for the morning rush hour. but in and out of the city try
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using, avoid using the parkway or the drive. >> special to go learn more this morning about police pursuit in delaware that ended in a deadly confrontation. >> that chase through the street of wilmington, ending up in the fatal shooting of the suspect, shots fired in new castle county where jenny is. >> we talk to people who live in the neighborhood, they say it is rare to hear gunfire. so it caught them off guard. they still want to find out what led up to the gunfire at this point we don't know. that will so new cast new cast end he will county police, tell us after 2:00 yesterday afternoon when they tried to pullman over near philadelphia pike, and washington street, but he didn't stop. instead ended up crashing his vehicle at the intersection then got out of the car and ran, police caught up with the suspect, they confronted him,
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then they say they shot and killed him. it happened about 2:00 yesterday afternoon. the shooting happened near saint helena roman catholic church, skyfox, was over the scene, so people who live nearby, again, they confirm that it is typically a quiet area they didn't know what was going on, saw a lot of police activity and they were concerned. >> i heard, what i assume, was the actual killing of the suspect. that was the only gunfire that happened, it was isolated, it was, you know, it was brief, and i assume that that's what happened. and at that point, you know, the whole intersection just shutdown in a matter of less than a minute. >> new castle county police say some of the officers were taken to local hospitals to get checked out. no word on any serious injuries, as a result that far confrontation with the suspect, so was the suspect armed? what led up to the initial
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vehicle pursuit? don't have the answers at this point in time, waiting for another update from new castle county police, mike and alex. >> two people in the hospital after being assaulted at temple university. happened after 2:00 this morning at broad and allegheny. one man was stabbed, the other injured during the incident. they are in stable condition and arrest has been made. >> and police in philadelphia are investigating an overnight shooting in lawncrest. it happened just after midnight on the 5500 block of hill creek court. the victim, 29 year old man, was shot in the leg. he was taken to einstein. no word on his condition, or if any arrest haves been made in that particular case. opening statement begin in the trial of dave david creato junior. >> he killed his three year old son brandon back in 2015, so steve keeley at the superior court in camden new jersey on more on what's going to happen today. >> yes, we have high profile case, we have unusual case, meaning that all of the evidence, and maybe the key
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evidence, won't be heard by the 11 women, three man jury inside this building but outside because the prosecution successfully won the argument couple of weeks ago to take the jury to the spot where three year old brendan creato was found, the prosecution wants the jury to see and likely walk the .6 of a mile distance between david creato's building in west month, where brendan was last seen alive and the prosecution will surely argue where he was killed to the spot along the stream by the cooper river where his body was found hours after his dad called 911 to report him missing. prosecution essentially want to counter any argument, creato's lawyer will try to make, that the little boy somehow wandered out of the apartment on his own in the middle of the night despite his fear of the dark, walk several blocks in the nighttime in his socks-only by the way, down this dark up lit dirt path through the woods to the spot where he was eventually found by k9 dog.
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his socks, by the way, not dirty at all, but clean, when he was found in them. not walked in outside obviously, now, we did that walk ourselves, chris and i, tuesday morning, took us 15 minute, we were both looking at ourselves, no way a little kid would do this if he is afraid of the dark. we can say that on the air the judge told the jury because of the high pro feel case, do not watch the media coverage. hopefully those 11 women and three men are not hearing us right now. plus testimony the mother's likely going to say that brendan was very afraid of the dark. by the way, we point the out the memorial to brendan was removed just over easter weekends, all of the residents told us tuesday morning, and that's likely so it doesn't influence the jury because when creato's lawyer was arguing against letting a jury go out, hey, there is a memorial there. that will make them feel sorry for the little boy, maybe want to convict his client. so that's likely why the memorial was removed.
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mike and alex. >> thank you, steve being check back with you in a little bit. 6:08 exactly now. >> death or life in prison without parole? today jurors will begin deciding whether eric frein will die for the fatal shooting of state trooper and wounding of another back in 2014. frein showed no emotion as he header the guilty verdict in pike county court yesterday. jury convicted the 33 year old on all 12 charges, including first degree murder and terrorism in the death of corporal brian dixon, and the wounding of trooper alex douglas. >> well, you never know what is lurking inside of a building, or a home. have you seen this? >> no. >> oh, okay. there is a creature that was living inside of that building right there. and so philadelphia firefighters discovered it when they went in. you want that storey? >> yes. >> i'll make it snap. >> i late, serena surprise. the news surround evidence up by the tennis superstar that set the internet on fire.
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and we're learning stuff about heroin now. >> really? winning for two?
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> the time is 6:14, it is miler out there this morning than it was yesterday. that's a good thing. but, we've got this weather system nearby, that's causing some rain to move through the area. not everywhere. and even if you're seeing some, it is not much. but it is there. and there it is on ultimate doppler radar. zooming in little closer, looks like montgomery, bucks counties, getting little bit of rain. little bit in delco there. and up in the mountains, rap measurable rain. by 7:00 still seeing rain move through. according to this computer model, it is out of here by 9:00. so hopefully that will be the case. we will get some sunshine starting to peak through the clouds throughout the rest of the day. it will end up being a milder day than it was yesterday. we're in the 50's right now.
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so up to the 70s today. then 78 tomorrow. your trade-off tomorrow, it is a chance of thunderstorms, and then we cool down considerably, over the weekends, by sunday, we only have highs in the 50's, and it looks like a chance of rain, as well. sun returns though by monday. and by wednesday, of next week, it is much, much milder. so there is your seven day forecast, bob kelly is refining his traffic report. >> hitting the on air button as we are ready to go, 6:15 this morning, let's go, live look at i95 south philadelphia, tasker avenue, no problems or delays at all, sue mentioned it, sprinkles, showers, that came through earlier this morning, things could still be little wet. a live look at the benny coming up over into downtown, looking good there. accident in the neighborhood, lawncrest, somerdale and prat. just off of the roosevelt boulevard. you can see our censors picking up the delays here, starting to build on 95, through the construction zone,
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even the boulevard as you work your way through the neighborhood. construction delays at new pattern, along 202, between booth road and route 30. they actually shuffle you to ever what would be the shoulder. they repaved that. that becomes one of the travel lanes. lane restrictions on the parkway, again, the inner drive, the ben franklin parkway, is now closed. if you are coming into the city on the kelly drive, it goes down to one lane, as you work your way into the art museum, spring garden street, remains closed. so just avoid whole art museum parkway area if you can. by all means. i know easier said than done, but the schuylkill expressway, probably, your best bet. mike and alex back over to you. >> bob, 6:16 now. the west philadelphia handyman convicted of raping and murdering a drexel grad student has taken his life in prison. officials at the state prison at graterford said james harris hanged himself in his cell last thursday. he was taken to einstein montgomery hospital where he was pronounced dead.
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harry was serving life self sense for murder, rape, other charges in the 2015 rape and strangulation of the 27 year old drexel grad student, jasmine wright. >> well a lot of questions remain surrounding the death of ex nfl star aaron hernandez who also we were told taken hads life yesterday. apparent suicide what they are saying, because there are now some questions. he died five days after jury acquitted him in the 2012 shooting deaths of two men who prosecutors say he gunned down at boston night club. but hernandez may have died an innocent man despite the fact already convict in the 2015 of murdering hess friends, odom lloyd. want to know why? his appeal was not complete. >> furthermore, hernandez's lawyer says there is no indication that aaron was suicidal. and he thinks something else happened. hernandez's family now demands ago investigation into his death. it is possible that it might not be a suicide, but i would just say as the senator
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for representing this prison, you know, there are people who are committing ooh side, you know, five, six, seven people within this facility every couple of years. >> well, what's interesting about the whole point, well, first let me say this, hernandez found hanging in a cell with the bible verse john on his forehead in blood red ink. he gave his only be gotten son who ever believe in him shall not perish but have ever lasting life. but the reason why some people are saying on technicality that he died innocent man is because there is a law in massachusetts that says if you are in the appeals process even if you have been convicted if you die during that appeals process it throws everything out because you haven't had your fair and true trial. you haven't gone all throughout the process yet. therefore you are still considered -- >> isn't that interesting? >> -- innocent. which could also affect, because the family of owed end lloyd have come forward saying they want to move forward with the civil lawsuit and everything so that could
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affect because the basis of sill ill lawsuit the fact he was convicted. >> even though he's dead will they continue then with the appeal? >> now, that i don't know, but we'll have an attorney in and discuss this more. it can be confusing, but some stories have come out saying aaron hernandez technically an innocent man when he died because that far. >> then on the other side talking about maybe he didn't even die by suicide. >> jose bias, who is his attorney, said he didn't think he was in a state of minds to kill himself. >> but didn't they say there was a barricade up against the door, now how do you do that if you have left the cell, if you murdered him? >> that's also true. >> how do you get the stuff up against the door. >> true. >> all right, when is the attorney coming in in the 7:00? >> why. >> 7:00. 6:19. >> it is never too early to get ready for the upcoming nfl season. big announcement coming tonight, for 2017. i want to know who we are playing, where and when. >> well, we know who we are playing. we don't know when. and when we will make our trip
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to los angeles, alex. >> true. >> yes, we play two games out there. all right, i got to know, we want to know, alex and i have seen people playing with this. we have adults in this building playing with these fidgets and spinners, there is a fidget cuban a spinner, the kids are going wild, i know your kids have them. please ask them what this is about. and then contact us on twitter. i beg of you. what's the point?
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good morning, i'm ron burke, phillie start for second straight, michael saunders dropped two out sing kneel left. this places alan al tear to tie the game at three. but, in the next half inning, jay bruce, who had homered earlier, steps in, steps up, steps out, with another homerun. two run shot for the lead, bruce drives in all five mets runs as they beat the phillies five to four. >> the super bol champion patriots at the white house wednesday, president donald trump hailed the team for it quote legendary over time victory. several players did not attend some siting political reasons. quarterback tom brady no show, saying he was tends to go
6:24 am
family matters. top team, in the regular season, in danger falling back three-one, capitols, with power play score, caps score four times in the first, beat the mapleleafs five-four, that series even. super women, serena williams pregnant when she won the australian open back in january. she said she is in her 20th week right now. that's sports in a minute. this is ron burke. >> hey, we have selfie by the way of serena williams. >> you have a selfie with her? >> well, she took a selfie of herself. that would be a selfie. yes. >> you said we have a selfie. >> well, we the collective fox people. >> i see. >> we have gathered, we've secured, wove procured. >> because you're mike injury glike please. >> you could totally have a severe with -- selfie with serena williams. >> i may have her in my phone. she did a lot with us up in new york. >> you have her in your phone? let's so. i need proof you. >> know quincy on "the q," he goes through celebrity phones,
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have them call celebrities? i like that segment. >> maybe you should call her right now. >> he doesn't have it. >> he's really typing in serena. >> no, i don't. >> no? >> funny you thought did you tough. >> she came on and did a bunch of fashion shows, she's very style english why do you think you have her number? >> i don't know. can we just move on? >> just trying to get to the bottom of this, folks. nfl as we told you yesterday will release now the times and dates, well, at least the dates, because times move around, according to flex, of the nfl season, talking about the eagles schedules, that's what we're interested in. >> i'm ready to know. so we already know which teams will be playing at home and on the road. >> yes. >> here are opponent there. at home, we have arizona cardinals, the chicago bears, denver broncos, oakland raiders, san francisco 49ers, of course three divisional opponent, giants, cowboys, redskins. away opponent, carolina --
6:26 am
>> chiefs, mack land, okay. >> los angeles rams, los angeles charger. >> that would be our trip to la we're planning. >> seattle seahawks as well as teams in the definition. >> i like to go to seattle, supposed to be the loudest stadium in america. >> that would be cool cool. maybe we shouldn't go to la. maybe go to seattle? you just want to go to la. >> i think we can beat the la teams. seattle tough to beat. >> but to be there, and how loud it is. >> maybe they'll within out there. when is the schedule released? >> at 8:00 tonight, when we will know, make sure to keep you updated. i'm sure we'll review. >> are you going to share, the minute it comes out, you'll post it? >> i want to keep the people informed. >> do you want to win shirt rocket? >> what? you're not going to post. >> you don't know what share rocket is? >> no. >> inside joke. i'll post. 6:26. >> let he is get back to wilmington, delaware, boy, so many questions about this shooting, jenny.
6:27 am
>> yes, mike and alex, so new castle county police shoot and kill a man yesterday. what led up to the shooting, and what people in the neighborhood are saying. we will talk about all of it coming up next.
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>> the jury is seated, now the trial begins. what to expect on the first day. and the murder trial of david creato. >> putting unruly teens and their parent on notice. the message from police to crackdown on teen violence.
6:30 am
>> fines that may change your summer plans. the unusual pieces of trash that was found along the jersey shore. >> you know, back in the day, ten years ago, we had a problem with syringes on the jersey shore. >> really? >> medical waist was washing up. lovely topic at a 6:30 on a thursday morning. >> yes, good morning to you. >> april 20th, 2017. >> want to make sure we all know what year we're in. >> i want to make sure we all know, sue, what kind of weather situation we're in? >> that was nice throw to the weather. >> thank you. morning television, we do six full hours, how can you creatively throw to weather? >> make it different each time. >> it is almost impossible. >> right? it is not only difficult for you. >> you have got to come up with a adlib naught. >> right. and i got nothing, although, i
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was thinking about my caught here lost her glasses in the ocean, when we were at the shore, remember the ice bucket challenge? >> yes. >> she and my husband, did the ice bucket challenge, right by the waves, and knocked her glasses off, and they went out and we did not have a spare pair. we had to go finds some -- oh,. >> sue? >> thin finds those glasses in. >> no good deed -- >> goes un punished. >> there you go. >> that's our story. here is bus stop buddy, little umbrella with him in case. there are some showers around, most of us just seeing clouds, good thing, it is a little milder than yesterday. the showers we are seeing are mostly north and west of the city, bucks county, up toward trenton, and new york, it is raining, as well. we're just kind of socked in with clouds this morning, but it is about 10 degrees warmer than it was yesterday. 56 degrees sunrise 6:16, just happened moments ago. but we've got to wait for some sunshine, temperatures mostly in the 50's, look to the north
6:32 am
of us, in the southern part of new jersey we have 62 degrees in cape may we will see some sunshine, so milder day today, tomorrow, but wait until the weekends, things will change completely, bob kelly, completely, i tell you. >> 6:32, good morning, everybody, on a thursday morning. >> wed roads, along the construction, levittown head up and over towards the scutters falls bridge there. and then, live look at the boulevard, backed up, approaching the schuylkill expressway. >> lever your pots and paths at home, leave me at the pots and pen, coming to pottstown for the breakfast segment beginning at 9:00. god spot off of route 422, and here is a live look, maple shade, pennsauken, route 73, right by the old, remember,
6:33 am
the old pennsauken mart? oh, the pretzel factory used to be great in there. pretzels, the original indoor flea market over there along route 73. then an accident on the boulevard, right near somerdale and levick street, just off of route one, in northeast philadelphia. >> i did little segment, the day before yesterday, over at reading terminal market, bob. are we going to graph inning? the amish make it, and they dip the soft pretzel in this big pot of butter. >> oh! >> oh, ya. you know, when you dip lop steer in butter, they dip the whole prep soy sell down into butter. >> oh,. >> comes out, you squeeze that pretzel, it runs out. >> ah. >> more butter the better. >> more butter the better. >> butter, butter, butter. >> 6:33. >> quiet day in wilmington turned upside down by police pursuit ends in the deadly confrontation.
6:34 am
>> expect to go learn, we got from jenny joyce a little while ago, more information, they'll have another press conference here. jen is he in new castle county at the police department there. hi, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, mike and alex. that's right, so we still don't know what led to that initial vehicle stop. and we don't know whether or not the suspect was armed. police have given us a little information. what they're telling us at this point is that yesterday around 2:00 in the afternoon, they did attempt to stop a vehicle, in the area of philadelphia pike, and washington street. but the man didn't stop. instead, he actually crashed his car at the intersection,& he got out of the vehicle, and ran, police caught up with the suspect and confronted him. then shot and killed him. it happened around, again, 2:00 in the afternoon, near saint helena roman catholic church, skyfox, was over both scenes yesterday. police who live nearby tell us that the area is typically quiet t turned pretty chaotic yesterday. still not completely sure why they would like to noah little bit more. >> i just heard pop, pop, pop,
6:35 am
pop, pop, like eight shots in a row. >> my family owns an ice cream shoprite next-door to saint help even a over there. i got call from my aunt who works there all day long, and she said that she heard something, and then there is a whole commotion out here. then someone came over, cops came over, told us what happened. heard the gunshot. >> new castle county police say some of their officers taken over to get themselves checked out. no word of any serious injuries. at this point we don't know much about the suspect. we know he is from wilmington. we don't have his name or any other information at this point in time. mike and alex. >> all right, let us know when you find out. 6:35. >> opening statements begin today in the trial of david creato, jr. >> prosecutors say he killed three year old son, brandon back in 2015. so steve's at superior court in camden.
6:36 am
hey skeeve. >> finally got a jury, 11 men, three injury women. we also got the schedule yesterday. fifteen trial days, normally that would be three weeks you would think, right? but not in this case. this trial is only going to be tuesdays, wednesdays, thursdays, that sounds like five weeks. >> this will go into the end of may at least. first up will be the assistant county prosecutor christine shah will likely tell this jury that the evidence against david creato is all circumstantial, but still, should not leave any doubt in their minds that there is no other explanation for his son's death. >> other witnesses medical examiner could testify as early as today who ruled brandon's death a homicide of violence of unknown causes, something like smothering, possibly, creato's defense lawyer will then get up after and say hey, there is not enough evidence to find him guilty beyond any reason doubt. even if creato does not take
6:37 am
the witness stand himself in his owe defense, jury had still hear him speak, both the 911 call he made to report his son miss that night in october e played, and the prosecution, also, won the pretrial motion, to allow creato's interview with investigators, before he was indicted to be used, and his lawyer didn't want that to be used because that was before they officially named him suspect, and he thought, hey, if he new he was a suspect, woe have claimed up, not said anything, if he new it would be used against him in court. that's what they tell in you your miranda rights. we'll see that played outright here in the trial. >> certainly will. >> thank you, steve. >> 6:37. >> former eagles player, josh huff, has struck a deal to avoid jail. police pulled him over for speeding on the walt whitman bridge last november. prosecutors charge huff with speeding, possession of marijuana and unlawful possession after firearm. under the agreement, the weapons conviction drops off his record want he completes diversion program and six months of probation. >> springfield township is getting tougher with it teens.
6:38 am
>> what you do you think about this? township police department says it is fed up with all of the illegal activity involving, you know, teenagers in the area. >> so what are they doing about it, karen? >> just fed up with all of the small things, and they'll crackdown, arrest people, got warning now for parents that teenagers if you break the law, there is going to be con consequences, they'll arrest, chief put message out on facebook, says whole number of problems they've been dealing with with fights, assaults, kids throwing rocks, at trolley cars, and they're catching kids drinking, they had a call last week about whole group assault two kids in a middle schoolment and they're just worried with the warmer weather coming it will only get worse. they want to nip this in the budd. kind of the broken windows theory. if you fix up the broken winds dose and people take care of the rest of the stuff in the area, watching social media real closely, stepping up their patrols right now and people there they welcome this.
6:39 am
>> in in day and age it is frightening, kids have weapons, there are drugs, and they can be so easily influenced. by older kids, and even lords. >> another disturbing trends that's so scary. a lot of parents say that they've had an experience where teens on bikes are trying to play chicken with their cars, so they really want to stop that before an all out tragedy happens with that. and the chief there says any kids who are making trouble, you could be arrested. >> oh, it is definitely a trend. not only in delco, but on the street of center city philadelphia. >> teenagers, kids, ten, 11, 12, 13, riding bike sickels in packs and they zip in and out of traffic. they love to go the opposite way of traffic. and they yell at you in the car. >> it freaks me out tonight me it is like you're playing froger. that's not okay. >> at the come close. they like to grab the car,
6:40 am
ride along with the cars that's moving. it is really getting to be a problem. thanks, karen. >> yep. thanks. >> serena williams is pregnant. >> she is, she announced it yesterday. you so now we are thinking is there anything she can't do? because when she announced it, she put up how far along she s she said 20 weeks, wait a minute. if you count back, do you remember what she was doing 20 weeks ago, or around 20 weeks ago? >> apparently having -- oh -- >> no, not then. >> oh? >> you're not talking -- >> little after. that will inbetween that and then now. >> what happened. >> i know about the birds and the beeps, i know what she was doing 20 weeks ago. >> never mind. >> who was she doing it with? >> her fiancee. >> her fiancee is a tennis player? >> never minds. we work it o disturbing finds in the sands. unusual items found at the jersey shore during beach clear un. >> observation.
6:41 am
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we may never truly understand what drives mercedes-amg. but here's to another 50 years of it. mercedes-amg. half a century of driving performance. >> look at the gang in the back of the pick-up truck going to the mart, obviously, back in 1976, it sat along
6:44 am
route 130 and 73 there. and the pretzel factory, that we were just talking about. tony our floor director reminded me that original pretzel company has little store right on route 130, right near the old martin location, so little nugget for you there, on this throw back thursday. live look at the schuylkill expressway. starting to see delays, eastbound, from king of prussia everybody getting into the two lane formation, live look at the boulevard, headed in toward the schuylkill. lane restrictions, again, around the parkway, come on, going back outside, live look at the ben franklin parkway. now that we are starting to see some daylight here shall the inner drove all shutdown to vehicle traffic from 20th to the circle there, there is the staging they've been putting up. again, they'll be setting up this for walkway area, allowing cross traffic to come through, at least for right now, just you want to avoid this area, by all means, in and out of the city, if you're
6:45 am
driving. you know, even the kelly drive going back to the maps, coming into the city down to one lane try to get into downtown, spring garden street block off. easier said than done, the schuylkill expressway, probably your best bet, as a major roadway. and septa has the buses, still on a detour. rain, kind of lingering through the morning, how long and how much? sue has it in 15 seconds. >> time 6:45, and it is thursday, never too early to look ahead to the weaken. here comes. it is going to be so much different. because 70s today and tomorrow, and six's and 50's over the weekend, with some showers. more likely on sunday, than on saturday. just so you know, and here is a area of rain moving through,
6:46 am
right now, it is mostly light showers, they're widely scattered, looks like bucks county might be getting steadier rain, right in the middle there, and as far as the future is concerned, well, we've got more rain moving through sunshine mixed with clouds, but late tonight, another chance of rain and maybe even by tomorrow morning, a couple of thunderstorms with unsettled weather continuing, roller coaster ride, as women. so walking out the door this morning, not as chilly as it was yesterday. 56 degrees, in philadelphia, that's about 10 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. and look where we're going, to 75 degrees today, 78 tomorrow. remember what i told you, it is changing for the weekends, cooling down, mid 50's for sunday, with a chance of chilly rain, that's what's going on there. and then we should warm up by the middle of next week.
6:47 am
that's look at your seven day forecast, mike and alex, >> okay, i'm getting into the fidget thing. this is not good. >> oh, no. >> and that's a special one, glow in the dark one. >> but people have said that there are kids who deal with adhd, and autism, that they've been playing with these, and it seems to help, especially this little cube. we'll tell you more about it, quite the rage right now. >> is there anything serena williams can't do. >> well, see announced she's pregnant so she can put that on her list she he's accomplish. >> how long? >> twenty weeks. >> so wonderful, oh, girl, she is pregnant, then started to do the math. whittle if she is 20 weeks pregnant that's means she was pregnant when she won the australian open in january. >> yes. well, serena made that announce. , posting that picture being look that the. >> on snap chat. nice little selfie in the mirror. >> i tried to find it and they delete philadelphia.
6:48 am
>> which is interesting. so we went, we got it confirmed, rem for her confirms she due sometime in the fall. this is her first child, with her fiancee, the reddit co-founder alexis. >> alexis, he founded reddit so he has some cash too, knows that that's important. >> some cash? he got a lot of cash. >> serena said she is putting down her racket until sometime next year. after the baby is born. the news sent celebrities? a frenzy yesterday. >> daily show host trevor noah joked on twitter so serena cheated because that's technically a doubles match. >> oh, by winning -- oh, okay. the australian open, okay. >> then us open champ andy tweeted there is going to be a baby goat so happy. and we know serena william will be a great mother. of course goat means greatest of all time. >> yes please. >> and his wife model brooklyn, joked, she won a grand-slam pregnant. i needed and toy dress me, carry me, delicately place me on the toilet when was fours weeks pregnant.
6:49 am
that's funny. i also sue a tweet, congratulates toss serena and all of the other tennis players who now have a chance. she is out. >> have a chance, yes. she is not playing any more. okay, so -- >> well, for little bit. she will come back. >> until the baby is born. oh, yes, she will snap back. >> so the patriots, stinking patriots, how many rings does brady have? five? he has five, yes. they visited the white house like the champions do, superbowl victory. >> it is something that usually happens tradition. >> yes. >> the patriots have done it five times since 2001. and tom brady was one of several patriots players though who did not attends. >> no, he didn't. >> and he said his reason was he had a personal family matter to attend to. >> now two, three other players didn't go because -- >> more than two, three, i saw a list judge at least one of them, back up tackle, he said he didn't go because he has couple of daughters and he didn't like the comments trump had made about women during
6:50 am
the campaign, goings going all the way back to the bus incident. so he didn't want to go and shake his hands. anyway, do you what you want to do. >> which sometimes hams, even when president obama was president, some people won, they wouldn't go to the white house, they didn't agree with his views and thinks he is' done during his presidency. >> absolutely. >> i guess either way listen we have the ring, we know we won. if you don't feel like you need to go to the white house -- >> if the president of the ooh night the states invite me to the white house, i don't care which side he is on. >> you've been so many times. >> not many times. but i've been. >> oh, can you count on one hand. >> yes. >> it is still special. >> every day, i don't know, because dow not have a life. i sit in the afternoon i watch sean spicer's press briefings. >> they can be entertaining. >> sometimes they are. >> so yesterday, my nap, and
6:51 am
well this is what happened here is spicer. >> i just -- i think i got there is but thank you. >> maybe. >> thank, man, see you in a minute. >> all right, that was cool. >> oh, he is a fan. >> yes, it was kind of cool, of corpse, if you didn't recognize him out every his uniform, that was grok, ron, of the patriates, who was on the tour. did he just break away from the tour. >> i guess so, he felt like hey, you want me to help up snout. >> where is the security? come on. >> i wonder what they were discussing in that moment, how serious it was when he busted this. >> i don't rower, because i was taking a nap. i woke up, there he was. >> like what happened? >> we'll ' -- we will ' get back to these, twitter going crazy here. have your kids been playing with these?
6:52 am
another thing, called fidget cube. why? who invented it, how much do they cost, i want to know. >> why don't you join us tomorrow, tomorrow morning at parx casino for our earth day shreading event. bob kelly will be there live from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. along with the people from wiggins shred to go help you get rid of document you don't need. so come out there. see bonn. get on tv. get it for free. >> what's more exciting than watching paper being shredded on a morning show?
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6:55 am
>> last year, we were learning, now, what was pick up off of beaches. christmas trees, condoms, a toilet seat, even a pink lawn flamingo. and that's just sample of what clean ocean action environmental volunteers pick& up off of your beloved jersey shore. >> fake mustache, home pregnancy test. interesting. >> boy, a lot going on down at the beach. >> people are doing all kind of things. >> toilet seat? >> what would you do would toilet seat out there.
6:56 am
>> i don't know, poop? >> but just the seat. need something comfort tonight sit on? new beach chair? >> i mean, it is sometimes hard just to squat. build little hole in the san, get little shovel, and a bucket, little pail. and put the seat on it. >> into the sand? >> oh, gosh. >> should teachers be allowed to carry guns in school? i'm talking loaded hand guns. the pennsylvania senate yesterday, they had this education committee of 12 people. the vote was nine to three yes. to allow teachers to have handguns. will this ever be the situation in our state? oh, let's debate. that will get on twitter. let me know. are you okay with that? ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
6:57 am
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♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ any any any any ♪ did you know trading in your car
6:59 am
at a dealer could cost you money? a recent study found consumers who trade in their car pay an average of $990 dollars more. so don't trade in... sell it.... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪ >> a police pursuit in wilmington turns deadly. >> i heard pop, pop, pop, pop being pop, like eight shots in a row. >> how this chase ended when officers opening fire on a man. why many questions remain this morning. >> did aaron hernandez die an innocent man? plus, what was written on his head, when he was found, in his cell?
7:00 am
>> arming teachers at school? as we remember, the lives lost, at columbine high school 18 years ago today. pennsylvania lawmakers consider a bill that would give teachers the right to carry loaded guns in class. >> some say a way to keep student safe. is it real a good idea? >> small gadget with a huge appeal. if you have children you probably already know about fidget spinners and cubes, why this latest kids craze is so a decorative. >> we new that would you get a lot on twitter and social media about these spinners and fidget cubes. and man, it seems to be helping a lot of kids. i thought it was just kind after toy. or an adult toy. i think the time it was manufactured originally adult toy for offices, people under stress, something to fidget with. >> new kind of stress ball. >> yes. >> you have like dozen of them on your desk then, right? >> ya. >> one of our viewers sent in a tweet saying how much it means to


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