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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  April 22, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> this is "fox 29 news" at 6:00. >> two young children are safe tonight, after going missing last night from wilmington, today found in maryland with their babysitter. now police are trying to figure out why that sitter left the state with the children. good evening, i'm dawn timoney. >> i'm joyce evans. tonight our jennifer joes spoke with the children's grandfather about the terrifying hours that the kids were missing. >> all we want is to bring them home. >> josh's prayers were answered. the wilmington police department found five year old sion and three year old jihad bailey safe with their babysitter, michelle rogers,
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in elkton maryland this morning. rogers, and both children, had been missing from their shear man street home since wednesday morning. >> at this point the children had been taken to ai dew point hospital, in good shape, tired, hungry, otherwise unharmed. >> police say they don't know rogers' motivations for running off with the children, and they don't know how the trio even made it to maryland. family, friends, tell us, rogers doesn't have a car, but she did have access to a phone, which proved to be a big clue in the case. >> at some point the babysitter made a phonecall to the family. we got the number and it came back to a rural forms in elkton, at that point our officers went to elkton and started searching for them. >> all three found at nearby burger king, transported back to wilmington. family members says rogers has been close friends for more than decade, neighbors have become familiar with her, too, and never expected this. >> i never known her to be doing no disappearing acts or nothing like that. she seemed trustworthy, always
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was out here cleaning up the streets, cleaning up the block behind the kids, so i never new nothing about it. >> spent the morning posting missing children flowers around the neighborhood, his children play with zion and gee hard, and the fear hit close to home. >> wilmington police say they're interviewing rogers and having her evaluated before determining whether or not charges will be filed. reporting from wilmington, i'm jennifer joyce, "fox 29 news." philadelphia police have charged two men in connection with a shooting in the city ogontz neighborhood. gerald wright and price are accused of shooting 29 year old man thursday night 1400 block of come lynn street. one of the shots found it way into another man's how many, he happened to be sleeping in the bed, he woke up when the bullet hit his bed, narrowly missing him. the two men are facing charges of attempted murder. >> a 24 year old man is in the
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fight of his life tonight after being shot just blocks from temple university campus in north philadelphia. someone opened fire at 19th and susquehanna avenue. victim shot multiple times, hitting them in the chest and the mouth. he's in critical condition at temple university hospital, no arrests and no word on mother disbelief turning now to your fox 29 weather authority, here's a live look at atlantic city tonight. it has been bit of nasty day around the region. with all of that rain and the cool temperatures, but good news, this is the worse of it for our weekend. meteorologist, mike masco, has a peak at your forecast. >> we'll do 50-50 split this weekend, the good with the bad, tomorrow gorgeous, but dealing with glom i conditions and temperatures pretty chilly at 6:00. 54 degrees, not much after winds, temperatures at 54 degrees. live ultimate doppler showing us bands of moderate rains specially getting across the shore points, southern ocean county getting into atlantic
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county, say right around stafford township, little egg harbor, down toward galloway township dealing with the moderate bands every rain. going north and west of town toward chester county, that's where we see good moderate bands every rain. going to the game this evening unfortunately another band of some moderate showers, sitting out toward the south and the west. this is going to be in here, in time for the phillies first pitch at 7:05. but then as we go into the overnight hours, much drier air starts to punch in. look what's going on north and west. this big blue h in the area of high pressure, that is singing air, dry air, and northwest wind, will give us one day, nice conditions, before more rain comes in by monday and tuesday. this is a pretty wild right going from 50 degrees to the 80 degrees. those details coming up. >> large crowd storming into old city this afternoon, as part of march for science demonstration, the rallies taking place all across the country, in conjunction with
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earth day, white house making decision that is are threatening advantagement. >> thousands crowded along the national mall in d.c. today, as part of the, morning that no good could come from ignoring signs, fox's james rosen has the story. practitioners, fans every science, gathered across the globe to rally for the role of science in society. >> we are marching today to remind people everywhere of the significance of science. for our health, and prosperity. >> tens of thousands took to the streets in cities around the us, with the largest mars in new york, chicago, and the anchor city of washington dc where protesters hope to catch the attention of congress, and president trump. >> it is really important to see science is supported and then in addition to send a message that we need funding, and so it cut funding for any scientific regency is a horrible mistake.
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>> the march for science was deliberately timed to coincide with earth day, which promotes environ mentalism, and many in the science mars a sailed president trump's position on climate change and his proposed cuts to federal agencies focused on scientific mission. >> we've seen proposed budget that has significant cuts in funding for science programs, environmental programs. i think it is real important that congress speaks up and voters speak up for the importance of keeping these programs in place. >> president trump released statement for earth day saying in part quote my administration is committed to advancig scientific research, that leads to a better understanding every our environment and of environmental racing. >> law enforce. officers on site with the rally would not provide official crowd estimate by our observation, it was easily several tens of thousands who braved the rain. and it was not your typical demonstration crowd. as evidence by one of the signs that we saw people holding, it said, keep calm, and approach questions i am peer i cannily n downtown washington, along the national mall, james rosen, fox news. >> and back here at home, many
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people in philadelphia celebrated earth day at the national constitution center. something for everybody, along independence mall, families enjoying hands on workshops, arts and crafts, inter-active shows. visitors also got to test their knowledge, with a little trivia, on questions about the history of earth day, re-using and recycling, and alternative information. organizers say it is an important event for many reasons. >> big connection with the constitution, obviously we are at the museum of we the people, for something like earth day, it is important to reminds us that we have an important duty to take care of our planet, as well. >> and visitors were also told preserving the earth should be their goal every day. not just on earth day. >> and cherry hill, they were doing their part on this earth day. cherry hill dodge and its owners, the folk family, donated 50 trees to the town's folk baseball field, local
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leaders along with the town's babe ruth league, planted the trees today, family chose the number because it has been exactly 50 years since they opened their first dealership in cherry hill. >> happening in delaware county, big effort to fight hunger, volunteers are spending their weekend helping out tens of thousands of children in need. a local school and church are teaming to up package more than 100,000 meals. >> it is all going to children overseas. who just aren't getting enough to eat. fox 29's sabina kuriakose joining us live now, from the event in drexel hill. hey, sabina? >> hey, guys, well, what a great way to spend your saturday, right? these kids are awesome. so we're at bonner prendy high school. have been here since about 9:00 this morning, so we're going on hour six, i think, so let's head over here. our nine-hour 6:00 already gotten more than halfway to this hundred thousand dollars goal. and look, you know, talking about food drive. you're thinking okay, cans of food, whatever.
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no way this is dehydrated meals they'll sends overseas. what exactly are you packing? >> i'm packing rice, she's packing soy, these are vitamins, and these are vegtables. >> you brought the whole family here today? >> well, we're one son who is left at help. but this is, yes. >> great lesson to each your kids, rice, vitamins, soy, so they're all going to kids in like countries like africa, there is haiti, orphanages and schools. these are the packs of rice that they actually are sending over. so meals to feed starving childrenment we talked to bonds i prendy school administrators earlier, here's what they told us. >> knowing that you can provide a meal for one of those kids, for 22 cents, seems so easy, and then knowing that you can do the hands-on work here, it is not just given the quarter, it is doing the actual hands on work, pretty easy to attract the kids to it. >> owning, here's bringing it back here live. my friend, kelly, jr. at bonn
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or prendy. why did you decide to spends your saturday doing this? >> just seemed like so much fun to do, our first year doing it, seemed like fun. >> and i know you learn all of the lesson about the kids you're sending these meals to. how did that move your heart? >> just felt amaze that we were doing this, because it seems like one of the only schools in the area doing it. so i'm so exit cited to be a part of it. >> we're excited we are here to cover t kids feeding kids. real quick, here's janaa, from feed my starving children. you told me great story you just got back from haiti. you saw the impact this had. >> i did just get back from haiti. what's great for me, i see this every day. and these people donating their time and their money, and i got to actually see it in action, in haiti. with a we do actually feeding kids, got to holds the kids, feed the kids, amazing because i now can tell the volunteers straightforwards, i've seen this. >> i saw the photo of you holding the baby in haiti. my heart moved, yes. it is cool to actually see it in action. you know you hear okay, we'll
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send money. but this is actually doing something. >> exactly what we do, which is what our organization goal is to get people to not only do it but to see it as women, which is really great. >> we're happy to be here. shout out to bonn or prendy high school student, been here all day right up until 9:00 they'll continue $100,000 or 100,000 meals rather, dawn, back to you. >> all right, sabina, thank you. another miss step by an airline. tonight it is american airlines getting some bad press for a confrontation on a plane with a passenger. the quick action taken against an employee involved. >> he's undercover. hidden. but phillies former mob boss is breaking his silence. >> and student in the suburbs don't often get to see what life is like for their inner city counterpart. but two schools are now partnering up to help a school in kensington, and it is all for goodness sake. sean? >> dawn, former eagles westbrook, he want no part in next week's draft, guess what, player high on everybody's list except b west.
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we'll tell how it is later in sports. >> the woman you meet is not the same woman that you marry -- >> what's wrong with you?
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> in cleveland, family and friends saying their final good-byes to the grandfather whose murder was posted on facebook. seventy-four year old robert godwin, senior, was killed
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easter sunday walking along achieve lands street. the ad mitt dollars gunman, stiviano ends, shot himself and killed himself when police caught up with him. godwin was remembered as a kind, gentle, and as a man who really, really loved his family. >> my dad was a great man. he taught me everything. i mean, i wouldn't be the man i am today. he taught me how to zero love my family, take care of my wife, take care of my sisters. >> stevens life on the run ended two days after the shooting when he was recognized by a drive-thru window mcdonald's employee in erie, pennsylvania. >> a cell phone confrontation caught on an american airlines plane, but learning from the mistakes of other companies, the airline makes a swift decision to suspends a flight attendant. that flight attendant is accused every hitting a mother with a baby stroller. >> the woman had just boarded the plane when the incident happened. fox's ellison barber has the
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story. >> this video received a fast response from american airlines, and an even faster one on social media. passengers on a flight from san francisco to dallas are accusing a flight attendant, of actually hitting a mother with her own child's stroller. one passenger took out their phone, and then posted a video to facebook. the video allegedly shows what happened after the incident. you can clearly see a woman holding a baby, and crying. the person who posted this described it by saying that a flight attendant, quote, vie rently took a stroll fresh a lady, with her baby, hitting her and just missing the baby. the woman you see crying is not the only one upset in this video, at least one other passenger gets up, first to ask for the flight attendant's name, and then to confront him. here's how that whole thing went down. the the passenger's gervais hey budd do you that to me and i'll knock you flat. hit me, come on, bring on.
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passenger says: you try that i'll knock you out bro. the flight attendant says: you rat. you don't even know the what store i the pass end err says: i don't care what the story is. you almost hurt a baby. american airlines says they are investigating what happened on this flight. in a statement, they said, quote, we are disappointed by these actions. the american team member has been removed from duty while we immediately investigate this incident. the woman in the latest video decided to take a different flight, according to american airlines, they say she was flying internationally. american also said they are upgrading the woman and her family, to first class, for the duration of their trip. in washington, i'm ellison barber, fox news. >> looks like president trump will be heading back to our area very soon. the president says he plans on marking his 100 day in office with a big rally in harrisburg. he hits 100 days in exactly
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one week. april 29th. that's all so the same day of the annual white house correspondance dinner. the president has said i'll boycott that dinner to protest what he says is unfavorable news coverage in the media. >> pennsylvania lieutenant governor mike stack is not resisting being stripped of state police protection following complaints that he and his wife mistreated state troopers and other state workers. stack said in a statement: he agrees with governor wolf's decision to yank the security detail and limit cleaning, grounds keeping, maintenance at the lieutenant governor's official residence, stack says his behavior was unacceptable, and symptom of large problem that he's committed addressing, also apologized for any embarrassment it has caused to the wolf administration. >> well bit of break for you, if you owe back taxes in pennsylvania. harrisburg is offering awe chance to make it right. officials explaining why it is better if you try to catch up now. the pennsylvania tax amnesty
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program began yesterday. >> so for the next 650 days, taxpayers who owe the state mondayly have the opportunity to come forward, pay with what they owe, and get relief from penalties, and half of the interest. >> and you have until june 19th to take advantage of it. you will be seeing ads like these alerting the public about the program. the goal is to collect $100 million in back taxes. we have a link with more information for you on our website >> it is an ongoing dill aim, thousand shine some light for student in philadelphia schools who often lack the resources they need to succeed. but two lower merion township schools are stepping up to help the school in kensington. >> our bill anderson discovered this is not only about much-needed supplies, but also, friendship for goodness sake. >> whether it is a school in the middle of kensington.
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>> say hi,. >> some classes don't have enough paper, they don't have textbooks at all, they need more books, they need more crayons, they need scissors, they need anything that they can get. >> in a lot of ways, lower merion is very different from kensington. but today student and administrators from the two areas came together to see if one could help the other. >> everyone should at least have the basic materials regardless of where you're born. >> lower merion high school makes it clear that they're committed community service. so this year they decided to partner with webster elementary school, and shoot a music video, to raise awareness, supplies, and funds. the day started with kids as young as five, participating with their new high school friends, and quickly evolved into an entire school participating in the video shoot. the smiles and change of scenery were good for the elementary school kids, but equally important were high school students, who recognize how lucky they are to have what they have, and the responsibility to offer a hand up, if they can. >> we have so much excess
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stuff, that we don't need. fan we can take some that far stuff, and give it to kids who don't have enough paper, we should do that. >> the video will be edited and posted to social media, along with a link to fundraising page. people have already gun to drop off supplies for webster students, and hopefully donations will increase as the video spreads. >> principals from both schools were glowing over the partnership that had been established. driven largely by students, who just seem to get it. make a difference. do something that really matters, instead of just talking like i feel bad or i don't do this or i would like to put it into place. >> so lower merion high school webster elementary school, suburbs, and the city, all coming together to try to make people's lives for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. >> and if you want to help those students, it is easy
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enough. we've set up -- they've set up . head to for a link. >> weekends long celebration to honor the life of prince, who is now underway. how the legends is still impacting fans a year after he died. >> plus: 50,000 bees move in and take over builds ago huge hive in the attic after home. what it took to get it out. major. >> high five! >> you got a traffic situation. >> hey, kids, we're going for a detour. >> bob kelly gets your kids to school. >> searching for
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>> a tribute, four day long memorial, including appearances by other big names, like george clinton, and the new power revolution. >> fans have traveled from all over the world to celebrate prince's contribution to the music industry, fox's anna has the story: >> ♪ >> it has been one year since the music worlds lost one every it biggest stars. >> i love you, prince. miss you. >> fans gathering at paisley park in minnesota to mourn the loss of prince. the recording complex where the music icon lived and died is now a museum, and a celebration being head in his honor. >> was a very big influence in my life.
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and when he died, i absolutely lost it. >> an un fulfilled prize of new music may be making the occasion even harder for the prince fateful. his estate and paisley park, suing to stop the release after six song ep of un published music. one song titled deliverance was made available on line before a federal judge blocked the ep. >> prince is a person that helped me decide that it was okay to be me, because that's who he was, and he did it his way, his music, his style. >> just so, so difficult excepting that he's no longer here. >> the 57 year old dying last year of an accidental drug overdose. court documents in the investigation unsealed just days ago did not reveal how prince obtained the drug phentinol which killed him, but they do allege doctor prescribed oxycodone under the name of his close friend, a claim the doctor's lawyer denies, doing so would be illegal act. though such laws are rarely enforced when it comes to celebrities privacy concerns. investigation into principal's h
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remains active. >> a firefighter with a catch of the day after a baby is tossed out of the window after burning apartment building. tonight, why that man says he's no hero. >> plus: swweating out in south philadelphia. how these folks are doing more good than just burning calories. mike? >> that was the perfect idea indoor activities for your saturday. however, things are going to change as we get into sunday. if you look way to the north, there is some drier air working into the great lakes and northern planes. i'm meteorologist, mike masco. this means a sunny day, but there are a lot of things going on south that means more rain. those details coming up.
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>> police in vineland new jersey are searching for a gunman behind early morning shoot that sent three people to the hospital. it happened just after 1:00 a.m. at the grant plaza along east ladies avenue. investigators say no one at any of the shooters.o identify- >> a hollywood produce is her donating big bucks to penn state.
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donald, producer and screen writer of shows, known zones from tv, magnum pi, ncis, is giving $30 million to the university. he and his wife say the money will be used to transform the college of communications. university trustees have approved naming the college after bellasario. he graduated from penn state in 1961. georgia father desperate save his child from smoke and flames filling their home did the first thing he could think to do. he tossed his baby from the second floor of his burning apartment building. >> yes, fortunately, firefighter robert sutton among the first firefighters to arrive at the scene caught that baby in one swift move. fox's porche bruner has the story for us. >> thick smoke billowed from apartment building 140 as the firetrucks pulled into the parks of glenwood tuesday afternoon. firefighter robert was on the first truck to arrive.
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>> definitely get in the minds set, okay, we're going in. >> master plumber larry carter was renovating the building next-door. he shot this video as firefighters hussled to pull lines and make their way into the burning building, suddenly, a man started yelling from the second story. >> somebody's in there. >> somebody's in there. >> he said help, then all the sudden they ran over to him, somebody's in there. >> and i heard somebody screaming we have -- i'm up here, i'm up here, and then i seen him hanging the baby, i had the baby in his hands. >> that's when it happened. that will flash. a father desperate to save his child, tossed the baby from the window. >> he came up and he caught it like a football. he could the the baby like a a football pass. and i said whoa, look at there, that was remarkable site, just to see something like that. >> i'm not sure there is anyone thing that can actually prepare someone from what encountered yesterday. what you get through all of
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the years experience, training, working with your fellow crew members, is just the ability to think quick on your feet and have situation al awareness to allow you to react when a situation present itself. >> sutton, who has been a firefighter for ten years, reluctant to take credit for the life saving catch. he said it came down to great training and the good work of fellow fighters on the scene. >> i just went into action. i think anybody that was with me would definitely do the same thing. i so happened to be the one be over there at that time, right plates, right time. >> catch after lifetime. that will was fox's porche bruner reporting. thankfully that little baby doing just fine tonight. >> now to your fox 29 weather authority, here is a live look into cape may tonight. it was a rainy day, even over there, too, but the rain is a moving out. >> thankfully. because it was a terrible saturday. hoping for better weather tomorrow, mike. >> tomorrow is going to be -- it is a whole different ballgame tomorrow. the problem is, though, little deceiving, because beyond that, it gets rainy again. for two days.
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>> that's nice break. >> yes, then it gets to 80 degrees by next week. so, that's going in the weather department. let's go out, we'll show you ultimate doppler. hit and miss, scattered showers out there, some of which could be moderate at times, especially along 95, we go little closer in, as you get out toward chester, delaware county. moderate rain coming down, swing it down toward delaware, moderate bands every rain, we were watching out toward ocean county around lazy, wear town, they're seeing moderate bands of rain across that area. so again the theme is going to be the rain showers out there. here is a live shot, get out toward old city. 54 degrees, northerly breeze coming in at 7 miles per hour, but watching that north breeze, bringing in much drier air, and that's going to be the theme to tomorrow's forecast, dry air, will allow for the sun to come back out. 58 degrees all we got to today. record, 90 back in 1985. and again temperatures pretty uniformly into the low 50's, one caveat up toward the
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north, mount pocono, at 45 degrees. so, the evening plan is her going to reflect lots of clouds, rain steady at times through 8:00, 52 degrees, i think it is more after shower variety after 10:00 into the overnight hours. see just one last batch of showers across our western suburbs, this swings through here, the next few hours, and then that opens the door for much drier air to the north. see over chicago, area of high pressure, this is going to be the singing air, the dry air, punches in for tomorrow. but then things start to change once again. look what's going on across the tennessee valley. see that right there? little spin? let's go to the water vapor image at this. this spin is cut off low, cut off from the jet stream. that will meander across the tennessee valley, across the carolinas into the next couple of days, fox future cast shows beautiful day tomorrow. mostly sun sunny start, up to the 60s by tomorrow afternoon. go for record, not record, 65 degrees reading rather. and then the clouds come back in. that storm, that cut-off low i just showed you, will park
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itself to the south by monday into tuesday, bringing in moderate rain showers, and clouds, and a really chilly easterly wind. monday and tuesday, before we allow for much milder air. in fact, by next week, it is jet stream will actually park itself to the north and to the west, and allow for much milder air. high pressure to the west of us, east of us rather, will bring in temperatures that will be into the 70s, possibly the 80s by next week. forty-six in town, clearing, chilly overnight hours, we go into tomorrow afternoon, mostly sunny skies, beautiful day. 65 degrees, high clouds building in late in the day. if you are going to the ballpark, phillies against the braves, 62 degrees, mostly sunny conditions. look at your seven day forecast, rain will return, by monday, 59 degrees, breezy and wet by tuesday, at 62. and then we get into some summer heat by next week, we'll have update to the forecast tonight at 10:00. >> summer heat doesn't sounds bad. thanks, mike. >> 50,000 bees move in and take over building a huge
6:37 pm
higher in the attic after home. what it took to get them out of there was a major deal. >> plus: a little piggy doing a big job. how she is helping the elderly.
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it has fake end several days but huge 9 feet beehive is finally out after tuscon arizona woman's home. bee control experts believe there were 50,000 american-ized honey bees in just one of the hives. the hive stretches 9 feet long, and probably took as long as a year to develop. experts think the bees made themselves at home under the roofing, and in the attic, and the woman's guest home. >> well this is totally un imagine and recall, inside the wooden solve it of the house. if there were loves against bee keeping in arizona there would be against the law, every jurisdiction that has laws on behaving, you have a hi, in a cafatin side of a roof is a no no. >> that expert says crews will probably re-locate the bees to various bee yards around the state. you have heard of therapy dogs of course, how about therapy pigs? >> yes, south dakota, one cute little piggy is bringing
6:41 pm
smiles to many. dolly here, is no ordinary pig, all dressed up in a pink outfit. complete with a tutu. the one and a half year old animal visits residents at assisted living center. not only does dolly spin, she dances, she walks on a leash, dolly's owner says that she thought she would get her pig certified because she started noticing how people. happy people got when they saw her. >> he's undercover. he's hidden. but philadelphia's former mob boss is breaking his silence. >> plus, wedding -- swweating out in south philly. how these folks are doing more good than just burning calories.
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>> former mob boss ralph natale is speaking out, and blasting the local wise guys, the first mob boss to turn government witness in his new book called the last don standing. >> as fox 29's dave schratwieser reports, natale had some un kinds words for the local mobsters he turned on, especially reputed mob boss joey merlino.
6:45 pm
>> it was a rainy friday in south philadelphia outside the philadelphia mob's newest clubhouse at ninth and catherine. >> oh, my god. what a joke he made out of a great family. >> the guy on the phone is former phillie mob boss, ralph natale, speaking to us from somewhere in america, about the mob and his new book, the last don standing. natale says the book was his wife's idea. >> she said, you know, i know everything about you, but that ain't everything, she said. >> that's why the 80 something year old natale said he did the bang, the first mob boss to ever become a government witness. and now he's telling tails about the likes of jimmy hoffa, former heavy weight champion sonny liston, angelo bruno. he said it was bruno and wise guy carlo gambino who inducted him into the mob. >> we went there. we cut our fingers, we put the
6:46 pm
blood together. i never felt better and stronger in my life. joey little ceremony made me. he said now you're the boss. you are the boss. >> natale goes on in the book to talk about his relationship with the infamous jimmy hoffa, who disappeared without a trace in july 1975. >> jimmy hoffa was one of the finest men i've ever met. and a man's man. never broke his word. >> natale also described in his book how mob bosses across the country followed an inside tip, and bet against heavy weight champ sonny liston in shocking 1964 upset lost to cashes clay, boxing grade, muhammad ali. >> the biggest legitimate score that the mob ever made was with sonny liston. >> natale turned down request for in person interview or live interview over the internet, his people siting
6:47 pm
safety and scheduling issues. natale and i go back almost 20 years, when he first became the boss here in philadelphia. and he said things like this: >> i know if i was in trouble, i could be with joe merlino. >> he turned out to be the biggest -- one of the biggest mistakes i've ever made in my life. he was a liar, a coward. >> nataniel eclipse he became a government witness because mob boss joey merlino betrayed a promise, and when natale went to prison, woe take care of his wife, lucia. >> he never paid a dime, he never sent an envelope, never came to see my wife. >> natale had no problem weighing in on the current state of affairs of the local mob. the return of half dozen scarfo gangsters to philadelphia, after decades in prison, and who he thinks should be the boss of the local mob. >> there is no mob in the city
6:48 pm
right now. they're not breaking eyes anywhere. let's talk about the scarfo guys. they did their time. i don't know if they went to work, writing numbers, i don't . >> do you think the marlene owe crew and the scarfo crew could ever co-exist together or get along together? >> no, no, i don't think so. they're different kind of guys. show should be the boss of philadelphia, if there was mob. >> and the aging former mob boss didn't miss a beat whether we asked about several unsolved mob hits, the fbi is investigating. like the murders of ron turcci, tony tora -- >> know were afraid of ronnie turcci, very dangerous guy, you know. >> and tony tora, same thing with tone. >> i he was caught on tape saying he wanted to kill joey. >> what about dutchy-abiccoli?
6:49 pm
>> they took him nora ride up north jersey, never came home, dutchy. >> they think ralph natale exaggerates, makes things up, and in some cases lies. >> everything i said happened. they got away with murder. they got away with everything. god bless them. >> natale had one final comment about the local wise guys. >> if they didn't take care of me, and i don't give a dam about them. >> for fox 29 investigates, i'm dave schratwieser. >> in valley forge today, more than 100 volunteers spent their saturday cleaning up the medals of honor grove. the volunteers included members from the air national guard, the horsham air station, and the valley forge military academy. they raked debris, and replant dollars medal of honor name plates. now, those plates labels the year the war and the location where the recipient earned the
6:50 pm
medal. volunteers say it is the perfect event for earth day. >> taking care of the earth, at the same time honoring our recipient, because the only thing worse than dying is being forgotten. and we will never forget. >> and we enjoyed getting out, getting out of our barracks, working out here in the community, with people, and it is showing that we can make a difference. make a positive impact. >> well the grove is the oldest living memorial that honors our nation's medal of honor recipients. >> in south philly, people woke up early this morning to get in a tough work out. but it was all for a good cause. local gyms teaming to up raise awareness and money for autism research. a suggested 25-dollar donation got you a three part work out. people started with a 20 minute spin at fitness works on reed street. then a 1 mile run down passyunk avenue. they ended with a 20 minute total body boot camp work out. and it is all of course in honor of national autism
6:51 pm
awareness month. >> and i bet sean brace can do that. >> maybe couple of years ago. >> okay? >> draft under a week away. >> yes. >> all right, sticking with the draft, eagles great brian westbrook wants no part of a highly running back in next week's draft. we'll tell you who and it may be april but football is in the air. we checked in on both penn state and temple spring game this afternoon. we have the highlights next in sports. >> we take you inside every story. inside edition. >> week nights at 6:30. >> during the perfect match sales event, i've been busy matching people. congressman macarthur promised to protect our health care.
6:52 pm
but when right-wing politicians tried to pass a disastrous health care repeal bill that raises costs and cuts coverage, macarthur wouldn't oppose them. macarthur wouldn't protect us from a bill that raises premiums and causes 24 million to lose their insurance. wouldn't oppose a massive "age tax" on people over 50. but supported a 600 billion tax break for the wealthy. tell tom macarthur - stop trying to repeal our health care.
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>> the philadelphia eagles ended last season essentially in the middle of a pack, all of the major defensive stats, including finishing 19th overall in total sacks, defensive tackle fletcher cox led the way. when de ends i have gram was asked who he likes in the upcoming draft should commas no surprise he wants to add to the defensive side of the ball. >> i like derrick barnett, you know, i been watching, i been looking at some of his
6:54 pm
highlight, you know, i like walker from florida state, he's pretty good. he beat us up michigan. want him to bring in ever who will help us win. i been here eight years, i want to be part of something great, that's bringing the championship to philly. who ever they feel is fit at that position, you know, i'm just excited to bring him in. >> staying with the draft the saying is makes it really interesting to hear former eagles running back and return man brian westbrook give his opinion on the eagles possibly selecting stanford running back christian mccaffrey with the 14th overall pick. safe to say, b west hears the char son but not buying them. espn, quote, i think the kid is going to be a good player, i just don't know if i would draft him at 14. matter of fact, i wouldn't draft him at 14. i think he's okay. he doesn't have it. there is something missing. and i guess it is hard to put a word ton from my view, but there is a piece that may be missing when you're talking about the 14th overall pick.
6:55 pm
that kind of scares me. interesting stuff from b west there. so over to the diamond, watch out now, phillies have won four of the last six games, everyone of the wins have come against division opponents, of course, when you play 106 total game in a season, week of wins is great. led to victory by another performance by jeremy hellickson, hellickson went seven innings, struck out five, even retired the first nine batters he faced also note, second baseman, scissor hernandez, he stayed hot with three hits on the night as well, game two at 7:05 tonight. >> this is true. we love our football in this country. yes, and if you were on the couch today, and i am assure with the rainy weather mostly you were, were you able to see there was college football spring games, happening from coast-to-coast. of course, locally we checked in on penn state's blue and white game first. nittany lions looking to continue their winning ways after winning the big ten outright last season, most penn state fans believe the key this year will be all about how well starting quarterback trace mc sorely
6:56 pm
plays. looked good here today, overthrows a receiver, get pick offer. but the blue team, they went in route 26 to nothing. from happy valley to broad street we go. where we checked in on temple cherry and white spring game. should be interesting year for temple. still solid squad from last season's success, aac champions. but new head coach leading the way, jeff collins taking over for matt rule. no score here. but both squads look good in the spring game. >> and finally, the philadelphia union are hurting right now. people, they haven't won a game in the their last 15 attempts. couple of draws mixed in. looking to break that streak today at home, took on montreal, 23rd minute, union up. nice header. to put the union up three to nothing. you think that's enough, right? only the struggles continue. eighty-seventh minute, union up three to two, anthony jackson, thomas in the rebound for the game tying goal. that's how it would ends. three to three. the union haven't won in forever.
6:57 pm
obama was still the president the last time the union won. >> oh, that's tough. >> hadn't been that long. >> thanks, sean. well, be sure to join us tonight for "fox 29 news." tonight at 10:00 it is video that community members wanted police to release for month. an officers pulls his gun, demanding children get on the ground. why the police chief is defending that officer's actions. >> and that's our news for this saturday night. thanks for watching. we'll see you back here at 10:00. >> you're live lottery drawing is next followed by "tmz." have a great night everybody. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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