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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  April 26, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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fellow law enforcement officers lined up at christiana hospital emotional show of support for the trooper's service a procession underway now for the fallen hero tonight his brothers in blue mourning the death of their fallen comrade. thanks for joining us at 6:00 i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. the details of the shooting continue to come into the fox 29 newsroom. here's what we know right now. this started during lunch time around 12:10 this afternoon. someone shot at a delaware state trooper at the wawa in the 1600 block of pulaski highway in bear. police say they tracked the man to the 500 block of saint michael's drive in middletown's brick him farm development where he is barricaded. various police agencies are involved with state troopers saying the man is still firing off shots at them. so they're telling neighbors to stay inside and lock their doo doors. our dave schratwieser is in middletown but let's begin tonight with dawn timmeney live in bear. dawn, witnesses say it was chaotic in that parking lot. >> reporter: yes, iain. a chaotic and frightening scene.
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lunch time at this wawa turned to sheer terror. customers are scared beyond belief as this is all unfolding and witnesses are left stunned and deeply saddened. >> i seen performing cpr he was not moving just like i was just standing there like shaking like just crazy. >> reporter: brady couldn't believe what she was seeing. a state trooper being shot in cold blood. it was lunch time. she had just walked out of the wawa on pulaski highway in bear delaware noon the but tee supply store across the parking where she work. that's when she heard gunshots and seen the trooper go down. >> i seen the officer fall and just laying there. i seen two guys run off. so just crazy. i never seen nothing like that before in my life just very shocking. >> reporter: kevin lerner was outside the hair salon where he works. he says he saw the state trooper pull in and approach two guys in this red charger. that's when he says things turned bad.
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very bad. >> he pushed the officer to get a little distance but pushed him and started running. started running he started shooting. started shooting probably like g from the officer. >> reporter: lerner says he immediately went inside and locked the hair salon which was full of customers. >> best thing for me to do is protect the shop and lock the shop down so that way ain't nobody could get in there and use nobody for no hostages or nothing. >> it was a surreal scene for many. wawa customers frightened beyond belief. >> i was in the parking lot when it happened. >> it's scary. it's not right. >> i'm petrified. like i said there's no respect for police officer any more. >> i know it's a sad day for everybody. that's very sad for them people. >> reporter: absolutely mart breaking. a nine officer was just scowering this parking lot with his handler. we're not sure exactly what they're looking for. state troopers say still on the scene. the wawa still blocked off. one of the two suspects did sun
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surrender to police here at the scene. the other is still on the loose. lucy? >> thank you, dawn but they do know where he is. they say he's barricaded right now. >> police are on the scene in middletown right now. let's get out to fox 29's dave schratwieser live at the scene. dave? >> reporter: iain as you can see police still have this area locked down. this is a barricade right off the main road near the brick mill farms development. nobody allowed in or out except for police latest update from the state police in the last 15 minutes is that the suspect believed to be involved in the fatal shooting of that state trooper is hold up barricaded inside a home inside that development. he has fired off multiple shots at police. we do not know if police exchanged fire with him. some ground video here. lots of police presence in the area swat teams, police officers state troopers all here. some of the schools in the area were locked down. residents we're told to stay inside shelter inside their homes inside that development. about two hours ago, students
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were allowed to leave the schools under heavy police guard. they were bussed out of the schools here in the area. we did talk to several people who live in that neighborhood one of them had an 18 year old daughter at home a few doors down from where the gunman was barricaded. >> she called me hysterical crying saying that she had heard gunshots and that people were knockly on our very back door i just told her don't answer it just stay, you know, where you are or go somewhere else in the house and get away from -- her and our dog are safe thank heavens. >> it's sad because you know you got people right here trying to protect the normal working citizens and then you got all these idiots running around with guns that just think they can table people' lives it's okay. it's not okay. until they start cracking down on the laws and hold these people accountable, for the actions that they do, it's just going to keep going on much it's going keep getting worse. it's not going to get any better. >> reporter: now you can see right here this is a delaware state police helicopter hovering
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over the area near the scene where that gunman again is barricaded inside a home here. he has exchanged gunfire with police. the schools in the area have been reopened and students have been bussed out of the area heavy police presence still he here. still swat teams special operations officers a lot of medical personnel in the area as well. state police still have this locked down at this hour again trying to talk that gunman out of the house they do not 93 what kind of weapon he has and so far he has resisted their requests to come out. guys? >> all right. dave, thanks. again here's what we know so far. about how this all unfolded think afternoon. police say around noon today a state trooper saw a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot of the wawa along pulaski highway. two people were in the car and one of the guys got out and started shooting at the trooper. witnesses are telling us that bystanders tried to safe him. performing cpr until paramedic got there. the trooper died at chris chi
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hannah hospital the man who shot the trooper state police say then took off. they do say as we've been telling you niece nearby middletown home barricading and shooting at police officers. they're asking neighbors to stay inside and lock their doors. of course whenever there's breaking news, we'll post it to our website make it your home page so you're always up to date. to developing story now out of philadelphia. a star athlete and arising young philadelphia police officer under arrest. 25-year-old officer emmanuel folly is facing child porn charges. >> he surrendered to investigators those had know him are now reactioning. >> bruce gordon is live outside philadelphia police headquarters tonight. bruce? >> reporter: iain, manny folly considered something of a one an thousand success story. coming out of a violent philadelphia drug infested neighborhood. he was arising star in the boxing ring and a career in law enforcement. tonight that feel good story has taken a horrifying turn. it is a rare ray of sunshine in
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otherwise bleak neighborhood of drugs and crime. but the rock ministries on kensington avenue now suffers its own pain. >> he's a police officer. he's a highly decorated boxer. and he was one of our kids. >> reporter: 25-year-old emmanuel manny folly stands charged with possession and dissemination of child pornography. buddy osbourne is his trainer and former pastor. >> i'm devastated by what i hear but i also know there's a process that has to take place. i believe that at the end of the day as they say the truth will prevail. >> reporter: as part of the probe into child pornography file sharing on the internet, philadelphia police seized and searched computers at this home on the 3300 block of north 15th street just across from an elementary school. folly lived here with his moth mother. police say they used an ip the kiddie important upon imag images. >> all indication points to the
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idea it was his computer and he was the one who viewed it in real time or maybe retain it for later viewing. report roar family members came by to support folly's mother. >> no comment. >> nobody has any comment right now. >> no comment. >> when they described as distraught over the allegations. >> folly had turned years of training at rock ministries in a successful par-time boxing career. he was ten-zero and a philly cop as well. last november, he told fox 29 -- >> i just want the kids to know that just because you come from an area you see certain things that doesn't mean you have to adapt to that type of lifestyle. off choice. >> reporter: buddy osbourne said he never asked the other kids at the ministry to view folly has a role models. there's a reason. >> they can look at accomplishment you never look at a man to be successful. >> reporter: you'll be disappointed in you do sometimes. >> you always will be disappointed. >> reporter: manuel manny folly is out on bail tonight but could not be reached for comment in light of the criminal charges against him he has been suspended from the police force.
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he will be fired. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, bruce. we are now less than 24 hours away from got to love the music from the nfl draft right here in philadelphia. live look at the ben franklin parkway. completely shut to cars in preparation for the big event kicking off tomorrow. first round of the draft will start about, what, eight, right um-hmm. >> eagles have the 14th pick in the first round. >> the birds still have to figure out who they'll make that pick at number 14. maybe a little more information let's join sean bell live on the parkway with some insight. sean? >> guys you see this big stage behind me. i hated on it a little bit but this thing looks great. it looks magnificent. okay? and the eagles as you say has the 14th overall pick and a lot of guys are here ready to go. i caught up with a couple of the players who were at schriners hospital giving back to all the kids and listen, i know defense is great and wins championships but offense is sexy one of those guys that can be offensive pick
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for the eagles is john ross. that's right. the speedster the fastest man in the draft and he thinks he could be great one-two combo with carson wentz. >> i think the biggest part is growing with him. young quarterback who has got so much up side just -- you can see how talented he is and how well he came last year. that's confidence. that's a confidence builder for me to go there i think that would be awesome. >> if not ross it might be stanford's running back christian mccaffery. charles davis describes mccaffery as a swiss arm 95. the best running back wide receiver and tight end in the draft. >> he had to break a stereotype. i'll say it he's a white running back. everybody thought he was slow. every time you turned on tape he's running past people, around people. you keep telling me the tape matters. they haven't caught him yet. he's not slow. >> either guys would be great to me. this team needs an explosive weapon much later in sports we'll get into gary conley.
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he had a rape accusation and his teammate fellow cornerback that's going to be drafted in this draft talks about that tough, tough situation. guys, back to you. >> ♪ >> in weather, sean, we are ta talking about sunshine coming back into the weather picture. during the day tomorrow from the penn relays all the way into center city for the draft. plenty of sunshine and back in the 80s when we come back.
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♪ following breaking news tragic day in delaware. a slain state trooper's body is now at the medical examiner' ffice in wilmington after a' large procession with the person's brothers and sisters in blue from christiana hospital. much more coming up. philadelphia police have now charged an officer in the death of a 50-year-old man. >> police say both officers were off duty when one of their cars hit and killed danny dimitri in january. his family says 24-year-old adam so tow was drag races other off
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duty cops much prosecutor sauce soto hit dime tree as he was crossing the street. police say they suspended the other officer tony forest and suspended and charged soto. they were in separate cars at this point i can't speak to whether or not the investigation specifically determined that drag races but certainly reckless speeds and of course the striking soto's vehicle is directly responsible to the death of her dimitri. >> both officers surrender to do internal affairs today. officer soto is now facing charges of vehicular homicide and involuntary manslaughter. police say he was going 89 miles an hour at the time of the crash. former price vice-president joe biden speaking out. today he spoke at an event at george mason university hoping to bring more awareness to sexual assault on college campuses. the former vice-president urged the college students to help change the culture that leads to sexual violence. >> when you see something, if
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you're a fraternity brother and you see a young freshman co-ed in his second week dead drunk and him walking up the stairs, not in my house, jack. not in my house. because if you don't, you are an accomplice. you know what's about to happen. [ applause ] >> the former vice-president fired up there. telling his audience sexual assault is still the number one violent crime on college campuses across america. independence blue cross making walking fun the insurance company encouraged people in center city today to get out and walk. it's all part of the national walk at lunch day people a attended the company's had he quarters at 19th and mark got to enjoy pre-walk warmups then got complimentary snacks. new video posted on tmz shows anti fur protesters confronting philly native patti labelle. it happened while she was at a book signing in new york city. according to tmz the group posed as fans who wanted a picture then they pull out sipes and started chanting that patti has
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quote blood on her hands. security eventually kicked them out. >> let's get back to the fox 29 weather authority. we take live look at trenton as we cross the mid point of the week. so what can we expect for the nfl draft and um comin coming i. your full seven day forecast in 15 seconds. >> we have clouds, we had of few sprinkles earlier today and now we have drying conditions. down the shore, still damp and still little bit breezy in cape may you recognize this the famous pink house. it won't be long now only about 30 days to memorial day weekend temperature 64. that's the high. winds still out of the normal northeast keeping it cool in philadelphia mid 60s the same is pottstown but notice it's warmer in allentown, reading and lancaster. not the usual case but an area of low pressure off the coast is
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keeping everywhere else very cloudy and very cool. case in point the shore look at this ocean water temperature 53. along the coast we're stuck in the 50s with that on shore flow that ocean influence. ocean city only 55. a big difference moving inland to hammonton with cloudy skies an temperature of 62. so this low slowly pulling away. it's wrapping around some moisture and that's why we have the clouds but you can see the cloud shield cutting right through the suburbs in philadelphia so we're clearing out from west to east over the next several hours. so as we go through the overnight, the low pulls away. we get drier air moving in and temperatures warm really quickly tomorrow after morning morning clouds afternoon sun will build in the high 80 degrees. to the west we have a strong area of low pressure. so strong the upper peninsula of michigan and also into wisconsin they'll see some snow this is our rain for very early friday morning. that rain will be moving through as i mentioned late thursday night into friday morning. and as it does, we'll be seeing
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obviously the clouds rolling in ahead of it. behind it, some drier air. so friday morning 3am, 4am, 5am even 6am some showers. but by 7:00 a.m. we're drying out. and we'll be seeing a few clouds out there. it should end up being a real beautiful day with temperatures back in the 80s so tonight 58 for the low. slowly clearing with areas of fog. expect low clouds tomorrow to start as well. by the time you make it, though, into philadelphia, for the nfl draft, the sun will be out. afternoon sun for your thursday, 80. friday 82. after an early morning shower. should be out of there by the time the festivities begin. saturday feeling like summer with a temperature of 88. seven day forecast shows turning into the 70s by sunday and we stay there right through the beginning of next week. by wednesday the temperature 73. that's a look at your summer like seven day forecast. we'll zen it back to you. >> all right. thank you very much kathy. breaking news right now. tragic day in delaware. a slain state trooper's body now at the medical examiner's office in wilmington.
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you see the flag draping that trooper's casket as his brothers and sisters in blue with incredibly heavy hearts walk the body into the medical examiner's office. this trooper lost his live at christiana hospital after being shot by a man at a wawa in bear in the parking lot. despite heroic efforts bye-bye standers who tried to save the trooper and paramedics who did the same. we have much more straight ahe ahead. announcer: washington politicians are at it again with another disastrous health care repeal bill that raises costs and cuts coverage for millions. and their latest plan is worse than ever.. affordable coverage for maternity care, cancer treatment, substance abuse treatment, and preexisting conditions would no longer be gauranteed. the plan threatens care for seniors and the disabled... and imposes a massive age tax for people over 50. tell congressman costello -
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♪ look at this massive stage. philly is getting ready for the nfl draft and this thing is really coming together. i hate it a little bit on the setup but i got to tell you this thing looks absolutely fantast fantastic. the fan experience, everything about this, looks good. so the rain holds up like kathy says, this will be a beautiful thing. now the eagles have the 14th overall draft pick and it was going to be gary conley but it's looking like that's not going to be the situation any more. because he was accused of rape at a cleveland mow hotel. tough tough situation. now his teammate marshawn lattimore a guy looking to get drafted in the first round talk about dealing with that situation with his brother. >> he said he's in the. i feel like he's innocent. so i mean, just knowing that, that you're and in, you still have to go through it and, you know, he's losing millions of
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dollars right now. it's not about the money it's were you his character too. >> with conley status in jeopardy, opportunities will open up for other cornerbacks like usc adori jackson. >> this draft is deep as heck. when it comes down to the corners. you know, adori would fit perfect. adori jackson would fit perfect. i just think bring excitement. just my personality. who i am not on the field but off the field. in the locker room a great presence to have like a brotherhood. i know a lot of teams people don't get that when they come from college. it is a business but just to be that positive upbeat person to a locker room. >> jackson was a track star at usc so he also brings that to the table. and the fact that he can return punts and take it to the house. so jackson is the guy to look out for and mccaffery also another guy i think the eagles should go for. guys, back to you. >> all right, sean, thanks very. we appreciate it. we continue to follow breaking news for you tonight. delaware state trooper has fallen his killer is still on
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the loose. leaving a neighborhood locked down. the residents feeling scared. so here's what we know as of now. this started around 12:10 this afternoon. when someone shot a delaware state trooper at the wawa on the 1600 block of pulaski highway in bear. police did track the man to the 500 block of saint michael's drive in middletown's brick mill farm development where he's barricaded trooper's brothers in blew he is coring his body from the hospital to the medical examiner's office and of course we'll have all the breaking details and team coverage for you tonight at 10:00. be sure to join us back here then. >> that blue line just got a little bit thinner. our bears of prayers go out for the trooper's family. we'll see you back here at 10:00v a good night. inside edition is up next.
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bachelor 9-1-1. >> i rear-ended a guy on a tractor. >> just revealed, the chilling call tv's bachelor made from the crash site. >> my name's chris soules. >> then happy birthday melania. >> and the white house fires back over claims she's miserable in her marriage. >> plus, selena gomez uproar. >> there is absolutely nothing wrong with saying that you need help. >> why parents across the usa are being warned about the controversial tv show 13 reasons why. >> and another blow for united. >> a giant rabbit died on a flight from london to chicago. >> plus, legendary actress natalie wood. her sister is homeless. >> it's like the rug's been


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