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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  April 26, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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now the man who police say killed him is hold up in a neighborhood now on lock down. >> your news is next.
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♪ right now, a fallen hero. >> so senseless. doesn't make sense. the man was doing his job protecting us. ♪ a community in mourning for a delaware state trooper killed in the line of duty. >> ton night, the man who fired the deadly shots remains barricaded. >> i'm petrified i'm petrified. just like i said there's no respect for police officer any more. >> a tense neighborhood on lock down still. >> now fox 29 news at 10:00. ♪ it's been a long day stretching into a long night in
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delaware hours after a delaware state trooper was gunned down at a wawa. we just learned that trooper is 32-year-old stephen ballard eight year veteran of the force. thanks for joining us tonight i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. man who police say killed corporal ballard took off and hold up in a home about 15 minutes away. that's where he has been barricaded ever since. now here's what we know at this point. this started right around lunch time 12:10 in the afternoon. happened at the wawa on the 1600 block of pulaski highway in bear. state police tracked the man to the 500 block of saint michael's drive in middletown's brick mill farm development. the man who they say shot corporal ballard. various police agencies are involved. they say this man was firing off rounds throughout the day, and into this night. >> this tragedy has played out at several different scenes today. our reporters have been covering it all. dave kinchen was at the hospital when we got word of the trooper's bag but we begin tonight with our dave schratwieser as close as he can
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get to the scene where that suspect is hold up. dave, what can you tell us? >> reporter: iain, the area here still blocked off by poli police. state police confirming that 8:22 tonight they used explosive device to breach the front door of the suspect's home. they have not entered the home at this point at least we haven't been told that. as of the last update ten minutes ago. but we are told they continue to negotiate with him, trying to get him to surrender. >> it is very scary. >> reporter: tension filled the night hair in middletown as one of the suspects in the fatal shooting of a delaware state trooper barricaded himself inside a home here. beth atkins daughter was inside their home a few doors away. >> she called me hysterical crying saying that she had heard gunshots and that people were knocking on our very back door. >> reporter: lights were brought in and state police helicopter hovered overhead in the brick mill farms developme development. swat teams and negotiators spent hours trying to get the suspect to surrender. he fired multiple shots at
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police. >> everybody is, you know, surrounding the house down the street from us and she's on, i guess, right on our street. >> i would say i'm totally shocked. i mean -- we've seen him a few times in the neighborhood in passing our neighborhood is quiet. it's families, it's just everybody stays to themselves. >> nice people. >> loudest you probably hear in the neighborhood is kids riding up don unthe streets riding bike. >> reporter: the search for the suspect shifted here after a state trooper was shot to death in wawa park log. one was arrested on sight after the shooting. the on the fled on foot and turned up here. >> hold these people accountable fort actions they. to it will keep going on. keep getting worse. the not going get any better. >> reporter: residents were kept a half mile away at a local shopping center as schools were locked down for several hours and residents were told to stay inside. just after 4:00, students were bussed out as the siege went on into night. >> we just had to like make sure we were quiet, because if there
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was somebody in the school, we didn't want to like put ourselves in danger. >> i hope they just rush the unit and unfortunately take him out dead. not alive. >> reporter: state police still not sure how much ammunition or how many weapons the suspect has inside that home. they continue to negotiate with him at this hour. again, neighbors here at the shopping center about half mile from the scene police again on the scene swat teams negotiators trying to get that suspect to surrender. we'll have much more coming up at 10:30 including a family that lives a couple of doors down. their two sons and their nanny are still inside the house locked inside locked down by police. lucy? >> a lot of families separated right now, dave schratwieser live in middletown. thank you much, dave. tonight corporal ballard's family, friends and his brothers and sisters in blue are grappling link with what happened in that parking lot. emotion welled as trooper after trooper, officer after officer, gathered at christiana hospital
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then he is cored ballard's body to the medical examiner in wilmington. fox 29's dave kinchen is live at that wawa in bear where that gunfire broke out. dave, what did people tell you after they watched the procession for the fallen officer? >> reporter: well, they told us they simply had to be there and watch. this is a small state and a way everyone knows everyone here at the scene at the wawa it is closed. it will be closed until saturday but there's a small memorial for corporal ballard. >> what do you call it, murder some punk murdered him. >> reporter: mourners watched the body of a fallen delaware state trooper escorted from christiana hospital in newark, delaware, by brothers and sisters in blue. every day citizens with their hats off and their hands ove&-ú. >> i was down the road and heart broken. coming to show support. >> reporter: for laurie brown a member of a law enforcement family, it's personal.
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>> we lost an officer so it just brings it -- it hits real close to home. it just hurts for their family and the other officers. i know how hard it is. we ask that you keep the trooper's family and the members of the delaware state police family in your thoughts and prayers. >> reporter: for those watching the procession, anger brewed inside. >> there shouldn't even be a trial for the person that did this. >> sad when someone who there to protect us gets taken out by some punk and murdered, you know, what else do you call it? >> reporter: the memorial may be small here at this scene of the fatal shooting but no doubt by tomorrow it will grow and you will hear at 10:30 from the woman who put this memorial together here and why this is so personal for her. that's at 10:30. back to you. >> dave, thank you. again there's a barricade standoff right now in middleto middletown, delaware.
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police told us they already have one suspect in custody. this is after police say a confrontation between corporal steven ballard and two suspects at that wawa in bear, delaware investigators say at least one suspect opened fire on ballard. people who were there described the horrific scene. >> he pushed the officer to get a little distance, maybe pushed him and then started running. started running he started shooting. started shooting probably like g from the officer. >> bystanders were performing cpr. he was not moving. i was standing like shaking. >> i'm petrified. i'm petrified. just like i said there's no respect for police officer any more. >> ballard's police radio and what appears to be a stun gun on the ground were not too far from where the trooper was shot. as this story continues to unfold, head to 24/7 for the breaking details. emotional video the big story in court today for the trial of david creato.
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he's the camden county father accused of killing his three-year-old son brendan in 2015. >> no, no, no, no, no, no, no. you can't tell me this. >> i'm sorry, sir. >> my best friend. i love him so much. >> this morning jurors saw this video it shows the moment investigators told creato that police found his son's body. prosecutors argue he killed brendan and dumped his body. creato says he's innocent and that his son wandered away from home on his own. skyfox over a fire in north philadelphia. fire officials say flames broke out in this abandoned building at fifth and jefferson. you can see a lot of smoke coming from the roof. no injuries though were reported and we don't yet know how the fire started. ♪ >> forget countdown day. we don't have any left to count. live look at the ben franklin parkway by this time tomorrow night the nfl draft will have officially kicked off and the entire city is ready take a look at what the peco crown lights
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are displaying this evening it is all about the draft. philadelphia opening its arms to hundreds of thousands of football fans for this enormous event. our chris o'connell, man, chris, you're one lucky guy. live along the ben franklin parkway and by this time tomorrow night things are going oh look a whole lot different. >> reporter: yeah, just think, lucy, this time tomorrow night eagles would have already picked their first round pick. the nfl draft now just hours away, and as you can see behind me, the parkway is electric. ♪ >> are you ready for the nfl draft! ♪ >> tonight it's lights, camera almost action. the final dress rehearsal for tomorrow's nfl draft. what's it look for family members the night before the draft? >> nerve wrack rah,. >> it will be sleepless night for the watson family their brother and nephew desean watson quarterback from clemson is expected to be a top 15 draft pick. >> we started from elementary all the way through high school,
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college and he brought us with him. we've been on this ride the whole trip. >> reporter: tomorrow he'll be in the nfl. >> we'll still be on other ride. >> reporter: as the city welcomes the world in bright light the nfh draft experience is take shape. fans starting to flock to the parkway for a sneak peek and beware, they're not all eagles fans. >> something is wrong here. >> you have a dallas cowboy helmet. >> i know. i know. show you look this. >> that's the wrong one. >> it's real exciting. i watch it in chicago the past two years and to be here it's awesome. >> reporter: even though you're a giants fan? >> yeah. i have to deal with it. everybody saying stuff all day. >> reporter: welcome to phill philly. >> crews were busy closing off the parkway perimeter and nfl volunteers had one last walk through. to help the 200,000 visitors expected starting tomorrow at noon. >> this area is very familiar to us. we do fourth of july events there. we do made in america there. so it's very simple. we're there to help facilitate
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people coming and going. >> reporter: but is the nfl draft big enough for two big-time rifles to bury the hatchet? >> we have cowboys, we have eagles. is this -- nfl draft one place where we can maybe have commonality here? >> hell, no. >> place doesn't exist. >> no way. no way. cannot exist. >> it will be a long weekend. >> reporter: one last thing. if you are coming down to the draft, do not bring one of these. no backpacks, no selfie sticks, no smoking and no noise makers but one thing do you want to bring with you, an empty water bottle. they're going to have hydrating stations, guys, if you're coming down they're warning people it is going to be hot, but it's going to be lot of fun, too. hope to see you guys down here. >> with hydration stations. how can we not go. all right. >> chris, thanks. patti labelle she's a big star philly loves her. she thought she was taking a picture with fans. not so much. >> bill cosby is in big legal
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trouble. so why is he cracking jokes. >> and kathy it looks like it's shaping up to be a fantastic weekend. >> but not the whole time. going to be some bumps in the road lucy. storms are coming along with the sunshine. >> and this little girl never met her daddy. he was a police officer killed before she was born. but she sees him everywhere and that's touching hearts around the world. look on the right side of the screen. see that smoke? that's a fire right in the middle of wal*mart and it's no accident. ♪ >> we are tracking the news still breaking in delaware. the man who police say shot and killed delaware state trooper corporal stephen ballard is barricaded inside a home in middletown. authorities tell us they blew open the front door to that home tonight right around 8:30. but they've yet to go in. they're still trying to negotiate with him. much more as the news continues to break. ♪
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♪ news continues to break in delaware. we now know the name of the delaware state trooper gunned down this afternoon outside bear wawa store. corporal stephen ballard died this afternoon. his body is now at the medical examiner's office in wilmington. right now, in middletown, the man who police say shot and killed ballard is hold up after firing rounds of shots they say at them. that neighborhood still locked down. more as it breaks. happening right now, a heart-warming story out of new jersey. it all started with a young girl who went out of her way to reward a police officer. turns out, she's got a very personal connection to police officers. >> yeah. now they are going above and beyond to repay her act of kindness. fox 29's shawnette wilson has the story from monroe township.
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i wanted to because he deserves respect and like kindness. >> reporter: eight-year-old mikayla has found a friend in quinn. stopped by her gnome monroe topsy her. >> good job. >> it started last friday when mikayla and her mom were having dinner at this pizza shop. officer quinn was there picking up a to go order and struck up a conversation with mikayla. >> she a sports jacket on. i asked her, you know, whether it was soccer or softball. it was softball. >> reporter: after talking for few minutes officer quinn walked away still waiting for his food. that's when mikayla's mom says her daughter did something she didn't expect. >> just turned over and whispered in my ear asked me if can we buy him lunch? >> reporter: the pieces is a shop owner told quinn someone paid for his lunch but wanted to remain anonymous. so he went back to work and did some investigating and eventually found out who it was. five days later, they met so he can say thank you.
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>> he made a surprising discovery. that mikayla's mother and father tommy were perth amboy police officers but her father was killed in the line of duty nearly nine years ago. mikayla's mom was pregnant with her when he was killed. >> this is my father's office. this is a picture of him. >> mikayla says seeing officer quinn and talking to him moved her to do what she did. >> it reminds me like a little bit of my father. of how he was police officer. >> reporter: officer quinn calls mikayla a good spirit. >> going there that day i crossed paths with mikayla i think myself and mikayla we both made long-term friends. >> reporter: as way to say thank you the police department started gofundme page to raise money for mikayla's education. if you'd like to donate go to shawnette well son fox 29 news. i don't know you've been able to check that gofundme page it already has $10,000 which is half of the 20,000.
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>> you know what they invited& her to have lunch with them today at the police department. >> aww. >> kind of returned the favor. >> that's awfully nice. so philadelphia police officer is now suspended face charges for the death of 50-year-old man. police say 24-year-old adam soto was off duty when his car hit and killed danny dimitri in northeast philadephia in january. dimitri's family says soto was drag racing with off duty cops. soto hit and killed dimitri. >> they were in separate cars at this point i can't speak to whether or not the investigation specifically determined that drag racing but certainly reckless speeds and of course the striking of so tow's vehicle is directly responsible to the death of mr. dimitri. >> both officers surrendered to internal affairs today. officer soto faces charges of vehicular homicide and involuntary manslaughter. police say he was going 89 miles an hour at the time of the cra
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crash. a woman hit by a philadelphia police cruiser last week has died from her injuries. skyfox was over the 3,000 block of f street in kensington last week when authorities say two officers in the middle of an investigation backed up and hit the victim who was behind the car. the officers took the woman to temple hospital. she died yesterday. police have identified the victim as 40-year-old michelle colk. >> bill cosby is working on new material and hoping to revive his comedy career. cosby revealed that while speaking to some select media outlets the 79-year-old has been mostly quite since his 2015 arrest. he's pleaded not guilty to drugging and sexually assaulting andrea constand. in his montgomery county home in 2004. cosby also told the national newspaper publisher's association he suddenly lost his vision two years ago. take good look here. that's a fire in a wall march. what you do not see here the guy who's set it getting away with
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piles of stolen stuff. >> you heard him. he's not going back to jail. he led cops on chase. and put it all on facebook. good plan. >> that's what everybody does he's days, right. >> patti labelle thought she was taking a picture with fans but then it turned on her. ♪
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10:24 pm
once the guys in the car cops were chasing streamed video live on facebook while this was all going down. investigators say the guy was having a good time. >> yeah you seem to be enjoying himself from what the officers were saying when they were following him, had his hands out the window gesturing and pulled up next to them him and could see him in the vehicle mouthing words to them. later on we find out video was posed. >> police say the guy in that video is 20-year-old tobias catrone. he's on probation for drug charges from last year. police also want to find a woman apparently behind the wheel. so there you have it. dash cam video captures the dangers cops across the nation face every single day. now, this time this is over land park kansas last night sergeant stopped a man for driving the wrong way with his headlights off. things took very dangerous turn when the officer saw pistol in the man's happened. after a struggle the officer
10:25 pm
grabbed it. he got it. that man is now in jail facing a lot of charges. in ohio a woman is safe and sound tonight after an absolutely terrifying ordeal. police say her neighbor kidnapped her and held her captive in a small pitt under his shed. her mom reported her missing. hours later, she called police because she heard crys coming from her neighbor's home. officers found that woman in the pitt. police arrested dennis dunn who they say has mental health problems. more problems tonight for united airlines after valuable rabbit died on one of its flights. simon the rabbit was sold by a breeder in london who currently owns the world's largest rabbit. it's believed sigh would have one day become the biggest rabbit. healthy when he was put in the cargo hull but found dead when the plain landed at o'hare airport in chicago. united is saddened by the incident and is in contact witness rabbit's owner. >> philly loves patti labelle.
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she thought these fans did, too. hmm. boy was she wrong. it wasn't pretty. and going to school later in the day. now the garden state says it sounds like a great idea. also sounds like a kid's dream come true. and we're still following breaking news tonight. the search for who killed a delaware state trooper. we are life next. >> stay with us. ♪
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back that breaking news in delaware now. roads are still closed right now in a neighborhood is on lock down in middletown, delaware, where police closed in on a suspect in today's shooting death of delaware state trooper stephen ballard. >> dave schratwieser isn't far from that scene. police are going door to door? what are they doing? >> reporter: let me show you right now lucy. this is the state police briefing about 100 residents from the neighborhood where the suspect is still held up hold up excse me barricaded inside his home. state police did breach the front door with an explosive device around 8:22. they have not gone inside. you see these residents now being briefed. shelter has been set up for them
10:30 pm
at the odessa fire company. not too far from here. obviously neighbors worried about the situation. worried about their homes. worried about their relatives who some of whom are still inside their homes and have been locked into those homes while police are still in the area. we spoke to a couple earlier this evening the cap pre yacht tee their two young sons, three and 17 months still in their home with nanny. and they've been in there for self hours. they were both at work. both came here with their other child. we spoke to them a few moments ago. here's what they had to say. >> i would say i'm totally shocked. i mean -- we've seen him a few times in the neighborhood in passing. our neighborhood is quiet. it's families everybody stays to themselves. >> nice people. >> loudest you probably hear in the neighborhood is kids riding up and down the street in bikes. >> i hope police dover it is to get this guy down. arrested or whatever. they've been standing off this guy all day. you just wonder what's going on.
10:31 pm
what's the neighborhood going to look like when we get back. >> big hugs for your sons later. >> absolutely. sleepover night. >> now, residents had some questions for police tonight. one of those questions the top question is, when will this be resolved? when can they go back to their homes. >> police can't give them that answer at this point. the suspect still barricaded inside his home. police don't know how many weapons he has. how much ammunition he has. they did breach the front door but they have not gone in. him trying to get him tote with- surrender. guys, back to you. >> it is a very emotional moment here at the wawa in bear, delaware. you can see there is a memorial that's been set up here. this wawa will be closed until saturday. the management says out of respect but that did not stop a woman from coming here to lay candles, balloons and banners in
10:32 pm
honor of the fallen trooper. she says her father was a police officer and she always worried about his safety. so there's a perm connection there on top of that she says she came to this wawa just two days ago and lives close to here. hear her heartbreak tonight. >> every night my father went on duty and we worried. so to see an officer killed in broad daylight, upping, in a wawa parking lot is outrageous. it's just crazy. i don't understand this at all. and just makes me so sad. >> reporter: this follows a very emotional procession with brothers and sisters in blue escorting the body of the fallen trooper from christiana hospital this afternoon. of course, such a very difficult time for so many people remembering corporal ballard. back to you. >> just such a tragic day. you know the details surround
10:33 pm
wagon led to this deadly trooper shooting are just starting to come in now. stay with fox 29 and for all the breaking details. three fires burning at once inside a wal*mart. cops say two guys set everyone of them. it happened last night in wal*mart near atlanta, georgia. cops say a pair of shoplifters lit the fires throughout the store as a distraction. so they can run off with a cart full of stolen stuff. >> undetermine exactly what all they had taken, but we do know that they had loaded up several suitcases full of merchandise and exited the store. >> the store does have some damage. nobody is hurt though. store security cameras got a pretty good look at the two shoplifters and cops hope the color of their get away car will help track them down. it was lime green former vice-president joe biden is fired up. he's part of the war against sexual assault on college campuses and he told students today at george mason university
10:34 pm
that they need to be on the front lines right along with them. listen to this. >> when you see something, if you're a fraternity brother and you see a young freshman co-ed in the second week dead drunk and him walking up the stairs, you got to say hey, not in my house jack. not to my house because if you don't, you are an accomplice. you know what's about to happen. [ applause ] >> the former vice-president fired up as you can see telling his audience that sexual assault is still the number one violent crime on college campuses in america. >> pennsylvania is on the cusp of making state history and the same week that saw humane lobby day on the steps and in the halls of the capitol state house has passed the most comprehensive animal protection legislation ever introducing in harrisburg. by overwhelming margin 167 yeas to 20 nays. house bill 1238 now goes to the senate where they're most likely will be another battle. among other things, it makes
10:35 pm
torturing animals a first offense felony. pennsylvania is one of only three states left that does not consider animal torture a felo felony. now to a study out of new jersey that many students will probably be happy to hear. the state report found that more than 85% of middle and high school starts before 8:30am. now, the education department is recommending teens start school later. doctors say those later start times are more in line with teenager's sleep patterns but school officials say later start times conflict with after school activities. >> that will be a piece of sunshine for folks, right? kathy orr, clear skies from here on out perhaps? >> well, not so fast. sunshine and 80s on the way but we still may have to dodge this. some rain as we head out this i'll show you when. >> kathy. patti labelle a big store, philly loves her. she thought she was taking a picture with fans and they turned on her. ♪
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new video posted on tmz shows anti fur protesters confrontingg fill native patti labelle at a
10:39 pm
book signing in new york city. they posed as fans who wanted a picture they pull out signs and started chanting. >> what they're saying there patti labelle has blood on her hands. security did kick out the protesters. >> something similar recently happened to kelly roland and kylie jenner. some drama tonight between the queen of soul and another singer aretha franklin lashing out at dion warwick yesterday over something she said five years ago at whitney houston's funeral. she's a queuing of making up a story she is whitney houston godmother. darlene love is the real godmother. warwick designed to get involved and comment on these accusations. >> we are ready for sunshine. kathy and the 80 degrees, too. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> bring it. >> bring it on. but it's not just 80s. we can hit a record close to 90 but not without some rain storms
10:40 pm
are coming along with the sunshine.
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first on fox tonight federal authorities have apparently struck a deal with one of the business owners who allegedly gave thousands of dollars in bribes to district attorney seth william.
10:43 pm
williams is now charged in a multi count federal indictment taking cash, vacations and other gifts from two local business owners in return for favors. now the da has denied the charges, and now is set for trial which happens in federal court at the end of may. fox 29's dave schratwieser has a closer look at the man known as business owner number one. >> mr. ali i'm dave schratwieser sorry from fox news. how are you? >> ♪ report roar his name is muhammed ali. identified by sources as business owner number one. in the federal bribery indictment against district attorney so many william. he's the guy who prosecutors say allegedly gave the da thousands of dollars in exchange for his help on a number of matters. >> can i ask you a couple questions about seth williams? >> you don't want say anything about why you gave him money. >> i'm sorry. >> reporter: no? why not? >> we caught up with ali at a shopping center near his home is
10:44 pm
southampton coup buck county. he was in no mood to speak with fox 29 on this rainy thursday or answer any questions about his relationship with william, the charges against the da or why he allegedly gave williams money. >> why would you give him money. >> talk to my lawyer. >> reporter: back to our conversation with ali in a few minutes. the bucks county businessman and williams made headlines in march when williams was indicted by a federal grand jury for taking tens of thousands of dollars from ali and a second business owner in return for favors. along with defrauding a local nursing home, caring for his aging mother. >> it is a violation of federal law to corruptly solicit bribes and just make yourself available to take official action in exchange for those gifts. >> reporter: federal prosecutors allege that business owner number one, ali, gave williams plenty. >> to us thon dollars in cash, all inclusive vacation in pun at
10:45 pm
a kanta worth about $6,300. accustom sofa, $3,200. a $500 dinner. >> reporter: according to federal prosecutors ali gave williams money in return for his tepp help for friend who had criminal case in court. the feds also say williams set up a meeting with ali in a high hi ranking philadelphia police official to pressure that police official to help alibi pass secondary security screenings at the airport. ali is a jordanian america who frequently visits family members overseas. ♪ >> reporter: mr. ali, can i ask you about why you needed his help at the airport? >> we tried to ask ali about the da and those airport screenings outside his business in bucks county. why you needed the da's help at the airport. can you tell me why? >> while ali refused to answer questions, federal prosecutors say he gave williams a $7,000 check after meeting with the police official. the fbism says williams placed
10:46 pm
the check in his personal bank account the next day. we're not identifying the police official because he was not charged and may be a witness against williams at trial. >> there's absolutely no evidence, no indication, that police official number one did anything wrong. >> reporter: undeterred da williams repeatedly offered to write a letter to federal homeland security officials to assist ali and his family with security screenings at the airport. >> there was no compromise of the airport security measure. >> reporter: the attorney for seth williams says his client always trusted ali as a friend. ali's lawyer says, he's been cooperating with federal authorities for quite some time now. and accepts responsibility for his own personal tran gregs. ali has a half million home in cul-de-sac in feasterville and a business nearby called what's up beverages. the company sells energy drinks
10:47 pm
worldwide. what's up has a small warehouse and office facility in southampton we gave ali one last chance to speak with us about indicted district attorney seth williams. >> you can talk to my lawyer. >> reporter: why not you? >> i'm on my time. ♪ > >> report sources i was ali is working on police agreement with federal authorities regardin reg tax and bribery charges. he is expected to be a key witness against seth williams when the district attorney's trial starts at the end of may. at the da's office dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. we learned today that seth williams has listed his overbrook farms home for sale. >> the listing advertisers a new roof williams put up through undisclosed in kind political donations on your day door tonight philadelphia has draft fever and the forecast looks pretty good for the thousands
10:48 pm
descending upon the city. kathy orr has the big forecast in 152nd. ♪ in weather tonight cloudy skies in philadelphia but to the north and west we're clearing out fast and at the parkway, we are getting ready right now only about 13 hours away from the nfl draft experience opening and look all the bright lights picture perfect view here at fox 29. the temperature 62 degrees. the high for the day 64. winds out of the south at 3 miles an hour. finally that wind has shifted as that pesky low pressure system is moved out to sea. 61 in wilmington. 61 in millville. 62 in reading. allentown still sitting at 64 degrees. down the shore it's cool with that ocean breeze ocean city 54. inn lapped hammonton only 58.
10:49 pm
57 in wildwood cape may point checking with a mostly cloudy sky and 55 degrees. we're watching as high pressure builds in to the east and skies clear during the overnight period. and then we're watching these showers that will come in late tonight into early friday morning before then we see more warm weather. so the area of low pressure that brought the rain yesterday the clouds today, slowly moves away. temperatures will be boosting around 80 degrees tomorrow and you can see those showers not that far. this storm is so powerful that the cold air wrapping around it is going to bring snow showers and some watches in northern parts of wisconsin fortunately we stay on the very mild side of this storm. so as we go hour by hour we have the clouds out there. those clouds slowly breaking during tomorrow afternoon. we'll see the sun. and then late tomorrow night the rain moves in. during the early morning hours, three, four, five, 6am by 7am friday morning a few spotty showers the skies clear and for the experience on the parkway
10:50 pm
noon on friday you can see lots of sun. temperatures will be rising into the lower to mid 80s for your friday. so overnight tonight, 58. clearing out. some patchy fog is possible winds out of the north becoming southerly. during the day tomorrow as we go hour boy hour for the nfl draft, 7am the temperature in the mid 50s. by the noon hour, when we open up, 70 degrees with a southeasterly wind. by 3:00 o'clock, 78 with a southerly wind kicking in afternoon high temperatures around 80. then by 7:00 p.m. you can see that southeasterly wind with a temperature of 71. even when we close up shot at midnight look at that. it's still 65 degrees. on your seven day forecast looking good. 80s are wild. right through saturday. challengchallenging record warmd turner cooler sunday into next week. great weather for the draft sean really excited about this. >> i love it. kathy, this time tomorrow the eagles will have made their first round draft pick and all the critics will be all over it. we'll take look at a couple possibilities at 14 including
10:51 pm
one that shattering whole lot of stereotypes much that's coming up next in sports. ♪
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♪ nfl draft is finally less
10:54 pm
than a day away. by this time tomorrow the eagles will have their guy and the fans will either absolutely love it or they'll be cursing how woe roseman out. one player to look out for oh corey davis not a guy a lot of people know about. from a western michigan school. smallest school. but the last white wide out to come out of the mack was randy moss. he may be coming from small school but he thinks he can make a good time impact. >> i've always had a chip on my shoulder. coming out of-school i got one offer from a mid american conference school. i thought i deserve more the teams didn't. i took that and ran with it. >> the player you might hear about the most for the eagles is stanford's christian mccaffery a guy that can absolutely do it all i spoke a to a couple of football insiders who thinks owe the perfect player for the eagles decides some stereotypes. >> he had to make break a stereotype. i'll say i he's a white running back. everybody thought he was slow.
10:55 pm
of time you turn on tape he's running past people, around people. you keep telling me tape matters. they haven't caught him yet. >> he's a swiss army 95 a receiver, a running back, a returner and perhaps a perfect fit for the eagles. >> because whatever he does, he does it really well. he runs great pass routes. he catches the football. he's explosive running the ball. more 30-yard gains than any player in college if the ball. is he somebody that comes in and carries the game 25 times a game new york. somebody who touches the football 15 to 17 times a day, yes. and if you add another weapon on thursday night offense what the eagles said all off season we want to surround carson wentz with as many weapons as possible, and christian mccaffery may be the best we were been in this draft. >> to the phillies and marlins. game one was rained out last night the guys back in action today the phils are trying to extend that four hiv game winning streak. third inning phils down by two. bases loade loaded. maikel franco says get that out
10:56 pm
of here. franco delivers in the clutch. his second grand slam of the& season. third of his career. the phils take a four-two lead. now in the eighth phils up fiv five-three. look at that. michael saunders with an upper decker. 421 feet. the phils win seven to four. that's their fifth straight win. so much offense i kind of lot of my breath right there. [ laughter ] >> i can't even speak. >> not used to that. so much offense on the phils. i know. they are terrible last year with the bats. now getting it done. >> sounds good. sean, what's happening -- at 11:00 lucy. >> sometimes children need to know someone out there cares and one local barber is doing that one free haircut at a time. but, there's one small catch. of course we're on top of breaking news out of delaware where state trooper has lost his life trying to protect the community slain in a parking lot. the man who police say murdered him is still hold up. that neighborhood is on lock down. we also have your wake up
10:57 pm
weather and seven day forecast. it's all in the first five minutes. it's a jam packed show. remember your life lottery drawing is next. good luck to you. ♪ hi
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