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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  April 27, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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around the country up to 200,000 extra folks. >> that's a lot of people. i don't want to miss out. i want to be there with the people. >> all right, let's go down to the parkway. now, i have a challenge for you. >> what? >> let's do this in a rocky run style for everybody from out of town. >> you know what? you're on. >> okay. i'll beat you to the art museum. i'll take arch, you take market. >> i'm going to win. here we go. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> i got this. >> no you don't. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> oh! >> i won. i beat you. >> okay. of course that was fantastic. now i can't breathe for the rest of the show. >> fantastic for you. you didn't have to run in heals. and i lost one along the way. >> so happen to see black pump up and down the parkway, it is alex's. >> please it return to fourth and market. >> man, you can run fast, i know you ran track in high school. >> a long time since i had to run like that. >> i'm limping. can you -- did you notice? >> you always walk with a limp. >> little bit. it is my meniscus, i tore it in 99. >> that's your pimp walk. that's how i see. >> well, here for the nnl draft, calling it good day on draft day. >> good day draft day. >> look at the stage. i was not sure yesterday, when
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we were over here, if they would get this ready or not. but looks really good. >> the future is now. that's the theme. the future is starting right here in philadelphia, and we're going to get to know the future for the eagles, right? >> and they have all 32 teams represented. but i have to say, around the fountain here, it is all eagles. it circles this thing, all of the eagles lows ghost, so well represented. >> that's the cool thing about this, even though they have all of the teams reps, still a a lot of eagles, we get the prime spots. >> we will be out here until 10:00. very serious news to talk about with thomas and karen back in the studio. >> speaking of prime spot, they got prime location right there at the foot of the stage. >> eagles are watching them this morning for the number one pick. we will check back with mike anal next just a moment. got to talk about this weather though. >> gorgeous. so amazing. >> really is. there is a huge change in our weather today. so we went from a four on tuesday, five yesterday, to eight today. in your weather number of the clouds, some fog around, do
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not forget your shades today. we haven't needed them in a while. no jacket required with bus stop buddy either. nothing on radar. our temperature at the moment, 60 degrees. so already starting out casino every on the mild side. just about as sunrise time at 6:06. eighty is our high temperature for the penn relays. the nfl draft and the phillies, all that happening today, because it is a day game for the phillies, break all of it down for you and get you through the weekend coming up in the seven day forecast, bob kelly. >> hey, sue, kicking it off on a thursday, with some major problems, coming in from new jersey. 6:04, overturned tractor-trailer. fuel spill. orange juice, all over the roadway. it is the ramps from 42, to go north on 295 anyone, no access to the ramp for 295, need to use route 130, or the new jersey turnpike, because we just talked about the draft experience, the drives, coming into philadelphia, closed, no
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way you are going to get anywhere close to the art museum or that parkway. also, the vine expressway, ramps, to the parkway, are closed through the weekend. that's going to try traffic up. and lays it up, we got the penn relays, specking about 50,000 people into the franklin field, by 10:00 a.m. today. so that's going to bring a lot of extra volume, exiting the schuylkill, at south, at university, and of course, heavy traffic in that franklin field area. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> bob, thank you. we are following this breaking news, new developments out of delaware, where that stand-off is still going on after a state trooper was gun down at wawa while confronting two suspect. that trooper, we know, 32 year old stephen ballard. he's been on the force for eight years, we know that one suspect is in custody, while the man who police say killed him is still holdup in a home. so they are there. now we have learned some new information. >> we've been following this story for the past 18 hours, our steve keeley is near the
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scene this morning, where the suspect is barricaded. steve, what's the latest? >> reporter: well to make it sadder corporal ballard just got married in january we learned. we're in the parking lot where a lot of the gunman's neighbors one of them kindly just made a bagel and coffee run, and they all got together and had what they thought was an odd community breakfast, but all hanging together again at ten after 6:00 this will be 18 hours since corporate stephen ballard died in the line every duty. so that is a long barricade situation. since i last talk to you, we got our first official update about the blast that we have heard all night from neighbors, and i'm on the phone again with sue, whose husband was with me here in the parking lot. and he just left for work after not getting home from work yesterday. so he spent the night here in the parking lot. and he's a loyal employee. he said, hey, who knows when this will end.
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i'm going to work, sue has been stuck in the house alone. she has been our ian ear witness. sue, i know i talk to you briefly before we went on the air. tell our viewers what has been happening say the past hour, if nothing, let them know. >> okay, absolutely nothing. i mean, the sun is coming up, the birds are chirping, and i don't hear or see a thing. >> but before that, from about quarter to 2:00, and specially at 4:00 a.m., for our people just watching us right now, at 6:00 a.m. what happened overnight? >> well around one clock, well at first earlier than that there was an explosion where apparently they sent a robot to the door to send some type of explosive in to break the door down. and the person didn't come out. then at the started about 1:00 t every, maybe, 30 minute, there was about five big explosions.
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and then some little bit of gunfire, and i think honestly there was probably a total of about 20 explosions. some very loud. >> we are seeing some police activity around here again. but again, what the delaware state police have told us, in their latest news release, was at 4:00 a.m., this gunman continued to shoot at the officers trying to talk him out every his house, then they blew out what they said were numerous windows, and those are the blasts you heard, sue, concussion grenades, whatever kind of explosive devices they're using, and again, sue, just to let you know, we are seeing more police going into your area, right now, behind the strip mall where we are less than about quarter mile away from you, sue mentioned to us, for you folks at home, just watching us, that when these blasts were being done by the state police, setting off car alarms, thanks again it, will stay in touch, keep safe, as i said earlier, keep
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down when you hear that gunfire going off. so that explains what she was telling us earlier, she heard gunfire, and the state police confirmed, that it was indeed this guy shooting at them, at 4:00 a.m., and if you do the math, that's 16 hours after the trooper was shot, he is not sleeping either. and he's not giving up. they're not going in, getting any more troopers or local police officers killed. we will keep you updated f we hear anything we'll get right back on the air, guys? >> some tense moments, we wait on any word, steve keel think morning, steve, thank you. >> also ahead this morning, a late night verdict in another trooper tragedy. the sentence handed down to eric frein. >> we need your opinion. no joke, just over a month sexual assault trial bill cosby says he wants to revive his consider career, seriously.
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>> start of the new day, it is draft day on this good day, and we are live, in the center of it all. >> about six hours, that whole area will change, people are going to be out as we kick things off here at noon, but good day philadelphia on the road, we will check back in with mike and alex moment. time 61:00; man convicted of deadly ambush shooting at a pennsylvania state police barracks, has been sentenced to death. >> jurors in the eric frein case deliberated for several hours, before they reached that decision, late last
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night. convicted last week every killing corporate dixon and seriously wounding another trooper, frein's lawyers argued for life sentence without parole. they say they'll tie his case up in appeals, pennsylvania's last execution was carried outweigh back in 1999. >> just like the ooh needed state of america, the nfl draft started right here, in our city. we look back at their shared history.
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>> the time is 6:15, it started to, the pen relation, and the forecast for the next few days is really the forecast for the draft experience, and anything you are doing. 08 degrees today, or close to it, and then, 82, on friday, 88 by saturday, it is hot, it is humid, and we may have pop up thunderstorm or two. today, we have a day game for the phillies, well, just why not? an afternoon game t should and lovely day at the ballpark, but listen, remember that sunscreen today. if you're sunny side of the stadium you get burned pretty quickly. 72 degrees. high pressure in control today. as we go to the seven day forecast, we see after the warm up on sunday, to 88 degrees, we cool down a lot, saturday, i should say, cool down, on sunday, to 72. and we are back up to 80 on monday, but it is a little
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unsettled, sunday, monday, tuesday, of next week. but we will stick with those 80s, bob kelly, for the next couple of days. >> back to the 80s, back to the 80s. >> yes. >> tell you what, though. we got problems on the 42 freeway. 6:16. overturned tractor-trailer, mom always said don't cry over spilled orange juice. tractor-trailer caring orange juice, tipped over on the 42 freeway ram top 295 north. traffic jam coming in toward philadelphia, again, 42 bumper to bumper approaching 295 where there is no access to go north on 295. everybody's forced to go further in toward the city, you can use route 130 northbound, from there, and if you are leaving the house right now, i would use the black horse pike on 68, will give you access to the turnpike, or 295, skyfox on the way, we will take you there the minute that they arrive. of course the draft downtown,
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the drives are closed, approaching the art museum, and of course the ben franklin parkway, all in shut-down mode. gridlock expected today coming through the city ramps closed, back up on the benny. penn relays open up today, they expect about 50,000 in the stadium by 10:00 a.m. this morning. so, all of that extra volume would be exiting the schuylkill at university, and expect delays in and around the franklin field, oh, and by the way, the phillies are going to play some baseball at 10:00, a what do all three of those events have in common? to get there, you use the schuylkill expressway. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> a lot going on, bob, thank you. 6:17. we are following breaking news this morning, officials say a man suspected of links to radical islam shot two police officers on the french islands of reunion, near africa in the indian ocean. we understands two officers from a special intervention force were shot while trying
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to arrest what they're calling dangerous individual. once again the man was subdued and arrested. shooting comes week after police officer was killed in paris, in an attack claimed by the islamic state group. >> 6:18. bill cosby says he's working on new material, and he's hoping to review, revive, his comedy career. cosby revealed that while speaking to some select media outlets he made that announce: seventy-nine years old, been mostly quiet ever since his arrest in 2015. he's pleaded not guilty to drugging and sexually assaulting this woman, andrea constand, in his montgomery county home back in 2004. he also revealed to some national newspaper publishers that he suddenly lost his vision two years ago. >> time now 6:18. on this thursday morning, it is a big day, the day we've been waiting for, the nnl draft what a better way to kick off the party than with mike analling. >> one of the best seats in the entire house, so impressive where you guys are, guys. >> you know, karen, i'm not sure we're supposed to be
6:19 am
here. sso hopefully the nfl people aren't watching. >> hopefully. we don't exactly have seats, standing on concrete. you know who does have seats? >> who? >> look over there. is that the nfl network and espn? >> yes, nfl network has a little boot, espn, if there are any employees left, they have a boot. >> oh,. >> but they're up close, because this is their thing, but, you know? >> you know what? we're here in philly. this is our thing too. we're the ones hosting it and getting it together. >> you can't even see the art museum. so they put up fake columns. you see the fake columns back there, tom, they put up fake art museum. why didn't they tear this down and use the real art museum? >> too much equipment. maybe they like their equipment better. >> so much tv. block the museum, then put up fake museum. >> pretty good fake though. >> i like it a lot. >> if they were going to do knock office, i would go to them. >> i think philly will be very proud. >> i think so too.
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cool experience, glad it opens up today at noon, so come check it out. all morning long we will be telling you the different things you can do, bring the kids, a lot of interactive things you. >> know where karen would hang out and thomas, too, if they were here? >> where? >> behind us. hey, kit kat, looks like a vang. did they take your furniture? >> that's the vip tent. >> that means we will never be out here. >> we'll be outside, here on the concrete. >> we are just getting started here, see you at 7:00 for the full blown show. >> i love it. i think those are the real art museum steps, columns may be fake but i think they wanted them on the history making stems right there. thank you for being right there. >> true, but they won't go up the steps, they go down the steps. which is a little different. but we take it. oh, look, there is our truck. yes, maybe we will get a chair! >> oh, look. his face is his rsvp. >> just might be on the air by 7:00. that's our satellite truck. see you guys. >> oh, good, we'll have a set
6:21 am
up. >> of course with the spotlight on the nfl draft here in philadelphia, the phillies want to make sure you don't forget about them. how they extended their winning streak against the marlins last night. >> i think they have 14-dollar tickets, if you have the 14th pick in the draft.
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bell. finally draft day baby eagles have the 14th overall pick in the nnl draft. and who ever they pick can come in and make an impact right away. but before the guys through it on the feel, they have to do it off. yesterday the top players visited shriners hospital and gave some cheer to all of the kids, reddick out of temple, camden native, will be first round drift pick. he knows the importance of giving back. >> for me, a person like me, i believe that god is blessing me. so to be able to come back and give, and be a bless to go other people, you know, that is the only thing that, you know, it feels like that's what needs to be done. >> nickel franco with the bomb, phils take four-two lead.
6:25 am
phils up five-three, michael sanders huge shot. upper decker. phils go onto win seven to four, that's sports in a minute, i'm sean bell. >> 6:25 is the time. day before the draft is obviously very exciting one for all of the sport network, but yesterday this is what mike was allude willing to, pretty dark day for espn. >> network announcing big changes and laid off more than 100 workers, many of them prominent on air personalities, popular writers including ed, frank, jason stark. the sportsnet work, it has been struggling as more viewers are cutting the cord, and as contract with sports leagues keep ongoing up. espn has lost about 10 million subscribers, during the past six years, it is based on estimates by neilson media research. >> all right, giving you good news, weather will be amazing on this day. sue? >> yes, this is first time, we haven't had rain to show you on radar at all. but, it is not going to be an entirely rain free weekend.
6:26 am
we will time it out for you, coming up in your weather authority forecast. steve? >> reporter: well, the sun has risen for day two of this gunman down in delaware, suspected of assassinate ago trooper. and he's been shooting at police as late as 4:00 a.m. this morning. as we watch, with people wait to go get back into their homes, in this parking lot about quarter mile away.
6:27 am
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>> breaking right now, terrified neighbors wait as
6:29 am
explosions rock the night. suspected cop killer is barricaded inside a home in middletown, delaware this morning. we will take you back live to the scene. >> and we have another big story. the draft, it is here, 200,000 people flock to see the future stars of the nfl. live this morning with mike analling. >> like the united states the draft started right here in our city. we will look back at their shared history. >> good day, also take your kids to work day, a lot of people are excited about that, getting them dressed around want to get in a good mood. >> see one popping up here and there, you know why. let's go taught mike anal text kicks things off for the big nfl draft day. hey, guys? >> that explains so much. i was wondering why there were kids in the news room at like 4:00 in the morning, now i get. >> i thought they were taking our jobs. >> not as bad as espn now for sure. >> you keep making the espn jokes.
6:30 am
>> i feel bad tore them. a lot of them are friends of ours. the giant theater here blocking the art museum, all happening tonight when the draft starts. >> exactly. that's where as you say a man will walk up and announce some names. >> roger goodel will announce 32 names, then go home. >> and there will be some booing. >> there will be. >> there will be booing. but, if you're bringing the kids out, it is more than that stage. >> yes. >> the theater. look at the nfl experience. >> it is to truly is an experience, they have all kinds of things, you can try out, play some football, do some drills, they have the locker rooms you can go up to. they have these oversized helmets you can play with. uniforms, you can stand behind, and stats. >> yes. >> there is so much you can do seriously. >> now, we've been wondering, trying to choose the, of course, all about vips, seriously. >> big events like there is you want to get in those vip areas so you can meet all of the cool folks. >> i want to hang out i in vip north. we have two options, guys, vip north and then there is vip
6:31 am
south. so, if someone were to walk up to you now you know what i have two tickets, one for north, one for south. which one do you think would be the better option? vip north or vip south? >> i i'd lived in the north a long time, i'm going north. >> question of the day. so let us know, which one would you pick? i think i want to go south. >> she grew up in dallas. >> but, south. >> sure, ya. >> can you hear the chopper? >> yes. >> i mean, this is starting to get a lot of activity out here. so we will see you at 7:00. >> thank you, guys, looks exciting. and the weather will be amazing for this one, so all pumped up nor. >> we are flirting this morning, sue, flirting with the zero eight? >> i tell you, whew, the timing, if this had been tuesday's weather remember how awful it was with the rain? little fog in someplace this is morning, but not big deal. in jacket required. bus stop buddy also has the sunglasses, and he's so excited about the phillies, five games in a row, they won. we will watch this area of rainout to the west. but it looks like it will time out that it won't rain until late tonight, so we do have
6:32 am
some clouds around this morning. it is 61 degrees, we just hit our sunrise at 6:06. sunset is at 7:52. so for the penn relays, the draft, the phillies game, all of that, a high close to or maybe even reaching 80 degrees. bob kelly, we've been waiting tore this for a long time. >> we've bin -- been waiting. live look, at the closure of the 42 ramps to 295. and overturned tractor-trailer spilled its load of orange juice and fuel this morning, what we are looking at here is the clean-up operation, there is the scene of the accident and the fuel spill and the orange juice, all over the roadway, so let's go to the maps. right now, this is causing gridlock for folks trying to get into philadelphia, off the 42 freeway, and 295. your best bet, from the neighborhoods, use the black horse pike, that will connect you with 295 and the turnpike, route 130 is a good option,
6:33 am
even the new jersey turnpike north. now, we got talcony palmyra bridge in the middle of an opening right now, so we're stacked on both sides. as we've been mentioning, the drives are closed coming in toward philadelphia. spring garden, all of the cross streets closed on the ben franklin parkway. the penn relays, they expect 50,000 people by 10:00 a.m., at franklin field, and already starting to see the jams, exiting the schuylkill at 30th, you'll see jams exiting at south, and if there was ever a day to try mass transit, today's the day. the subway, market frank forwards, the regional rails, even if you're not going to the three events we've been talking about, just to get to work, it is going, mass transit, the train ride, is the way to go. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> just learned officers came under fire while trying to get the man who allegedly shot and killed trooper stephen ballard yesterday an at a wawa. >> do have team coverage, jenny joyce at the wawa in
6:34 am
bear, that's where police arrested one of the suspect yesterday. right to steve squeal any middletown where the other suspect is still barricaded, steve? >> well i have got even more sad news for you, i can tell that you a teenage girl, shot and killed last night, three murders in two days down here in delaware, we talked about, how a violent year has been, already, for wilmington in addition to the trooper being killed. so just terrible news coming here that's 16 murders for wilmington this year, compare that to camden, little bit bigger than wilmington in terms of population, three murders. >> they're waiting to get back in some who came here from work yesterday, daniel, turn, show them the school bus, i'll stop talking, a lot of the resident fear there is a public school right behind us, and they're figuring the school will have to announce
6:35 am
sooner areolate their they can't open today. you can see the road to get into the school is closed but we just saw bus leaving. maybe that's a sign that they're going to try to have school near this where they had the schools in lockdown yesterday. nothing changed. we learned from state police, that this gunman was still shooting, sue one steet over from the gunman kind enough to give us eyewitness and ear witness updates all night, sue, from the viewers still down, 65:30 half hour, what happened outside your door starting 1:00 a.m. today? >> robot up to the door, busted the door down. apparently that didn't work. they waited a couple hours, 1:00 a.m., started continuous, like, explosion. very loud explosions, like three in a row.
6:36 am
and then kitchen you will meant go by, more explosions and gunshots i would hear. i heard them on the bullhorn, couldn't really make out what they were saying. and then maybe half hour go by, and it would start up again. i would say it all-in-all between one and four, there was probably about 20 explosions. >> and again, nothing since could you see orer?. that >> nothing, i don't hear anything, i don't see anything, like i said, my view is a little obstructed by a house. >> but i just don't hear anything. i was hearing the cops, police officers, you know, talking on the bullhorn. but quiet as anything right now. >> sue thanks once again. totally insane as another neighbor told us, and it was non-stop, and it was terrifying, those are her
6:37 am
words. >> what we learn from the police, they confirm sue and the other neighbors saying 4:00 a.m. this guy shooting at them, they blew out, numerous windows are mediators, the police on bullhorns, but nothing, since it got light out after birrage of explosions just past 4:00 a.m. so, we, like these people here, who are stuck out of their home, are trying to wait this out, and police who may be thinking they're waiting this guy out there is guy obviously is loaded with lot of ammo, who has been reloading, because he's been firing at cops since they first traced him to his family's house here, in the suburb, just after the trooper was murdered at ten afternoon yesterday. so we are coming up on our 17 -- hour 17, and 18, and 19, and no ends in site from police. we haven't seen a lot of activity from our vantage point either, but staying in
6:38 am
touch with everybody, just grim news though with that 17 year old teenage girl, also, being killed, last night in wilmington. so it is getting worse down here in delaware. >> this is one of the situation that is really hurt your heart and emotions are running so high right now, after that trooper's death. >> when you hear the news it, touches you to the core, as we mourn the officer, the trooper, jenny joyce in bear, delaware, with more this morning, jenny? >> we did see a man stop by, he didn't know corporate ballad personally, but this is a person, a man who served this community, this should not happen there is lost the life. take a look here at growing memorial, outside of this wawa, where corporal ballard lost his life yesterday. also have some video from yesterday as mourners watch the body of fallen delaware still police corporate stephen ballard was escorted from christianna hospital, by his
6:39 am
brothers and sisters in blue, people stood by and watched, hats off, and hands over their heavy hearts after losing 32 year old man dedicate today public service, police say corporate ballard was shot, at a wawa on pulaski highway in bear after stopping to check out a suspicious vehicle that suspect still impacting the safety of a community involved in a active booming barricade situation in middletown as steve talk b hoo home came out yesterday to pay their respect toss corporal ballard say this lost hurt. >> we lost an officer, so it just hit real close to home. just hurt for their family, and the other officers, i know how hard it is. >> so sad, when someone who is thereto protect us get taken out by some punk and murdered,
6:40 am
what else do you call it? >> corporal ballard eight and a half year veteran of the delaware state police force in memory of the fallen trooper, governor carney ordered all flags be flown as half staff until further notice. karen, thomas? >> jenny, thank up, we will continue to stay on top of this one. >> time 6:40. "tmz" posting new video showing philadelphia native patti labelle being confronted by anti-fur protester. >> this all happened at book signing, up in new york city, and according to "tmz," there was group of people, you can see them, these are the people, they pose as fans initially, pretending they want add picture being then they whipped out those signs and they began their chant. >> chanting patti labelle has blood on her hand. they eventually kicked out the protesters. something similar recently happened to kelly roland and kylie jenner at the very same location. >> time 6:40.
6:41 am
it all began right here in our city of philadelphia. the country started, and so did the draft. did you know there is a unique connection between the built of the nfl draft and the city of brotherly love. >> and be careful on the road, new study put pennsylvania and new jersey near the bottom. it annual ranking. us drivers. to protect our families and our civil rights. he's represented black lives matter, occupy wall street, and parents protesting the closing of schools. larry krasner will reform the criminal justice system, ending a war on drugs and the era of mass incarceration that targets poor and minority communities. because justice makes us safer. not just talking the talk, walking the walk. larry krasner, democrat for district attorney.
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>> what are you two doing here? take your kids to work day. this is sheal a and logan, good morning. now, their mom, tanya, works with us in the morning, she is our morning producer. what time did you get up this morning? >> 9:45 p.m. >> oh, you got up p.m. in order to be ready to come to work with mom? that's what time your mom normally gets up, right? now did she show you the snack machines on the second floor yet? >> someone was inside of it? >> come on, you girls stand over here, stand right over here. it is take your kids to work day. wake your kids up. my kids all excited to come to work until i told them they had to get up at 2:00 a.m. to come to work. now, forget that idea. we got that overturned tractor-trailer, common, going for a ride. skyfox over the scene of the ramp where it occurred, earlier this morning. the tractor-trailer was caring a load of oranges, orange juice, and huge delay new
6:45 am
jersey into philadelphia, not something we want on a day in which we have three major events here, in town. the pen re lays, they expect 50,000 people, at franklin field, by 10:00 a.m. here is a live look at the schuylkill, look, already back up here, exiting at south street, probably only get about ten, 12 cars at a time, turning in, to university city. and here we go, we got the nll draft on the parkway, mike and alex down there live all morning long, lays them up. we got the penn relays at franklin field, oh, let's just throw in a phillies game. 10:00, a what's the forecast like for all three of these outdoor events? sue has it in 15 seconds.
6:46 am
>> finally, moving up to the northeast, watching this system, which look like it will time out pretty nicely, then will come through in the overnight hours, yes, we expect some rain, maybe into the early part of tomorrow, but if you're just going to get out of dodge, avoid all of it, down the shore, friday, saturday, sunday, not bad. specially friday and saturday. we could get a shower, and it will cool down on sunday in the 60s, but 70s, friday, saturday. but the ocean water temperature still chilly 52 degrees. and the aforementioned phillies game, bob just talked about it, 1:00 today, about 72 e begins with the marlins, bring your sunscreen. so to sum up the weekends with all that's going on, 80 today, 82 tomorrow, 88 saturday. cooling down to the 70s
6:47 am
tuesday and wednesday of next week. so so far, so good for draft time. >> oh, it will be great day, sue. thank you. >> nfl draft, the day we've been waiting for, i'm snacking on a cracker, and you have your egg salad. >> i bet they have amazing future out there. in the thick of all of the action. >> hey, guys. you're on. >> we're talking to security. >> security tight, just say that. >> it is tighter than my pant. >> so if you come here, you should feel safe. by the way if you do come here i would suggest going down to what 21st street, 21st and the parkway. go through metal detectors, then the rest of the parkway all the way up to the art museum. careful. i think they said no selfie sticks, no back packs, careful what you bring. pat light.
6:48 am
>> these may be the last day for the shoes, but i ran all the way over here. watch it at 7:00. if you didn't see the open to the show we did at 6:00 we will run it again. >> people already talking about it. >> they say that i run like phebe from france, anyway, you should see how the nfl has taken over philadelphia. see these lightposts, we see them every day. they actually knock down, well, didn't knock them out, took them out, about four, five of them, so it wouldn't block the shots. covered what was left. >> that's attention to detail. >> don't want anything blocking the. who. then the fountains, either side of the statue here, in front of the art museum, beautiful, right? well, when they make the announcement, when the guys find out what team they're going to, these fountains will change colors, to correspond with that team. >> exactly. >> when the eagles make their pick look for eagles green to be the watt their. >> what's i guess each team has about ten minutes on the clock or something like that?
6:49 am
lights up there shine over on to the water and put for that ten minute, yes, the colors of the team, that's on the clock. >> that's cool. >> that's very cool. like you said, they pay attention to detail. we will keep giving you all of the details that you can experience when you come out here to the nfl experience. >> andre at security guard, from landmark, has told us to move back. >> oh, she's going toward our set up over there. >> time is 6:49. >> we know is impacting your commute, especially if you live in the area. may not know: we have very long history, with the draft right here in philadelphia. >> so our thomas sredenschek is reporting for philadelphia, the event, date back to the 1930's, check it out.
6:50 am
>> philadelphia may be the birth place of america, but it is also the birth place of the nfl draft. >> players went where ever they wanted succession full teams, more money, dominated the nfl landscape, the bears, the redskins, its zero the giant, the greenbay packers. eagles owner burt bell, would one day become the nfl commissioner, found his beloved eagles weren't competitive. couldn't sell tickets, and bert bell was losing money. times haven't changed that much, have they? first players selection meeting as it was called then was held at the ritz carlton, right here in philadelphia, in 1936.& there were no scouts at the time, players were drafted in the nine rounds, based on newspaper reports, and word of mouth. the first player ever drafted was by bell and the eagles. heisman trophy winner, jay.
6:51 am
ironically after fighting just to get a draft, bert bell traded his rights to the bears. >> ritz carlton wasn't the only place to host a draft in philadelphia. over the years, the bellevue stratford hosted it eight times, how about the warwick hotel six times, even the philadelphia racket club for one year. back in 1950. the nfl draft hasn't been in philadelphia since 1961. >> it is happening in our house, i think we will be pretty proud. >> things kick off at noon today, we will check back in with mike and alex in just a moment. >> driving in traffic, honk, honk, i had someone yell at me so meanly the other day. drivers in pennsylvania, they're terrible. >> sore bye that. >> and new jersey they're not any better. was that you? >> it was me. >> all right. so, we will tell you where specifically, we rang, it is not good.
6:52 am
>> but first, following breaking news this morning, steve keeley? >> okay, we will have an update on the situation out in delaware, once again. officers coming under fire this morning, while trying to get the man who allegedly shot and killed trooper stephen ballard yesterday at a wawa. there is the trooper right there. one suspect we know in custody, the other remains barricaded inside his middletown home. we have live team coverage coming up in just a moment. go to protect your vehicle?
6:53 am
6:54 am
i'm on it. ♪ ♪ ♪ weathertech. made right, in america kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
6:55 am
whatever. >> welcome back, drivers here, you may want to take a refresher driver course on how to drive. >> so there is an app it, ranked the state's driving habits, let's just say it is not looking good for pennsylvania and new jersey. pennsylvania drivers ranked as some of the worse in the nation, the state coming in at 48 out of 50, when it comes to driving habits. new jersey, didn't fair much better. came in at 47. the ever drive safe driving report based it list on data from the company's app. well, pittsburgh, tide new york city for the city with the worse driving habits, montana, with population of seven, and the best driving, in rhode island, had the worse. >> seriously, 47th, 48th, when you think -- >> not that bad, new jersey has some of the highest insurance rates, and it keeps ongoing up.
6:56 am
drive safe please for the sake of our insurance. >> exactly 6:55 right now. >> a lot of breaking news that's happening. out to steve keeley, steve? >> approaching 19 hours since the delaware state trooper assassinated as close as we can get to where the suspected gunman has been hold up in a house and still firing guns and ammo at police as they try to talk him out as late as 4:00 a.m., we will talk to an eyewitness stuck in her house just a block away whether we see you next.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> i'm petrified. i'm petrified. just, like i said, no respect, for a police officer any more. >> we are live, as police work to resolve this bad situation. draft day, on good day, is finally here. it is a big, big day for our city and our team. who will the eagles take with their first pick? tonight, we find out. let's go to the parkway. >> ♪ >> ♪
7:00 am
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