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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  April 27, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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thanks for joining us tonight on five. i'm iain page live along the parkway. >> i'm lucy noland. of course, philadelphia, iain new york city stranger to the draft, right? held the first way back in 1936 and look at you now you've got 200,000 of your closest friends with you. >> i know, right. things have changed, right, lucy back then they held the draft at the ritz carlton now we've got at least 200,000 people down there. they've come from all across the country we've been down here for a couple of hours. they've been pouring in anticipating this big day, of course, the draft gets underway 8:00 o'clock tonight. so we're less than three hours away. eagles will pick 14th. so we've got cast of characters down here and we'll be here all through the newscast lucy for now let's get right back to you. >> fantastic. we'll see in you just few minutes, iain. we begin tonight with the developing story of new details in the murder of a delaware state police trooper. we now know more tonight about the corporal the family man stot shot and killed in the line of duty outside a wawa in bear. corporal stephen ballard was a
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husband, father, a hero something not lost on his supervisor who broke down while talking about his dedication. >> the acts of stephen yesterday exemplified the dedication that he brought to the citizens of delaware. >> so tough. tonight the man police say shot and killed corporal ballard then barricaded himself inside a home in middletown is dead. he died in shootout with police this morning outside that home that he had been inside of for nearly 20 hours. repeatedly firing shots at police they say keeping a neighborhood on lock down that entire time. right now neighbors are back in their homes in that middletown area. investigators say the gunman killed corporal stephen bala at the bear wawa then took off hold up inside his family's home in middletown just past 9:00 a.m.
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this morning he came out of the house and got into a shootout where he died. fox 29 twine's jeff cole is live at delaware state trooper barracks in glasgow this eveni evening. jeff? >> reporter: lucy they're trying to figure out why stephen ballard died such a quick and violent attack by 26-year-old with criminal history the big question tonight, is why this young state trooper had to die? >> corporal stephen ballard's cruiser now sits in front of troop two glasgow his home base. his hat rests on its hood with a flower. >> the acts of stephen yesterday exemplified the dedication -- >> reporter: fellow troopers struggle with their grief the grizzly details his killing emerge. >> this is a very sad day. i stand before you with an aching heart, a heart that aches for corporal ballard, his wife
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his daughter, his family. just afternoon in the lot of the wawa in bear ballard approaches a red dodd charger appearing suspicious two men inside. he asked 26-year-old burgon sealy to get out of the passenger side. he does. they struggle sealy pulls a handgun and fires. >> corporal ballard immediately went to the ground the suspect then fired multiple rounds at close range again striking him in the upper body. >> sealy flees in gray honda calling his family to tell them of his crime. he arrives at the family home in suburban middletown. his family alerts police who spend the night using explosives to gain entry. sealy fires at police military style copters arrive as do men in military gear. just after 9:00 this morning sealy with a criminal history in florida emerges from the house weapon in hand. >> at 9:17am the armed suspect exited the residence engaged
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police. he was then shot by law enforcement. >> reporter: thursday morning, in the middletown neighborhood looks like a military end camp while neighbors have returned home. >> to simply put it, it was a nightmare and with the families that were involved especially the officer that lost his life. he wanted to be the governor some day. and he had the type of personality and the drive that he could have accomplished that goal. >> reporter: while police remember their dedicated colleague with a mega what the smile. now in a press conference this afternoon police provided very little information asked if seay had military style weapons they said he was well armed. asked if sealy had been radicalized in any way, they said they were still investigating. live in delaware, i'm jeff cole. more on all this at 6:00 o'clo 6:00 o'clock. >> we'll check back in with you. thank you jeff. the corp. murder of corporal ballard hitting members of the community very hard. tribute is growing outside what the what where he was gunned down. dozens of people are leaving flowers and messages and
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momentos outlined in a banner of american flags and a heart. while they did not know the corporal personally, many of them, all of them are saying they are equally saddened by his death. >> he was out here protecting our neighborhood. just really hit so close to home. i just feel really bad. i just wanted to come out and show a little support. >> another human being that's trying to keep us safe in the state of delaware. >> i live in maryland but i ride by here every day going to work, and it's just awful. just awful. >> witnesses tell it was wawa customer who's jumped in to try to safe corporal ballard performing cpr. memorial fund is now set up for his wife and his five-year-old daughter. you can find a link to that on our web page and remember any time news breaks, you will find it on the other big story we're following, of course, the nfl draft. live look at the parkway. completely shut down to traffic
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but, man, jammed with people. our iain page is in the middle of all that act. it's kind of like wear's waldo. there you are. i can see you were a little itty bitty dot amongst the crowd. >> if you were down here it is incredible down here. there's probably at least several hundred thousand people down here talking expecting about 200,000 people to come down here on the parkway. i'm 6-foot three this stage behind me is colossal putting it up for last week or so it's all going to happen tonight. that's where the eagles pick is going to happen. the 14th pick tonight it all& gets underway 8:00 o'clock. but we have got so many people out here on the parkway, okay, people coming from all over the country. you got eagles fans. everybody wants to be a part of this huge event so score one for philadelphia because we are showing off our best this iconic ben franklin parkway fort nfl draft experience f you're a fan and you come down here to philly and you wanted to something fun we got lost if you things for you to do. let's bring in chris o'connell part of that experience. chris? >> reporter: iain, the draft
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actually doesn't start for another three hours but the party, the nfl experience for the fans has been going on since noon. take a look at the parkway there. hundreds of thousands of people expected in town for the three-day event. as you hear -- >> e-a-g-l-e-s! >> we got the eagles chant going on but we got plenty of other fans take a look at video. plenty to do. i've been down here for the past couple of days seeing the setup here and they've been a lot of people asking me, should we bring the family down? well, just take a look what they're going to experience when they come down here. i would say a resounding yes. the weather is going to be g it's hot. it is actually gorgeous but right now it is taking shape. there's tons to do. lots of activities. nfl spent $20 million on this footprint here on the ben franklin parkway. 25 football fields worth of fun, and it all started at noon today. let's bring you back out here now. as we see all kinds of fans.
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we got san francisco fans and we got -- never mine. we got some eagles fans here. whose your favorite. >> um, carson wentz. >> carson wentz. my man. >> last year, number one pick we'll see who the eagles pick. we'll fine out hopefully before the 10:00 o'clock news. we'll have that pick and reaction from all the craziness down here at the celebration. lucy, back to you. chris, thank you very much. we have got a lot of eagles fans down here as well that's really what a lot of eagles fans are coming down here to fine out chris everyone out here. who are the eagles going to draft at number 14. a lot of buzz about that. for more on that let's bring in ron burke on the red carpet. ron. >> thanks iain. at the top of the art museum steps there's electricity building as the fans are waiting to see the luminaries make their way down the red carpet. big night. many of these players here they're names called tonight watch the draft as youngsters
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and coming through the years as football players and now they're on the cusp of becoming professionals. and one player who could be drafted tonight defensive back from usc has gone so far to rehearse what he will do if his name is called. >> i've been practicing every day. sit in the mirror practicing how i'm going to stand up, button up my suit. i'm excited to see what's going on and what's going to happen when my name is called. i'm just going to soak everything in right now. >> reporter: this is great because lives are going to change think about the eagles players who played in put down roots in philadelphia as adults and continued to be a part of the community. well a lot of these players will do the same thing in their respective city. just don't know where that is yet. iain. >> exactly, ron. of course a lot of these fans out here on the parkway and watching all across the country will be wondering who are eat guess going to pick at number 14. of course last year we got our franchise quarterback in carson wentz. here's some of the eagles fans. let's zen it back to you.
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>> sounds like a big old party. iain check back in in a little bit. fox 29 weather authority is key right now. beautiful day for a draft or to go down the shore. live look at wildwood if you're looking to escape the crowded scene in the city this weekend. isn't that nice? maybe you're staying right here and plan to check out the nfl today. experience on the parkway. because there's so much going on. thank goodness the weather is cooperating kathy? >> unbelievable, lucy. looks like so much fun down there, doesn't it. >> it does. >> wow! amazing down the shore little bit cooler today. but that won't be the case tomorrow. as we'll have a westerly wind it's pretty warm in philadelphia. temperatures are still around 80. as go hour by hour tonight though for the draft draft cast if you'll be out tonight 74 at 7:00 p.m. after sunset we cool it down into the 60s but it's still a little humid out there. that will hold the warmth in. winds out of the southeast at seven by 9:00 p.m. and by 11:00 o'clock tonight, still in the 60s. it's going to be mild with
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southerly wind the temperature 67 degrees. now, right now, we're still looking at some warmth. 80 in allentown. 80 in reading. 78 degrees in lancaster. 71 in wilmington. look at these winds out of the south. definitely cooler down the shore as those numbers are only in the 50s and 60s. ultimate doppler showing some showers. these move through early tomorrow morning. so tomorrow cloudy to start at least near records in our futu future. and some storms to talk about. summertime storms lucy. we'll talk more about that warmth coming up later in the broadcast. >> okay. talk to you very soon, kathy. happening right now, a murder investigation in wilmington. hate happened along the 900 block of kirkwood street just before 10:00 last night. police say they found 16-year-old tie meisha shot over and over. she died at the hospital. so far no arrests. after the dragging seen around the world on united airlines flight, why the lawyer for the man in the video is now praising the airline. and the school bell will
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ring later at a local school district. the surprising reason or maybe not so surprising that the district made its decision. and a crocodile lurking. why this guy made life a little difficult for some people just trying to do their jobs. and get ready for more delays. oh, joy. why new jersey transit is warning its passengers to, well, you know what we always say, pack your patience. ♪ question, and be honest...
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♪ how about this? another live look along the ben franklin parkway. thousands of people pouring in to this great venue down here.
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this is one of the reasons that philadelphia is such a great host city for big events like this. the papal visit here and of course the nfl draft. this is a huge reason why philadelphia was one of the host cities because iconic view of the parkway as you look along there and you zoo those hundreds of thousands of people as we get ready for the nfl draft. we're under three hours away. one of the unique things about this year the fact it will be all outdoors and the weather is beautiful. we're back with more but right now let's send it back to you lucy. >> absolutely perfect weather. we'll talk to you soon iain happening right now students and local school district can rejoice. they're going to be able to sleep a little later as of next year. the unionville chadds ford school district in chester county will be one of the very first in the area to change its start time. now the district's pointing to research that says it is just plain better for students. our dawn timmeney joins us with more. dawn, you know what, i'm thin thinking parents might like to sleep in little bit, too. >> reporter: i think you're right about that. we both have teenagers and we know it's often difficult to get them up in the morning.
5:16 pm
and astute student at unionville high school decided to see why and then he took it upon himself to see if he could change the district's policy. he found out science was on his side. >> unionville high school senior matthew daniels has been working on changing the time school starts since he was a freshman. >> it happened so organically. looking around the classroom. my one friend was sleeping on the desk. another kid was drinking a red bull. we're all tired. >> reporter: he sat on county wide student forum. teenagers need a later start time because of changes to their biological clock research shows. >> most of us think i'm just tired. our parents say kids should go to bed earlier but in fact it's actually the science in our rhythm that's dictating these patterns. by the time you actually get tired it's so late and having to wake up even before the sun is up. >> reporter: american academy pediatrics actually recommends students start their school day no earlier than 8:30 citing academic and health benefits. the district act thank you very
5:17 pm
muching there are challenges with busing, sports and aft school activities. it decided moving the start time to 8:00 o'clock for high school and middle school students was a good compromise. >> there are a lot of moving parts but we've been looking at this for over a year now. where is it going to be easy? where is it going to be challenging? we think we have a good plan to make that work. roar report many are for the change. >> i think it's a great idea. >> the later the better for me. i know my kids it's hard to get them to sleep. >> we'll be getting up later as well which is fine because we're getting 5:30 as toys get them out the door and teenagers they're just tired. >> reporter: dennis mccartney lives in nearby school district that's considering a change. he doesn't like the idea. >> i think the kids are acclimated to the schedules they have now. all of the sports revolve around it. i don't mean to sound harsh but i think our kids or coddle add little too much these days. >> reporter: retired unio unionville teacher fred, thinks it's malarky. >> i used to teach seniors and i don't believe that it's going to
5:18 pm
make one drop of difference. the kids that were late before are going to be still late. >> reporter: matt and some fellow students presented their finding to the school board. and they got it done this week the school board voted in yes to move the start of the school day 25 minutes later next school year this will result in juggling for working parents and students who have after school jobs but the district really believes it is in the best interest of students. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, dawn. jurors deciding the fate of camden county man accused of taking his son went to the field scene where the police dog discover the three year's old body in 2015 along the banks of cooper river in a wooded area of haddon township. prosecutors are trying to show the little boy could not have walked there alone. they say his father dumped him there. prosecutors questioned a detective about the condition of brandon's socks which were cle clean. the detective testified that during the investigation they had another child walk the trail to prove socks would get dirty. >> what were the condition of
5:19 pm
the socks the child was wearing when she arrived down at the creek? >> they were dirty and wet. >> and was there any damage to the fabric itself? >> yeah, they were frayed on the bottom from what i'm assuming from shuffling when the child was walking. >> prosecutors say creato kill his son because his teenaged girlfriend did not like childr children. she face nos charges. creato says he didn't. that his little boy wandered off alone. the gunman who ambushed two pennsylvania state troopers at their barrack killing one now faces the death penalty. eric frein showed no emotion as the judge formally sentenced him today. jurors decided he should receive a lethal injection for the 2014 ambush shooting in the pocono mountains. the same jury convicted frein of killing corporal brian dixon and critically wounding trooper alex douglas. shortly after the sentencing state police released a statement that reads in part...
5:20 pm
philadelphia police say he's the ringleader behind a massive bike ride on the 59 stress way they've got him now they're holding him on list of misdemeanor charges including disorderly conduct and obstructing the highway. police say he organized this wild scene on 676 last saturday. dozens of teenagers road their bicycles on the highway as part of a birthday celebration. now state police say this was no party. it was just a dangerous stunt. >> they rode their bikes in the lane of traffic which is extremely dangerous. not only to the riders but also the motoring public that are on 676. >> police say it is illegal to ride your bike on highway for all those obvious reasons. they take it very seriously. at least four other teens now face charges in connection with the ride. more arrests could come. after that dragging that people saw worldwide, why the lawyer for the man in the video is now praising united airlines.
5:21 pm
and a barrista is recovering after nearly losing her arm. the accident that has her thankful just to be with us today.
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united airlines settle add lawsuit with a man dragged off an over booked flight the terms of the settlement are confidential. united endured huge backlash after video showed airport police violently removing david dao from the flight earlier this month in chicago. he ended up with all kinds of injuries including a broken no nose. did ao was one of four passengers united selected to boot for the flight to make room for its own crew. the airline admitted to making several mistakes and now his attorney is praising the airline for settlement. >> fox 29 investigates a couple signed on to rent a philadelphia home but never moved in because their landlord wanted to make a last minute change to the lease. turns out that landlord has a pass that includes a role in major state corruption scandal. jeff cole and fox 29 investigates had a number of questions for him. that's what he told me.
5:25 pm
>> reporter: he already signed a lease and gave you 1400 and then you come with at den dumb how can you not give him the 1400 back. >> i have no first time comment. >> do you owe taxes on that property? >> he did have more to say when asked about his rental license and work done on the home and you can watch jeff's full report all kinds of fireworks tonight on fox 29 news at 10:00. so firefighters battling a house fire got some unwanted attention from pretty big crocodile. 13 footer this is australia and these firefighters ran into the backyard of this home in the darwin suburbs and ran right in to the crock. the flames destroyed the house. did not seem to bother the crock at all, though. >> it's well contained. completely unaffected by fire. he seem quite happy to look at me as i was checking the premises. >> wildlife experts say crocodiles are rare in the suburbs but crock numbers have exploded across australia since they became protected after decades of hunting.
5:26 pm
a new jersey police officer stopping for a quick bite when little girl treated him to lunch and the reason most likely break and then just melt your heart. kathy orr, not that we're melting in these temperatures. the temperatures are great. >> it's even warm inside right now. >> yeah it is. >> a few showers quickly moving toward the delaware alley i'll show what that means for tomorrow. plus we'll look at temperatures racing toward 90. iain is that hot enough? [ laughter ] >> that's not hot enough for meme beautiful out here on the parkway, kathy. i thank you for this weather. everyone is having a great time. we'll have more from our draft coverage here an little and sight on maybe who the eagles pick at number 14. don't go away.
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♪ the excitement continues to build out here on the ben franklin parkway. people continue to pour in out here as they're awaiting for the start of the nfl draft. of course it gets underway 8:00 o'clock tonight. last year it was no doubt who the eagles were going to take move up to number two and pick carson wentz. there's lot of speculation and talk about who they'll take this year at number 14. howard eskin will have more on that when our draft coverage continues from out here on the parkway in just few minutes. lucy, back to you. >> thank you very much, iain. happening right now, heart-warming story out of new jersey.
5:30 pm
all began with a young girl who went out of her way to thank a police officer. turns out she has a very personal connection to law enforcement officers and now they are going above and beyond to repay her act of kindness. fox 29's shawnette wilson has her story from monroe township. >> i want to do because he deserves respect and like kindness. >> reporter: eight-year-old mikayla raji found a friend in jamesburg police officer joseph quinn. this evening he stopped by her home in monroe township to see her. >> good job. okay? >> reporter: it started last friday when mikayla and her mom were having dinner at his pizza shop called villa bore guess. officer quinn was there picking up to go order and struck up a conversation with mikayla. >> she had a sports jacket on and i asked her, you know, whether it was soccer or softball. it was softball. >> reporter: after talking for few minutes officer quinn walked away still waiting for his food. that's when mikayla's mom said her daughter did something she didn't expect. >> turned over and wis in my ear asked me if c we buy him lunch.
5:31 pm
>> pizza shop owner told officer quinn someone paid for his lunch but wanted to remain anonymous. so he went back to work and did some investigating and eventually found out who it was. five days later, they met so he could say thank you. >> we did a high five. i was like -- >> officer quinn was tracking down mikayla he also made a surprising discovery. that mikayla's mother and father tommy were perth amboy police officers but her father was killed in the line of duty nearly nine years ago. mikayla's mom was pregnant with her when he was killed. >> this is my father's office. this is a picture of him. >> reporter: mikayla says seeing officer quinn and talking to him moved her to do what she did. >> it reminds me, like, a little bit of my father. of how he was a police officer. >> reporter: officer quinn calls mikayla a good spirit. >> grogg that day crossed paths with mikayla i think myself and mikayla we made long-term friends. >> reporter: as a way to say
5:32 pm
thank you the jamesburg police department started fund me page to raise money for mikayla's education f you'd like to donate go to shawnette wilson fox 29 news. >> you know how she bought lunch for that officer. yesterday they invited her out for lunch. isn't that sweet. >> so awesome. great story that gofundme find it on our web page. i think it's halfway where they're trying to go with it which is great. >> good luck. >> speaking of great -- the weather authority, man. you have come through big time. look at the parkway, kathy. hundreds of thousands of folks checking out the draft experience. they're hoping for the sunshine and warmth to stick around and you know what, kathy and scott will break all this down in just 15 seconds.
5:33 pm
you had slight pressure on your shoulders. >> just little bit. >> because penn relays which is huge in its own right and look behind you. >> this is so beautiful. we've been looking at this for over a week. right? >> yeah. >> setting up you can see all those little dots are people. iain said it's unbelievable you have to talk a walk down after the show and check it out. >> i'll go with you. >> we're a stone's throw away from this at our locate at fox 29. 78 degrees. the hoy today 81 degrees. but guess what? it's going to get even hot around here and this will be the first time this year that we have three days in a row in the 80s. winds out of the south southeast right now check out the numbers. 80 in reading. allentown at 80. 76 in millville. 75 in trenton. down the shore we do have a sea breeze so there's a big up packet with that ocean water temperature. 54 degrees is the ocean water temperature with winds out of the south it's cool in ocean city only 57. beach haven 56. and little bit milder through sea aisle cape may and wildwood. tomorrow we have a westerly wind that's a land breeze so that
5:34 pm
means it's going to be a good shore day and it will be warmer down the shore tomorrow. so if you're not going to the draft experience, head down the shore you won't be disappointed. on ultimate doppler, clear skies but look at this we do have a few showers moving so the clouds will be thickening up and late tonight into tomorrow morning that's when the showers will be moving through. so we go hour by hour. the clouds roll in late tonight. and then you can see a few spotty showers right through tomorrow morning. probability of precipitation, yes, a chance early tomorrow morning. a few pop up saturday. sunday a 30% chance and then monday night some showers but no big rain event to speak of. the big story is going to be the heat and scott has more on that. scott these numbers are sky rocketing. >> as you mentioned kathy the high temperature today 81 degrees. still a chance for some pop-up showers and storms the next several days. so you might want to grab that umbrella. but in the meantime, the temperatures don't forget the sunscreen. dress for summer because we're talking a june like feel
5:35 pm
tomorrow afternoon temperatures several degrees warmer than today and then as we move toward your saturday, we're talking numbers that could flirt with records into the upper 80s. so we've got the nfl draft. the penn relays. stay hydrated as well, because we're not really used to temperatures like this so far this year. 83 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow. but look at saturday. temperatures topping out near 9. saturday fosses forecast 88 degrees and then the record is 90 degrees set back in 1974. we will flirt with that and come close so it's going to be hot. take it easy. kathy? >> it's going to unbelievable, scott. we're talking about temperatures that are going to be close to 90 and it's still only april. at the airport looking good little bit of a milky white sky with high humidity building in and you'll definitely be feeling the difference especially over the weekend when it actually gets hotter. so overnight 65 degrees. it stays mild. a few showers especially during the early morning hours. during the day tomorrow, we turn
5:36 pm
up the heat. lower to mid 80s. it's going to be a really this day. skies will clear and winds will be out of the west. take look at your seven day forecast flirting with a record on saturday. sunday into the as warm. 82 with storms on monday we stay in the 70s until next thursday. we're back in the 60s. but this is a very nice stretch. we are on track to be one of the top three warmest aprils of all time. >> this is july in april. very nice. i love it. >> thank you very much, kathy. so barris at a is recovering after nearly losing her arm. it was just a freak accident. she's really lucky to still be with us. and get ready for more delays. why new jersey transit is warning passengers to load up on that patience. that's comfortable long time. i don't want to buy new furniture every couple of years. it's custom made so you know it's good quality.
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he- [gas pouring] [slurps loudly] [engine starting] [loud slurping continues]
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♪ barrista in colorado cannot believe what just happened. she is recovering tonight after nearly losing her arm. she reached into a cooling tray to grab in beans her bracelet got caught. machine kept rotating pulling her arm along with it. >> i sort of looked down at my arm and was so stunned that i
5:40 pm
literally took my hand and tried to pull it back together. when i realized that wasn't wo working, i took my shirt off and wrapped it. >> oh my goodness. no customers were in the coffee shop when it happened. the day after she got out of the hospital, she was back roasting coffee beans probably without a bracelet this time. a super surprise at disneyland. how the happiest place on earth became more magical speaking of magical, howard eskin. >> oh, i mean it's just so great to be back. they brought the calvary in. i'm here at eagles novacare center where there is a lot of activity already and the draft still a few hours away. we talked to the general manager howie roseman about how busy and active it is now getting ready for tonight's draft. that's coming up.
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well cup back to the ben franklin parkway excitement continues to build a lot of anticipation out here on the parkway as we get closer and closer to the nfl draft of course it all kicks off at 8:00 o'clock. the eagles will pick number 14 in the first round. i've had plenty of eagles fans come up to me today since i've been out here offering their mock draft drafts they the eagls should pick it's not so cut and dried as it was last year. who are they going to pick at number 14? for more insight let's get over to the novacare and join howard eskin. howard, everyone has an opinion. >> everybody -- that's what philadelphia is. that's what the draft is. that's what that amusement park you're at is right now. that's what it looks like. i know it's very active. but here's the thing. howie roseman vice-president of football ops if you ask him about players he'll tap dance. but what i want to know is, how much activity is going on in
5:45 pm
there, the phones, the trade possibilities, all of that, and i talked about a few other things with howie roseman. >> we spend this week trying to get a sense of everyone's willingness to move up, move back, and then you spend part of this day having further conversations with teams saying i'm really interested in where you're at or, um would you be really interested in where i'm at? but until the picks start off coming off and people see kind of momentum of the draft, it's hard for anyone to commit to anything. >> anticipation that something will happen in the top ten other than the order we have right now. do you anticipate that happeni happening? >> i think you just look at the last few years and what's happened in the top ten and there has been movement. and there's more uncertainty about who is going in the top five in this draft than there has been the last couple of years. so we do anticipate some movement up in the top ten. but by the same token we've gone through a lot of the scenarios in which players come off the board the way that maybe we
5:46 pm
would anticipate. >> character is how much of an issue when you get the 14 -- get to 14 here are the guys. how much is that an issue. >> it's a big issue. it's a big issue for how we want to build this organization, this football team, um, we have deal breakers that we go through that no matter how much we like the player that we just can't change our standards for. by the same token we have to remember these are 21, 22-year-old sometimes 20 year old guys so do they do different than any of us did at that age? and those are the questions that we ask throughout the process. >> howie roseman did tell me one of the players they want they really really believe will be there. i will talk about the players i'll keep you iain on the edge of your seat and everybody else. the players i think a couple of them i think are strong possibilities for the eagles to take at pick number 14. all right. iain, have fun down there, will you? [ laughter ] >> thanks. i'm already doing that, how war. thanks. i wish you were here. i'm in the middle of all these eagles fans and all these nfl
5:47 pm
fans. more draft coverage in just a few minutes. let's get back to lucy. >> i wish i was there 2fyi. a story you saw first on fox federal authorities apparently struck a deal with one of the business owners who they say gave thousands of dollars in bribes to philadelphia district attorney seth williams. a multi count feather recall indictment claims williams took cash, vacations and other gifts from two local business owners in return for favors. the da denies the charges refuses to step down. and set to go to trial in federal court at the end of may. fox 29's dave schratwieser has exclusive new details in closer look the man known as business owner number one. >> reporter: mr. ali i'm dave schratwieser from fox news. how are you? >> his name is muhammed ali identified by sources as business owner number one. in the federal bribery indictment against district attorney seth williams. he's the guy who prosecutors say allegedly gave the da thousands of dollars in exchange for the
5:48 pm
da's help on a number of matte matters. >> can i ask you a couple questions about seth williams? you don't want to say anything about why you gave him money? >> i'm sorry. >> no? why not? >> we caught up with ali at a shopping center near his home in southampton, bucks county. he was in no mood to speak with fox 29 on this rainy thursday or answer any questions about his relationship with william. the charges against the da or why he allegedly gave williams money. >> why would you give him money? >> talk to my lawyer. >> you don't want to tell us why you would give him money. >> you can talk to my lawyer. >> reporter: back to our conversation with ali in a few minutes. the bucks county businessman and williams made headlines in march when williams was indicted by a federal grand jury for taking tens of thousands of dollars from ali and a second business owner in return for favors. along with defrauding a local nursing home carrying for his aging mother. >> it is a violation of federal law to corruptly solicit bribes
5:49 pm
and just make yourself available to take official action in exchange for those gifts report roar federal prosecutors allege that business own are in number one, ali, gave williams plenty of. >> $2,000 in cash, all inclusive vacation to punta cana in the dominican republic, worth about $6,300, accustom sofa $3,200. a $500 dinner. >> reporter: according to federal prosecutors, ali gave williams money in return for his help for a friend who had a criminal case in court. the feds also say williams set up a meeting with ali and a high-ranking philadelphia police official to pressure that police official to help alibi pass secondary security screenings at the airport. ali is a jordanian american who frequently visits family members overseas. mr. ali, can i ask you about why you needed his help at the airport? >> we tried to ask ali about the da and those airport screenings
5:50 pm
outside his business in buck county. >> why you needed the da pots help at the airport. can you tell me why? >> while ali refused to answer questions federal prosecutors say he gave william a $7,000 check after meeting with the police official. the fb. says william placed the check in his personal bank account the next day. we're not identifying the police official because he was not charged and may be a witness against williams at trial. >> there is absolutely no evidence, no indication, that police official number one did anything wrong. >> reporter: undeterred da williams repeatedly offered to write a letter to federal homeland security officials to assist ali in and his family with security screenings at the airport. >> there was no compromise at the airport security measure. >> reporter: the attorney for seth williams says his client always trusted ali as a friend. ali's lawyer says, he's been cooperating with federal
5:51 pm
authorities for quite some time now. and accepts responsibility for his own personal transgressions. ali has a half pill million dollars home in feasterville and a business nearby culled what's up beverages. the company sells energy drinks worldwide. what's up has a small warehouse and office facility in southampton. we gave ali one last chance to speak with us about indicted district attorny seth william. >> you can talk to my lawyer. >> why not you? >> i'm out of time. -- i'm on my time. >> reporter: sources say ali is working on a plea agreement with federal authorities regarding tax and bribery charges. he is expected to be a key witness against seth williams when the district attorney's trial starts at the end of may. at the da's office, dave stratt wise sr. fox 29 news. super surprise at disneyla
5:52 pm
disneyland. how the happiest place on earth became even more magical. and get ready for more delays. why new jersey transit is warning its passengers to load up on patience.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
talk about surprise visit to disneyland. guests on the pair raft caribbean ride saw a performance by johnny depp. the johnny depp. he was dressed of course as captain jack sparrow. listen to them. the rides have version versionsp
5:56 pm
definitely up the magic at the magic kingdom. >> news coming out of philadelphia schools is often unfortunately not as positive as we'd like. but bill anderson looks for the positive even in trying situations ton night he's introducing to us a local businessperson who volunteers her time and her resources to celebrate students who are working hard each and every day in school for goodness sake. ♪ >> that's my only way that i can figure out how to give back to these kids to let them know that i care. >> reporter: we've heard of haircuts for the homeless and people giving haircuts on the community streets. what about free cuts? >> just as way to say thank you to young people in school, for working hard every day. >> i want to give back to the kids that at least want to go to school to learn. you know what i mean? i want to give them something to do something if you get a good grade, you get a good quality
5:57 pm
haircut. for free. i met jasmine mc cord at her shop in south we have philadelphia but we heard about her from a facebook post. people wanted us to know she cared about school kids in the neighborhood so much that she took her entire team to mastery harrity elementary school and cut nearly 50 students hair. >> you know yasmin is always giving back to the kids. >> reporter: she has history of community initiatives helping people get barber's license and encouraging young people in her shop to focus on their reading skills. but this time it was about rewarding the kids hard work no matter what kind of haircut they requested. >> we were giving out designs. we were giving out real parts on these kids hair real quality haircuts. my barbers put in time because we appreciate the kids becaus the kids is what keep us going. >> reporter: free haircuts may not seem like a big deal to some but longer look at what it takes for an entire team of barbers to dedicate their time to 50 haircuts and you realize, the day was a real commitment. >> what's so important in serve
5:58 pm
the community that's worth giving up thousand plus dollars that you could have earned? >> the money clearly wasn't the issue. >> ways out here that you can help. you just got to go out there and do it. you can't sit around and hope it come. you going to get it. >> reporter: sometimes it's the small things that make difference much it's not necessarily just about a haircut or financial implications. in this case, it was another community member who found out what small part they can play inspiring young people to be better, to do better for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ that's awesome. >> i know it is right. it shows you how one person can make such a difference in the lives of so many. >> huge. >> i love it. >> thanks, bill. >> all right. fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ right now at 6:00. a growing memorial to remember a trooper gunned down in the line of duty.
5:59 pm
>> the acts of stephen yesterday exemplified the dedication -- >> a husband, father, and hero as we learn more about the man who took corporal stephen ballard's life. ♪ and get ready for more delays. why new jersey transit is warning its passengers to pack well some major patience. live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. all right. how about this look at this live look at the parkway now. as we continue our countdown to the nfl draft. we are just about two hours away now from the kick off. the first draft was held here back in 1936 in philadelphia. we have come a long way. we got thousands of people pouring on to the parkway. wondering who the eagles will pick at number 14. thanks for joining us at 6:00. i'm iain page live on the parkway. >> i've lucy noland live in the
6:00 pm
studio. i wish i was there with you. you must be having so much fun. [ laughter ] >> a lot of people are asking for you lucy. i'm having a blast out here. this is a big-time event. you know i love sports and i am in the middle of it all. as these fans over the last hour or so have really continued to pour in. this excitement as you can see behind me they're getting ready to get set for the big stage tonight 8:00 o'clock to find out who the number one will be pick. eagles pick at number 14. if you want to come out here there's plenty for you to do. there's food and there's drink but if you're a fan, they got stuff for you to do this is the nfl for more on that let's get over to chris o'connell at the nfl fan experience. chris? >> reporter: that is right, iain. i am pretty much in the thick of things right down the parkway from you. i've been here for about two or three days sitting -- seeing all the setup and it just a different world in here. 25 full football fields worth of tents. all kinds of stuff, all nfl and the great thing about it is there's all different teams.


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