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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  April 27, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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parties across the city. we're all over it from that giant stage to the eagles next move. stay with us. your news in 30 seconds much ♪ tonight the world is watc watching philadelphia. >> with the first pick in the 2017nfl draft the cleveland
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browns select miles garrett. >> it's a celebration of the best of the best. ♪ but a real hero, his life and his death that has shattered our area. >> now fox 29 news at 10:00. two big stories unfolding right now. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. our two big stories one green, one blue separated by just 40 miles but separated in tone and meaning by infinite miles. in delaware about a family and dreams shattered and all of us try comes grips with that reality. we'll cover that. here in philadelphia, it's about dreams coming true, a game that brings people and cities together in a party on the ben franklin parkway. we've got team coverage covering this spectacular event from every angle. howard eskin live at the eagles practice facility. chris o'connell is live on the parkway with all the fans. but let's start tonight with fox
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29s ron burke with details about tonight's big selection. ron? >> reporter: iain and lucy, the eagles going with 14th pick and the future is now for the nfl and the eagles just moments ago used that pick to take a guy that really connects philadelphia to its past because it selected 14th overall derek barnett defensive lineman from tennessee here's where the past comes in. barnett is a player that at the university of tennessee all did he there was break reggie white's career sacks record that gives an indication of the numbers he put up the sec he's a player that plays extremely hard from snap to whistle and so if you are looking for a particular direction what the eagles are looking for that a player's makeup he certainly checks all the boxes as they say of player who will give you his all he was out standing in the toughest conference in the nation. don't think many people would disagree with that he comes to philadelphia off a huge career at the university of tennessee to be a part of jim schwartz's
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defense and so the eagles some thought they'd go cornerback, perhaps, receiver, running back, receiver and running back were off the board they'll go dee d line. we'll hear from derek barnett later op in the news. we're excited to bring you his story coming up later on. for now let's go to chris o'connell on the parkway. >> reporter: ron, we are down the parkway from you and all of the reaction you're hearing from the eagles coming around. the war over the crowd -- roar over the crowd when the eagles made their pick here some of the reactions. [ applause ] e-a-g-l-e-s! >> reporter: the nfl draft party is in full swing the football faithful have flocked to the parkway. and it's not just eagles green. >> just the hospitality of one is just real nice. definitely nice. >> reporter: you think philly
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is putting on a good show. >> of course. >> reporter: if you're a football fan this is the place for you. draft picks will take center stage it's the draft experience where most fans are having the fun. where you see super bowl rings of champions past. or try to kick it real nfl field goal. >> crush it. >> reporter: bill stokes brought his son to see the vince lombardi trophy up close much they're among the 200,000 plus fans expected to stroll down the parkway over the weekend. >> it is a historian experience for myself and my son. >> reporter: bill chapel brought his sons from mullica hill. he says this is a football fan's dream. especially when it's in his own backyard. >> i said once in a lifetime experience. i mean, when is the last time it will be in philadelphia where, you know, we'll be able to do something fun with our family and come and hang out and have good time? >> i think the best part of the draft is when people's dreams come true. so you want to bring your kids and know if they work hard they can be a part of this whole
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experience. >> reporter: one of the eagles most famous draft picks, donovan mcnabb still getting hero's welcome in philly. >> it's been 18 years since i was drafted but 11 seasons of playing here under these fans i'll always be a philadelphia eagle. >> reporter: and back out here live, got to apologize for some of the raucous crowd some of the reaction you got from the eagles pick. good news is, two more days of the draft day party. come on down it's free open to the public. >> also apologies for any finger salutes we saw there clearly they've been partying for while and clearly the reaction is big to what's unfolding on that stage. >> of course our howard eskin has got a lot to say. he's away from all those crowds on the parkway and at the move have a care complex in south philadelphia. howard. >> reporter: well, iain, the pick is not a surprise. i think to most people. it's not a sexy pick. it's not christian mccaffery it's not a wide receiver. but i don't think the eagles expected both allen and barnett to be there. obviously they needed defensive
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end. they liked derek barnett out of tennessee, and i think the reason that both those players were there is because the unexpected which always happens in the draft happened with corey davis going very early. john ross going earlier than lost people expected. and then ma hones the quarterback moved up to number 12. cleveland could have taken a quarterback but all these things happening got to the point and howie roseman and joe douglas will speak shortly all these things happened and i'm sure they will talk about this was in their minds the best player available. back to you, iain. >> all right. howard, thanks. all right. and did you hear how the draft got start idea started with an echo of a moment that philadelphia will never live down. >> good evening and welcome to the nfl draft. >> boo! come on philly. cull on. there you go. >> i don't even. roger goodell trying to get with the philly theme. he got booed.
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only in philly. you remember we all remember booing mcnabb back in '99. >> the draft on fox 29 continues when we check back in with ron burke on the eagles first pick and howard eskin giving us his unfiltered take a little later on. new tonight skyfox above a shooting investigation in north philadelphia. police say a 34-year-old man was shot four times along the 1300 block of west seltzer street. he was taken to the hospital in an ambulance and died at that hospital around 6:30. police have no information tonight on the shooter. the murder of a delaware state police trooper we're learning more about that fallen officer and how his killer wept down in gun fight. corporal stephen ballard was a husband, a father, a hero, those who knew him best say he was a family man always warm, always smiling. >> man shot and killed ballard outside a wawa in bear, delaware, just past noon yesterday. that's where fox 29's dave kinchen is live tonight. dave, people at the wawa actually they knew the trooper. >> reporter: think did.
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a lot of people new him and saw him many times. we can tell that you this memorial here has grown sub stanley since we were here about 24 hours ago. but the pain is still very raw at this hour. >> it's just breaks my heart to have this happen to one of our protectors. it's just -- it's just crazy. >> grief simply overwhelming for as large memorial for delaware state trooper corporal ballard grows. he was shot and killed at this wawa on wednesday. she lives in the neighborhood. >> this man did not deserve to lose his life and his family is left behind to pick up the pieces. it's just very very sad and heartbreaking. >> reporter: colleagues in uniform brought flowers to honor the eight and a half year veteran of the first state's police force. a sign to troop two. a 32-year-old and father of a young girl married just over a
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year also remembered by those who did not even know him while others remember corporal ballard in passing. >> it's, um, amaze to go see the different people who have come out young, old, all walks of life, just coming to share. >> reporter: it's personal for jennifer hawkins who started a foundation after her state trooper brother died in a crash several years ago. >> it's what we can do, and even if it's all we can do it's something. because we're all police family. >> reporter: while the sadness is still raw for many here, there's another feeling. fear. >> it's so scary. i have grandchildren that i bring to this store and we could have been right here at the line of fire when that happened and it's just -- it just makes me tremble with fear. >> reporter: this wawa will be closed until saturday. so this memorial is likely to continue to grow. we've also learned tonight that georgetown delaware will have a can light vigil for the fallen
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corporal on may first. back to you, lucy. >> you know, dave, it's because of the very man he was that has those who worked with him struggling so might tilley tonight. last night, standoff continue flood today ended with another death. tears from a podium and then the strains of bagpipes. ♪ bagpipes fill the air at the delaware state police barracks in glasgow. corporal stephen ballard's home base. ♪ ballard's cruiser is back, his hat on the hood with a flower. >> yesterday exemplified the dedication... >> hard to talk when one of your own did not make it back home. >> this is a very sad day. i stand before you with an
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aching heart. >> aching after the deadly encounter at a wawa in bear a red dodge charger caught bala's eye seemed suspicious two guys were inside. ballard walked up, asked 26-year-old burgon sealy, jr. sitting on the passenger side to get out. burgon did but had a gun. took a couple of steps then police say started unloading that gun on ballard. >> corporal ballard attempted to run for cover behind a parked vehicle. sealy pursued him and the suspect fired a handgun striking him in the upper body. >> sealy jumped into a honda called his family confessing what he did then showed up at their home in middletown. didn't take his family but a minute to call police. they showed up in force with munitions to blow the front door off the hinges and from how
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these picks appear below through all the windows. hours tick by so did the bullets past police fired from the house much the neighborhood stayed locked down with military choppers whirling above. then just past 9:00 this morning, sealy a man with a criminal history in florida finally emerged with a weapon police say in hand. >> 9:17am, the armed suspect exited the residence engaged police. he was then shot by law enforcement. >> reporter: and round about 20 hours later, neighbors were finally able to return home. >> we got bits and pieces of something that happened up on 40 at the wawa and then, you know, we kind of peaced it together. ♪ >> while ballard's brothers and sisters in blue remember the family man with the mega watt smile. >> ♪ >> state troopers set up memorial fund for corporal
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ballard's young family at the delaware state police federal credit union. you can head to for all those details. all right. moms, dads, guess what? the best news ever. you may be getting an extra 30 minutes of sleep. and if you're late for work because of new jersey transit, they'll write i was note really. ♪
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♪ of course the eagles pick derr regular barnett witness 14 many pick in the nfl draft. let's listen into howie roseman at the novacare center.
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>> -- we stayed true to the process on this. >> howie or joe and doug, when you got to 14 and -- >> sort of a quick first step. sort of. >> when you got to 14 and jonathan allen was there and derek barnett was there, was there any decision as far as that was concerned? you already had that, n it was barnett was better than allen and as far as doug, were you secretly rooting for an offensive player and when all those wide receivers were gone did you kind of say, shucks or maybe something else? >> you are listening to our howard eskin asking mr. roseman some questions. we are live at the nfl draft all night keep it right here more life coverage next. baby girl just have photos to remember the very brief life she had with her mom. michelle kulk died two days ago a week after a police cruiser hit her. one of her daughters seven months old will have to rely on her family to learn about her
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mom. >> the woman's familiar dull talk with shawnette wilson about their tragic loss. shawnette. >> reporter: it's so bad to realize or so sad i should say that this little girl only had seven months with her mother. the victim also has a seven-year-old daughter and tonight i talked with family. they are so devastated they still don't understand how this happened. >> what? >> reporter: when you look at the smile on this precious baby girl's face it is heartbreaking to think that she will never know her mom. >> i just keep looking at this beautiful baby. >> denise deitrich is now taking care of seven month old shy yen destiny. >> she has, you know, loved ones but it was her mommy. >> the baby's mother 40-year-old michelle kulk died in the hospital tuesday exactly one week after a philadelphia police car hit her. investigators say michelle was behind the car in mcpherson park at f and clearfield street in kensington when an officer put it in reverse and accidentally ran over her. deitrich whose brother is shy
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yen's father says michelle was in critical condition and had several surgeries but just couldn't hold on. >> when they kept just doing surgery after surgery i kind of thought it was a plus. i thought it was looking good. >> reporter: john conaway says he was planning to propose to michelle to make their little family complete. >> michelle's engagement ring. >> he doesn't know how he'll make it. >> hard living without her. she was great girl. >> they also say michelle was funny and kind. >> she would give you her last dollar literally shelter stay brok and give you her last dollar. >> reporter: i couldn't resist holding the baby girl who's smile brings so much joy in time of sadness. >> that's a good smile. michelle also has a seven-year-old daughter from a previous marriage and deitrich says police owe them something. >> we didn't even get an apolo apology. there's been no apology. i think her children deserve o one. >> reporter: still no updates on this investigation.
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police tell us that accident investigations is still looking into it. lucy? >> all right. thank you very much, shawnette. just so sad. local students, host, are quite happy as of next year they'll get to sleep in another 25 minutes. every minute counts when you're a teen or an me. the unionville chadds ford school board voted this week to change its start time. high school student came up with the proposal four years ago. he researched it and actually put together his own committee and presented it to the board. showing the academic and health benefits turns out science was on his side. research shows that teens biological clocks change in high school. and they have difficulty falling asleep before 11:00 p.m. many schools across the country have already shifted the start of school. reaction here is mixed. >> we'll be getting up a little bit later as well which is because we're getting up at 5:30 as it is to get him out the door and teenagers are just tired.
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>> i think it's a bad idea. i think the kids are acclimated to the schedules they have now. all of the sports revolve around it i just think it would throw wrench in the whole thing. >> the school district acknowledges it's going to have to change some stuff like busing, sports and school activities occasionally. but it believes it is the best overall interest of its studen students. happening now, new jersey transit trying to make good with its customers. been a rough month for the agency with incidents and accidents that have led to huge delays and a lot of inconvenience. >> well tonight authority is trying to soften the blow if its problems have you late for work. our bruce gordon is live in camden with how. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, you know, when you're a kid and your school assignment isn't where it's supposed to be you get a note from home the dog ate my homework if you're as old as i am the dinosaur ate my homework. if you're an add dull you're late for work nj transit is ready to step up and take their share of the blame.
10:20 pm
ever get jammed um witness boss because your nj transit ride was late. >> yeah eighty six. people don't necessarily care what your reason is. >> reporter: boss might not care even if you got the letter. >> you have an excuse it would be nice to have something tangible. that would be a good idea. >> reporter: like this. nj transit offering letter to the boss explaining you were late because they were late. it can be picked up at any customer service office or through the nj transit website. the offer is in the news now because of big delays along the system this month, mostly in north jersey. one such delay provoked this viral tweet from a new york tv station. angry mets fan going off. >> i'm not going to get to my game now because they are incompetent. >> we found nj transit commuter who's have already worked out a system with their boss. >> i text them while i'm on the train and let them know. >> reporter: who's fault jets. >> yes. >> reporter: others who were were unaware this deal even exist. >> i never knew that and i've
10:21 pm
literally been catching the bus for years. >> reporter: not a bad deal. >> not at all. >> others are pros at blaming the train. >> i have done it in philadelphia with septa because they also do it. >> reporter: just. >> y. >> reporter: how did that work out? >> it work out good. it work out good. >> reporter: boss took the letter and said okay. >> took the letter and said okay. >> reporter: i felt badly delaying commuters with my own many questions so i produced my own apology letter to their spouses waiting patiently at home. sorry i missed the train and was late, dear, i was talking to this nice man. >> here's your letter from me. >> okay. >> if you miss the train or the bus you'll be in good shape. >> can you sign it. >> it's right there. thank you. >> now we're being a weiss acre. is that how this works. >> thank you. >> reporter: interesting not everybody new about these letters. the fact is when some of these really big delays happen they get a lot of media coverage and the franklily the boss already knows about it before you arrive late to work. but, again, they are available for your use put them to use. iain? >> good advice, bruce.
10:22 pm
i might need a letter. thank you. all right. found three-year-old walking by herself in the middle of the street. so he streamed live on facebook. what else? her husband took off with the teenaged student. now he's in custody. and the one question from his wife, her words, did you sleep with her? beautiful firework part of the magic at disney but these shows are starting real fires and firefighters are not smiling. ♪ are allergies holding you back?
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break through your allergies. try new flonase sensimist instead of allergy pills. it's more complete allergy relief in a gentle mist you may not even notice. using unique mistpro technology, new flonase sensimist delivers a gentle mist to help block six key inflammatory substances that cause your symptoms. most allergy pills only block one. and six is greater than one. break through your allergies. new flonase sensimist
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these incredible firework displays in disneyworld are keeping firefighters busy. according to the orlando cetin newspaper fire officials say fireworks from hollywood studios are starting brush fires. crews have put out about 30 fires in the past two months. a new staging area for the fireworks may be to blame. disney says it modifies its shows periodically based on weather conditions. the estranged wife of a tennessee teacher accused of kidnapping a teenaged student has a lot to say. jim cummings spoke to inside edition. she said her husband tad called her from jail days after his arrest. he disappeared with a girl in march and after a fire-week manhunt, authorities found the two in remote cabin in northern california. a caretaker had recognized them. in his phone call, his wife says he apologized, maintained he did not kidnap the girl but did admit to something big.
10:26 pm
>> i said, well, did you sleep with her? and he said yes, i did. so i didn't want any details. i knew the truth i just wanted to hear it from him to me and i told him that, um, i probably wouldn't be answering the phone any more. >> the school district has -- had suspended tad cummings for allegations he kissed the girl before he took off with her. his wife says at the time she thought authorities had falsely accused her husband but she learned the truth from police when they told her cummings was in fact with the girl. the guy sees this three-year-old weight walking alone in the middle of the street near los angeles he stops to help her and of course streams it live on facebook. the man says it was to protect himself in case anyone saw him with the child and thought he was trying to hurt her. he was able to find her home where she apparently wandered away from. he also called police and they're investigatin investigat. they're a local couple trying to make better life for themselves. they thought they had found a home of their dreams. but they stepped into a
10:27 pm
nightmare. >> and the nation is watching philadelphia front and center with nfl draft happening right now. we are back with new details on the newest eagle.
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>> months of planning weeks of closures to traffic all for th that. live look now at the 2017 nfl draft it's happening right here in the city of brotherly love, of course. our ron burke is in the center of all the action. ron? >> reporter: lucy and iain the eagles selected derek barnett with the 14th pick. he is an outstanding defensive lineman from tennessee the university of tennessee. he goes 6-foot 3259 pounds and he plays hard in terms of attitude, they picked a player here who bring it on every play. plays tough from snap to whistle. in terms of production here's a player who surfaced reggie whi white's sack record at to epp ten. 33 total. more than miles garr rick. we're standing by right now to hear from the eagles number one pick when he comes in, should be in the next i would say 20 minutes or so, we'll bring you his story later on tonight.
10:31 pm
also tonight, hassoun reddick of temple went to the arizona cardinals one pick before the eagles selected haason is addressing some media members license addressing us in a few moments we'll talk to him. we'll bring you both of those stories later on the news. iain, lucy? >> ron, look forward to that. thank you. don't go far your coverage of the nfl draft continues right here on fox 29. we'll check in with howard eskin in just a few minutes. you're about to meet a young couple he has learning dissables she's trying to help them build a better future. >> they thought they found the home of their dreams but they stepped into a nightmare. fox 29's jeff cole tried to help them out. >> can you please stop now i think you've gotten what you needed his name may not ring a bell tyrone ali has been at the center of local scandals for years. >> i didn't want this on television. >> i wanted to talk to you. >> a former lobbyist who ran a food program and daycare he faced hundreds of criminal charges related to taking federal funds intended for poor
10:32 pm
kids and seniors. he beat that rap by going undercover in a state corruption sting. six democratic city pulse were accused of taking bribes five have pleaded out. one still facing trial. >> ali's charges were dropped in he can change for would be boris and he paid a fine to the feds. >> mr. cole please be fair in your reporting. >> now he's got trouble of a different sort. >> i know the kids are mad and sad. >> reporter: city haven't and cindy coon thought they found the right home in frankford. a two bedroom with a basement and yard on kinsey street. he let the owner ali through a job and helped work on some of his rental glass i gave him a hand to get it together. >> reporter: you worked on what was going to be your apartment? >> correct. >> reporter: the couple says they signed a lease and started moving stuff in just before the new year. the landlord invited them to look around the place but got upset when a relative tried entering the basement. >> what's wrong with that? >> no idea. >> reporter: what did he say?
10:33 pm
>> he asked him not to go down the basement. you have no business going down there. >> reporter: then ali wanted the brother-in-law banned from ever visiting. the couple backed away. ali kept the key and their $1,400 deposit. that's when the coons say they learned of ali's past. >> tyrone, don't run. i'm jeff cole from fox. records show ali owns mull pell properties but he's renting someone else's place on rutland street. we asked about the coons. >> you got 1400 bucks of his money. what happened? >> he didn't want to take possession of the property. >> reporter: did you a little addendum. >> yes. >> reporter: he sign his lease. >> yes. >> reporter: you added addendum. >> yes. addendum said his brother-in-law couldn't come into the house? >> no, that's not what happened. >> reporter: what was the addendum. >> he said that person burn his house down. >> reporter: he told you the guy burn his house down. >> no, no new york city. >> my brother-in-law which he lived underneath of us. >> steven tells us his
10:34 pm
brother-in-law who works with a heat and air-conditioning company helped clean up after a kitchen fire in his old apartment. not started. the brother-in-law says he wasn't even home at the time. but listen if he already signed a lease -- >> yes. >> and gave you 1400. and then you come with the addendum how can you not give him the 1400 back. >> ali's lawyer wrote the coons to say their money was being kept for two months rent and they could be on the hook for more. >> no further comment. >> reporter: do you owe taxes on that property? >> no i do not. not any more. i made an range many. >> reporter: online records show ali owns $4,000 on the kinsey street home taxes with no payment plan plus 35,000 on other properties. one bill dates back to 2007. >> do you have a renter' license for all your properties? >> i do. >> reporter: for everyone of them? >> yes. i only have two. >> reporter: we learned ali holds one active license but kinsey street license expired in 2010. the coons were initially pleased
10:35 pm
to find this rental because steven has neuro fibro metosis a genetic disorder that can cause learning dissables. his income is limited. >> you've taken $1,400 from him. who doesn't have much. why can't you give that back to him? >> we are going to court. we will be in court on this. >> reporter: actually, the coons small claims case was dismissed last month when ali couldn't be served with papers. >> did you pull all the licenses you needed for the work that were done on those properties? >> i did the majority of work myself. >> reporter: do you think you dope need to be licensed in any way. >> ivory play the sinks and the sheetrock i didn't do anything else. >> reporter: yet e-mail steven gave the court showed ali switched the kinsey street home from gas heat to electric. online records show no permit pulled. we asked ali about his past. >> and your involvement with the attorney general's office.
10:36 pm
>> that has nothing to do with this. >> reporter: does this reflect on this not. >> not at all. >> should the public thing you're not being up and up here. >> no, sir. >> reporter: jeff cole, fox 29 news. jeff tells us the coons are staying in different places right now. paying to store all of their belongings and looking for a new place to finally live together. >> as always, jeff will stay on top of this and bring us any updates which i'm sure there will be. all right. drag off united flight you saw it. it got nasty. that doctor has got settlement now and let's just say now his lawyer is praising united. >> forget the mirror. just take a picture up load it talk to fashion expert. easy, right? it will only cost you 200 bucks. ♪
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no need for personal stylist i guess. amazon rolling out a new device to help you dress your best. it is a voice controlled selfie camera thick full length videos and photos. you cannot only check out your outfit from almost any angle also offers an opinion on how it looks. it's called echo look. it will cost you 200 bucks. >> so for that price you can also get advice from fashion
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experts. guess you have to believe they are and how to improve your look. good luck to you. >> right. [ laughter ] >> that's exactly what i was thinking. united airlines reached a confidential settlement with a man dragged off an over booked flight. united endured a lot of barb lack after this video showed airport police just violently removing dr. david dao from a flight earlier this month in chicago. ended up with all kinds of injuries including a broken no nose. dao was one of four passengers united selected to boot off the flight so they could make room for their own crew who was late for another flight. airline released internal review today admitting to making several mistakes. busted. series of big drug raids in trenton has three people behind bars and $200,000 worth of raw heroin off the streets. these three all face charges from yesterday's raids now besides drugs mercer county narcotics agents confiscated cash and guns. investigators say this operation shows how badly heroin is proliferating in our area.
10:41 pm
so you're getting a chance at the self check out -- change that's what we mean to say. my eyes are getting bad. getting your change at the self check outreaches certification but it keeps spitting out 20s at you. these guys just cep taking them. >> frank sinatra. old blue eyes. beautiful day head down to the parkway kathy. i should know i was down there and we can hit 90 soon. >> unbelievable the only thing keeping up from 90-degree temperatures is this line of storms and this line of storms. we'll talk about that plus how high the temperatures go. the seven day coming up. ♪ whoa!
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you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. whoa, whoa! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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>> this self check out plane at the wal*mart became a cash machine for dishonest shoppers in florida. instead of five dollars bills the change machine kept spitting out 20-dollar bills. and the eight customers who figured the mistake kept coming back for more cash. you know how long this went on for? it was 20 minutes. kept on going. >> before the employee figured out what was going on, the group got away with a 1100 bucks.
10:45 pm
>> it is a serious offense. you know, if it was one-time thing, that would be a little different. but they kept doing it over and over. they obviously new exactly what they were doing. >> well police in winter haven say the cashier accidentally put the 20s in the five dollars bill slot so officers are now using this surveillance video you see to track down those dishonest customers. ♪ it's hank. >> no more guns because this is illegal to sell so we can sell no more. >> he's got tobacco, he's got knives and did he have air soft beebee guns until monday. the ads are still up at the atlantic city boardwalk shop where billy works but the beebee guns and air soft pistols they promote are gone. more than 60 of them. taken away monday by atlantic city police. >> the police came in and they took the guns and say illegal to sell. all right. we didn't know about it. >> are you in trouble at all? >> we're not in trouble.
10:46 pm
>> they're everywhere these guns. aren't they? we love them. they're the pop gun game about 100 feet from billy's stall or spend as much as you want on paintballs to go target shooting that's addictive by the way. the peer across the way. so why can't billy sell air soft guns? >> in size, in weight, in color, they appear to be real. >> there you go. atlantic city outlawed air soft guns in 2015 and police were enforcing the ordinance a a acpd spokesman says because the guns look like the real thing, they can and are sometimes used that way. >> over my 15 year i've seen people arrested with toy firearms that commit robberies or they just have them in their possession maybe to act as, um, you know, a threat against someone. >> reporter: atlantic city ranks 21st most dangerous city in the country according to neighborhood scout. personally i love the place but i get that local government takes whatever measures they feel they should. alexander from of that's second
10:47 pm
amendment society doesn't buy that at all he is especially >> business owner had no criminal intent. how many thousands if not tens thousands of dollars is he going to be fined for doing nothing that's completely legal in every other town and every other state. >> he adds criminals using fake firearms to commit crimes should get maximum time. they often do. no arrests were made in this in bill's case and the store was hit way ticket for a court appearance. the gundy bait rages and is alive. i'm reminding about new jersey's hard core gun laws. if you carry double check before you enter. it could cost you and it has cost others. i'm hank and that's my take. >> on your radar, feels so nice out. thank goodness we got through the rain and clouds of yesterday not bad night at all to be at the nfl draft. so how long before a chance of rain you ask? >> well kathy orr has got your answer in 15 seconds.
10:48 pm
beautiful evening across the delaware valley. hope you had the chance to get outside and enjoy it. we have showers moving through associated with a cold front but the air hype this is not cold. it's actually going to be hot again tomorrow. so we have one band of showers moving toward the northeast. and a trailing area of shower that is will be moving through early tomorrow morning. looking live at the parkway again just can't get enough of this picture. temperature right now in philadelphia 66 degrees. the high temperature today 81. if you look at the past four hours you can see how temperatures have slowly declined. 9:00 o'clock it was only 70 degrees. so we're still quite warm out there. we have east northeasterly wind at just 3 miles an hour. so really comfortable night. right now temperatures ranging from 60 in the poconos. 73 in reading. in wilmington it's 66 degrees.
10:49 pm
down the shore much cooler. with the impact of that ocean. the ocean influence keeping it cool in the 50s but tomorrow we have a west wind that means it's a land breeze. so temperatures along the jersey shore are going to be very similar to these inland temperatures. so if you want to plan a day at the beach water is too cold but at least at the beach it will be mild. our high future cast shows patch of rain lifting toward the northeast into the poconos but then some spotty showers maybe even a rumble of thunder especially through south jersey early tomorrow morning. we'll have some morning clouds and those clouds will give way to sunshine. so the summer preview continues the jet stream well to the north for friday and saturday. then we have another front coming through and that will cool things down. but still pretty comfortable around here. tonight the low temperature 65. overnight a shower or two. especially through south jersey and delaware. during the day tomorrow we start off with the clouds you can see the blue sky some humidity out there. the high temperature 83 degrees. for the penn relays, it's going
10:50 pm
to be a really nice stretch. tomorrow 83 with a morning sprinkle possible. and then look at saturday. feeling like summer 88 degrees a chance of late day shower or storm with front moving through. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority a great day saturday near record warmth sun day cooler but hot again on monday. tuesday 70. wednesday 72. next thursday some showers. the high 66. important to note is saturday. the record is 90 degrees. that would be the hottest day of the year so far. we're going for 88. lucy, iain, we could come really close if not touch that record on saturday. it's draft weather. what can we say? kathy this draft was as unpredictable as you can possibly get. a whole lot of trades an whole lot of surprises. but the eagles may have just come away with a steal. derek barnett is our guy and howard eskin will have reaction from the front office. that's coming up next in sports.
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10:53 pm
♪ okay. with the 14th pick in the 2017nfl draft the philadelphia eagles select derek barnet, defensive end tennessee. [ applause ] >> wow! just wow. disregard any mock draft you've ever seen no one had this.
10:54 pm
ton of trades early in the front round with a bunch of quarterbacks going way too early resulted in this. derek is the guy fort eagles much he's a junior out of tennessee he can flat out get to the quarterback he left tennessee as the school's all-time leader in sacks. 4.8 at the combine. put on the tape. watch him. he can get aft it. high motor and he can help brandon graham get quarterbacks to the ground. howard eskin is at the novacare complex. what are the guys in the front office saying how this all went down? >> well, they like their pick, sean, and when we talked to howie roseman earlier, he talk about -- he didn't really talk about the scenarios, but nobody -- he talked bout craziness that could happen. this might have been crazy yesterday draft in the first ten to 13 picks the last five years. and that's what created the eagles opportunity to draft one of the players that they were looking at and they wanted the best player available.
10:55 pm
and one of the things that they also like and i'm going to talk more about how this all fell out is a player with character and owe howie roseman talked about that tonight on the 5:00 o'clock news. let's listen to hoe wee roseman. >> he stands for what we want to be and i think everyone in the city will see what kind of person he is, what kind of player he is, unbelievably high character. unbelievable worker, and tremendously talented and productive. >> he fits exactly what we're trying to build here want we started last year and being a quarterback and being a former quarterback in this league, any time you can acquire a pass rush schers to get after the quarterback with the guys we have and just mix him in there now, makes us better. >> all right. character is important but here's why this all fell out. three wide receivers were taken in the top nine picks. corey davis is the player i think they also really like. he went five. then mike williams they didn't really like went seven. then john ross who they were looking at went nine. and what also mater this
10:56 pm
possible for the eagles three quarterbacks were taken in the top 13 picks and that's why derek barnett fell to them one of the guys we mentioned earlier fell to them at 14 and they really like the the pick. back to you, sean. >> howard, scenario no one really thought of. thank you, howard. my guy who's san reddick has a new home he was draft the to the arizona cardinal as the 13th overall pick. congrats to the temple grad and the camden native. arizona might have just gotten themselves a star. shout out to haason. >> absolute his life just changed. good for him. we appreciate it. >> lucy what's coming up at 11:00. >> throwing punches in church don't usually go together, right? but at one local church that's the goal. they're training kids how to fight in the ring while also preaching peace. our bill anderson has the story for goodness sake and of course we've got your wake up weather and seven day forecast. we've got a whole lot ahead. it's all in the first five minutes. ♪
10:57 pm
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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. two big stories tonight at 10:00. one eagles green, one the men and women in blue. separated by a state line and about 40 miles and in tone and in meaning they could not be further apart. i'm lucy noland. in delaware, it's about a family and dreams shattered and all of us trying to come to grips with that reality. but here in philadelphia, dreams are coming true tonight. a game that brings people across the nation together has brought hundreds of thousands of people to the ben franklin parkwa parkr city. we've got team cover raffle of the 1217 nfl draft. you see how war eskin at the eagles practice facility. you see chris o'connell live on the parkway amongst the fans. let's start with ron burke with details about tonight's big picks. ron? >>


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