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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  April 28, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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happening right now on "good day philadelphia", did we get it right? defensive end. >> great fans, philly cheese steaks. >> i forgot where i got it from but i just know it was pretty good. i look forward to being in this town and having a few more. >> meet the new bird flying in the eagles nest. from owl to a cardinal haason reddick shooting off the shelf in the first round and plus let's have a little fun. >> jersey kid, capitol of new jersey. >> haason in the hot seat watch his rapid fire reaction off the grid iron. "good day philadelphia" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. >> having fun on a friday. >> it gets better. >> great to have you with us,
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as karen mentioned, i'm thomas drayton, with bob kelly and sue serio. >> good morning everybody. friday. so much yesterday. we still have a big day to day , a lot going on this weekend. >> great weekend. guess what, weather, it will be nice. >> when we get our rain we get it in the middle of the night. it doesn't interfere without door plans. >> it is like camelot. >> i remember that song so well. anyway nine out of 10. it is just an umbrella for a short little while with buddy, bigger thing is big old piece of blueberry pie he is bringing for his lunch because it is national blueberry pie day, yeah, so phillies won again last night, just need a polo shirt today because we are heading back in the 80's. we have some showers on ultimate doppler radar, new jersey and delaware is only places we have cleared out in philadelphia, at lee rain stopped. cloud lingering.
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65 degrees. sunrise may not be bright to start but just like yesterday the sun will come out. sixty in lancaster. mount pocono 54. heading to the new jersey shore we are starting off with 65 degrees in wildwood. fifty-eight in sea isle city and boardwalk in atlantic city , it is 61, heading to a high here of 83. warm afternoon, once again, sunset time, starting at 5:53 so you can make the most of it >> 5:02. here's is what happening, stepping outside front door police have the whole area around the parkway, art museum shut down. road are damp, almost like she just came out and squirted down the sidewalk last night, getting ready for party, day number two on the parkway. road are wet. we have had fender benders this morning, vine street expressway off ramps to the parkway closed through the weekend and that left a lot of extra traffic on the vine and
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ben franklin. accident tookany creek parkway at ashmead row, police the scene there day number two taking over franklin field, first run at nine. we will see the jams backup the schuylkill exiting at south and university probably around 6:45 or 7:00, same deal as yesterday and then extra volume around the stadium area try something new today, proud street subway, market frankford line, maybe regional rails if you are giving kid a hooky day and bring them down to check out the nfl draft, take them for a train ride avoid parking. it is a friday. friday's are crazy to begin w we have free parking at stadium complex today for draft, penn relays and then connect subway to get to you city hall. from there a short walk to the parkway or connect to the market frankford line over to the been relays, karen and thomas back over to you. with the 14th pick in the 2017 nfl draft the
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philadelphia eagles select derek barnett, defensive end, tennessee. >> what do you think, derek barnett? did we get it right? philadelphia eagles, we have our man and he says he is excited and ready to come down to work. >> mixed reactions there. it is day two of the draft but the talk this morning, because we have been waiting so long, the bird first round selection >> we're talking about a home town favorite haason reddick who heard his name called last night number 13. >> here we go at 5:00 o'clock hour with our team coverage of the nfl draft. jenny joyce has more and how fans are experiencing the even >> but first lets start with steve keeley because he has insight in this stuff. steve, what do you think. >> reporter: here's what i think because you mentioned haason reddick. i think that our guy, derek barnett, might have thought he was going a pick earlier to the arizona cardinals. how about former temple coach bruce airans taking reddick and because of haason reddick
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going soon, maybe derek barnett's cherry red temple colored arizona red colored suit was for that reason. i don't know. thomas, i thought you were going to wear your maroon three piece suit today in honor but you didn't want to look like were you stealing his style so you left it in the closet. that is what i think, i don't know. john gruden, here's what you think, ready. the strength of his game is his get up. most of his sacks are because of this great get off talking football coach inter meaning lingo now. it is impressive. relentless. great pick for philadelphia eagles. make mayock who spend most of his time in the booth watching video tape of every college player and pro player. the city of philadelphia is going to love him. here he is. >> i was real nervous, when i got my phone call, because it
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just feels real good it don't feel real yet. i'm so excited. i have been enjoying myself. great town. i'm ready to get to work. >> i think everyone in the city will see what kind of person he is, what kind of player he is, unbelievably high character and worker and tremendously talented and productive. >> he fits what we are trying to build here and what we started last year. being a former quarterback in this league anytime you can acquire pass rushers to get after the quarterback again, we have to mix him in here now makes us better. >> reporter: watching nfl network it is all dion sanders and he said to dion i'm ready to get to work with a great organization. i can't wait. i haven't even scratched the surface yet with my talent level. thomas, how long have you been hearing karen hepp saying that >> you know me well. >> it has been eight or nine years.
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thanks, steve. >> that burr gun i one. >> in the cleaners. >> all right. another big name we are talking about as steve was just talking about camden raised, temple made, haason reddick found his home in the nfl. >> arizona cardinals select haason red dick, tell. >> through go, went to the cardinals. reddick received a standing ovation from the crowd last night, began his college career as a defensive back and starter as a junior last season playing defensive end for owls. he led nation intact else for loss. reddick goes to a team whose coach has temple roots, bruce airans led owls from 1983 to 88. did you hear how draft got started. >> you now know how we will do it there, will be boos out there, and our boo bird were out. >> good evening and welcome to the nfl draft. come on, philly, come on. there you go.
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>> oh, yeah, give me the best you got, boy did we bring it. we can boo better than everybody else, we are booing commissioner goodell. we have a licensing history of booing. we booed mcnabb, and then maybe our most successful quarterback we ever had. it is all right. >> is there a list. draft picks take center stage it is in the about x's and o's. >> it is his experience, it is amazing, free and worth checking out. jenny, i was waiting for the train. up and downey saw people in jerseys getting ready to go down in the city and check it out. >> reporter: yeah, i seen a lot of pictures, people from all different cities. chris owe control somebody from atlanta, people coming up just for this draft experience last night i was watching overhead cameras, pretty incredible to see how many people are packing the parkway across 25 football fields. chris o'connell was among
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those in the crowd, they caught up with families having fun taking advantage of this experience. it is free, nfl zone filled with games, photo ops, food drinks and positive energy. fans definitely came out. it wasn't just eagles fans, lots of people found those oversized helmets representing teams of their choice, some spent time with the treasured vince lombardi trophy, some tested in the combine corner or kick a field goal. so chris o'connell found someone as i mentioned who flew up from atlanta just for this experience. >> you came up here for this. >> yes. >> how is philly doing for nfl draft. >> awesome, awesome job. >> it is a once in the lifetime experience, when is next time it is in philadelphia where we will be able to do something fun and come out and hang out and have a good time. >> reporter: pretty cool, lot of fathers and mothers who were here at the draft
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experience did tell our crews, thinks once in a lifetime. they are introducing their children to a wonderful, positive, experience. one father we talk to said yeah, we want to show our son how this works and be inspired and see this could be him one day a lieutenant of excitement day two starts at 12:00, when doors will open for the experience, karen. >> it is an experience, jenny, thank you. lets look live at our lens of the parkway because we are covering this draft all morning long and what we have out there on the parkway, this is as big or bigger would you get of course at a super bowl experience, they have brought to it our city and i bet this will be the best draft ever. time is right now 5:10. story that touched us out to the murder of the delaware state police trooper. we are learning more about the fallen officer corporal stephen ballard, husband, father, hero those that knew him best was a family man, always warm, smiling, life cut short. man and shot and killed him outside a wawa in bear on
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wednesday. our dave kinchen has more on the trooper as well as the person police say took his life. >> it just breaks my heart to have this happen to one of our protectors. it is just crazy. >> reporter: grief is overwhelming for this woman, as a large memorial for delaware state trooper corporal stephen ballard grows he was shot and killed at this she lives in the neighborhood. >> this man did not deserve to lose his life and his family is left behind, to pick up the it is just very, very sad and heart breaking. >> reporter: collogues in uniform brought flowers to honor eight year veteran of the first state's police force assigned to troop two, a three two-year old, father of the young girl married just over a year also remembered by those who did not even know him while others remember corporal ballard in passing. >> it is amaze to go see the
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different people hoff come out , young, old, and all walks of life just coming to share. >> reporter: personal for jennifer hawkins who started a foundation after her state trooper brother died in the crash several years ago. >> it is what we can do and even if it is all we can do it is something because we are all a police family. >> while sadness is still raw for many here is there another feeling, fear. >> it is so scary, i have grandchildren that i bring to the store and we could have been right here at the line of fire and when that happened it makes me tremendously talented with many fear. >> reporter: dave kinchen fox 29 news. >> it is 5:12. we showed you this video of these guys out there on a weekend saturday celebrating a birthday riding their bikes riding their bikes on the vine street expressway. >> coming up here on good day we found out it was all over a birthday party, right. party over and penalty phase face is on, bob kelly good
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morning. >> party over for those guys but party just begun here in philadelphia we have construction on i-95 and lets open up front door and say good morning to where it is all going down this weekend, ben franklin parkway. sueby has your parkway, ray lay forecast when we come right back.
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did someone say, the draft is here? yes, it is for two more days and we have got the showers
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happening right now. remember, yesterday, mike and alex were warning to you make sure you wore shoes you didn't mine getting wet or mud on. 83 degrees, sunshine, tomorrow really hot and humid with a chance of the pop up thunderstorm. that is what we mean by like summer. you know what happens. and, anyway ocean county and part of the burlington county we will see some showers, around toms river down the parkway there. cumberland county around maurice river there that is rain around egg harbor township and a few left over showers in southern delaware. another hour or so and mostly should be out of here. maybe showers, lingering until 7:00 o'clock at the shore but it is all gone, soon enough, and we will get plenty of sunshine today. another chance of rain in the early morning of some showers on saturday, but not a great
5:17 am
chance. again, while you are sleeping it will bring some showers but noticeable difference will be saturday to sunday and we will show you those numbers when we bring you the seven day forecast. things will stay unsettled as we head into next week but pretty good weekend and not a wash out by any means. 65 degrees in philadelphia right now. sixty's every where else. possibility of near record warmth on saturday with the forecasted high of 88 degrees. the record is 90. hard to believe is there a 90- degree record in april but there is. 83-degree today. eighty-eight tomorrow. seventy-two. big difference on sunday. cooler but still very pleasant day, backup to the 80's on monday, for one more day and then we have a cooling trend as we head into, the middle of next week. but not too cool bob kelly. good morning everybody.
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5:17. this is spring garden at bridge lead go into the art museum and the parkway, everything is still closed down. so no access at all, officers doing a fantastic job of philadelphia police, and all of the other law enforcement here keeping our city safe and allowing everybody to have some fun, in town. no problems on the schuylkll, i-95 or pennsylvania turnpike. you know, we have been talking about the draft but there is another big event, it has been in our fine town for well over a hundred years. the penn relays. the races will begin today at 9:00 at franklin field. we will see a lot of that volume, exiting the schuylkill at say south street, university, and once you are in the university city area 32nd over to 34th, south, walnut, spruce, you know the jam. give yourself extra time. even if you are not going to the penn relay, like sue had an appointment yesterday. i said head up. you have another 50,000 people heading in to that area in addition to the draft, on the
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parkway. so try something new today. it is a friday. bring the kid in for nfl draft take them for a train ride, um broad street subway, market frankford, regional rail lines from the suburbs. is there free parking at stadium complex. coming in from new jersey, or from the burbs, not quite sure about parking in center city, park in the stadium complex, it is free, and then subway to city hall, market frankford line will get you over to the penn relays, karen and thomas back over to you. kenneth williams died by lethal injection late last night. he was convicted in the deaths of two people in the late 1990 's, the state moved up their execution schedule because their supply of lethal injection drugs, expires, at the end of the month. we're learning two u.s. troops have been killed during an operation in afghanistan against isis. service members died in the same region of the country where u.s. dropped, is what nicknamed the mother of all
5:20 am
bombs. another solder was wounded. so far this month, three u.s. solder have been killed there while carrying out operations, against islamic state. the president is making more actions that congress there is scrambling to avert a governmental shut down today. senate democrats have blocked a quick vote on a short term spending bill. democratic leader chuck schumer says a vote will only come when republicans abandon their efforts to add provisions on abortion and financial regulations and also environmental issues, to the legislation. the house is scheduled to vote on the one week extension, this morning, and the senate could still vote ahead of that midnight deadline. jurors in the david creato murder trial were taken to the park where his son was discovered in 2015. prosecutors are trying to prove he dumped his son's body there creato says boy wondered off. prosecutors questioned a detective about the condition of the brandon's socks which
5:21 am
were cleaned, when his body was found. detective testified that during the investigation they had another child, walk the trail to prove brandon's socks would be dirty. prosecutors say creato killed his son because his girlfriend did not like children. she is not charged. little baby girl who will only have photos to remember her very brief life, she had with her mom, a little baby girl because her mom 40 year-old michelle coke died on tuesday exactly a week after she was run over by a philadelphia police car. investigators say she was behind that car in the mcphearson park at f and clear field street in kensington when the officer put tonight reverse and accidentally ran her over. now her family says that she has a little baby, seven month-old, and a seven year-old from a previous marriage. now there is a woman caring for that child, denise, she's sister of the baby's father and she says, you know, police owe these children an explanation. >> didn't even get an apology.
5:22 am
no a polling. i think her children deserve it. >> police say that accident is still under investigation. search is on for peeper in princeton, new jersey this morning. this sketch right here, shows guy police say followed a woman in the bathroom and watched her through a crack in the stall. it happened sunday evening at triumph brewery, police say managers told that guy to leave and by the time officers arrived he was gone. >> 5:22a lot of these guys, bikers were on the vine street expressway and we showed it to you a really unusual site, it is legal, also a dangerous stunt and now person ring leaders behind the birthday prank has been arrested. teenager has been charge with the list of misdemeanor including disorderly conduct and obstructing a highway. so, he has been charge. it was his birthday this was the scene. now he faces consequences of those actions. >> they rode their bikes on
5:23 am
the vine street expressway which is extremely dangerous not only to the riders but to the motoring public on 676. >> release four other teens were already charged in connection with that ride and more arrests could follow. orange crush, not just soda anymore. >> orange is out and we will tell what you drink is in at golden arches, maybe you'll be glad, maybe not, all right.
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welcome back at 5:26. in money news right now mcdonald's restaurants across this country are kissing, the popular high c orange wild burst good bye. >> ahh. is there a new drink lined up to take its place. >> new fruit drink is called sprite tropic berry a brand new flavor rolled out exclusively for mcdonald's. new soda has a traditional sprite based flavor of lemon and lime with the blend of tropical inspired flavors, look for that. >> sound good. if you ever wanted to know if the person you like really likes you? there is an app for that it is called crush. it secretly scans your text message toss find out fur
5:27 am
crush is that into you or if you are just imaging it. what they do is they use a algorithms, that interpret word and patterns to find out how much someone likes you. it i it can warn you if your partner business to break up with you. is there a trial version you can down load from google play app for free. coca cola is making sure, this sound strange but they are making sure thaw stay regular. >> um-hmm, yep. unveiling their latest diet sewed a this is what you have been asking for. my gosh if i can get fiber in my sewed, i feel so much better. >> perfect day, right. >> soft drink company says coca cola plus, it will be healthiest soda yet. in addition to being sugar free and calorie free they say it has other health benefits as well. >> sure. >> it will help you with your weight. it hit japanese market back in february, parentally has a little fiber in it. coke says it plans to roll out canada dry plus as well. >> is this big news.
5:28 am
>> we will do a story on this one. >> all right. >> it is all about the benjamin here at 5:27 money made by first round draft picks. >> coming up at 5:30 how much? you know it is a lot and more than heavier. we will explain why.
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we're talking about where you were watching the draft because all eyes were all watching our town. so i saw bob kelly was out having a late night. it was a late night but not what i expect. >> late, late night. >> man didn't feel like shaving this morning. >> yes. >> i had trouble finding the proper yellow pocket square and that got my morning all off. >> problems of bob kelly. >> looking for burgundy suit there. >> where is my burgundy suit. >> yes. >> that is a wrap. >> we will tell but the picks, where they went, haason went at 13, we got our guy at 14, and crowd out there having so much fun. >> jenny joyce is out there we will join her in a little bit right here on good day. so, good day, it is a friday, we are off the rails because it is a friday. we thank you for joining us on this morning. >> i didn't shave. >> looking good. >> because i tried to find the proper yellow and you know if
5:32 am
you have certain things in order. >> you went to get your sexy on. >> yes. >> good morning to you, sue. >> it is friday, we have a warm weekend, at least half of the warm weekend, meaning today and tomorrow and it is blueberry pie day. bus stop buddy is celebrate ago this. another phillies victory. the umbrella, you won't need that too much longer. lets look at ultimate doppler radar and tell what you we're talking b a line of showers moving through mostly new jersey, and south of delaware we will see thunderstorms, so we are on the last legs of this system that came through in the overnight hours. so, if it is damp when you walk outside the door that is why. 65 degrees, southerly wind at 6 miles an hour, other temperatures reading 66. 59 degrees in trenton. dover, delaware 66 degrees, rehoboth is already at 67 degrees. where are we headed? how about the 80's once again another warm afternoon with a high of 83 degrees and
5:33 am
eventually we will see some sunshine just like yesterday, bob kelly. >> you got it, 5:32. tgif, friday and we have got some going on here down at 26th street. you think you are having a bad start? look at this guy out here waving, everybody over, upside down, facing the opposite direction. this is 26th street coming out of south philadelphia heading toward center city. as soon as you come out of the tunnel here and anyone who typically using this stretch you know that is a sharp curve , road are damp and there you go, speed could have been a factor there as well. police are on the way but if you had are leaving say the stadium area, south philadelphia, coming in toward center city, look out only that right lane is opened. day number two of the nfl draft here in philadelphia, vine street expressway off ramp to the parkway closed, all of those closure in and around the art museum and parkway back in effect or still in effect for day number
5:34 am
two. the drives, void getting stuck in the closure points. spring garden street still closed and all that extra volleys using the schuylkill expressway. also, in town penn relays back at it, franklin field, first race kicks off at 9:00. we will see extra volume heading in the stadium complex there in university city, exiting the schuylkill south and 30th street today would be a good day to try something new. broad street subway and regional rails, the best option coming in for the draft or penn relay, back to you. >> of course this morning, so excited over the first round pick forbidder. >> also we have another guy we are talking about this morning which is our hometown favorite haason reddick. he went at number 13. >> with the 14th pick defensive end derek barnett of tennessee now a eagle. >> good choice. what do you think? let us know. steve keeley will give us
5:35 am
facts, figures behind this pick right there, steve, good morning. >> reporter: no secret that the fans wanted owe even if. they want help for carson wentz. when they didn't ghetto even if you could hear the boos, listen. >> with the first pick of the 2017 nfl draft philadelphia eagles select derek barnett, defensive end, tennessee. >> eagles may have went owe even if but problem was three great wide receivers went before they pick at 14 with three quarterbacks and two top running backs so they went with the top defensive player available. >> i talked to the whole staff , owner, head coach, defensive line coach, d coordinator, everybody they were congratulating me telling me they are excited. they can't wait to see me. ready to get to work and win a
5:36 am
super bowl. >> as we look at how we're building this and what we want to look like we have to be able to get pressure on the quarterback. this is a 20 year-old pass rusher, someone that could be here a long time. >> we could not be more excited about derek and howie hit the nail on the head. he is a guy that is tough as nails. when i think of the teams that i used to grow up watching here in philadelphia, he will fit in with some of those guys from the late 80's, early 90's eagles teams. he is philly tough. >> reporter: head coach doug pederson says fans wanted owe even if or defensive backs should just be patient. we have seven more picks. there will be aloft turns, twists but this was a great start, derek fits exactly what we are trying to build here. thomas and karen. >> what do you think, steve we will have a corner in the next round, knicks pick. >> reporter: they will go owe even if they will get a running back and defensive
5:37 am
backs. there are still great picks available. i don't think fans will be disappointed come saturday night. >> we will see. >> thanks, steve. lets go outside live look through lens of the parkway camera. we are covering the nfl draft right here in philadelphia coming up in a little bit our sean bell will explain why some people barnett pick was unexpected. we are hours away from the potential government shut down >> lets get down to washington and doug luzader with what may be happening this morning tonight, people are scrambling what do we think will happen, good morning. >> a lot going on from the north korea nuclear threat to the president's stalled legislative agenda on capitol hill but this government shut down could potentially happen as early as saturday unless there is a legislation to, provide at lee a stop gap funding bill. it looks like there is one making its way forward. it is possible we will avert this. at this point it is likely but not done just yet.
5:38 am
everyone is on pins and needles to see what happens to prevent a government shut down tomorrow. >> clock is ticking. >> we see graphic over your shoulder nuclear threat, what is the very latest with north korea. >> we have president trump saying we could have a conflict with north korea and those are ominous word but we know north korea is in the process of developing nuclear technology and long range missle technology, marry two of those together and then u.s., u.s. west coast in particular could be in the cross hairs. we are hearing tough talk from the administration directed toward north korea and there is some new polling data indicated that getting public support from the majority of the registered voters support a military strike on north korea. will it get that far a lot will depend on chine and roll it will play to bring in north korea and certainly you had is encouraging china to do that. >> always been a interesting administration so far, always
5:39 am
big news on a friday into saturday. we will see what happens on this day into tomorrow. have a great weekend. a lot of questions here, you know capitol of new jersey >> well, yeah. >> sean bell asked two very popular athletes a series of questions and this is a funny one we will show you in a moment. eagles get a guy no one thought they would get, meet 14th overall draft pick and find out where local guy haason reddick landed coming up next in sports. that's comfortable long time.
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good morning i'm sean bell no one had this, top three wide outs were off the board in the top nine picks so eagles decide to go defense and they went with derek barnett. he is a defensive end out of tennessee. not sexy pick but still a solid pick. he left tennessee as school's all time leader in sacks: great hand, great motor and he knows how to get to the qb. he just wants to come into philadelphia and learn. >> i will be excited working with fletcher cox, graham, they will push me every day to get better. i'm excited just to pick their brains. i will be around them trying to pick their brains and getting tips on what to look for, watching film and anything to help my game out. >> congrats to my guy haason reddick who is heading to arizona to play for cardinals. he was 13th pick. camden raised, temple made.
5:43 am
quick note on the phillies, they won yesterday three-two. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell
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so act fast. go to united airlines has reached a confidential settlement with a man dragged off an over booked flight, you have seen this by now david do a was passenger who suffered injuries when he refused to get off because flight was over book n a letter to the passengers united says it will in longer ask a pass evening tore leave, once on board,
5:46 am
unless it is for security reasons. they will give you up to $10,000 in compensation when a flight is over book. united says it is working hard to restore passenger confidence. lets check our road right now because we have a busy day and weekend with just about everybody and kitchen soup and then we have an accident, one. >> we have this accident i showed you last time around, schuylkill expressway in south philadelphia. it is ramps coming out of 26th street oregon, passyunk, look at this fellow here upside i odn't an facing opposite direction. we have rescue squad, hook and ladder here, so all westbound lanes of the schuylkill expressway are closed, this is right here between the stadium area, you come out of the 26th street tunnel and then head in toward vare avenue. anyone getting a early start heading to the penn relays, you come over walt whitman bridge or even south
5:47 am
philadelphia heading west on the schuylkill, bam, right there all lanes are blocked. your best bet right new leaving the house, take i-95 north and then cross town on the vine street expressway. that seems out of your way but that is best alternate right now until we see what is going on here with the fire fighters , and the rescue squad on the scene. again crossing town on the vine, just remember off ramp to the parkway closed all the way through the weekend as part of the nfl draft and same scenario as pennsylvania couple days, parkway, art museum area all shut down to vehicle traffic. try to avoid it if we can. if you are coming into work martin luther king, kelly drives are closed, traffic pushed off before you get to the art museum, again there is , if you are coming in don't think you will pull up in front of the steps of the art museum and be ready to go. give yourself plenty of extra time. other big event, tradition penn relays in philadelphia franklin field first race at 9:00 we will see that volume
5:48 am
exiting the schuylkill at vat street at universit, big jams started to build up yesterday around 7:00. we will see that again today. so if you are coming in for events or coming in for work, try something new, how about broad street subway, market frankford, regional rails all bring new to center city with easy connections and ride. sueby has your weekend forecast in 152nd. every day through weekend we have a slight chance of rain, it is slight, but it is there, and its timing isn't bad because just like last night it will be in the overnight hours, maybe lingering in to the early morning hours but not really interfering with any of your daytime activities. how about that. today, 30 percent chance of seeing one more shower before this round is out of here, pop
5:49 am
up, possible tomorrow when it gets hot and humid and then saturday night and sunday 30 percent chance of rain, greater chance of nighttime rain on monday. speaking of rain we have a little bit left in ocean county around toms river, around stratford, we will go to sea isle city we will see light rain there and in ocean city and cluster of thunderstorms at eastern shore of maryland probably will move off shore before we get into delaware, it looks like lingering, maybe within more hour at the shore and then rain is out and we have room for sunshine. it will be another warm one, and then by tomorrow, we will be complaining about the heat and humidity. cold front saturday night into sunday with the chance of the very oldy morning or overnight showers and then that is out and then it should be more comfortable day on sunday, maybe a little sprinkle or two but not a big tiehl. don't cancel any plans because
5:50 am
even if there is a chance of showers it is very light. sixty-five in philadelphia, 68 in dover. 56 degrees in mount pocono. we could get close to this record on saturday, tomorrow with 88 degrees, forecasted, 90 is the record high temperature. wand fairing we got in the 80 's yesterday? yes, we did with a high of 81 degrees. today is 83. close to the 90-degree record on saturday, cooling down on sunday, back to the 80's on monday, cooling down toward middle of next week. promise of the 80's for first half of the weekend is still there. >> in complaints from me, sue. >> maybe this one here. >> hey. >> lets talk about temple haason reddick select 13th by arizona cardinals in the first round of the nfl draft but before he took the stage our sean bell talked to reddick. >> he didn't want to do this ordinary style not same old sports questions, they had some fun with this, lets take
5:51 am
a listen. >> one of my guys dion and haason. i will test your knowledge, give y'all a bunch of questions, hard hitting journal questions and see if y'all can get it. we will start off with this one football question, ben roethlisberger spell his last name. >> r-o-t-h-l-i-s-berger. >> is that where you are going with it. >> how many yard are in a foot >> there is no yard in a foot. >> do you want to trust him again. >> yes. >> they got that one. >> they got that one. >> say top. >> top. >> say top, two times. >> top, top, top. >> top, top, top. >> what do you do at a green
5:52 am
light. >> top. >> he got that one. >> jersey kid. capitol of new jersey. >> trenton. >> just testing, you might have said camden you might say rahway. >> how many teams are in. >> charger, 49ers, rams and raiders. >> no, raiders just went to vegas. >> they are not there yet. it is three or four depending on which answer thaw want. oakland is on their way to vegas. as of right now it is four. soon it will be three. >> they be thinking. >> totally fun. that was a great sense of humor, teams want you to have them. i think our pick is pretty darn good as well. >> yes. more money is in play for lucky players pick in the nfl draft first round. >> do you remember that scene
5:53 am
in the movie, show me the money. they are getting more money, they are getting 10 percent more for first round picks this time. >> get a hold of these numbers is there over 1 billion in contracts at stake during nfl draft and over 476 million of that stems from the first 32 picks. being selected in the highest possible draft slot is crucial to the hopefuls, right for their pocket. >> give meehan example, lets start with number one, how much is number one going to get. >> he was select by cleveland browns with the contract valued at 30 million-dollar, we talk about temple's haason reddick, he was pick at number 13. he was selected by arizona cardinals but contract value of 13 million. eagles pick up derek barnett with the 14th pick and his contract valued at 12 million. 5:53, busy friday, lots going on, summed seven on the parkway. party will be getting started at noon, round two we have it covered. we will be right back.
5:54 am
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it is 5:56 right now. looking for something to do? take the family and head down to east passyunk avenue on sunday and be ready to eat. they have flavors of the avenue, street festival taking over east passyunk from broad and dick than son. this time you can enjoy all of those food and drinks, from 27 restaurants located on five blocks of the avenue. they will be grilling it up. there will be shopping, live
5:57 am
music, great activities for the kid, it runs until noon to 5:00. coming up later on good day we will get a preview of this food festival right here, so we will have good eating. day two of the draft happening today, talking about what happened last night? our team, coverage continues, all of the behind the scenes and look, mike and alex, whole good day team in two minutes.
5:58 am
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man, philly was shining last night, in the national spotligt. eagles fans, electrify the parkway for first round of the draft, and, of course at one point they did over power roger goodell the commissioner with boos. >> come on, philly, come on. there you go. we are thrill. >> we talked about this. it was 12 and a half second. i said at lee 32. you told me i was crazy. how long dit last. >> close to a minute. >> with a 14th pick in the 2017 nfl draft the philadelphia eagles select derek barnett defensive back,


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