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tv   Chasing News  FOX  May 19, 2017 12:30am-12:47am EDT

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>> a hometown hero when one hit on the football field changed his life forever, but fighting won the help of his friend. tell us about it. reporter: jamie is the
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miracle of manville, new jersey. >> 30 years is a long time. my doctor said what am i complaining about? i guess when you are still alive, it is different, you know. reporter: for the past 36 years, he lived live as quadriplegic. he was told he would only live 10 to 15 years. mansville high school, when jamie slipped in mud, trying to make a run for the other team's quarterback on november 49th, 1909 is the day his life forever changed. i fell look i was being electrocuted. i remember. i passed out. in and out of a fau times. i laid in the emergency for few hours. that is all i remember. egot hit. he was down for awhile. dead silence. reporter: a small town, he has a lot of support and
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love. >> he has big heart. he is a lot of fun. he has dad personality. he is a great guy. >> getting up in the morning, taking a shower, making our own breakfast, scratching our most. these are things we take for granted. he needs assistance through that stuff. reporter: right now their friend who is a miracle needs one. jamie is able to do work for different tech companies which he showed me using a breathing tube which he can use to activate the computer. but the money he earns from that is not enough to keep up with around the clock care that he needs. >> you needed 120,000. i would say now you node almost $20,000 a year. otherwise you got to live for the family. they got to take care of you. sure. that is great. you know? what about their lives. now, he says he is constantsly battling insurance because as the doctors toll him, he was not posed to live as long as he has. >> really? >> jamie's story has
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inspired the hillsborough manville elks lodge to help out. he will be the recipient of the funds raised for pig roast for alex which was event established ten years ago to help someone in the community. >> is great to have friends there help meg. >> it always bog approximatelies my mind as they deal with insurance. to be fair, there is no malice. >> no. it is a mess. it is terrible. you shouldn't have to worry about it. reporter: what is the outlet for enjoying life? u should ask. >> yeah. >> he lives for hunting. he says it relaxes him and brings a smile to his face. >> still hunting? >> reporter: he has breathing tube that allows him to activate a gun. >> might you be doing a follow-up. reporter: absolutely. deer hunting with him. have been nyson for everyone. thank you, ashley. reporter: thank you, bill. reporter: this circle of
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hell. that is how nj transit commuter describing new york's sensation at the bard me meating. >> penn station the tenth circle of hell. terrible. reporter: wednesday's board meeting was eunuch for nj tran they hold the meetings in the morning when commuters cannot make it. wednesdays with the opportunity for commute ares to actually vent frust ration and they did them they took the podium and told official how they felt. i spoke to commuters about how everything has been going for them on the train. >> what is you are experience in life into well, it has been tern. it has been terrible to put it miley. >> i don't commute often on the train. my wife does. she doesn't need tell me anything. i wait at the station for her. before the two of hus, we waited ten hors this week waiting for the train. >> reporter: a was this week strike in. >> problem at ig. problematic. reporter: your facial expression stated all. problematic. >> reporter: from this was publicly held company that
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these people would be fired and no response to from the board at all as to why they have not made decision in over a year. >> executive director of asked him what the reaction is to what lisa says. >> she says penn station was the circle of hell and that this is a private company everyone should be feared. what is your reaction to what the commuter mid well, no question that there is issues at penn station. >> did you blame amtrak? >> exactly. beengo. bin ge. >> dipping ding ding. >> we expressed our frustration to amtrak. i expressed my fruition tryings the ceo. i expressed my frustration. they need to do a better job paige crowds, getting people in and out of penn station. the guys into plan. they never address the fact that the trains are constantly late. they moved that machine ny and, know, the breaking system that may have in fact saved the woman's lav and talking about derailment in
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hoboken and don't want to talk about this and all they want to talk about is it is someone else's fault fault. do they, have they, the word is with amtrak repairs in the summer looking at 25% reduction in trains what is the nj transit plan that commuters this summer. they have no plan. actually, one in the podium saying the biggest issuesle communication. we know you are terrible. we want you to deal on point. i think. >> thanks, sibile. my aben days to reform. i would like to see adult use legalized. bill: let me ask you. that was it. ♪
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everyone is on the set. everyone's mic is on.
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mic, mic, mic. everyone. >> take look. it is a shootout between a the officer and an armed man man. the man that the officers pointed the gun at with his wife and three children and he was holing a gun when he points the gun at the officer and the officer fors. >> shots fired. shots fired. shots fired. the man is hoplized. the man is hospitalized. >> on monday. nick introduced a bill and the plan to legalize recreationle marijuana in the state of new jersey just in time for governor chris christie to leave office. there are lots of moving parts to this plan including how much one can have it to break it down for us we have
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the writer and about new jersey. what is going on. jay? clapping for jay. [cheering and applauding] >> all right, wray, political maneuverings. i think you found common pruned on this issue with them. why? what is the zan let me ask you? is he addressing anything negative on this? this is honest debate or just about revenue we have the opportunity to learn from the states legalized already my agenda is to reform the drug laws. like to see adult use. i smoke cannabis every day. i don't think should be a criminal. when we look at what he did. we can learn from the missteps and to be perfectly honest. there are a lot of argueps why we should legal thigh stuff. there is a social justice argue income there is a revenue argument and i think one that is persuasive to a lot of conserve ofs who may not be quite there yet and anyone who gets en snared in though system because of the
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drug problem and with aever. that is the mark on the record that is going to keep them in a dead end job forever. >> why do the pronones of legal pot seem to be scared to death of the honest discussion with the harlful effects of marijuana. >> a grown-up conversation the advantages, disadvantages of legalizing cannabis. i started snowing pot when i was in college. i smoke pot everyday. i don't iq was affected by it. however, that is usually problematic because like having a mark on the record is a burden we bear and having people burned out because they are doing drugs s. that is bad news. >> ok. >> no. there is carmel m&m's in the green room. u went to the m and m's. you walked in. were you going. that was it. >> this is about getting hot. this is not about medical marijuana. that is already legal. >> it is about it. i am 45 years old.
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i don't drink. i don't smoke cigarettes. he don't gamble. i don't drink coffee like to smoke nan is about and m&m's. i do. >> dow want to lib next door to someone who is drunk every day or live someone who smokes up every day. >> i am not so sure with the brain development thing. i don't know. >> it is falling apart. we'll leave it for later. >> thank you. also, sometimes i go out and shoot stories. number one, i love it. here is a picture of me hiking the appalachian trail when i was 16 years old and also the extra small. >> number two, i had a brief modeling career. >> it was.
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it was. >> it was. ♪ >> number le. i know you have been asking. yes, i am single. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> number four, i am a huge r&b fan. ♪ >> i to love sing. >> check out this& forzedmon mind
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another great night of chasing news. thanks for watching. see you tomorrow. oh, it dries. i will be there. tomorrow, not now. tomorrow is friday.
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okay, homie, i'm plugging it in. wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! the gravestones could be a little more crooked. oh! let me just fluff up these entrails. and... light it up. (wolf howls) bleh, bleh, bleh, bleh, bleh, bleh. halloween at the simpsons'. what a classic tradition! are you heading up to the tree house to tell three horrifying tales? ah, we're doing it next week. it's gonna be psycho with skinner and his mom, muppet wizard of oz-- i'm scarecrow-fozzie-- and then, uh, one where furniture gets smart
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and takes over the world or something. mmm! sounds chilling! eh. people love it. everscream terrors looks amazing this year. i've never seen black cats with such arched backs. well, you gotta bring it. halloweening your house is a dying art. more and more people are turning off their porch lights and pretending they're not home.


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