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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  May 20, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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irresistibly planters. >> joe: eighth-inning getting late for the angels. middle of their lineup, valbuena, simmons, and marte. guess salmon delivers a strike. t.j. rivera goes into shallow right. jose reyes is the last man standing. good fastball there at 94 miles an hour. spoiled the pitch.
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this is the beginning of a stretch for the mets when they can really improve their overall team record. tonight's telecast sponsored by kfc's new spicy crispy stinger chicken sandwich. it's finger licking good. and by go daddy. build a better website. it's what the mets did last year as they put on a push, got into the postseason and alex, if they are healthy, could you see the upcoming schedule and the teams that are in their immediate path, even at center guard back, you get harvey right, you get
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the ground going. this is a team that no club wants to face. >> alex: if those guys come back healthy, you do not want to face this team on a short serie series. >> joe: ken rosenthal, what are your thoughts? >> ken: they'd have to wait and see how this plays out. they've got a number of potential free agents that they could trade. at the same time, they've also got a surplus in the infield, in the outfield. if they want to move some pieces, get some pitching back, they could do that. the saving grace for them as if they play in the east. if the washington nationals,
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they're running away with this, but there is no other team even close to .500. the phillies, the braves, the marlins, they all could sell. it could be worse in the second half and they are now. >> joe: the advantage is to build up the winds by playing more times against teams in your own division, weaker teams which fortifies you. here is a out of play. now it's official after the rain, atlanta beat washington 5-2. if the mets get a win tonight, their six and half out of the division division. it's too early to start cashing in. >> alex: if you are terry collins, the message to your team is clear. whatever happened happen. let's go out and win the series. start building some momentum.
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i don't care how much golf he plays. >> joe: there was a story last year when he was playing golf and he injured himself, wasn't right, i continued to play golf. breaking ball is down. we are going camera again? do you have a clause in your contract? what is it? >> alex: my contract is open. >> joe: high five on you for that. that was strong work by you. let's talk about -- the pitch is and away. we were talking to terry collins about it. when you're 18 that's taking on the mets and you know he's over on that other side, that's a presence in that line of that
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right now the mets do not have. >> alex: they don't and it's hard to replace that. we saw the great honor of the new york mets, i called him a bottom-line player. he helps you get to the world series. and it helps the bottom line. give a sold-out that stadium, you have more eyeballs. >> joe: here is a gsellman, the second out. one, two, three for the double play. put us on camera now! bottom of the eighth inning. 4-2, metz i dreamed... ♪ i dreamed i did tequila... with the gods. ♪ and you gotta know they've got good tequila. ♪
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out. his first up tonight, he was struck out. he was hit by a pitch and he was bounced into a forest out with the bases loaded. he took a strike. he's giving some relief to this angels bullpen with his work. that is low, one ball, one strike. granderson, t.j. rivera, and lucas duda. and then ninth inning, the angels will have pennington, a pinch-hitter, and maldonado. trailing by at least two. >> alex: playing with curtis granderson, he is one of the rare guys. he can have four home runs or strike out four times and you would have absolutely no idea. one of the good guys in baseball.
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an international role model and ambassador for baseball. >> joe: one ball, two strikes. right now, heading .161. three homers, 14 rbis. 1-2 pitch. 2-2. there is action in the bullpen for the mets. down and end, three balls, two strikes.
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it is addison reed again. i would guarantee of terry collins is -- he's real close to sending gsellman back out there just because of the amount of work reed has had. a strike out of granderson starches onto the eighth. the official tire of major league baseball. this play by t.j. rivera. diving stop. then he pops up, throws, and gets came in maven to start the seventh. what a play that was. >> alex: if you can hit in the minor leagues, you can usually come up here and do pretty well. he's done a nice job so far. >> joe: he was in the lineup and the mets played last year in the postseason.
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as i said earlier, he did a terrific job filling in. he's cooled off a little bit. meds try to win their second straight after losing seven in a row, going 0 for 6 on a recent road trip through milwaukee and arizona. strike one. >> alex: i know the game has changed and the way we praise players. there is a lot of room for guys like tj who put the ball in pla play. if you have a line of guys e.u. struck out, that makes it tough to score runs. it's not a good combination.
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>> joe: there is that game next saturday. ed starts our coverage, that's on fs1 and then on saturday night on fox, the big game, the cubs at the dodgers. the batter will be lucas duda. learn more at rbi
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he's been impressive and then has to make terry collins happy. two scoreless innings, one hit, two strikeouts. good job by fernando salas tonight. after zack wheeler who is in line for the win got into the six thinning, but cannot get in and out. salas bailed the mets out of a beginning. >> alex: we talked about fatigue, he's done a really nice job. people at home may be wondering, how do they keep missing these 89-melon our fastballs? it's deception. when you're sitting at the plat plate, whatever looks like 89, a looks more like 92 or 93 and a half speed 75 or 80, you're too late at the fastball. you want to pull your hair out. >> joe: three balls and a
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strike on duda. that's calhoun. duda noxon over his head. lucas has a two-out double. with this double by lucas duda, ed will give rene rivera one more at-bat and a chance to extend his hitting streak to 12. >> alex: a nice thing, that's exactly what the mets and kevin long are looking for. >> joe: this is an intentional walk. there goes the hitting streak. they are going to force terry collins to go to his bench and
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it will be wilmer flores coming off the bench to hit. there are the numbers for flore florez. that's how rene rivera is a season has gone. he is gone from all catch, can't hit, low header to let's put him on and take our chances with florez. now one lug our eyes is going to come off the bench and run >> alex: there's nothing more terry collins would like dan and assurance run. >> joe: he's certainly not mailing and the rest of us eighth-inning. it getting better speed out at second base. rivera wants to keep in the
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ball game to catch the top of the ninth. here's wilmer florez to hit. as we said, it has to make the metz happy to see those two scoreless frames. while one outside. i know to keep in mind, the angel who scored the most runs and baseball in the ninth inning this year. he will take over next half inning. pennington pictured a moment ago leads it off.
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>> alex: if you're florez, you're looking for a ball metal end. >> joe: back into the corner. this ball is there. maybin. one run scores. rivera was held late. he is stuck. and safe. not much going right for the angels. it's a 5-2 game. you credit rivera for not giving up during the run down. because he stayed with it, he gave the angels a chance to make a mistake and they did. >> alex: you want to get the head out.
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fancy footwork here on the backpedal. maybe play a little cornerback for the jets. >> joe: simmons could ink the throw. you're going to intentionally walk. the bases will be loaded or jose reyes. was this new intentional walk the sort of call or you don't have to throw a pitch? if to pay attention all of a sudden somebody standing at first. it goes down as an rbi double and an error on the shortstop. it's the end of the night for
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>> joe: the bases are loaded with two outs and may give you our prevailing moment of the game sponsored by the hartford and it's the 2,000th career career hit for jose reyes. he got one in his next at-bat. he then walked in the fifth. he bats here with the bases loaded. a chance to bust it wide open. breaking ball is in for a strik strike. >> alex: a nice night for jose reyes. now he has a chance to put an
10:23 pm
exclamation point on the night. >> joe: jefry marte is out. we know the order in the ninth-inning, it's pennington, then crone, then maldonado. base hit enter right. at one scores rivera. they bring out the runner around, that's florez. two more runs. it's 7-2. >> alex: 33-year-old reyes, tonight he looks like he's 23. three hits, one walk.
10:24 pm
rivera is in the dugout talking about how he survived as he was working his way back and forth on the third base line. now jay bruce. five run game. terry collins must have had an inkling that something big was coming even with two out. he made moves. he gets neil ramirez up. he puts addison reed back on the bench out in the bullpen. that happened with four. ed really crystallized in the same chance. >> alex: if the mets are able to turn this around, they're
10:25 pm
going to look back at yesterday's seventh and income arrest comes alive, the fans come alive. >> joe: who knows what that leads to? bruce skies it into right-center field. should end the inning, we take nothing for granted tonight except when he's on the other end of it. big inning, three run frame. tie-run lead
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>> joe: next sunday on fox, the monster energy cup series. the coca-cola 600. 5:30 eastern on fox. three run eighth-inning makes it a five run game. 7-2. first up is pennington. 1 for 3. first pitch with a new right-hander is a strike. strike two.
10:29 pm
juan lagares takes over in center after pinch running and scoring a run. wilmer florez with a big head. he is at first and ramirez on the mound. 0-2 pitch. ball one. >> alex: good strike out numbers for ramirez. 18 strikeouts and 10 1/3 inning innings. >> joe: he's got the leadoff man setting up at 1-2. 94 again. 22 the angels don't rally, they will fall under the .500 mark. the mets, if they win, they will be five games under the .500 mark, six and a half out behind
10:30 pm
washington in the east. full count. >> alex: if you're ramirez, you're telling pennington, here it is, let's see how far he can hit it. >> joe: now it's 3-2. terry collins is saying is anything going to be easy? the answer is will have to wait. still a full count. the big injury in the bullpen is to the closer. 3-2 pitch. a walk. the answer to that earlier question is no, it will not be easy. stay connected with a fully customizable experience.
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get club branded home screen icons, and features as well. game to come alive game video. download at-bat today. cj comes up empty on a first pitch passed ball. >> alex: the last thing terry collins wants to do -- they want to give him one more crack at it, see if they can put his mark on this game. >> joe: if they get trapped at the plate in this ninth-inning with cement on, will have action. that polished trouble. if it's fair, it is. a walk, a hit and hear me go. two on, nobody out. >> alex: any time tonight that the angels had any chance has
10:32 pm
been after a walk. >> joe: trout hits third. we'll see how much deeper into this ninth-inning terry collins will go with neil ramirez. just trying to get outs. trying to end this game and trying to lighten the load on the guys who are the usual suspects out of the bullpen for the mets. first pitch, strike one.
10:33 pm
>> alex: maldonado is thinking three run homer. >> joe: now read gets back up in the bullpen. that's strike two. >> alex: martin maldonado has done a nice job for the pitchers. they like him over there. if on the general manager for another team and anybody who's been out of the tutelage of mike scotia's eyecatcher, especially he's been there multiple years, that's like having a degree from harvard. >> joe: at mike scioscia, a great catcher with the dodgers. 0-2 pitch is a little bit tight. he's now in his 18th year as manager with the angels, the longest tenured manager in the big leagues. he played for tommy lasorda who lasted 21 years with the
10:34 pm
dodgers, but he's notorious play hard on catchers. that counts days 1-2. >> alex: ike social who is a legendary catcher with the dodgers, one of the best of all time at blocking the plate. he had 36 years experience with team player, coach, manager. he is probably the i've seen in my years at teaching catchers how to manage pitchers, how to manage staff with his one of the most underrated parts of baseball. >> joe: left side, off the glove of rivera, no chance to get the out and the bases are loaded. it's an infield hit for martin maldonado. the bases are loaded, nobody out. terry collins is already out of the dugout.
10:35 pm
the turnstile and the mets bullpen continues to spin. this big crowd on a cool saturday night, they've seen enough of this with the metz bullpen. here comes read, so much for giving him the night off. he got the save last night, he'll have to do some work again tonight.
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>> joe: i would imagine. it will be that leadoff walk after having cliff pennington set up. now addison reed has to come in because the tying run is in the on-deck circle as he comes in.
10:38 pm
top of the order and maybin, strike one. much easier at-bat. >> joe: strike two. this bullpen has had times where they've been very effective. this last sunday and monday. back-to-back games. they've taken their lumps. one of the main reasons why is overuse. 0-2 pitch. blocked by rivera, a nice job. ball one.
10:39 pm
>> alex: nothing is easy for the metz. if you're cameron maybin right here, you want to make sure you don't chase. he wanted to expand, you don't want to do that. if you are in the batter's box right now, you're doing anything you can to get it to 3-2. that will force reid to throw you a cookie. even though mike trout hasn't come out of the dugout yet, addison reed is thinking about mike trout. >> joe: he's in the hole waiting right now. it's ball three. 3-2. >> alex: now you've worked really, really hard to get to three have been to as a header.
10:40 pm
>> joe: read to maybin. he walked in a run. a good at-bat by maybin. it's a 7-3 game and the tying run will come to the plate. >> alex: you have to question the selection there on a 3-2 slider. you would rather pitch to him rather than the two guys who are coming up, especially mike trou mike trout. >> joe: a good job by cameron to lay off, now the batter is calhoun. the best player in the game is waiting on deck.
10:41 pm
first pitch, strike one. that was the first walk in 83 batters faced for addison reed. it comes at a bad time. it brings up the tying run. these are the two hitters that the angels want up there. first calhoun, but then mike trout. still nobody out in the inning, strike two. another two strike count on the header. >> alex: he's a little anxious, over swinging a little bit. he did not need a home run right here. those first two pages tell me that he's thinking home run. take a nice, short approach, hit the ball back up the middle and don't do too much.
10:42 pm
>> joe: 0-2 pitch from addison reed. high and tight. ball one. >> alex: you have to remind yourself that the pressure is on the pitcher, not on you. you get a good pitch to hit. >> joe: another run will score, nobody out, everybody up 90 feet. it's a 7-4 game here in the ninth inning. mike trout is coming up.
10:43 pm
>> alex: nice adjustment here. you see over swings thinking home run. he takes a good pitch rate here and he shortens his swing, good cutter up an end. stays inside of it and fights i it. >> joe: of every header, this is the last guy the mets want to see in the spot. they led 7-2 coming into this inning, the bases are loaded, there is nobody out and mike trout is sitting there, he's been on base twice. 0 for 2. 13 home runs the year. strike one. we see his young career with the bases loaded. four grand slams in an average over 500
10:44 pm
.400. strike two. another two strike count on a header. >> alex: e.r. number one goal is clear. keep trout in the ballpark. do not get fancy here and lose your concentration. >> joe: 0-2. >> alex: that was a wasted opportunity. that's a ball that if you are mike trout, that's a pitch out. that's a ball from the get-go. make a quality pitch. >> joe: 1-2. in the air to right-center field, coming to get it is bruce, tagging and scoring to
10:45 pm
make it a two-run game is maldonado. a fly for mike trout and the mets will take that every time. it's a 7-5 game is rbi number 314 trout. >> alex: that's a win-win scenario. very good heading by mike trout. addison will take that and more importantly, keep that man at second base. >> joe: there's only one out in the inning. give up the run, keep maybin where he is. now it's two on with one out. luis valbuena at the plate.
10:46 pm
breaking ball is down. the angels trying to overcome a five-run deficit here. that's at the knees from read. one ball, one strike. angels came back from a 6 deficit earlier in the year against seattle. just in case, mike scioscia now has the closer, bud norris getting loose. popped up. on the infield, rivera or rivera. it's rivera. two outs. rene instead of tj and it's too long, two outs. simmons coming up.
10:47 pm
rene rivera, happy he came down with that. that was straight up the shoot. tying run at first, runners at first and second, to out now. simmons at the plate. ball one, down and away. three runs in the inning. two runners on belong to addison reed, looking for save number six. 1-0 pitch. 2-0. >> alex: those are two pitches that the past simmons would be 0-2. this is a heck of it take rate
10:48 pm
here. very disciplined. now he looks for a ball right down the middle. >> joe: broadcast associate is brian colucci. two balls and a strike. two on, two out. metz trying to win two in a row. 2-1. three balls and a strike and if it read doesn't get simmons, he puts the tying run in scoring position with espinoza on deck. >> alex: that's four sliders in a row. if you're simmons, you have to think.
10:49 pm
the count is right on the middle fastball. >> joe: fouled back. it's a full count. 61 games, a .333 average. >> alex: i'm thinking of breaking ball rate here. >> joe: runners will go. that loads the bases again. third walk of the inning. the ninth man to bat in this ninth inning for the angels will be espinoza. second walk handed out by addison reed. this tells you how bad the hamstring of albert pujols says. he's the only man on the bench for mike so shut and he sitting
10:50 pm
there in a two-run game with the bases loaded. >> alex: danny espinosa has been struggling this year, but he does have power and big power from the left side. if you are read, you can i can careless here. especially first pitch where you may want to try to get ahead. >> joe: it's been a disappointing first year so far for espinoza. big chance here. switch-hitter takes a pitch down and then, ball one. the mets have taken this lead about as far as they can and now dan warthen, the pitching coach is going to come out. the tying run in the scoring position, to out in the ninth.
10:51 pm
espinoza is 1 for 5 in his career. against addison reed. for strikeouts, one home run. >> alex: if you're espinoza coming want to fastball, but you wanted down. if you are read, you want to fastball anyone it up. >> joe: for total, three in the ninth inning and the countess 2-0. good speed on the bases by the way for the angels.
10:52 pm
there is a strike, 2-1. >> alex: i'm not sure what danny espinosa was looking for. this was right down the middle, 91 miles an hour. it was like he had no intentions of swinging. >> joe: timeout. ninth man to bat in the inning. second to last man on the bench for mike scioscia, danny espinosa. 2-2. >> alex: that's a problem. when you bring read back into the count, now you miss the fastball.
10:53 pm
>> joe: espinoza last year with the nationals hit 24 home runs, drove home 72. first year at the angels. the count is full and that means the runners go. this is not a confident hitter at the plate. >> alex: i'm thinking slider and i'm looking for a chase. struck him out. the mets when it appeared the final is a 7-5.
10:54 pm
the angels make a ton of noise they end with bases loaded to end the night and stranded ten. wheeler the winter. meyer, the loser. espinoza is up the count, ends up striking out to end the night. >> alex: you knew that pitch was going to come back and bite him. you give him even more reason to get the head out. >> joe: the final score, the metz when it. a three hour 37 minute game on a
10:55 pm
saturday night at citi field. now the metz, six and a half outs. for alex rodriguez and ken rosenthal, i'm joe buck. the studio on the other side of the break. wheeler the winter. the metz win.
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before it got a little dicey there in new york, but the mets when it 7-5 over the angels. we're back in the l.a. studios. the mets got to in a row, what you think it will do? >> it makes them feel good. they won't do anything easy. then a tough one tonight, they come ahead. the ninth-inning, terry collins is going to have to will these guys to keep competing to stay in this thing until they get everybody back. >> meanwhile, the rangers had a ten-game winning streak. that one was over quickly because in the first nn, they went back-to-back-to-back. >> he's battling health issues. then there's this man. the return of mr. martinez who has been on fire.
11:00 pm
before taxes is winning streak is over at ten. >> he's kind of an enigma for the giants, sometimes good, sometimes bad coming tonight he was great. >> he's like a reverse samson. they had a rain delay, they are back out there, but right now, it is in the 13th inning and it is scoreless. that will do it for us. we'll see a rate here next week on baseball night in america


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