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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  June 1, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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few things are more philadelphia than getting right back up after getting knocked down and that is exactly what a philadelphia councilman has do done. i'm lucy noland. councilman david o is back home after man stabbed him and left him in critical condition last night. his attacker still out there. councilman is home. fox 29's chris o'connell is at southwest detectives. chris? >> reporter: lucy, that's right. police here at southwest detectives have been working around the clock since literally the last 24 hours but still no suspects in the attack on councilman oh. as you said, he's back home tonight. he's recovering and he's also trying to help police catch his own attacker. >> keys, car, wallet, cash, everything. >> reporter: fresh out of
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surgery and recovering philadelphia at large councilman david oh almost never made it back to his southwest philadelphia home. >> i said, did you just stab me and he had. i looked down and he had a seive, northern a knife. >> reporter: councilman an army veteran in you victim of violent crime. oh was established about 10:00 o'clock last night getting bags out of his suv coming home from work on the 5800 block of thomas street. police say the knife-wielding man was an attack mode. oh along with neighbors were able to fight off the man before he ran away without taking a thing. as police remain outside of oh's home tonight, investigators are pouring over surveillance footage from the neighborhood for better picture of the suspect but one of the biggest clues may be video from two eyewitnesses scene by oh recording the attack on their smart phones. >> obviously, we're asking those two individuals who were in that car taking those photographs to
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please do the right thing, turn them over to the police depth. report i thank i wasly people for just the wonderful encourage many, kind words and everything, really heart fell. thank you so much. >> reporter: now, investigators do not believe that oh was targeted because of his position in city council. they firmly believe this was an unprovoked random attack. lucy? >> all right, the attack is terrible no doubt, chris, but out of it a positive story about the good samaritans who raced over to councilman oh's side. block captain joyce brooks knew it was time to act when she heard dogs barking frantically she rush outside and she found the councilman bleeding in the street. brooks lives a few doors down from oh. she immediately helped him and along with one of her neighbors they helped him stop bleeding. >> i helped them take off his shirt. we helped him. i what happened to put the pressure on him. um, just to give him the
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support, the love, the care that let him know his neighbor is here. his family is here. >> brooks also by the way helps care for oh's mother. a $25,000 reward out to catch the people who opened fire on a kensington street hitting toddler self times that. little boy did survive. $20,000 is coming from mayor kenney's office and fop is offering five thus san. police say two weeks ago tomorrow two gunmen shot the toddler and his dad on malta avenue. both are out of the hospital and back home now. on your radar, just a beautiful night in old city after a winner of a day, my goodness much if you like the sunshine today, i think we'll love tomorrow. >> um-hmm. >> meteorologist kathy orr here with our forecast at 11:00. >> very similar the first day of june we're bad bat agonad of thousand talking about beautiful sunny day and it's the beginning of hurricane season and we're talking about a season that's already gotten underway. arlene a named storm in april. you may have not even heard of because it didn't do much.
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but next will be brett, cindy, don, emily franklin, gert, harvey, irma a lee this year but no lucy. of course these will be on my facebook page. see if someone you know is on that list this year it is expected to be average or above average season in the tropics. temperature in philadelphia 70 degrees. the high today 82. warm again tomorrow. mild tonight. 60s through most of the region. some 50s. millville 58. in the poconos 50s as well down the shore still in the 60s and boardwalk in atlantic city it is 70 degrees with a land breeze. we'll see a front swing through overnight. high pressure builds in again tomorrow. the wind is light as the high gets little bit closer and that means temperatures will be warming. mostly sunny skies. 81 degrees. down the shore you could see a late afternoon sea breeze it stays dry for your friday and for saturday. sunday a good chance of showers late in the day or the evening. and monday looks like periods of rain we get into unsettled pattern beginning late sunday and it could last through early
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wednesday. overnight tonight, looking good. 61 degrees. clear and comfortable. those winds diminish and they turn light. during the day tomorrow, high temperatures going in the lower 80s just mostly sunny and pleasant a day much like today hoping you can get a jump start on the week fend you're heading to dover for the races of course practice tomorrow. 81 degrees. mostly sunny. sun and clouds saturday, 78. and for the race sunday afternoon there's just a chance of a shower it's looking better as if the rain will be to the north of dover. that's got news. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority nice home stance for the phils weather wise. friday, saturday and sunday. monday periods of rain. scattered showers tuesday. wednesday still cool and by thursday 77 degrees and mostly sunny. not bad lucy. the next two days, perfect tens. >> oh, that's perfect. because we happen to have those days off. >> yeah. so there you go. >> we plan it way. have a good weekend. >> kathy, to you. happening right now was the schoolbus driver under the nouns
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while hyped the we'll? that is a exactly what investigators are bucks county are looking into right now the driver had students on the bus before police arrested him. fox 29's dave kinchen is live outside neshaminy high school in langhorne were all of this happen. dave? >> reporter: lucy, you can imagine parents are really alarm hearing about this and the parents want to see what the results of this investigation will be. >> you have to be very careful about your actions outside of work as the carry on inside work. >> reporter: roy clark's kids take the bus to and from school in neshaminy school district much he's started knowing a schoolbus driver was suspect of du. >> he woul have probably driven away with the kids on the bus and not company hernia as he should be as bus driver especially with the district that's unacceptable really. >> reporter: it all happened at neshaminy high school owns wednesday afternoon. middletown township police say school officials called an officer when the bus driver looked inn tock indicated the driver had kids on the bus but had not left the school yet.
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>> being under the influence and driving young children, that's not good. >> reporter: cops say the driver struggled with breath test and was taken to have his blood drawn. >> that would be like teacher doing the same thing. you know you're responsible for young lives. you're responsible for different things. >> reporter: we're told that driver of the bus was released from custody and so far no charges are pending. police say they are waiting for the results of that blood test. lucy? >> all right, keep us posted. thank you, dave. man trying to stuff a woman into a trash bag across from a hospital grabbed a lot of people's attention begun thing it did. what happened next in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood tonight may have saved that woman's life. when folks nearby saw him beating her then trying to put her in that bag, they started yelling and he left. police have not been a able to talk to the 29-year-old woman since the attack across the street from aria hospital. she is unconscious. now police say her family has no idea what was going on at the time of this whole thing. no arrests as of yet.
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a developing story out of delaware county. authorities say a package of what is believed to be illegal drugs ended up at a catholic church with monsignor's name on it. that monsignor just resigned as pastor. shawnette wilson reports tonight from chadds ford. >> reporter: this is the parish live center at saint cornelius in chadds ford investigators a package believed to contain illegal drug arrived tuesday. staffed opened it and called police. they say the package was addressed to monsignor greg four parlante the pastor the search. >> i'm very surprised. >> christie miller heard about it in an e-mail and she was shocked. >> everyone loved him. he married us and baptized our kids and basically just surprised more than anything. just hope he's okay. everything is okay. >> archdiocese confirms the incident was reported to law enforcement and that a search warrant was executed wednesday morning. the incident follows a previous announcement about monsignor parlante made during all masses
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last weekend that he will not continue as pastor due to health issues. this letter from monsignor parlante in sunday's bulletin posted on the church's website. it reads in part --, >> reporter: investigators have not said what type of drugs were found in the package or who sent it. the archdiocese and the parish are both cooperating fully with authorities throughout the remainder of the investigation. in chadds ford, shawnette wilson, fox 29 news. billing cosby sexual assault case his lawyers are now trying to exclude expert item about quaaludes and the behavior of sexual assault victims but the judge says he will not make any decisions until he swears in the jury. opening arguments of cosby's trial begins monday in montgomery county.
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prosecutors say he drug and molested temple university employee cana and degree ya constand in 2004 at his cheltenham home. it is video that that will make any green thumb turn red. someone snatching flower pots right off people's front porch and who killed winnie maris. >> one of her friends is on the case and she's a retired thing she knows a thing or two about justice.
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you knew when you cast it they'd lock you up. but that didn't stop you. you traveled far and wide, and others followed. mothers, daughters, sisters, lions. and because together you roared so loud, i know my voice matters today.
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this summer, come celebrate new york state's equal rights history. download our guide to plan your trip. >> northampton county search is on for this prowling thief who home in a quiet neighborhood to make a heist. >> but it's the crime victim's reaction to it all that caught the attention of our bruce gordon. he's in bethlehem township. >> i'm not a gardening person report roar as kathy sullivan peers up at the empty hooks above her front porch, she has to work at it to muster up much nostalgia for the flowers that hung there. >> it was a month. i was doing good for once. he stole them. >> reporter: it was just before 5am saturday may 27th when the sullivan's new security system captured a man in light colored hoodie walking on to
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their front porch gently snatching two hanging baskets of flowers and then taking off. kathy's mother-in-law bought them in honor of kathy's son's first holy communion late april. kathy didn't even realize they were gone until two lace later and she couldn't remember what kind of flowers they were. >> they would have been sitting there drying out any way. >> probably. >> he's probably getting better use out of them than you would. >> probablely. >> security system alarm was set to silent at that hour of the morning as for their box err harley -- not much of a guard dog. >> he's scared of everything. >> couldn't then but notice the crime scene was shall we say undisturbed. i noticed you haven't replay the flowers. >> no. >> do you care about them at all. >> i probably won't. >> reporter: sullivan's neighborhood vineyard at wagner farms the corner of merlot and grief joe has been hit by car break in ins on the petty theftf late. they're creeped out by with the idea of this guy lurk aig round
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their front porch. they want him caught. as for the stolen goods, would you say you'll miss these flowers at all. >> truthfully, no. >> reporter: if the creep in that security camera video looks familiar by all means calling ledge beth will he hmm township police if you want to kathy' flowers, keep them. they're probably safer in your hands. in bethlehem township, bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> so funny. you see it you shoot it our fresco users are helping us show what is going on in your neighbor. iain what you got. >> lucy beautiful day for football game in delaware coun county. fresco user emma takes us to the county's 41st annual hero bowl community came out tonight to watch all star football players they played at cardinal o'hara high in springfield and all the money goes to the hero scholarship fund of delaware county that supports children of local police officers and firefighter who's died in the line of duty. thanks to emma fresco user lamar takes to us crescentville putting the finishing touches op
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memorial honoring a firefighter. lieutenant joyce craig mural painted on lawn crest free library. craig was killed while fighting a fire in 2014 a dedication ceremony for the mural will take place next saturday. when you see news happening take out your phone and shoot it and then make sure you use that fresco app and zen he had to our newsroom you just might get paid lucy. >> thank you very much, iain. months after her shocking murder friends and family are still mourning a loved and respected community activist. police still haven't found her killer or killers. but close friend who knows something about justice hasn't lot of faith. she tells our bill anderson she's on mission to find justice for goodness sake. ♪ if it was a fly empty room i would wow say winnie we got to get rid of this fly. she would say just open the door and try to let it out. how could somebody come in her home and take her own she wouldn't even hurt a fly. senseless what happened to our friend. unfortunately being loved across the city didn't save community
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activist winnie harris murder several months ago. but every day her friends and family are out in neighborhoods trying to fine out who killed winnie harris. >> they have not found the suspects but we do have flyers of two individuals. >> reporter: sandro met winnie harris years ago much aside from being a close friend she's a retired cop. i met her today as she went through what has become a nearly daily search for justice. >> they didn't take no money, no cell phone no nothing. she was the sweetest person in the world. >> i hope everything work out good i pray to god you know. >> up and down the street in various neighborhoods the great-grandmother talks to people about winnie posts the flyers and directs people to surveillance video hoping that somebody knows something and is willing to put aside their concerns and come forward. >> do you think that people don't know or people scared to talk yes. >> i think they're afraid. more often people are afraid.
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>> reporter: as a former officer, she understands that even if people do know something, they're often hesitant to talk. so she moves around the city impressinguponpeople howmuch her friend's live mattered and hoping someone has information. >> she was somebody's sister, friend, neighbor. >> several community groups that winnie harris work with are also distributing flyers. believing in they can get the pictures and video in front of enough faces in enough neighborhoods it will eventually pay off. >> they'll get them. >> yeah. >> they'll get them. >> until then miss full wood and volunteers will continue to search for the people who took such a good person's life. >> how long will you keep doing this? >> until we find them. until they don't print any nor flyers. >> she'll never stop for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ sean bell talking sports, of
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course, and one team in particular. >> lucy before the season i said the phillies had had the potential to be the best team in philly this year. and yeah, i was dead wrong. i'll break down where it all went wrong for the phils next in my sports commentary. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. got that vine expressway closed again through the overnight till about 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning between broad and the schuylkill expressway. they're demolishing that 18th street overpass. heads up. 95 northbound a brand new traffic pattern. they've moved the girard avenue off-ramp so it's a little tricky comes up actually after where the old ramp was located. so watch for delays northbound 95 through that girard avenue work zone and start your engines it's nascar weekend the guys rolled into town into dover yesterday. the first race begins today. there's another one tomorrow and of course again on sunday. have yourself a great evening. we'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning when we kick it
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off starting at 4am. ♪
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pro-tip for making ribs: don't go it alone. get these great smoked ribs. thanks. sure. twenty minutes on the grill. and they're done.
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you think he cares if i smoke ribs for six hours? what? what? summer made easy at amazing prices. only at giant. ♪ all right. phillies look awful. so our sean bell is not a doctor but he's playing one on tv right now to diagnose the problem. his commentary in 15 seconds.
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♪ the phillies the worst team in baseball right now and it isn't even close. they're coming off their worse may since 1928 and their worse individual month in a decade. this wasn't supposed to be a world series team by no stretch of the imagination but it wasn't supposed to be like this. so let's break down why this team is so bad right now. the young guys aren't getting better. as a matter of fact they're getting worse. herrera and franco were supposed to be all star caliber players. herrera is batting .218 and frank can he about to be send down to the minors. nola was thought to be ace but
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he fell short. the free agents they brought in this summer aren't doing anything. clay buchholz out for the seas season. howie kendrick came back from an injury aft being out a month and michael saunders has flat out been disappointing. all these things combined leads to the phillies have histori historically bad season and oh, yeah, the worst part of all of this the minor league prospects aren't ready for the big leagues right now. lucy, nothing going right for this squad right now. >> i know. all right. thank you much sean bell breaking news. the trump administration is ask u.s. supreme court to reinstate its travel ban which blocks entry from specific muslim majority countries. the administration is asking the nation's highest court to consider the legality of president trauma's executive order that the fourth circuit court has struck down. now whether or not the u.s. supreme court takes it up is another matter. the famed saturday night fever dance floor is going up for sale. >> wow. >> right? >> that could be your living room lucy.
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>> could you imagine. do i have to wear white suit when i'm on there? the floor where john travolta lit the '90s -- 1970'ss what i'm trying to say disco craze on fire may sell for more than a million dollars. >> wow the. >> floor is 24 by 16 feet hitting the auction block in los angeles for the profiles in history hollywood auction. >> did you have see that movie sean bell. >> you nerd of that, right. >> yes, i have. >> the sound track is good. >> but the dance floor. >> a lot of beegee's stuff. >> but the floor? >> it's where he did -- remember that whole thing with the white suit and the thing going on. >> open shirt and the chains and the -- >> okay. so you're putting your bid in, a million? >> okay. >> i've got five buck. see you back here at 4:00 a.m. tour good day physical.
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[hissing] uh- i- [sound of wrench] [intricate guitar riff] [engine starts] [guitar continues]
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harvey: so mary kay letourneau's separated husband, vili, he was out and about with his daughter. she's 18! >> which is crazy because mary kay was pregnant with her while she went back for her seven-year sentence. >> she had the baby in a cell? harvey: she did. >> that kid's got some street cred, man. i was born in the prison! i was born in jail. >> tyler shields, the photographer behind the kathy griffin photo, the camera guy asked him if he would do it again. >> if you make art, you're going to stand by it. that's it. >> you think tyler shields gets this? >> not at all. harvey: nobody criticized him. they called her. he was probably the master mind. >> she was just the model. harvey: she's the modedel. >> yeah, a beheaded model. >> tiger woods, there were some reports he was hanging out with this instagram model laci kay somers before his arrest. >> you see the dash cam video, he can't even talk let alone hit on an instagram model. >> i'm sorry?


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