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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  June 2, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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greek life at penn state is broken must be fixed, ex- pull student, fire advisors , parents of the young man killed in the hazing incident at penn state write a letter to the board of trustees, the changes that they are demanding in the wake of their son's death. the united states will with draw from the paris climate accord. >> president trump pulls out of the paris accord climate agreement prompting a strong response from around the world , how local leaders are reacting right now. >> here comes curry, find durant, durant for three, down
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>> kd, boom. golden state, they smoked them last night warriors runaway with game one of the nba finals against cleveland, star who took over for the game, i think you you can guess. >> can i have a definition please. >> a local fifth grader makes it to the top 10 of the national smelling bee but could she spell a ward to advance. >> was it she is from cherry hill, very proud of her this morning. we will play the whole clip. >> f-r-i-d-a-y use that in a sentence. >> so glad it is friday. >> hi sue. >> you will be gladder if that is possible when you see the number of the day, yes, of course, it is a 10. we have a stray chance of a thunderstorm this afternoon we are still going with the 10. fifty's and 60's, with bus stop buddy celebrating national doughnut day. cooler then it was yesterday in a few places but we have in
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rain on radar. beautiful sunrise. it was official, at 5:34 that is how long days are now up until first day of summer. 60 degrees the current temperature. eighty our high temperature. sunny, breeze which again, ever so slight chance of the thunderstorm. sunset time not until 8:24. this will be windy at times today but i think it will be refreshing. we have got friday out of the way. let's talk about friday and saturday. we will do that in the seven day forecast coming up. bob kelly, good morning. >> good morning, everybody. we are all filled up. it is national doughnut day. we have had a few, to start our day off. here comes the sun, cool shot, definitely some sun glare, roll down windows open up the sun roof on the ride in this morning as we look live at 202 hello paoli, hello bennie, no problems at all up and over downtown philadelphia a cool shot of center city waking up in the sunshine. in the bad at all, major
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roadways off to a good start. zoom into pottstown an accident at south and cross street, also some down wires, palmers mill road, 252 at newtown square at lake view watch for peco power play underway, and beginning today through next friday septa will be using buses instead of the trains on the cynwyd regional rail lines so that in itself will add a few extra minutes to the trip and head up using i-95 at all this weekend. they have a brand new traffic pattern northbound at girard. we have had a dozen accidents in the last 24 hours, the biggest change, they have moved off ramp so off ramp for girard avenue is different location throwing folks for a loop and throwing some accidents along the way, otherwise mass transit looking good, mike and alex, looking good. i was just reading through letter here parents of timothy piazza killed in the hazing incident are demanding changes and they wrote a letter to the board of trustees. fire anyone in the administration who turned a
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blind eye to the issues in greek life. fire, tim green, he was the man who lived in the fraternity house as their advisor. he must have known what was going on with hazing. >> they also wrote in part our son died on your watch because of ignorance, denial by penn state. yes, he died at hand of the men who had no regard for human life but that behavior was foster, accepted at penn state for a long time. >> so steve keeley is on this story in center city. hi there, steve. >> reporter: mike, count me in the large group of people who find it odd this green guy lived in the frat house. he is 56 years old. i know what it is like to be 56 because i am 56 and i wouldn't dare live in the frat house with a bunch of frat boys and try to sleep through this party which he did that was his defense and why he was not charged but 18 of those frat boys are criminally charged. we are outside tom kline's office. he represents parents and had a hand in this four page letter. the board of trustees meets
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this morning. and hopefully will take some action, the parents hope, because they have not seen enough action just yet despite their still grieving over their son's loss. they want not just green and another guy fired they want those 18 frat boys expelled, criminal justice system may take care of that themselves because they may end up going to prison and not be able to go to school but they also want the fraternity whole life situation, on that campus and every campus in this country to be changed so we don't have john bellu.s. hi animal house type part that is end up becoming killing machines in their son's case and that movie came out 40 years ago. hard to believe they still do that silly, now deadly stuff. the other thing that is going on today that you will talk more about tom kline had a hand in and that was representing some victims in the sandusky serial rape case and those people, are sentenced to day in a strange coincidence. penn state will have two awful
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headlines making national news again today, guys. >> lets get to the head line then, steve, we will check back with you. former penn state university president graham spanier will be sentenced to day for his role in the jerry sandusky scandal. jury convicted him of child inn dangerment in march after he mishandled a report claiming former assistant football coach jerry sandusky sexually abused a boy in the university shower. prosecutors are calling for spanier to serve time in jail. ex-athletic director tim curly and ex-vice-president, gary schultz, will also be sentenced today. that is a big day. the united states will with draw from the paris climate a cord. >> the president make gooding on his campaign promise, u.s. will withdraw from the paris climate accord. >> he is sparking big reaction
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as you know it would around the world, around our country, jenny joyce, give us some examples. >> world leaders not happy, state and local leaders not happy either with the mayors of pittsburgh and, of course, here in philadelphia saying they will do their part to protect our planet. this is after president trump made that announcement yesterday, in the rose garden, saying the united states will be pulling out of the paris climate accord because he feels it hurts u.s. while giving other countries an economic edge. trump does not want to sign a deal with countries that have cost the u.s. trillionness tough trade practices while 195 countries banned together for sake of our world's future , u.s. joined by syria, nicaragua say no thanks, in a speech, president trump said i was elected to represent people of pittsburgh not paris well, mayor of pittsburgh, had a lot to say about that line. city with noted air pollution largely democratic with the mayor wants to go green and
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vehemently opposes trump's decision. >> we know what it is like to have a very, very bad economy but at the same time we didn't invest in our past. we invested in our future. we are the example of what the paris agreement could mean, to jobs and the economy for the united states. >> philadelphia mayor jim kenney is standing with pittsburgh's mayor in reducing emissions saying our city is seeing stronger storms, hotter summer. president trump's agreement goes against the interests of philadelphians. my administration is now committed to up holding at the local level the very same commitment made by the you had , in the paris climate agreement to reduce carbon emissions between 26 and 28 percent by 2025. he is now, hearing from u.s. state senator, bob casey, we will hear more from him coming up at 6:30. >> i think president trump is talking about claimant so much but it was a bad business deal
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for the united states. >> jobs. >> um-hmm. well, back home, and recovering, councilman david o h was released from the hospital after a scary moment. there he is, all right. welcome home. what he says about the moments after he was stabbed. there is a new spelling champion, the word that secured title for 12 year-old girl and how a local girl made it very far in the competition >> cherry hill is so proud.
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he was attacked getting out of his car. police are seeking surveillance footage to try to get more information about the attacker. investigators are also looking for two people seen taking video of the the attack. >> they took out their smart phones and they were recording what was happening and i think what they thought was that this was like a street fight or something like that. >> also, yesterday, councilman oh says person really struck him first before he even tried , to get information,
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stabbed him. >> yeah. >> he said someone like that is very dangerous. so police do believe that oh, councilman oh was victim of a random attack. it just highlights what is going on in our city. >> you know someone shooting cell phone video of that, they would like to see it. >> he said too if they bring the guy in and he believes he can identify him. he got a good enough look at him. >> i'm surprised he was out of the hospital that fast. >> me too. >> 6:12. when your plane is in the air. >> yeah. >> this is probably not what you want to see are those sparks, flames, from the engine. >> yes. >> from the wing. >> no, you don't want that. >> we will tell you what caused this and tell but emergency landing that had to happen afterward. >> unless you are a fighter pilot and those are rockets, no, no. we just got the keys to our new house!
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roots picnic tomorrow good thing they pick saturday because that is pick weather day of the weekend. pick a weekend. anyway, it will be 78 and seasonal by 4:00. at noon time we are in the 70 's and a mild, lovely evening in store as well with plenty of sunshine. don't forget your sun screen if that is where you are headed or anything you do outside, saturday. back to right now radar isn't showing any rain and we don't
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expect any until maybe later this afternoon we will have a pop up isolated thunderstorm or two this afternoon with the cold front coming through and that will cool things off a tad for tomorrow. as we head into saturday, things are looking, pretty good, as we head into sunday, not so much, just toward late afternoon and evening, we have a few showers rolling in and a they will probably last into monday. so 60 degrees right now in philadelphia, 44 in mount pocono. fifty-nine in dover delaware and wind picking up, now that the sunnies up, 82 degrees was our high yesterday, today we expect 80. seventy-seven thomas we said. eighty-two on sunday with that late day rain or thunderstorm. then there is rain in the forecast every day through the middle of next week. it is 6:16. don't forget when you get in the car 101.1 more fm you can find your forecast there as well. bob kelly?
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>> you got it, sueby. we will call it 6:17 on a friday morning. look at this sunshine, looking good here, also realize how dirty your windshields are when you get in the car. live look at roosevelt boulevard not far from wissohickon. sun glare hitting everybody northbound this morning up and over bennie. we are good to go, cool shot of the sky line there in the background there. so far so good we are seeing volume, i-95 south heading toward girard avenue, we will zoom in, to this set of down wire, down wires means that. >> the flyers are going on the peco power play. >> yeah. >> peco power play, palmers mill road, work crews my buddy lou noland the voice of the flyers out there hitting us this morning. that is 252 just south of newtown square, so expect some delays through the neighborhood. up in pottstown an accident at south and cross streets and septa says cynwyd line, uses
6:18 am
buses to day through next friday, for some track work so that alone will add extra time and be careful new construction pattern on 95, not only shuffle barriers around but they have moved off ramp and it is only a couple hundred feet away but just enough to throw everybody for a loop and that has caused half dozen accidents in the last 24 hours alone, mike and alex, back over to you. i can hear gunshots. >> you can see the smoke. is there gunshots. people are shooting at each other. >> okay. thirty-six people are dead following an attack at the resorts world in manilla, in the philippines, of course, investigators say gunman used gasoline to set gambling tables on fire, fired his weapon and stole two million-dollar in chips. he reportedly took his own life in an adjoining hotel.
6:19 am
in of the victims have been shot. they died from suffocation, and smoke inhalation as they tried to get out of the casino authorities found no evidence of terrorism. it seemed like it was a robbery from the beginning to the end. trump administration is appealing to the supreme court to enforce its travel ban, it is asking court to allow the ban to take effect while justices deciding whether to review the appeal. it asked court to fast track case which could result in justices hearing the case before its term begins in the fall. well, some scary moments for some passengers on a flight from chicago down to miami, when a bird hit the plane, went in and sucked in the engine, led to an engine fire and then a unplanned landing. >> flames, you can see this, coming from the engine of the united airlines flight after it hit a bird. it happened yesterday morning to turnaroundthe plane took and land
6:20 am
>> it sounded thud and a continuing thud, td,thud,s spewing fire and you could smell smoke in the cabin. >> wonder what kind of bird it was a lot of times they are sea gulls that brought down the plane in the hudson river, miracle on the hudso >> it took three hours to get turned around and get passengers back on another plane, now that is a long delay. >> passenger was >> oh, man. >> that is true. >> if you have airplane mode, you can still shoot, up load later. >> up loadhat was a later up load. >> there is probably a down load in their pants too. looking in the future the eagles finally reach an agreement with their first round draft pick has been turning head at practice. oh, yeah he is good.
6:21 am
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you knew when you cast it they'd lock you up. but that didn't stop you. you traveled far and wide, and others followed. mothers, daughters, sisters, lions. and because together you roared so loud, i know my voice matters today. this summer, come celebrate new york state's equal rights history. download our guide to plan your trip. i'm sean bell. derek barnett is locked,
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loaded, yesterday eagles signed their first round draft pick to a four year deal, last draft pick to sign, barnett coming in after having a spectacular career at tennessee, he is a guy that went under the radar. only second week of voluntary work out but jim schwartz already excited for what is to come. >> we're excited about him. he can turn a corner and will be this high off the ground. you will notice that. he has also been giving great effort in practice. we have pointed out his effort a couple of times. >> to the mets and brewers check this out on a foul bay rumor flores there to make the catch but the ball boy gets in the way, and there was interference but then reversed , no out, terry collins is out and mets lose two-one. to golf, this memorial in dublin, ohio, look at this, can't even get out of the water, tough situation, that is sports in a minute.
6:25 am
i'm sean bell. >> that is exactly why i don't play golf. i had my shoes off more than i had them on. >> are you patient enough. >> no. for the third year in a row, game one of the nba finals goes to the golden state warriors. this game was so entertaining. >> it is not how you start but how you finish. thinks round three. let's do this. biggest difference was clear, kevin durant. >> kd, he drove through the lane untouched, for a dazzling dunk. where is defense. he finished the game last night with 38 points, eight rebound, eight assists to lead golden state pennsylvania lebron james and the cavilers, 113-91. now his teammate steph curry dropped 28 points and with six , three pointers, wow. ten assists. lebron james, kyrie irving had 52 points but turnovers were a
6:26 am
major problem, warriors lead, the series now, one to nothing game two is sunday night, and i will be watching. rihanna was there or rihanna. >> i think it is rihanna. >> i have heard her say. >> she has an accent. >> that is true. >> get on the bus for the next game. 6:26. entertainment value. >> friday, friday. >> and we're off. >> so, it is looking good out there right now, we are going to give you a preview. ten out of 10 today but can we get through weekend without rain? we will let you know in your forecast coming up, jenny. good morning sue. president donald trump says no thanks to the paris climate agreement but state, local leaders say yes, please, hear what philadelphia mayor jim kenney wants to do to keep this city green. ♪
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where he was taken off the bus accused of driving, students while under the influence. and kid movie, accused of fat shaping. why the actress who voices
6:30 am
snow white in the upcoming film is speaking out against the film's marketing campaign. >> good day it is friday, june the second, 2017. we had a little party last night here at the tv station a lot of advertising executives and sponsors were here. hi. >> hello, everyone. >> hopefully you are feeling okay, late night but we met a woman by the name of corry. >> very lovely. >> in advertising. i-t-n advertising, sue. itn. >> yes. >> it was great. so thanks for watching. and, of course, she has good taste because she said she enjoyed our show. >> yes. >> so 10 out of 10, bus stop buddy celebrating with us, national doughnut day, and, cooler start then yesterday, i don't think we will need jacket. there will be sunshine. 60 degrees right now with calm wind and relative humidity at 75 percent. we had sunrise about an hour
6:31 am
ago and so we have plenty of time to get up to 80. breezy throughout the afternoon. gusts up to 30 miles an hour at times but still i think that is refreshing. can't rule out a pop up thunderstorm in the afternoon but we will not let that ruin our day. that takes care of your fine friday and we will have weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes, bob kelly, were you having some sun glare issues. >> lots of sun glare in, complaints though 6:31, live look at schuylkill expressway leaving south philadelphia heading in through university, again starting to see that friday morning volume you can see the size of the shadows that are cast there and good morning to the bennie, an opposite look here for gang coming into philadelphia, north on i-95, new construction pattern especially in the morning because we have sun glare hitting you northbound during morning rush hour, so new pattern and they moved the off ramp. we have had a handful of accidents in that stretch since they adjusted the pattern.
6:32 am
heading to the shore this weekend just be careful 295 at 42, same deal they have shuffled barriers around work crews are out until 6:00 not working weekend but be careful if this is your first weekend down the shore for summertime. otherwise southbound i95, boulevard slow in the northeast and westbound slow up the hill into belmont, mike and alex, back over to you. the president is making good on his campaign promise, united states will withdraw from the paris climate accord. he said the agreement cost american jobs. >> he does say he wants to try to negotiate back in but terms that work better for u.s. but plenty of reaction to the news , jenny joyce at city hall with how people are react nothing our area. >> reporter: good morning. city leaders are definitely concerned. they say philadelphia is seeing effects of climate change with hotter summers and heavier storms and for that reason regardless of the president's decision city is committed to reducing carbon emissions. the announcement came
6:33 am
yesterday by the in the rose garden. president trump said the accord will cost u.s. too much money while hurting us, trump says restrictions imposed will shut down u.s. factories and layoff workers reducing production of paper, cement, steel and coal. >> the bottom line is that the paris accord is very unfair at the highest level to the united states. further while the current agreement effectively blocks the development of clean coal in america, which it does, and the mines are starting to open up. having a big opening in two weeks, pennsylvania, ohio, west virginia, so many places. the big opening of a brand new mine unheard of for many, many years that hasn't happened. >> i'm honored. >> with that mayor jim kenney signed on to the climate mayor 's commitment, he joins at least 60 mayors who promised to adopt, honor, up
6:34 am
hold paris agreement goal. other local leaders like u.s. senator bob casey also speaking out, casey sent several tweets saying climate change is a serious problem that requires action not retreat. today donald trump has put u.s. on path of retreat. in the second tweet vulnerable children will particularly be impacted by donald trump's decision and or will suffer from as marks malnutrition. regardless of what happens federally throughout our country, and even, various cities, you can do your part and mayor jim kenney put something out there. if you go to the city's web site you can see how you can work each day to protect our planet, mike and alex. have you noticed the dynamic, it is a world dynamic here our president trump and the top guy now in france. >> that is because people from all over the world, leaders from all over are react to go this, yeah. >> most of it was negative.
6:35 am
that is because only country. >> out of 156. >> french president responded within three mina dress to the american people saying climate change is quote one of the major issues of our time. >> because we all share the same responsibility. make our planet great again. we want it. >> he used donald trump's line >> yeah. >> there he is. >> macron. >> we will see, it is also important to note it will take about four years to really, pull out of this completely. so, who knows what will happen in three years or where we will be, we will take a look. >> will the get four more years, we shall see. >> 6:35. parents of the timothy piazza killed in that hazing incident at penn state, man they are demanding some changes. >> they have sent a letter to the university's board of
6:36 am
trustees asking something be done, regarding its greek life policies. it is a pretty lengthy letter, several pages but we did pull out important quotes. james and emily piazza wrote in part penn state university failed our son and failed us. as noted the administration and its trustees knew about the problems, and the issues, but chose to turn a blind eye. >> that is story steve's on in center city. hi there steve. >> reporter: you just saw commercial twice with the former philadelphia anchor for this place where we are, law offices of kline and spector and specifically tom chin a frequent guest on our show and he is lawyer that represents the parents of the timothy piazza and you will remember he also represented some of the victims in the sandusky serial rape case which is also coming up today, which will also bring some bad, awful national headlines to penn state. well, he had a hand in writing this four page letter for parents and reason they wrote this letter is because this
6:37 am
morning penn state board of trustees meet and they will meet in private and then have a pun announcement afterward and we will see if any of the recommendations and urging from the parents to make changes and take some action actually are taken by the board. specifically they want those 18 frat boys that had an hand in the death of their son expelled from the school and they want two penn state official that is were closely with the fraternity to be fired. tom kline will also be keeping an eye on that center county courthouse for story you will be about to do next and he thinks penn state has dropped the ball now twice on two big things that resulted in the rapes of several kid and new the death of a young 19 year-old man. >> all right. you are right, steve, let's stay with that penn state story. >> yeah. >> we will continue to give you more from the letter, that the parents wrote. >> it is a licensing letter. back to the other story about penn state former penn state university president graham spanier will be sentenced this morning for his role in the jerry sandusky
6:38 am
scandal, a jury quick him of child endangerment in march after he miss hand the report claiming former assistant football coach jerry sandusky sexually abused a boy in the university shore. prosecutors are calling for span tore serve time in jail. tim curly and ex- vice-president, gary schultz, will also, be sentence today. the judge in the bill cosby sexual assault case says he won't make any decision about what evidence can be used in the trial, until he swears in the jury. cosby's lawyers are trying exclude expert testimony about quaalude and behavior of the sexual assault victims, opening arguments in cosby's trial begin monday, in montgomery county that will be a big day for us here on good day philadelphia we will have cameras, reporters there as reporters now land at philly international to cover this from around the world, these reporters are coming. >> i know what you are thinking we have been covering this extensively already but this is finally what it all
6:39 am
comes down to monies big day when things get started. >> this machine. >> monday june 5th. >> yes. >> yes. >> police are still collecting surveillance video, trying to find out who assaulted a woman and then, tried to stuff her into a trash bag. this happened the night before last, it happened at across the street from aria hospital. police say witnesses were able to scare the suspect, off when they started yelling at him and then take the 29 year-old woman to that hospital, just a feet away. she's still unconscious from the beat ago this she took. police have in the released a description of the suspect yet we're surprised by that but as soon as we hear it we will give it to you. a bus driver was taken off a bus at neshaminy high school suspect of being intoxicated. investigators say the driver struggled with the portable breath test so police took him to have his blood drawn at a hospital. police say they have awaiting the results of that blood test
6:40 am
to see if charges need to be filed. school district is calling the issue a personnel matter. we have a new champ, the spelling bee, scripts spelling bee i don't know why i'm fascinated by watching this. >> these kid are amazing. >> they are. >> the word that secured the spelling bee title for a 12 year-old girl, look at the young man, oh, plus we have put our skills to the test, alex, do you know how to spell , well... >> we will find out. >> w-e-l-l. >> jimmy kimmel does another version of mean tweets but this one features our big man joel embiid so what one twit ter user said about the sixers star and a squirrel. why would they be together. >> they are nuts.
6:41 am
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good morning, an accident on the schuylkill westbound schuylkill expressway right at sit avenue just pacitti avenue on ramp there. heading out of town. look at the size of the shadow to give an idea of the wicked sun glare this morning. vine street expressway across
6:44 am
town it will be opened through the weekend, however, next week every night, machine through thursday, they will shut her down on the overnight , wow, ready, oh, ah, hello, warrington from drone fox 29 i had a chance to meet fellow, ray who had drone yesterday. he was with me at daddy pops. take a look, pops it up in the backyard, look at warrington, sunrise, looking good, out there in warrington. dave matthews coming to town music under the stars tonight mann music center we will see extra volume there heading in the 7:30 time period. comic con at convention certainty. i will be down there live from 9:00 to 10:00 on good day giving you a sneak peak what to expect. nascar weekend at dover speed way. they have the first race later today, another one tomorrow, and also on sunday, catch it all live on "fox sports" one right here and we will have a lot of extra volume on route one and route 136789 looking for something to do with the
6:45 am
kid, devon horse show at fair ground. all these event bringing unusual traffic patterns and volume especially there along lancaster avenue and that new work zone on i-95 north bound at girard. mass transit looking g forecast for this weekend, sue has got tonight 15. big weekend in dover, delaware as nascar returns and there are tons of activities today, tomorrow, and sunday, in addition to the racing and the qualifying races and all that. they have got family fun zone chance to meet drivers and get autograph and concerts and all kind of stuff. today in dover 80 degrees. tomorrow in dover 77. should be dry both days, by sunday there is a chance of the late day shower and high in dover of 83 degrees.
6:46 am
back to philadelphia phillies back home maybe june will be our month, maybe, giants are in town and 7,051st pitch a nice weather night at the ballpark. seventy-seven for first pitch and then temperatures dropping down to the 70's, wind gusting up to 25 miles an hour, breezy , comfortable night, looking good here with in rain on the radar. we will look to the future cast it is fine until those pop up thunderstorms, few and far between but they will there been this afternoon and this evening, and little later on the day, and then, tomorrow , it looks great, and then sunday, not so much. at least early part of the hideo kay but included and showers that roll in the second half of sunday that could make it a less than perfect weekend. eighty today. seventy-seven tomorrow. eighty-two with the chance ovulate day showers and thunderstorms on sunday, rain extend into monday, and maybe tuesday, maybe wednesday,
6:47 am
maybe thursday, it gets un settled into next week. mess of the weekend not bad. >> not bad. >> i'll take that. >> let's get ready to spell. >> okay. >> everyone likes to watch scripts national spelling bee because it ace macing what they can spell in question about it. >> thomas, it came dunn to the final, hey, there was a young laid friday cherry hill, this year right. >> it was her name is cherteka patty, did you know i was a spelling champion, at marcus n ecome middle school, no public record so don't try to call the school. these are tough word here. i see your name tags. we will quiz new a second. these two finalist. ro -- they went back and forth for a while null are until rowan did not, spill a word right. that is when she took her
6:48 am
chance. >> marakaine. >> she looks confident. >> m-a-r-o-c-a-i-n, marokaine. >> yes. >> so the word means address fabric made of silk or rayon. new champion she was stoic throughout the competition only smiling after her big win so she walks away with $40,000 in cash and pry. we mention that had sixth grader from cherry hill she made it to the top seven, she what's limb nate when she could not spell a word. >> q-u-i-n-t-i-n. >> it is spell
6:49 am
q-u-i-n-t-a-i-n. >> okay, thank you. >> i know it is you have to hear. she did amazing though. lets go back to mike and alex. >> yes. >> since i was a former spelling champion, no record. >> yes you have already said that. >> okay. >> what was the word thaw won on. >> i think it was like horse. >> horse. >> yes. >> sure. >> very simple word. >> are you ready for your word >> yes. >> you can ask origin. >> wait her name tag fell off. >> definition. >> difficult do one in middle school and i remember word that got me out. >> coupe. >> c-o-upy just said c-o-u, i didn't think of the p. >> always forget about the p. >> never for get about the p. >> use it in the sentence. >> goodness, gracious. >> yes. >> was this used last night. >> it was and she got it correct. >> okay. >> so it is, gargua.
6:50 am
>> i don't know but i'm seeing a doctor bit. >> did i goo yet. >> can you please repeat the word. >> gargua, it is french. >> can you use it in a sentence mr. drayton. >> on his way into work i saw mike gargua across the parking lot. >> gargua. >> i'm not ready for this one. >> it is a cat-like leap forward in ballet doing a circular movement of the leg, gargua. >> how many letters are you writing down, alex. >> i'm ready. >> she has the entire alphabet here. >> go. >> no, you go. >> g-a-r-g-u-a-d-e. >> you were kind of close, not
6:51 am
really but lets see what alex has to say. >> i am way off. >> couple of vowels you left out. >> g-a-r-g-e-a-uae. >> so close. >> wasn't close. >> there it is. >> we did not do it right. >> he will spell it. >> g-a-r-g-o-uil-l-a-d-e. >> oh, it is french, yesy was thinking e-a-u. >> we need a french speak tore come in. >> yeah. >> i took spanish, i didn't take french. >> well, you could win a spanish spelling bee. >> hold on a second. >> i can give you capa-quino. >> is that a fruit.
6:52 am
>> no, brazilan instrument. >> alex stays at home and play s the capaquino. >> okay. >> it is latin, portuguese. >> c-a-v-a-q-uin with a little thing over it, o. >> my goodness. >> you left one letter out. >> what was the letter. >> h. >> where was it can we put it up. >> c-a-v-a-quiho. >> so close. >> yes. >> she quite often misses a h- o. >> i'm glad. >> i don't want to have that. >> trophies are on their way. >> hold on. >> so close jimmy kimmel's spelling. >> we s-u-c-k. >> more good day fill after the break.
6:53 am
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6:55 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. a mishap has a lot of people talking. >> well. >> painters were working on a water tour in the town of sussex this week and they had to stop because of the venting issue. >> okay. >> they only painted over three of the six letters, spelling out the word s-e-x.
6:56 am
>> so you would think you would start with the s-u-s. >> i believe they are painting over it. they did start with the s-u-s on the paint job and then they had to get down, what did they paint it, blue. yeah. >> that is unfortunate. >> it kind of looked like a... >> my goodness. >> this remind me because i have been flushing out card but kevin spacey's, character, from south carolina. have you seen the water tower in south carolina they have good intentions but if you look at it from a certain angle. >> i'm trying to figure this out. >> gaffany, south carolina maybe we can pull it up. >> yes. >> okay. >> should we go. >> i guess so. >> i was going to do a line that with get me fired. >> no, we won't do that. >> we will go to steve. >> we are outside tom kline's center city law office and he
6:57 am
will be watching with his team here, penn state today, for two big reasons for two big news stories coming today on two big cases that he has. ostriches don't really stick their heads in the sand. a peanut is not a nut. and a real john deere is actually real affordable. you learn something new every day. the surprisingly affordable john deere e series tractors. now you can own america's tractor for just 99 dollars a month. learn more at your john deere dealer.
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6:59 am
the president pulls out. >> you had will withdraw from the paris climate accord. >> president trump pulls u.s. out of the paris climate
7:00 am
accord, prompting a strong response from world leaders. >> we we all share the same responsibility. make our planet great again. >> how city of philadelphia and local lawmakers are reacting, the president, might as well have said philadelphia , instead of pittsburgh. the parents of the young man killed in the hazing incident at penn state, write a letter to the board of trustees. who they want fired, and the changes that they want made to the greek system at the school oh, good to be back home after a scary encounter. >> keys, car, wallet, cash, everything. >> reporter: councilman david oh opens up about being stabbed outside of his home, what he said to his attacker, moments after the attack. golden state shines in game one. >> off the steel here comes curry.


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